The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1986

God's Day 1986 Midnight Speech

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1986
Chung Pa Dong Church, Seoul, Korea

Our motto of faith this year is "The Creation and Building of the Kingdom of Heaven:' In order to establish the Kingdom of Heaven, the providential formula for the restoration of Cain and Abel must be applied.

If the first human ancestors Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have established the ideal of creation by becoming God's elder son and daughter. However, due to the fall, they lost that position. In order to help them regain their position, God has been conducting His restoration providence by working through Abel, the younger son.

Originally, the elder son should have possessed the authority of dominion over the younger on behalf of the parents, inheriting the lineage of the parents. But due to the fall, Satan invaded the elder son, who has been governing the younger from the side of Satan. Therefore, God has had to restore the birthright that Satan holds.

Restoration occurs by putting the elder in the position of the younger, and having him attend the younger. This cannot be achieved by physical force. The first human ancestors fell because they were attracted by satanic love, so it is impossible to restore the birthright without love that is deeper than Satan's love.

In order to obtain the elder's birthright, the younger son must pay indemnity by going through the reverse course. This is the Principle. But what kind of indemnity or price should be paid? The price should be paid through man's sacrifice. To be a sacrifice, one must have a heart of love, and be willing and grateful to shed blood.

In the Old Testament Age, by having animals shed blood, man tried to establish this foundation of indemnity and become one with God's love. This successfully opened the way for man to go forward to God by first becoming God's servant and later His adopted son. In the New Testament Age, Jesus tried to save man by coming to earth as the son of God. By what means did he try to fulfill the providence of restoration? By sacrificing himself.

Become a Willing Sacrifice

Christians should reach the level of Jesus, who loved his enemies even at the point of death on the cross. All the people who have passed away until now belong to the elder son's realm. Those who are born in the Last Days are in the younger son's position. In order to restore the birth- right, one should establish the condition of loving all people and all things which belong to the present. Without becoming a willing sacrifice there is no way to fulfill the standard of indemnity. Jesus even had to shed his blood and die on the cross. Today's Christianity does not know why Jesus came to earth and why he had to become a sacrificial offering.

God's providence for the restoration of the birthright began at the time of Esau and Jacob. When these brothers fought vigorously in the womb, their mother Rebecca asked God the reason why. God answered: "Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples, born of you, shall be divided; the one shall be stronger than the other, and the elder shall serve the younger" (Genesis 25:23). God already knew that the younger would one day achieve the elder's birthright When Esau was about to be born, Jacob followed close after him, grabbing his elder brother's ankle. Yet the restoration of the birthright not was accomplished by Jacob until the two brothers were adults. Later in the Bible, however, the restoration of the birthright was accomplished from the moment of birth when Perez and Zerah were fighting for dominion within their mother's womb. Zerah began to emerge first, but Perez pulled him back and Perez was born first, before the elder. On such a foundation of reversing the elder and the younger in the womb, Jesus came to be born.

Thus Jesus was born from a lineage in which the restoration of the birthright to God's side was successfully accomplished. The fact that Jesus could be conceived in Mary's womb means that the restoration of the heavenly elder's birthright, which Satan could not accuse, had been accomplished at conception. Mary's conceiving Jesus was possible based upon the foundation of restoration established in the womb, and enabled Jesus to inherit the 2,000- year foundation of Jewish tradition.

What is the difference between Jesus and the founders of other religions, such as Buddha, Confucius, and Mohammed? Jesus was the only one born on the foundation of reversing the birthright in the womb, so he alone could inherit the true tradition of God's lineage. This is the reason the Bible tells that he is the only begotten son of God. We should recognize that the words "only begotten son" have this historical background.

Attending the Bride

Jesus, who was born on the foundation of 2000 years of history, had to establish the foundation of one nation because the satanic world had already established the imperial nation of Rome. The Israelites were in the external Cain position and Jesus was in the internal Abel position. In order for the birthright to be restored on a national level, the Israelites should have surrendered to and obeyed Jesus.

There were two ways this could have been accomplished. One was for John the Baptist, who was Jesus' elder, to prepare the way for him -- to surrender to Jesus as a representative of Judaism. The other was for the elder to help Jesus find his bride and install her as the heavenly, true mother. Ultimately, however, the mother aspect of God manifested and worked as the Holy Spirit in Christianity. By going through the Holy Spirit in the position of mother, one could receive the Holy Son or bridegroom, and father.

The relationship between the Holy Spirit and the Holy Son is like that of the human body and mind. At the time of creation, God first created the body, and then breathed His spirit into each nostril. If the body, which is created first, is in the position of the elder, then the spirit is in the position of the younger. Without restoring the elder -- without the spirit taking dominion over the body -- God's will cannot be fulfilled. The whole providence shown throughout the Bible of bringing the elder and the younger together and reversing their positions is derived from this growth process in the indirect dominion.

The Lord of Second Advent can come when the elder and the younger are united centered on Christianity. Then both are ready to attend the mother. When God's providence reaches the point at which true children are to be born, He sends the Lord of Second Advent, who comes as the bridegroom, the perfected Adam. And in order for Adam to restore the fallen world, he must find his Eve. This is the moment when the true bride comes into being for the first time on earth. If Eve had not fallen, she would have become the true mother; thus, she also must restore herself to her original position.

The reason women have been despised and mistreated throughout the history of the providence is that they caused the fall and the formation of a sinful world. Therefore, in order to be liberated from such a situation, women should receive their original bridegroom and bear original children. Then they should guide their children to stand as the center of unity before God with children on Satan's side.

Eve should absolutely obey her husband in order to indemnify the fact that she failed to attend him in the course of the fall. This means that all people on earth, including Christians, should go to the Lord of the Second Advent in absolute obedience, as a bride receiving her original bridegroom.

Final Restoration of the Birthright

In relationship to other world religions, God developed the Christian cultural sphere as the younger who can have dominion over the elder. Christianity has been shedding blood in the attempt to unify all the religions throughout the world. The Christian religion and its cultural sphere are now considered to have finally achieved the restored elder's birthright through which the world can be governed. Because of this, the time has come in which Christianity can unify all other religions. Furthermore, because the Unification Church was founded later than Christianity for God's providential purpose, it stands in the position of the younger with the responsibility of restoring and governing Christianity.

Right after the Second World War, if Christianity as Abel and America as Cain had become one and attended the Lord of the Second Advent, America and the free world would have become one with True Parents. Then the free nations would have become brother nations centered on Christianity, and the entire world would eventually have become unified.

At that time, although America was in the position of world leader externally, Christianity was the real internal leader. This means that Abel was in the position of governing Cain. If Christianity and America had united, mankind could have attended the groom after finding a bride for him. If one attends the bride, one can also receive the groom.

The bride is to become the mother. America and Christianity should have united in absolute oneness to receive the father by attending the mother. On that foundation, the kind of family God desires would have been established. Then, based on that family, the society, nation, and world that God wants to see would have been automatically built. The children's desire alone cannot enable a new human history to begin. Only when parents and children become one in a family can the Kingdom of Heaven be created.

The relationship between Korea and America right after the Second World War was similar to that between Israel and Rome respectively; however, America had inherited the tradition of Israel. Although the pagan nation of Rome tyrannized Israel and tried to destroy it, the godly nation of America should have assisted Korea to become a leading nation of the world. In doing so, America could have indemnified the failure of the Israelites to establish a foundation to unite with Jesus.

Instead of uniting under the will of God, Korean Christians united in persecuting our church. If the administrations of Ehwa and Youn Se universities -- representing the first generation of Christianity -- had accepted and united with the students who became Unification Church members -- representing the second generation -- instead of dismissing them, the government of Korea would have surrendered to the Unification Church. If the Christians in the Abel position had been united among themselves, the government, in the Cain position, would have become one with them automatically. If the Korean government and Christianity had followed God's providence and accepted True Father and his bride, a God-centered four-position foundation would have been formed at that time. Korea would have become a nation centered on restored Christianity. The ideal of the True Parents would have begun on that strong foundation. That would have been the take-off point for one unified world to begin.

If the American missionaries centered in Korea had been able to become one among themselves, and if the nation of America had been able to become one with those missionaries, then Korea and America eventually could also have been united.

On God's Day evening, the True Children are the highlight of the entertainment at the Little Angels School.

I Had To Take Responsibility

Instead, President Syngman Rhee, Mary Park, who was a powerful person under him, and Helen Kim, the president of Ehwa University, became the key persons who persecuted Father. This persecution led to his imprisonment. Syngman Rhee and Mary Park later died miserable deaths. Because of the opposition of the government and Christianity, I had to go to jail. Everything was lost, and the providence of indemnity to relieve God's grief and pain from 6000 years of history had to begin again.

When I knew that the foundation of faith for the Second Coming had collapsed, what was my responsibility? I had to take all the responsibility -- not only for Korea and for Christianity -- but also for America.

However, I had to deal with that matter the worldwide level because I had not been able to save Korea and Christianity on the family or national level. This is the reason I went to America and fought there for 13 years, despite rejection and persecution. In order to pay enough indemnity I had to carry the cross of imprisonment in America, as I did in Korea.

American Christianity had to be divided into Cain and Abel in order to indemnify its historical failure. I engaged in a battle in America in order to unite the Unification Church on the Abel side and the rest of Christian America on the Cain side.

Our church has been undergoing the tribulation of the cross for 40 years. I have found that the discrimination and prejudice of Americans towards foreigners is enormous. They publicly express their superiority and hostility towards foreigners. Even so, I cannot treat them as enemies. If I did, I could not win their hearts.

I have been fighting for 13 years in America in order to carry out my historical mission. The fact that one is rejected by others also means that one can be automatically in the position of rejecting others. But because of my vindication through the Danbury course, even if I reject the world, the world cannot reject me. In that sense, being persecuted is not always bad.

In following God's will, we should never try to escape from persecution and rejection. We should confront even more boldly those who persecute us. The reason the Unification Church could make such progress is because it did not run away from persecution but, rather, has always confronted it.

My strategy is to be beaten first, without justification. I am a good fighter even physically, but I choose to be attacked in the beginning. The person who finally wins the fight with the satanic world is the one who can tolerate being beaten more than anyone else. Yet the communists do not know this truth and only like to attack first.

Now I am fighting against the communists on the world level. Although they are attacking me, they will eventually retreat. That will happen because I am being willingly beaten without directly confronting them.

You may wonder how anyone can just tolerate being beaten in a fight, but you should just endure no matter what, until the beater is tired of beating. The reason you must tolerate being beaten is not to lose, but to win. The strategy I have been continuing in America is to win through being beaten. America, as part of the Christian cultural sphere, rejected and persecuted the Unification Church. However, by loving her with more force than she could oppose me, I reestablished the Christian cultural sphere which previously could not fulfill its historical responsibility in America.

Because America and established Christianity did not accept me, Korea was divided. In 1948, three years after South Korea was liberated from Japan, South Korea and North Korea established separate governments. At the same time the world became polarized into the democratic world and the communist world. Democracy formed an individual, family, nation, and world in the position of Abel and communism formed an individual, family, nation, and world in the position of Cain.

The divided democratic world and the numerous Christian denominations are symbolic of the 12 brothers of Joseph or the 12 tribes of Israel. My mission is to unite all of these denominations. Joseph's brothers tried to deceive and kill him. However, through the work of God, Joseph went to Egypt and became the prime minister. He eventually saved his brothers and his father on the foundation that he established in Egypt.

When I was opposed and beaten by Korean Christianity, I felt pain, but despite the pain, I endured all the difficulties. Then I went to America, which is like Egypt, in order to save her. I went there with the heart of Jesus who had established the foundation of spiritually saving humanity through his death on the cross. Now I have to connect the successful foundation I established in America with Korean Christianity.

By Jesus' crucifixion, the physical foundation of the individual, family, tribe, and nation that God had been establishing for 4000 years was lost, and furthermore, God's ideal of building His nation on the earth was never realized. Jesus' disciples scattered at his death, but I did not lose my family, and I was able to reestablish Christianity in America. All the Unification Church members have walked the path of hardship, in a symbolic prison without iron bars, with the same heart as mine. This is the reason I could be triumphant.

By being imprisoned in Danbury, I brought the entire Abel sphere into oneness. What should I do next? The only work left is to bring it into oneness with the Cain sphere.

Becoming One through the Mother

On the foundation of the unity of Cain and Abel, the brothers should attend the mother, the Holy Spirit. Jesus' followers were united when Jesus was resurrected, and on that foundation, the Holy Spirit could descend. Likewise, based on the unity of the Cain and Abel worlds, the Holy Spirit can descend today.

Cain and Abel should go through the process of becoming one, returning to the womb of the mother. This means that Cain and Abel should become true brothers in the restored position of elder and younger before their mother.

In today's world, the elder is on the side of Satan and the younger is on the side of God. Therefore, their responsibility must be to share the blood and flesh of the same person centered on God's love. They should inherit the same lineage through their mother's love united with God's love.

Then finally Cain and Abel can be united and can restore symbolically the 70 elders and the 120 followers of Jesus. The tradition in which Cain attends Abel in absolute love should be erected, and that should be done by Unification Church members first.

God's love must connect to us from the mother's womb. Only when we are connected with our parents' lineage can we enter God's Kingdom. Although other Christians might think that their faith is absolute, they can never go to the Kingdom of Heaven without knowing this principle. This means that in this age you cannot go to heaven with faith alone. If you want to go to heaven, you should demonstrate the heart of absolutely loving and attending Abel.

Christian faith is to be established by the work of the mother aspect of God, the Holy Spirit. Such a standard of faith is the standard for salvation prior to the second coming of the Lord. And in the Last Days, one should receive Jesus, the bridegroom, through the mother. Do today's Christians have parents? They do not even know who their parents are. Even though True Parents have come, they do not know them.

I will fulfill my responsibility to unite the communist world with the democratic world in my lifetime. I can do so because I have inherited the foundation that Christianity has already established, by shedding my blood. Through my victory, the foundation of worldwide unification is already being formed, centered on Christianity. When the rest of Christianity becomes one with the Unification Church, the work that remains to be done by Christianity is to become one with the communist world. Satan cannot invade the place where Christianity and the Unification Church are united. Even the ministers of America know that the only place they can go in the future is to the Unification Church; they will all eventually come to us. The line formed by Christian ministers from all over the world who will want to come and visit the True Parents will be very, very long.

Young Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim, the central figures presiding at East Garden on God's Day, cut the celebration cake.

A Way of Salvation Is Being Opened

Already much time has passed since 1945; the established Christian churches and America have since lost the value of God. Materialism and sexual promiscuity are prevalent everywhere in society, and communist power is growing all over the place like poisonous mushrooms. Today's America is situated in a position from which she cannot be saved without going through the terrible pain of transformation.

Through the unity between American Christianity and the Unification Church, a way of salvation for America is now being opened. The democratic world will soon realize that it cannot solve its numerous problems alone and everyone will want to come to Korea to see me.

Although Korea and Korean Christianity persecuted me, I have returned to Korea, upon my victory in America, with the gift of love. I came back as Abel to Korea as Cain. Now, in every place in Korea and in Korean Christianity a fresh breeze will blow. That breeze will become a typhoon and soon it will blow all over the world.

To welcome my return, distinguished guests from various fields and leaders from many religious groups gathered together. Former presidents and prime ministers from several countries and many honorably people came to see me. Such an event is unprecedented in human history. Korea and Korean Christianity have arrived at the point where they can recognize me from a new perspective. Now I stand in the place where I can represent the world. The reason I am here today is because I established a tradition for God's Kingdom and His providential standard.

In this New Year, I have a mission to bring a final victory in our VOC activities. In order to fulfill the dream of God's Kingdom, everyone will have to accomplish his or her responsibility in his or her own field.

Correct Order of Mind and Body

Only when the correct order of mind and body is established will the ideal for the Kingdom of Heaven be achieved. In the fallen world, the mind is ruled by the body. For this reason endless battles are taking place, and unrighteousness and immorality are permeating every corner of society. This happens because the body does not obey the mind.

Because of the disunity between mind and body, fighting goes on within the individual, between husband and wife, between parents and children, among tribes, and among nations. In order to end these battles, the mind and body should become one. The people of today should attend the True Parents, and their wrongs should be corrected through God's love. Without this, they can never stop fighting against each other, since they cannot control themselves.

In order to become a member of the Unification Church, one should absolutely obey the True Parents and attend them, uniting his body and his mind. One should stand in the position to be engrafted to the True Parents through God's love. Then the path for a man and a woman to be perfected as God's true children will be open. Such a man and woman should be in the position of restored elder and younger respectively and become parents by having beloved children of their own.

The fall caused Adam and Eve to become a false couple centered on Satan. For this reason, in today's world, men despise and show contempt for women by manipulating them through false love. By the suffering of women, Eve's sin of seducing Adam to fall can be indemnified.

In the Unification Church, men should never insist upon their superiority over women. A blessed man and wife are merely partners of love towards each other. The Unification Church has a tradition that a blessed man is to be in the position of servant before his wife for three years, during which time the husband should absolutely obey his wife in love. This is so because the history in which women were mistreated should be indemnified. All of you should know this principle clearly.

Originally, if all Koreans had become brothers by inheriting the tradition of attending the True Parents, Korea would have become the elder on the worldwide level. America would have become one with England who is in the position of mother to America, and the entire democratic world would have become one.

When the Second World War was over, the nations on Satan's side did not have any place to go. The defeated nations were to have united with either Korea, America, or England. If Japan, Germany, and Italy had united with these nations, it would not have been difficult for the whole democratic world to be as one.

However, due to the opposition of Christianity and America's failure to fulfill her own responsibility, I carried all those responsibilities myself and walked the path of indemnity. Because of my concern over the providence of bringing this world into oneness, I have become very interested in China during this decade.

In the world today, a chapter of the creation and building of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is opening. The building of heaven begins from the point at which Cain and Abel, and the spirit world and the earthly world, become one.

This year will be a providential one. This is the year in which Cain and Abel will become one. On that foundation, the Soviet Union and China will become one. Through this, earthly hell will be transformed into heaven.

On December 19, China declared a new seven-year plan for economic development in which she strongly encouraged foreign investment in the field of heavy industry, especially automobile manufacture. China has finally begun to pay attention to the national economic boom that has been taking place lately. She has begun to be actively engaged in diplomatic relations with Western nations regardless of their ideological differences. Although she is still maintaining her original, hardline attitude in political and religious fields, she is expanding communications in the areas of economics, culture, and sports.

China has a larger territory than America, and her population is one quarter the size of the entire world population. Also, it is true that China has had an intimate relationship with Korea throughout a long period of history. Today, the world is striving to open and maintain an international trade relationship with her because of her huge potential market.

Jeung Jin Nim, True Parents' youngest child.

A Grave Responsibility

We have a grave responsibility to build God's Kingdom on earth by spreading our missionary work even to the communist world. If we can benefit the Chinese economically, God's Kingdom will spread. I have known that such a time would come, and we have been making preparations for this for a long time.

When we built the Tong Ii industry, the members seemed to be extremely discontented, thinking that we would only lose money. It is true in a way, but they see only the trees without being able to see the forest. If they could foresee the progress of the providence, they would not have such a viewpoint.

I know what kind of outcome will result by seeing things in advance. People think that whatever business we start will end up in failure, but that is such a narrow viewpoint. When you look at these businesses from a short-term view you might be right, but if you wait and see after a decade or one hundred years, you will see that you were wrong. Why would they fail when they are protected by God as providential projects? The people's initial response towards the Tong II industry was negative, yet that project can be an important means of pursuing our missionary work.

If you launched a rocket towards the east because the moon rises from that direction, the rocket would not be able to reach the moon, and it would just wander in space. Do you realize this truth? If the moon rises in the east, you should launch a rocket towards the west. Do you understand why I am telling you this? Do you know how frustrated I am? You should understand my inner situation.

In order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, what kind of position should we maintain in attending True Parents? We should become people of the original standard through the unity of our mind and body, with our mind as the elder and our body as the younger. If we don't, then how can we go the path of loyalty and filial piety and enter the Kingdom of Heaven? If we truly intend to enter Heaven, we should deeply respect and follow the True Parents with our body obeying our mind.

Even after having joined the church, if we falsely attend the True Parents, constantly complaining, we should leave. If our body rules our mind, we cannot be considered true Unification Church members. A Unification Church member should be the kind of person whose character can freely control his flesh.

If you cannot accomplish your own small responsibility, you will become a sinner forever before history. Therefore, in the year 1985, all the members of the church were mobilized and tried to bring God's Kingdom to earth. By so doing, we should bring the era of Rev. Moon to the worldwide level, the era in which people all over the world will want to come to visit me. To bring in the era of Rev. Moon is impossible without working very hard at it.

On God's Day, while the rest of the True Family is in Korea, Young Jin Nim, Hyung Jin Nim, Yeon Jin Nim, Jeung Jin Nim, and Shin Jeung Nim faithfully hold pledge service at East Garden.

The Timing of the Providence

Do you think that night changes into day merely with the chiming of a bell? We think so simply because we are used to a clock telling us time. But I instinctively know when day is coming. Because of that, although I am sitting still, I can predict all the coming events in the world. With this ability, I am already achieving a victory which will be able to bring unity to the world. Unless you know the timing of the providence, you will cause your own demise.

Until the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven you should absolutely obey me. Otherwise, you will not be able to spiritually survive. Therefore, until God's nation is established, you should establish your own God-centered family.

The family-level Kingdom of Heaven should begin with the True Parents, and next be expanded to their children. You should go through the same course and should move forward toward the national level and the worldwide level following the principle of the True Parents. God loves people with such a standard. If you don't become the kind of children who can absolutely obey all the teachings of the True Parents and teach that tradition to your own children, you will perish.

Although you say you are following God and the True Parents, there are those among you who are complaining about every single thing I do. I know this well. But you should not become a burden to me; I am walking a lonely path as a pioneer for the fulfillment of the Will.

When I think of the people who are accusing me and the church after leaving because they could not endure the hardships in their life of faith, I feel indignant. If they are people of integrity, they should at least pursue their will to the end no matter what. If it is too difficult to go on, it would be better for them to rest for a while until they feel more strengthened. But instead, when they do all kinds of things against me in a cowardly way behind my back, when they once had pledged to die for me, I feel deeply sad.

I started the path of restoration from the bottom because Satan attempted to block everything I did from all directions -- north, south, east, and west. In order for me to fulfill my responsibility, I had to turn everything around 180 degrees. Until this standard is met, I will just watch those faithless ones, leaving them to do whatever they want to. But once I reach my goal, they will have to pay indemnity for what they did.

Until now, anyone could persecute the Unification Church, but from this year, as we are entering the new era, that cannot be allowed. If someone continues to do so, although I might forgive him, Heaven will never forgive him.

From this time on, I am in the position of leading the world with absolute love. If I appoint someone to sing a song, he or she should accept my desire without refusing it. This does not mean that I will become a tyrant. I am a person who only lives for the fulfillment of love centered on goodness.

Look in my eyes. If I had not become a man of God, I would have become a tyrant. My heart is burning like fire with righteousness and it is hard for me to tolerate unrighteousness.

I hope you will not hurt my feelings in the future by committing the kind of follies I mentioned above. I hope that those who have done such things and caused me pain in my heart will stop doing them from this day forward. You should keep in mind that such bad habits will only bring you misfortune and cause an undesirable impact on your life.

Even if everyone left the church and only one person remained, I would still establish the correct order. So far, I have endured all the unreasonable rejection and persecution, but from this year on, I will pick out those who have committed wrongs and chastise them. Even my own children will not be exempt.

Because 1986 is a significant year, a year in which we should establish the Kingdom of Heaven, we should refresh our hearts and minds. We should erect a new tradition and order, destroying all our evil habits and customs. The year 1986 should be a new, fresh year.

From this time on, we should begin to build God's Kingdom. You should first build a kingdom on the individual level and then on the family level. Based upon that, the Kingdom of Heaven should be extended to the nation, the world, and further to the cosmic level. I hope that 1986 can be the powerful beginning point for the realization of this goal, so that this year can be forever remembered by God, True Parents, and all of you.

Let us pray.

Beloved Heavenly Father!

Please stimulate the people of disloyalty, who are leading shameful lives before Your will and providence, to become children of filial piety. I have advised them that they should now seriously begin to indemnify all the wrongs they have committed in the past centered on the unity between mind and body, on the individual level and on the family level. No one should forget how tirelessly I have been trying to expand the scope of my work to the worldwide level for 40 years, waiting for this great day.

I earnestly hope and pray that such an endeavor can be returned to You, and that You may achieve the fulfillment of Your will -- the accomplishment of the fruitful standard of value on the individual, family, tribal, national, and world levels.

We are now standing on the threshold of a new providence, leaving the old year of 1985 behind and entering into the new year of 1986. Please guide Your children to remember all the advice I have given them this morning so that they may lead the kind of life they will not be ashamed of, and have them build Your Kingdom on earth.

I pray that they can be the members of the Unification Church who can encourage themselves by their own will and march forward for the completion of the providence. I pray that not only those gathered here but also all the members in other countries, all the conscientious people in the world, and all good spirit people in the spirit world will support each other in marching towards the same direction, in accordance with the new dispensational fortune. Let all of Your desires be fulfilled.

I pray in the name of True Parents.


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