The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1987

Unification Of The Fatherland

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1987, Midnight
World Mission Center - Grand Ballroom
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

The slogan for the new year of 1987 is "The Unification of the Fatherland," represented by four Chinese characters- Cho Guk, Fatherland and Tong Il, Unification.

Mankind was supposed to enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven- the unified fatherland on earth-from the very beginning. If there had been no fall of man, the entire globe would have been that fatherland. Whenever we speak of the global fatherland, then, we are speaking of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

That particular Kingdom of Heaven would have been initiated by God and connected with Him forever. There would never have been a moment when God was separated from His kingdom. Mankind was supposed to have created the God-centered family of man on the face of the earth. All men and women were supposed to live in the fullness of life with God and when their time on earth was over, they were supposed to be elevated into the spirit world in which they would dwell for eternity. That world we can call the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven.

Because of the fall of man, however, that Kingdom of Heaven on earth did not become a reality. For that reason, no one has grown to the level of maturity where he or she can qualify to deserve the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven in heaven has been empty - without any residents.

The fall of man brought about separation on every level. First of all, it brought the separation in individuals between mind and body, then the separation in the family between husband and wife and parents and children. In every level of society we see the division which is the consequence of the fall.

The Heavenly Kingdom is a unified kingdom, composed only of individuals who have achieved true unity. No one has been worthy to enter that kingdom of unification in heaven because of the fall and the separation that occurred. The fall brought separation from God and one another. People dwelling in the North, South, East and West created their own separate man-centered cultures, and all the different races came into being. In the North, the white race arose; the black race started in the South; in the East, it was the yellow race. Struggle and competition began to arise on every level resulting in a great deal of tragedy and war. Humanity has come to the present time, the twentieth century, in this way.

Races and cultures have sought to compete with and dominate each other, producing continuous struggle and war. In order for one group to prevail over another with the strength of 100, it has to have the strength of 110 or 120. For that reason, groups have colonized other peoples, seeking to have a strong empire and to become a dominant power in the world.

Human history can be said to be a history of numerous wars. Behind those many wars, however, there has been a far greater and more subtle struggle. That is the struggle between the forces of good and evil. Many people are ignorant about this struggle, but whether they realize it or not, everyone must eventually side with either the good camp or the evil camp. The people with good character will be drawn into the camp of goodness and those with bad character will be drawn into the camp of evil. This has been the way the forces of good and evil have manifested themselves on the face of the earth.

After the fall of man, human beings developed the ability to change their character. People could not always uphold their own principles; sometimes they would join the camp of goodness but then they would change their position and join the evil camp. God, however, needs men and women of unchanging character. In order to build such unchanging character, God initiated religion. The good religions in the world are those that are creating men and women of unchanging character, capable of standing steadfastly upon their principles. Thus religion has been creating, in a way, soldiers for the side of goodness-the heavenly forces; that has been the role of religion throughout history. Religion engenders the power of endurance and the qualities of boldness and steadfastness. Through the activities of religions all over the world, God has created His kind of people- with unchanging, good character-and therefore the good forces could multiply.

The world can be divided into major religious spheres- Buddhist, Hindu, Moslem and, of course, Judeo-Christian. Although their paths have been different, all the major world religions have been moving toward a common purpose and goal. The ultimate dispensational will of God is to create the unification of one fatherland for all humanity. In order to achieve that goal, there must be a movement which will unify all good religions under their common cause. Once this sort of unity has been achieved and the ultimate unification of the fatherland of God has been completed, there shall be no further need for religion. When history comes to an end-that means history has come to its chapter of consummation-the most important thing for humanity to know clearly is what is good and what is evil.

Like God, the quality of goodness possesses unchanging character; it will always be on God's side. Evil, however, is changeable and inconsistent; evil people change often for their own selfish benefit. Evil will slowly but surely diminish and eventually be demolished. Even though we have fallen character, we also have the original, good human character lying dormant within us. For that reason, whenever God's truth and goodness come into contact with people, human nature is pulled as by a magnet to such spirit and truth. That is the hope for mankind.

Originally, human beings were supposed to have perfect communication and give and take between mind and body.

But because of the fall of man, a barrier or shield came into place that separated mind and body. What is the stage upon which Satan can act? It is the carnal body, while the mind became the stage upon which God and goodness could act. This is why the common principle of good religions has been to deny and control the desires of the physical body. Satan hates to see good people communicating with God, and he always tries to attack such people and turn them around.

What is the most perfect base for satanic give and take within ourselves? What kind of character provides Satan the best base for his work? It is the selfish character, a self centered person. What is the definition of a good person and an evil person? The evil person is the one who centers upon himself and tries to sacrifice others for his benefit. This has always been the character of evil dictators and despots throughout history. A good person, on the other hand, sacrifices his benefit for the good of others. This is a simple definition of good and evil people.

Who are the saints in history? They are those people who sacrificed to the utmost for the greatest goodness-for humanity and the world. Those are the people who make up the good forces of spirit world that prevail in the world today.

How can we make unification within ourselves possible? There are only two ways to do it: one way would be to conquer and subjugate your body completely to the will of your mind, so that the body follows the mind absolutely. Another way would be to add tremendous, extraordinary power to the mind, so that the body would have absolutely no room for its own will. Religion does these two things; it teaches people how to subjugate, even to torment, in a way, their physical body. Also, religion gives enormous spiritual strength to the mind, so that the body will have to follow automatically. We can see by studying religious history that no matter how weak or feeble a person might appear, once he receives spiritual inspiration or revelation, he becomes completely ignited and filled with power. So religion works in two ways: to subjugate the body and strengthen the mind.

What about the whole world? What method can be used so that the world can become united? What is the common base or the unifying point for all levels, including the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation and world? There is the one formula we can apply to bring about unity on each level. First we must realize or diagnose the manner in which Satan infiltrated us, how he came to dwell within mankind. We learn through the Principle that the human body became the recipient of satanic lineage; in other words, the bloodstream became the means of transferring Satan's inheritance. Thus we received ingredients from the wrong root and that has been the cause of human evils.

In order to cleanse our body of its fallen lineage, then, we have to subjugate the body or add extraordinary strength to the mind. According to the Principle of Creation, what is the most powerful unifying force in the universe? It is the true love of God. This is the only power that can bring about absolute unity between two or more entities.

Because of the fall of man, each person is like a wild olive tree; the fallen world is like a forest of wild olive trees. God's dispensational will is to send one true, God-centered olive tree to restore all the wild trees. Then what is the process of restoring them? All the wild trees must be cut and branches from the true olive tree must be engrafted onto the wild roots. This is a dramatic and revolutionary process; for that reason, there are always repercussions. When you look at the buds or the branches of the true olive tree, you cannot observe any external difference between them and those of the wild olive tree; they look the same. So when the branches are being cut off of a wild tree, the entire world, including the natural parents and the family, says, "What's going on here? Why have you taken our child away?"

In the Bible, Jesus said, "I am the living bread that came down from out of heaven; if anyone eats of this bread, he shall live forever; . . . Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in yourselves" (John 6:51,53, NAS). This is an exact analogy of what I am saying here. You were born as a wild olive tree and then you were cut, and the branch of the true olive tree was grafted into you. At that time you became a new person, no longer a part of the satanic lineage but joining the heavenly lineage. Thus Satan has no condition to attack you any further.

The major religions of the world have always expected the coming of the ultimate one-the Messiah, in Judeo-Christian terms. All the major religions of the world have the hope that the time will come when God will grant to the world that ultimate one-the Messiah-who brings the pure lineage of God. Through engrafting onto that true olive tree, human citizenship will be transferred into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Theology by itself cannot give salvation to anyone. The important question is, how can we get out of Satan's domain? Unless we go through this grafting process, we are not entitled to Heaven because our lineage is different. Satan will always be able to claim, "This is my child"

Our slogan, "Unification of the Fatherland,' is most profound. It is not a simple or a merely external statement. The fatherland cannot come into being unless there is first an individual unified between mind and body, and then a unified family, clan, society, nation and world. That is what gives substance to the fatherland. Because God exists, it is human destiny to achieve the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Satan is the expert in the effort to divide all levels of society. This world is divided into East, West, North and South, and Satan has used culture to drive a wedge between East and West. There is a world of difference between the two cultures of East and West, but they must come together and achieve unity. If they just move along together side by side, they will not achieve unity. One side must be turned upside down and on top of the other. Which side should be upside down, then? The American people. They see America as the center of the world, and the future center of the worldwide culture.

There is a characteristic difference between the cultures of East and West. The Western culture is more materialistic, with a great interest in scientific development and technology. The Eastern culture, on the other hand, has been primarily centered on the mind and spirit. Therefore, the people have led a way of life that denies material values. The East had also been relatively poverty-stricken for many centuries because the Western world has plundered its wealth. People of the West thought they could plunder the whole world and put it in their pockets, but I want you to know that God would not allow that to happen.

We see today that in the Western world the materially centered concept has come to the end of the road. It is as if materialists are standing on the edge of a cliff, unable to take another step. Therefore, they are looking for hope from the East; they are longing for some mystical sign from that direction that will save them.

You can see that this goes along with the principle we mentioned earlier: the body must not control the mind. Because there is a God, the mind is supposed to control the body. Therefore, Oriental culture which is centered upon the mind and spirit, should take the subject role on the world stage. The time is coming when this mind-centered culture will influence the Western culture and unite with it. That is the hope for the Western world, and that is when the consummation of human history is possible.

Each of you is a harbinger of this, a pioneer for the new culture. You were born and grew up a part of the Western culture-eating cheese and hamburgers-yet you have come to an Oriental teacher, Reverend Moon, seeking to receive spiritual well-being.

The division of East and West is the first problem we mentioned. The second problem is the division between North and South, or the white versus black problem. This is very simply a problem of wealth versus poverty; the white people are well-offend the black people poor. There must be some extraordinary movement in which white people will give away all their wealth and try to help the poor black people of the world. If such a movement becomes strong, it will change the whole world situation. At the same time, black people cannot just sit and arrogantly demand that white people come and serve them. They must say, "It is not the fault of any one white person. We have to change and achieve harmony with the white people and create a truly international community"

These two problems of East vs. West and North vs. South are a reality in our world. Besides that, we also have the problem of communism vs. democracy. Likewise, the racial divisions are everyone's problem. These conflicts have become exaggerated during this latter part of human history. The differences between rich and poor, black and white, and Oriental versus Western have become very noticeable, virtually all at once. This is the sign of the end of the world; Satan can see that God's dispensational will is working and thus he is doing his absolute, final best to multiply division in every possible realm.

What is the key to world survival? All must meet in the center, so there must be a great circling motion-North coming to the West, East going to the South, South going North. We need to see that kind of change of position and turning. Throughout history, the world has had no true center. Where should that center be? It should be in God, and we should all come to that center and find safety in it.

Why did God create this world? Was it just in order to see the faces of Adam and Eve? No, God wants to fulfill true love. Where is true love and what is its position? When the fall of man came, all the bridges were burned that connected man with true love and the character of a true father and true mother. The fallen generations have been like orphans- children without parents. The Messiah comes, in the position of the True Parents, to be the bridge for true love between God and men. That is the role of the Messiah and the role of the True Parents-to be the bridge of true love.

Before we talk about unification of the fatherland and before we talk about anything else, the most important item on the agenda is to find that bridge of true love. Unless we go over that bridge of true love, no one-including kings and queens and presidents of great nations-can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. They have to cross the bridge of true love, through the True Parents.

Jesus came to the world in order to lay down that true love bridge. Could he do it alone? No, Jesus had to have an object of love in order to create that true love bridge and be installed as True Parents of mankind. For that very reason, Christianity can fulfill its destiny only with the second coming of the Messiah. The True Parents must come to mankind.

Perhaps a great scientist, winner of the Nobel Prize, might claim that because of his qualifications he should be able to cross a single man's bridge into the Kingdom of Heaven. Is that possible? You must know that we have to possess a key to open the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven, as well as on earth. That key is simply the true love bridge of the True Parents. Eternal life begins at the moment when True Parents come together and are completely one with God.

Western people today have many fears. Some Westerners fear "yellow power"-that Orientals will gain dominion over them and cause great suffering. Another fear is that of communism, which is a legitimate fear. Actually, the Western people are totally in the minority. Asians number at least three billion in the world! What kind of a democracy do we have in the world now, with the white minority controlling the vast majority? If you stand by your own democratic principles, you are destined to lose.

Look at Japan, that small island nation. Forty years ago, it was devastated by war; the Allied nations were triumphant as VJ Day was declared. Now, however, Japan is leading the United States and the West in almost every domain. This is the way history has moved-power has been transferred to the area of the Pacific Ocean and Asia. Japan became the instrument by which the Asian peoples' potential could be shown.

The question is, where can we get the energy to solve our two problems of East/West and North/South? Do you think the answer will come from President Reagan? Or perhaps it is the director of the CIA, or perhaps the Defense Department and the Pentagon? What about the power of science and technology? Where will the energy come from to solve the fundamental problems of the world? That power can only come from God Himself.

Who is Reverend Moon, then? How do you know whether Reverend Moon is God's son or Satan's son? Reverend Moon cannot be Satan's son because of the result of his work- look at this auditorium, as one example. In this place those two primary world problems have been resolved. Here we have unity between East and West; Orientals and Westerners all coming together as one. Likewise, the North and South problems are solved-white and black people are together in unity. Instead of just talking about the problems here, we have the solution: we are welding ourselves into one. We have the "true love bolt" that brings Easterners and Westerners together into one welded body. No matter how formidable any earthly power may be, including the power of the government, the CIA, or the military, nothing can break up this true fusion of love and unity between East and West.

Suppose we have a black person and a white person trying to be close by standing back to back-that is closeness but it is not real, 100% unity. The Unification Church is the group which turns black and white around, face to face. I don't know what is the mystery of the Unification Church, but one thing is incredible: black and white are marrying and creating families; so are Orientals and Westerners. Instead of running away from such matches, you are asking for them more and more.

What is the color of true love? Is it white? Black? True love has no color-in other words, anybody who is color conscious cannot have true love at all. You've got to be color-blind. So you white people out there, when you look at yourself, does your face look white? Or black? Look at the doves-the white and black doves coo together; they mate and lay their eggs. The supreme creation of men and women must learn to coo like the doves to one another. We must learn true love.

When God looks at you, He looks through the eyes of true love. What colors of skin is God aware of? He doesn't see people's skin color when He looks at them. God is interested in anyone who is doing dramatic and extraordinary things. Thus He likes to see black men working in harmony with white men and Eastern people working with Westerners. Those kinds of scenes give a great deal of joy to God. What else do you need, as long as God is satisfied?

What is the Unification Church? It is the point of unity between God and mankind. Unification doesn't come when people are back to back; that can only be an alliance, not true unification. One must be atop the other and it doesn't matter who is on top-white or black-as long as there is true love unification, it becomes a delight to God. Without this kind of true love, we can't even talk about unification. It would only be empty words, with no substance.

We have the special power to solve the problems of East/West and North/South and with that power we can bring the unification of the fatherland. Today every nation is part of the world's problems-the United States, the Soviet Union, and every nation. There is no solution or cure for the problems of the world except the love of God; that is the power the world needs.

Look at the faces within this auditorium today. We are truly a rainbow collection. Some people might say, "The Unification Church would be a better place if this auditorium were filled only with white faces" Some might think, "Why should we have blacks in our church? Why so many yellow people?" That kind of thinking is where the problem lies.

When matching time comes, I am in a difficult position because when I ask all those handsome, tall Western men "What kind of wife would you like to have?" they always reply, "I would like a Korean woman. If all the Korean women are taken, then give me a Japanese woman. If they are all gone, then give me any Asian woman" Then you Western women say, "Father, please give us Korean or Japanese husbands. If all those are sold out, then any Asian husband is okay" The Unification Church mass weddings have been scorned and spurned in the past, but now the world is re-examining our marriage system. They see some incredible power that can engender true love and peace, uniting our divided world.

The Western culture, particularly the families, can learn a lot from the Unification Church culture. America's most critical problems, such as drug abuse, immorality and racial conflicts, have no real solutions except those being proposed by Reverend Moon and the Unification Church.

Everywhere-in every family, home, neighborhood and community-these problems are escalating. This is true not only in this society but also in every society in the world. It is as if a typhoon were blowing and breaking down every home, community and nation. There has been no solution for them, until the solution brought by Reverend Moon- and that is true love centered upon God.

Reverend Moon went to Danbury prison. This government and nation came against me, but Reverend Moon didn't run away. I stayed here because I want to have mercy and forgive this America and bring down God's compassion. I did not come here to be served by others; I came to save this nation. Until I fulfill that mission, I will not leave this country.

Can you trust my word? You say yes most readily. That is why the outside world criticizes you as being brainwashed. But the verdict has been given: no matter which direction you come from, there is no other place for finding the answers except the Unification Church and Reverend Moon. Here we are not just posing the questions and talking about them, but we are living the solution. This is not just an opinion of one or two individuals but it is becoming the consensus of nations and even the world.

Where did we lose the fatherland? When the world lost the position of True Parents, that was the moment we lost the true fatherland. The world is our fatherland, but we speak more specifically about the fatherland of our Unification faith-that is Korea. As you know, Korea is a peninsula nation which is quite small, but it has very different characteristics in the east, west, north and south. North Korea and South Korea share a common historical phenomenon-the eastern sector of the peninsula has been the dominant power over the western side of the peninsula.

In the rest of the world the West has had influence or dominance over the East, but in Korea the east has influenced the west. Likewise, on a worldwide scale, the North has been dominant over the South, but in Korea, the northern part is poorer and the southern part is wealthier. These opposite phenomena occur because this is the restoration era. The problem is that on this one peninsula, Korea, no unification has been achieved. Who has the influence and power to bring all four sectors into unity? That is the Unification Church and the International Federation for the Victory Over Communism. This movement is spreading out, unifying all four sectors of the Korean nation.

Unification is beginning in the South, influencing the entire population of 40 million. What Reverend Moon does or doesn't do has become a focal point of the entire Korean population. Furthermore, in communist North Korea, Kim 11 Sung and his regime fear one individual above all others in the south, and that is none other than Reverend Moon. We are exerting pressure on North Korea, which has been virtually the most isolated and closed society in the world; now it is being forced to open its doors.

Reverend Moon has already helped China in many different ways; the position of that country is crucial. I would like to freely share, without any hesitation or reservation, the highest possible technology we have. Major nations have become very selfish; America doesn't want to share or give away any technology. Neither Japan nor the Soviet Union want to give away anything, either. But Reverend Moon says, "Open up. Let's give it to them"

Our movement has four major machine factories in Germany, utilizing the highest technology. For two years, the German government has been trying to find ways to keep Reverend Moon from coming into that country. Despite this, our movement has been able to obtain these important, sophisticated factories. Advanced technology has also been brought into Tong 11 Industries. As you know, a type of robot machine which does its work entirely independent of human beings has been created. Research centers in Germany, Japan, Korea and the United States have been established. Our movement has also developed the highest possible computer technology in Japan.

Why do you think we are doing all this? We want to give it to the world. Many people, whether they are in the United States or Germany, have thought, "The world must serve our nation" But that is wrong. The right way is for the United States to serve the world; West Germany and every nation must serve the world. Reverend Moon is serving the world and that is the way God lives. Do you follow? Our way of life, including our marriage, is for the sake of the world. Nothing we do, nothing we eat each day, none of that can be just for our own individual sake but for the sake of the world. By the same token, the Unification Church doesn't exist for its own sake.

We have some guests here this evening who have come to listen to my talk; they are ministers of a particular denomination. I want to say to them that their denomination does not exist for its own sake; it, too, exists for the sake of the world. Anybody who tries to confine his denomination within narrow boundaries will be suffocated by them, and he will have no more power.

The Unification Church must never think, even for one moment, that we are here to serve ourselves. We are here for the purpose of serving the world; we are sacrificing ourselves for that purpose. This is the reason Reverend Moon will never be destroyed; he will just become more and more popular and appreciated.

In order to achieve ultimate world unification-the unification of the fatherland-there must be a model. When I look at the Korean nation, I know that it can become that model. All the four different sectors must be united under one true God-centered ideology. In that way, Korea is like the center for the entire world. If the small Korean peninsula can unite into one, the rest of the world would be able to move according to that same pattern and become united as well.

Let's look at it another way. In order to unite Korea, the work of world unification must also continue. In other words, without having major work done on the worldwide level, there is no way the Korean peninsula can be united. This year is a crucial one for the United States; God wants to accomplish certain programs here and also in Japan and Western Europe.

In the heavenly dispensational schedule, the years from 1945 to 1985 were like the forty years of Moses' wilderness period. The three years following that victorious period- 1986, 1987 and 1988-are going to be probably the most crucial in all of human history. The work Father is doing during these three years will create the environment and lay the foundation for the unification of the fatherland.

Before the people of Israel went on their exodus from Egypt, they proclaimed to all of the people that they were going. By the same token, today the Unification Church must proclaim what it is doing to the entire Christian world. Nowadays, many American clergymen are going on pilgrimages to Korea; hundreds of people are going there every two or three months. Why are they going to Korea? To discover the roots of Reverend Moon.

We shall create inspirational power here in America. We cannot trust the Republican or the Democratic Parties. It will be too easy for them to become the prey of communism. The Moonies are going to launch a most spectacular patriotic movement. For the last fifteen years, you didn't know what I was up to and, for that reason, you often did not really cooperate with me. I forgive you, but only on the condition that during 1987 you truly follow Father's principle and join in the launching of this most patriotic crusade in America. We must bring this nation around to God.

Actually, within the United States the majority of the people are members of various minorities-approximately 65%. Thus the so-called majority is actually a 35% minority. When the different minorities come together, they comprise a majority. The 35% of the population are the ones who regard Reverend Moon as their adversary; they are the ones who pushed me into Danbury prison. But that confrontation is not yet over; we shall have a showdown to decide who is right and who is wrong. We shall see who is on the side of justice. Justice and truth cannot be buried for long.

This year, our slogan is "The Unification of the Fatherland" This slogan has implications on many levels, both great and small. Unification by what? By fists and power? No, only by the injection of true love.

What is America today? It is a wilderness, a desert of love. People here are starving for love. As soon as we can bring them some true love, they will be so eager to receive it - like a thirsty person drinking water. Do you have such true love to give them? Father actually has given you many true love injections. Also I have taught you how to use this "injection machine" It is very simple. People are always willing to receive the shot of love anywhere you can give it, whether it is in the hip, the neck, the foot, or wherever. When you offer that injection of true love, nobody will reject it. They love it!

Go ahead and give out ten thousand true love shots during 1987. All the 240 million Americans will eventually receive one. How could you ever do anything better or more valuable than to restore the broken families of America? Look at the drug epidemic today. It is a sign of the hunger for love; people are so desperate for love, they take drugs in order to get an artificial high. However, once you teach them how to find true love, which is a greater high than anything artificial, people will begin to change. Their complexions, their eyes, their hearing, every emotion and every sense will work differently.

Are you going to become that kind of true love doctor, giving injections all over the place? Raise your hands, those who want to do that! What are you going to accomplish? You will bring the unification of the fatherland. No other power except that of love can do this. What is true love? It is the love that cares for its enemy; it gives the ultimate gift and then forgets it. That is what Father has been doing for America-giving and pouring out sweat and material into this country, then forgetting it. I don't even want to remember what I have given here.

We are bringing Japanese people over here and they suffer; the Korean people come here and suffer and so do the European people. If they were working and suffering in their own country, that would be only for the sake of their own nation, so I want them to come here to work for the sake of the world, since America today represents the whole world.

The property of the Unification Church doesn't belong to us; it belongs to the world. By the same token, the people of the Unification Church belong to the world, not to the Unification Church. Ultimately, you belong to God; God will claim ownership of you, and will grant you heavenly citizenship. Your original mind wants to belong to God; that is an unchangeable aspect of you. Nobody can remove that.

I am wearing a suit tonight. Never for even one moment, however, do I think, "This is mine,' in regard to my clothing or possessions. They always belong to God first. That is even true of my own body-it belongs to God, not Reverend Moon. So when this body gets tired, I still cannot give up; God pushes my body to go forward. How can I complain or refuse to follow that order? God is more tired than I am, so how can I excuse myself from working? I cannot.

The subject of your prayers throughout this entire year should be the Unification of the Fatherland. If you pray with this focus, then this most profound goal can happen more quickly. As soon as this crusade is launched, I need to get back to Korea because that country is in a dangerous position now. I have taught you many things. I have trained you and I have given you much love and guidance. Now the time has come for you to take over the leadership position.

Since I came to America I have been just one man standing up to train all the members of the church. Think about it. Now you have come to resemble me. We all shall be the champions, workers and tireless fighters for the unification of the fatherland.

On this first day of January 1987, the motto for the year has been given. Let us all march forward together. Do you understand? Thank you. God bless you.

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