The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1986

Creation and Building of the Kingdom Of Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1986, 10:00 am
God's Day Speech
Chung Pa Dong Church
Seoul, Korea

The year 1986 has started. This year's motto is "Creation and Building of the Kingdom of Heaven." The reason God's providence started on earth was because man fell. Therefore, God's providence has been the providence of salvation, to restore what was lost. It is God's regret, creation's regret, and mankind's regret that the ideal living environment was not realized. In Romans 8 it is written that the creation has been groaning in travail. Not just the world of creation groans, but also the Creator. If God's ideal of creation had been realized then no one would have to ask about the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven; it would have been automatically realized centering on true love.

In order to form the Kingdom of Heaven there has to be original true parents centered on God, God's eldest son and daughter. They do not reach perfection immediately but have to go through a growth period until they reach maturity. In the beginning Adam and Eve did not have much understanding, but as their intellect developed, they could see that, in nature, everything lives for the sake of others. All things of creation come in pairs. In the mineral world molecules cannot escape from having give and take with each other. It is the same for the plant world and the animal world. They would see that the give and take motion of pairs always creates new life. As Adam and Eve understood the laws of the created world they would have formed an axis centering on God and would have originated the ideal way of life.

From the angels Adam and Eve could find out the facts about the spirit world and could understand their relationship with God. The more you mature, the more your senses draw you nearer to the awareness of love. When you know love, everything awakens within you. Not only do you come to know the physical world more deeply but your spiritual eyes open and you can come to know the multi-dimensional world and can face God directly. But before their sense of love developed, Adam and Eve had an immoral relationship and fell.

God Needs an Absolute Object

The reason why man was created was for God to feel stimulated and happy. God lacks nothing except one thing -- love. Even though He created the idea of love, and has the nature of love within Him, He cannot receive the stimulus of love. It is the law of circular motion that, in everything, love comes through the object. The earth's magnetism symbolizes this. Magnetic power passes through the north and south poles, manifesting this law of the universe in form and symbol. Because of this principle, if God wants to be able to love, then He has to create an object being. Since all things touched by love want to be eternal, absolute God needs an absolute object.

Adam and Eve's natural tendency as God's absolute objects was to love God first. God is the parent and Adam and Eve are His children, and so in their deepest hearts the starting point of their love is not love for each other but love for the parent. Also in God's heart, the starting point of His love is not Adam and Eve's conjugal love but His heart of love towards His children. On the foundation of vertical love the horizontal love line should be drawn. In the four position foundation, the matured man and the matured woman must make an absolutely horizontal subject-object line and meet the vertical parent-child line at a precise 90 degree angle. In that way, the love of God is connected to the earth.

Passing through the juncture of the two lines, God can go anywhere-360 degrees. Through that center children's love, man's love, and woman's love can go anywhere. The middle point is the focal point of all action and is connected to the whole universe. True love spreads out centering on that point. When you go into this center point and run into love, then you can form a complete global unity.

God cannot separate Himself from this point and perfected man also cannot leave this place even if he wanted to. God wants this point to be the stopping place for the ideal love of a husband and wife. In mankind's history, has there ever been such a stopping place for love? Because of the fall there is no such place. If such a stopping place came into being, then we would want to pass through that point first wherever else we wanted to go.

If the subject and object go into the center point and meet, what happens? During a storm when there is lightning, you will hear thunder, which is the phenomenon of a positive charge and a negative charge running into each other. This phenomenon symbolizes nature's invisible power of love and displays the ability of love to dominate all things. Has anyone seen love? Like electrical charges, you can feel love but no one has seen love.

The Highest and Deepest Thing

The deepest, widest, and highest line must be the straight center line of God's parental love. In your heart, you have this desire for God's love as part of your original nature. Everyone wishes for the highest and the deepest thing as well as the best thing. God's favorite thing is the place of love. He wants to build a palace of love in the midst of creation among His sons and daughters, and rest there. No one has ever known that. Most Christian theology today teaches that only the absolute God as Creator is holy and that all things of creation are dirty. That is because they do not know God's love.

The fall means that the center line was not firmly established at a 90 degree angle. If Adam and Eve had united horizontally at a 90 degree angle to the vertical line and reached the center point, then there would be no way they could have gone off the track. They would have collided in love, exploding like a flash of lightning, and there would never have been such a thing as the fall. They would have felt a bright light as their spirit and body became one.

Human beings are created in pairs. What power makes the two become one? Even if we used a compressor and forced the two to become one, they would still separate. But centering on the power of love they will never separate. All things that are complete, good, and valuable require and are based on love. To the person who helps you and loves you with a sincere heart, would you like to return his help a hundred fold or would you keep 10 percent and give him only 90 percent back? The only way you can return something a hundred times over is by the power of love.

You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven if you do not find the completion of your love. God cannot yet be in the Kingdom of Heaven because He did not realize the kingdom of love that He idealized. God stands on an incomplete place. Until the day man finds the standard of God's long-cherished ideal and God can say, "You are my eternal object -- with you I can be eternally happy;" the Kingdom of Heaven remains empty.

God wants to feel the love of Adam and Eve one hundred percent, and His children also want to feel God's love one hundred percent. Every person is the result of a father's and a mother's love together. A son and daughter want to feel their parent's love one hundred percent, a wife wants to feel her children's and her husband's love one hundred percent, and a husband wants to feel his children's and his wife's love one hundred percent. But is there any man on earth who has experienced one hundred percent love from his parents, his children, his spouse, or his brothers and sisters?

God's love should have reached the center point and be received by humankind, but it did not reach us, so we need to receive a new injection. We need rebirth. What is the principle of rebirth that Christianity talks about? Since you cannot return to your mother's womb, you must instead be engrafted onto the true olive tree, become part of the body and heart of the true olive tree.

The Base for the Kingdom Of Heaven

I Corinthians 3:16 says that we are God's temple. Why does a man need a wife? Why does a woman need a husband? Because that is where the house of love is. Why do children long for parents and parents long for children? Because that is where the house of completed love is. From this viewpoint, it is a great discovery that the Principle is based on the four position foundation of the family.

The family is the base for the Kingdom of Heaven. A father and mother have to appear who can stand in the object position to God and who can love as God loves. Did your father and mother stand in the object position to God and receive God's love and give birth to children with true love? You are sons and daughters born after the fall. There is no seed after the fall. You are like a dried-up chestnut hanging on a tree; when you open it there are no seeds inside -- nothing. Has anyone received a passing grade in God's love and gotten a visa to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Even Jesus is in Paradise, the waiting room for those who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

God was waiting in His heart for Adam and Eve to mature, but they fell and failed to become true parents. There could not be any true children because no true parent appeared. Thus God unfolded the providence of separating good and evil through Cain and Abel.

The person who is less evil than the other stands in the Abel position, on God's side. In an individual, the side that is less evil is one's conscience, and the side that is more evil is one's body. Those who belong to a religion are nearer to God's side than those who do not.

You should have received God's blood lineage, but you received Satan's blood lineage. Because of that, individuals, families, societies, nations, and the world became separated. How are we going to solve the fundamental problems of the world? You must dominate yourself before you can dominate the world. You must overcome the desire for sleep, food, and sex. A doctor cannot make a sick person well. He can give you a prescription and treatment, but it is you who have to follow the directions and get well. Your body and mind have to become absolutely one. Could gold or the chance to hold the presidency take precedence over this?

God cannot decide who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. If God pulled someone to His side at random then Satan would immediately accuse Him: "You can dominate those who have achieved Your standard and have become one with You, but You cannot take those who failed the standard and are within the boundary of the fall. They are in my domain!' God would have no reply, because we are all bound to Satan's blood lineage. For this reason Paul cried out, "I see in my members another law at war with the law of my mind and making me captive to the law of sin which dwells in my members. Wretched man that I am!"

The Way Of Denial

There is a course to follow in order to win the battle between good and evil. God has raised up countless religions throughout history which have taught the way of denial. Why is denial necessary? If you deny your attachment to Satan's world, then you come nearer to God's side.

Does anyone like to sacrifice and deny himself? Though I am the most responsible person in the Unification Church, I myself do not like the way of denial. But there is no other way. Jesus said the first commandment is, "Love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind'? If you love God more than anyone else, then does this mean you can make an J exception with your body?

What is the second commandment? "You must love your neighbor as yourself!' Because of the fall, Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel were lost. If Cain had loved his younger brother more than his own body then he could have embodied God's love. But because of the fall, the two brothers came to fight.

Satan always attacks first. If someone injures a person who did not take any offensive action, then the attacking person is on the side of evil. If the older brother hits the younger brother and makes him cry, the mother and father will go to the side of the younger. The person who receives the injury will get support, protection, and compensation.

What is the difference between God's strategy and Satan's strategy? Satan will hit, then he will lose everything. God's side will receive the blow and get compensation Religions throughout history have prospered in the midst of persecution because of this principle.

Christianity received 400 years of persecution from the Roman Empire but prospered on the world level because it received protection from God. The Unification Church received 40 years of persecution but prospered because it has carried out God's strategy. Those who continue to persecute Rev. Moon and the Unification Church will decline within a few decades. If you can't believe this then you should kneel down and pray to God about it.

For two thousand years Christianity survived and prospered amidst torture and death, but suddenly, after World War II, Christianity deteriorated rapidly. Why? It is because the established churches tried all kinds of ways to destroy the Unification Church and Rev. Moon. However, loving parents do not seek revenge; I know how much God raised up the established churches and I know the historical sacrifice of many Christian martyrs. My desire is that Christianity should survive, and prosper once more, and that we should join together in a great banquet, like a birthday celebration for God.

The Formula For Parents To Appear

With what formula will create and build the Kingdom of Heaven? The Kingdom of Heaven can only come from a true mother and a true father. If there is no foundation for Cain and Abel to become one then the parents cannot appear, but if the two brothers become completely one the parents appear. Forty days after Jesus' resurrection, the 12 and the 70 lost disciples became one and then they met the Holy Spirit, the mother aspect of God.

In order to restore the Cain-Abel relationship, the younger brother has to reverse and restore the standard of the elder brother; otherwise, God's love cannot be experienced. Satan must be dominated by man, and cannot dominate man.

When the younger brother subjugates the elder brother with love, then the crime that the elder brother committed against the younger brother will become obvious to him and the elder brother will go back to his parents through the younger. You become the master if you persevere centering on love. True love has the ability to occupy the center.

In order to subjugate Satan man must stand in the restored eldest son's position. Then we can turn the world upside down with a higher love than the love from Satan's world.

In the story of Jacob and Esau, why is the birthright of the elder taken away? Why did the younger brother receive the blessing? Because the correct order has to be restored. Rebekah prayed when Jacob and Esau were struggling together within her, and God said, "Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples, born of you, shall be divided. The one shall be stronger than the other and the elder shall serve the younger': It was the same for Tamar's children, Perez and Zerah.

The formula of Cain and Abel applies everywhere. In order to establish the Kingdom of Heaven we must find parents, but until we find the oldest and the second oldest sons who are completely united on God's side, there is no way to find the parents. The family, centering on the parents' love, should create a solid foundation in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. To assemble this foundation has taken God 1,500,000 years (not merely 6,000 years as providential history is expressed in the Bible). In the Last Days, as we move towards one world of harmony, there is desperate fighting between the elder son, which is the communist world, and the second son, which is Christian culture. The returning Christ has to unite these two; otherwise he cannot create and build the Kingdom of Heaven and stand in the parental position. The brothers alone cannot create and build the Kingdom of Heaven. Centering on God, the True Parents' absolutely unconditional love will start the Kingdom of Heaven.

Restoration goes in the reverse way -- from servant of servants to servant to adopted child to stepchild to true child. Next comes the restoration of the mother, and then the father has to be restored. Christianity, in the position of bride, has to embody the quality of the mother and embrace the world. The time for this providential moment rushed in right after World War IL Why did the victorious countries give independence to all the defeated countries? Because the time was coming for a period of international brotherhood.

On January 2, 1986, Korean district leaders meet at Heung Jin Nim's burial site at Pa Joo, north of Seoul.

When Body And Spirit Are One

While communism and democracy coexist as enemies the parents cannot come. Only when they become one can parents appear. When your body and spirit in the position of Cain and Abel become completely one, then the heavenly parents can dwell within you spiritually. When you come to the Unification Church you should achieve unity between Cain and Abel; otherwise you should not be attending here, for that is the base for building the Kingdom of Heaven.

The individual Kingdom of Heaven comes when your body and spirit become completely one and are caught by the Holy Spirit, the feminine aspect of God. If you do not long for your father Jesus, then the connecting line of God's love will not reach you through the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, "You cannot become my disciple if you love others more than me:' We must fulfill this word of Jesus.

You should not forget that in order to liberate God, I sacrificed my children and all my possessions. You must do the same to liberate your parents. If you love yourself, your wife, or your children more than your parents then you cannot become an offering. You have to know clearly that if you do not become an offering of love then you cannot go the way of attending your parents.

In the position of younger brother, I worked on the world level to restore the position of older brother. I was opposed at all levels -- individual, family, clan, society, nation, and world -- but I subjugated them all with God's love. Even as Jesus' body was being torn apart on the cross he prayed, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do"

The reason the things of creation were sacrificed in the Old Testament was to find God's sons and daughters. In the Nev. Testament sons and daughters were sacrificed for the coming of the parents. Today, Rev. Moon, who has the name of True Parents in the Unification Church, has gone through tremendous suffering in order to free God; when all the people of the world set up the condition to love their enemies, then God can be free.

Since we are living in the satanic world, going the course of indemnity, nothing can be accomplished without loving your enemy. Unification Church members working in the four providential countries -- Korea, Japan, America, and Germany -- which were at one time enemy countries, should love those countries much more than the native citizens do. Without these four nations uniting as one we cannot create the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth.

I Am Turning The Road Of Death Upside Down

The restored Adam must love the archangel. Otherwise Satan will accuse him, saying, "If I had not fallen, wouldn't God and Adam have loved me? Even though I did fall, shouldn't you keep your original standard? If your sons and daughters want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven without setting a condition to love me as you do, then they do not qualify to enter. Are there enemies in the Garden of Eden? If your children have hostile feelings that are caused by me, aren't they on my side?" Indeed, hostile feelings have permeated the world, the nation, the society, and the family. That is why the communist world and the democratic world are opposing one another; the whole world is in conflict. The reason for my confinement in Danbury prison is because of this great world conflict.

In prison, to set up the foundation to save America and Christianity, I created many things. The Washington Times was initiated in the midst of the court trial. Many organizations that have stirred up the religious society were created while I was in Danbury, as well as a weekly and a monthly magazine. Seven thousand ministers have now been educated in CAUSA, and that number will expand to hundreds of thousands. The distribution of 300,000 Principle videotapes and books to ministers stirred up a lot of controversy. Ministers are smart and well-educated in theology, so they easily understand the Principle and have a lot to say about it.

In rain or snow, I have always worked from early in the morning, sometimes even forgetting to eat breakfast. Knowing God's grief more than anyone, I always refused to submit to Satan, even though my heart was torn into pieces and crushed into dust. I am marching down the road of death and turning it upside down.

When I started IFVOC work in this country, the established Christians denounced me. They insisted I was secretly working to make myself president. But what good would the presidency of Korea do me?

Rationally, I would be justified in cursing this country of Korea and abandoning it, letting it perish. But this is the historical altar that God visited, and I know how hard He has worked to raise this nation as an offering.

God has accomplished all the things I have prayed for. There is one question left and that is how, as a providential matter, North and South Korea can unite. If everything goes the way God wishes, then I believe unity will come soon.

Couples Have To Become United

It is of utmost urgency that you create and build your individual Kingdom of Heaven. Then you have to complete the family Kingdom of Heaven. The husband is in the position of the heavenly elder brother and the wife is in the position of the heavenly younger brother. In the past Abel was sacrificed to find Cain, but now the women in the Unification Church are sacrificing to rail up the men on God's side. As representatives of Cain and Abel you must pray with all your heart to become one with your spouse. Do you love your sons and daughters? This is a serious question. The couple that does not become united has no authority to attend the True Parents. The family Kingdom of Heaven will not come for them. We in the Unification Church family have to become one and at the same time do our home church activities.

Adam, born first, is in the position of Cain. Until now, I have taught you that, for three years, the husband should absolutely obey his wife. If he tries to assume the position of restored elder brother before he has risen out of his fallen position, then he crosses over to the side of Satan. But from today this is changing.

The family has to bring the Cain clan and the Abel clan into one; otherwise we have no foundation to attend True Parents on the clan level. Through the unity of the clan, the nation can become united. Jesus wanted to achieve this. The nation of Israel and the Jewish religion were to become one so that Jesus could march into the Roman Empire. Then Jesus would have become the king of kings. Jesus would have had a family, and a new blood lineage centering on God's love would have been established. Christianity would not have become divided into 800 different denominations.

This was not achieved, and Christianity centered on the popes became corrupted and lost the chance to unite heaven and earth. So God raised up the second generation of Christians, the Protestants, who crossed the Atlantic and founded the nation of America, representing Abel.

Since then, Europe's position has changed. America now stands in the elder brother's position. The time has come for America to unite the world. The Abel-type country of America liberated Korea and protected it. If, within Korea, True Parents and Christianity had become one and made one united Korea and had become connected right away with America, within seven years the world would have come under God's dominion. That was God's will.

But there was a great set-back, and over the following 40-year period Christian-centered democracy gradually deteriorated and people came to say that "God is dead!' Who sympathized with God over this miserable situation? No one. Only Rev. Moon came forth, and he received a special mission from God to save America.

Americans Are Beginning To Know The Truth

Because I have been holding the American people close to my heart day and night, crying out to God for their sake, and fighting to the death, they have opened their eyes and are beginning to know the truth. They thought I was just a passing phenomenon, but they found out that I was God's ambassador.

If the Unification Church and established Christianity become completely one, they can attend the True Parents. Christians, who have traditionally wanted to visit the Holy Land of Jerusalem, are now coming to Father's homeland. You should know that North Korea, where I was horn, is the Holy Land. I imagine that when shouts of "Let's go to North Korea!" come from all over the world -- from east, west, north and south -- then Kim Il Sung will retreat. If he does not, pressure will be put on him from China, America, and Japan.

God has treasured the land of Korea through her 4,300 years of sorrowful history. I have felt God's heart toward Korea so deeply that I experienced the pain of her struggles as if my bones were being broken and my flesh were being melted. I love Korea with all my might. As I was crossing over the 38th parallel I pledged to God that I would remove Kim Il Sung, even if it were by my own hand. I have established a foundation in America, Japan, and China. If the situation in these three countries does not improve quickly the unification of Korea will be far off. As much as ten years ago, with the help of some German professors, I attempted to bring change within China. Also, China absolutely needs a highway; therefore, in 1981 I initiated the international highway project.

If we do not help China, Japan cannot survive and there is no way for Korea to survive either. I would like to see a program where Chinese technology students could come to Tong Il in order to receive training. In this way China can live.

However much the Chinese government hates me, if they do not accept me then they will soon be 20 or 30 years behind the times in the world of scientific technology. Through unifying scientific technology I am going to unify all people. The foundation for this is already being made. Through PWPA we are working for the reconciliation between Israel and the Middle East. I am achieving what ambassadors could not do, even persevering through tremendous ridicule.

On December 20, 1985, True Parents celebrate the 120th day after Father's release from prison, a providential period during which Father had to make substantial conditions in the fatherland to conclude his 40-year course.

I Cannot Waste Once Second

When most religious leaders kneel down to pray they are asking to receive some blessing from God. I always pray to become an offering, not to receive something good. We have to liberate God. Even when I am at the state of collapse from being hungry, I say to my stomach, "My silly stomach, we must go on!" and I fight on. I have been able to accomplish things unheard of in history. I continue to do enormously crazy things while receiving untold abuse. If I did not know God, I would not have received such abuses. But I cannot waste one second because I am always thinking of God, who has no one to trust. The last 2,000 years of history have to be indemnified and restored in 20 years.

When I started to follow the way of the will in my youth, my mother and father held me back, saying that they would give me anything that I desired. My brothers and my friends dissuaded me. When I established the Unification Church the Korean government dissuaded me. Even after coming to America I did things that people did not like and I received a lot of abuse for it. They wanted to kick me out of the country and I even had to go to prison. But because I know the value of what I am doing, I continue to fight. You also have to walk that road of the cross.

You have to win over persecution and suffering with your own cross.

Even if those in the spirit world want to build a bridge to earth, there is no way to do it. But Heung Jin, who received True Parents' love on the earth from the womb, is now in spirit world.

I know of a priest in England who is a spiritualist. Jesus has often appeared to him. One day Jesus brought an Oriental young man to him and introduced him as the "new Christ:' Then that young man greeted the priest, saying, "I am the old Christ!' From the point of view of heart and love, who actually is the older brother? It is Heung Jin. Jesus went to the spirit world first, but he handed over his elder son's position and now stands in the younger brother's position. Without going through the foundation of heart and love centered on True Parent's love, the door from Paradise to the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be opened.

Forty days after Heung Jin's Seunghwa I performed the Holy Wedding ceremony with Hoon Sook as his bride so that he could have a connection of love on earth. By so doing it is now possible for him to come down to earth anytime. In the spirit world there is a foundation now for both Jesus and Heung Jin to be connected with the other Christian churches, so we must quickly move forward in our efforts to unite the Unification Church and the other Christian churches on earth. What we do not solve on the earth remains unsolved in the spirit world.

A Door Has Been Opened For Me

By my going to prison the door of the other Christian churches had to open. Established Christianity, which until now opposed me, has changed completely. A movement has begun throughout the whole nation of America to vindicate Rev. Moon. Christianity has united and come over to my side. Also Jesus has come to earth with many saints and resurrected Christians. Presently, like a forest fire, the CAUSA movement is spreading even in rural churches. A foundation has been established for a God-centered president to be elected.

By doing a special ceremony this morning [Heung Jin Nim's Second Memorial Service] the unification of the physical world and the spirit world has been accomplished on a deeper level. The content of my prayer at this service was to allow those past kings who served loyally in Christian monarchical societies to be resurrected and become one with the Christian churches and the statesmen here on earth.

Now many good people in the spirit world can even go to hell and educate people there. That door was opened on February 1, 1985, at 3:00 a.m. in Danbury. I built a highway between the doors of hell and heaven. The good people in spirit world have started to buy cars and they are filling them up with as and teaching those in hell to drive so they can go up to the heavenly side. In these days spiritualists are receiving revelations that all those following the heavenly banner of truth are gathered in one place. Everyone has to find that place and go there.

Until now, a person could be on the side of Satan without really knowing it. Now the situation is different. Daybreak is coming to the Unification Church and Satan's world is retreating into darkness. As more and more time passes, the dark skepticism surrounding the Unification Church will disappear, and we will taste the world of broad daylight.

All the secrets of the universe and the truths hidden in the Bible fit together logically within the Principle and are applicable even today, so that intellectuals can accept the Principle as unchangeable truth. As people open their eyes, they will realize the existence of God. They will realize that all the people of the world are sons and daughters of God and that all the nations of the world will one day become one. Today, therefore, many movements unifying clans, nations, races, and religions are appearing in the world.

At the Little Angels Performing Arts Center, the True Children take center stage at the grand finale of the evening entertainment on God's Day.

Now Is The Time To Take Dominion

For the Unification Church the age of persecution has passed and the age has come for the trumpet of freedom to sound. We must restore the fields of ideology, science, technology, economy, and media; otherwise there is no way for God to have dominion over heaven and earth. From 1986, for the next three years, I want to accomplish a substantial foundation in the four providential nations -- Korea, Japan, America, and Germany. The reason I came to Korea was to construct a 10,000-year plan for the future of Korea. The 40 million people of this nation should support my work and help plan Korea's rapid development.

The day a communist government takes over in these four providential countries, world democracy will collapse. I want to prevent that from happening even if I myself have to become a bomb. All of you have to be responsible to the extent that you would be willing to become a bomb to protect the side of heaven. Once a bomb is dropped, it cannot come back. All those who want to become a bomb, please raise your hands.

I understand that there are people here who would like to ask for financial help for their children's education. I think more about those who are collapsing in hunger in third world countries -- where corpses get piled up because people are too weak to dig graves. I do not like to wear ties; and in the winter, I do not wear thermal underwear. A person of true love wants to liberate our brothers and sisters and is glad to walk the road of death. But such a person cannot die, even if he wants to, because he is in God's embrace.

There are people in prison in the Soviet Union and other communist countries who are walking the road of death because of me. No one knows that except me. At midnight I come up to my bedroom and pray for them. Because of my prayers, the missionaries who go through suffering and face death daily do not want to come back. Why? Because I become the motive for their existence. They know that God understands everything about their struggles and teaches them everything they need to know. But such spiritual phenomena disappear when they leave their mission country.

If you do not liberate God and True Parents quickly, then True Parents have to carry a bigger cross. Therefore, as the Bible says, "Do not be anxious, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the Gentiles seek all these things and your Heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness!"

What does the word "righteousness" mean? The meaning in Chinese characters is "I am a lamb!' Unification Church members have to offer their possessions, sacrifice their sons and daughters, and walk the road of the sacrificial offering. If your body cannot sleep because of your public mission and you struggle in tears, you will not perish. If the satanic world tries to prevent you from going this road, they will fail 10,000 times. The Japanese Unification Church also has to go this kind of road. I am worried, so I am telling you not to compromise with the secular world. You must establish your family Kingdom of Heaven by demonstrating a sacrificial heart that can indemnify the Old, New, and Completed Testaments.

"I Am Proud Of One Sovereignty"

Let's examine the fifth paragraph of "My Pledge'

"I am proud of the one Sovereignty centered upon God"

The basis for my life and existence depends on God's love. Therefore, only the absolute ideal of God's love -- Godism--can be sovereign on the earth and reign eternally.

"I am proud of the one people centered upon God"

The people of the whole world are God's people. Not only white people are God's people. Not only Moonies are God's people. Therefore, I want to offer Moonies as a sacrifice to make the five races into God's people.

"I am proud of the one language and culture centered upon God!"

The true love language of God should have become everyone's mother tongue, but because of the fall Satan's languages came to be spoken. In order to restore and indemnify that, we have to create and build one language and culture. All the things of heaven and earth want to hear the words of love whispered in the language of God, and want to live within the sound of that language. The confusion of languages was a means for Satan to destroy mankind in the course of history, so the Unification Church has the responsibility to unite the languages. Blessed children from around the world are now coming to Korea to study. The worldwide Unification Church membership has until 1990 to learn Korean. In the future I plan to conduct world conferences without a translator, so those who have not learned Korean are better off not attending.

"I am proud of becoming the child of the One True Parent!"

If you do not become a child centered on your parents, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Once the world recognizes the fall it will realize how precious the words "True Parents" are. Even if Cain and Abel become one, if you do not receive the approval from your parent, then you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

In Africa I have heard there is a religious body that recently changed its name to the "Unification Church!' And the minister changed his name to "Sun Myung Moon!' He says he did not do it because he wanted to but because the spirit world told him to do it. Doesn't the Principle say that the spirit world will come down and resurrect all religious people and unify all religions into one? Now these phenomena will appear like mushrooms after a spring rain. For example, recently one Moslem leader who has 3 million followers in Africa came to America to find me after receiving revelations about me. Jesus said, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you!' Those in the spirit world know this already and are teaching it.

I Do Not Seek A Comfortable Place

You have all lived as you wanted to until now, haven't you? You must not forget I am doing this because I know the grievous circumstances of God, who has eternal regret in His heart. I can hear groaning sounds from all the places of death on the earth. I do not seek a comfortable place to rest.

I have bought clothes for many people but I could not buy one handkerchief for my mother and father. I think my brothers and sisters were slaughtered by the communists, but I could not pray for them. If I prayed and asked the spirit world, then I could find out whether they are dead or not but I have not prayed for that. To keep my loyalty and filial piety to God I cannot worry about my own family until I have fulfilled my responsibility.

The distance you need to go in order to create your country and world and make them into the Kingdom of Heaven is too far, so I built a bridge. Now you should be centering on your clansmen and, as I did, resurrect the Old, New, and Completed Testaments. You have to receive recognition that you have loved God and mankind more than yourself. Only then is it possible for you to get a visa to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. From whom do you need permission for your visa -God, True Parents, or Satan? Satan signs first, then True Parents, and then finally God can sign for you to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

I came back to Korea with a victorious foundation already built. So in order to inherit all the things of the world you must establish your individual Kingdom of Heaven, your family Kingdom of Heaven, and your clan Kingdom of Heaven. In order for Korea to become a true society and nation you have to establish a definite unity at the clan level; otherwise, the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven for the nation will not manifest. As in the Old, New, and Completed Testaments, everything has to be invested and you must make a goal to become a consistent offering.

From now on, if you march forward with such a goal then the world level of the Kingdom of Heaven will automatically be achieved, and we can conclude that the Kingdom of Heaven can indeed be accomplished on the earth.

From today we must hurry up with our work. It is my thinking that within three years we have to go over this hill. We must pledge that we will go forward and walk this road without worrying about life or death.

Those who welcome this, please raise your hands.

Centering on 1986, for the Creation and Building of the Kingdom of Heaven, I declare a total forward march at this hour in the name of God, in the name of True Parents, in the name of all of you, and in the name of the world Unification Church.

So be it! Amen! 

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