The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1986

The Globe Is Our Home

Sun Myung Moon
June 8, 1986
Excerpted and edited speech
World Mission Center
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

Nowadays many people speak about our world as a "global village." The word village denotes a small, simple, cohesive area where one clan lives together.

When we describe the globe as a village, an entirely new meaning emerges. If the fall had never taken place, one pure, undivided family would have grown into a tribe, a nation, and finally a world. The globe would have been inhabited by people centered on one master, not two, and they all would be part of one unified organic structure. Everyone would have the same essential nature and speak the same language; there would be one culture, one inherited tradition. That is how the world was meant to be. Yet as we know, because of the fall, Satan realized his own imitation of God's plan first.

In the original world there would have been no boundaries between nations or peoples. All people would indeed have felt they were part of one village, living under one chief. Just as God can travel freely anywhere, those who belong to God as inhabitants of His world should also have the privilege of traveling without any limitation. Ideally, the globe belongs to God and at the same time it belongs to God's people.

The Fall Brought Total Bondage

However, through the fall, ownership of the land fell into Satan's hands. The people who inhabited the land also fell under the dominion of Satan. If the earth had been populated by people totally centered on God, then as history proceeded, more and more unity and harmony would have come into being. However, because of Satan's dominion, division increasingly manifested as time went by. Satan's dominion caused the tragic loss of our freedom; we have been held captive in Satan's chains ever since. The fall brought total bondage rather than total freedom.

It is not easy even for God to proceed with the dispensation to restore this world back to its original design. The history of God's providence has been the history of the struggle between the forces of good and evil. That is why so many struggles are recorded in the Old Testament. There are always two realms -- one headed by Cain as the elder son on Satan's side, and the other headed by Abel as the elder son on God's side. Their forces have been engaged in confrontation and bitter struggle since history began. Thus history has been a process of separating Cain and Abel. God wanted to see the force of good prevail on the individual level and move on to the family, clan, tribal, and national levels.

Jacob was the first victorious ancestor in Old Testament history, and it was God's plan to have Jacob's family grow into a victorious nation. God needed the foundation of such a nation in order to send the Messiah. When Jacob was victorious against the angel, who represented the forces of evil, he was given the name Israel, meaning victor. The name Israel was a declaration that God had success- fully separated Abel from the satanic camp and had carved out a realm for His future total dominion. That is the meaning of the name Israel.

Satan has held the principality of this world since the beginning. He has divided people into different nations in order to block heavenly forces from gaining influence and to secure his own power. However, the ultimate goal of those who have been sent by God has always been to reclaim the world for Him. God's instrument for this dispensation is religion. God initiated one central religion, Judeo-Christianity, as well as many secondary religions, and in the Last Days His strategy is to combine all of them into one great force to win the world.

The Essential Pattern for Victory

Centering on religion God has proceeded with a plan of reorganization that can encompass the whole world. Such a movement is essential for God's victory. After World War II Christianity had a worldwide base, with the United States at its center. That was exactly the pattern God had been craving to see all throughout history. At that moment, if America had fulfilled her God-given responsibility, a whole new dispensation could have unfolded.

Why did America fail to grasp this opportunity? That is the big question. Essentially, America did not know what God's expectation was -- what God was asking of this country. The American people did not realize that they were His chosen champions, representing the mainstream of His will.

It is very significant that America was founded for the sake of religious freedom. The first Americans left the suffocating atmosphere of religious persecution in Europe. They gave up all their worldly goods, their honor, and even their families in some cases. They risked their very lives sailing across the sea to find a new world of freedom. On a far shore they created a new nation where, under Protestantism, they could enjoy religious freedom. The Puritans saw each other as brothers and sisters, and in that spirit they envisioned a global nation. Only the idea of the brotherhood of man under God could make the establishment of such a nation possible.

Thus the United States became a melting pot, where everyone from around the world could come and harmonize with everyone else. From God's point of view there should be no limit to the kinds and numbers of people who can come and be melted together. It was His desire that all the nations of the world should be connected to this Christian nation. Yet people here have wanted to preserve their own position and prevent others from coming to join them. That is not a God-centered point of view, so America has not truly moved in God's direction. America must be opened up.

After World War II the United States and the Allied powers did not take over the conquered nations but instead granted them their independence. They set up a brotherly relationship instead of a winner-loser relationship. However, America should have been even more sacrificial. America should have shared its wealth and power so that everyone in those nations could inherit and enjoy the same opportunities. Then all those nations would truly have become equal. That would have created an incredible worldwide foundation of unity on which the Messiah could come and usher in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. That was God's paramount hope.

A Hazy Concept of Christ's Return

Another reason for America's failure was many Christians' lack of understanding about the Second Advent. They took the Bible literally and expected Jesus to return in a miraculous way. Their concept of what would take place was very hazy. Sometimes it seemed to them that the Second Advent was imminent, but they didn't see it happen; so many Christians became discouraged over several "false alarms

After World War II the United Nations was born. Every nation was a member, with America more or less as the central figure. The United Nations was an important step toward the realization of a world government. God's dispensation was to make America, with its Christian culture, the center of the United Nations and the world, and to have America work aggressively for the realization of one world under God. However, America was confused and did not have a clear understanding that the purpose of the United Nations was to build a unified world.

It was at this critical time that the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC) came into being. The name itself signifies the tremendously difficult task we were undertaking. I was fully aware of the difficulties of that task, so why did I initiate it? I did so because the "Unification of World Christianity" was God's desire for that time in history. Our movement was parallel to God's thinking. I knew that unification could never come through human endeavor alone, but only together with spiritual endeavor. That is why I included "Holy Spirit Association" in the name of our group.

While Korea was under Japanese occupation, Korean Christianity was divided into two camps -- those who yielded to the Japanese and bowed down to the Shinto gods, and those who rejected Shintoism as a form of idol worship and refused to compromise their faith. The first group was in the mainstream. The second group formed a loosely structured and sacrificial underground community. These underground Christians experienced many spiritual phenomena and received profound revelations. They were the only ones who knew that the Lord was coming soon, and that he would be born on earth as a man.

The Failure to Unite

This network of underground spiritual groups was supposed to unite and work for the independence of Korea together with the Christians who accepted Shinto worship. After Korea's liberation the spiritual groups were to take the central position. Unfortunately, however, the Christians who compromised took the subject position, and uniting with the United Nations forces they focused on restoring economic prosperity and the political machinery of Korea instead of restoring the desolate Christian churches. The spiritual groups should have risen up strongly and asked the Shinto shrine worshipers to join them for a period of national repentance. If they had been able to resurrect and energize the Christian churches, Christianity would have been ignited with the flame of messianic expectation.

The most fervent Christian work had been going on in the North, which should have played the central role in this revival. If it had, the North and South could have been harmonized centering on Christianity. But before the revival of the churches could occur, the satanic forces of communism overran the North, and the South was separated and had to secure a separate independence in 1948.

The spiritual groups were blocked by three elements. The communist North Korean government opposed them viciously. The mainstream Christian hierarchy felt threatened by them and the Korean government, influenced by established Christianity, also rejected them. Thus, when HSA-UWC was born (out of the spiritual underground), it was like an orphan, with no allies and no place to turn. Instead of being in the central position, we were opposed by communism, by established Christianity, and by the secular government. We have had to move forward under tremendously adverse conditions to build the global foundation step by step.

Now, 40 years later, we have once again come to an opportune moment for the fulfillment of God's plan. After establishing the foundation of victory in America, I achieved victory in Korea, and I must link these victories together. The final chapter of the immediate dispensation will come when both the Christian and the secular leader- ship of America recognize God's ideal.

The Democratic Party in America tends to be rather liberal and left-leaning. On the other hand, the Republican Party is beset by the problem of materialism. Today American political leaders in general are thinking selfishly -- on the level of the national interest at best. They are not thinking about the prosperity of all humankind. They still do not understand that America belongs not to white people but to God. God wants to use America to increase brotherhood throughout the world.

Your Mission Is a Messianic One

In the history of Israel, David was born as the eighth son of his family. No one imagined that this simple shepherd boy would ever become the king. Yet in God's sight he was qualified because of his concern for the well-being of the Israelites. When he fought Goliath at the risk of his life, he demonstrated how much he was willing to give himself for the sake of his people. God chose David because he had that kind of spirit.

Today, even though no one understands us, the Unification Church is in the position of David. We are also in the position of Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob. As you re- member, Joseph was miserably mistreated by his brothers, who sold him into slavery in Egypt. Later on, however, God placed the destiny of his family in Joseph's hands and put him in the position to bring about their salvation. The Unification Church will come to be in exactly the same position.

You must know clearly that your mission is a messianic one. Two thousand years ago, Jesus came with that mission; today it has been given to you. You must proclaim the messianic ideal and fulfill it. The democratic world is losing stability and the communist world is crumbling. There will be a new ideology that will rise up -- and that is Godism. Under Godism this country will move forward with dignity and power. Then God will prosper and win back His ideal.

We are now at the crossroads, the time of transformation. God has hope and a clear plan for this country. We must educate Christian leaders of all denominations as well as secular leaders at all levels. Without the infusion of a new vision, Christianity will not understand the need for global unity, and political leaders will be unable to transcend self-centered nationalism. They must be freed to see the reality of the world situation, the times they are living in, and what they must do.

I am intoxicated with this mission. I am not even aware of day or night. I have borne the sins of the entire world on my own shoulders, especially through Danbury. I have toiled and sweat and shed blood and tears for many years. Today, you must inherit my mission. I have commissioned you as my partners and as God's champions. You are the only group of people I can trust here. For that reason, you are in the position to indemnify the failure of America and the Christian community. Now is your time. Face your own Danbury! Pick up the nation's failure -- pay the indemnity -- and win the victory! You can bring the nation and the world into resurrection. Represent God's ideal, move forward with it, and herald it to others. Plant my tradition in the soil of this global community -- which is your world.

7,000 Hidden Champions

During the time of Elijah, God was working with the two southern tribes of Israel, striving to liberate the 10 northern tribes and bring them to His side. Elijah won many heroic battles in which he demolished all the evil gods of Baal. Yet afterwards, tremendous obstacles remained and Elijah became very disillusioned. He actually gave up on his mission! He sat down under the shade of a tree and wanted to die there. He cried out, "Everything has failed, and I am all alone [See I Kings, Chapter 19.] At that point God broke in and said, "Look, Elijah, what are you talking about? There are still 7,000 warriors who never surrendered to Baal. Don't give up!" Likewise, at the time of Jesus, there were 7,000 hidden champions available to Jesus, and if they had been mobilized he would not have been crucified.

Today we see a parallel. When I went to Danbury I looked just as Elijah did in the eyes of the world -- alone, discredited, and confined. I could have been totally disheartened, but I wasn't. I knew that there were 7,000 warriors prepared by God. That is why I encouraged for the CAUSA movement to educate 7,000 ministers and equip them with our ideology during the time of my imprisonment. I directed the mailing of a personal letter and the Principle videotapes to 350,000 ministers so that they could feel more connected to me. I sent all, of you as my representatives to go and reach out to them as well. Many of them were truly moved when they realized that I was not giving up my mission, even in prison. Now that they can warmly support me, I have encouraged them to reach out to the secular leaders. This is where we are now.

America has lost everything: It lost the world, it lost its mission as a nation, it lost its small town spirit, and now it is losing even the tradition of home and family. The fall of man sickened the family like a virus, and the fallen family that began in the Garden of Eden has re-manifested itself in the American family. In this country members of families don't come together as a unit but act like enemies; spouses fight, siblings quarrel, and parents and children can't even understand each other. Men, women, and children are considered separate entities. This is a sign that America is crumbling to the ultimate degree. Satan's goal is to destroy the family unit so that there will be no cohesive structure for people to hold on to. Because Americans have pursued self-centered love, they are now reaping the destructive consequences.

We Must Secure the American Home

The fact that America is so deeply ill means that the entire global community is at risk. America is in a position to spread its contagion all over the world. We cannot let this happen! Somebody has to come and quell the fires of this sickening fever. To do this we must secure the American home. God's hope for the American home is in the Unification Church, where we have the concept and ideal of True Parents who can be the head of the family centering on true, unselfish love. Only by practicing this ideal and multiplying it through home church can we thwart Satan's strategy.

When the principles of home church are applied everywhere, we can wipe out Satan entirely. Communist and secular humanist forces will be unable to operate anywhere in society. The concept of parents with true unconditional love must prevail everywhere -- not only in the churches, but among businesses and all the branches of government. This is because everyone belongs to a family, and the family can be stable and eternal only when it is centered on the ideal of True Parents, which is indeed the ultimate ideal for everyone. The application and realization of this ideal will install the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. We are going to transform our globe into a village -- our common home -- headed by Parents centered on God. This is God's ultimate ideal.

All families have inherited satanic roots. All the systems of the world that are powerful in the world today, like nationalism and personal ownership, grew from that false root. They did not begin in God's root and have nothing to do with His tradition, therefore, the spirit world is being mobilized by God at this time to attack and destabilize them. Individuals will come to the point where they lose all hope in existing systems and recognize their errors. Then they can listen to Rev. Moon. They can engraft to the new root and become centered on the True Parents and God.

The world is our home, and the home is our spiritual base. After returning to America this time I declare to you that your mission is to tell the world that the home must come under the ideal of True Parents and God. True Parents must be restored into every home in the entire world. That will be the day of true and ultimate victory. When this movement has penetrated every village and every continent, the world will surely be transformed into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Recreating Our Own Planet

God must be able to say, "This is a home where I can dwell." That is the beginning. Our ultimate goal is to establish the God-centered way of life beginning with the family, and progressing through the churches, the village communities, the nations, and finally the world. This is the transformation that we foresee. The blessed couples, who are in the position of restored Adam and Eve, should spearhead this crusade and bring it to fruition. The next three years until 1988 Ire the most crucial three years in human history. All blessed couples, as well as every member of the Unification Church, should move forward aggressively for national and world salvation under the banner of the True Parents' ideal. When we educate ministers and secular leaders, they will be able to carry this new gospel forward with us.

I have erected this new foundation through 40 years of unrelenting persecution. Now the era of persecution is ended. We can recreate our own planet; the earth shall be one village where everyone can freely move about. You will be able to travel to any country at any moment. To mark the beginning of the restoration of this freedom of movement I have already initiated the International High- way project.

The new foundation I have erected penetrates religion, politics, business, culture -- all areas of life. I am ready to bequeath it to you as your inheritance. That is what you are to receive today. Take over my mission, and move for- ward to the ultimate completion of the True Parents' ideal.

Especially those of you who are American must not forget that I came to this country as a foreigner, where I have been despised and even imprisoned. Still I never gave up; I focused continually on saving the people who persecuted me. You must remember the path I have walked. During these next three years, no matter what happens, you must not complain. It is time for total commitment.

This is the conclusion of my sermon today. Please don't forsake the job that is ahead of us in the next three years. As much as I have won my victory, each one of you, at every level in the Unification Church, must win your own victory. 

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