The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

Day Of The Victory Of Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 1987
World Mission Center - Grand Ballroom
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

As you already know, there are certain requirements in the process of fulfilling God's restoration course. This is the law of indemnity. As you also know, after World War II the United States had the opportunity to unite with the entire world, especially the Judeo-Christian societies, in order to facilitate the final fulfillment of God's dispensation.

During World War II, America was in the position of the Adam nation on the heavenly side, while England was the Eve nation and France was the archangel nation. On the satanic side, there was Germany as Adam, Japan as Eve, and Italy as the archangel. Why were Great Britain and Japan in the two Eve positions? They are island nations, which is a more feminine posture than a continent, which is larger and therefore more masculine. Furthermore, the United States is like a son to Great Britain, the mother country. This ties in with the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah through the body of a woman, or through a mother's womb.

The fall of man took place between Adam, Eve, and the archangel. According to the law of cause and effect, that lineup on the worldwide scale would again have to occur in the last days. Thus we now have the Adam nation, Eve nation and archangel nation. World War II was the ultimate war to fulfill the final chapter of the human dispensation. There was no nation untouched or uninvolved in that war; people of many nations shed blood.

Another important rule has worked throughout history: Satan always initiates attacks. World War II was no exception; it was initiated by Germany and Japan. At that time, the nation of Korea was under Japanese occupation, so in a way, as the Eve nation, Japan gave birth to Korea. When I was born, Korea was suffering under the rule of the Japanese imperial government. Japan, on the satanic side, did its absolute best to do evil to the future Adam nation on the heavenly side. During my birth year of 1920, Korea was in the midst of a most difficult three-year period. The country was in the grip of a terrible famine. Furthermore, in 1919, a powerful independence movement rose up in which a great number of Korean people rebelled against the Japanese rulers. But they failed and suffered terrible punishment; much blood was shed. 1919 was the first of the three most difficult years. I was born in 1920. 1921 was the third year of that period.

My family suffered for a period of more than just three years. They were prepared for seven years for that most extraordinary moment. Many of my relatives had fled to Manchuria in order to help wage the war of liberation against Japan. This independence movement had been centered in the Christian churches, which at that time were very patriotic. In the years 1940 to 1944, Japanese persecution against the Christian churches reached a climax. The liberation of Korea by the Allies took place on August 15, 1945. If that had been postponed even three more days until August 17, there would have been a much greater bloodbath in Korea-more than 170,000 Korean Christians would have been exterminated. The Japanese rulers were in the midst of their most terrible bloodletting against the Christians at that very time.

You can see that God always allows Satan to do his utmost before the turning point comes. Upon the liberation of Korea on August 15, 1945, God intended to initiate a new chapter of dispensational history. At that time, I was working with the underground movement. I had discovered the Principle and was preparing for the momentous beginning of that new dispensation. Immediately after the liberation of Korea, the United States set up a military provisional government. The people who were placed in official positions were primarily those who had studied abroad, particularly in the United States and Japan.

The Korean Christians who had fought against Japanese occupation had been underground, and had not been linked in any manner with the imperial government. Those people who had been outside of the country and who became the main leaders of the provisional government tended to be tolerant or even friendly toward the Japanese. Those were the people who came in to take over the Korean provisional government.

Korean Christianity was divided into two camps, the Cain and the Abel. God's dispensational will had been for the Abel camp of Christianity-those who had stayed in the country and fought against Japanese rule-to take prominence over the Cain camp-those who had been abroad. The Cain camp should have united with the Abel camp and worked together toward their common goal. That would have been an important turning point for the new dispensational era.

But the Cain and Abel camps were accusing each other. Those of the underground considered themselves the only "pure" Christians and looked with scorn upon the "heretics" of the other side who had had an easy time, who had compromised with the satanic forces. Those people who had worked outside of Korea felt that the Christians who had stayed behind had become heretical because they were so spiritually-oriented. There was a great deal of spiritual activity at the time. People were receiving many revelations about the Second Coming of the Messiah. The two camps were mutually accusing each other as heretics.

At that time, I was in the position to bring harmony between the two camps. But one difficulty was that the Unification Principle is so revolutionary, including the statement that the Messiah will come as a man in the flesh. Because of the situation in Korea, I came to be strongly accused by both Christian camps as a "super-heretic"

When the United States military government was established, they sided with the Cain camp of Christianity. Most of those could speak English, but they were, for the most part, very relaxed in their observation of Christian rules. Christian missionaries from America were also in a position of influence at that time. They could directly communicate with the U.S. military government and they were united with the government. They were largely responsible for pulling in those people who had been studying abroad in the United States and Japan.

Because the military government sided with them, the Cain camp became the most powerful and influential group. Within the Abel camp, some Christians sensed a change and felt they wanted to ally themselves with the more powerful people, hoping to gain some benefit. What does that mean? The ungodly side, the satanic side, was taking power within the country. More and more, righteous Christianity was in the position to be accused and persecuted.

God's dispensational will was to use the momentous victory of the Abel camp in World War II as a launching pad for the movement of the Messiah. However, the United States military government, working together with the Cain type Christianity, took that chance away, and moved more and more toward the satanic side. So my position became more and more difficult.

Under those circumstances, I was quietly approaching prominent religious leaders who had had spiritual experiences. I knew there were such people and I was trying to find allies among them. There were some Christians who had received spiritual messages directly from Heaven and who truly tried to know the will of God through the Bible. Such people became my supporters. Thus I was pulling those jewel-like people from both camps-the spiritualist groups as well as the traditional Christian denominations. Those groups began to think that Reverend Moon was taking their flocks away. Thus they began to persecute me, wanting to shield themselves from me. The confrontation started during the earliest days-right after the Korean liberation. So the two groups had one purpose in common: opposing Reverend Moon, this new "super-heretic" They could unite upon that.

They were able to utilize the power of the military government because it is easy to turn political power against a new religion. In this way, God's great expectation after World War II-to launch the new dispensation-was thwarted. Because of the failure of Christianity and the United States, that new beginning was taken over by the satanic forces.

If nothing had been done then, both North and South Korea would have been completely turned over to Satan. That was Korea's destiny at the time. The 38th parallel was already the dividing line and North Korea was in the hands of the communists. They were planning to bring South Korea under communism as well. The U.S. military government was naive and could easily have become the prey of the machinations and conspiracies of the North. Luckily, however, the president of the South, Sungman Rhee, understood the situation and strongly opposed the position of the military government. He completely detached South Korea from the North and in 1948, South Korea declared its independence. The Republic of Korea was created.

Thus, the division of the Korean peninsula into North and South was established. The North proclaimed its own communist government while the South declared its independence, under the protection of the U.S. military. That was the difficult beginning point of the world dispensation. Korea was like a microcosm of the world with a very complicated situation.

The major portion of the new Korean government under Dr. Syngman Rhee was a hand-me-down group from the military provisional government. That means they were mostly Cain-type Christians. Such people remained in the positions of power. For that reason, Reverend Moon's dispensational position became even more difficult and narrowed down.

The reason I am giving you this important explanation of the genesis of Korea is this: according to the will of God, the messianic movement must begin upon a national foundation. In the time of Jesus, it was supposed to be the nation of Israel. In the twentieth century, Korea was chosen as the nation, with Christianity in the same position as Judaism 2,000 years ago. Upon that foundation, the messianic movement was supposed to be launched. However, just like 2,000 years ago, the Korean nation-that newly independent nation-took the position of Cain. Furthermore, it was run by the Cain-type elements within Christianity. Thus the government united with Cain-type Christianity in persecuting and trying to destroy the messianic movement. Unless you understand this particular situation, you cannot know how certain things happened within the Unification movement-such as how it started and why it went to the worldwide scale without establishing the national foundation in Korea.

The reason I entered North Korea voluntarily right after the liberation, knowing that it was a communist, satanic nation, was that I had to set the condition of trying my best to restore it to God's side. Naturally, after I went there I had to suffer to an incredible degree. In Jesus' time, the disloyalty of the twelve disciples brought about incredible indemnity conditions. Jesus set the special forty-day period to bring all his lost disciples back. By the same token, in the new Jerusalem, the third Israel of Korea, half of the nation had been given away to the satanic side. So I had to go there physically and try to restore that part of Korea back to God.

As you know, the capital of North Korea is Pyongyang. That city was once known as the Jerusalem of the East. It was really the Mecca for Christianity within Korea - the most devout and ardent Christians had been there. Therefore, I had to go and preach there trying to bring some of those people out of North Korea. In the name of Jesus' twelve disciples, I had to try to restore those devout Christians to freedom rather than let them become the prey of communism.

I began my work in the midst of the communist regime in Pyongyang, and gained many disciples. When I was thrown into jail, I preached to the people there and I won more disciples. Inside the jail, I had an incredible network of communication among those devout Christians who had been waiting for the coming of the Messiah. Amazing spiritual phenomena occurred during those days. Many people had been told, "The Messiah is coming" Some were constantly receiving messages about who I was and they were given my cell number as well as the best method of communication.

As you know, the Korean War began in 1950. For several years preceding that, the communists in North Korea were preparing with desperate determination to take over all of the South. It was during that time that I was working in North Korea, primarily in prison. General MacArthur directed the Inchon landing and broke through the enemy lines, allowing the UN forces to move north all the way to Hung Nam and to open the gates of the prison where I was being held. Truly that was a holy march to the north.

Because of the devastating effects of the Korean War, the foundation of the new independent government was demolished. Many rich people in Korea fled the country when they saw the war coming. Likewise, Christian ministers wanted to get their families out of the country. Thus the leadership inside of Korea was full of confusion. This chaotic situation gave the Unification Church an opportunity for a new beginning. It was a chance for us to make a new foundation, even to the point where we could have an impact on Christian society and the government. Thus the confusion and chaotic situation of Korean society at that time could be utilized by God. It was the opportunity for the heavenly dispensation to be launched again.

By 1954, I was able to lay sufficient foundation to organize the official church under the name of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. Still there was incredible opposition and persecution from both the government and established Christianity. Two thousand years ago, Judaism was supposed to be in the Abel position and guide the Israel nation and the governmental power. That was the original lineup. By the same token, the Unification Church was supposed to be in the Abel position and guide the Korean government and influence society. That was what was supposed to happen.

By the time 1960 came along, persecution and opposition were at their most rampant and climactic point in Korea. For God, however, the year of 1960 was the turning point for the beginning of the new era. Until Satan has done his utmost, God's turning point will not come. God has to allow Satan to do his absolute best, then he will have to give up.

The climax of persecution came in this way: the American missionaries, who were primarily Presbyterian and Methodist, had been working in Korea and had built some universities. One of them was Ewha University, a women's university, and the other was a men's school, Yonsei University. A large number of students from those two schools joined the Unification Church at that time. Thus the government, as well as the Christian missionaries, saw this as a dangerous thing and they began to pursue and develop their opposition against the Unification Church. One day those two universities announced the expulsion of all the students and professors who were members of the Unification Church, which caused a big uproar. Then they recruited some former members of the church, twelve in particular, to join with the Korean government and work in opposing us.

Under such circumstances, the heavenly dispensation was to celebrate the Holy Wedding of the True Parents, as well as the first twelve of the 36 Couples. The Blessing of the 36 Couples was accomplished in the midst of such incredible turmoil. Those couples were being pulled away from the satanic camp and brought over to the heavenly side. This was the historical beginning of the Blessing-first the 36 Couples, then the 72 Couples, the 124 Couples, the 430 Couples, and so forth. All along, society and the government were resisting. Meanwhile, God was opening up and expanding the territory of Heaven.

During this period, a new reputation came to be attached to the Unification Church and Reverend Moon. People began to realize that only with the same quality of commitment as the members of our church could they hope to win over communism. Furthermore, they saw that the only truly powerful patriotic organization was the Unification Church. That sort of consensus developed. By the time we launched the first celebration of God's Day in 1968, the Unification foundation was firmly laid. It was obvious that no one in Korea could take away that rock-solid foundation.

At that time, we were able to launch a powerful opposition against communism; the Unification Church was the only organization with a truly winning strategy. In 1969, all the blessed couples of Korea were mobilized for three years. Some of them even put their children into orphanages and then took off for unknown destinations, dedicating themselves for those three years. At that time, there was a great deal of criticism in society and among the parents of the blessed couples, saying, "What Reverend Moon is doing is unreasonable. He married my son and daughter to live well and have children, but now he is forcing them to live like beggars, even throwing the children into orphanages as they go out on this mobilization" But my position was that our primary goal had to be to save the country. Unless the country is saved, there can be no secure family or individual. Therefore, all the blessed couples were mobilized for the sake of the salvation of the country.

Some couples knew they could not take care of their children at that time, so they gathered up their belongings and took their babies to their parents' homes and left them, sometimes, even without the permission of those parents. They thought, "If my parents take care of the baby, good; if not, he will die" From a purely human point of view, there were many tragic scenes. Many of the children were old enough to know their parents and capable of talking. When the parents tried to leave them behind, some of the children cried out, "Mommy, where are you going? Don't leave me!" Those mothers were weeping, saying, "l have to go in order to save the country. l must follow the will of God. He will protect you. You must stay and I must go" They fervently prayed and told God, "My children are in Your hands. I go according to Your will"

Yesterday I spoke about the life of sacrifice and said that every member of the Unification Church, whether blessed or not, is in the position of an offering or sacrifice on the altar of God. By 1970 there were many blessed couples, but still the life of the Unification Church members was an absolutely wandering life, always moving, living out of suitcases. Each year on my birthday, I did not celebrate with a feast but rather, I would fast That was a condition for our members for many years. I began this road myself from the very bottom-from the laborer's position-and climbed up, step by step. I climbed once to the highest and most glorious position, but that was lost, so I had to go all the way back down to the very bottom and make a new beginning. Step by step, l had to make the restoration.

I never wore formal attire, a tie or a nice suit as I do now. A workman doesn't dress up every day to go to work and I always dressed like a workman. Until 1970, I even wore humble and coarse attire to Sunday Service. I preached in such clothing. I'm sure you find it hard to imagine such a time. Likewise, I never ate my meals at a table. I would just eat humble things like rice balls and radish, picking them up with my hands, not even using a spoon or chopsticks. That was part of the road of indemnity.

By 1970, the blessed families were in the midst of a total three-year mobilization for the salvation of the Korean nation. Now there is one chapter remaining: the total mobilization of the blessed couples for the sake of the world. After that three-year mobilization in Korea, public opinion was turned around and virtually everyone recognized the quality of dedication of the Unification Church members. They knew that only with such devout and dedicated activities on the part of the Korean people could their nation be preserved from communism. l want you to understand that those who sacrifice the most are the ones who will inherit the blessing of God. That is the cardinal rule of the heavenly dispensation. In Korea at that time, the Unification Church sacrificed more than the government or any of the people in society, including the established Christian churches. Therefore, God had to pour out blessings upon the Unification Church.

By the end of that three year mobilization period, in 1972, there was open public recognition that the truly patriotic organization in Korea was clearly Reverend Moon's organization. I had been rebuilding our foundation since the loss of the earlier one in 1945. By 1972,1 had laid down an even stronger national foundation, stronger than any previous Christian base. Therefore, that national victory is now linked to the worldwide level.

This is how difficult the indemnity course is. As you know, while I was laying that base for victory on the national level, I was already setting the conditions for the international foundation. l made my first worldwide tour in 1965, when I dedicated Holy Grounds in many different countries. Also we held an international Blessing in order to prepare for the full-blown international dispensation. I came to America with a special mission given by God, through a revelation, landing in Washington, D.C. on December 18, 1971. That was the time to link the victorious foundation in Korea with the United States, knowing that this country was the center of the dispensational will of God.

When I first came here, I received a warm welcome from virtually every quarter of the nation. I launched a nationwide tour in 1972 to awaken the country, beginning from Lincoln Center in New York. That went on for three years- 1972, 1973, and 1974-during which time I visited every state in the country and every major city, not only once, but two or three times. During this period, I was wholeheartedly welcomed by officials of the cities and states. I received tremendous numbers of honorary citizenship, keys to the city, proclamations, and so forth.

Thus this Christian nation of the United States welcomed and embraced me initially. By virtue of that, the failure of Korean Christianity-their opposition to me- could be forgiven. Thus the opposition by established Christianity in Korea was indemnified by Christianity on an international level. That enthusiastic reception by the United States-both on the governmental level and in established Christianity-was a condition of victory. Then I had to bring that victorious foundation back to Korea and link them. This is why, in 1975, I created the International One World Crusade and brought them back to Korea-to link up that victorious foundation which I had made in America.

At that time, the political situation in Korea was very dangerous. Judaism and the nation of Israel 2,000 years ago were in the position of Christianity and the Korean nation of the present day. The Roman Empire of Jesus' era was like the United States of today. The crucifixion of Jesus took place because of the combined efforts of those three powers-the Israel nation, Judaism, and the Roman Empire. That failure of 2,000 years ago had to be indemnified during the Second Advent. This time, the Korean government and the United States opposed the position of established Christianity, so those two and the Unification Church were able to unite together to lift up the movement of the Messiah.

Because of the Crucifixion, only spiritual salvation has been possible; physical salvation was lost. Father had to establish the foundation for both types of salvation. In order to lay this foundation, that failure of 2,000 years ago had to be restored. That restoration was achieved by my victory in the United States and the fact that the Korean government and the Unification Church were able to suppress the opposition by established Christianity. That foundation was a physical one-I was alive and able to win that victory. Thus I could lay the foundation for physical as well as spiritual salvation.

In a way, Jesus' dispensation which ended in the Crucifixion was restored and a new beginning was made, moving into the realm of spiritual and physical salvation. This is total salvation. That new era was opened up upon this victorious foundation which we laid. Do you understand?

Then I returned to the United States a second time and had to wage a battle against the United States government and international Christianity, which is represented by American Christianity. Established Christianity can only bring spiritual salvation, so it has to be united with the foundation for total salvation from God. When I returned from Korea, we stepped up our crusade, beginning at Madison Square Garden and then on to Yankee Stadium, culminating in the September 18, 1976, rally at the Washington Monument. That was the climax, the final assault, so to speak.

Again, God gave a wonderful new opportunity to the United States. On October 4, 1976, the Day of Victory of Heaven was declared. At that time, there was a great deal of scandal and turmoil still brewing over Nixon's Watergate problem. During the Watergate period, nobody had a real solution, but I declared the solution to the nation. I was invited to the Oval Office in the White House where I had a face-to-face meeting with President Richard Nixon. I made a most incredible recommendation to him. If he had heeded my advice at that time, there would have been a possibility for great progress.

What happened? Because the President did not heed that advice, Watergate pulled him down and he was driven out of office. Then Gerald Ford came in, and was defeated in the next election by Carter. Under President Carter, a miserable situation developed in America. In the next election Ronald Reagan was the victor. Who really elected him? It was God-the dispensational will. However, the Reagan administration did not have enough courage and did not stand firmly enough on principle. Instead, they allowed me to go the route of Danbury. You can see that the world's destiny- the rise and fall of individuals and nations-is truly in the hands of God.

Many people thought that once I was put into Danbury, it would be the end of Reverend Moon and the Unification Church, but they were totally wrong. In a way, I went to Danbury to indemnify the failure of America, especially President Nixon's and Carter'` failures. Someone has to pay the price for such failure before God. If President Nixon had not failed during the early 1 970's and he had sailed smoothly through that difficult period, there would have been no setback. The dispensational victory could have gone forward all the way to the end. However, because of Nixon's and Carter's failures, Satan could get a hook upon Reverend Moon and demand that I set another condition. Otherwise, I could not have gone on to another stage of the dispensation.

One more victorious foundation had to be laid there because Satan was holding that hook over me. Thus I returned to Korea in December of 1983 and mobilized the entire nation in the rallies for Victory Over Communism. That was, in a way, the final point of the showdown between Satan and me. Public morale in Korea had been very low, but during that month of December 1983 the entire country was buoyed up. Every district and region felt that change.

Satan could not invade me directly at that time-it just wasn't possible. So what did he do? He invaded my family. That was the day of December 23, 1983, when I was completing our final rally in Kwangju. At the same hour of that rally, Heung Jin was involved in his accident.

There had been persistent failure-accusation and persecution by established Christianity in Korea, as well as in the United States. Symbolically speaking, the nation was on the father's level and the church was on the son's level. There was failure on certain levels of the government. All these had to be indemnified, so a great ransom had to be paid; an extraordinary sacrifice was required. For that reason, God allowed one of the precious sons of the True Family to serve as that sacrifice.

The failure of Christianity, especially, had to be paid by someone. Otherwise, the souls of Christians in spirit world could not be linked to the physical world and could not come down to assist the dispensation. Through Heung Jin's noble sacrifice, that particular debt was paid. From that point on, the entire Christian population in spirit world was released to come down and freely assist here. They could come down through Heung Jin, who is the bridge.

Those Christians in spirit world could have no real connection with the True Parents before. There had been no way for that connection to take place. The utmost desire of the men and women in spirit world was to make a heartistic connection with the True Parents-that is the ultimate salvation for them, too. Because they could not do it physically, they wanted to have True Parents' own son, their flesh and blood, come to spirit world and link them. Because of the establishment of this bridge through the sacrifice of Heung Jin, Christians centered upon Jesus in spirit world were all perfectly released. They could come freely to the physical world and unite with Father's dispensation.

Today we are celebrating the Day of the Victory of Love. What is the meaning of this day? As you know, we have two periods of growth-a time of indirect and direct dominion of God. Because of the fall of man, direct dominion was lost. The laws of Heaven do not allow people to just go freely to spirit world. All men and women are supposed to go through the gate of the True Parents. But because of the fall of man, everybody has been going there without any true gate. People were going to spirit world without any order, just randomly. But if they want to come down to the physical world, they have to go through this gate. Otherwise, if they come down at random or according to their own way, they could not serve any purpose. In isolated cases, spirits would come and make contact with people here, giving them certain revelations, and have limited contact and then leave. That would not help their spiritual growth. They could only make that vertical contact but they could not encompass the entire horizontal world. Do you follow?

This horizontal world is under the dominion of the True Parents, so this is their territory, in a way. The children of the True Parents also have the right to dominion over this territory. Therefore, by sending one of the representatives of the True Parents' family to spirit world, it opened up the gate so that all the people there could pass through and come here into the True Parents' territory. Once they pass through the True Parents' gate to the physical world, they can stay and continue to work. In the past, when good spirits came down and did a little bit of work and then left, what happened? Satan could come in and take the results away. But in this case, the good spirits can come down through the True Parents' gate and work here on earth indefinitely. This is how the satanic world can be pushed out. They will have no room or opportunity to come in to reclaim the result.

Because of the fall of man, true love was lost and replaced with illicit love. At that point, the realm of death was created. However, by reactivating and restoring true love, the realm of death could be demolished. In other words, death was conquered. The True Parents are the posts of the gates through which spirit world can come and go freely. Now no one can block this Rate because of the sacrifice of Heung Jin.

Furthermore, Father made a very special prayer during the Ceremony of Unification. Because of that, no one has the power to block the True Parents' gate. My own human inclination was to feel great sorrow at the death of my beloved son, but I knew I could not shed tears from that human perspective-not one tear. Actually, during the time of Heung Jin's ascension, I was doing this work of creating the gate, setting the condition through which to send him to spirit world. This was in less than three days' time.

This morning at 1:18 a.m., it was exactly three years since Heung Jin's ascension occurred, on January 2, 1983. When Jesus ascended into spirit world, he was escorted by 120 spirits. By the same token, when Heung Jin ascended, 120 kings and queens from nations in the spirit world assembled. They could come down and begin to exercise their influence and power for the benefit of Father's dispensation. After this event, there were many spiritualists who testified that in spirit world Jesus is known as the old Christ and Heung Jin is known as the young Christ. This is how the spirit world and the physical world are linked now. They are becoming one and will enjoy free communication.

In 1984, two of the greatest sacrifices in history were made. One was the ascension of Heung Jin, which indemnified the failure of Christianity and allowed all the good Christians in spirit world to come down freely. The second was my stay in Danbury which indemnified the national failure so that we could move up to the international level. Thus, a new era has dawned. A new dispensational history can begin upon this great foundation.

The victory of Danbury was culminated on August 20, 1985. The following years-1985, 1986, 1987, and 1988- are the years of victorious physical presence, or dominion, of the True Parents. After Danbury, I immediately returned to Korea in order to restore a particularly dramatic situation there. Then I worked on the Japanese situation. The presence of Father had an important impact there. I returned to the United States once again in order to achieve the same victory in this country.

So far, the Abel power has been overshadowed by the Cain power-that of the left-hand side. But during these three years, l am pushing the Abel power upward, coming toe-to-toe with the Cain power. Next, the Abel power will go over and take dominion. Do you follow? As I said yesterday, this year is the total mobilization year for the blessed couples and all the members of the Unification Church on the final level-the worldwide level. Just as I mobilized the Korean families in 1970 for the national level, this time I would like to mobilize everyone for the worldwide level in order to gain the final victory over the Cain world.

Actually, Danbury was a voluntary act on my part. I did not have to return to America when I was in Korea at the time of the indictment. I did not have to go to the courthouse for the trial. I am not a citizen of the United States and this government had no power to arrest me in Korea. But I did return to America to face the trial and go to prison, if necessary, for the purpose of restoring the national and world level dispensation. I accepted the sacrifice of Heung Jin in order that the failure of Christianity could be indemnified. After the death of my beloved son, how could I retreat in the face of the court battle? I stepped forward and returned to this country as the front line soldier to save this nation and the world.

While I was in Danbury, I was working to unite Christianity in the United States by recruiting 7,000 ministers, the remnant. After restoring that Christian foundation, the national foundation comes next. While I was in prison, the Cain churches established Christian churches-became united with the Unification Church. After the victory of Danbury, we moved up to another level where the unification between Father and the American nation became possible. Very complicated and confused situations persist in Korea, Japan, and the United States. There is only one solution remaining to all those countries: follow the Principle taught by Reverend Moon. There can be no other prescription for the sicknesses that beset those three countries.

I made every possible effort to support Ronald Reagan as President of this country. But President Reagan has rebelled, in a way, and this is why his power is dwindling. He may not end his term gloriously because of his lack of courage to testify to us. For that reason, God will work again to guide the selection of the next President.

The importance of this time period, according to God's schedule, is comparable to forty years ago, right after World War II. At that point, God gave such a great opportunity to the nations of the world but it was not heeded. Instead, it was squandered and ended in failure. So I have been laboring for forty years to lay the foundation again, all by myself We have come once more to a great opportunity to save America and the world.

Communists know clearly that the most fearful person in America is not Ronald Reagan but Reverend Moon. North Korea is the most closed, regimented society in the communist world. They have special textbooks that they begin using with children at the age of seven. Those textbooks say that the worst enemy of communism and the communist utopia is the man who calls himself Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Thus even the seven-year-olds in North Korea know the True Parent's name.

All the activities of our movement are progressing, such as AULA-Association for the Unity of Latin America. There are 400 million people in Latin America. That movement has involved many former, as well as current, heads of state. We are working in many other areas as well, including PWPA and ICUS, the Media Conference, ISC, as well as the CAUSA movement. All have been done for one single purpose-to save the nation and by doing so, to save the world.

Today is the celebration of the Day of the Victory of Love. As you can see, this means the ultimate victory of true love. While I was in Danbury prison, the evil forces of the world began to exhibit a decline. Red China declared their swing away from absolute communism and Marxism. The Soviet Union also realized that they have to adjust their course; otherwise, their Marxism/Leninism will not work anymore. The United States is declining into secular humanism.

Both the right and left camps have been declining. The hands keep drooping down, like wilted wings, but there is still a center, a head. That head is Godism. The time since Abraham and throughout the four thousand years of Judeo Christian history has been indemnified during my past forty years of work. That was a forty-year struggle during which I laid the international and worldwide foundation. Now we are seeing the emergence of Godism as the center. Because of that, both the right and left wing camps are drooping down, losing their position. There is no reason for them to exist anymore.

The first opportunity for the restoration of the world came in 1945. The succeeding seven years were supposed to have seen the fulfillment of God's will. That dispensation could have been consummated by 1952, but it ended up in failure, as I explained today. Then forty years later-in 1985-a new foundation was erected. Upon that, these seven years until 1992 will see the true opportunity for the fulfillment of the dispensation of God. Do you understand? You can see God's timetable now. Within these seven years, the first three are the most crucial-that is 1986, which we finished yesterday, l 987, and 1988. Thus these next two years are going to be most pivotal.

1988 is such a dramatic year, even from an external, political viewpoint. Everything is aimed at 1988. In that year, Korea will hold its most significant elections. Japan, the United States, and Germany will all have changes of government in 1988. France is going to hold presidential elections in that year, as well. If the U.S. President is elected from the current ranks of the Democratic Party, I can see that this country will be plunged into another most difficult era.

No one knows this secret: Reverend Moon is caring more and worrying more about this nation than any other religious or political leader of the country, including the President. When you have been resting, sitting idly and doing nothing, l have been totally focused on this situation. There is not even one minute that I am separated from these problems. I am glad to see that the missionaries from around the world have come to hear my message on God's Day. You need to know God's timetable.

Now you must realize that the course is set for 1986,1987 and 1988. This nation and world cannot sway any other way than the way of God. Upon the victorious proclamation of the Day of Victory of Love, the realm of death was conquered. Satan's forces have become dejected. As soon as you seize the spirit of this Day of Victory of Love, you will proclaim yourself to the world boldly and strongly and the satanic forces will keep retreating. You will be a winner. This is the moment we are living in now. It is the opportunity you have been waiting for. It is true that unless nations and individuals follow the Principle taught by Reverend Moon, no one can have hope.

In conclusion, many times you have heard about the victorious foundation that Father has erected, but for whom was this foundation laid? It was not for Father, but for the sake of you Unification Church members in America and the world, so that it can become your launching pad. It is for the sake of all of humanity, so we cannot look at this as just the Unification Church's foundation. Ultimately the Unification Church has to take off our own sign. "Unification Church" is not important. The important thing is the salvation of humanity and the fulfillment of God.

One sovereignty-God's sovereignty-must reign over all of humanity forever. This is the will of God. All religions, including Christianity, have been working to see this goal realized. Our stage is the world, so the existence of the Unification Church is immaterial. The important thing is to do God's will-reach to that ultimate goal which Father has given you.

These three years are such crucial years. 1986 is over. During these remaining two years, 1987 and 1988, I would like to mobilize every force possible within the realm of the Unification Church and move the nation, move the world. Everyone-the Unification Church, all Jewish people, Christianity, all of humanity-is waiting to enter the new Israel, the ultimate Israel. That is the victorious, God centered, chosen nation and the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

This is the formula you must remember: 1945 plus forty years equals 1985. Three more years brings us to 1988. Forty-three years are the historical equivalent of 430 years of the Israelites in Egypt, the sojourner's land. In a way, the Unification Church has been dwelling in the worldwide Egypt-the sojourner's land-for these 43 years. Then the Israelites made their Exodus and entered the land of Canaan. By the same token, the Unification Church has come to the time of our Exodus and we shall go into the land of Canaan.

The Israelites suffered more than 400 years in captivity in Egypt. They were supposed to be in the position of kings and queens, like royalty, but they were captured by the enemy and made into slaves. By the same token, Father is in the king's position and has been captured by Egypt's power and has been given a slave's work, in order to restore those 430 as well as the 4000 years of human history. The time has come now that we can get out of Egypt. The shackles of slavery have to be cast off. We must go through the Sinai desert successfully and enter Canaan. We are not going out alone but we are also taking the American people-the nation and government-with us into the land of Canaan. Do you follow?

1988 is, therefore, a most crucial moment in the dispensational history. Not only ourselves but also the American nation as a whole shall be focused and dedicated to God's victory in 1988. We must mobilize the spirit world. Without that, no great crusade can be successful. Each one of you must be good enough-you must set enough conditions- that the spirit world can come down and assist you.

During the time of the great plagues upon the land of Egypt, the Israelites were instructed to protect themselves by putting lamb's blood on their door pillars. By doing that, the Angel of Death passed over their houses and they were spared, but all the first-born sons in every other home throughout Egypt were killed. The Israelites were saved by that condition of the lamb's blood. By the same token, you must set a similar condition and post the lamb's blood in a symbolic way. In that way, the power of death can skip over you.

We are going to set this condition this year. I have instructed that a special poster be designed. These posters should be put all over the country-on every large tree and building in every town-so that the power of death can pass over. Blessing can come to those places because of you. This time you can drive everywhere-town to town, city to city-in order to cover the entire country.

Within these next six months every village will be visited. Your car should have a sign in the top right-hand corner of the windshield that shows how many towns you have visited. It should read "U-25" or whatever. "U" stands for Unification, or United Nations. We are launching a most spectacular patriotic movement this year to lift up this nation to a new wave of patriotism. We are going to create posters that say, "Let's unify the land," and "One world under God" When we are moving around the country, it is almost like a Unification army covering the country everywhere.

From U-1 to how many? It's up to you. 200? 500? 1,000, 2,000, 10,000? It's entirely up to you. Detailed instructions have been given to the regional directors and the campaign will begin from January 4. This will invoke the power of spirit world-incredible assistance will come to the towns where the posters have been put up. The people of those towns, even without knowing why, will feel uplifted and inspired to do something to help the country. We will mobilize such a booming spirit that truly God-centered people can be chosen in the next elections for the Congress, Senate and White House.

One major difference between you and Father is that you don't understand the dispensational time factor. I have an absolute awareness of where we are on God's timetable. Gradually, we are coming to the point where any political leader who is aspiring for the White House will have to be approved by God.

In seventy days, CAUSA had the power to get the signatures of 10 million Americans. You will have to buy a bugle so you can blow it after you put up the posters. Blow the horn and declare to the world, "Come and hear! The time has come for unification. We have to make this one world under God!" When you blow the bugle, those ten million people who signed the CAUSA forms will hear it. You can say, "Now Reverend Moon is launching this campaign and you should join with us. Go out and poster your own villages, churches, neighborhoods. Bring your relatives and friends, too" You can assemble people in the towns and make moving speeches about patriotism. Inspire the people so that they can commit themselves to the cause. Then you can organize them and push them out to do the same as you do. Do you understand me? Shall we do it, or not?

The ultimate goal is to enter the worldwide land of Canaan. After the Israelites went into Canaan, they suffered tremendous difficulties. Why? Instead of setting a new tradition and living a God-centered way of life, they succumbed to the influence of the surrounding satanic culture. They became part of the society which already existed there. They were supposed to love and promote a God-centered nation first, then they would have been free to enjoy material goods. But they put themselves first, rather than the nation.

You can imagine how much suffering Father has gone through to erect the foundation for these last forty years. It was most incredible. When you consider that I want to pass on this foundation to you, how can you say, "I am not willing to be mobilized. I don't want to go the road of suffering"? Actually, I have suffered because of you-and your relatives, parents, and ancestors. Also, I have suffered because of your nation. I paid indemnity for them; now it is your turn. I walked this road of suffering for forty years and I am asking you to walk it within seven years. Then you can inherit my foundation. 1985 plus seven-already 1985 and 1986 have passed and we have five more years until 1992.

I laid this foundation under unbelievable opposition, including incarceration in prisons on many different occasions. How can you say you cannot do this when there is a more welcoming atmosphere in the world today? Anybody who wants to inherit this victory without fulfilling his share of responsibility is like a thief. You are following Father, so you must follow my example; you must walk my path. But your job is actually simple because I have already done 95% of the work. All you have to do is continue during these next three years. How can you say you won't do it?

Today is the Day of the Victory of Love. Today's significance is the defeat of the realm of death. Love has won. True Parents have won. Upon this foundation, you will bring the victory. Shall we do it? Thank you very much and God bless you.

Dr. Pak: Father has asked me to recognize someone. This significant day celebrates the sacrificial victory of Heung Jin Nim, who was a true son of filial piety and a wonderful representative of True Parents' family. In order to allow the free flow of communication between Heung Jin Nim and this earth, a permanent family was secured for him. As you know, on February 20, 1984, the True Parents gave the Blessing to the spirit of Heung Jin Nim and his physical bride on the earth He can work more freely as the commander-in-chief of the young people in the spirit world and also in the physical world Hoon Sook Nim was the bride chosen that day, so at this time Father would like to ask her to be recognized.

Now Hoon Sook Nim has been given the mission by True Parents to restore the artistic world, particularly the world of ballet. For that reason, the Universal Ballet Company was created two years ago, with headquarters in Seoul, Korea But eventually it will come to Washington, D. C., creating a new tradition. Thus ballet, which is one of the highest artistic forms, shall be guided by this model, the Universal Ballet Company. That particular project has been designated the Heung Jin Nim Memorial project Furthermore, all the proceeds from that project will go to a scholarship fund for young people. Again, we are most deeply grateful to our True Parents for this.

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