The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1986

The Heart and Spirit of Fishing

Sun Myung Moon
July 3, 1986
Morning Garden

Is there anyone here who is seeing me for the first time tonight? Are you new members? If you are a new member here, I am sure you have not experienced tuna fishing before. What did you do before you joined the church? Are you at least eighteen years old? Even though you are all in your early twenties, you are too young. Those who are here for tuna fishing for the first time, please raise your hands. Don't worry about your result this season. I understand that most of you are inexperienced. You have learned much during these ten days of education and training. However, when you look at the difference between these few days of classes and actual fishing itself, this training is nothing. It is like a speck of dust compared to the reality. The most difficult kind of fishing, amongst all the various kinds which you can learn, is tuna fishing.

Giant tuna are such difficult fish to catch. They can be found all over the world, in five different seas. Because they travel such great distances, they need speed. When you finally see an actual tuna, you will see that the side and back fins fold in so that the tuna moves just like a torpedo. Their top speed is around 100 knots and they average about thirty knots. Think about the life of the giant tuna. They have lived in the ocean for ten to fifteen, some of them more than twenty years. They have gone through so many risks, dangers and difficulties and are still alive. In that sense, some of their brains may work better than ours. For example, when the tuna seiner comes, the tuna don't just pass by the boat casually. They turn sideways and look very carefully. We are here to catch that very smart kind of fish.

Some of the largest tuna weigh over 1,000 pounds. They are larger than a big bull, but they don't have bones like the bull. In this sense, God has prepared the tuna as a gift for mankind and we are here to receive that gift. However, in general, American people have been ignorant of how good tuna taste, but the Japanese people have known about it for a long time. The tuna is extremely tasty. A professor in Japan who has been developing and managing a tuna farm expressed concern that if Americans acquired a taste for tuna there would be none left for the Japanese. Fortunately, Americans don't know so much about tuna yet. However, when they find out the Japanese people are in trouble.

Let's compare something. If we say that whales are the kings and queens of the ocean, then tunas are the most handsome princes and beautiful princesses. We are here to catch this handsome and beautiful prince and princess of a fish. How beautiful and handsome are they? Let us suppose you have been on the ocean for days and days and then you catch one. You look at it and then immediately you go and kiss that tuna. Many people have been inspired like that.

You can think like this, "I'm here to catch this tuna, but my skinny and rough Japanese hands are too ugly to even touch such a beautiful and handsome fish." You can certainly think like that. You must have lots of curiosity about catching tuna. I myself started fishing fourteen years ago. When I brought the New Hope here for the first time, the entire country knew about it. When I first came here, I didn't know anything about tuna fishing. I didn't know what kind of hook to use or how to make the lines or anything at all about it. However, I had more confidence than anyone else that within three years I would be the master of tuna fishing.

Father's Foundation in Tuna Fishing

When I first came here there were lots of tuna, maybe more than there are now. On the average day, it was not unusual for a boat to go out and catch at least one fish a day, and many times they would catch two fish. Thinking about those early days, I want to share a deep experience with you. In the beginning, I went out time after time and hooked up a fish, but then I would lose it. All the fishermen who had caught their fish would come back and say, "Another day where Reverend Moon hooked up a fish, but lost it."

I was not able to catch the fish and bring it up to the boat. This happened almost every day. And so, this became their daily gossip, whether I could actually bring home a fish or not. You will see that there are many large and luxurious boats which go out tuna fishing. Some of them bring their children and wives. I experienced them telling their families day after day, "Oh, Reverend Moon lost another fish today."

How many times in a row did I hook up but fail to catch? Not once, not twice, not even three times. Not until the sixteenth fish did I finally succeed. That was the first time in twenty-one days that I was finally able to bring one up to the boat. Mr. Ohnuki is a living witness to this history and he should stand up tonight so that you can see who he is. Think about those twenty days that we went out and the fifteen fish which we couldn't bring up to the boat. When we got that sixteenth fish, Mr. Ohnuki was in tears at that moment. Think about the conviction that we had to have to get that first fish.

In my mind was the thought, "I must train the youth of America to be able to catch at least one fish a day." Think about having that thought during those twenty days. My focus was on the way to hook the fish and not lose it. I was constantly studying this point. Another way of looking at it is to consider the money that is spent tuna fishing. Think about spending so much money day after day and not being able to catch even one tuna. I became a desperate person.

You must understand why I started fishing for tuna in the first place. You must know why I designed this type of training. There are four major fishing areas in the world. One is in Norway and the other three are around the American shoreline. There are other fishing areas of course, but the major ones are right here. In other words, no matter what kind of fish you are looking for, you can find it in the waters around America and you can find it usually in great quantity.

The tragedy is that in general Americans don't appreciate fish and don't eat them. The fish go through a cycle, they are born and then die. In a way, it is a real waste to just die. Those fish are there to be eaten, either by a larger fish or by man. Fish are a high source of protein and nutrition. If we don't eat them, if we just let them die and go to the bottom, it is a real waste.

Furthermore, about six or seven years ago, America declared their fishing borders and foreign boats cannot cross over them. This declaration has become a political issue. Nations which really depend on fishing as part of their economy such as Japan, Italy or Germany have been protesting this boundary. At the same time, the American people do not care much for fish, so there is no one to initiate anything new in the fishing industry. Out of concern for the future, I began many of our educational projects and business ventures centered on the ocean. On the land, if you farm, it takes about twenty years to establish your foundation. However, if you begin an enterprise on the ocean, you can begin to see results after just five or six years. Better than gold, the ocean is waiting to be used by man. The problem is that people do not know or care so much about it. One of the reasons that Americans do not care for the fishing industry is the nature of fishing itself. When the large fishing vessels go out, they stay out fishing for three to six months. Many of the fishermen's wives stay at home with nothing to do and often they finally just leave with someone else.

Therefore, young people who are growing up in ocean towns don't think about getting involved in fishing at all. Instead they run to the larger cities where they can get a nice job in an office. For example, this city of Gloucester used to be very busy, before the 200 mile limit was set. Many foreign ships were coming in and out, buying supplies, loading and unloading, so the young people of this town could find jobs and work here. Gloucester was very busy indeed and at that time it was growing. However, after the declaration, many young people ran away and Gloucester became somewhat of a ghost town.

Without the boats coming in and out, without the young people staying to work here, who is the master of this town? Well, the Moonies appeared just a few years ago. When we first came here, people thought, "Moonies are the worst of the worst people." They looked at Reverend Moon as some kind of scary spirit and tried to kick him and all the Moonies out. Actually, Moonies are trying to be the best of the best people. Now their attitude has begun to change from being so nasty to more warm and welcoming.

Many people brought their luxury boats here. They sat on the deck with their big bellies showing from beneath their shirts and shouted at us, "Hey! Who are you? What are you doing here?" They said things with a very nasty feeling behind it. At first, none of us knew anything about tuna fishing. We had to go around buying different kinds of hooks and things. Some of the members went with me, but they didn't know anything either. Then, people would whisper in the stores, "Oh, that must be Reverend Moon." In some cases, a store would close its door when I came and they would say, "You cannot come in." Then, I said right back, "Open the door."

In the beginning, I would ask for some kind of fishing gear which I knew the store owner had, but they didn't want to show it to me. They would show me some equipment which was not as good as what I had asked for. I had to keep going on with endurance and patience, facing all these things. I didn't do it because I wanted to make my own profit; I kept going because I wanted to make these ocean cities alive again.

The Vision Behind Tuna Fishing

My goal is to develop once again the ocean cities in America so that fish and fish products can be exported to feed people all over the world. Some of you may be wondering why you have been called to Gloucester, such a small and insignificant town. You must inherit my spirit which overcomes persecution and difficult situations, because I have a vision of how to save the world and even provide food for the entire world.

The boats you are riding on were designed by me and built by the members. After nine years of experience, I developed the Good Go boat. When I first started building these boats, no one had any expertise. Mr. Kamiyama was at a total loss when he first heard my plan for the boats. He looked completely shocked and said, "What, we are going to build fishing boats?" He truly hoped that I wouldn't tell him to build those boats, but I said, "Build 150 boats in the first year."

Think about it. With so much money invested in such an expensive boat, each one was given to completely inexperienced members who didn't know anything about its value. With these boats, they were trained how to fish for tuna. With each boat that we produced, there was a tremendous amount of tears and sweat and prayer involved. You may not be able to see that, but that kind of spirit is built into each boat. If you truly understand this, you must shed tears when you ride on that boat. When I took my first ride on a Good Go, did I cry or did I just laugh without much serious thought? What do you think? Therefore, you must pray to have the proper attitude and inherit the spiritual and international connection to these boats. Each country around the world sent their members to help build these boats, and they put their tears and sweat into these boats. No one understood anything. We started virtually from scratch. No one knew what kind of material to buy or how to begin the first step. I know the value of each boat will be worth more than 100 thousand or a million dollars in the future. Why?

Because people will say, "This is a boat built by Reverend Moon." For this reason, I instructed the members to buy the best quality of materials that they could find; they had to build the boat with the highest standards, not just so-so.

I know that in the future sometime, in each of the fifty states, even if they have to sell their capitol building in order to buy one of these boats, they will do that. But now, some Unification members feel like they don't even want to look at those boats, that they want to run away from their boat. I see that kind of thing. My goal and desire and hope is built into this boat, but the young American members don't understand this and sometimes, they try to run away from this boat.

If you read the speech from when I began Ocean Church, you will see how serious and how important that message was. However, even after I gave that kind of explanation, many of them since that time went away from this Ocean Church activity. It's a shame, but I cannot give up. Even though I wanted to give this to American young people, they didn't catch their opportunity, so I had to bring young Japanese members to do the job. In order for you to find the most valuable and precious treasure, you have to go the most difficult path. That's true.

American members who are here this summer, did you come voluntarily or did you come because you were sent? Do you really want to be here? I don't believe you, yet. You will have to show me. I have watched so many American members leave and run away from this Ocean Church activity, even though there might have been good reason for some to go. I stood by and just watched their coming and going. In the meantime, I never changed my goal and my spirit for this Ocean Church endeavor. Why? Simply because I know the value of it.

If you American young men go out fishing, who will point a finger at you? No one. However, everyone pointed at me because I was a Korean man. You must understand that with everything you go through, every difficult situation and every persecution, I have already gone through this course before you. Do you understand? I never retreat, but always move forward. People might have said this year, "Well, Reverend Moon was in Danbury prison last year and now he is out. His movement must have declined a little since he was there. Well, they had twenty or so boats last year, so maybe this year we will see only ten or so boats." Instead I went right ahead and ordered seventy boats to go out this year! Do you have the same spirit?

I think you are just like any other young American out there. You are the same type. You are shouting "No!", but I think you are the same type. What do you think? Is this true or not? I cannot trust you. You have to show me! When you bring result, then I can see you are different. From now, we are going the difficult way. Can you do it? Raise your hands. Can you do it? Those Japanese members who didn't understand my talk missed the chance to raise your hands. Please do not forget that the boats you are riding in are the best of the best fishing boats in the world and they are made by Reverend Moon. We built this boat, Moonie spirit built this boat. Not because we wanted to make money, but because we wanted to make the spirit of America alive again.

Until this city of Gloucester itself disappears, we will come here every year. We will take care of this town; we will take care of this ocean. We have about 200 people here tonight. Everyone has a similar situation don't they? You have two hands and two eyes and all your limbs intact. I may indeed have the same features as you, but when it comes to the ability to lead people, to having a fighting spirit, to being able to go on, I have more ability than all 200 of you together. The difference is in my determination and dedication, in my spirit.

The Kind of Men and Women We Must Become

Even when I went to Danbury, I was not defeated by this country, but fought against the injustice. When I came out, I was acknowledged for my fight. We need guts. We must stand tall and say, "No matter how fierce the wind blows, no matter how much the storm comes, I will stand here and never stop." Several years ago, there was a storm warning in Gloucester and the radio announcer told everyone to stay at home. Then, at 1:00 a.m., I said, "Let's go." The wind was blowing so hard that everyone knew the danger involved. In spite of that, I said, "March." And out into that storm we went.

I like that kind of man. Any kind of woman likes that kind of man. How about you? Do you like that kind of man? Or, do you just like a disco dancing man? What kind of man are you? Are you a Reverend Moon style of man? I am a very tough man. At the same time, I must follow the spiritual direction. Do you know what I mean? This is the kind of spirit we must have, saying, "Until I have finally closed my eyes, no one will open my fist. I will grab this way as strong as I can and never let go."

In general, the American people do not have a strong tradition, only 200 years of history. A small country like Korea has almost 5,000 years of history. This means you only have 1/25 of the time on earth as Korea. In comparison, you have very little tradition. Americans tend to follow the wind. If it blows east, you go east. If it blows west, you go west. For example, because you lack tradition here, men are saying, "Well, I don't need women. I will just live with other men." The women are saying, "We don't need men either, we will just love each other." If this kind of phenomena continues for another century, the American people will simply disappear.

Think about it. Maybe the Black people and the native Indian people are saying, "Well, you White people just keep on going like that. In another hundred years, we can have our country back; we can take care of this nation without you." It's really a shameful thing. Young people in this nation do not have the concept of shame. They think that free sex is just natural, but Moonies must' be different from these kind of people, not just in quantity, but in quality. Your quality must be such that even if someone wanted to trade the entire population of America, 240 million people, for your spiritual life, you would not be swayed by that.

If there are two types of people living together, the stronger of the two will survive. Whoever puts more effort into something will become the subject and whoever works less will become the object. For example, Japanese people work almost twenty-four hours a day and they work seven days a week. On the other hand, American people work only a few hours a day and just part of the week. Who will be the owner in the future? Who comes out ahead? The hard worker or the easy going worker? Yes, the hard worker.

That's why, when I came to America, I looked around and found who was working hard. I said, "If you are working ten hours a day, I will work twenty hours. If you take twenty years to lay the foundation, I will take only ten years." That was my determination and it remains my determination. Those who don't want to inherit that spirit from me can raise your hands. It's easy to hear and understand these words, but if you try to practice this and apply it in your daily life, you will turn your head from it and say, "I can't go on."

Here you are getting up at four o'clock in the morning and there is no light. I can hear you saying, "Oh, this Moonie tradition, I don't like it at all. There's too much to do all the time. This is a problem for me." No! This is a problem for ME! For me, that kind of person presents a problem. Our situation is that we are in a difficult world. As we progress, it gets more difficult. You think about our ideology. We can unify the world. That is our concept; that is our possibility. How will we do it? How difficult has it been for you? From now on it becomes even more difficult. This is our conclusion.

Early in the morning you think, "Oh, this is crazy to live like this. This is Oriental tradition, this is a Korean system. I don't like this!" I know this point. Do you think I am just a Korean guy? For forty years, since the end of World War II, I always took the different way. Even in Korea they said, "This is a crazy guy, something is wrong with his brain." I did everything the difficult way. Not even in Korea did they want to do it this way. This is not the Korean way, not the oriental way! Why were they against Reverend Moon in Korea? Why were they against me in Japan? Why were they against me in this country? Because this way of life is God's way. God knows what I have done. I have done everything the way that God instructed. God doesn't go the way of the handsome guy, the easy way. No! God's way is the most difficult way. I have always compared two ways and gone the more difficult one, no matter what.

Why? Because I am so concerned how to make the shortest course possible. I want to go the distance in the quickest way. No one wants to go that kind of way. However, God insisted I go that way, so I have always gone that way. Now, the spiritual world and the Unification world has to go that way. This way is different from America's way of doing things. That is why the young Moonie doesn't like the Unification way of doing things. Your concepts make it difficult for you, not the way itself. Do you understand this point?

Who can represent the Unification way? You? Or you? I have always thought about the future, about the entire world. You never thought about that so much. Why do you cling to doing things the American way? You say, "Oh, America is the number one country, the leading nation of the world, the champion of the free world. We are the first in everything." And you wonder, "Why should we follow this Oriental system from Reverend Moon?" Either go this way or don't. The Bible says, "Be cold or hot." God doesn't like someone in between. Even Satan doesn't like that kind of person. How about you? You are hot to go this way? Hot water or hot Moonie? What are you? Those who consider yourselves different from the people I just described, raise your hands. What do you think of my response? Am I giving you a good smile or a suspicious smile? Make a new determination in yourself. With your stomach, with your guts make a new determination. This is why I came to speak to you today. It is my sole reason. Let me ask you one more time. Do you want to follow this way?

Father's Heart for Fishing

Okay then, let's return to my story. Sometimes, when you are speaking, you have to clean out the room before you set the table. Isn't that true? That's the meaning of leadership. Now I am sure that you have the kind of spirit that says, "NO matter how much the storm comes, I will go out." Do you have that spirit? Good. That's the difference. Now you feel confident and I feel happy to talk to you as well.

You've been given responsibility for these new and clean boats. After seventy days of tuna fishing you must be able to return these boats just as clean. This is how you not only love your boats, but you also love the country. Once you are out in the ocean, which is more important, your body or your boat? NO, no, no! Your body is more important! Okay, you insist that the boat is more important. This time, I will agree with you because it is true when you go out on the water. On the water, your boat is how you survive.

Therefore, you must love your boat more than you love your body. No matter how famous you might be, no matter how many people are on the boat, the boat is of more value than they are when you are on the water. Without the boat, you cannot exist. Think about the people who clean their hands when they have grease on them, but don't bother to clean the boat when- it has some dirt on the side. That is not the spirit that I have been talking about today.

If we have such an attitude out on the ocean, the boat will hate you and even the ocean will hate you. However, if you love the boat with all your heart, even the ocean will embrace you. Only when the boat returns love to you and the ocean embraces you can you stand and be truly happy. How wonderful it is if you can ask your boat, "Are you proud to be with me?" and your boat replies, "Yes, that's true." If you feel that from your boat, if you feel that from the ocean, how wonderful it is.

Furthermore, you have to love and take care of the equipment on the boat. The engine and the boat are protecting your life. Your lines and hooks, you must love more than your own clothes. When you love someone or something, you never hurt them. And it comes back in the same way. If you love your boat and all the things on that boat, they will not hurt you. They will even protect you.

This is the kind of attitude you must have. If you have such an attitude, there will be no accidents. On the boat, the most important thing is the engine. Without the engine you cannot move, so it is like the heart of the boat. No matter how good your boat may be, if there is a storm and your engine is not operating properly, you will not be able to move. Also, you must learn how to steer the boat correctly. You shouldn't make sudden movements which are dangerous. Don't play on the boats. In the first nine years of fishing, I never went down to the bottom deck and slept. After that period of time, I had a terrible headache one day and had to take a rest. The owner or master of the boat must keep a high spirit and take care of the boat. That is the spirit we must have.

I have seen so many members who just go to sleep all day. They lean over the side of the boat and show their backside to me. It's quite a view. Well, do you know how old I am now? I am almost sixty-seven years old. At my age some men depend on their canes. However, here I am at this age standing straight and I am the one who has to push you, you young American people. I look at you now and see your spirit. Tonight, you have the spirit of a general who wants to take over the entire world. I really wonder how long you will keep that spirit. Forever? I've heard that before! At least for the tuna season? Who said that? That's a good answer. It is the first step.

Please remember the main point. Love your boat. In Gloucester, we have people who have been tuna fishing seriously for many, many years. They are studying my method and trying to copy it. I came up with the system myself. One aspect of it is that you don't ever have to cut any of the lines. You can untie and re-tie the lines. One tuna line costs about $1,500. Whatever you do, don't lose the line by having to cut it. I have used a line for more than five years without ever losing or cutting it. If you lose a line, even if you catch a tuna, already one fourth of the price is gone.

My method is very organized and economical, therefore, it's superior to any other. The training session you have just gone through is not adopted from somewhere else; it is from my tradition. The original training session is from my heart. You must understand what kind of difficulty and agony others went through until I could come up with this method. With this method and training, you can go out and on your first day on the ocean, you can hook a fish and bring it up. There is a fisherman out there who has tried for three years to catch a tuna and in those years he only caught one. That is how hard it is to catch them, but if you use this method that you have learned, as soon as you go out, you can catch a tuna.

New Hope has a record of thirty-five fish in one season. I am giving you the direction for each boat. You should each catch at least five fish this season. You might think, "Why should I have to catch five fish? I don't like that." You are big and strong American men and you are thinking to yourselves, "Father, you just said that New Hope caught thirty-five fish and I just have to catch only five." You may want to catch more, but I am saying to you that it will take hard prayer and work to reach the goal of five fish. You may have to overcome many obstacles and difficulties on the boat. You may feel so discouraged that you will even want to cry on the boat. There may be times when you don't catch a tuna for so long that you will return to the land almost in tears thinking, "Oh, God doesn't love me." It takes that kind of effort, heart and desire. Even when you are tired, when you are ready to drop over, you will see the tuna going by your boat, not biting. Then, you have to wake up and shout with full force, "Hey, you have to come back here and take this line!" You have to have that kind of spirit.

Even in your dreams, or your nightmares, you have to see this happening and make the same effort. Suppose you go in the mountain and try to catch a tiger. How dangerous and difficult that task would be. Catching a tuna is much the same. When you catch a 1,000 pound tuna we are talking about something worth $7,000 or maybe even $10,000. Can you catch a bull or an ox which is worth that kind of money? There is no comparison.

We are going after that kind of treasure. The reality is such that if you catch one tuna like that, you and your family, even three families, could at least eat for one year without using any other source of money. How precious one fish is. If you just go out and sit on the boat, swaying back and forth and say, "Tuna, come to me," you are simply a thief or robber from the other fishermen. You've got to be serious.

I have spiritual sense. Sometimes, I know that within five minutes the tuna will come and strike. And many times, at that exact moment, the tuna does indeed take the line. I have experienced being extremely tired, but when the tuna strikes I am suddenly refreshed -- fresh like a cucumber! Think about the excitement of that moment. Sometimes a battle is going on, sometimes it lasts for more than an hour, but I am working and sweating so hard that it seems like just one or two minutes. One time, I was waiting with such anticipation all day long. I couldn't think of anything at all because I knew the tuna was coming. I waited and waited so anxiously that I didn't even think of going to the bathroom. Then, just as I thought of doing that, the tuna struck the line. There was so much excitement at that moment that I completely forgot about going to the bathroom; the fight was the only thing on my mind. Only after the fight did I realize that my pants were wet. However, because we had caught the tuna, I didn't even mind about that. That's the first time I've ever shared this experience. Now, can you imagine the kind of excitement that I felt? You should also have a significant memory such as this one for yourself. Don't just wait for the tuna. You have to spiritually call the tuna to you. They have to feel your anxious heart.

Therefore, the number one rule on the boat is no fighting, no shouting. If you have to give a direction on the boat, give it firmly, but calmly. Many people don't like to chum. Those of you with experience know about this. The smell is bad and it looks so bad that no one can describe it. You just try to pass the job around, don't you? However, when you cut the chum, you have to have my heart. Just say to the others, "It's okay, you rest. I will take care of this job." When you start your boat, don't just push the gears and take off. First, look around and make sure everything is in order. When you are coming back, don't just pack up and leave. Really be thankful for the day.

Serious Points About Tuna Fishing

Up to this point, we have learned what kind of significance there is in tuna fishing. We know there is a great future in the ocean and in ocean businesses. We have learned what kind of position and attitude we should have on the boat when we go out. We know there is a great providence behind tuna fishing. You know now how to take care of your boat and your equipment. Now you know how to really concentrate and attract the tuna to your boat, how to cut the chum and offer it.

When the spiritual world looks down on you, which one will they want to help? The one who puts all his sweat and prayer into whatever he is doing, or the one who just takes it easy? So now, let us look at the time when the tuna strikes and is pulling out the line. This is the time when you must be extremely careful. For the beginners especially, remember this: when the tuna strikes and pulls your line out, put the buoy on it and throw the line in the ocean so the tuna can take it away. That way, you can save your other lines from getting tangled and you save yourself from the risk of getting caught in the line as well. Once the tuna has taken out the line and you have pulled in your other lines, you should call in someone from your trinity who has experience. Then, you can go and pick up the ball and fight the fish. That's the safest way.

We will have a competition between the trinity groups. Please remember, when you have the tuna on your line, you have to pull the line in and put it in the basket. You must never step on that-line. Don't ever stand on it. If you get that line wrapped around you and the tuna suddenly pulls, you will go into the ocean and you cannot get out. At that point, there is no escape for you. Please be serious about these points.

Whenever you are pulling the line, someone else has to stand close by and put it neatly away. And never wrap that line around your hand. Just hold on to it, plainly and openly with you hand. Don't twist it. Never bend it 90 degrees. Just let it go through your hand naturally. The quota is usually one fish a day, so once you have the fish on your line, don't panic, don't hurry. Just hold it firmly on the line and let the next person put the extra line neatly away.

You can fight as long as you need to, for two or three hours if you need to. I have one idea about giving some prize money for the fish caught which took the longest and safest amount of time. Maybe you can get $5,000. Whoever takes the longest time and does it the safest way can receive that money. You can share it with everyone on your boat, or in your trinity. This doesn't mean that you hook the fish early in the morning and play with it all day. Some people might pull the fish up to the boat and let it hang there all day long, almost dead, going round and round and they will just sleep. Don't do that. You must live with your conscience. When your tuna comes close enough, you have to harpoon it. If you don't do that, the tuna will say to you, "You swindler, you are not trying to catch me!" And, that would be true. I would really like to give this prize money. I'm also thinking it should go to a sister's boat. How about that? Is that the right way? Let's see what happens.

This is a historical year for catching tuna. Here amongst you are some of the second generation of blessed children. They were recently blessed in marriage and the tuna will come out of curiosity just to look at their face. You may not understand the significance of fishing with these blessed children, but I want you to understand this. You should think, "I must do better than these blessed children and catch more tuna." On the other hand, those blessed children might think, "Heavenly Father, you've got to help us."

They have made the determination to become the expert tuna fishermen this summer, but I don't want you to get behind them. I already told them to have the goal of catching a minimum of five fish per person, not per boat. I want to know what your goal is. Have you made a serious determination as of yet? If you haven't, that is no good. Don't speak out loud, just put it into your stomach and say, "At least I will catch more than five, that is for sure."

Have you made up your mind? I want to conclude by saying that we have to be really careful this year. This summer is especially dangerous. If we follow everything that I have said tonight, there should be no accidents. However, if we don't unite and do well, someone might get hurt. It might not even be one of us, but someone who just comes out to tuna fish without knowing the significance of it. Please be very, very careful. Please pray hard and put all of your effort into it.


Don't worry if I am here or not. These are dangerous and difficult times. There are people in the world who are very serious and they know who I am and they are aiming at me. For this reason, the boat is not the best place for me to be. I am fully aware of the tactics that Communists and terrorists use. I have already experienced them before. Don't be concerned about my schedule. Actually, it is not easy to meet with me like this. You may just take it for granted, but many people ask to see me, especially in these times. Presidential candidates and former prime ministers, people like this are requesting to see me, but I don't answer all their requests. Now is not the time. You should consider yourself like a buffer zone surrounding me.

There is a providential war going on. Who is the commander of that war? I am the one who really understands the details of what is going on. No one in America may think so, but America needs me. In order to unite this world and begin a new world, I must be here. No one else knows how it has to be done. I am aware of this because I recognize where we are in history. The time is that serious. My hope for you tonight is that you can inherit my spirit and the purpose and goal which I have told you about. Then, you must apply that in your daily life. At the end of ten, twenty years you must become successful. Then, in thirty, forty years from now, after I've gone to spirit world, you can say, "I remember that day forty years ago in Morning Garden when Father spoke to me and that is why I have become so successful today." I am hoping and praying that many of you will become the person I've just described. Those who are more than determined to become that successful man or woman who inherits my spirit, please raise your hand.

You have given your determination in front of me tonight, so don't think about complaining this summer. If you have complaints, there can be one day when you bring all your complaints to me and I will take them. Do you want to have such a day? No? Well, then, that is even better. Is it true? You really don't want such a day? Really true? Your answer is strong and clear. Then, I trust you. I am counting on you. May God bless you. 

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