The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1986

Become a New Seed -- Part 1

Sun Myung Moon
July 20, 1986
To East Coast Leaders
East Garden
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

Father translates from Korean into English the special greeting which True Parents wrote to Kook Jin Nim, whose sixteenth birthday was celebrated at East Garden on July 20, 1986.

July 20, 1986 marked the first anniversary of Father's imprisonment in Danbury, Connecticut. The day was also Kook Jin Nim's sixteenth birthday (by solar calendar). After the Sunday Pledge at 5 a.m., Father took the opportunity to speak to his children for about two hours.

Afterwards the True Family descended the stairs in their traditional fashion and commenced Kook Jin Nim's birthday celebration. Many brothers and sisters felt that the True Parents showed their deep love and appreciation for the birthday child more than ever before.

As breakfast came to an end, Father asked for entertainment. Some of the True Children performed in their unique ways. After their performance all of the guests were asked to stay to hear Father speak again.

Two years ago today, on July 20, 1984, I departed for Danbury. How many of you were here to see me off? As the world situation turns and changes, Danbury marks an axial point. Danbury is where I bore the cross. I bore all the evil accusation and persecution upon my shoulders by going to Danbury, and I paid indemnity for the sake of the world.

This was the most crucial, extraordinary indemnity, paid to restore the lost 40-year period from August 1945 to August 1985. After my freedom was obtained in August 1985, I totally devoted the following 120-day period to the unification of Christianity; the Unification Church and the other Christian churches came together during these 120 days, centering upon the CAUSA movement.

Because of the fall of man, the separation between mind and body has come about: The world has formed two separate realms, one representing the internal world of spirit and the other the external world of physical reality. The love lost in the Garden of Eden was true, pure love. Satanic love developed a pattern similar to heavenly love, but with an evil content. After the fall, love was laced with deception. Fickleness and betrayal have been part of the history of love in the world ever since.

Satan claimed the body; therefore, the entire ownership of humankind was claimed externally through the body. By claiming the physical body, Satan could also claim the mind and invade the mind through the body. In God's original pattern of dominion, however, God's spirit comes in first through the mind, which is occupied by heaven, and then controls the body. That is the logical and natural sequence.

The archangel, who became Satan, transmitted sin to Eve, and Eve transmitted sin to Adam. However, this is also the reverse sequence of God's original plan, in which true love would have flowed from God to Adam, and then to Eve and their children. When this natural pattern was lost, God's dominion over the entire created world was lost as well. People in the world today do not realize that they are the inheritors of a satanic lineage. No matter how great an individual may be -- whether a governor, a president, or even a saint -- he cannot remove himself from the satanic lineage. All are dwelling in the same satanic realm.

As a person grows, the mind and body develop and start to grow closer together. When the time comes for the mind and body to unite into one, the love of God can enter in. God's love should have been transmitted to Adam during this point in his growth; at that moment he would have become the inheritor of the full love of God.

Women Should Follow Men

Men are built to be masculine and to take a bold and initiating role. God created women to be feminine and take a passive, objective role so that they can follow men. This was God's plan of creation. So you can easily imagine that Eve was smaller than Adam. When you look at the universe, you will see that anything that is large, powerful, and masculine always plays a central role. When you go to the mountains you see a lot of trees and bushes, but what does your eye pick out as the central point of the landscape? The pine tree. It is gigantic and powerful-looking and spreads out its branches very firmly, towering over the others. That pine is the center.

Here in the United States people talk about equality between men and women a great deal. Adam and Eve were created to be different, but centered upon what were they equal? They were equal as the recipients of the love of God. American people do not know this. American women some- times say to Father, "Oh, Father is always on the side of the man; he always gives women a hard time." But that is not true. Suppose a man and a woman are walking down a path on a very dark night. All of a sudden a huge beast appears out of the bushes, threatening their lives. Would the man push the woman in front of him and hide behind her? No, the woman would automatically hide behind the man. She wouldn't wait to be asked.

Men have broad shoulders. Women are meant to hide behind them; that is why they are built smaller Women are meant to be protected by men. This is not Rev. Moon's law, but the law of nature. The role of the center or subject is to protect all the objects. The first obligation of the subject is to protect, the second is to lead. Men should not follow after women; women are supposed to follow after men.

Because of the fall of man that chain of order and command has been completely reversed, and now men follow behind women, particularly with regard to love affairs. Men have become so helpless, and women always take command.

If it hadn't been for the fall, when boys and girls grew up they would learn about their respective roles through the classroom of nature, through watching the animals. Look at cats or dogs or wild animals. When their babies are born their parents take delight in their offspring and want to protect them. Particularly the mother animal plays a close protective role. The female of every species is more interested in taking care of their young than the male. When we look at the way children play, we see this, too: Boys play with tanks, guns, and cowboy hats, and girls play at feeding and clothing their dolls.

The Seed of Life

Women are supposed to be in a position to receive, to be filled up, like a container. God built women that way. The man is the giver, the provider. Within him is the seed of life. The man, in the position of God or heaven, plants the seed into the w. man, in the position of the soil or earth, who receives the seed and lets it grow. God is the duality of male and female; however, the original seed is related to the male portion of God.

God's original seed, which of course is spiritual, is made into the physical seed in the body of man, who represents the male portion of God. Thus this seed becomes united with the flesh and is then planted in the fertile soil, which is woman. When the two are united and the seed is planted, that is what we call love. You must think, "From my father I received my bone, from my mother I received my flesh. Combined, they made me. My father's love and my mother's love united and at that point my life began." The seed is transmitted through the giving of love; therefore, the person who has the seed plays the subject role in a love affair. As Adam and Eve grew, Adam should have taken the initiative, awakened the love within Eve, and moved toward Eve. This was natural and would not have constituted the fall.

Some might think, "All right, the male seed is inside of Adam, but there should be a female seed inside of Eve -- that would only be fair." But it is not so. Within God are dual essentialities; within Adam's seed are both male and female potentialities. Look at my own children. Mother is small, but our daughters are bigger than Mother because they don't just take after Mother -- they take after me. Their seed comes from the father. God is the origin of both man and woman; likewise Adam, in the position of God, contains both seeds, one for female and one for male. Thus the father is the subject of dual essentialities.

These are the laws of nature, not my own laws. We were all born according to universal principles, and we cannot go beyond them but must stay within them.

Father presents a special song in honor of Kook Jin Nim's birthday.

True Human Rights

Today men and women have nothing to do with each other. A woman goes in her direction and holds onto her own rope of life, and the man goes in his direction and holds onto his own rope of life. How can we bring men and women together into one unified rope, the rope of true, original love? As men and women you must realize very clearly you are not just here to eat, sleep, and survive. You are here to hold onto the rope of love. Men and women must march forward together with the rope between them, guiding them. Satan wants to deny that very truth. Now, at the end of the world, especially here in America, women are saying, "Oh, we don't need men." and men are saying, "Oh, we don't need women." Men have relationships with men, and women with women. They say they are practicing their human rights.

What kind of human rights is that? That which is destructive to human existence -- is that human rights? Today there is rampant homosexuality, sodomy, and child pornography, all practices which deny the dignity of human existence. Human rights have to be harmonizing, unifying rights to promote the survival and continued existence of civilization.

Therefore, human rights must surround the rope of true love so that men and women can come together and latch onto it. Without this rope of love, men and women become very alienated and unhappy. Neither of them can find happiness. Men and women must take turns holding onto this rope, and thus success will be guaranteed all the way to the end. You have to be hanging onto the rope of love, which guarantees true human rights and provides the standard for the right way to live. That rope comes down from the parents and must be balanced by the man and the woman. Without two, the rope would be unbalanced. This is the power of love. The individual, family, nation, and world must all move in harmony with that rope.

God created a man's physical shape for the sake of women; for what other reason would he have created men like that? Philosophers do not know why men and women were created. They were born for the sake of each other. Actually, it is difficult and inconvenient for a woman to carry around a large bosom and to have big hips. But they are there not for their own convenience. A lighter body would be much easier, but God gave this standard equipment to all women. A woman is born for the sake of her husband and her children. A child, when he touches his mothers' bosom or hips, is showing a sign of love.

Kwon Jin Nim (standing) sings a funny song as Hyung Jin Nim (left) and Young Jin Nim (center) listen.

From Heaven to Earth

When a man and a woman show their love and affection, they start with kissing. This is the upper portion of the body, the head, which represents heaven. When a women responds to a man's kiss, that means she approves of his love. Then their display of love moves down to the central area, the bosom, then to the lower part of the body. A child is born from the mother's womb, which is the lower portion; then the child drinks his mother's milk from her breast, the center portion where love flows out; then the child starts to kiss his mother and learns to speak with his mouth, the upper portion. A child uses his parents as a jumping board, springing out of their bodies and going on to live for the sake of God. Children spring out of the love of God.

Love comes down from heaven; thus love is expressed between a man and woman starting from the upper portion and moving to the lower portion. In a reverse way, a child is born from the lower portion and expresses love upward, going toward heaven. This was God's plan. No father objects that his child was born from a woman's sexual organs. That is where you have sexual intercourse, arid that is where you give birth to new life. No father would say to his child, "Don't touch your mother's bosom, that's mine. Don't drink that milk" Or, "Don't kiss your mommy, she belongs to me."

Parents' love is giving, and they give the most precious thing they have to their child. This is how God wants to teach the world. How exciting it was when God gave birth to Adam and Eve! This was an incredible love affair for God and He wanted to show mankind His love.

As a baby grows he must have absolute supervision from the parents; otherwise he can't survive. When Adam and Eve grew into teenagers God gave them a commandment in order to give them their freedom. Under this commandment God said in essence, "You are free. You're on your own." The entire problem of sin began during the teenage period. That is why problems among teenagers in our society have become so rampant. You must know that this is a signal that the end of the world is at hand. Adolescence was the time when sin originated, and that is how sin must be restored -- through teenagers. At harvest time, the field was lost. Teenage problems are becoming worldwide problems today. Tradition, morality, value systems -- everything is breaking down among teenagers. They deny discipline, and a logical chain of command.

Our society is fast becoming animal-like in its moral standard. Among animals, for instance, once baby cats or dogs grow up, they can have intercourse with their own parents or grandparents; it doesn't matter. If humanity loses human morality and takes on animal morality, that will be the end of humanity. In America today rape and incest are rampant. There are millions of victims among teenagers today. Girls are assaulted by their own fathers, brothers, uncles, or grandfathers. With the right channel of love in the home there would be no way a grandfather could commit this kind of act with his own granddaughter.

The most vulnerable people in our society today are women. They are in a position to be victimized. Women have been utilized as instruments more than men. The men who follow after these women are also in the position to be victimized, so evil increases. Men must be principled men whom women can follow, and then they can be re- stored from their victimized position. This is not Rev. Moon's word, but the word of the Principle.

So in conclusion, women must follow men. This is the most important thing. Why? Because only from a man can a woman receive true love. The same is true for a man -- he can only receive true love from a woman.

In the West, only during prayer time in a church do people ever kneel down, but in the Orient people normally kneel down in daily life, particularly women, in order to show symbolically the subordinate position.

Young Jin Nim playing his violin.

Leading Through True Love

Since women took the major role in the fall, women must also take the leading role in the process of restoration. As women suffer more, and pay indemnity more, more divine, virtuous women appear. In Biblical history when nations were invaded by barbarian enemies, they always killed off all the men and took the women and children into captivity as slaves, servants, etc. This has certain historical implications.

American women -- from how many men would you like to receive the seed for your child? (One.) Is that everybody's answer out there? That is the only answer that will come out of a Moonie woman's mouth. Suppose a women bears a child by one man here, one man there, and one man over there -- how miserable it will be for that woman and for her children as well. If one women serves many men and lives in different houses she will never be able to create a harmonious atmosphere anywhere, but only one that is hostile and tense. If her child is in a home with another woman's children, she would have to somehow make incredible, secret maneuvers just to meet with her child. Is that happiness?

Love is more precious than life. This is the reason why in the Orient, especially in Korea, a women's purity is the highest virtue. If someone acts with evil intent and forces a woman to give up her love, she would rather give up her life than to have to give up her virtue, because she doesn't want to receive any more than one love.

Hyo Jin Nim playing guitar.

Why is love stronger than life? Because your life is conceived in love. The origin of your life is love. Love always goes before life. When you have one husband whom you dearly love, how can you have illicit love with someone else? The Kingdom of Heaven is a place you enter as a family unit. When one woman has children from more than one man, then in the spirit world all her children will accuse her and say, "What kind of mess you created! We are all victimized because of your illicit actions and false love." This is the most terrible thing in the spirit world.

Children want to live under one absolute set of parents -- one father and one mother. They don't want any more than that. Only a family with a standard of true parenthood can bring true brotherhood. When parents create an atmosphere of true love in the home, the children will become true brothers and sisters. It has taken many millions of years to untie the wrongdoing that has occurred. The knot cannot easily be untied.

True Parents are the center of true love, and only people of true love can communicate with them. How can men and women born out of illicit love and living under a false tradition ever encounter the True Parents? The dispensational process is one of engrafting. Engraft yourselves to the true tree and become a new seed and a new branch. Do you want to become a new tree of life?

True Parents' thought, language, and way of life should be at the center of your own life. God knows that it is not easy for you to overcome your cultural habits, and He is taking great pains to try to bring about cultural harmony, unity and heavenly tradition, centering on True Parents. He is planning to accomplish this within three generations. 

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