The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1986

Ideal Home Church

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 21, 1986
World Mission Center - Grand Ballroom
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

If all of you in this auditorium were asked, "Who are you?" you would answer, "We are members of the Unification Church" If you were then asked, "What is the Unification Church?" you could reply that it is a movement which seeks to unify the churches and, ultimately, the world.

English is a phonetic language and does not have a meaning for each letter or syllable. Oriental languages, however, are based on Chinese characters and each character has a meaning of its own. "Unification" in the Korean language is "Tongil" "Il" means one and "tong" means leading or controlling, so in this sense unification means leading the way into oneness. When you are talking about achieving unification, therefore, you are putting yourself in the position of the leader.

What is the center of unification? God is the center of the unification of the world. The Unification Church is working to unify churches, religions and all believing people. That will ultimately bring all the people of the world into oneness with God-one God, and one humanity. What would be the central substance of that unification and by what method can we make it possible? It would be, of course, through true love. Then let me ask another question: What is true love? When we talk about love, we include both horizontal love and vertical love. But the Western world does not realize this. What is the origin of humanity? Is it a horizontal origin coming from the earth or does it come from above? Naturally, the origin comes from above, from the vertical direction.

You are born with a fundamental relationship to the origin, the beginning. If you are asked what is your source, you would reply that you are from your parents. Then where are your parents from? Parents are from grandparents. Grandparents are from great­grandparents. If you go all the way back to the first ancestors of mankind, where are they from? They are, of course, from God. This is how we are all connected ultimately to the one God in heaven. True love is the love which existed in the very beginning between God and man. That relationship was one of true love. We are not eligible, however, to receive that original love simply because we have been born. The loss of true love is our problem today.

When Adam and Eve were created, God showered true love upon them without expecting any immediate return. He was the initiator. A newborn baby has no understanding of the love of its parents. That baby, however, is dwelling in an environment of unconditional love, vertical love, which the father and mother bestow upon it. This exact situation existed when the first man and woman were created. True love came to them from God. We are supposed to come into an awareness of the love of God just as babies grow and come into an awareness of their parents' love. Once we are grown, we should be fully aware of God's love and be an embodiment of that love ourselves so that we can give parental love to others.

When talking about love, there can be no isolated individual. That would be a contradiction. For love to exist there must be a circuit-more than one person. When two people get together and talk about love, it is "our love" they speak o£ When you say, "My love to you,' you are addressing that love to someone else. When you talk about loving God, the recipient is God. Thus a circuit is created.

The love of God comes down from Heaven and the love of men goes upward from the earth, and they meet in the center. As a man or woman, you are in the position to become a recipient of the vertical love of God. When these two loves come together at the center, where does that energy go? It must expand horizontally because vertical love has certain limits of distance. Men are representatives of the plus character of the universe and women are representatives of the minus character. As individual men and women grow up to become recipients of the love of God, they form a horizontal line. They come closer and closer from both ends, eventually uniting. Thus all men and women have a common destiny.

Horizontally, there are men/women relationships and vertically, there is the parent/child relationship, which is primary. Because of that sequence, we must first become one with the vertical love of God; otherwise, we cannot go on to become true men and women. The relationship of God, Adam and Eve was the vertical relationship of Father, son and daughter. That relationship is universal and permanent-it can never be changed.

When you look at men and women, it seems their features are as different as the North and South Poles. Women's character is such that they look very closely and intimately at things. They enjoy decorating their surroundings and themselves. Men are generally more visionary and tend to make plans from a long­term perspective. Man is in the vertical position, like God's position, and woman is in the horizontal position, like the human position before God. We can make that simple parallel.

The first strong vertical line of love was established when God created Adam. Man and woman were supposed to mature and come closer and closer, uniting at the central point. That was the original design for the human family. Because God is absolute, the central point where the love of God emerges is also absolute. All people want to meet in that central point and share that absolute value. All of creation wants one thing-to move toward the central point and occupy God's love.

Parents represent the love of God to their children who want to receive the fullest love of their parents. They even compete with each other for their parent's love. That relationship is an absolute necessity. Each person is born with the destiny to receive parental love and grow into the awareness of God's love. Ultimately we must become a recipient of God's love. Love has an incredible pulling power which nobody can deny. Vertically, there is the mutual pulling power between God and man, and horizontally we feel the strong pulling power between men and women. These are the four pulling powers: left, right, up and down, and they must cross at some central point.

When a little baby giggles and laughs at the faces of his parents, is that abnormal or sinful? Of course not. Is it a sin when men and women look at each other, giggling and laughing, tickling each other playfully? When this give and take occurs between parents and children, or husband and wife, then God can freely come in and out of each mind and heart.

When love is being exchanged, no one wants to close his eyes in case he might miss something. Nobody wants a discount on love. You want to receive it at full value. When the voice of love is speaking, your ears are more sensitive to that sound than to any other sound under the sun. Even God's big ear is listening, monitoring for that sound of love. The body may be going in one direction, but when the ears hear the voice of love, they pull the whole body in that direction. When somebody is telling you a very interesting story, you will draw closer and closer; you don't want to miss a word. Do parents tell their children, "Well, I've given you enough love today. You got your ration"? Would you do that? No. Human beings are recipients or containers of love, so night and day and all four seasons of the year they are ready for more love from their parents and from God. True love can fully awaken all five senses of the body, which tries to perceive it all without losing any part of it.

Many people get divorced every day in this country; it is not so difficult. But the difficult part is deciding the custody of children. A person might say, "I don't care about my husband. I can kick him out, but I don't want to lose my children" This is because there is a vertical relationship with the children. They are bone of your bone, flesh of your flesh. There is a plus and minus horizontally, and there is also a plus and minus vertically. God is in the plus position and human beings are in the minus position. Even if husband and wife-the plus and minus on the horizontal level-can be separated, the vertical relationship between the plus parent and the minus child can never be severed. It is the original sequence of creation to experience the vertical first and then the horizontal. It is never, never horizontal first and then vertical.

American society is plagued with rampant divorce. There is no greater pain for children than for their parents to divorce. Children are there to receive love and return love to their parents for an entire lifetime on earth and thereafter in eternity. When the parents are separated, virtually all five senses of the child are beset by grief and sadness. Nothing under the sun can remedy or relieve such sadness. It is almost as if God were abandoning Adam and Eve. God created Adam and Eve, and there is no way He could turn away from His sons and daughters. By the same token, after bearing children, the parents should not be separated. It is not only like abandoning Adam and Eve, but also everything in the universe because Adam and Eve are the central point of all creation-the microcosm of the universe. If Adam and Eve were abandoned by God, that would mean God would have to deny all of creation. If God denied the creation, He would be denying Himself, and that is virtually impossible to even think about. This eternal vertical connection, therefore, never changes.

Dominion over the creation cannot come through vertical love alone. Vertical love must be translated into horizontal love, like the spreading of a wing which encompasses all of creation under itself The Principle teaches us about the indirect as well as the direct dominion of God. In the beginning, there were God, Adam and Eve, and the archangel. In that situation, Adam and Eve had no choice but to receive God's love. The archangel was in the position of a servant, so they did not go to him for love. The mature senses of Adam and Eve were supposed to know exactly how God felt and how He would react. They were not ignorant of God. Man is born in the indirect dominion of God, then grows by fulfilling his responsibility. Ultimately, men and women were supposed to grow naturally into the direct dominion of God.

After Adam and Eve grew up, God would have grabbed them and said, "Now, my son, my daughter, everything that I created is yours. Please take it and have dominion over it" Do you think God would say, "This part of creation is yours, Adam, and this part is yours, Eve"? Prom God's point of view, Adam and Eve both belong to Him and there is no distinction or boundary between them. Likewise, the entire world is meant to be one with God, Adam and Eve. It is only by the power of true love that men and women, as far apart as East and West, can be made into one.

Adam is, in a sense, a greedy creature and since God is his, he will think, "Everything that Eve possesses should be mine" On her part, Eve will think, "God is mine, so everything that Adam has is mine, too" Do you think they would have such thoughts? You all have some greed, don't you? It is a natural thing. God could foresee such conflict occurring between men and women, but He asked them to wait and be patient a little while until the power of love completely united them. The time would come when man and woman would be one in heart and there would be no distinction between them. The problem was that Adam and Eve never reached that level of perfection themselves.

It is human nature to want to get control of a situation. When you are in love, you want to grab that love and just eat it up. Do you want to have that kind of total unity in love or would you rather have the kind that says blandly, "Oh yes, we have some kind of thread, some connection between us" When you say you love someone, that includes the concept of occupying. You want to occupy the other totally without even one iota left to go free. Do you think I am telling the truth? Love is an all­occupying thing. You want to control everything-the eyes, ears, nose, mouth. Sometimes the voice of your loved one is so sweet that even if he says, "I'm really mad at you!" it still sounds sweet. Coming from the mouth of lovers, anything sounds sweet. Love can go to such extremes. This is virtually impossible in the realm of language, but it is possible in the world of love.

In man's present nature there is selfishness, dishonesty, and arrogance. These are the parts of human nature we cannot deny. Who made that? Who is responsible for that? That fallen nature was passed down to you from your parents, your grandparents, and your great­grandparents and so on. The Principle has taught us that the fulfillment of human responsibility is the key during the growth period in the indirect dominion of God. Who can claim he has completed that responsibility? Who can say, "I'm totally and absolutely united with God and nothing under the sun can separate me from Him"?

The vertical relationship is primary. Once the absolute vertical relationship is established, then you can consummate the horizontal. As much as God and human beings cannot be separated, the horizontal relationship between men and women cannot be separated. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven is the dwelling of men and women who have reached the perfection level of relationship with God. After living in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, they can go on to heaven. God dwells in each person; men find a dwelling place in women and women find a dwelling place in men. This is the harmony and union that God is speaking about.

What is the sequence of true love? First, human beings occupy God; secondly, men occupy women, and vice­versa; and third, they occupy all the things of creation. These are not separate but are part of a logical progression. Little children love to play with toys. What are toys to a child? They are like a microcosm of the creation so a child learns to govern the creation by playing with his toys. That is how he begins to exert dominion over creation. God, Adam and Eve and all the things of creation are meant to intermingle, in harmony and joy. That is what we call heaven.

Who first started using the term "human responsibility" within the Unification Church? Reverend Moon did not create human responsibility, but he discovered it. Before he discovered that term, did the concept exist or not? Yes, it existed from the very beginning. It is a permanent law that was installed from the beginning and which will remain for the rest of eternity. Have you Unificationists realized that human responsibility was a permanent law, existing from day one through all eternity? Have you taken it that seriously? I'm sure some of you have even forgotten the term "human responsibility," but this is the absolute law of God. Unless you fulfill human responsibility, you have no way to get into heaven. You have the craving for food and sleep every day of your life, but even greater than those needs is the requirement of human responsibility.

Do you think Reverend Moon just sat down one day and the words "human responsibility" came to him, and he thought it sounded good? Do you think he discovered it that way, or through incredible ordeals and struggles with Satan? Satan didn't want anybody to discover this because once it was discovered, his world would crumble. Satan protected and hid the importance of human responsibility so deeply that it was not easy for any person to discover.

Without fulfilling the requirements of human responsibility you cannot enter into the direct dominion of God. You cannot fully understand the relationship between indirect and direct dominion or the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. Therefore, in the Unification Church, our goal is to become men and women who fulfill our human responsibility. That should become our life goal so that we can become people of perfection. When you have children, you don't want them to accuse you, saying, "You never fulfilled your parental role. Why didn't you complete your human responsibility?" If that becomes your situation, there is no reason for even having children. Without fulfilling this point, you have nowhere to take a wife and child. You have to turn back. Do you follow? You may protest, "Oh, no. I am a Unification Church member!" But only upon completion of your responsibility, can you claim your rights and privileges.

Dr. Pak, Rev. Kwak, Mr. Kamiyama and all the leaders are bound by this same law. They can only claim their own point of view upon the completion of human responsibility. Otherwise, they do not even have a platform to stand on.

Americans of today with their free sex and immorality may wonder why they should be bound by such a rigid rule, saying, "We can do anything we want. We want to enjoy our lives" Coming out of that culture and trying to follow Father's Principle and become worthy Unification Church members is difficult to reconcile. America has a population of 240 million people. They are not worthy to be praised by God or to say that their human responsibility has been fulfilled. In other words, two hundred and forty million Americans deserve God's judgment. This nation is just like Sodom and Gomorrah. God is reserving judgment only because Reverend Moon and those who follow Father say, "Heavenly Father, give us time. We shall, in due course, fulfill the responsibility." That is why God is reserving judgment.

In order to graduate from a university, you have to compete a certain number of credits. The path to heaven is like that-you have to fulfill the requirements, getting a certain amount of credits. Human responsibility is the heavenly law. Would you like to live beneath the law, or in accordance with it and fulfill your human responsibility? Anything beneath this criterion is part of the human trash can, hell. This is not just a concept, it is a reality. Those who think, "I am fulfilling human responsibility,' raise your hands, please.

What about Jesus? Did he complete all the requirements of human responsibility? If he had, there would have been no reason for the Second Advent. But because he was not able to consummate that level on earth, the Second Coming became necessary. Have you ever borne a cross? Have you had that kind of experience? Have you been nailed physically to the cross? What do you think-Was Father forced into an American jail or did he go voluntarily? Father fears nothing. Anyone who fears this kind of responsibility will end up in hell.

You may have been living in the Unification Church for many years, but during that time you have been creating a rather miserable pattern-instead of succeeding, you've been failing. Your tradition is all mixed up and confused. But once you have completed human responsibility, does hell still exist for you? Once your responsibility is completed, you enter into the direct dominion of God where no satanic power can come in. Only in that situation can you use the word "ideal"

Have you thought about that? You take it so lightly and you think, "Well, it sounds good and it is very logical,' but you don't let it really enter your heart. This is a law you must observe day by day. Without going through human responsibility, love and all other beautiful words have no meaning. Every heavenly accomplishment, every heavenly goal and fruit is tied to human responsibility. True Parents are there, true family is there, true husband and wife are there, true love is there, true heaven is there. Everything is above the level of human responsibility, not below it. Unless you go beyond that level, where are you? What is your position? Have you been living below that level or above it? You have not yet crossed over that hill. The first thing you must do this morning is to determine your exact position and location. Is Father speaking the eternal truth?

God and Satan "label" everything-"This is mine, this is yours" They label according to one criterion only-human responsibility. Human responsibility requires fulfilling the vertical relationship between God and man. Then and only then can the horizontal relationship between husband and wife begin. Human responsibility does not involve worrying and saying, "Oh, I need money. I need a better position. I hate to do this mundane chore morning to night" That is not the kind of human responsibility we are talking about.

Everyone is violating this law. Who is the guardian of the door of the Kingdom of Heaven? It is human responsibility. Without having that particular signed certificate, no one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. No one in the fallen world has ever deserved the Kingdom of Heaven, not even one individual. In order to open this gate, God has been doing His work of restoration, starting with the time of Moses, then Jesus and then going on to the time of the Second Advent. Through this arduous work, God is opening the gate so that everybody can pass into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Both God and Satan take this most seriously. Even if all the bases for Satan's power are taken away from him, he will not easily give up his hold on human responsibility. Religious people who believe that they will go to Heaven will be demolished if they do not complete their human responsibility. God will have to say no. Even after a great amount of sacrifice, Satan will not release them and say, "Okay, that's all right. God can claim you" Satan has been holding tightly onto human responsibility, but now Father is bringing it out of his domain. Human responsibility is within our domain so that we can fulfill it; we can go beyond it and above it. Now we have a weapon to destroy Satan logically-the truth. We can say, "Satan, this is your true identity. We know you and your crime, and now we have a weapon with which to destroy your realm" An incredible, insidious battle is continuously being waged behind the scenes.

Those who think, "I'm a member in good standing of the Unification Church and I know Heaven is mine," raise your hands, please. Maybe you Japanese members are thinking, "We're special. We work so hard and Japan is doing very well. We followed the direction of the True Parents and came to America and we have suffered so much, so we are in a special category. We will definitely enter into Heaven." That is not right at all.

Think about it. When you feel that you have completely fulfilled your human responsibility and then go out to the satanic world and receive persecution, that is contradictory. Is there anybody who can oppose someone who has completed human responsibility? No. But Father is still receiving persecution. Why is that? All the barriers of human responsibility cannot be crossed at once. It is divided into eight different stages, from the individual level to the family, tribal, national, world, and universal levels. Father has been crossing each one, step by step. What stage is Father at now? The time of persecution is almost over and soon we will see universal welcome for Reverend Moon. It is at hand.

It is like a dream that we could gain ten million signatures. Such a thing was virtually unthinkable four years ago. This happened less than one year after Father set the universal condition by suffering at Danbury. What do you think will happen in the future? Will more and more people persecute Reverend Moon or not? How did Father come to this point,

on the verge of completely fulfilling human responsibility? Did he do it by receiving all kinds of praise and glory or by eating, sleeping and playing as much as he wanted? Do you go over human responsibility by doing those things?

Look at Father's features, my body build, face, hands. My hands are special­looking-not the kind made for suffering and labor. Father was not custom­made by God to suffer, but I have suffered my whole life for the sake of the restoration and the liberation of God's grief­stricken heart. Man has the responsibility to restore himself and his other half, woman, as well as all the things of creation. Father volunteered to suffer for that purpose.

God gave the world a most incredible opportunity to fulfill this huge responsibility all at once, right after World War II. The world, however, did not receive the messianic movement, so Father had to suffer for forty more years all by himself. Christianity at that time was in a position to accept Father and to fulfill the role of unifying the world, but it failed. For that reason Father himself rebuilt the Christian foundation.

Yesterday I went to a one­day trip to Alabama where I made a most arduous inspection tour of several shipyards. I returned to East Garden after midnight. If I did not take these things seriously, I would have just showed up for five minutes, said hello and good-bye, and left. But I cannot do that. This is a very serious time.

How serious have you been in the Unification Church? In order to come this far, Father has entered prison six times. Why? When God gave Father his mission here on earth as True Parents, God did not mean him to suffer. Actually, if everything had gone according to the plan, the whole dispensational scheme would have been completed by the time Father was forty. Now I am nearing seventy and I am still fighting, still suffering, still receiving persecution. Why? It is because of the failure of Christianity and the American nation.

Father came to this nation, which is a foreign country, a strange land for me, but I came to work here, giving my entire heart. Don't you think I have a certain feeling toward the American people and the American nation even though I never speak about it? Father was hurt so much by this nation and these people. If an ordinary person was mistreated so much, he would fight back and try to take revenge. That would be normal, but Father is entirely different. I have swallowed all those feelings of hurt and I continue to try to save this nation, simply because I know about human responsibility. I only want to avenge myself with true love- by loving America and saving it. That is the same route Father has been taking for forty years, since the end of World War II.

Shall we be serious about fulfilling human responsibility? You really don't know how much Father has been bearing the cross on your behalf you have all kinds of time to play, you eat virtually anything you want, and you sleep as much as you want. I don't have that kind of time. You don't know about Father's personal, true life. I never show these things in public, but I have shed agonized tears and sweat and worked day in and day out. Someday the truth will be known. Do you think once you really know the facts about Father you will be able to raise your head? Not one of you could open your mouth to try to assert your excuses or your complaints.

Human responsibility is a narrow gate. Even Almighty God cannot widen it in a million years. The doors are narrow but everyone is expected to go through it, without exception. God did not commit sin; it is not God who is responsible. Human beings did-Adam and Eve did, but God has taken up His responsibility. Adam and Eve entered into false parenthood, and therefore God has taken up the responsibility to restore His son and daughter into true parenthood. For that reason, God has been working for a million years, day in and day out, to help people to do this. This is all taking place behind the scenes of history. The time will come when history will reveal what kind of life God has lived and how God fulfilled His responsibility. When people become aware, what kind of world do you think it will be?

No one has taken his human responsibility seriously as an individual, as a family, or as a tribe. No one. You always think, "Oh, today is too cold, I just don't want to go out. I'm hungry, I'm sick, I have a headache" I see an assembly of people here who make all kinds of excuses.

When I was in Danbury, I instructed Dr. Pak to do certain things and he said, "Father that is very difficult, virtually impossible" So I said, "Okay, do it this way" I instructed him step by step so that he could be pushed to do it. But Dr. Pak has had to pay the price and the indemnity for that. He was kidnapped and narrowly escaped death. That invited the mercy and compassion of God.

This is just one example. Father goes everywhere and it is the same thing. I go to the Korean leaders and everyone says, "Father, that is just impossible. Nobody has ever done it. We cannot do it" Then I say, do it this way, follow this way, and I lead them every step of the way and then everything I talked about is accomplished. The time has come now, after fifteen years, when eminent scholars and professors who attend the science conferences humbly follow the guidance of Reverend Moon, no matter how famous they are. What about you? Do you also say, "Yes, Father"?

To whom does human responsibility belong? Should Father alone be responsible? No, human responsibility is yours. You need to fulfill it. But since you cannot bear that full burden, Father has carried it for you much of the way.

I want you to know another important principle: Cain and Abel must be united in order for the True Parents to emerge. On that foundation alone, True Parents can be recognized. You, the children, are supposed to restore the Cain and Abel providence, but since you have not done well, Father had to go down to your level, pick up your mission, take it upon his own shoulders and fulfill it. It is like a family in which there are bad children-the blame always goes to the parents. Then can you say, "Well, you fulfilled it for me. Give it back to me freely now?" Would you be that shameless?

You know that Father fulfilled human responsibility on your behalf but in order for it to become your own, you have to set a certain condition. Do you think the parent wants to give it away piece by piece, from one level to another, or would the parental heart want to give the full amount to you as your inheritance, all at once? Only because of the heart of the True Parents toward you as children is this possible. Father will one day declare to the world, "I have fulfilled all human responsibility. Now everyone else must do it, too"

There are laws for offering sacrifices. There are certain persons involved and certain conditions that have to be met in order for a sacrifice to become acceptable. There is a time period that should elapse. For forty years, Father was the person who offered the sacrifice and at the same time Father himself was that sacrifice. The satanic world was blocking everything, trying to make me fail. The satanic disturbances and obstacles have been almost insurmountable. Satan knows only too well that once Father succeeds in fulfilling human responsibility, it is final. For that reason, Satan has tried to block every stage of the game, and in the absolute final stage he pushed me into Danbury prison.

Father is bearing the fate of four billion people upon his shoulders. In order to pay the indemnity for that incredible burden of sin, Father has been in and out of prison six times in his lifetime. Who sent Father to prison? In a way, you did. The world population did. There is a certain debt to pay in terms of human responsibility, from the individual through the world level. I paid that debt all alone, by myself. I want you to know that unless I release this inheritance to you, no one will even come near to entering the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you follow very clearly? Father has to liberate you. If you suffer in prison yourself, even dying in a prison cell, it won't make any difference unless you receive liberation from Father.

In order to be liberated, the first condition is that there be no complaint. Complaint is simply unacceptable. You can never receive liberation with a complaining heart. You must be obedient to the end, as long as there is a road of God's providence. Father came to this country fifteen years ago and since then I have been ridiculed and persecuted. But I did it voluntarily. Persecution from the entire world cannot prevail over me; I accept that condition to fulfill human responsibility on a worldwide scale.

The heaviest worldwide persecution came in the year of 1976. That year the highest hill was scaled, and now we are going down the other side. The greatest suffering period of my whole lifetime was the seven­year period up to 1985. That suffering was for the sake of the worldwide, universal level. The seventh year was 1984 and that was the most climactic year. During the years of 1983, 1984 and 1985, not only Father, but Father's own family went through terrible ordeals and persecution. It was during this period that Father went to prison. Also we suffered the tragedy of Heung Jin's accident at the end of 1983. He died and had his Seung Hwa in January of 1984. This time period was the most horrendous ordeal for the True Family. It had been seven years since 1976. The forty year period began with the liberation of Korea and the end of World War II in 1945. On August 20th, 1985, Father came out of Danbury prison and reorganized the twelve tribes. Imagine how precise this is according to the heavenly timetable.

Now you know that there is no room in the Heavenly Kingdom for anyone who does not fulfill human responsibility. All this time, True Parents have been fulfilling that responsibility. Actually the True Parents are not supposed to suffer these things, but they left the True Parents' position to enter the children's position and take on their burdens. Why has Father suffered for 40 years? It was to pull the realm of human responsibility away from Satan. Who has taught you about human responsibility? It is the True Parents.

How will you fulfill your own responsibility? Unless you know and exactly follow Father's tradition, you won't be able to do it. You have to learn from Father all the way up to the eighth stage, and then do it. Do you think all the money in the United States can buy the fulfillment of human responsibility? If you gave heaven and earth as a payment, you could not buy it. You can fulfill human responsibility only by true love alone.

Satan fears true love. Do you think true love fears Satan? Is the person who has true love afraid of prison? Those who go to prison for the sake of true love have no problem. Father entered prison six times for the sake of the providence. How many times have you been in and out of prison? Do you want to do it once or do you think, "Well, Father did it six times, so I might go once for three days. Or two hours" In reality, you should do much more than True Parents. Because of your own failure and your sin, True Parents have borne the burden on your behalf. We should do more than the True Parents in order to show the appreciation and gratitude that is due them.

Two thousand years ago, John the Baptist testified that Jesus was the lamb who bore the sins of the world. Now, Jesus is looking down at Father and saying, "Behold, it is he who bears all the human responsibility of the world upon his shoulders" Which do you think is the heavier and more difficult cult burden-Jesus' position then or True Parents' responsibility now? Human responsibility is absolutely more difficult.

Human responsibility is fulfilled by the practice of true love alone. Father has a lot of enemies, but I have no time to think about them. Father does a lot of good deeds and then forgets in the next moment. I have never thought, "Oh, bravo, I have done the job" I never have that proud feeling simply because I see that when one stage is over, another stage begins. It is an uphill battle all the time. Unless you complete the worldwide and universal dispensational level, the rest of them are to no avail.

Think of what an extraordinary man in history you have met. Father, however, is not just a guest that we meet today and have nothing to do with tomorrow. This extraordinary giant and hero is my eternal True Parent. This time of the True Parents is unique-it has never come before and it will never come again. It is an incredible blessing to be born at this time, a contemporary of the True Parents, and to receive education from them directly, breathing the same air, feeling the same sunshine, enjoying food and water at the same time.

You may look like the least on earth while you are serving True Parents, but you are receiving the greatest spiritual blessing of all. Thus you have suddenly become historical and extraordinary men and women. You must realize that. As members of the Unification Church, we can cherish the greatest blessing of all. You often only give lip service, saying "True Parents, we love you so much" But in reality, you give more suffering, more burdens to the True Parents. Your words and deeds must come together. You want to hear about it, but you do not want to do it. That is an incompatible, paradoxical situation. You want to see Father, you want to meet Father, you want to receive Father's love, but you don't want to do what Father says.

There was a dispensational pattern, set first by Jacob, then followed by Moses, Jesus, and finally Father. You also have to follow this dispensational course. There is no way out. What do you think? Those who say, "Oh, I don't want to follow Father's pattern,' should just pack up and go. You have nothing to do with me. You will be accused by spirit world when you go there if, after all the things that Father has taught, you cannot fulfill the condition. You will be bound by your own deeds and words. Do you think spirit world is listening to Father and following his directions? What about you? Are you following Father's pattern today at least as much as spirit world? You should be ahead of them. The spirit world is equivalent to the angelic world, while you are in the world of Adam and Eve. You are, therefore, in a position to command the spiritual world-the spirit world should not command you.

Do you think, "I wish we had a little more freedom. I wish Father would just let me do what I like" Why do you pray every day in the name of True Parents? It is because in that name alone can your prayer be received. That is the most victorious name under the sun, the name that can conquer the satanic world. Have you not only been praying in the True Parents' name, but also praising their name? Have you glorified True Parents? In order to glorify the True Parents, you should bear the cross. By doing good deeds, you surely glorify the True Parents. But if you do not even bear your own cross, how can you bear the cross of the True Parents? Jesus commanded two things: deny yourself and bear the cross, then you are worthy of following me.

Where is Satan strongest in our world today? His throne is all the selfishness and self­centeredness within ourselves. If everybody else is working hard and suffering, can someone think, "I don't have to do that. I'll just let them do it and I'll play and have a good time" Do you think that person's conscience wouldn't be bothered?

What would you like to receive as a gift from Father? The most important gift you could possibly receive is liberation from human responsibility. You want to receive that, don't you? Suppose I sent you and your spouse to Africa for the rest of your lives to serve a black, poverty­stricken nation- if that was the only way to fulfill your human responsibility, would you do it? What about living like a beggar? If you are treated like a king and queen, that does not fulfill the condition. That is not suffering. Will you say, "No, no, Father, I don't want that responsibility. Give me something a little better" In order to liberate you from human responsibility, therefore unchaining and liberating you from Satan, Father set up one conditional mission for all of us to follow: that is nothing other than the Ideal Home Church.

What, then, is Home Church? Home Church is the base of the Kingdom of Heaven. Home Church is the place where you can be liberated. Father has repeatedly taught that without going through the Home Church providence, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the covenant between God, Father, and Satan. For anybody who fulfills the Home Church responsibility, Satan will sign the certificate and send it to True Parents. True Parents will approve it and that person is entitled to the Kingdom of Heaven. That is the covenant. If everybody in your 360 homes opens their door and welcomes you, you will be a master. Only someone who can love them with a parental heart will be received like that. You fulfill the Home Church providence when you are welcomed in your 360 homes. The criterion is this: in the 360 homes, they should love you more than they love their own parents, their spouse, their own children. Then you are truly worthy.

Where shall we begin Home Church? Father has come to the United States, the most ideal country to start in, because every level of society here is separated. There is virtually no love. Everyone is starving to death for the true love of parents, true conjugal love, true children's love. So when you become the personification of love in this country, you will be received like God and True Parents. So far, Home Church has been difficult because Father was still being persecuted by the nation. But the times have changed. Father is being welcomed by the nation now and we already have ten million people supporting the goals of CAUSA. In this kind of atmosphere, the Home Church providence has become easier.

A network of roughly three hundred thousand members can totally cover this nation. All we need is 300,000 people; they can come from the ten million who already echo CAUSA's ideals. When Father was in Danbury, a Divine Principle book, a letter and sermons were sent out to three hundred and fifty thousand clergymen in this country. Father would like these people to become part of the central mission, contacts for the Home Church providence.

When America enters into the Home Church providence and is entirely covered by it, what do you think will happen in the rest of the world? Will they follow the Home Church pattern or not? Let's make a decision this morning in an absolutely democratic way-by majority rule. Do you think we should do Home Church? Raise your hands, please. All right. It is not Father's decision; it is your decision now.

In order to pass an examination, someone else has to give it to you. You cannot create your own test. Do you want to create your own paper for the Home Church examination, or should someone else give it to you? Who should that somebody be? True Parents should give you that exam. The exam given by the True Parents has eternal standing. When you do it correctly now, you go all the way. If you go wrong now, that record will stand for eternity, too. It is very serious. We are going this way now, but after 1988, all the Unification members will be represented by the kind of Home Church they have. Your Home Church record will come with you. Without a Home Church area and accomplishment, you simply cannot see the True Parents. You won't be accepted without a Home Church background, no matter what you might have done in the Unification Church.

Eventually, there will be no more territory in the United States in which to get a Home Church area. In order to find a Home Church area, people will voluntarily go to Africa. People will eventually flock into Red China. There are a lot of people there-one billion. Eventually, the world will be knit together by Home Church and the Kingdom of Heaven will be ushered in.

I first spoke about Home Church in 1978, so I have been speaking about it for the past seven years. From 1987 on, we will renew our dedication. A new beginning will be set on the first day of 1987. Those who think, "Yes, Home Church is a definite necessity. I know it and I feel it,' raise your hands, please. Everybody wants to go to heaven, that's for sure.

Father has been suffering simply because of the failure of human responsibility. The hill of human responsibility has to be climbed. The restoration process starts from the enemy or servant of servants position, is elevated to the servant's position, the adopted son's position, the son's position, and finally arrives at the Mother's and Father's position, the True Parents' position. That is the way of restoration. When you go all the way down to the bottom of the totem pole, Satan simply cannot follow you. All this time you have been accompanied by Satan, but if you continue to go down further and further, Satan will ask, "Where are you going?" Then if you reply, "I'm going further down,' he will say, "I cannot follow you anymore" Satan is arrogant; he has a limit to how humble he can be, so if you can be limitless in your humility, you will be separated from Satan.

Satan will follow to the individual and family levels, but he can only come up to the third level and no more. This is because the True Parents declared victory and liquidated the satanic elements from the third level on. There is no way satanic elements can creep in above this level, the tribal level. Jesus' crucifixion came at the tribal level, and this is where Satan entered and completely demolished the dispensation. Therefore, you must pay indemnity to recover this level. True Parents have conquered everything above the tribal level. Father has gone all the way through the individual, family, tribal, national, world and universal levels. Instead of rejecting Father, the world is now ready to welcome and embrace me.

I want you to understand, no parent wants his children to suffer. Parents are always trying to take their children's burdens upon their own shoulders. This is the parental heart. Therefore, what Father is giving you today is the bare minimum you have to do to qualify for citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven.

There are roughly one million people who signed the CAUSA Associate Membership forms in the New York area. The population of New York is approximately ten million, so one­tenth of the population signed up for CAUSA's goals. Thus the potential is out there in your Home Church area. It is no longer a foreign land, a land of strangers.

Many of you say, "Home Church is difficult. We have already suffered a lot" I'm sure you have some difficult memories, but think of the signature campaign. Before leaving for Korea this last time, I asked the American leadership to find ten million CAUSA volunteers, saying, "If you cannot do it, I won't come back to America" When the goal was announced, did you think it was possible? Did you think we could even reach one million? Did you ever imagine we would accomplish the goal of ten million so quickly?

Father came here to save America. We proclaimed the ten million membership goal just recently but the plan was in the making a long time ago. First of all, the primary condition was the unification between established clergy and the Unification Church, because Cain and Abel must be

united for the True Parents to stand. Father returned from Korea on November 24th and on that day, the goal of ten million was achieved. It was perfectly fitting. I came back because I knew the goal was being achieved.

As you know, many U.S. clergymen have been making the holy land pilgrimage. Instead of going to Israel, they are going to Korea. When Father was in Danbury, we initiated the education of seven thousand religious leaders through CAUSA seminars. That is completed. After Father was liberated from Danbury, we were able to reach out to seventy thousand ministers. Today's ministers are comparable to the rabbis at the time of Jesus. The Roman Senate of Jesus' time was equivalent to the Congress of the United States today. By dealing with the ministers and leaders today, we are fulfilling what Jesus was not able to fulfill two thousand years ago. Soon you will see not only Christian ministers but also American leaders going to Korea for pilgrimages.

This is the reason that in 1983 we expanded our local centers to 750 locations. Those were the grass roots CAUSA centers, where people were contacting ministers. I had been asking you to meet and visit ministers and none of the American leaders were doing it, so now Korean leaders are spearheading the process. Through this process, the horizontal Cain and Abel dispensation has been fulfilled. There is also the vertical unity between parents and children. God is always the highest, and the True Parents' position is above Cain and Abel.

I want you to understand that the number 7,000 comes from the biblical story of Elijah. At that time, Israel was divided into north and south. Elijah was chosen by God as a prophet to turn the people of northern Israel back to God. Even though he was a success, many people rejected him and he was completely alone. One day as he was resting under a big tree, a bug came and ate all the leaves and took away his shade. At that point, he was absolutely disheartened. He said to God, "I am all by myself, finished. I can do no more, God" Then a voice from heaven said, "Elijah, what are you talking about? They're still out there. I have 7,000 soldiers hidden who are ready to be mobilized. What are you talking about-you are finished?" This is where the number 7,000 came from. At the time of Jesus, John the Baptist was in the position of Elijah and should have recruited 7,000 strong followers for Jesus' ministry. At the time of the Second Advent, Father knew that even if this nation accused him all the way to Danbury, there still must be 7,000 rabbis and ministers out there ready to be raised up.

There are millions of veterans in this country and they are most patriotic people. For that reason, we have set up a special organization to educate retired generals and colonels. Over one thousand people have been educated and they have become the backbone of the veterans' movement throughout the country. This education is now proceeding in all fifty states. Clergy organizations represent plus, or Abel, and the veterans' organizations represent minus, or Cain. When they are united through give and take, they'll form a local foundation upon which the True Parents can emerge.

It is almost like the time of Moses, when there was a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night leading the way, daytime and nighttime. The clergy and veterans' organizations are like these two pillars. Among the ten million signatures, there are many veterans, many old soldiers and generals and colonels, as well as many religious people and ministers. When all the ministers are filled with enthusiasm and all the veterans become powerfully inspired, the country can be moved.

Who shall be the elder brothers, the Moonies or the ministers? Who is Abel, who is Cain? Think about it. In the fallen world, Cain is always the elder son. In the restored world, however, the elder son should be the strongest pillar of the dispensation. The Unification Church is within the restored world, so you shall be in the elder son's position. You have to make your tradition of unification by setting a standard and building a foundation. From now on, you have to make your foundation of an elder son on the heavenly side. Always in the past, the elder son made the foundation on Satan's side. What is the elder son's tradition in the Unification Church? Home Church.

Father has spoken to you about the Home Church providence for three hours now and everybody wants to do it. There are only about 1,000 people in this room. What if I spoke about this Home Church providence through network television for three hours? That would be bad news for you. After such a broadcast, millions of people in America would be thinking, "Uh oh. We've got to get 360 homes quickly. Let's all go out and claim our area" There would be no area for you anymore. Before Father announces it on television, since you are special people and you came to Father earlier than anybody else, you've been given a special privilege, a preview. You know the providence so you can get to Home Church and pick your territory first.

From tomorrow morning on, we have a new greeting among ourselves. We can say in the morning, "Good morning, going Home Church!" In the afternoon, "Good afternoon, going Home Church!" In the evening, "Goodnight, going Home Church!" Since Satan works at night, we've got to work at night as well.

The Home Church providence was installed in Brazil several years ago. At the same time, I directed them to do some service project, so bread factories were established for the twenty­four states there. Every morning from four o'clock on, they bake tons of bread. All the Unification members in Brazil, from the leaders on down, hand­carry and distribute bread throughout their districts. That's Home Church. As Jesus said, you cannot live by bread alone, so they also give them the truth, and true love. This is how Brazil has become the most successful Home Church country.

Once the Home Church process is well underway, we can initiate economic programs. You need money, don't you? Yes, money is necessary but more important is fulfilling human responsibility. You know it very clearly, don't you? Everybody should inspire each other' with Home Church, even pushing each other to go out. Through Home Church, you can restore everything up to the tribal level. Once you reach the tribal messiah's level, then you can achieve the national, world, and cosmic levels immediately. This is the True Parents' level. All the future leaders of the Unification movement will come out of the Home Church championship. They will be the Home Church leaders.

How can you get rid of Satan? The way is the Home Church way. You should have a regular schedule, so it is good to have some sort of daily duty to make you go out to the people. We have two newspapers in New York, the City Tribune and Noticias Del Mundo, that you can distribute in your Home Church area. The person in charge of Home Church will become responsible for that distribution, as well. We will tighten up the previous organization and tighten up the providential Home Church system in New York. Economic activities like fundraising should be done through groups and organizations, not individuals. Washington is another city where Father is organizing a formula system. Father's system is such that those who do Home Church well will not only succeed in Home Church but will be successful economically. They will fulfill both. They will be recognized as a local community leader and also they will be well off financially.

I would like to announce this morning that the Home Church providence combined with the newspaper providence is Reverend Kwak's responsibility. The change of command will take place December 31st. Reverend Kwak is a very busy man, but this is his most important responsibility. He should drop everything else to concentrate on this activity.

Everyone should look at the New York City Tribune and Noticias Del Mundo as your own newspapers. You should be able to distribute at least 120 copies in your 360 homes. At least one out of every three homes should take a copy. We can truly change the spiritual atmosphere of New York City. Since we participated in the Home Church providence before, do you think we can do it? There are all kinds of people in every neighborhood. We might find ministers, military men, government officials, even Congressmen and Senators. In order to deal with such powerful people, we must be united on our one common goal. I want them to know that Moonies are not weak, trivial people.

Once Home Church is completely organized and in place, you shouldn't even try to know where Father is. I may suddenly disappear! If Father is absolutely free to do whatever I feel is needed, that means your time has arrived. Anything that you hear about me or see me doing, you should say, "If that's what Father needs to do to accomplish his mission, fine. I'll just do my thing: Home Church" Sometimes I might watch three different movies in one day. How could I do that? Those conditions might be needed. Father is moving on to another level of the dispensation. Home Church is your level.

Two hundred volumes of Father's speeches have been published but that only scratches the surface. There are hundreds more volumes containing all the words Father has spoken over the years, so you have a lot to study. Now Book 34 has been published in the original Korean language. You should study Korean, and get all of these books. Father is the personification of the word and he has spoken so much; when you study this material, you will get all kinds of elements that you need for life. The Japanese are circulating four thousand volumes every time one is published. How many volumes are read in Korean in the United States? That means you are not truly Moonies, because Moonies need to read Father's words, spoken in the mother tongue. Do you want to order some? This is a first edition and it will not be republished soon. Anyone who has a first edition will have a treasure to pass down to your children and grandchildren.

You have no idea how miserable and lonely Father has been all this time. Even Mother and the children don't know fully. Only God and Father know. I don't want you to be indebted to me. Let me be indebted to you. You can become such great men and women, the champions who will create a new history. All these things can be accomplished through the fulfillment of the Ideal Home Church. There's nothing more important-not even your own parents, your children, or your husband and wife. Nothing is more important at this time than to fulfill this Ideal Home Church.

Can you say, "Father, you've moved me. I am committed and I will go all the way. I will not betray you. I will meet your expectations"? If you can pledge that from the very bottom of your hearts, raise both hands and say "Yes, Father" loud and clear. Thank you.

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