The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1986

Become a New Seed -- Part 3

Sun Myung Moon
July 20, 1986
East Coast Leaders
East Garden

I have been teaching you very clearly the way to go, and that is the way of home church. You must make the tribal level Cain and Abel foundation, and if you open this door you will stand in the position of parents to your ancestors and be automatically connected to the national and world levels. You must start at the level of individual messiah, then grow to the level of family messiah, national messiah, world messiah, and finally universal messiah. I want to give this opportunity to you. I built the basement; the house and the rest of the property go to you -- the next generation.

The only problem is, you don’t have the foundation of home church. No matter how much you may be struggling right now, you must create that base of home church. Without it, you cannot connect to the nation and the world through my foundation. This is clear. Jesus didn’t receive the Blessing, but you did.

I am making a foundation of indemnity on the world level. Who guides me? No one but God. God leads me; let me lead you. Listen and follow my advice carefully, so that you may follow God’s providential course.

* * *

I don’t like to see so many cultures in human society. I only want to see one culture, one nation, one lineage. This is the original concept of God. God has endured and suffered the longest in this world. God gave Himself completely to prepare the original ideal society. Through one original ancestor He wanted to create one culture and thus one ideal world. This seems like a simple and clear concept, but only Moonies know and care about this.

* * *

I lead the Korean people the same way I do the Americans. Koreans also go their own way and don’t like to follow the Unification Church way. The Unification Church holds mass weddings, but at a typical Korean wedding usually just one couple is married. Unification Church members live for the sake of the world, but most Korean people live only for the sake of their own family. All of society’s established traditions go contrary to the Moonie way.

* * *

Where do Moonies go? To the most miserable, cold, dark places. There, one by one, they influence the atmosphere and widen the path so that it is not narrow anymore. This is the path of growth of the Unification Church.

* * *

Our movement may have a lot of money now, but you must understand where the money has come from, what kind of historical suffering is behind it. For 40 years I concentrated on building a heavenly tradition in the midst of Satan’s world. I found inspiration even in the most miserable situations. I can never forget those times. People in the physical world easily forget about the suffering of others who went before them, but people in the spirit world, who are waiting desperately for the Lord, can never forget.

* * *

This is Satan’s world, and the Unification Church took on a heavy historical burden by fighting against Satan’s accusation. I have continually received miserable persecution, but I survived nonetheless.

* * *

Adam and Eve were supposed to be the True Parents -- the king and queen of the universe, but they lost their palace forever. After 4,000 years Israel established the foundation to receive the Messiah, but Jesus did not take a bride or restore Israel’s national sovereignty. So True Parents still had to come into this world. The Bible says that Jesus is the bridegroom. A bridegroom needs first of all a bride, not necessarily lots and lots of people. When the Messiah finds a bride, that is the point when mankind’s physical rebirth can begin.

* * *

Even though the descendants of Adam are fallen, God cannot just destroy them all. They must be reborn and thus restore the original world of true love. If you do not participate in this process of rebirth you cannot connect to true love. God and True Parents stand at the center point and connect to all four directions. The Messiah wants you to inherit this love through 360 degrees.

* * *

Your root is from Satan, but the True Parents’ root is from God. If you engraft yourself to the True Parents’ tree, you will be able to make new fruit. That means you will become true parents yourselves and be able to bear sinless children.

Are you confident about bearing a sinless child? You don’t have a clear concept of what that actually means, do you? Are you as parents in a state of sinlessness? No. That’s why you have to teach your children how True Parents have lived their life. You have to teach them their tradition of indemnity and how they opened the way for these children to be born not as part of the fallen world but without sin. If the parents don’t have a clear concept of what this means, how will the children ever know?

* * *

After the fall, the world was occupied by sin. All people are stained with Satan’s blood. No one can escape that. The only way to get out of that realm is to go the way of indemnity. Satan must be restored on an individual, family, tribal, national, global, and universal level. This can be done only by the True Parents, who have created the true blood lineage.

* * *

You know the Principle clearly. You are small messiahs. You do not belong to Satan’s lineage but to God’s lineage. Original love has now been passed from God through the True Parents to you. You are on God’s side, but you still must consistently cut away Satan’s influence -- even after being engrafted to True Parents. Your thinking must be True Parents’ thinking. Every one of your branches and leaves must have the same feeling as True Parents.

* * *

Through primary school, high school, and college you were educated in fallen concepts. But now you must erase these concepts. Do you still think of the old days and past lovers? Do you see their faces in your dreams? If you keep remembering their names, this is a condition of sin. No matter how connected to them you were, don’t think about those relationships again. They were false lovers. The only reality is the path of the True Parents. This is the true, historical way. I don’t want you to be concerned with your past. You are surrounded by the fallen reality everywhere. Isn’t that enough?

Stand in front of a mirror and read your own face. Are you spiritually clear? When you pass into the spirit world you will go to where your mind already is. If you have bad thoughts, you will see what they look like around you. This is the point at which you will start your spiritual life you yourself decided this course; God cannot send help. There is no guarantee that Unification Church member s will be able to be with me in the spirit world.

People often make excuses when things don’t turn out right. They say, "I didn’t do it! It was somebody else However, you must realize that you are already standing in a very bad place -- Satan’s place. Satan controls the whole universe. I am the first one to have escaped Satan’s world. You also have to break out of Satan’s world by making your mind subject. With your own mind you must establish a flow of give and take with True Parents’ spirit. This will create joy in your life.

* * *

Tragically, East and West and North and South have been divided throughout history. And there have been great differences in wealth among peoples. Such divisions are the agony of history.

First all Abel -- type people must be united. Unity between rich and poor can also be achieved -- not by power but by love. What kind of love are we talking about? Altruistic, serving, giving, unselfish love.

East and West, Asians and Occidentals, black and white, white and yellow, yellow and black -- all these historical gaps must be mended and made whole. That is the plan fc recreating the world.

Centering upon God, 120 nations should be united as one so that a heavenly United States of the World can be born. Your names shall be recorded as the citizens of one Kingdom of God. How can this world come about? First the United States must become unified and then this country must make unity with the Soviet Union.

When I was testifying before Senator Hatch and the constitutional committee, I was asked a question about the separation between religion and the state. My answer was that religion is in the mind position and the state in the body position. In your own life, certainly, if the body tries to control the mind, you will perish. The mind must control the body. In essence they are one; there should not even be separation between them. You have to educate others in this concept, but unless you have this oneness within yourself, you will not influence anyone else.

* * *

So far, my time has been spent raising the Unification Church leadership and members. From now on I will concentrate on my principled duty to teach my own children.

This morning I came down from upstairs rather late because after pledge service I gave a sermon to my children. I told them they are to be the elder brothers and sisters to humanity, and that I wanted them to develop the guts to deal with anyone, even very important people.

Even though my children are younger than you, they will be in the position to serve as elder sons and daughters to the movement because they are the only people who have received the actual flesh and bones of the True Parents. No matter how old you are, you are in the younger brother’s position to them. They are in a position to protect you. Each of them is responsible for one of the 12 pearl gates of the spirit world, and all people will be divided into 12 tribes under them.

Before when my children went to Korea, Korean immigration treated them scornfully. Now the situation is completely changed: "Oh, Rev. Moon’s children! Let me see them! They’re such special, beautiful children! They can have a special pass." Many people even in the movement used to think, "I’m so glad I’m not one of Father’s children." But now everybody wishes he or she could be a child of Rev. Moon.

* * *

Now is the most ideal time in history -- when the younger brother and the elder brother can be united in loyalty. This has to be achieved while the True Parents are on earth. Unless we accomplish that level we will still have homework to do and our children’s generation will not turn out well. You know where to go. Your destiny is absolutely clear. 

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