The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1986

The Day of Victory of Love Part 4 of 4

Sun Myung Moon
January 3, 1986
Seoul, Korea

Heung Jin Moon in 1982 at Hyo Jin Moon's wedding celebration at Belvedere.

From 1983 through 1985, Satan launched an all-out offensive against my family, which did not cease. Satan used every available tool to attack them. Hyo Jin strayed during this time because of satanic influence. One day he said he drove home from school but could not remember at all how he had driven home; to him those hours were a blank. Around the same time Hyo Jin had a vision: He saw a black car driven by a black driver speeding toward him. This vision came not once, but three times. Satan attacked in such ways as these.

Either that which remained to be indemnified historically or mistakes which blessed families had made allowed Satan to work. At that time, when we were connecting our worldwide progress with Korea, any indemnity for what had not been fulfilled on the national level had to be paid. Someone had to assume the position of enduring suffering centering on God's will to complete the indemnity. If nothing had happened to my family, then this nation would have been in tremendous danger.

The rally at Kwangju was the last phase of our national IFVOC campaign in December 1983. The rally was staged successfully despite government opposition. The auditorium was overcrowded, and more people were standing outside than inside. As the atmosphere at the rally grew more and more victorious, Satan could do nothing to stop it. He was perplexed and anguished, and as the rally drew to a rousing close, he struck Heung Jin.

Love at the Moment of Death

Heung Jin was driving down the highway [with the two sons of Mrs. Mal Sook Lee] when the accident happened. The usual response of any driver in an unexpected situation is a reflex action to save his own life. Heung Jin could have swerved to the left when the truck skidded across the median into his lane, but without panic he stayed spiritually centered and swerved to the right instead, letting the driver's side of the car collide with the truck. Why do you think Heung Jin risked his life? After thinking about his behavior, I could not help being deeply moved. I realized that he had saved the lives of Jin Bok and Jin Gil with great love and a sacrificial, altruistic spirit. People often talk about love and sacrifice, but at the moment of actually facing imminent death themselves, not many will sacrifice their lives and safeguard those they love; but Heung Jin did.

It was well known that Heung Jin especially loved the two Lee boys. He often studied and ate together with them. Heung Jin showed them a great deal of love because their father, who had faithfully followed God's will, had already gone to spirit world. In tears, both Jin Bok and Jin Gil testified to the love and sacrificial spirit that Heung Jin had showed at the moment of the accident. Now they are trying hard to inherit Heung Jin's heart and will so that they can make an important mark in history themselves.

I felt such joy and gratitude for Heung Jin's spirit of love at that moment of death. Heung Jin was not a loser; he was a great victor. The death he died on earth was not a death, but a Seunghwa toward the Kingdom of God. As his father I was deeply proud, and I congratulated his departure for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Satan did not know how deep Heung Jin's heart really was. He tested Heung Jin with death, thinking that he would only be concerned about himself. If Heung Jin had been saved instead of Jin Bok and Jin Gil, Satan would have attacked my family severely. Satan intended to accuse us, claiming that we were not qualified to be the central family of God's providence. After my absolute victory in Korea, however, Satan was baffled. He set the accident as a trap; it was his final, desperate tactic to invade.

My real problem was that the Unification Church and the rest of Christianity were not united. At that time Christianity was still opposed to me, and America was dragging me to court to hinder my activities. In order to totally indemnify the problems in America and Korea, my own family had to pay indemnity. Such indemnity was also needed for the spirit world.

Foundation of Heart

Up until now, those who have gone to the spirit world were not born of the lineage of True Parents. Today, we are in the age of worldwide restoration into Canaan, the completion stage of the providence, where the realm of the indirect dominion can become one with that of the direct dominion. Heung Jin is the only one who has gone to the spirit world on a foundation of heart that extends worldwide.

Heung Jin was born as the second son of the True Parents, on the heartistic foundation we established on earth. As Heung Jin grew, he became more and more deeply concerned about my security. Once he even said, "I don't know whether we should trust Father's security guards. I saw them sleeping during the Chicago ICUS. I will take responsibility myself to train blessed families for Father's security:' Some time later he said, "I will be just like a bulletproof wall for Father in case Satan tries to shoot him:' At the time I just laughed, but now I am deeply moved, remembering how he showed such great love and willingness to sacrifice himself.

My first son Hyo Jin is in Cain position; Heung Jin is in Abel position. The second son is always Satan's target. President Hyo Won Eu, the former president of the Korean Unification Church, was the second of the original three blessed couples. He was also attacked and went to spirit world. Satan attacked him because he thought President Eu was the one I loved best of all among the blessed couples.

Every event in the process of restoration through indemnity is not incidental but is based on providential necessity. Even Heung Jin's birth was extraordinarily difficult and painful for Mother; she was in labor for three days, and Heung Jin shared her birth pangs in the womb. Satan always tries to interfere with the second son, whom God loves. If Satan's accusations are strong and unceasing, even God has no choice but to allow the second son to be offered as a sacrifice.

By offering second sons to Satan, God has been paying indemnity throughout history. The year of 1984 was the second of the last three years in the 40-year wilderness course. In order to indemnify the wrongs of America, Christianity, the Unification Church, and the blessed families and their children, God did not stop Satan. Who could indemnify all those wrongs? You should know that even if all the blessed families had been sacrificed as indemnity, the payment would not have been enough. Only a member of my own family could pay the debt, and Heung Jin was offered.

My Promise to Heung Jin

When the doctor notified me of Heung Jin's passing, I made a promise to Heung Jin to hold the Unification Ceremony. If I had been an ordinary father I would have just lamented his sorrowful destiny. Instead, I held the ceremony to clear his way into the spirit world. I had to take responsibility to liquidate historical resentment for the wrongs which Judaism, Christianity, and Unificationism had committed.

The 40-day period after Heung Jin's passing corresponded to Jesus' resurrection period. The Holy Spirit came to earth 10 days after Jesus' ascension; therefore Heung Jin's wedding was held 10 days after his 40-day period was over. Through his spouse, Heung Jin can now relate perfectly with the earth, centering on the ideal of love. His ownership of conjugal love was established by and centered on parental love, so he can freely work on earth. All of this is according to the principle of creation.

Jesus walked the way of God's will, aiming to open the providence up from the national to the worldwide level. From the spirit world he could establish the foundation of tradition for the ownership of love, but he did not leave a physical foundation behind him on earth. Through Heung Jin, however, the foundation was laid for the entire earth to become one with the spirit world. Though he went to the spirit world, his ideal spouse is in the physical world; thus we can say that he is the first fully realized son of God to enter the spirit world.

Through Heung Jin's sacrifice, the original order of love between the elder brother and younger brother can be restored in front of God. Jesus, as God's substantial son who went to the spirit world before Heung Jin, should become one with him centering on love. Jesus is in the Cain position and Heung Jin is in the Abel position. Jesus can come to True Parents only by becoming one with Heung Jin.

On the foundation of their relationship a campaign has begun on earth for the rest of Christianity to become one with Unificationism. What was resolved in spirit world can now be resolved on earth. Therefore, other Christian ministers have begun to unite with the Unification Church. This foundation of unity must be connected at all levels, beginning with the individual, family, and clan levels; then we can march forward together into the national and worldwide realms.

Hoon Sook Nim with Father and Mother on an outing in the Korean mountains.

God-Centered Relationships

Now the nation of America can be influenced by the providence. Today the American Unification Church is in a position to influence American Christianity and all American citizens. Unificationists are standing on the front line, and Christian ministers are following them. Although the Unificationists are in the Abel position, they should put the Christian ministers before them in order for them to come to True Parents. The purpose of this is not so that they can make only a vertical connection to God; it is to open up the age of God-centered horizontal relationships among people.

Up until now, God's providence has focused on teaching people in both the Cain and Abel realms about their vertical relationship to God; it allowed them to stand on the spiritual foundation of others who devoted themselves to God's will. From now on, however, centering on True Parents, people must learn and establish a tradition of absolute obedience by developing a horizontal relationship with Heung Jin as Abel. Centering on him, past Christians, kings, loyal servants, exemplary wives, and good spirit people from our mission countries all around the globe should come back to earth for resurrection. The Principle is one -- unique and absolute in value both on earth and in the spirit world. But where should this Principle bring unity first? It must first bring unity on earth.

Jesus was able to return to earth only on the foundation of unity with the Holy Spirit, who has the power of ownership centering on love. Without the Holy Spirit, Jesus could not have a relationship with the visible substantial world, because he did not complete the heartistic foundation to gain such ownership while he was alive. Through whom do you think the qualification to gain the ownership of love will come today? It will come from God through Heung Jin. You should know that your own resurrection through the Second Coming is possible only when you set up the condition to receive substantial ownership of love through Heung Jin. These words that I speak about the providence are the Principle, and you should be able to go the right way by realizing the true meaning of my words.

What is the meaning of the Day of Victory of Love? Up until now the spirit world and the physical world have not been connected with each other centering on love. Instead, they have been disconnected, and Satan's dominion of death has prevailed. However, Heung Jin's sacrifice erected a tradition of love which spans both worlds, so that Satan can no longer freely dominate the experience of death. Now, since the Day of Victory of Love was established, a gate has been opened through which you can go directly to the Kingdom of Heaven rather than having to return to earth for resurrection. The foundation to create this unified realm centering on Jesus, Heung Jin, and True Parents was laid by virtue of the harmonized love of Heung Jin and Hoon Sook. The power of ownership centering on love was granted. By connecting with that unified realm, everyone can have a chance to go to heaven directly from earth. In other words, the realms of indirect and direct dominion have been completely unified.

Parental Love Can Overcome Death

Since a direct path from the earthly world to the heavenly world is now open, the age of the absolute realm of God can begin. Heung Jin went to open the door to the Kingdom of Heaven, so we should not be sorrowful about his departure. The three days following his death were a period of resurrection, and we had to be able to praise his victory; Mother should not have cried. Parental love should have a power which makes it possible to overcome even the death of a son. Through True Parents' unconditional love, all other providential requirements can be connected and the way can be opened for us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven freely.

Through Jesus' resurrection and return and the descent of the Holy Spirit, 120 apostles could be established on earth. Similarly, returning resurrection today is made possible by the fact that Heung Jin Nim was blessed during his own period of resurrection. Now that the substantial Holy Spirit is on earth, people of 120 nations in the spirit world who believed in Jesus while on earth can become one centering on Heung Jin. The restoration of Cain and Abel through the unity of Jesus and Heung Jin also makes returning resurrection possible. If the kings who ruled 120 nations while on earth come back to earth and become one in heart with the kings who are currently ruling in those nations, then the kings on earth will automatically come to be connected to the realm of True Parents' love. Therefore, the kings of every nation, their people, and other notable persons should be moved, even beyond their conscious intent, to join the Unification Church. Then all nations will be connected with each other centering on the king of kings.

Through the connection of all these nations to me, their historical responsibility and the worldwide course of indemnity will have been liquidated up to the completion stage. All conditions for Satan to accuse these kings and notable persons will have been indemnified, so they can be grafted to the absolute realm of love. The foundation for this was accomplished through my victory during the 120-day period after my release from Danbury. This means that we are already in the age in which there is nothing we cannot do centering on True Parents. Now the age of darkness has passed away, and the world is becoming bright. After the gray of dawn we will see the sun rising; the darkness will disappear, and a bright new world will come to us.

From now on, people of all nations will throng to the church. Due to the cooperation of spirit people, they will unwittingly be attracted to us. Centered especially on the second generation with their clean minds and personalities, a new history will unfold. From the moment the door of love between the spirit world and earth was opened, this historical movement could begin.

When Two Generations Unite

That door was blocked because up until now a relationship between you and a son of True Parents had not been established. In the substantial course, neither I as parent nor Heung Jin as son could open that door alone. It was when the two generations, parent and child, became one that the door could be opened. If John the Baptist had become one with Jesus, Jesus as Abel could have risen into the position of parent and the providence could have been fulfilled at that time.

Everything, including the wrongdoing of my children, was liquidated through my victory at Danbury. Now religious people in every corner of America are welcoming me. The flames of repentance from America are beginning to spread around the world.

I only speak to you after I have lived what I speak about. I do not speak any word without living it first. Whenever I have pushed you to do something, I have done so only after trying it myself and finding that it was possible. The words of God result in creation; when He speaks, there is already a predetermined result. Yet if human beings as His partners fail their responsibility, God Himself must take responsibility for them. Similarly, there is a predetermined result behind my words, but if my partners cannot fulfill, I must take responsibility.

You should know that I went to Danbury to also indemnify Hyo Jin's wrongdoing. Parents are responsible for the mistakes of their children. It is because I must indemnify wrong results that I am always concerned about Hyo Jin's behavior. Hyo Jin has not been healthy for several months. In order to get well, he must make a breakthrough in faith. There is no way to restore health without faith, and this law of indemnity also, of course, applies to Hyo Jin.

No one can ignore this law and avoid indemnity. That is the Principle. The Principle spares no one. Everyone must go through the process of indemnity, just as a student must complete all required courses in order to graduate.

You are in the Cain position and Hyo Jin, who is from the central family, is in the Abel position. My children have the birthright even though they were born later than you. Cain should recognize Abel as the eldest son in God's realm. From witnessing to Christians you know very well how difficult it is to subjugate people in the Cain position and bring them to God's side. Based on your understanding and experience you should become a good Cain who sincerely attends the central Abel on God's side. You should first become one with Heung Jin and through him become one with Hyo Jin. When the foundation of substance of the second generation is harmonized, all conditions to accuse the parents are liquidated. This is the natural and reasonable way to attain victory.

You Must Be Able To Say "I Won"

You should understand that the victorious foundation of the Unification Church today came from Heung Jin's costly sacrifice. Now you are in the age when you can establish unity within yourselves and with each other. From now on, you will not be persecuted; you will be able to receive all the benefits of the age if you just follow God's will and don't betray Him. In the Kingdom of Heaven there are already spaces reserved for you, and you are eagerly being awaited.

Your five percent dispensational responsibility was imposed upon you because the world has not yet become unified. Through home church you should gain the right of ownership centering on God's love, inherit all the indemnity conditions I have fulfilled during the 40-year wilderness course, and be recognized as victors. You must be able to say, "I won;' and have Satan as well as God notarize your proclamation.

Because you are able to know and attend your beloved True Parents, you can accomplish this. In order to inherit from them, however, you must be free of the nature of the false olive tree. You cannot just meet your own desires regardless of whether they are good or not. A person who behaves in this way has nothing to do with God but belongs to the satanic world.

Home church is the vehicle for you to be given the right to inherit all forms of love in the Kingdom of God. You, my children, and all of creation will be judged as to whether or not you qualify to own and be owned by God's love. Once everything in the universe comes to belong on God's side, the home church movement will no longer be necessary. Suppose 10,000 people in Korea do home church among 360 people each. Then each of the 360 people will not only be a home church member under his or her leader but a home church leader to 360 others at the same time. Eventually the whole world will be one home church.

If we fulfill the indemnity conditions to form this interlocking home church system, everyone can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Everything can be solved autonomously within the system itself; if a problem arises, it can be dealt with through discussion by the entire membership since everyone will be a co-leader. Everyone will be able to know, understand, love, share with, and be concerned about what happens to everyone else. Satan would never be able to affect such a community.

The Kingdom of Heaven will expand on the basis of home church, as home churches become one with each other centered on love. If home church grows from the family to the world level, then home church itself will be the Kingdom of God on earth. Therefore, the organization of home church is the alpha and the omega.

Establishing the Right of Ownership

The building of the Kingdom of Heaven horizontally will be based on the expansion of the right of, ownership centering on God's love. The realm on earth, where the alpha and the omega connect and God grants ownership, is the physical Kingdom of Heaven. That realm in spirit world is the spiritual Kingdom of Heaven. I have suffered all my life in order to establish the right of ownership centering on God's love worldwide. I believe I have finished everything by gaining victory over suffering in Danbury.

In the future there will be no persecution of the Unification Church. Now is the time for us to gain results according to the effort we put forth. Persecution is disappearing from Korea; it will completely disappear once our present three-year course is completed. From now on anyone who persecutes us will be subject to indemnity 10 or even 100 hundred times heavier than before. This is the age for restoration through indemnity on the horizontal level; therefore, everyone's actions are subject to immediate judgment.

Individuals and nations who persecuted me, as well as Christianity, will have to repent. The world is naturally supposed to come toward one point; it is now moving in one direction. You should understand the trend of this age exactly.

I established God's Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things to establish a standard for the ownership of love. You should be able to declare confidently before heaven and earth that you are God's son or daughter, centering on His love. You are not only the son or daughter of your physical parents: You belong to True Parents. You should remind yourselves of this unceasingly. You should call out True Parents' names, witness about them, and love them so eagerly that you forget about everything else. Otherwise the structure of your consciousness will not change and you will not truly be able to attend them.

The castle walls of Jericho collapsed when the people of Israel marched around the city, blowing their bugles, beating their drums, and shouting. Likewise you should shout, "I am a child of the True Parents! The granting of true ownership is at hand. Come quickly! Unless you listen to me, you will suffer great loss": When your cries reach beyond your neighborhood and all over your country, the walls of Jericho will collapse. Then the restoration of Korea and of all things will be fulfilled.

Never feel ashamed of working for God. I was not ashamed of myself in entering Danbury prison. I never cared that I was insulted by the jailers. I just did what I was supposed to do.

When I came to America I exerted myself day and night to fulfill my mission to witness. I have lived my whole life with the conviction that there was no on but me to witness to the truth about God. I traveled all around America to teach about God's heart and the Principle. You should know and inherit the tradition of God's love, Jesus' course, and my life course.

Heung Jin's Love Will Be a Light

Since the Day of Victory of Love was established through Heung Jin's sacrifice, you should think about him and love him. Now, on the foundation of his sacrifice, the second generation centering on Hyo Jin must stand up and go forward. This course of events was devised by the hidden work of God.

If Heung Jin had died in an accident as the son of fallen parents, he would have had no place to go in the spirit world. Through the Unification Ceremony, connecting the earth and the heavenly world, his life became eternal. This was possible because he was born of True Parents.

Before Heung Jin ceased breathing, I taught him how to reach his destination. I promised to hold a wedding ceremony for him and give him an adopted son. I asked him to go in comfort and happiness to the spirit world and assured him that his lineage would continue on earth eternally. I did not cry over Heung Jin's destiny, but I prepared every- thing so that he could live and be loved by the eternal God. So intense is the love between father and son.

Heung Jin thanked me for such great love, and departed. You should remember Heung Jin so that his love will be a light for you. You should do your best to fulfill your mission, firmly believing that even if you die in the process of following God's will in attendance to me, your blessings will be guaranteed. Go forward with a grateful heart, knowing that an eternal world is prepared for those who are sacrificed.

March forward following the model of my life. Never be disappointed in fighting Satan. Then you will surely win. I have never been disappointed in my own life course. When I was lonely or tired, I pushed myself to live aggressively for God without any shame so that God would not worry about me.

The way that Heung Jin left behind remains before you. Take responsibility to protect the True Parents. If you fulfill that responsibility, you will surely be connected to the realm of the ownership of love and become True Parents' inheritors. I hope that God's love and Heung Jin's love will be with you always on the path ahead. 

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