The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1986

The Ideal Home Church -- Part II

Sun Myung Moon
December 21, 1986
World Mission Center
Translator: Dr. Bo Hi Pak

There is a certain debt that had to be paid in terms of human responsibility on all levels, from the individual through the world level. In order to pay the debt, I did it all alone, by myself. I want you to know that unless I release this inheritance to you, no one will even come near to entering the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you follow? I have to liberate you. Without being liberated by me, no one will ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Even if you suffer in prison yourself, even die in a prison cell, it doesn't make any difference unless you receive this liberation.

In order to be liberated, the first condition is that no one should ever complain. Complaint is unacceptable. There is no way you can receive liberation while complaining. You should be obedient to the end, for as long as there is a road of providence. I came to this country 15 years ago, and all this time I have been ridiculed and persecuted. But I did it voluntarily. The entire world's persecution cannot prevail over me; I have accepted the condition to fulfill human responsibility on a worldwide scale at all costs.

For those of you who cannot fulfill human responsibility, there is no room for you in the Kingdom of Heaven. All this time, who has accomplished human responsibility? (Father.) And what position am I in? (True Parents.) Actually, the True Parents are not supposed to suffer. Mother and I left the position of True Parents and entered into the children's position and took the children's burden upon our own shoulders. Why did I have to suffer for 40 years? Because I was trying to take human responsibility away from Satan. None of you know how I fulfilled the conditions at each stage up to the eighth stage, but unless you understand this and follow my tradition, all your effort will be in vain. Nothing will come of it. You must learn from me the exact way to fulfill human responsibility, and then you have to do it. Without doing it there is no fulfillment.

Only By True Love

Do you think you can buy the fulfillment of human responsibility with US dollars? If you gave heaven and earth as a payment, you could not buy it. You can fulfill human responsibility by only one thing: by possessing true love. With true love alone human responsibility is fulfilled.

Satan fears true love. Do you think true love fears Satan? No. Is the person who has true love afraid of prison? Those who go to prison have no problem if they go for the sake of true love. I entered prison six times. How many times have you been in and out of prison? How many of you are thinking, "Well, Father went six times, so I should go for three days, or at least for two hours"? In reality, you should do much more than that. Because of your own failure and your own sin, True Parents bore the burden on your behalf. In order to show your appreciation and gratitude that is due them, you should do more than True Parents have done.

I have a lot of enemies, but I have no time to remember those enemies. I do a lot of good deeds but then I forget about them in the next moment. If I accomplished certain things in a village, I later may walk by that village as if nothing ever happened there. I never think, "I sure did a great job there. Bravo to me!" I never have that arrogant feeling simply because I always see that when one stage is over, another stage must be reached. When that stage is over, there is yet another stage. It is an endless process, an uphill battle all the way. I know the reality that unless you reach the worldwide and universal dispensational levels, the rest of your accomplishments by themselves amount to nothing.

Think of what an extraordinary man in history you have met. But this man is not just a guest that you meet today and tomorrow have nothing to do with. This extraordinary hero is the eternal True Parent. This time of True Parents comes only once. It has never come before and it will never come again. It is an incredible blessing to be born at this time, to be a contemporary of the True Parents, to receive education from the True Parents directly, to breathe the same air, to receive the same sunshine, and to enjoy food and water at the same time. This is the greatest blessing any mortal man could dream of.

Word and Deed Must Come Together

Among men born of women, there was nobody greater than John the Baptist, but he who is least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than he. You are spiritually receiving the greatest benefit of all, but here on earth while serving True Parents you look like the least. However, by meeting and serving True Parents you are suddenly becoming historical and extraordinary men and women. You must come to that realization. This is the great blessing that the members of the Unification Church can cherish. Some of you just say with your lips, "Oh, True Parents, we love you, we love you." But in your heart, you're trying to give more suffering and more burden to True Parents. This is unfair. Your deeds and your words must come together. You like to be inspired, but you don't want to do the deeds. This is an incompatible, paradoxical situation. You want to see me, you want to meet me, you want to receive my love, but you don't want to follow my words. This is not fair.

There is a heavenly dispensational pattern to everything. The pattern was set by Jacob and later followed by Moses, by Jesus, and by me. You too should follow my course; there is no way out. Those who say, "Oh, I don't want to bother with following Father's pattern." pack up and get out of this place. You have nothing to do with me. If, after all these things I have taught you, you cannot follow these conditions, when you enter the spirit world your ancestors will accuse you. You will be bound by your own deeds and your own words. Don't you think the spirit world is listening and following my words? If the spirit world is following my pattern, shouldn't you also follow my pattern? You are the representatives of Adam and Eve, and the spirit world is in the archangel position. You are in a position to command the spirit world; you should be moving ahead of the spirit world.

Why do you pray every day in the name of True Parents? In that name your prayer can be listened to. That is the most victorious name in the universe -- the name that can conquer the satanic world. Have you not only been praying in the True Parents' name but praising True Parents' name? Have you glorified True Parents? In order to glorify the True Parents, you should bear the cross. That means you are willing to say, "On behalf of True Father, I will take up the cross" I know that you don't even bear your own cross, so how can you bear the cross of True Parents?

You may be thinking, "Oh, I wish Unificationism gave me a little more freedom. I wish Father would let me do the things I like to do." Who is the king Satan in our world today? Selfishness and manifestations of self-centeredness are the king Satan. If everybody else is working hard and suffering, do you think, "Oh, I don't have to do that. I'll just let them do it and I'll relax and have a good time"? Don't you think your conscience would be bothered?

The Covenant of Home Church

What kind of gift would you like to receive from me? The most important gift you should want to receive from me is liberation through human responsibility. What if I sent you and your husband to Africa for the rest of your life to serve in one of those poverty-stricken nations? If that was the only way to receive liberation, would you do it? What about living like a beggar? It is not the role of a king. If you are treated like a king or queen, you're not making the right conditions. That's not suffering. If you say, "No, no, Father, I don't like that kind of human responsibility, give me something a little better," that proves you are still chained to Satan's side. In order to receive liberation through human responsibility so that you can be completely unchained from Satan, I have set up one conditional mission for all of you to follow. That is nothing other than the ideal home church.

What is home church? I gave you a motto once: Home church is the base of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Home church is the place where you can receive liberation. I taught you so many times that without going through the home church providence, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the covenant between God, Satan, and myself. For anybody who fulfills his home church responsibility, Satan will have to sign a certificate and send it to True Parents. True Parents will approve it and that person will be entitled to the Kingdom of Heaven.

When you are in your 360-home area, if everybody is happy to see you and welcomes you and asks you to come in, that means you have become their master. Only those of you who can love the people with a parental heart will be received like that. That is the criterion for accomplishing the home church providence -- whether you are welcomed into the 360 homes. If the people love you more than they love their own parents, more than their own husbands and wives, and even more than their own children, then you are worthy.

Where shall we begin home church? It has already started in the United States. This is the ideal country to start because in every level of society there is alienation and separation. There is no love here. There is no true parental love, no true conjugal love, no true children's love, nothing. Everyone is starving to death for love. If you become the personification of love, you will be received like God, like a true parent. So far, home church has been difficult because I was still being persecuted on the national level. But times have changed. Ten million people have signed the CAUSA USA petition. In this kind of atmosphere, the home church providence will be much easier.

Ten million people now echo these ideas, and just three percent of that is 300,000. Roughly 300,000 people can totally cover this nation in a huge network. When I was in Danbury, I sent out Principle tapes, a letter, and a book of my sermons to 350,000 clergy men in this country. I would like these ministers to become part of the central mission, to be connecting points in the home church providence.

When America enters into the home church era and is entirely covered by the home church providence, what do you think will happen in the rest of the world? Will they follow the home church pattern or not? (Yes.)

If you take an examination, someone else has to give you the test. You cannot create your own test. For the home church examination, who should give you the test? True Parents. The examination given by the True Parents has eternal standing. If you pass, you will go upward all the way. If you fail, you will have flunked for eternity. This is very serious. You have been doing home church sporadically, but you should know that when 1988 comes, all the Unification members will be judged by what kind of home church they have developed. Your home church record will come with you. Without a home church area and accomplishment, you simply will not be able to see True Parents. No matter what you do in the Unification Church, if you are without a home church background you won't be accepted.

What is going to happen in the future? Eventually, there will be no more areas left in the United States. All people will have to get an area, so they will volunteer to go to Africa to get their 360 homes. People will flock into China. There are a lot of people there -- one billion. Truly, the whole world will be knit together by home church, and eventually the Kingdom of Heaven will be ushered in through the home church providence.

Recover the Third Level

I spoke about home church in 1978, and I have been speaking about it now for eight years. From 1987 on, we will renew our dedication. A new beginning will be set on the first day of 1987. Those who think, "Yes, it is a definite necessity. Yes, Father, I know it and I feel it" raise your hands, please. Everybody wants to go to heaven, that's for sure. Nobody wants to miss the boat.

I have been suffering simply because of human responsibility. The hill of human responsibility has to be climbed. The restoration process goes from the enemy position to the servant-of-servants' position, to the servant's position, to the adopted son's position, to the son's position, and finally to the True Parents' position. When you start out and go all the way to the bottom first, Satan simply cannot follow you down there. Satan has a limit. All this time, Satan has always been with you. But if you go down, down, down, Satan will say, "Where are you going?" You will say, "I'm going further down. Bye-bye!" Satan will have to say, "I cannot follow you anymore" Satan is arrogant; he has a limit as to how humble he can be. But you are limitless, so if you go down to the bottom you will be separated from Satan. Then you can go back up to stage one.

At the individual and family levels Satan will follow you again, but Satan can only come up to the third level, the level of the tribe, and then no higher. The reason is that from the third level on, True Parents have declared victory; True Parents have liquidated the satanic elements. There is no way satanic elements can creep in above this point. This is the limit. Jesus' crucifixion came at the tribal level; Satan entered and completely demolished the dispensation at this level. Therefore, the blessing must come upon the tribal level. This is the level that you have to pay indemnity to recover. Above the tribal level, True Parents have conquered all. I came all the way up from the bottom, going through the individual, family, tribal, national, world, and universal levels. Once I covered them all the way up to the top, the resistance and the rejection were eliminated and the welcoming element set in. Instead of rejecting me, the world is now ready to welcome and embrace me.

Two hundred volumes of my speeches are now being published in Korea, but that only scratches the surface. There are hundreds more volumes to come someday, all the words I have spoken over the years. So you have a lot to study. Now Book 34 has just been completed. If you buy a first edition you will have an archive edition to pass on to your children and your grandchildren as an incredible treasure. You should buy all of these volumes in the original language, Korean. So you have to know the language. When you study this material you will receive all the elements of truth you will need for an entire lifetime. The Japanese members are buying 4,000 volumes each time another volume is published. How many books does the United States buy? That means you are not really Moonies, because Moonies need to hear my words, spoken in the mother tongue.

The Potential Is Out There

I want you to understand -- no parents want their children to suffer. There is no such parent. Parents are always trying to take the suffering of their children upon their own shoulders. This is the parental heart. Therefore, what I am giving you today is the bare minimum you have to do to qualify for citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven.

One million people signed the CAUSA USA petition forms in the New York area. There are roughly 10 million people in New York, so that means one tenth of the population sig) d. So in your neighborhood, 36 homes are potentially ready to welcome the ideals of CAUSA. If there are 4 people per household, that means that 144 people are prepared. That potential is out there.

I came to America to save this country. The number-one condition for 10 million people to sign was the unity between the clergy and the Unification Church, because Cain and Abel must be united in order for True Parents to come.

Who shall be the eldest brother? In the fallen world, the elder son is always Cain. But in the restored world, the elder son should be the number-one pillar of the dispensation. 1 he Unification Church is the restored world, so you shall be in the elder son's position. You have to make a tradition of unification; you have to create a standard and a foundation. From now on, you must make your foundation as an elder son on the heavenly side. What is the elder son's tradition in the Unification Church? Home church. That is your tradition. Start out by doing home church yourself and then teach others.

There are all kinds of people in every neighborhood -- ministers, generals, government officials, congressmen, senators. Everybody is included. In order to deal with these powerful people we must be united on one common goal.

I want them to know that Moonies are not weak, trivial people.

Home Church Network

From tomorrow morning on, we will have a new greeting amongst ourselves. In the morning we will say, "Good morning! Going home church!" In the afternoon we will say, "Good afternoon! Going home church!" And in the evening, "Good night! Going home church!" Satan works at night, so we've got to work at night as well. The year 1987 will absolutely be the home church year.

Through home church, you can restore up to the tribal level and become the tribal messiah. Once you reach the tribal messiah level, you can make it to the national, world, and cosmic levels immediately. This is the True Parents' level. All the future leaders of the Unification movement will be those who are champions of home church. They will become the home church leaders.

There is already a solid home church foundation in Brazil. I introduced the home church providence there several years ago, and I encouraged them to do some kind of service project. In all 24 states, bread factories were established. Every morning from four o'clock on, tons of bread are baked. All Unification members in Brazil, from the leaders on down, hand carry and distribute the bread throughout each district. That's the way they do home church. Not only do they feed them bread -- Jesus said you cannot live by bread alone -- but they give them truth too, and true love. This is how Brazil has become the most successful home church country.

How can you get rid of Satan? This is the way, through home church. You should be doing something in your area every day, regularly; you should have some kind of duty that requires you to go out to the people. In New York we have two newspapers, the New York City Tribune and Noticias del Mundo. You should feel that the Tribune and Noticias are your own newspapers. You should be able to get at least 120 subscriptions in your area. That way we can truly bring a new spiritual element to New York City.

At this moment, I am asking Rev. Kwak to be responsible for the home church providence, including everyone in the New York area. We will tighten up the previous organization and tighten up the providential home church system in New York.

The home church network will become an economic, fundraising network. Economic activities should be done through groups and organizations, not individuals. My hope is that those who do home church successfully will also be successful economically. They will become recognized local community leaders.

Yes, money is needed. But more important is human responsibility. You've got to grab it. You've got to hold onto it. You know that very clearly now, don't you? Everybody inspire each other with home church! Do not be individualistic. Bring out everybody, encourage each other. "Let's go! Let's go! Let's go out to home church!"

You have no idea how lonely I have been. Even Mother doesn't know, even my own children don't know. The only ones who know are God and myself. I don't want you to be indebted to me, but I want to be indebted to you.

I am moving on to another level of the dispensation. Home church is your level. If you do home church well, all will be accomplished according to God's wishes. You will become great men and women, historical champions. All these things can be accomplished through the fulfillment of the ideal home church. There's nothing more important -- not your own parents, not your own children, not your own husband or wife. Nothing is more important at this time than to fulfill the ideal home church.

Past Quotes on the Significance of Home Church

The Way of Prosperity and Defeat
3/11/79, Belvedere

At first man lived in God's realm, but after the fall he sank down to the realm God has nothing to do with. There is no direction or ideal in that realm. People today characteristically don't know where they are going or what is about to happen. They are in this godless realm, praying for direction. Now the individual has a small problem, then his family has a larger problem, and all the time the clan and society are groping; when the end of the world comes the whole world is groping, no better off than the individual who is searching. The people of the world have no idea that something new might be coming but remain in their limited realm.

God works by finding one individual in this realm and leading him to God's side. He does not choose arbitrarily, but takes a few from the world, a few from the nation, a few from society, and a few from a certain family, setting up all the stages. Then for the first time in history God will teach them what the world of original creation is about. By learning it clearly they will be able to go to home church and prosper, ultimately going to various parts of the existing society that have lost direction. Through these people, God wants to show mankind the complete individual, the complete family, and so on. He is looking clearly at the purpose of creation and will always go straight that way. His people will have such a deep love as others never thought possible in ordinary people.

Restored Family
1/21/79, Belvedere

There are examinations to be passed on the family, society, nation, and world levels. How many levels have you passed? Unless you pass at each level how can you restore the family? When you restore the family it means you have achieved the original ideal of creation, and if you reach that level then no matter what persecution and opposition come, you will not be affected. Your family should be like Adam's in the garden of Eden. There was no opposition or rejection in Eden because there were no other people, and as long as Adam and Eve obeyed God they could have had the easiest way of fulfilling home church. Today you should fulfill that role of Adam's family. Even though you may falter, you can regain strength because your Father and Mother have done it -- they are strong and have met God's standard and you are their children. You can think that even though you have your weaknesses, you will pick yourself up and go on ultimately to be like the True Parents.

The Dispensation of Restoration and Myself
4/6/80, Belvedere

In the dispensation of salvation God has worked to recreate mankind, and now we are doing the same thing. Where are we going to do it? Home church has a direct connection with the four position foundation. The home is the place where the four position foundation is created. The four position foundation is found everywhere here on earth, but with Satan at the center. We are going to change it into God's four position foundation.

World Conference
2/25/80, World Mission Center

The Unification Church home church crusade is truly a blessing. The home church model is already carved out, and all you have to do is to put it together, and then God will give you the full blessing. You can do home church everywhere, including the communist world. Home church is the restoration of heaven, the launching pad toward heaven. Anything that is launched from the home church pad will be shot right into the Kingdom of Heaven. Who is going to ride on that rocket? It will be your entire family, your entire tribe, all the people surrounding you.

The Critical Turning Point of the Dispensation of God
12/31/78, Belvedere

So far the goal of religion has been how "I" as an individual can be saved, but our goal is not individual salvation. We are going to bring the entire tribe into heaven at once. If your 360 homes have faith in you, love you, and believe in you, they will be saved. As you are saved, they will be saved. In the history of religion this kind of privilege never existed. Religion has never before included salvation for the whole family, but rather encouraged separation and meditation alone in the mountains.

Now I am proclaiming, "Go love your wife and your husband, love your children and your neighbors and bring them together into the Kingdom of Heaven." Such a privilege never existed until this time in history. An amazing era has arrived. Home church is the privilege God has given to you. If you set the conditions to let the people know the truth and love you, He will save everyone you recommend in your 360 homes.

Actually, in order to come to perfection you have to go through all the paths. In the home church you are creating a miniature world but God will still give you full credit. Jesus gave the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to Simon Peter for individual salvation, but now I am handing out the key that can save the entire tribe as one unit. I am anointing you as messiahs, and whoever you bring will receive salvation. What a promise! Those are not empty words but a promise that will be redeemed in the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world. 

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