The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1986

Prayer at the Holy Wedding of the 36 Second Generation Couples

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1986

Dear Father!

Today, April 12, 1986, here at the Little Angels Center, I dedicate to You the first wedding of 36 Couples of the children of blessed families. Please accept it.

They have pledged before Heaven that now is the moment in which they, as good and eternal men and women of God's ideal world, will maintain an unchangeable determination to attend the will of Heaven and thereby guide their marriage relationship as true children of God. I know very well that their minds and bodies are not their own, but originated in Heaven. Therefore they were destined to be matched centered on love.

Since they have determined before Father to be man and wife eternally, please accept them as the center of proud families of the Heavenly Kingdom. Furthermore, in view of the completion of the 40-year wilderness course, they know that they now stand upon the foundation of restoration into Canaan, where they can establish the will of Heaven by knowing the will of the True Parents.

They have kept in mind that the organization of heavenly families, as well as the establishment of tradition for the heavenly clan, society, nation, and world should be accomplished by the second generation. Please let each of these couples supplement the inadequacies of the previous blessed families, beginning with the first 36 Couples; please prepare them to become prestigious husbands and wives who can be completely accepted by Heaven with love and pride.

Now these proud, eternal families are beginning -- families who will remember God's heartache and resentment, and resolve the resentment of True Parents who have been installed since the time of Jesus. Father, please take dominion over the minds and bodies of these children; please allow them to lay the foundation for themselves and for their families, and to be courageous, heavenly parents who can stand before all humankind. Father, I beseech you to lead and encourage them so that they can harmonize their whole lives with heavenly tradition and walk on the right path of their missions for the sake of all the people of the world.

Now in Seoul the first stage of IFVOC activity -- educating 120,000 neighborhood leaders -- is already finished. The second stage, in which we will focus our entire energy on the rest of the Seoul population representing the people of Korea, will begin as soon as this wedding ceremony is over. Please allow Your work for a historical transformation to go forward together with these children; please allow this wedding ceremony to open the door for these unchanging, heavenly soldiers to bring the whole city and the whole Korean people into Your bosom, as the earth and the spiritual world become one.

Please allow these children to become proud families of the second generation who can run forward at the front line in order to connect the people to what the True Parents want to give them on the foundation of their worldwide progress. I sincerely hope that You will allow these children to restore the inadequacies of their parents and be loved anew by Heaven. Let them become the proud 36 Couples who, by bringing many substantial results, can provide the way for their parents to be completely forgiven.

I eagerly desire that You connect this movement of heavenly destiny to the path of all the good spirit people in heaven and all the good descendants on earth so that all may walk together as one.

Beseeching You to let Your august power and glory be with these children, to let Your powerful teachings accompany them on their life course, and to let them become the families of hope You have always wanted, I dedicate these 36 Couples to You. The pride of the Unification Family at their wedding, which is the beginning of new families of the second generation, fills the entire universe.

Please accept all that I pledge with my very life, which I have proudly lived according to the call of You who are eternal. Thank you for accepting all this. I have prayed in the name of the parents of the 36 Couples.


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