The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1986

Become a New Seed -- Part 2

Sun Myung Moon
July 20, 1986
Speech to East Coast Leaders
Translator: Bo Hi Pak
East Garden

True Parents' thought, language, and way of life should be at the center of your own life. God knows that it is not easy for you to overcome your cultural habits, and He is taking great pains to try to bring about cultural harmony, unity, and heavenly tradition, centering on True Parents. He is planning to accomplish this within three generations.

Your Blessing represents the Old Testament era; your children's Blessing will represent the New Testament era; and your grandchildren's Blessing will represent the Completed Testament era. The third generation will follow heavenly tradition one hundred percent. The present culture which is influencing the entire world -- American culture as well as communist culture -- will perish. A new, heavenly culture must emerge; otherwise you Moonies will not be respected or treated well in the future. I came and suffered here in America in order to bequeath the unified tradition to the Christian culture, which is ripe and ready to be harvested after its 2,000-year history. The new tradition must be planted in this country by bringing unity among Christian people.

In order to create the tradition of a new culture based on heavenly love, do you really think I should discuss matters with you? Adam and Eve, who were destined to become True Parents, had only God to consult with. The True Parents can only turn to God for advice.

Democracy is based on the ideal of brotherhood, but the ideology and system of government based on that ideal is not sufficient to bring unity between east and west, north and south. The original "ism" is Godism or "parentism" -- not "brotherism." "Parentism" is the ideal and ideology of true love, coming down vertically in a heavenly line and bringing men and women together. Man is like the right hand and woman is like the left; Adam, representing God's love, unites with Eve. The sexual organs of man and woman can receive each other, harmonize, and become united, so that their two bodies can become one. Convex and concave components fit together as one and are immovable; their union is fixed and anchored. Love brings two bodies into one; therefore love should be a vertical movement, like a piston and a cylinder working up and down. They have to fit, and there is only one place the piston should fit -- not two.

The Decline of America

There is no piston which ideally can fit everywhere. One piston and one cylinder must be uniquely harmonized so that the piston, moving up and down in constant churning motion, can produce energy. For example, without a perfect fit between piston and cylinder, an automobile couldn't move. Symbolically speaking, the American culture today is trying to pull the piston up and forcefully and indiscriminately fit it into any cylinder anywhere. Everywhere today, even in the Congress and the White House, the problems of homosexuality, sodomy, and incest are being discussed. These are unnatural lusts, which undermine morality and pervert the culture. They are terrible in the sight of God. From the heavenly point of view, extreme perversions are choking up American life.

American young people are living in and becoming indoctrinated to accept this sort of culture. The environment is such muck! How can young people possibly think in a logical, pure, and healthy way? There is no unchanging principle, so their thinking and behavior are very changeable. There is no right or wrong, just the feelings of the moment. The American way of life is full of jokes and careless humor; laughing, Americans take their problems very lightly. "Oh, don't worry, they will go away:' they say. They just don't want to look a problem in the face. As leaders you must understand that America's problems will not simply "go away."

Knowing the will of Heaven, you must understand that now, no matter how hard America tries, it will fall way behind Oriental countries. The success of Japan today is the heavenly direction. History is moving from one area of the globe to another. The United States has enjoyed its golden era, but you are losing your heritage; so the blessing is quickly moving away. All the power and tax money of America cannot stop the corruption and moral decay here. You must become the recipients of Father's tradition. How can you receive me? You have to be in the lowest position.

At Danbury I got a close look at the convicts: Thirty percent or more come right back to prison, and the percentage is growing each year. Even though your society is becoming more and more sinful, you somehow try to protect it -- by having more lawyers, for example. This country is a lawyer's heaven; they can create their own cases! Most of them do not act altruistically, but out of greed. They prolong their cases and make them more and more involved so that they can squeeze more money out of their clients.

There are so many more lawyers here in America than there are in Japan! You Americans cannot easily see the failure of this country, but the person coming from outside can perceive its decline clearly.

When I created The Washington Times and The World and I magazine, I met with incredible opposition, stemming from arrogant and prejudiced attitudes. The American people did not like the fact that an Oriental was working so strongly in their country; they wanted me to stay away and not bother them. I had to take on extra suffering because of such attitudes.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Soviet dissident who came here, was so totally disappointed in American society that he is now looking to Japan for permanent residence. After witnessing the incredible blunders and decline of his native Russia, he does not want to suffer through a similar failure in this society. He is placing his hopes in Asia.

Models of Father

When I give the providential mission to Japanese people, they go straight forward -- like the bamboo; but when I give the mission to American people, they zigzag and flounder around, going this way and that. That is why democracy can easily be utilized by Satan, even more than by God. Compare yourselves with the Japanese and their tradition. They are different, aren't they? Everything in America is the opposite of what they know -- food, shelter, language, lifestyle -- and very inconvenient for them. Their mission here is many times more difficult than yours, but still they are trying hard to move ahead. Put yourself in their position: Could you do the same in Japan or Korea? Also, we created the Unification Theological Seminary here in America. After ten years, where are the five hundred graduates? If we had created that school in Japan or Korea, the result would have been entirely different. The Korean theological seminary will begin its operation this year.

You may think that as long as the Japanese and Koreans are here in your country, you should not follow them and they should follow you instead; but you are wrong. They are not just "Japanese" and "Koreans"; they are models of Father through which Father's tradition must be transmitted.

I am speaking to you quite frankly now because I would like to see you change your attitude and behavior. You are not quite adults in the heavenly sense. The term "adult" means that you have fulfilled the responsibility given you by Heaven; when you fulfill it, God grants you the right to adulthood. When have you completed your responsibility, centered upon the true love of God? Can you show me? No one has matured and grown into full adulthood.

Your wedding blessing was conditional; it was a contract with certain contingencies. You must fulfill the necessary, remaining conditions. You may think, because you are blessed and have a leadership position, that all you have to do is listen to my words. That is not so. When you were blessed you were restored to the position of Adam and Eve just before they fell; from that point on you must pass through the seven-year process of completion, or perfection. During those seven years, only through your hard work and good deeds can you fully embrace True Parents and unite with heavenly love, so that God can trust you. Only on that foundation can you become one with True Parents' ideology and way of life -- their ideal and truth and love.

Fulfill Your Responsibility

No matter where I go, Satan can never accuse me. If I enter Satan's cage, his own home ground, he will immediately recognize me and have no more business there. Even if I hold Satan's hand and dance around, it is not because I am fallen, subject to be killed and sent to hell, but because I must save Satan! I am totally free. If I march into a bar r house of prostitution, Satan can do nothing because I go there for one righteous purpose only -- the salvation of humanity. Are you at the same level now? No, because you have not fulfilled your portion of responsibility.

You have been given the right to be perfected, but to actualize that right, God requires that you fulfill your human responsibility. It is because you have not done it that Satan hasn't written you off, yet; he is still holding you with his hooks. In order to fulfill man's portion of responsibility, I established Parents' Day, Children's Day, Day of All Things, and God's Day; these days mark victories centered on absolute truth which Heaven can recognize. Beginning at the individual level in Korea, and travelling a very arduous road, I moved up from the family to the tribal, clan, national and worldwide levels. Now victory is secured and perfected on the global level -- so all you have to do is grab onto me! Become one person with me.

Man's responsibility is to restore true love on the individual, family, tribal, clan, national, worldwide and cosmic levels. Therefore, you should follow the person whose own responsibility is done, like the engine of a locomotive. If you hold on tight and become one with me, you will go to the same place. You have your own wheel on the locomotive, but you are running on the same rail. As long as you run along my rail, you will be all right. Since my own responsibility is done, I am now trying to teach you as individuals and families how to restore the God-centered tribe and nation, for the sake of the world.

Once you are completely rejected in this world, there is no way to begin again except as a beggar. There is actually a quality of humility, nobility, and altruism in the actions of a beggar, and when the big wheels in society really perceive it in you, they will want you as sons and daughters of their own, despite your status. That is the way the world should see you Moonies. However, this course is not easy, especially for Americans. Within a few years, the American leaders get completely knocked out.

Why did I go to Danbury? Simply to lay the rail, to show the path of the victorious Adam, so that you can follow. I don't need anything for myself, but East Garden and all that we have built in America will stand as part of the correct inheritance to be given to those who deserve it. That is supposed to be you. Are you really ready to receive it? From the other side of the hill of Calvary, I am pulling on a rope, fishing for you still. Don't ever think that you are fulfilling your leadership roles satisfactorily: You must do more than Jesus who bore the cross; you must go beyond Calvary.

The Spirit of Danbury

While I suffered in Danbury for 13 months, you Americans should have done ten times, a hundred times more than before. When I entered the prison, none of those criminals -- some of whom were murderers -- sympathized with me; but when I left, they were converted in a way. Nearly everyone bid me farewell, some with tears. While I was there I analyzed clearly and correctly how the secular American culture is hurting God's worldwide crusade. I could not really afford to spend even one minute inside that prison from the dispensational point of view. Just imagine how pitiful God's situation is!

I opened a door by going victoriously through Danbury. Now we are facing the final hill, the final battle. In Korea it has taken forty years to come this far; Japan has a twenty- year history, and America has a 14-year history in the dispensation. In this next seven years, the wrestling will be completely over. The United States government simply will not be able to deny Rev. Moon's contribution. The White House and the State Department will not be able to deny the validity and power of the CAUSA ideology, because it contains a clear plan to save America.

When I pass over that final hill, it will not be easy for all of you to follow me. Will you walk back down the hill? That is not Father's way. Go to the top of the hill and take off! Ascend into heaven. The spirit of Danbury can take us everywhere.

[Father begins to speak in English.]

During this time you represent all the American Moonies. You must clearly realize your responsibility and duty. You are in the position of the heavenly archangel, and from that position you must influence others. Can't you see how serious I am? No one has really helped me. I've done everything all by myself. You cannot imagine how lonely my life is. It hasn't been easy, but now I have achieved respect everywhere. You must protect me. I cannot discuss these serious matters in detail. True Parents are the only ones in their position in this world. This was God's plan -- to have only one set of True Parents, not two -- whereas on the side of the satanic archangel there are many relative ideas and voices of authority.

For 6,000 years Satan has built up his foundation. An uncountable number of lives has been lost. All throughout this long, long history, Satan has continuously accused God, because He could not control His people. God cannot control Satan, either. This situation never should have been. Finally the Messiah came on earth. He is only one man, not two; there is only one man to build the new foundation. I did it first, and now I must teach you the Father's way.

No one hears me. You may follow behind, but you don't fully understand the providential purpose. True Parents represent mankind, and as Unification Church members, you must come to realize who they are.

I have made the foundation in Korea and Japan, and I have come back here in order to explain seriously how you can do the same in America. We are involved in the fight at the Ford of Jabbok, and we must achieve the title of Israel. These are not just my words; they are the words of the Principle; this is the providential view. God knows it clearly, and Satan knows it, also.

You must really consider the American situation, and your own situation. You say, "We need Father, but we want him to do things the American way." This is wrong. You have to correct the situation here; otherwise you cannot survive. There are no excuses, and I cannot accept any.

The world is rapidly changing. For the Soviets, the biggest problem is Rev. Moon. Now the Soviets are educating KGB agents to understand the Principle. They know America's problems, and they know that you are capable of denying the principled way, even after following the True Parents for many years. When they come to question you, will your faith remain strong? Also many professors throughout the world are studying the Principle and listening to tapes of my sermons. They remember everything, because they are so impressed. How about you? How is your faith and position? I know very clearly.

No matter how difficult our situation is, we must undertake this final quest. You must decide your purpose. Because I have had to work in America, I have remained here, even after Danbury. But I must go to Korea soon. You must know my situation during this time clearly. Two years ago today I entered Danbury. Make up your minds; there will be no other chance.

Realize Your Purpose

As Americans, what is your purpose? It is to create God's original ideal world, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. That is America's purpose, Christianity's purpose -- and the Unification purpose. When these three groups come to unite and work together, the whole world can change overnight! In forty years we will easily be able to educate four billion people through the television networks. Nowadays, in a split second you can be connected to anyone in any corner of the globe.

Who prepared this foundation? God did, not man. Why? Because the Messiah is here. This entire worldwide foundation has been prepared for this one short time period. And through whom will God complete this foundation? As Moonies you must realize your purpose and responsibility. Go to the churches, the schools, and the policymakers. Stop the American people from chasing God away. We must make the whole country welcome God, and reject secular humanism and materialism.

Both God and man seek true love. That is what True Parents bring. To express such love we must go the way of sacrifice, service, and education. That is the course of restoration, in which much indemnity is needed to solve the existing problems. We can stand on God's side only on the foundation of sacrifice. We all must make our foundation of indemnity through the three levels of growth, and from the individual to the world levels. In the past, the tribes of Joseph and Zechariah, in the position of Cain and Abel respectively, could not unite; therefore Jesus could not receive the Blessing as the representative of God. You received the Blessing, but Father made the foundation. Will you continue to stand only on the condition of Father's foundation? You need to make your own foundation. I have been teaching you very clearly the way to go, and that is through home church. 

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