The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1986

God's 1986 Day Midnight Prayer

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1986

Loving Father! We have now passed the year 1985, a year decorated with joy and sorrow. Please bless this hour, as we greet this God's Day, 1986.

Father, last week I delivered a speech at this church headquarters on the total settlement of God's restoration providence. I announced that the Old Testament Age was the age in which things were sacrificed to prepare the way for children, and that the New Testament Age was the age in which children were sacrificed to prepare the way for parents. The liberation of God has been carried out in the restoration providence through parents and children.

Now, centered on the final fulfillment of our responsibility, we are at this moment starting a new page of providential history from 1986. By the end of the year 1985 we were to have restored everything which Heaven hoped to restore in the unified realm of heavenly love, love on earth, and love in the direct and indirect dominions created by God. We are now reaching a new turning point in the restoration of the Cain-Abel relationship, reversing their original positions. At the same time, we are restoring the historical foundation to inherit the way of heavenly love through attending the True Parents.

During the tedious 40-year period since the Second World War, America centered on Christianity could not fulfill her providential responsibility to You, Father. You had hoped at that time to reach the threshold of world peace through the completion of the mission of Christianity, but the Unification Church and the rest of Christianity could not become one centered on Korea as the representative nation. Without establishing the foundation in Korea, Heaven could not help but be driven out on a lonely wilderness course.

Father, with our heads bowed low, we again remember that You have been faithfully traveling this 40-year historical course of suffering by letting us pioneer the true way of fighting against the opposing forces, on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, nation, and world. This morning, at the beginning of the year 1986, we sincerely ask you to forgive all the sins committed up to now by mankind and to have pity on and accept these sons and daughters who stand here in the name of True Parents.

During this past 13-year period You have gone through various paths of suffering and indemnity in the land of America based on the number 13. Through the suffering of the modern-day crucifixion, You have led the cause of the reindemnification of everything that was not indemnified at the time of Jesus. You helped us reach a monumental level in the indemnification of the foundation for world restoration. We cannot but bow before You and deeply thank You.

By connecting the foundation built in America to the nation of Korea we declare at this time a new start in the formation of a unified realm of the world's nations centered on Korea. Heart in heart and hand in hand, together with all the family members in Korea, we now renew our pledge before You.

Father, we know that from now on we must take up the tremendous historical mission of "Creating and Building the Kingdom of Heaven:'

When I remember our paths of suffering during those trying past years, I think we should concentrate our efforts on going beyond the limits of the world, because I feel that our responsibility in this new free environment is very great. We know that an extraordinary time is coming when we should become children of filial piety and loyalty. We who are gathered here together should become one in heart and mind.

Due to the fall there has been a history of struggle between the conscience in the position of the second son, and the physical body in the position of the first son. We understand that in order for an individual to be connected with Heaven he should allow his conscience to naturally subdue his body.

Before the midnight address on God's Day 1986, Father writes in Chinese calligraphy the motto for the New Year -- "Creation and Building of the Kingdom of Heaven."

In the dominant position of the satanic first son, the body, which should become one with the mind, has not obeyed the mind. As Abel's sacrificial offering was made in order to subdue Cain, similar difficult conditions remain to be established between our mind and our body. In this we are starting a new history.

In the restoration process, we know it is inevitable that Cain and Abel be born again as twin brothers through their mother's womb and restore the birthright of the second son, reversing the initial relationship. We understand that the father can be restored only when the two brothers are harmoniously united and loved by their mother. We know that this must happen step by step in the historical course of the individual, family, society, nation, world, and universe. We know that parental love starts when an individual, acting from his original human nature, is able to subdue his body as the restored second son by awakening the mind as the restored first son within himself. In such a place, the Kingdom of Heaven is supposed to start.

Such restored individuals come to develop a mutual relationship, and their horizontal subject-object relationship becomes similar to that between restored Cain and Abel. Therefore, Eve, who is now in the position of restored second son, must fulfill the condition for the restoration of the birthright of her husband, so that he may become the restored first son. We clearly know that this is the time to declare a standard for our Unification families -- that a couple must become one through the wife's obedience to her husband.

We have a tremendous condition left to be fulfilled. In order to be able to attend Heaven, the wife's absolute obedience to her husband should be established within their conjugal relationship. We will accomplish this by resolving all the resentment of fallen Adam and Eve, and by solving the problem of reversed dominion. Without fulfilling this condition, we know that we cannot form the Kingdom of Heaven on the family level.

We realize that a couple can enter the Kingdom of Heaven only by becoming one, by attending the True Parents, by completing the realm of the four position foundation, and by establishing the ideal purpose of creation. In doing this, the unfulfilled work of the blessed families will be left behind with the year 1985. Now in 1986 our new tradition of families is for them to create a oneness of love and with that oneness of love attend the True Parents in order to form the family Kingdom of Heaven. I pray that You may allow us to follow the formula course for the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven within each family, as heaven has ordered at this hour.

The victorious families centered on the realm of the four position foundation have started home church, thus forming the realm of the Cain family. When the restoration of the elder brother Cain and the younger brother Abel is established, then the tribal level elder and younger brothers have to become one. The four position foundation is accomplished by following this standard. Those of us who are blessed have to go out and extend the tradition of the realm of the four position foundation and the realm of brotherly heart and love.

Upon the foundation of attending tribal level parents, we know that the foundation to form the national level providence will unfold, thus forming the national level Kingdom of Heaven. Once the Kingdom of Heaven of the nation is formed, then centering on the nation, the Kingdom of Heaven of the world is formed. From then on, restoration will no longer proceed horizontally but vertically.

As in a true father-son relationship, people have to become one with the center of the restored nation. Father, we know that once the central figure of that nation and its people form a true father-son relationship, then a connection with heaven will be achieved. On the level of tribal restoration the task of undoing God's regret must be borne by the Unification Church. To do this, from now we have to earnestly begin born, church activities. We pray deeply that You may allow us to become individuals and families without shame in the face of this new year.

When the standard of the nation is established then the world Kingdom of Heaven is established. Through the world Kingdom of Heaven the cosmic Kingdom of Heaven is established. God's liberation and the liberation of the whole will then be established on heaven and on earth. Thus we realize that all history is connected to one goal, Father. We sincerely hope and pray that You may allow us at this hour to sincerely make our resolution and pledge for a new start in the year 1986.

Now we gather our hearts together and wash the old historical providence away, and with a newly liberated feeling we attend God and True Parents. We realize that, however much difficulty we face, the individual foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven, the family foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven, and the tribal foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven have to be cleared up and put in order.

Otherwise, we realize we cannot be released from the realm of Satan's accusation. Father, we deeply pray that You may allow the new year of 1986 to become the year in which we pledge to complete our five percent individual responsibility in the world providential course.

We deeply ask and pray that You may accept that we, here and now, in True Parents' name, together with the True Children and the blessed families and their second generation, newly swear and pledge before Father that we will fulfill our responsibility without shame in this new year of 1986.

We pray that all the Unification Church centers connected with the headquarters in Korea; all the members in 120 nations centered on Japan, America, and Germany, which are also connected to Korea; and all the people in the spirit world who are connected to Heung Jin and Jesus on the front, back, left, and right -- that is, all righteous spiritual leaders, all virtuous women, and all God-centered kings of the past and their loyal subjects -- may become connected to one place and become one under this new direction. We pray that heaven can protect the year 1986 and that this year can become the start of a new tradition of parental authority. We ask all this to be established according to Your will.

As we gather our hearts and minds together -- as individuals, couples, families, and clans, representing the whole -- we pledge to fulfill our new mission free from shame. Please accept all of this and please bless us so that we may bear the mission that we have accepted -- the Creation and Building of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I pray and declare all this in the name of True Parents.

Amen! Amen! Amen! 

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