The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

Lifestyle Of Prayer

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1987
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Our title can be loosely translated as Prayer that we Develop Daily, or Living Prayer.

In school, who are the best students? They are those who think about studying all the time. Always their studies are foremost in their minds, with no room for extraneous thinking. If you compare their attitude to a color, we might say it is white. It is not red or black or a mixture of colors, but rather clear and white. Such a student is always focused, consciously or unconsciously, on his goal. If that student is majoring in a foreign language, then he relates everything he thinks and does to the equivalent words in the foreign language. He is very involved in it. All his thinking is occupied with his subject.

The same is true with business people. A good businessman always thinks in terms of the business he is engaged in. Everything he sees and hears, he immediately relates to his business. When he reads something about business, he feels it is connected to him. He always appreciates new ideas that can help his company.

The same goes with a researcher. If a person is entrusted with the mission of scientific research, everything he thinks and does is centered on finding the solution to the problem. In other words, it blends with his life-his life is a continuation of his research.

If we say, "He's a good friend of mine,' how do we define that? A friend is defined by how much he thinks of you or how deeply he cares about you. To that degree you say he is a good friend. Good citizens or patriots are those who care and think about their country to a great extent.

If you think a lot about something, your actions will be influenced. What you do depends on what you think and how deeply you think. If you are a good influence on your environment or school or country, then people will call you a good citizen, a good family man, a good member of society, and so forth.

We can think about the cosmos in a similar way. The cosmos will look at a person and evaluate him according to this criterion. If a person really thinks about and loves the universe, then the universe will say that he is good. If he cares about the universe all his life and assimilates that concern into everything he does, the universe will say, "That person is a universally good person" The same is true for a good wife and a good husband.

We can draw the same conclusion about God. We can ask, "What is God's personality?" God is the center of the universe and there is only one God. He is somebody who is not replaceable. He is an absolute being with absolute love. What is God's wish? Since He is an eternal being with eternal, absolute love, He would want someone who can be with Him in love for all of eternity-not temporarily but eternally and without change.

There are many different world religions, including Christianity, Confucianism, Buddhism and Hinduism. Among all these religions, which one is the best, according to God? If a religion stresses love as most important and teaches and practices eternal love. then that is the best, most superb religion for God.

What about the Unification Church? What kind of religion is it? God most loves the religion that respects and loves Him and teaches people how to practice that love forever and ever. Are those of us in the Unification Church like that? Are we truly unified and thinking in one direction?

What is a son of filial piety? He is the one who discovers what his parents love the most and always tries to care for them, doing what they like the most. The parents and others can call him a child of filial piety. The one who centers his deeds and thoughts on his parents, focusing on the love he can give to them is the son or daughter of filial piety.

Then what is a patriot? The patriot is a person who has a loving mind towards his country. Wherever there is a problem he thinks about it most seriously and wonders how to solve it and contribute to the good of the country. He does not create problems for the country but works to solve them instead. There are patriots on the world level, as well, whom we might call saints. Their love is not confined to a country but extends all the way to the world. Such a person thinks all the time about how to make the world better.

The thing that pious sons and daughters, patriots, and saints have in common is their concern for others, the world, and the earth. Then let us turn our eyes to God, the center of all the universe, earth and heaven. Is there any person who loves and thinks about God, centering on a positive and loving relationship with Him? Such a person does not confine his thoughts to earth but also thinks of eternity and invisible things like the spirit world. This person would love God and care about the betterment of the entire spirit world, as well as the earth. His thoughts and everything he did would be aimed toward that goal. This would be an ideal person before God.

If members of the Unification Church are asked, "Do you want to be a patriot, or a saint, or a holy child of God?" we unanimously say "holy child" No matter what color of skin we have or whether we are tall or short, there is nothing else that we want to be. It is easy to say you want to be a holy child, but do you think it is easy to become one? Everyone would want to be one initially, but in time, like in a school course, many would drop out. Not everybody will make it to the end.

What do you predict? On the average, how many people would get less than a fifty percent mark? What percentage of people would make more than fifty percent? Put your imagination to work and, in view of the difficulty involved, what percentage would make it? We are reminded of Abraham in the Bible who prayed to God to save Sodom and Gomorrah if He could find two or three righteous persons-not holy sons but just righteous persons who were standing on the right side. Of course, we know that God destroyed those cities.

What would be the exchange value for one holy son or daughter? If you had one holy son would you exchange him for ten thousand righteous people? You're right. He is priceless and there is no exchange. To God, one holy son cannot be exchanged even for millions of righteous people who might be living on the face of the earth.

Then we realize that Jesus Christ had this value, equivalent to the rest of the world. You know that this is a down-to earth concept and not just a theory about Jesus' value. Would the holy son look different from other people, from righteous or not-so-righteous people? He would have two eyes, one nose and one mouth in the proper positions. He would not really look externally different from others.

Do you think you could distinguish Jesus in a large crowd? He ate food, didn't he? Then Jesus probably ate often with his hands, since he didn't always have eating utensils. Can you imagine a holy son eating with his hands? How could Jesus be a holy son-he had no manners! Maybe he appeared to be a barbarian! Do you think in Jesus' time there were bathrooms and indoor toilets? Were there sinks for people to wash their hands after they went to the bathroom? Well, if there were no such things, where would Jesus go to the bathroom? Most likely he just went outside, don't you think?

Jesus was a carpenter. Do you think he had nice clothing like some of us are wearing now? No, he probably had a ragged appearance and his clothing was unwashed. You can imagine how coarse his mode of life was. If you had lived closely with Jesus, would he have smelled pleasant? Perhaps not, but can you still call him a holy son? Indeed, he was a holy son of God in spite of all these really undesirable external things.

Let's compare ourselves to the situation of Jesus. Don't you think we are much better off externally than Jesus was? What is the difference between us, then? It is what Jesus had inside. There is a world of difference between a holy son and someone who is trying to become a holy son. What he had inside was totally different from what he looked like on the outside.

Anyone who has a valuable possession will try to hide it in a secret place, the place most difficult for other people to find. Isn't that true? Can you look into other people's minds? Minds are invisible, aren't they? There are five billion people on earth, but no one can steal something stored deep inside of your mind. Why? First, because it is not visible. If you cannot see it, how can you steal it? So where would you want to hide the most precious thing that you own? You would like to store it where no one could steal it, where no one has access.

God is an invisible being and so is His mind. Can God see His own mind? What is your guess? God is a mystical being in the sense that there are some areas that you cannot know or see so quickly. Even God, who is almighty, would like something to be mystical. If you know everything, it is not fun, is it? It would not be exciting or stimulating. In reality, I have experienced that even in the spirit world, I could not see God. I could hear Him and feel His presence, but I couldn't see Him. So all people living in the spirit world are searching to understand God more and by doing so, come to love Him more and more. Everyone is trying to better themselves and get nearer to God. This is true. I know it as a reality.

Where do you find the moist precious thing? If God has something most precious, don't you think He would hide it in a place that would be most difficult to find? If you were God, you would probably do that, wouldn't you? God would hide it away so well that even He sometimes would have to think, "Where did I put it?"

What God would value the most is not money. He can produce any wealth He wants. Likewise, He has all the knowledge and power in the world. What He cannot have without us is love. We know that. Can we see love? No, love is not visible. We are talking about true love. The more you experience it, the more mysterious and precious it seems. The more you find out about it, the less you seem to know about it.

Where can God's love be found-in Himself alone or through other things? Yes, it is true, we need someone to respond to, someone to have interaction with, and so does God. Love cannot be experienced alone. There must be a circuit. Who is the object of love to God? It is man and woman.

Reverend Moon is the biggest "heretic" in today's religious world, especially Christianity, because what he teaches is that God and man can unite into one. Many ministers jump up at that and say, "No! Where did you get that idea? God is holy and men are not!" They just fiercely oppose that idea. But this interrelationship of love between subject and object is so simple and undeniable. The simple truth is that you cannot have love without an object-you simply cannot form a love relationship. That means we human beings are no exception. We must stand in the position of an object of love for God and His love as the subject. Ls that true? Do you really feel that you stand in that position?

Who do you think feels more mystified-man or God? People feel that God is a mysterious being. But in looking at you, does God feel that you are also a mysterious being? What do you think-is our side or God's side more mysterious? This is a subtle question, but it is an important and serious question for man.

Imagine that God could be so fascinated by human beings that He would completely forget we were His own creation. Looking at a woman, for instance-the way her eyes move and how crystal clear they are-He would be fascinated. He wouldn't get tired of looking at her all day- the way she talks, the way she smiles. Since He is fascinated, don't you think that God would like to touch that person with His own hands? Then He would feel so fascinated with her nose and eyes that He would not only want to touch her but to kiss that nose and those eyes.

If something is fascinating and mystifying, there is no limit to exploring it. You want to look at it from the outside, from the under side, and in the darkness at night. It is just unlimited. God would really like to possess such a mysterious person. Don't you think so? He has an overwhelming urge to make someone His.

If God wants to possess you but you say no, what would God do? He is so strong, could He force you to be His? No. God would probably try to win your interest by showing you something you would also be fascinated and mystified by. He could bring money, or maybe power or knowledge. But we know that one gets tired of money after a while. It is not something we want to die with. It is not a mysterious thing.

We need something that we can own, but then we want to own it further. We want to touch it and then feel satisfied, but soon we want to touch it again and again, going deeper and deeper. You see it in the morning and you want to see it again at noon. Then you want to see it again in the evening, when it is even more beautiful. You want to have it today and you want to have it tomorrow.

That which induces this kind of attraction is nothing other than love. Can you name anything more fascinating than love? It is truly priceless. Can a man alone have that love? Where can we find that kind of love? Yes, you said it, with your spouse. For a man, it is his wife and for a woman, it is her husband.

Are men that important to American women? Maybe you just need him in order to have him run errands. You want to keep him around like a servant? If a man really brings you the priceless gift of love, then he is priceless too, isn't he? Love is priceless but that man is equally priceless. Yet how many American women think that a man is not very valuable

Imagine if there were only one man and 2.5 billion women-then how valuable would that man be? Have you really stopped to consider that your husband is a priceless being who brings you that best mystifying gift of love forever and ever, not just for a few years? Have you ever thought about the value of that person? More than half of all American marriages end in divorce now. Think about the cause of divorce. Only the women can answer this question: Who is more likely responsible-women or men- for this high divorce rate and breakup of the family? It is women. So, now you know how to behave. You have to think, "Oh, since I am a woman, I must be careful"

You are American women. Do you think the average American woman would be like you-so docile, sitting on the cold floor early in the morning listening to Father's words? When I scold you or pound on your head, you sit so nicely and obediently. Can we find even one American woman like that out in the secular world?

Let me continue the line of questioning: Do more women or more men go to Heaven? We have to be candid and frank about this. After all, the first condition before we can go into the Kingdom of Heaven is to be frank. Absolute love needs to be stored in an absolute vessel. Women are more changeable, so they often cannot contain unchanging love as well. Therefore, it is likely that there will be more men than women in Heaven because men can better contain absolute love. There are some who are not satisfied with this!

Each and every one of us, no matter how humble or ugly we may be, is absolutely essential to God. If someone wanted to erect a human museum of typical people, do you think there would be a beautiful woman in the showcase or a homely woman? What is your guess? If there was a beautiful woman, then certainly there should be a homely one as well because there should be some contrast. Contrast gives beauty to all things.

Did you know that it is a common rule that beautiful women have less blessing - very thin blessing - while homely ones have greater blessings? A beautiful woman might be compared to shallow water and an unattractive woman to deeper water. The beautiful woman shows off everything that she has, but a not-so-beautiful woman's expression is more subtle. A beautiful woman adorns herself with earrings and jewelry and all of that, but a less attractive woman doesn't pay so much attention to what she wears. She thinks, "Well, if people pay attention to me, fine. If they don't, that is also fine"

God has this invaluable, priceless love which is much more precious than any treasure. If He wanted to store it in a woman's mind, which would be the more appropriate place-a beautiful woman or a not-so-beautiful woman? You see, a beautiful woman usually shows everything off all at once. Father will look at her and know about her instantly and that is the end of it. She might have no mystery. But what about a less attractive woman? Everything is hidden inside of her. The longer you associate with her, the more her good qualities come out. So wouldn't God like to store His treasure in a not-so-beautiful woman?

This is not a man's imagination-this is such a clear and obvious thing. The offspring of beautiful people are often on the decline. They can even become beggars. But a plain woman will have offspring who achieve great heights. So women, what do you want to be from now on? Do you want to be beautiful or not-so-beautiful? Father asked a clear question, so you have to answer it in a clear way.

I am always thinking and I am always very busy, so I do not speak nonsense. I am talking about an important point. If you American women look in a mirror and your heart sinks because you feel you are not beautiful enough, raise your hands. One day I would like to find, by what criteria I don't know, the ugliest woman on earth and put her picture in the human museum. When you look at things the way I explained them, you can see that God is really fair.

For Western women especially, which is more interesting- one flying butterfly or butterflies in pairs who are sitting quietly on a bush? Which butterfly is more representative of the Orient and which is more Western? Westerners who see an Oriental person for the first time may wonder what's going on in his mind. You can't tell if he is happy or unhappy. Which does God choose-the way of showing off or the quiet way? When you let others know you quickly and immediately, is this really desirable? The one who advertises himself can never be chosen as a master of things. A master does not show off or make himself visible so much, but he is the center and master.

This morning I want to make the point that no woman should worry excessively about her appearance. Never think that you are ugly. Remember that God will one day look for the most homely woman and show her off in a museum. Some woman might have a big nose which is a source of misery for her. But I see her and think, "That is a beautiful nose. A person with that kind of nose has a certain blessing guaranteed" In fact, this is true. I am immediately attracted to someone with a big nose. While I am talking, my eyes go there again and again. Don't ever be disappointed about the way you look.

Today's topic is prayer. I'm not talking about setting aside a little bit of time each day to pray, but the type of continuous prayer which you do while conducting your daily affairs. I'm talking about one consistent prayer, a lifestyle of prayer. In such case, your mind is focused on your prayer even while you are eating; while you are walking or talking with other people, your ultimate desire is your prayer.

We all have to experience this kind of prayer. The first step is to rearrange our mind, our thoughts. Since our thoughts are subject, they have to be stable because our body responds as the object to our mind. So first we have to have a firm goal. What is our goal? Because God is our subject,

we want to carry out everything according to what God wishes, not what we ourselves prefer. Our purpose is to do whatever God wants to achieve. This is very important.

When we pray, for whom do we pray? What would be more appealing to God-to pray for the sake of oneself or for the sake of God? If we pray for the sake of God, "1 come on the scene only secondarily. First it is God, then me as God wishes me to be. My preference is always to be on the side that God is on. If God is on the east side, that's the side I want to be on. But if I pray and find out that God wants me on the west side, I must say, "Yes, I want to go to the west side" If we think, "No, I want to be on the east side no matter what You think,' then our prayer cannot succeed.

God has a purpose for us and God is the main theme of prayer. You should never forget this. You don't have to pray too much about yourself. Those who pray for themselves will decline, and those who pray for God and the rest of the world will rise.

Most Unification Church members know that the restoration of the world is the ultimate objective of prayer. All day long you think about the world and maybe for a few minutes you verbalize it and pray, "Heavenly Father, please help me work today for the sake of the whole world and for You!" That prayer is more powerful than a prayer for small things. Small prayers are like leaves and twigs on a tree, whereas the other kind of prayer is like the trunk.

Many times while Father was in Danbury, Mother and many church members thought, "We miss Father so desperately. We cannot replace him" But I thought of it a different way: "Think of how the world is going to be after I come back from Danbury. That's what matters, not my going into Danbury and suffering for the time being" Now every one of us can see the result so clearly.

It has been only one year since I was released from Danbury, yet during this time more things have changed in our favor, or in God's favor, than during our previous ten year's intense suffering. Even after that ten years, the people persecuted us and misunderstood us more, but after Father came back from Danbury, that misunderstanding has dissipated and the persecution has quieted down. People are trying to understand us with an open mind. Imagine. Ten million Americans signed in the CAUSA signature campaign, which shows their desire to support what is righteous. How much of a change this is compared to ten years ago!

God's ultimate goal is world salvation. Contrary to the belief of most Christians, their denomination is far less important than the world, and the individual is even less important. The salvation of Christianity is important, yes, but God would sacrifice even this for the salvation of the whole world. This is not rhetoric.

After the Americans won the war in 1945, a period of confusion began. By the 1960s, when President Kennedy was assassinated and Dag Hammerskjold was killed, America was clearly declining. The country really started to plummet when it began to drastically cut its foreign aid because that was against God's will. Until then, the world had looked up to America with hope, love and respect but after that, people around the world were saying, "Yankee, go home!"

When America and established Christianity both failed in carrying out God's dispensation, the Unification Church took over and became the sacrifice in their place, totally taking responsibility for God's will. Do you thoroughly understand the root of the Unification Church? It is Reverend Moon of course. Actually, to describe me is not that difficult. Simply speaking, I am a person who thinks like God. I'm on God's side.

The main theme of the Unification Church is not Reverend Moon or the church itself. The ultimate theme is God. Whatever God wants, I will do. God has to restore the entire world, and to do that He needs a central person and a central group. Through Reverend Moon and his work, God is trying to restore the whole world.

Therefore, I have an unmistakably clear view of what the world will be like in the future. What I predict comes true because I clearly understand God's formula through which He works His dispensation. God is the center of our prayer; therefore, we have to understand His formula so we can pray in accordance with His desire.

First, we need to establish a firm understanding of the relationship between God and man. In all other religions except the Unification Church, this idea is unclear and ambiguous. However, we know that the relationship between God and man takes place on eight levels: God and the individual, family, clan, race, nation, world, and cosmos. God has an image of what the races will be like in the future, what the nations will be like, and what the cosmos will be like. From the very beginning you were taught that you have to go through each level. You are clearly going through that path in the wake of my pioneering.

The primary thing you have to understand is the relationship between God and yourself. You can pray for your own sake, but it must go through the proper sequence. You can pray, "Heavenly Father, I know what You desire of me, but I find it so very difficult. Please help me and my family to do what You ask of us" Don't just throw words away and hope they will be listened to. Not at all. Rather, you have to be consistent and go along with the order of all things.

You should say, "Our Father, my goal is even beyond my family. My goal is saving this country, but before that can happen, my family has to be unified. We are having a problem of unity in our family. Please, God, I will do whatever You want me to do, but please help us establish our family in Your way" You have to see yourself not through your own eyes but according to the order and sequence that God looks at you.

Secondly, we have to understand responsibility and indemnity. If the fall hadn't happened, there would be no purpose for religion. Everyone would already be living joyously with God. But that is not the case. Because mankind fell, we must be restored and fulfill our five-percent portion of responsibility. The individual has a certain responsibility to God, the family has a certain responsibility to God, and so on. Step by step, we have to come all the way up to the place where God originally created mankind to be.

Because of the fall, Satan came into being and he does not want to let mankind go. In order to shake loose from Satan, we must do something he cannot do-that is, pay indemnity. Without paying indemnity, we cannot fulfill our portion of responsibility and it is only by fulfilling our responsibility that we can reach the world of love. Thus we have to pay indemnity, separate from Satan, and fulfill our portion of responsibility-in that order.

Anyone in the indirect dominion must fulfill his responsibility before he can go up to the direct dominion of God. If we are accompanied by Satan, God certainly cannot accept us. We have to know this clearly or else we cannot go the path.

In the original ideal of creation, we wouldn't have had to restore anything; we would have just lived as we were designed to live. But because of the fall there is a tremendous gap, an insurmountable wall between us and the ideal. We have to go over that wall. When we pray, we shouldn't pray vaguely or ambiguously. We must pray, "Heavenly Father, I know the original ideal of creation, but I am not that way, nor is the rest of mankind. I need to be restored to the original place and be an object to You. You have to help me" We can have a really powerful prayer this way. God cannot deny it because this is the Principle.

Of course it is painful to pay indemnity. It can never be really enjoyable. Joy is not a word associated with indemnity. We may enjoy ourselves and be happy in the presence of Satan, but that happiness is part of the satanic world. That is not our goal. Most American members still seem to have an ambiguous idea of happiness. They complain, "Why can't I be happy in the world while treading along God's way?" However, while paying indemnity we cannot feel happy. If we are always happy, there must be something wrong. Only after paying indemnity can we be truly joyful for the accomplishment.

Why is the Messiah necessary? Why can't you reach perfection by yourself' Well, it wasn't you who fell in the beginning; it was your ancestors. The Messiah makes up for what your ancestors did. After he does that, you can fulfill your portion of responsibility, which is far less than what the Messiah has to do. Only a true family can go to the highest level. Fallen individuals and families have no qualification to go there. To gain this qualification, you have to go through the Messiah.

Looking back at history, we can see a clear pattern. Only after Jesus came could God's dispensation of salvation and restoration actually begin. The first attempt at recreating a true Adam and a true father/son relationship was made at that time. We know in great detail to what extent Jesus accomplished his mission and why Jesus has to come again. He must come in both spirit and flesh. In the same way, we need to be restored in both mind and body by fulfilling our portion of responsibility.

The third thing we have to consider is the Cain/Abel relationship. Cain is still working in the world today and still occupying the elder son's position. Today the democratic world is on the Abel side and the communist world is on the Cain side, but neither side understands God or His dispensation. Therefore, somebody has to teach the democratic world about this relationship and help it in its task of digesting the communist world. Digesting means clarifying the problems and solving them. The Cain/Abel relationship is restored on eight levels: the individual Cain/Abel relationship, the family Cain/Abel relationship, and so on. In restoring this relationship, we have to go through a similar process of indemnity.

The fourth main point is the transfer of lineage from the false to the true. We have to transfer our lineage on the individual level, the family level, and all the way up. The world should be of the proper lineage, not the satanic lineage. Accomplishing this is the Messiah's chief role. For any individual to change his lineage, he must have the right ancestry. The Messiah must become the new root and establish this ancestry.

Each fallen individual is destined to go through restoration and become the true object of God. He needs to do that, but he is helpless by himself. He doesn't have the right ancestry; thus the Messiah must come and help him. The Messiah restores the individual's true lineage, helps him to resolve the Cain/Abel relationship, and teaches him to fulfill his portion of responsibility. After that, there can finally be a normal relationship between God and man.

During these many years, I have been working so hard to make a foundation for people following me. Now, the dispensation has advanced to the point where the spiritual fog is lifting. Now the doctrine of Godism-the real, true philosophy-is visible to everyone. A few years ago no one understood it, but now many people do. You see, the dispensation went exactly according to this formula. These are the most essential points in man's restoration history, yet until now there was no human being on earth or in the spirit world who knew about this.

If Christianity had followed God's will in 1945, God's plan would have been accomplished within seven years. But that didn't happen so I had to reindemnify in a span of 40 years the entire 4,000 years of history since the time of Abraham. This is what the Unification Church is all about. The seven years from 198S is the time allowed to reshuffle and reorganize everything and to reach the world level. The roles of the free world and the communist world-what position they should be in and how they should conduct themselves-will become more and more apparent. Everyone on both sides will come to know this within these seven years.

Now we are in a period of transition into a completely new world; it is not merely an extension of the old. First we must know what is going on in God's timetable, and then we have to pray according to God's plan. Otherwise our prayer will be insignificant.

You have just listened to the real crux of the Principle. You must clearly have this chart, this formula, in mind when you pray to God. You should get rid of all other thoughts, and replace them with this chart. If you think about this every day and live it, then you don't have to pray formally so much. Your life should be a prayer.

Your role as the children is vastly less burdensome than the role of the parents. I did what I did amid fierce opposition and indescribable persecution, and all you have to do is believe my instructions and carry them out. What I am giving you is priceless, yet free of charge. You are going to accomplish this without persecution, in a free environment. Don't ever think it was this way from the beginning- never. This is the first time we have seen an environment with so little persecution.

Every prayer I have ever dedicated to Heavenly Father has been according to His plan, that I might do what He wants me to do and be what He wants me to be. I have never prayed for anything else. When God told me, "This is the way I want it," I always carried it out. You must do exactly the same thing. You know the standard of my lifestyle, so you must pray to follow me.

You are historical individuals; therefore, you have to think as God thinks. What are God's thoughts centered on? Nothing else but people. And what is God's real desire? He wishes that His own spirit could be manifested into everything. You will be having your own children and very soon you will stand in the True Parents' position. You have to understand the value of the four position foundation. This is one inseparable unit.

Today men and women love each other on some level, but the average American couple never thinks about God and many cannot trust their own children. The divorce rate is sky-high. You can see how cruel Satan has been yet how successful. Everybody has become individualistic. It's easy for some people to think they have achieved their life's purpose. They think, "Yes, I'm happy. I did what I wanted to do in life" Then a person on God's side just smashes their concept and says, "No! This is God's ideal. This "

Relationship between
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Responsibility and

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8. God

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7. Cosmos

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6. Physical World

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2. Family

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1. Individual

I have just explained the historical task of the Messiah, which is being carried out here in the most advanced country in the world. This is not centered in Africa but in 20th-century America, where people's minds are full of trash. God has introduced the truth right here, and He wants to teach it to the American people. That is our goal and we are at the final stage of that goal.

You must pray to know what God's ideal and dispensation are. Pray to God that all this, centering on the True Parents, will be accomplished correctly. You can't pray about this just once or twice a day. You have to pray this from early morning until you go to sleep at night-even while you sleep, 24 hours a day. This is a lifestyle of prayer.

We are going to repair all the precious relationships of the four position foundation. Then we will go out to the satanic world to teach the people and urge them to follow. Everyone of us must go all over America, telling people, "This is it, this is what we have to do!" If you do this, you don't have to go off and pray by yourself because you are enacting your prayer, living your prayer. Then God must give us His help.

Father paid indemnity with a real physical body. In the same way, you have to pay indemnity by making the proper condition. There is no way you can do what I did, but if you devote everything you have to the task, it will be equivalent as a condition to what I did. Your condition is home church. By your accomplishing home church, God will consider it as world restoration. Do you understand?

Cain / Abel

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8. God

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7. Cosmos

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6. Physical World

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5. Nation

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3. Clan

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2. Family

1. Individual

1. Individual

This chart may be too complicated for some people, but what you should not forget in your daily life is that you are part of the True Parents' family. You are part of the four position foundation with me at the top. You, as the offspring, should clearly establish that father/son relationship; then go out and set the condition of doing home church. What will happen if you do? You will have the privilege of following me wherever I go. This is not abstract at all, but a clear formula and rule.

All the elements are there in home church: the transference of the true lineage, restoration of the Cain/Abel relationship-everything. All will be accomplished when you do home church, and you will become a true extension of me. In other words, as the director of your home church area, you can even give the Blessing to the people of your 360 homes. You can direct the matching and the Blessings because that is what the True Parents do. How can I go out and perform all these ceremonies physically? It is impossible.

This is the time. Evil is still strong, so you must always pray while you work, keeping all these things in your mind. Hold onto me tightly every minute of the day. Think of nothing else except uniting with me and doing home church. This is the work for America.

How is the Cain/Abel relationship restored? I am in the Abel position and you are in the Cain position. When you completely surrender and become one with Abel, then you have accomplished restoration of that relationship. This is the real core of salvation. If you forfeit this Cain/Abel relationship with me, then you are in great personal trouble, aren't you? There is no other way. Indemnity and one's own portion of responsibility have everything to do with the Cain/Abel relationship. If you fulfill your portion of responsibility, then the Cain/Abel relationship is already fulfilled. Thus the Cain/Abel relationship is absolutely essential. Restoring this is almost synonymous with the solution of human history.

In the American government, the Democrats and the Republicans are locked in a Cain/Abel relationship. The relationship between the communist world and the free world is the same. They are divided because of the fall; division was not original man's desire. Unless the Cain/ Abel relationship is brought into the right order, we cannot say that man's portion of responsibility has been fulfilled. Your portion of responsibility can only be fulfilled as a result of the other three conditions.

You may have felt that I always speak randomly, jumping from one topic to another like a spiritual being moving all around the cosmos. But I am actually very consistent because I am the master of these principles. I am never lost. My greatest historical achievements are described right here in the four columns of this chart. This formula portrays the essence of theology. If you understand this, you are a number-one theologian.

All mankind has searched for these things. Until now, no person has ever established clearly what the relationship between man and God is. If someone asks you, "Who is God?" you can answer, "God is our Father, and we are His sons and daughters" That's it. It is so simple, yet so profound.

A son can inherit everything from his father, no matter how mighty or noble the father is. That is a son's right for he is the heir. No matter how humble your position, I can bequeath everything to you. Since I have completely fulfilled my portion of responsibility, I am in Adam's position. When the fall is totally indemnified, Satan, who has been persecuting and slandering Adam, will be shaken loose. He will have to leave Adam instead of clinging on. Only by solving the Cain/Abel relationship can we inherit the world from God Himself.

The world is in the second son's position, not the first son's position anymore. When the proper position of the first son is established, the transfer of the blood lineage will be almost automatic. Once people get married with the right lineage, they will automatically be on the True Family's side.

Who has done these things for you? True Parents. You can only inherit all this if the father/son relationship has been established. Where can we inherit this? In home church. No matter what you do in your daily life, always have this in your mind so that your daily life becomes a prayer. If you live this kind of life in your home church area, all will be accomplished.

Then what will happen? You can live with True Parents forever and ever, not only here but in the hereafter, and eventually you can also live with God. You won't be in the indirect dominion as now but in the direct dominion. Isn't that what the Principle says? By doing home church, you will experience this. Your experience will affirm that what you are doing is right.

All I am concerned about is doing God's will. I want to liberate mankind from ignorance and hell to the original lineage. You too must join with me completely. When you witness to a person, you shouldn't think about anything else except: "I am going to save him by this formula"

I am thinking about how to educate mankind now and how to reach the American people. How can we help the American people to elect the President according to God's will, someone who will guide America to fulfill her role in the world? Many are running for the Presidency at this time with a very serious attitude, but Father is far more serious than any of the presidential candidates. There is no personal profit for me in this endeavor. The only thing I am working for is the fulfillment of God's will-to liberate mankind from ignorance and restore the original lineage. Do you understand?

You must join completely in this endeavor. When you witness to other people, remember these points. Nobody can ever replace you as an individual. Whether you are great or humble, still you are the children, the sons and daughters. If you are crippled or ill, still you are the sons and daughters.

I have been working so hard lately that I caught a cold, which is unusual for me. My voice was hoarse last night and Reverend Kwak said, "Let me report to the congregation, Father" Also this morning, Mother said, "Father, why don't you rest today and speak next Sunday?" But I couldn't do that. This is the third Sunday of the 1987 and my determination was, "For the first three Sundays, no matter how difficult it might be, I must give the sermon" Satan attacked my body with a cold but I just pushed myself forward. I am doing this for the sake of America and mankind and for God. I have absolutely no doubt about my mission, therefore I never want to rest from it. We must keep going. How can we rest in the midst of this historical time of the conclusion of human history? That is my feeling. Do you agree with me?

So we must have a lifestyle of prayer. Judged by what you know from listening to me today, your life in the past was outside of the Principle. Sometimes you went here and sometimes you went there-total inconsistency. Even though you were taught the Principle, you just let it remain a concept. Sometimes you felt it and sometimes you didn't feel it. Sometimes the Principle didn't occupy your mind at all. This is really a tragedy. You thought fulfilling the Cain/Abel relationship just required listening to your Church leaders, but now you must know clearly that I am your Abel.

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