The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1986

International Conferences For Clergy Banquet Speech

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Seoul, Korea
May 15, 1986

I am Rev. Moon. I am controversial in the media, and the point of controversy in many arenas of discussion. This is me standing before you, look at me very carefully. I know each one of you is an experienced teacher, every form, but as you know a public speech is not that easy. It is sometimes uncomfortable, not because of the audience, but because of many pressures such as time and so forth, and you all know that very well, so I am addressing a very sympathetic audience.

Also, let me ask you honestly. I am sure when you were invited to Korea by this Unification movement, you thought, "Oh, oh, I am drafted now into the brainwashing course." Well, I ask you honestly. As you're nearing graduation, what do you think? Was your experience very valuable? Have you been benefited by the tour? (Much applause)

We are ministers of God. Our job is to harmonize between spiritual things to earthly things. Spiritual matter to earthly matter together. We are dealing with the two cosmic worlds. One is spiritual world, the other is physical world. We are the ones whose job is to bring the two together into the reality of life.

How can we truly make the bringing of the two universes or two cosmos into one workable harmony? What would be the key factors? Money? Would money bring the two worlds together, physical world and spiritual world? (No!) What about knowledge, will knowledge bring them together? (No!) What about power and authority? (No!) What do you think? What power can bring these two worlds together? (Love) (God) You answered correctly, you're A+ students.

I, Rev. Moon, know as the reality to my bones through my experiences that not ordinary love but only true love, the real love, God's love, that type of love only brings these two worlds together.

For whom does that love exist? That reality of love exists for the sake of man and for the sake of God. So the ultimate question lies in one key question, that is how can we become one with almighty God. This is the ultimate question of man.

We find out, limited man, how can we become one with the almighty. Certainly true man, the real man, shall become one with him. Then what is the definition of that real man? The men and women with true love. The embodiment of true love. I don't think any one of you in this audience can raise any question or doubt about that beyond your color, creed, your religious persuasion. You can agree with us that true love that brings man together with the almighty.

Another key question of man today is this. Can man be perfected? Can he become a perfect man? If the answer is ultimately no, then that is tragic. No matter how much you try man will always end up in tragedy because there is no room for perfection. Then we can not have true hope.

What is then the Kingdom of Heaven? I do know the Kingdom of Heaven is the place where the men of perfection shall dwell for eternity. When we're talking about perfection, we are talking about the perfection of love, ultimate perfect love and so when we talk about love, and talk about humanity, there are men and women there.

It must be God's plan to realize his ideal upon the face of the earth. Among men and women, men and women are going to be his almighty instrument. I do believe in the Unification faith that men and women are endowed upon the potential for perfection. I didn't say we are perfect, but we're given the potential for perfection and God is trying to work toward man to realize and dig up that potential so we all become one with him.

Where can we find true love perfected between men and women? Can we find such an example or model in human history or in our society? No, all those past humanity who have trod on the face of the earth have not yet shown to us perfection of love in men and women. We always shake hands and meet and part, but are we truly meeting each other with truly perfected love among ourselves and part with that same love? Are we practicing true love at home that is Gods vision from day one when he created men and women? Has such an example ever existed? These are the questions that need to be addressed.

I do know one thing, God does not need anything else. He does not need power, he does not need money, he does not need knowledge, he's got them all. He has the power to create the universe and he does not need anything else. But I do know one thing, God has been seeking one most important and detrimental element to perfect all, that is, true love and God has not yet obtained that true love. Not because of any lack in himself, but because of the imperfection of man. Because only love can permeate or impart the power of love when you have someone to love and rely because you can not consummate love by yourself. Love needs a circuit. Happiness as well. Happiness and peace just like love requires a circuit of give and take, give and take between the two.

Rev. Moon, you know Rev. Moon, I have loved. So I'm standing here all day jumping around, I have loved I have loved I have loved, this does not bring you any joy. You need someone to relate to. If you bring your wife then it makes sense, but until then that love does not bring you any joy. So does God. Therefore, God has been looking for a partnership of love. God needs someone to relate his love and be glorified by someone so he can feel joy. That object is man. Man must feel that purpose.

You know, I'm speaking to you tonight, it is not as a theory, but is coming from experiences of mine. I have had a great deal of tremendous spiritual experiences. I entered myself into the spiritual world. Do you know what is the atmosphere in the spiritual world? It is not air, like we breathe air. Do you know what we are going to breathe up there, upstairs? No, not air, not water, you breathe the atmosphere of love, the love atmosphere, you breathe love for the rest of your life, for eternity. But that atmosphere of love that we are talking about is an atmosphere of true love, pure love.

In the earthly world today we have many kinds of love. Perverted love, filthy love, dirty love, selfish love all kinds that are not the resemblances of the love of God but there upstairs there is pure love, true love, that is what we call the perfection of love.

Are you sure you are ready to obtain the greatest heaven of all? For humanity this is a very serious question.

Also another important thing, God created men and women for a reason. In order to perfect mans love we need women, for woman to perfect her love, she needs man, we need each other. The man without sin, that is what we are talking about. We have not accomplished to become the temple of God. God left man, that is what we call the fallen state, or deviated state from the original state of man. Because of that reason we need to return to original man, once we return Rev. Moon said that is most holy, the most holy creature under the sun, that is beautiful men and women that perfected the temple of God.

Since we lost that perfection we tried symbolically to put together the symbol of that temple of God. You know the Israel people when they entered into the land of Canaan they brought the tabernacle which was a symbolic temple but then actually God intended not the material visible tabernacle or temple of God but human beings are supposed to be built as the perfection of the tabernacle of God. We shall be elevated to the holy land (not sure if he said land) where the people can respect and love and instead of the material tabernacle, material temple. Human beings shall become a living temple of God, that is the ultimate goal of man. I may be saying this saying very bluntly because I have to because I have no time but furthermore you may not need this statement because you have already known, you have been practicing, you are the ministers of God, but this is my testimony. There is a priest here, and many of you are ministers, and you may not need it, but this is my testimony.

What is the fall of man? Men and women lost their holiness and became very cold beings and lost their great divine quality and left Godliness and become dwindled down to the earthly level and reduce ourselves down to animal level, that was the fall. We lost God, that was the fall.

What is the messiah then? What is the savior? We all know that man needs a savior, however, what is the definition? We as men don't want the true love of God, for that reason for the ultimate salvation of man is to restore true love to men and women and the man who comes to restore true love, for that mission is the savior, is the messiah.

Jesus Christ was the messiah. Jesus Christ was the personification of the spirit of God and the love of God, true love of God. For that reason he was the savior. But the next statement will effect (or offend) you probably, because of it I have been persecuted the entire life of mine, and that is that Jesus Christ was a man, not woman (without woman?), and Gods ideal we know to perfect his love, Jesus needs a partnership of love. Jesus as a man of perfection, the true man, again his mission is to restore the true women and there was the possibility of such a great partnership. That was as much as God had intended in the Garden of Eden very well with Adam and Eve. So think about it. Jesus is physically a perfect man, spiritually a perfect man as God had originally intended in the Garden of Eden and suppose he was in a position to truly be a bridegroom, not symbolically, but truly become a bridegroom and took the bride and leave descendants of his own, his lineage, his blood line to humanity. Do you think God would be very pleased because of that? I do not think so. What about in the sight of God perfection of man of God, Jesus multiplied his descendants like the stars in heaven and sands in the ocean, do you think God would be pleased because of that? In the sight of God, one true descendent of Jesus would be far greater than any multitude of people here on earth combined. Did God not want to see his True son Jesus? He does not want to see his grandchildren, great grandchildren. Think about it.

What would be the ideal? If there was no fall, Adam and Eve, Gods son and daughter would have multiplied, they would have multiplied Gods grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great great grandchildren and those children would have filled the place of the earth. That ideal world then would have become a reality, that world would be without sin, without the need of salvation. How would it be that the world would need salvation because they are perfected men and women in the true love of God inhabiting the entire face of the earth.

Love, true love makes us all equal. There is no up and down, there is no great and less, everyone shall participate in the same glory in the name of true love. Once we participate in true love we all become truly great. Greater (?) than the United States. Take President Reagan for example, if the first lady who has been honored and respected and loved by the multitude of the people worldwide and treated on an equal level with President Reagan what power does she have to do that? Power of love. Because love unites her with husband and for that reason they are treated equal. Therefore, love makes you equal, makes you participate.

The second one would be the power to inherit, inheritance, love can be inherited to give it down and sent down generation to generation. In this principle I could say once we unite with the true love of God, become one with him almighty then we can participate in his glory, furthermore, we are in a position to inherit his kingdom because we become his children. For this reason we are endowed upon in our heart the ambition that is seeking for the greatest of all. Each one of us strives and our ambition never ends, we want to strive further and further with no end until we reach that ultimate true love of God for that reason each one of you here on earth lives with that aspiration, to reach the highest.

Furthermore, you only can find eternal life, only become one with the eternal being which is God. We can also become eternal, we can live everlasting life, immortal life so only by unity with immortality we shall become immortal. We are becoming objects of God. God is the subject of love. We are the objects of the love of God, for that reason those two are inseparable and can not be separated.

So you may still ask who is Rev. Moon? Who is he? He's a big wonder. I'm absolutely none and I don't know much, but what I do know is that every cell in my body, really every drop of blood, every sweat in my body, every ounce of energy in my body is exclaiming and really crying out for one truth that is I know God and his true love. I experience it, and that is to my bone, I am not telling you in theory I'm telling you my testimony, my experience.

Love is infinite, for that reason true love is giving love. You practice to give and give and give, you do not return, you do not ask for return and still you want to give and go on for eternity and you will never run out of that love.

So, I would like to draw the conclusion. My time is up. So it is possible, there is a relative possibility that we can achieve that oneness with God, that perfection of love otherwise God can not be almighty. There is a potential for perfection within us. All we have to worry about is how to perfect true love. True love you don't have to worry about it, God will be with you already, you do not need to invite God, God is always within you. For that reason where is heaven? Jesus said heaven is amidst you, in you. Once you become a man like Jesus heaven is already there.

Jesus taught us to love your enemy, even to love your enemy. Rev. Moon is not only talking that and teaching that particular message from Jesus but I'm trying to live up to that statement, I'm trying to love my enemy countries, those countries and entire nations.

First of all, I want to thank you for your defense of me when I was in Danbury. I thank you from the bottom of my heart but I want you to know that the United States of America who prosecuted me and put me in jail without any reason, but I do not hate America, that enemy country I still love and there are so many organizations I created in order to save America. Today I'm in Korea but most of my work is still in the United States trying to save that great nation of America on the face of the earth for the sake of humanity.

So after the fall of man there was a division and every one became an enemy of themselves. Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and all those and today it is manifested in the nations. There are four major countries which are very important providentially. Korea and Japan are enemy nations, and Japan and United States are the enemy countries and the United States and Germany were fighting during the World War II, I'm talking about the history and now in the Unification movement I'm teaching my people to love all its' enemy countries, past enemy countries to become one, to becoming true brothers and sisters. Unification tradition I'm teaching to my people is this, you'd rather learn, Korean people, Japanese people, foreign people, you love America more than American people love their country, more than they love their own country, love America. On this kind of foundation we can start the kingdom of heaven. The purpose of this kind of love is truly the kingdom of heaven on earth can become a reality.

In this American ministers seminar you may have heard a lot of things, you can forget them all but think about only one thing you should not forget that Rev. Moon is trying to build the country and nation of true love with which we can build the reality of the kingdom of heaven amidst our society, nation, and world, then your church will prosper, your nation will be blessed, and the world will become the paradise of the kingdom of heaven on earth. That is my greeting and message to you today. Thank you very much.

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