The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1986

Reflection Of 1986

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 28, 1986
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Our slogan for the year of 1986 has been, "The Creation and Building of the Fatherland." What is the fatherland of the Unification Church? Through the unification of the spirit world, one sovereignty, one nation shall be created on the face of the earth. Our fatherland, therefore, is one which has its center or root in the spirit world. The unified spirit world is the subject, and the extension of that unification is in a nation on the earth.

When we talk about the unification of the spirit world, we are talking about both the fallen spirit world and also that part which is centered upon the True Parents. Before the appearance of the True Parents, the spirit world was deeply divided among the different religions, affiliations, beliefs, cultures, and so forth. Now all those divisions can be healed. In spirit world there is the mainstream of God's dispensation and the substream. The mainstream centered first upon Judaism, then Christianity, and now the Unification Church. There has been opposition between Judaism and Christianity and between Christianity and the Unification Church, but eventually they all must be united.

The Cain/Abel relationship exists on both the vertical and horizontal levels. For example, when Christianity emerged, it was in the position of Abel to Judaism in the Cain position. Now the Unification Church has emerged as the Abel to Christianity in the Cain position. The vertical dispensation seeks the unity of the Unification Church and Christianity. On the horizontal plane, the main focus of True Parents' dispensation is Christianity, but there are also many other religions. Christianity, in the Abel position, should be united with the other religions, who are in the Cain position.

Ultimately, the focus of the dispensation is for Christianity and the other religions to unite and elevate the rest of the world. The world is very secular, even pagan. The unity of the secular world in the Cain position, and the believing world in the Abel position is what we mean when we speak of the ultimate unification of the world. Only after the completion of that dispensation in spirit world is the unification of the physical world possible. Therefore, at the time of the Second Advent, people on earth who attend the Lord are in the Abel position, while those in the spirit world are in the Cain position and those two should be united.

Who shall bring such unification? As you know, nothing can be initiated in spirit world; it must begin on earth. Therefore, while the True Parents are present here on earth, the struggles between Cain and Abel and their subsequent unification must take place here. Without such unity on earth, there can be no succeeding accomplishment in the spirit world. This does not mean that the entire unification of the world on earth will come first and only thereafter in spirit world. What I mean is that the organization of unity begins on earth, centered on God and True Parents. Then the movement in spirit world can begin.

The dispensation process is now centered upon the Unification Church and True Parents. First of all, I had to initiate unification by achieving total unity between mind and body, based on God's ideal of creation. Our environment is satanic, so it is as if our bodies were submerged in this fallen world. However, it is important to know that even in fallen circumstances one can find a pipeline leading directly to God. When a person is doing underwater snorkeling, he can breathe because he has a pipe above water. When the dispensation began, Satan tried to take away my pipeline so that I would drown. One must always unite with the spirit of God to escape becoming a victim of satanic surroundings; otherwise the environment will swallow you up and you will be finished. My physical body was surrounded by satanic elements in the environment trying to push me down. Such were the circumstances over which I prevailed. Starting with the pull of kinship from parents, brothers, sisters and relatives, Satan mobilized all his forces to try to stop me. As the ruler of this world, Satan ruthlessly attacked with all the power he could mobilize-including economic and social structures, and even nations.

Right after World War II, Satan finally moved the United States government and established Christianity to oppose the messianic movement. Ironically God had strengthened Christianity and the United States so that they could be the Abel forces to ward off opposition and defend the Messiah. But what happened instead? Tragically, Satan seized those forces for his own purposes and the United States and established Christianity failed God's expectations. Instead of supporting the Messiah, they opposed him and eventually the four thousand year foundation crumbled completely. From 1945 on, instead of fulfilling God's will, America and Christianity were opposing it.

The United Nations was a noble concept which should have been based upon the ideal of one world under God. But power in the United Nations was taken over by ungodly forces and it has never fulfilled God's dispensational will; instead, it has been failing from its inception. God's original mission for the UN was to help the victorious Allied nations, particularly the United States, Great Britain, and France, to embrace the defeated nations as brothers and unite as Cain and Abel on the worldwide level. Upon that foundation, the True Parents were to be welcomed. That did not happen, however, and Christianity, America, and the free world opposed the messianic movement. Therefore, God's beautiful dispensational plan was stillborn and could not come to fruition.

Because the previous 4000­year foundation was demolished, I had to rebuild it in the face of incredible rejection and persecution. Such misery was the history of the Unification Church for forty years, since 1945. Originally, after the victory of World War II, the United States, Great Britain and France were to have emerged as the Adam, Eve, and archangel nations, respectively. Opposition to the coming of the Lord forced this original plan to be reorganized. Thereafter Korea became the Adam nation, Japan became the Eve nation, and the United States became the archangel nation.

Why was Japan assigned as the Eve nation? There are significant parallels between Japan and Great Britain, including the fact that both are island nations. Great Britain is the mother of the United States-Eve's role. During the roughly 40 years that Japan governed Korea, the True Father was born there. Japan was thus in the position of a mother who gave birth to a son, Korea, so the role of Eve came to Japan. She assumed an adversary position at the beginning by mistreating her son. During World War II, Japan further opposed worldwide Christianity in her war against Christian nations; she opposed Korea and all the free nations at that time.

The role of Adam-Father's mission-was to convert that God denying nation into a God loving nation. In twenty years' time, Father had to guide Japan to become one with God's will and the Unification Church had to gain a dominant role there. Until 1985, Japan's opposition to Reverend Moon and the Unification Church was incredible. As you know, there is an official Communist Party in Japan. The governing Liberal Democratic Party also fiercely opposed and scorned our movement. But after 20 years of opposition, the situation changed dramatically in 1986. During that year, we gained a remarkable victory. Now the whole atmosphere, including the environment, has changed.

The United States will be no different. This country is at a turning point, centering upon the Danbury victory. Danbury was the culmination of the worldwide opposition to Father. Not only the United States but other world powers as well were trying to nail me to the cross, so by winning the victory there. I could turn the entire situation around.

There are some parallels between my situation and that of Jesus. Jesus encountered opposition from established Judaism, the nation of Israel, and the Roman Empire. Today's Christianity is in the position of Judaism two thousand years ago, and the United States is in the position of the Roman Empire. The Jewish nation is represented by today's Anglo­Saxon people. All these formidable forces have united and worked to demolish me, but during this time Japan played a heroic and central role in reversing the political climate and influencing leadership in America. Many prominent Japanese leaders appealed to the United States government, especially President Reagan, to reconsider the court case against me. I want you to understand that during this crucial time the central role of the dispensational mission has been played out by Japan.

Japan's providential role is truly in accordance with the Principle. A woman initiated the fall of man, so correspondingly in the restoration, Japan in the Eve position initiated and fulfilled a major role in the dispensational recovery. Thus Japan successfully indemnified Eve's position. Many Japanese members came to this country during my ordeal and have endured the incredible difficulties of language and cultural barriers, as well as racial persecution. But standing side by side with me, they fought the battle here and were victorious. From the heavenly point of view, this is total unity of Adam and Eve-that is Korea and Father, with Japan.

Some of the Western and American leaders have been feeling, "Why do we need so many Korean and Japanese leaders in this country?" But that kind of thinking is completely wrong. You should now realize that a very important dispensational role was played out according to this blueprint.

Until recently, there was very little understanding in the Western world of Japanese or Oriental culture. However, in 1978 a book was published called Shogun, which became a bestseller and eventually a popular television miniseries. From 1978 until 1984, a virtual modern-day miracle occurred and Japan is now a focal point of attention in the United States. The nation of Korea as well as the United States have tried to nail our movement to the cross. But during this period, the Japanese nation and movement have consistently supported and virtually taken over the worldwide responsibility. You must realize that Japan and the Japanese movement have played a most crucial role in this most important of times.

Japan, a small island nation, has quickly become one of the most advanced economic empires in the world today. Why has Japan been so quickly prosperous? God is using that nation for His purpose, so blessings have been poured out upon them. But now the Japanese members must not make a major mistake: they must not become arrogant. They must feel that Japan is blessed only in order to fulfill and support the Adam nation of Korea, and primarily True Father, in the worldwide dispensation.

We have been educating many Japanese leaders with this primary understanding-that Japan has not been blessed for the sake of Japan, but for the sake of God's dispensation. If you Japanese forget that and become an arrogant, proud people, you will lose God's blessing. Japan has been chosen for that kind of blessing so that she can unite with, support' and become one with Korea. Eve, by destiny, must become one with Adam. Now Father is working with Japanese leaders who are in contact with Korean statesmen. Together, Japan and Korea will inspire the United States' leaders with a new vision.

In addition, this vision is being given to key leaders in mainland China, which is the archangel nation in Asia. That country is in a middle position, swaying back and forth between communism and the free world. The United States, which is in the archangel position in the West, is also vacillating. It has been a spiritually based Christian nation but where is Christianity in the United States today? It is crumbling. At the same time, materialistic humanism is rampant. Japan, not historically a Christian nation, is quickly becoming more Christianized. Meanwhile the United States has been backsliding into secularism. When a tidal wave comes in, all kinds of reverse processes occur. The tide has turned, so the United States which has been on a high wave is descending. and a lower wave is rising up to the top.

Asia contains two­thirds of the world's population. When Asian nations become united, no other power in the world can compete with them. Who shall bring the Asian nations together? The Asian leaders, regardless of their nationality, will come to realize that no one else is capable of uniting them because they are so divided and hostile toward one another. Reverend Moon offers the only possible solution for the unity of Asia.

The foundation of 4000 years of Judeo­Christian history was rebuilt during the 40 years between 1945 and 1985. 1986 marked a new beginning. The next seven years until 1992 will be the most fulfilling part of human history ever. Centering upon the Unification culture there will be great tidal waves of change. We will see new phenomena emerging. In the first year of the period- 1986-Japan was changed. In the second year-1987- the United States will be influenced. In 1988, Korea will be influenced.

Why is the situation in Korea so difficult? It is because the nation is divided between the free world and communism. Unless the problem of communism is solved, the unification of Korea is virtually impossible. Furthermore, Korea is surrounded by the two major powers of China and Japan. Harmonizing those two nations is not easy. Any power who wants to influence Asia politically has to have influence over the Korean peninsula. The Soviet Union, for example, knows that it cannot gain true power in the Pacific without a foothold in the Korean peninsula. In the past, Japan invaded Korea to gain hegemony in Asia and China did the same. The United States also needs Korea. Therefore, the Korean problem is a world problem, not just a domestic one. Unless the world problem is resolved, the Korean problem will not be resolved. This is why Korea will follow the path of Japan and the United States.

God's strategy in Asia is to first establish a foundation in Japan. We have done that already. Next we must do that in China, and then in the United States. Thus, we can ward off Soviet power in Asia. This is not just theory but is an actual plan that has been initiated and is actively being pursued and executed.

Of these three years-1986, 1987, and 1988-1987 will be a most important year for the United States. The American people are becoming aware that they are no longer dependent upon the two party system. Most people can no longer completely trust either the Democratic or the Republican party. At this time, the Moonies'. heavenly mission is to initiate a force that will involve the entire Christian sphere. Ever since World War II, Christianity has been declining. Our mission is to restore Christianity so that, together with the Unification Church, it can become America's guiding hope. Our worldview will be recognized in America as the only beacon of hope for the future of this nation. Already that is being recognized, both in the highest possible places and at the grass roots level in America.

People will come to realize that Reverend Moon has the solution to the social ills of this nation, including the incredible decline of the family, immorality, and racism. In all these fundamentally important areas, no one has offered a complete solution except Reverend Moon. Recognition of my work is now reaching a sort of national consensus. Invisibly, yet very powerfully, the foundation we have laid has been imbedding itself and influencing the fiber of American society. Furthermore, in this nation of immigrants there are many minority groups, such as Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, European and Arabic, who all distrust the American government. But many are finding hope in Reverend Moon and regard him as their champion.

Since last year we have been trying to connect Christian leaders, both Catholic and Protestant, with the spiritual heritage of Korea. A pilgrimage tour was organized and will become increasingly popular this year and the next. When these ministers visit Korea, what kind of an impact does it have on them? First, many are shocked to realize that Reverend Moon is truly a spiritual giant. For that reason, they feel they want to work with our movement. Secondly, when they see South Korea, they feel that it is the responsibility of the United States to defend it. This is very important in God's sight. Those people who return from the pilgrimage tours are becoming larger and more united and are increasingly vocal in the Catholic and Protestant worlds. They are becoming the most important spokespersons on behalf of Reverend Moon and the Unification Church.

There are approximately 350,000 clergymen in this country. While I was in Danbury, we sent them all a personal letter and materials on the Principle. After the ministers had visited Korea and returned, the material that they'd received many months ago and put away in their study suddenly became important! They dusted it off and started reading our book.

In the wintertime we have flus of different names- Hong Kong flu, Indian flu, Manila flu, and so forth. Once this sense of our importance is created, our message and influence will spread like Hong Kong flu. Furthermore, Americans won't talk about "Saturday Night Fever" anymore-it will be "Moon Fever"! It's true! All of a sudden the body and spirit will be infected with this spiritual virus-not a bad virus but a good one. People will experience a new awakening and once they have caught the spiritual flu, it will remain for all of eternity.

While we are sleeping, while we are eating, beyond our imagination, an incredible spreading of the word is taking place. On university campuses, in classrooms, country clubs, golf clubs and gymnasiums-everywhere, Moon Fever is being discussed. In this case, the talkativeness of American women will be very useful. Talk, talk, talk, buzz, buzz, buzz, like bees. In the past when people heard about Reverend Moon, they completely closed their doors, but that is no longer the case. When they hear the name "Reverend Moon," everybody's eyes open wide and they want to know more about him. This is how the victorious realm and Father's territory of influence is being expanded beyond your imagination. Have you ever thought about how far Father's reputation and fame will go? There will be no end.

Most people don't know what I have been doing for the last ten, twenty, thirty years. I have never advertised it. But now the vast accomplishments of our movement are coming to the attention of the world. All of a sudden people are realizing that Reverend Moon has been working, not just since yesterday or two days ago, but for many decades. They say, "What a man of vision! How can he see so far? Reverend Moon did that?" The time has come when the mouths of the Moonies shall be like trumpets heralding the message throughout the world.

The ten million signature campaign of CAUSA was virtually impossible to think about, but knowing the timetable, I initiated it and it was fulfilled. Last September when it was decided at a conference that we would undertake our ambitious campaign, many American eyes, including Dr. Durst's, glazed over and stared at the sky.

They were thinking, "How in the world can we do such a thing? This is not Korea or Japan. The United States is different and no Americans will easily give out their signature. They won't sign any piece of paper, no matter what." That was the attitude. I'm sure that many people laughed inside when Reverend Moon launched the ten million signature campaign, especially the communists. "Ha-ha. Reverend Moon is going after ten million people? He won't even get near one million." That's what they thought, but we did it.

The largest membership list in America is owned by the telephone company. They have telephone numbers for the entire country. The post office also has the zip codes and addresses of all the people. The Reader's Digest has a list of seventeen million readers. But all these names were collected for their own reasons. In some cases, the names of the people were obtained without their consent. In our case, ten million people voluntarily gave their names, addresses and signatures. It is a list of true substance. How can we digest the ten million? I spoke last week in the World Mission Center and gave a complete plan for programs which are now proceeding. We have built this powerful organization with our own hands.

In the future, any town in America that is without Moonies will feel ashamed. A different kind of kidnapping will occur. Americans will feel they need Moonies so badly that they'll have to snatch some from New York and Washington and take them home to become leaders of their communities. Many Unification Theological Seminary graduates are hiding somewhere saying, "It is too difficult a life." But you watch-average people will dig them out and say, "You're a Moonie, aren't you? Come here and teach us the Principle." When that time comes, I will put a big advertisement in The Washington Times that says, "Moonies are hiding in such and such a place. Go and get them!"

What can you do? The patient needs medicine and the doctor must be found. Moonies are in the position of doctors of the society because you have the right prescription, so people will go looking for you. "Moonie" started out as a bad word, but the credibility and usefulness of the Moonies will increase a hundred, even a thousand times. Will you say, "I'll just wait until the Moonies' stock goes up. Then I'll come out and go to work." Are you going to do that? Anyone who is thinking like that is not thinking straight. Reverend Moon never hesitates. Even under persecution, he is the number one Moonie, always out in front. That is why Reverend Moon is where he is now.

Even for Moonies, getting to see me can be very difficult. How can those who are not Moonies ever expect to see me? When I went to London to preside at the Science Conference several years ago, twenty­one Nobel laureates attended, scientists of the highest caliber. One of the highest ranking persons in charge of the Science Research Center in London called to see me, but he had to wait two hours. Many prominent people think, "If I wanted to see Reverend Moon, he would jump at the chance." But instead of Reverend Moon jumping, he lets people wait two hours.

If I ever decided to grant an interview to anyone, media people around the world would leap at the opportunity. They would come in their own chartered airplanes to East Garden as soon as I gave permission. Meeting Reverend Moon is so rare that it is almost like pulling a star down from the sky. If someone were granted an exclusive interview, he would have to say, "This is such a blessing from heaven!"

Many of you think, "It's so difficult, I don't like coming to Belvedere every Sunday morning." That's true! I know very well how each of you think. I will go on a speaking tour one day and the people out there who are waiting for that golden opportunity will eagerly come to listen to me. But perhaps all the Moonies will come very late and there won't even be room to get inside the auditorium. Perhaps you feel, "I have already heard Father's words many times." The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

When I returned to Korea, many people wanted to see me. The President of the Japanese PWPA, Dr. Fukuta, is a renowned scholar who brought a delegation of five to Korea for a conference. Dr. Fukuta tried to signal in various ways: "We would like to have an audience with Reverend Moon. I wish that Reverend Moon would invite me and meet with these five people." I got all the vibrations, the messages, the signals, but I didn't say anything. Since he couldn't come without my permission, he had to go back to Japan disappointed.

You think, "Anytime we go to Belvedere, we can see Father." That era will be over and then, even though you will want to see me or hear me speak, you won't be able to. I am interested in the restoration of America and the world. Why should I waste time with you over and over again if you are not being effective? I need to spend my time effectively. Important invitations are always coming to me. Some universities wrote letters saying, "Reverend Moon, if you come, we will assemble the entire faculty and student body of our university. We want to hear you. Would you kindly honor us and come to speak?" But I said no.

In San Francisco, a popular and prestigious club sent me a letter saying, "Reverend Moon, we want you to come and speak. Many other persons including Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Eleanor Roosevelt and Winston Churchill have all spoken here. Now we want you to come." They thought Reverend Moon would jump at the invitation, but I simply told them no. They were absolutely flabbergasted. In South America, several dozen heads of state, as well as ministers of foreign affairs and finance and such, are becoming members of AULA. If I went there, they would love to invite me to their homes, and award me positions of honor, but I am not interested in those things.

What about you? If I wanted to visit your home-your apartment or cubbyhole or whatever-what would you say? Would you say, "No, we are too busy to welcome Father"? If so, that means you Americans are ignorant of the correct priorities. You don't know what is important and what is not important. It is almost like the children of a king and queen or the children of the President, who are accustomed to their own great parents. "Oh, my daddy is king. My mommy is queen. So what?" You are like spoiled children-so complacent. How can that kind of child show up at a cabinet meeting, a national steering committee, a congressional or senatorial meeting to be proudly presented as the child of the President?

Do you know the real world? How much do you know about what Father is doing? You are in the position of the sons and daughters of a king, greater than the President. You belong to the True Parents, but how much do you realize the value and honor and excitement of that? The Moonies are still sleeping, ignorant. If I were in your position, a regular Moonie, I would know who the True Father is. For me nothing comes ahead of my mission. I gave up everything-family, parents, brothers, sisters, fortune, honor, education, health, youth. Father gave up every ounce of energy for God's purpose.

I have heard about some blessed couples in which the wife was nagging, "We have a child coming and you're just doing a church mission. You'll become a beggar. Do you want that?" Finally, the husband packed up and followed the wife, saying, "You're right. I'll support you." And vice versa-sometimes the husband is the one who nags and the wife completely surrenders. To that, I say, "Go ahead. We don't need your kind of blessed couple. If you stay here, you'll just become an obstacle." That's the way I feel. I'm sure some of you here in this room have been like this.

I have been following a historical path which was not easy or cheap, and I cannot give it away cheaply. There is great movement and great transformation happening in the spirit world. Unification has been occurring. Can anybody go out of the sphere of influence of the spirit world? There is no way.

I am asking you American citizens, do you need Korean leaders in this country? What about Japanese leaders? I do not recognize the American people as special or first class. Anybody who does God's will is a first class person. Neither the color of your skin nor your nationality makes any difference. Even though I have been mistreated many times, I am patient and I think, "All right, who is going to change? Am I going to change or are you?" For example, even though I entered Danbury, I did not change my stand one iota, while the State Department has changed, the Justice Department has changed, even the White House has changed. But Reverend Moon has never yielded or shaken one bit. The Principle and my posture are like a rock.

If the American people continue to refuse to move, 1 am still confident. You will see that the entire spirit world of America, including former Presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, will shake the people up. Loving the United States is the precise goal of the great American spirit world as they are coming down. You must join with them. Even the Moonies do not know clearly what God, Father, and the spirit world are doing.

At the outset of this sermon, I reminded you that the slogan this year was "The Creation of the Fatherland." Centering upon the free world, unification has been taking place step by step even under persecution and indemnity. Step by step, God has been winning and the cornerstone for the establishment of the fatherland has been laid. We shall have the Kingdom here on earth and in the spirit world!

The spirit world and the physical world have exactly opposite positions. The right hand side in spirit world is the left hand side in the physical world, and vice versa. As you can see here on the board, the highest place in the spirit world is coming down to the lowest place in the physical world. The lowest place in the spirit world, the satanic realm, is going up to the highest realm of the physical world. That is why the so called highest level of leadership on the earth is influenced by evil spirits, and thus they are opposing me and the Unification Church.

Where can we find the level of unification? God is in the center position and thus the ultimate worldwide dispensational stage is there. Serving in the center position is always difficult because it is the crossroads where you encounter all kinds of opposition and persecution. On the worldwide level, a certain section was specially prepared by God to welcome this last stage of the dispensation-that is the Christian cultural sphere, the Abel realm. There must be unity between upper and lower, as well as left and right.

You are standing right in the center of all of this in the physical realm. Think of it. Can you swim out of this according to your whim or at random? You cannot win by doing such things according to your own will. As you know, I am the most stubborn person under heaven, but I negated my own will in order to follow God's will, because that is the only way to succeed. I conquered myself and united my mind and body. Unification thus proceeds to the family, tribe, nation, world, and all the way to the cosmos. What would be the center of the unification ideal? Yes, it would be true love. True love means God centered love, and it is the most difficult thing to achieve. You cannot do it just at whim.

The Holy Wedding took place in 1960 and True Parents were installed. You have no idea how much blood, sweat and tears I had to shed in order to build that foundation. For fourteen years, under the most incredible opposition from the Korean people and government, I laid an invincible foundation, battle after battle, struggle after struggle. Upon this foundation alone, the True Parents could be established. Even this I could not do at my own will.

First of all, Jesus had to be liberated since he could not consummate true love or a family. He had no love relationship of true parents, true spouse, true children, true grandchildren. To liberate Jesus from such incredible sadness, grief and sorrow, God had to let him experience all these things. A bride had to be presented to Jesus, but just presenting a bride does not solve the problem. You have to create the surrounding circumstances, that is, there should be a family background into which the bride can come. I don't think anybody ever heard these things.

There is a dual system in the creation: the spirit world comes down and duplicates itself on the physical level. What do you think? Would Jesus like to get married in spirit world? He would prefer to be married in the physical world. By whom? By the True Parents. Today we are reflecting on 1986, but so much had to happen before 1986. In a way, reflection on 1986 requires a reflection on the whole history of the dispensation of God. All the hurt, grief and suffering of Jesus had to be liberated. Otherwise, there could be no foundation upon which the Unification Church could stand. Spirit world has to be united and in order to make that unification, there should be some strong, central family of spirit world.

How can you fulfill this kind of dispensation without complete knowledge? "Well, it may be so, perhaps." Do you think such uncertainty can fulfill this dispensation? Or do you have to know it absolutely as the truth? What kind of Moonie are you-a "maybe" Moonie, or a sure Moonie? Being a sure Moonie is not easy. It is the most difficult life in the world. Getting a Ph.D. at Harvard is not even comparable to being a sure Moonie. What kind of sure Moonie are you-peanut sized sure or universally sure?

Everyone says, "I want to become a universal Moonie." I know that. But you Moonies are so small that God has no room to enter into your heart. Only a little ant can get in. And if I asked that small ant, "Would you like to get into a Moonie's mind and play around there?" the ant would say, "Oh, no, I would suffocate!" What narrow minds you have.

You know your own heart better than anyone else. Is there room in your heart for even one pigeon or one dove to enter? What about a sparrow? If a sparrow entered your heart, it would flap around and say, "There is not enough room for me here," and it would have to get out. Do you have enough heaven in your heart for even a sparrow? This is not a funny thing. The universal heart has room enough for everything, even God, to enter and fly around. Do you have that kind of heaven? Or is your heart too closed? I am giving you a very important message this morning and you did not come here to sleep. This is a crucial moment.

What kind of heavenly heart do you have? Do you have a heart big enough for me to enter and stay at least one day? You could not even stand one hour. You would say, "No more, Father, please get out of here." Although you say, "I love you, Father," you only love the embracing, kind, sweet Father. The truth is that you feel, "I don't like the stern, demanding Father who pushes us out for indemnity and Home Church."

The Principle teaches that unless you have the Kingdom of Heaven within your own heart, you will not have it in heaven. You've got to build your own heaven first, so in your heart, there should be room for armies. The army will be wild, and they will have a lot of trash as well as their own human wastes. Is your heart big enough to bear that?

In order to build the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth, we must really liberate Jesus. We have to let him come down to the earth and be liberated from the 2000­year­old situation. In order to think about liberating Jesus and embracing the spirit world, we must be big enough to first embrace all the people around us-next door neighbors, brothers and sisters, families and so forth.

What do you think-would indemnifying Jesus' role be easier than helping and liberating the people next door? Are you doing that next door liberation? Is it going to be easy? How difficult it may be! Imagine that your spouse mistreated you, day in and day out, but still you have to serve him or her for the rest of eternity. Do you think creating a heavenly environment around you would be easier than serving that kind of person, or more difficult?

Do you want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven? You've got to create your heaven first and take it with you. That is the Principle. If you thought that by joining the Unification Church you would automatically go to heaven, you were wrong. In the Unification Church, you've got to create your own heaven. Nobody created Reverend Moon's heaven for him. Is Satan still with you or is he already separated from you? This is a very serious question. Why is Satan separated from Reverend Moon? It is because I not only know the truth, but I also live and act according to it. Because I paid all the indemnity, Satan has no more accusation against me. Therefore, he has no lever to grasp; there is no way he can creep in again.

You are Moonies, but what unsure Moonies you are. Some of the blessed children are in this audience. Can you think, "We are saved. We are on safe territory because we are blessed children"? Not at all. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were sinless but Satan could still make them his prey. Men and women must establish a true love relationship at the central point and then expand it outward. The work of the Unification Church is to widen the heavenly family's territory. Once this kind of vertical foundation is laid, no evil spirits can penetrate this area any longer. When the family foundation covers the entire world, spirit world can come down in a vertical, ninety degree line. This will cover the entire world. The whole family will rest upon this straight line. The family, nation, tribe, clan and world are all part of one vertical lineup.

When the terms "right wing" and "left wing" are no longer used, that means the ultimate fulfillment here on earth is very near. Then the communist world, or the left wing power, can no longer proclaim itself as the salvation of the world. Likewise the free world, the right-wing power, cannot say that they have any solution to the world's problems. Both have become obsolete. A new ideology must emerge, a new central force of unification. Because of the fall of man, evil spirits have governed and controlled both the physical and spiritual worlds. Until I explained it fully, you did not know why there were so many evil influences on earth.

The communist world has a certain amount of zeal and longing to "liberate" the free world. But the free world does not have such a consciousness, so in a way the free world is defeated already. The communist world is always proclaiming that they have the ideology that can bring about one united world-under their dominion- while the free world does not have any such aspiration, appeal or even that kind of thinking. When a new ideology called Godism comes forward, the communist world will lose its attraction and the free world will feel new hope.

What is Godism? We have talked about a right wing and a left wing, but Godism is the "head wing." That is a new word. The human body has a head and two arms, the right and the left. Godism is like the head, while the arms are the left wing and the right wing. There are also two feet and we might call them "feet wings." This concept of right and left was derived from the two thieves on either side of Jesus at the Crucifixion-one on his left and one on his right. The thief on the right side defended Jesus and the one on the left accused him. Since then, the right wing and the left wing, representing Abel and Cain, have continued to struggle.

The right and left wings will not settle their conflict until the "head wing" comes forward and says, "You two guys, instead of fighting, you must cooperate!" Since the right and left wings have been fighting all this time, they are tired and faltering, while the head wing and the feet wings are gaining prominence. Thus the ideology of heaven and earth has emerged. We stand neither on the right nor on the left, but rather are vertically uniting upper and lower, heaven and earth. Another description of Godism is heaven and earth united.

Think of this: even if you lose both arms and both legs, as long as you've got a clear thinking head, you are a living personality, correct? Neither the right arm nor the left arm contain the essence of the human being. Neither do the right or the left leg. The head and the heart determine the character of a person and are the central aspect of the human temple. Therefore, human history is going to leave behind the left and right wings and move forward to a discovery of the head wing. That is the ideal of the Lord of the Second Advent. Even though the fall of man has persisted for many thousands of years, people are finally coming to the ultimate destination, the ultimate temple, which is the head-Godism and heaven.

This year, we declared the creation of the fatherland. Where is that fatherland? You said it is in the True Family. Where is the beginning point of the True Family? It is in the True Parents. The fatherland means, literally, the parent land. Where is the physical parent land? True Parents were born in that land and took in nourishment, sunlight, and air there. They also learned the language of that particular land, which is Korea.

Korea has been sandwiched between communism and the free world, namely the United States. She must learn that she has come to the end of that dispensation. Today the United States, with its protective trade barriers and so forth, is not such a good ally to Korea. The thinking of the American leadership is, "Korea is becoming a second Japan. Why should we give them more assistance?" Communism has always made difficulties for Korea. They have to rid themselves of communist influence, but at the same time they have to get rid of the United States' influence too. For the first time, anti­Americanism is becoming pervasive.

The Korean people feel very lonely because on one side they see the threat of communism, and on the other side America is very unkind. They know they have to grasp some other salvation power. Where is the power that they can grasp onto? The Korean people are clever and they are now recognizing the salvational power of Reverend Moon. They can see that we have built an international foundation and now we have power and influence. From this year on, they will be looking to Reverend Moon as their hope. Immediately after World War II, in 1945, Korea was in a dismal situation. For 40 years, I worked to rebuild God's foundation and finally the dispensational time has ripened again. The Korean people have been abandoned, in a way, by the communists on one side and by the United States on the other. At this particular moment of thirst, insecurity and loneliness, they will grab onto our movement because they see that is the only way to bring salvation to the nation.

Do you have the power to build such a foundation of your own? The best way is to follow my path, become an extension of me. If I said, "There's the battlefield. Go and fight," would you do it? As Unification Church members, we have only one option: service, never dishonesty or stealing. Our weapon, our armament is a sacrificial spirit. By serving, sacrificing and attending, we will completely encircle Satan's forces and win for God. Even though they know our strategy, as long as we practice it, they will still be overcome because service and sacrifice are impossible for Satan to overcome.

Do you think, "For fifteen years Father has been living in a mansion and riding in a big limousine. First he lived at Belvedere and now at East Garden. What a lucky and happy man he is to lead such a luxurious life"? Do you think so? Who created such a foundation? Did you? No, Father did. Has that been luxurious?

Even though you may be doing things without deep awareness, history is being written. Some of the chapters have been written in shame for America. Even in the ten million signature campaign, it was not the American members who played the major role. The fact that the Japanese members obtained more than half is shameful for American history. If there were no Korean leaders pushing, and if there were no Japanese members responding, what would have happened? What could you have done? If the signature drive had not been successful, I would have packed my bags and returned to Korea. I have been preparing to work in South America if North America doesn't succeed. There are 400 million people there. Even if the United States was destroyed, the dispensation and will of God cannot be destroyed.

1986 has been such a crucial year. I spent more than eight months in Korea because I wanted to lay the foundation for organization down to the village level. The entire country must be organized. I am really pushing Korea forward so that it will fulfill God's dispensation. Though Korea will face incredible difficulties and deadlocks, we will open up the path and remove the obstacles so the nation can stay on course. The slogan, "Creation of the Fatherland," may not be so meaningful to you, but every word of it penetrates my very bones. I have been working for that goal during this entire year. Although I wanted to ask 7,000 members to go and mobilize Korea, I decided not to because I knew that moving members out of Japan and the United States would set those movements back Therefore, I myself achieved the 7,000 man goal.

We will educate more Christian ministers and create an IOWC of 7,000 clergy. In doing that, Judaism and Christianity will go beyond superficial unity with the Unification Church and actually become one with us. In the sight of God, our fulfilling His dispensation together will be beautiful to behold and will become the foundation to move the major religions of the world.

I have done whatever was necessary for the will of God. What are you going to do now? I have accomplished everything, so there is no room for you to do it anymore. The Reagan Administration could have lost power a long time ago because they have no backbone, no real courage. Through The Washington Times, we have helped them engender a spirit of courage. History is always made behind the scenes. The real history does not make the headlines.

As an individual, you do not have much power However, when you are united with God's will and determined to do it, what happens? Spirit world begins to move. Spirit world is what makes the difference. In the signature campaign, some people in the street would say, "No, I don't want to sign," but meanwhile their hand was already moving to sign their name. Spirit world and their ancestors were using their arm, saying, "What are you talking about, you rascal?" With that kind of power and support, is there anything to fear? Next time we shall do even greater, bigger things. What about one hundred million? How would you do such a thing? Only in the name of God.

For the last forty years, I have been spearheading such incredible miracles, one after another. People looking at Reverend Moon objectively think, "Who in the world has done so much in one lifetime?" There can be no comparison with what Confucius, Buddha, or Mohammed did in their own lifetimes. Likewise, Jesus never had the opportunity to do so many things.

What do you think-do Americans need powerful leadership or not? If you do everything your own way, you will be destroyed. You've got to hold onto the rope and let the winch pull you. Otherwise, you are just flying around and you'll end up nowhere. You can't say, "It is too difficult holding on. The winch must come to me!" The winch is stationary and will not move. Forty years ago, VJ Day was declared-Victory over Japan. But now America is behind Japan in every way. Japan is thriving; America is declining. Who made it so? God did. No matter what, one cardinal rule applies: those who follow the will of God shall prosper. Those who do not shall decline. Period.

When you reflect upon 1986, can you say you have been walking a path that brings joy to our True Parents or one which brings them more regret and sorrow? God sent Reverend Moon to America and He will not declare that Reverend Moon is a failure. In order to declare decisively and dramatically that I am a victorious person, an incredible turning point was created-Danbury. Do you American Moonies recognize this? What about 1987? What will you do? I am not going to be on the front line in 1987. My job is done. No matter what, you must be on the front line. Out of my wealth of experience over the past 40 years of advancing this providence, I will guide you.

Since 1960, I have been maneuvering incredible changes in the world. It has been like steering a boat in rough seas for twenty­six years. The entire world has failed-America and the free world, as well as communism-but Reverend Moon has been victorious. From now on, the job will get easier. What do you think when you listen to me and I unfold the plan-does it seem feasible, or am I a crazy daydreamer? If you see the strategy in front of your eyes, how can you not do it? If you don't work for it, you have no worthwhile purpose in your life.

So far what you have done is a failure, so we've got to renew ourselves. Will you make 1987 another year of failure or a year of victory? What is the job ahead of us? It is Home Church. If anyone out there opposes Reverend Moon and the Unification Church, command his attention and say, "You are dreaming. You still don't know the reality." Even though my court trial is over and Danbury is all finished, we have to continue to reveal the truth. All the secrets must be exposed and the American government's role must be made public.

Do you think Reverend Moon is a criminal and deserved to go to jail? Is that the truth? For fifteen years, the government systematically opposed our movement. What amount of apology, what amount of indemnity could restore such damage? Though those politicians who opposed us may be dreaming of becoming senators and governors, even President of the United States, I know God will never permit their victory.

Have pride. The Moonies are the most genuinely patriotic people in this land and are bringing the only hope. We have the true solution to the sicknesses of this society. When I initiated the Science Conference fifteen years ago, no Church leaders could understand. They secretly laughed at my attempt to reach scientists and said, "Father's wasting money." Now, fifteen years later, is anybody still laughing? Today, the Home Church providence is far more certain than the Science Conference was fifteen years ago. If we do Home Church properly, we will achieve great success. I have emphasized over and over that America's future lies with Home Church. Without this dispensation, there is no way the country can turn around.

The American young people in the secular world are dying, physically and spiritually, from lack of love. Many are living without any moral principles in utter degradation. Because of this, we see an incredibly valueless society. Young people need a friend like you to help them make a new beginning in their lives. You must go out and touch them-you can nurture them and be like a new parent to them. You have the opportunity now to lift them up. If you do not, no one will come to help them. I know that I cannot do it alone. I need to borrow your hands, your mouth, your feet. Together we need to sprinkle the seeds of love. Once this comes to fruition, the entire world will want to be embraced by you. As in the Old Testament analogy of the valley of skeletons, the Lord of the Second Advent has come into the valley so that all the skeletons can receive the breath of new life. This true resurrection is happening now, forming a movement which will go out to the world to save it.

Once a person becomes a victim of drugs or immorality - homosexuality for example - it is very difficult to come out of it. I know that, yet I cannot abandon the American youth. The Moonies' determination alone will save those young people from dying. Otherwise, America will be lost. Just as the white people brought black people from Africa and enslaved them, the time could come when a world totalitarian system will enslave the white people and use them in a more severe manner than any slaves of the past. Can you guarantee that this will not happen? We've got to wake up. As a Moonie, you cannot just sit idly, eating lazy meals, spending casual hours. The entire free world is dying: South America, as well as Western Europe and even Japan. They are all following the path toward death behind America. How can you pay for America's incredible crime of leading the entire world in the wrong direction?

I have come to the point of completion of my mission here in America. I want to leave with you the weapons to cure society of drug abuse, homosexuality, and all kinds of immorality. By doing so, you shall become my representative, going out and winning the struggle for heaven. Think of it: besides the Unification Church, is there any other organization or ideology that can save the nation? Absolutely not. You have no idea how serious a time this is. The entire spirit world, including all the saints and great people there, is expecting you to perform. Good people everywhere want you fulfill your duty and win. This is a serious moment because our failure as champions would be the defeat of all history, all humanity, and of God. Can we allow such a defeat? It is impossible. Therefore, God desperately needs your tears, your sweat, and your hard work.

At one time the Anglo­Saxons tried to colonize Asia and create a breadbasket for the Western world. They spent a formidable amount of money exporting opium to China, trying to intoxicate the entire population. This is an example of the evil done to Asia by the Anglo­Saxon race and the Western world. History is always a chronicle of cause and effect-what was sown is eventually harvested. Now the Western world is beset with the problem of drugs. Young people are falling prey, one after another. Who can save the situation?

No one from the white Anglo­Saxon culture can speak out and say they have a solution. No American would even listen because they are part of the same destiny. Therefore, God sent a man of a different race, a different culture and a different way of teaching-Reverend Moon-to awaken these people. Asia was a victim of the West so a representative from that victimized realm needs to say, "God, please forgive these people. Even though I am a victim, I forgive them." On that condition alone, God can forgive the Western world and America.

If Reverend Moon gives up, is there any alternative? You should know there is not. That is why I have given my blood and sweat in the struggle, sparing no ounce of energy, pouring out my entire soul to fulfill the mission and meet the expectation of God. I want you to understand that before coming to America, I never did public speaking in Korea. I started all these public activities in the United States because God gave this nation top priority. Thus I came to America to initiate my public ministry.


In conclusion, we are creating the heavenly world. The spirit world will descend directly to you and your children and create a family base centered upon true love. That family base will expand over the world and nullify the necessity for the terms right and left, right wing and left wing.

February 1st, 1985, at 3 a.m., I called Mother at East Garden from Danbury and said, "Pray for the liberation of hell and the creation of a highway from hell to heaven."

That particular historical prayer of True Parents-Mother in East Garden and Father at Danbury-laid the historical foundation to liberate the hellish world. The highway has now been laid. Because of this, all the good ancestors in spirit world can go down to the bottom of hell in spirit world and on earth to evangelize. Before this prayer, they were blocked and could not come down here on earth.

Now the saints and founders of the great religions can move without boundaries and go anywhere to preach their Gospels. They can work for a common, unified cause. That is why we are working with an assembly of world religions, trying to bring unity and create a world Scripture. The saints in spirit world are reaching out and pushing their adherents toward the Unification Church. Moslem and Buddhist people are receiving the revelation to go to Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. This is happening all over the world. If the recipients of such revelations don't listen, something often happens to their physical health.

Home Church is the ultimate dispensation for the world. Members of other faiths will learn this through revelation and they will begin doing it. What will you do? Will you lag behind them? If so, the biblical prediction will come true that "The first shall be last, and the last shall be first." The Buddhists and Moslems are often so impassioned, they don't even have to listen to my words like this. They just go, day in and day out. They will do ten, even a hundred times more. Would you like to set the standard and convey the tradition to them, or do you want to receive the tradition from them?

The ministers who are visiting Korea will come back and say, "Reverend Moon taught us the Home Church principle, so we want to do it." Will I say, "No, no, only Moonies can do it. You can't do it first"? Can I say that? No, I will let them do it. Such a time is at hand. Think about how much greater will be the fame and reputation of Reverend Moon in three years. What about ten years from now? Therefore, you've got to wake up immediately. If you do not fulfill your responsibilities, I don't want to see you. I have given you precise instructions, so how can you say you do not know what to do?

There are approximately five billion people now living on the earth. How many more billions are dwelling in the spirit world? When that realm descends in force, the physical world will be completely overpowered. Many people will receive great shock, even having heart attacks when that situation occurs. You know these things now. Have you written them on your heart? Are you going to receive instructions from the spirit world or are you going to become their central figure and leader? I will give you one more chance. 1987 is almost here. The Home Church providence which started in 1987 is not a new thing, but this year-1987-is the year of completion. Now are you really committing yourself to do God's will?

This is the final Sunday of 1986, so let us pledge our lives to the mission given by the True Parents. Let us make that pledge three times, raising our hands as high as we can. I believe you. Let us pray.

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