The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1986

Prayer at the Holy Wedding of Un Jin Moon and Jin Hun Park

Sun Myung Moon
April 11, 1986
Translated by Gilbert Starr

The engagement prayer for Jin Hun Nim and Un Jin Nim.

Loving Father!

Today, April 11, 1986, the historical True Parents are conducting the Holy Wedding Ceremony of Un Jin Moon and Jin Hun Park in this place. Today is a day of commemoration.

We are not the only ones gathered here. Centering on God and with His assistance, a multitude of heavenly angels, countless saints, successive generations of our good ancestors, and especially members of the Unification Church who passed away are celebrating with us. The entire heavenly world is with us together in harmony to commemorate this day. I think that those of us gathered on earth and those gathered in the spirit world should be of one accord, and become one, at this time. I hope that by celebrating all together we can fulfill Heaven's blessing on earth. Father, I offer thanks to You for allowing us to celebrate this day.

I pray that the Unification Church with all its supporting groups can reach all throughout Korea and be connected to this place. I pray that the Unification Church members can be united into one heart all around the world at this time and gratefully celebrate together everywhere. Today the spirit world is harmonized with the earthly world, successfully harmonizing the past and present, as well as the whole universe. I am thankful that all of us can prosper by celebrating this day obediently in front of You.

Many historical circumstances have been overcome in order to reach this day. Since the day of the fall of the first human ancestors, You have trod the path of restoration through indemnity with extraordinary sorrow. For the sake of restoration You established Judaism and promised to send the Messiah. Due to ignorance, how- ever, Judaism could not receive him. It was later, through the foundation of Christianity, that You could establish the central point for spiritual salvation. For the last 2,000 years the blood of numerous faithful people has been shed upon this earth, as Christians longed for the Lord to return once again.

Today that foundation for victory is centered upon the American Christian cultural sphere. Immediately after World War II, if Unification members and Korea had become one, the whole world could indeed have become one; the time was right. Due to ignorance again, mankind could not receive me. Therefore I was destined to go through a history of sorrow, suffering the 40-year course in the wilderness. I was driven from the individual to the family, clan, national, and world levels -- even to the spirit world, where all evil spirits opposed me. Even though I was in such a difficult position and had to go through such a severe fight, I am so thankful that You guided me, Father, and that I was not ruined. Every time I faced difficulty You watched over me closely and advised me. I became a sacrifice over and over again, and flow after 40 years You have given me everything.

True Parents give their daughter Un Jin Nim a kiss at her wedding.

Many people thought that Unification Church members were destined to be forsaken and thrown into the ditch in disrepute by society. Instead, we have accomplished the national and worldwide standard of indemnity and set up the condition for the whole world to be unified centering on the name of True Parents. We have come to this point in time.

All the powers of this world, both religious and political, have come to Korean soil. This nation can become one if we can change the opinion and position of the people, starting with the intellectuals living in Seoul and reaching out to every neighborhood in Korea. Through our IFVOC movement, which is restoring the world of Cain, the first-born, the way is already being prepared.

The goal to unite Korea can be accomplished on the foundation of every available church member doing his best, even for just 120 days. Without this preparation, mankind cannot become one. Amazingly, we have reached such a critical, historical turning point.

Father, You are leading us and we are ready to dash forward, giving our very lives for the fulfillment of Your will. I pray that from this time on the capital city of Seoul will be bound to return to You by virtue of the results of Unification Church members.

Because of all the accomplishments of True Parents and True Parents' family, this couple can now be joined by Heaven's divine Blessing, and through this Holy Wedding Ceremony the second generation of blessed families can be established. Father, I am so thankful that it is Heaven's divine will and our historical destiny that Your Blessing be bequeathed. Father, thank you for bestowing Your grace on this Holy Wedding Ceremony.

Not only should Unification Church members remember this place; all of Korea must remember it. Even if South and North Korea and the democratic and communist worlds don't know this place now, they will all come to remember it in the future. Heaven and hell will become one in remembering this place. Most of all God and True Parents will remember this place. Father, I want to thank You from the bottom of my heart for Your assistance.

I know You feel so much regret that no one knows how many blessings Heaven has bestowed upon this earth. Only Heaven's representatives can grow and harvest these blessings. Father, I have offered my dedication from the individual, family, and clan levels, and now I dedicate this nation to You. I feel it is my sacred duty today to dedicate everything totally to You. We should all feel that we must go this way.

Now, centering on this couple that is now receiving Your Blessing, a new foundation for the Blessing of the second generation is erected. We must rise to the standard of world unification. Until it is achieved, it is the destiny of the second generation as true sons and daughters to follow the tradition of loyalty and filial' piety which their parents leave behind. It is our historical and divine calling to run to fulfill the course of world restoration. Because of the Blessing today, future generations will not have to endure persecution.

Even though South and North Korea are still divided at this time, we must progress centering on God in order to establish a realm of unification. We must be able to step over all evil and jump to victory. Through this ceremony we and God have connected the heavenly and earthly worlds. Father, we give all glory, praise, and power to You. As heavenly soldiers we must march forward to achieve Your world. Father, I thank You for making this such a memorable day.

Through the Holy Wedding Ceremony this couple can become one. With their new title, a time of heavenly, historical duty worldwide comes to lie ahead of us. We must achieve the standard of the original family. I earnestly ask that You happily receive this Blessing of the third daughter of the True Parents' family. Please join this couple through the destiny of their eternal Blessing.

Father, please let Heaven's love and protection be upon this couple's life; please let them be central leaders on this earth so that You can receive joy through them and their descendants.

Father, I thank You for Your approval of this ceremony; thank You for blessing this place. I am forever thankful with Heaven's heart. All these words I pray in the name of True Parents.


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