The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1986

True Father's Speech to International Blessed Children in Korea

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

This material is excerpted from a speech Father gave on May 4, 1986 to Blessed Children attending school in Korea.

Western Blessed Children, your Korean life experience and your academic work is extremely precious and valuable, because the teaching of Unificationism will have to be conducted to the world's youth from the original Korean. Unificationism should be taught by those Western people who have lived in Korea and have a command of the Korean language. The truth translated into other languages cannot convey the original meaning because translations can distort the meaning of the message. There is a big difference between a lesson taught by a bilingual teacher and one taught from translated materials. For this reason, I wish that you Western Blessed Children could finish your school education as soon as possible and become world-level leaders who can illuminate the true way of life for all people all over the world, so that they can live meaningful lives.

For this reason the Korean Unification Church has brought Blessed Children from all over the world to the fatherland of faith and has provided you with the educational program for the future. You Blessed Children should work hard to carry out your future mission as heavenly-side teachers in your own country or in any other countries abroad.

If the Fall of Man had not occurred, education would have been conducted centering on God's will instead of being centered on Satan's false and misleading instruction as it is now. We are living in an age when any particular nation's philosophy, doctrine or "ism" cannot dominate the whole world. Only we have the great thought which has been revealed to us from God the Father. Study Divine Principle, Unification Thought and VOC Thought in Korean until you can give lectures in the Korean language naturally and freely.

By the time you finish your entire education in Korea successfully, universities from different parts of the world will need you and call upon you. I want you to complete even university-level studies in Korea. In 10 or 15 years from now, when you obtain a master's degree or doctorate, prestigious universities like Oxford, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge and Columbia will certainly compete to employ you as professors for their own campuses. When this happens, you will lead all the youth to the heavenly side. Through your scholastic position, you will exert a great influence on important scholars of educational institutions. Therefore, you had better realize the importance and the purpose of your education in Korea, and you should be proud of your position as God's pioneer, as well as future leader of university faculties.

I know that you are undergoing the difficulties of the language barrier and differences of culture and customs while living in Korea. This is especially true of Western Blessed Children. But bear in mind that you are in the process of preparing for the successful fulfillment of your great future mission.

At the present time there are important scholastic studies being made on me at leading educational institutions. Rev. Moon's viewpoint on religion, politics, culture and economy has become interesting research material for masters and doctoral studies. The instruction that you give concerning me in the future will attract students to your classes. Ministers and preachers from America came to Korea with the idea to go on a pilgrimage to the holy places where God's New Providence began. They unanimously thanked us for the clear answers they received from the Divine Principle in the Biblical questions. That's why they are witnessing to the fact that Rev. Moon is a man of great foresight who is saving the world from chaos through his remarkable understanding of God's Providence. Through their pilgrimage they came to realize the necessity and significance of learning the Korean language because English words cannot convey the depth of feeling conveyed in the original Korean.

I wish that you Blessed Children would realize how much I want you to be more enthusiastic about preparing yourselves for the accomplishment of God's Will. I know that you are having a hard time studying here, but once you have cleared the path for your younger brothers and sisters to come, they will find Korean life easier than you did. Pioneers at any time in history had to go through trials. Now, you are the pioneers of Korean study. For example, the Little Angels worldwide performances could not attract much public attention in spite of their intense preparation for three and one half years. But now, just three months' preparation creates a wildly enthusiastic atmosphere. This is because the Little Angels have established their own tradition and system of organization.

I hope that you Blessed Children, as pioneers, can clear away the difficulties for the international students who will come after you to study in Korea. Suppose that you write a book about your life in Korea which describes your difficulties as a student and in which you share the wisdom you accrued in overcoming those difficulties. This kind of book would surely serve your juniors very well.

An opinion might now be forming in your minds that Korean culture and the standard of living are very low compared to those of your own countries, but please understand that customs and cultures throughout the world are not permanent and will certainly fade away in the future. The cultures and customs in America, Europe and Japan are very different from those of Korea, to be sure. Also, you can see that there is disparity in many respects between Korean culture and customs and those of the Unification movement. Our humble way of life, mass weddings, religious understanding and devotion differ from Korean customs and culture. Through your commitment to your academic work and studies of Korean customs and culture, you will acquire a great knowledge which you cannot obtain from your parents. When you go back to your own countries after your graduation in Korea, you will have the ability to discern and to judge what is correct and what is wrong with the principled life that your family is living. Then you parents may ask you for a more definite explanation of the Divine Principle.

The future generations, regardless of race, will follow a course of life originating in Korea. They will be going in one direction toward one destination centered on one central point. No group of people should stick to their own way of life for the sake of enjoying their own comforts and for satisfying their own desires. If we aim at deserving the privilege of living in the Heavenly Kingdom, then we must break away from the Satanic world's grasp and instead put down our roots in Heaven.

The Blessed Couples of the "first generation: have their roots in Satan instead of me, because they were blessed in the process of growth. However, your roots as Blessed Children have their origin in God Himself and your home country is Korea. You cannot have two homelands. A homeland is only one, not more. Therefore, you are all required to come to Korea, your homeland, where you should put down your roots and become a big tree in this world, growing stems, branches, twigs and leaves. Your education in Korea is exactly what God wants for you. As Blessed Children you are the very first to have been born under the name of True Parents.

I hope that you can realize that you are now standing in the most valuable place because you are standing exactly beside the True Parents as the center root of the universe. When you begin your public life after completing your education in Korea, you will be welcomed by every country in the world. They will be waiting for you. Therefore, when you are facing hard times or are feeling lonely and homesick, you should be able to get past it.

When I returned to Korea, I blessed 36 couples of the second generation. This is an amazing event. This Blessing event for the "second generation" would not be possible without the foundation of a worldwide victory. From the viewpoint of the Divine Principle, it is impossible to establish the foundation in the Satanic world which can guide both the democratic and communist worlds. So the Blessing of the second generation is very significant because they have their roots in God. At this moment in time, the Unification movement has begun a new chapter of history because the first 40-year period in the wilderness has passed and the second-generation based providence has started. What I have been doing since my return in Korea signifies a movement to form a nation in Canaan. That's why on God's Day I chose this year's motto to be "The Creation of the Kingdom of Heaven."

You should give particular attention to the reason why the Israelites collapsed in failure after they went into the land of Canaan. The Israelite second generation destroyed themselves by becoming materially centered and lavishing on luxury and physical pleasures following the way of the tribes already living in Canaan. Do not repeat the same mistakes that the second-generation Israelites made in the past. Instead, you should live a humble life by living according to God's instruction and by following the way of Divine Principle life.

At the present time, Korea is facing a period of transition. Under these conditions, your studying in Korea is very important. You have coming here looking for your roots. This will be seen as an important historical event in the future. Remembering this, study Korean harder than you have been doing. Consider studying only English or Japanese to be a sin, since only one language was spoken in the Garden of Eden. It will be the Korean language which will be used universally.

So, I will allow you to be blessed to Koreans. Your older brothers and sisters who were just blessed did not have to go through the process of the indemnity stick because their roots are directly in God from their birth.

It is very shameful for those living in the present historical time period not to learn the Korean language because it is the time when people can directly enter into the Heavenly Kingdom.

Adam and Eve were 16 years old when they fell. You, at the age of 13 or 14, before that age comes, have come to the land of Korea, your homeland. Now, at this age, it is the time for you to learn your home language. At the same time I hope you can understand my intention when I tell you not to forget your own languages; it is because you will have to teach at the university level some day.

Despite the persecution of the last 13 years in America, including unjust imprisonment, I have loved America with the heart of Jesus Christ who forgave his enemies even while carrying the cross and being whipped by Roman soldiers. You Blessed Children must have had a hard time when you were younger. Your parents often couldn't take care of you because they had to go to many places for the sake of God's will. Sometimes you must have complained a lot about your parents, but you must feel great pride in them now that you are old enough to understand what they were doing.

Under no circumstances should you ever complain about your situation. Those people who came here and then go back to their home countries complaining because they felt hardships, cannot come back here again. It is as shameful as leaving your own family and country only to complain against them.

You Blessed Children have to learn all pertinent information about Korea during your stay here, including the history, culture and customs, as well as the history and traditions of the Unification movement. The time is rapidly approaching when the world will accept God as their Heavenly Father and will live according to the Divine Principle teachings. As this takes place, you Blessed Children who have been devoting yourselves to your studies in Korea should be and will we working as competent teachers. It is for this reason that I am thinking of letting you finish your college education in Korea before you return to your home countries and enter into graduate school. Finally, you should keep in mind that you should be the roots which can bear the most lovely flower of all creatures, burning the torch of truth for the new world to come with the mission from God as His chosen children.

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