The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1986

The Standard Of The Unification Church

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
August 10, 1986
Translator - Sang Kil Han

[This speech was not given a title by Father. The title was derived from the contents by the editors.]

Even when I do not speak at Belvedere, you should be attending Sunday service here regularly. You should understand that Belvedere is a special place; it is no ordinary setting for church gatherings.

What should I talk about today? In my talks I do not focus on just the individuals present, but I speak for the sake of the four billion people on earth, as well as all those in spirit world. I explain how people should live-all people, including those who do not understand the providential way. I show the path which all mankind must take and the standard which everyone should understand and fulfill. I have to speak about such things, because people do not know how the will of God is progressing or what God has in store for them.

In this respect, the members of the Unification Church are very different from members of any other church. People in ordinary churches tend to become discouraged and little by little drift away from God's will. Not only Christians, but secular people in the democratic world as well are straying further and further from the way of God's will.

Unification Church members have the responsibility to rectify this situation and to supplement what is missing. Although you might think you are living the way God expects you to live and that your standard is that of the [Unification Church, the real standard lies beyond. You do not represent the true norm of the Unification Church. Do you understand exactly what we should do to fulfill God's expectations for us?

You might assume that Americans are living in a way that is simply American, but that is not true. The way America is going, it will continue to deteriorate and eventually perish. When you look at the younger generation of Americans today, you can see the decline; many are like living corpses. The democracy which Americans have been so proud of has produced people who are drowning in drugs and have lost all sense of direction. If this trend continues, surely the nation will perish. People totally lack a basic philosophy of life. Anybody can see this immediate danger.

Are colleges and universities such as Harvard and other Ivy League schools doing enough? Are they really capable of directing America's future? The answer is obvious. People lack a national perspective or any goal beyond individualism. They focus only on their personal well being.

We understand clearly that the United States does not exist in isolation. This country is a symbol for the world; the world follows in America's wake, regardless of where it leads. The American way of life is so promiscuous and filled with evil, but still the world emulates its trends and fashions.

Americans must realize that this country does not exist just for itself Who will apply the brakes to this way of life and initiate a new trend? This is the most serious question. The only group capable of doing such a thing is the Unification Church. As you know, the only way to stop a fast moving automobile is to apply the brakes very hard. At that time, the most important part of the car is the brakes; the brakes must remain strong and not give way.

You may not realize all the things I am doing now; you may not know about the meetings with politicians, congressmen, retired generals, journalists and other top leaders of America. These leaders are very aware that the only hope for guiding this country forward lies with the Unification Church. They understand it as clearly as we do and they look at us very hopefully. But are the people inside the Unification Church maintaining that standard? That is the question we have to keep asking ourselves.

We are really in the midst of a bloody fight-even though you cannot see the blood. This is the peak of the cosmic battle. One of the key strategies for winning the victory is to gather people together. You may not be aware of what has been going on recently. At this very moment, a group of prominent journalists is visiting Red China on a World Media Conference fact finding tour. This is the first time China has opened its doors for such a thing. You know what happened when they visited Russia. Such meetings will have a strong impact on the path the world will take; they literally influence the way the world will go.

We are holding meeting after meeting, convening these vitally important gatherings all throughout the year. This very morning there is a great assembly in Germany of people of all religions. You haven't been aware of that.

At least those present here at Belvedere this morning should be conscious of what our movement is doing on a daily basis. You should know what is going on every day on the worldwide level. These meetings will decide the world's future. You should live according to that standard.

This is all the more reason why you should not focus so much on whether I come to speak to you at Belvedere. Of course, you benefit individually when I come, but besides that, in your heart and mind you should want to come to Belvedere every Sunday morning and pray for the sake of the world, including True Parents. Don't just inquire whether or not I will be speaking, and then stay away if you think I am not coming. Such an attitude has no place in our way of thinking.

Indeed, I have spoken to you so much; I have given you so many important words of guidance. More than 120 volumes of my speeches have now been published; they cover the important aspects of our times and the future, of God and all people. You should live up to their contents. The message of these volumes is progressive; it proclaims a goal, which we are now approaching and which you should be aware of. Do you know the books I am speaking about? There are now 126 volumes, and they will continue to be published as long as I keep speaking.

These documents will be studied by scholars in the future; they will get them from the library and pore over each word of my sermons. After I started speaking in the West, the great majority of those speeches were given at Belvedere- or if not at Belvedere, in the spirit of Belvedere. You should always remember how special a place this is; whenever you are sitting here, you should reflect on the meaning of Belvedere. If anyone asks a question of you as a member of the Unification Church, you should be able to answer like a true authority on my words because you are the ones who have listened to me directly. You will be more of an expert than all the great scholars and professors who may study my words in the future.

Do you understand that I have now become very famous among the scholars of the world? Only a couple of weeks ago many world renowned scholars from America, Japan and elsewhere went to Korea and spoke in 206 cities throughout the nation. They spoke about Reverend Moon and Unification Thought and were very well received by the people of Korea. Those scholars are proclaiming that only through the Unification Principle and Unification Thought can the world have hope for the future. These scholars, members of the Professors World Peace Academy, increasingly feel that they should be the ones to lead the world at this time; they don't believe that politicians or economic experts can do it.

Even though you may not understand it so clearly yet, I am very serious about guiding this country. The way the United States goes during the next six months will decide the real fate of this country, and to a large extent that of the world. This is what I am facing now. Who is playing the main role? It is you. But do you, the real actors, even realize that you have that principal role? In fact, this is the qualification to attend sermons at Belvedere: to be in the mainstream of the dispensation; not everyone is qualified to come. Therefore, whenever you come here, you should understand the nature of your qualifications, as well as your responsibility.

You must realize that distinguished scholars eagerly anticipate the reports about my speeches at Belvedere. Therefore, Unification Church members should not think you are meeting the standard of the Unification Church just as you are; rather, you should always strive to reach a higher standard. You should struggle very hard to keep up with the norm which I am setting. You must understand that you are the main group who is responsible to uphold that standard and not assume that you have already reached it just as you are. You must not say complacently, "The Unification Church is the place where people with standards such as mine attend."

Let's say that you have been in the Unification Church for five or six years. What do you know about God and the world? How well do you understand God's dispensation? For that matter, even if you have been a member for 20 years or more, you do not know everything. However, you should be improving every day as you make daily effort.

At times you are tempted to criticize the Unification Church, pointing a finger at this or that, calling some things reasonable and others unreasonable. But the Unification Church is not susceptible to such criticisms. If this were the kind of church that could be criticized by people with standards such as yours, it would have vanished long ago; it could never have survived. You don't understand about the real Unification Church.

This Church has survived full scale opposition, not just partial resistance; it has weathered the most severe circumstances. But in order to survive such criticism, could I just sit tight without doing or saying anything? On the contrary, I have had to engage in terrible, desperate struggles.

The United States has been closely observing Reverend Moon and the activities of the Unification Church, but it has no yardstick for measuring us. Both the CIA and the KGB have studied us and tried to describe us, but they have failed because they have no instruments with which to evaluate us. All they have are the limited ideals of democracy and communism, and they are teamed. They carefully observe each step that the Unification Church and Reverend Moon take; but before they realize what is happening, we are far ahead. While they are still trying to fathom one activity, we have crossed over to another side. They watch our daily steps, but we're always way ahead.

A great change has come about in the United States, which many leaders already recognize. I haven't been sitting around doing nothing. People may observe my speeches and activities from a purely external point of view and report that I spend my days playing pool and fishing, but what I am actually doing is somewhere else, beyond their measure. People have suddenly noticed important victories being accomplished in the United States and wonder when Reverend Moon did it. That is why I say they have no means of measuring me. I have been painstakingly at work, day and night, without people being aware of it. Now tremendous changes are taking place in Japan and the United States.

Through the power of God evil politicians may lose their office and good, God centered ones can be elected. You will witness such things, even during the coming year. More bad congressmen will lose their seats and good ones will take their place. Do you understand? Actually, I don't think any of you understand it very well. Many leaders of America comprehend it far more deeply than you do.

My recent tax case wasn't just a tax case at all. Influential people knew that unless something was done to contain Reverend Moon and the Unification Church, we would come to wield enormous power, so they tried to stop us through the tax case. I have fought against not only the visible people within the government, but also the "invisible people"-those at the core of the secular forces hostile to God. Even you Americans do not realize how this hidden government behind the visible government works. Can the CIA control it? Even President Reagan, who is free to do what he feels is right, is influenced by these people who wield their power in invisible ways.

You know how the office of the President of the United States became isolated and virtually powerless in the past. Nobody wanted to listen to the President or respond to him. That office was an object of mockery. That is the kind of situation that developed here in the United States.

Our task is to guide people along the right way. When the CIA realized what I was accomplishing, they were very surprised. "When did Reverend Moon make this kind of foundation and begin working on these projects?" they asked.

Somebody must have done these things. Was it you, the members of the Unification Church? Apparently not, since you don't remember doing them. All you did was to look around. You find it very hard to follow in my wake. You were mostly concerned about how hard it is to maintain your family and individual life. At best, you worried about your family, but never beyond that to the world situation. So somebody must have carried that load on his back. You might reason that it must have been me.

Here at Belvedere, I may speak about things which are not at all evident now, but 10 or 20 years in the future you will clearly see them; they will become manifest in the world. This is the significance of Belvedere.

When I was in Danbury, I took the time to read my own words and I gave instructions for the publication of a book containing specific speeches. That book is God's Will and the World. As I was reading my speeches, I could see the consistency between what I spoke in the past, what I feel in the present, and what I will be talking about a few years from now. All is directed toward one focal point. I want to call your attention again to the importance of that book. While I was in Danbury, I had a lot of time to catch up on my reading. As I examined my own words, I selected the more important speeches to be compiled in a series of books which will contain the focal point for the future. Have you read God's Will and the World? Are you still reading my words?

As you read, the first step is to understand the words and the next step is to carry them out, to act on what you understand. Are you doing that? While you read, you should realize that the directions given in my speeches will result in significant changes in the future. The lives of a lot of people depend on the accomplishment of certain points in that book; whether people act on them can make the difference between life and death.

If Heaven is to be realized on earth, it must have a constitution. Who will draw up the Constitution of Heaven? Are you going to do it? Do you think the politicians and lawyers who formulated the U.S. Constitution will return and draft the Constitution of Heaven? Do you think they are capable of doing that? The Constitution of the United States is not infallible; issues are constantly being challenged and debated, so it is far from perfect. How much more important is the Constitution of Heaven! It cannot be designed overnight. Day by day, year by year, the basis of that constitution is being established. You must understand that.

We are doing things in reverse order. The constitution of this country was written before the government and nation were formed. But before our constitution is written, the Heavenly Kingdom must be organized. In order for our constitution to take effect, we need a country. Do we have that country now?

Where is Heaven? All we know about Heaven is what Jesus said: "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you" That is true, but it is not the complete reality. There are enormous contents beyond that statement. But when Jesus was facing such total opposition from the world, how could he say all that he knew about Heaven? He was so alone. Jesus revealed only the blueprint of Heaven, so to speak. But can the blueprint build the building?

Today is no ordinary day. The tenth of August was the day I went to another prison [in 1946, in Pyongyang]. This is the first time you knew of that, isn't it? Even the American Church leaders do not know such important dates. How ignorant you are about many things! How serious I feel!

I do many things, but during all these years, I have never even spent ten minutes speaking seriously with Mike McDevitt, the head of East Garden security. Those security guards may be living in the same place with me and accompanying me 24 hours a day, but do you think they understand what I am doing, what I am thinking, what I am accomplishing? Do you think they know such things?

All by myself, I have gone this course. Even Mother doesn't understand everything at the time I am doing it. Only later does she understand. Everyone, even Mother, finds it difficult to catch up with me, let alone go ahead of me. You can imagine how difficult it would be to go in front of me! So can you say, "I understand things. Father. This is right, and that is wrong"?

In one important point, the work of restoration is different from other tasks. In the world, people normally set a schedule and announce what they are going to do and when it will be done. But I cannot disclose the schedule in advance. Only after I accomplish the restoration can I announce it. That is why you rarely know what is in store for you, even in the next moment.

In Korea, for instance, people adamantly and persistently opposed me in the past. Nothing I tried to do for the sake of Korea met with cooperation, only opposition. But today virtually everyone, from the common people to the leaders, understands that without Reverend Moon they cannot even think about Korea's future. In the past many people criticized and attacked my name, but today they cannot do so without someone else attacking them! It has come to the point that people scold and even beat up my critics for their irresponsible words!

In Japan many people, from common people to congressmen, feel they must defend my name, my thoughts, and all my words and actions.

Now scholars and ministers in the West are rising up to take the same position. Many groups of American ministers have gone to Korea. In a few days another group will arrive. During their stay they visit the Holy Ground. In the last group of about 200 ministers, many burst into tears at the Holy Ground in Pusan. They repented and made a redetermination to support Reverend Moon and Korea. Their standard is now even higher; they are more eager to do God's will than many of you! How can you allow that to happen?

They have been doing God's work under the banner of Christianity all their lives. Do you have such a long internal tradition? At best, you have been following God for the past ten years or so. How can you catch up unless you make your own redetermination? How can you exert a good influence on the world after living for God for just a short time- compared with the ministers who have been following God all their lives?

Reflect a bit on the things I have just outlined. Do you feel that my thinking is complicated? American leaders are now becoming aware that they need Reverend Moon and the whole contents of what I offer. But by the time they really know that they need me, they will no longer find me in this country! I will continue to teach them, so that they realize that they need me, but it is not for my glory. I will not stay around to receive their praise and glory once they understand.

I am not doing this for my own honor. This is something I must do for the sake of God's will. Glory belongs to a different page, or a different book. Perhaps the next generation will be the ones to receive the glory. I do not expect to receive it myself. Do you understand?

If you don't understand, why should I come all the way to America and work here? What does America have to do with an Oriental man, Reverend Moon? The earliest American settlers virtually annihilated all the Indians, who are of Asian descent. As an Asian, I came here to love people and make them more aware. I came to make the Americans more loyal to their country than the Indians were to their own land.

A few years have gone by, and what I have done here America can never be erased from history. The Danbury event can never be forgotten. Who could delete that bad record? Your power? Not even the whole of the United States or the Western world could do it. Only Reverend Moon and God Himself can wipe it clean. Although the incident itself cannot be erased' people have already come and knelt down to me to apologize for what they have done. Do you understand? You are the ones who are standing at the forefront, on the front line. You should realize this and, on behalf of the United States, be ashamed for what it has done and try to make compensation.

How many more days remain before we commemorate my release from Danbury? I woke up this morning filled with reminiscences of being at the halfway house, going back and forth every morning and night. When I first went to Danbury, the staff and inmates there received me very coldly. All these memories have come back to me.

Of all the races, do you think the white people have been warmer or colder than the others? If God didn't exist, and if there hadn't been any significance to all my experiences, my life would have been unbearable.

So you cannot look at me without feeling ashamed for failing to live up to my standard-even though you have been following me. In other words, you are greatly indebted to me. You cannot repay that debt on your own power. The United States itself owes me so much. To publish The Washington Times alone costs $7 million every month. What is the purpose? To set America straight. Yet this country has not even been friendly toward me; President Reagan's own administration put me into prison. Why does our movement sacrifice so much money to do good for this country?

People in this nation have been ambivalent about the situation in Nicaragua, for instance, but our movement has been clearly presenting the truth. The documentary film, "Nicaragua Was Our Home,, shows the truth about the situation there. The U.S. government did not prepare that documentary; they understand that our movement did it. The American news media know what is included in that documentary, but so far they have not printed even one bit of it.

What kind of situation is prevailing in this country now? If we had not helped the United States in this way with the Nicaraguan issue, this country would have looked very bad in the eyes of the rest of the world. The communists have suffered an obvious defeat on this issue. That is why they have moved their target to South Africa now and have retreated from the heated focal points in Nicaragua and South America. Of course you did not realize this until I pointed it out to you.

I haven't mentioned to you before what I have been doing here and in Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe. It took the Korean government 40 years to begin to understand the value of my work and its impact on Korea. The United States will probably follow the same pattern. I have come a long way, don't you agree? What height have I reached now? Near the top?

Who is more fearsome: Mikhail Gorbachev or Reverend Moon? People are in awe of me, not because I am going to hurt anyone, but because I am making the most significant impact for goodness on the world and on history. Indeed I have achieved a great deal in a very short time. I have accomplished everything without any bloodshed. On the other hand, Gorbachev's foundation is communism, which has murdered at least 150,000,000 people in order to stand where it is today. How about the U.S. government: how many people have they killed, particularly in their early history? In contrast, I have always been persecuted and beaten by others. This has been going on for more than 40 years, but I have reached this level without retaliating against anyone.

Now the world has reached the crossroads. Which way will it be: democracy, communism, or Godism? American young people look on with excitement and shout out their desire: "Godism,, Communism has revealed itself as being upside down and inside out; people recognize that they can expect nothing good from communism. Democracy has been tried, but it too has been exhausted. Godism is the one alternative which the people of the world will view and say, "Surely, this is the solution."

However, people have only scratched the surface of Godism; they haven't plumbed it to the depths. It will take many more years to do that. People have just started paying attention to Reverend Moon. They will have to study the 120 volumes of my speeches in order to find out what Godism is all about! Even these 120 volumes are not the end; they will be added to as I speak more and more in the future, according to what is needed at the time.

Do you know that the more I speak, the more clearly the message is expressed? That is because we are getting nearer to the goal. Once we arrive, everybody will know what I am up to, without my having to explain it. Ten years ago, I could have spoken something like what I am explaining now, but I didn't do it because I had not accomplished it yet. Now that I have achieved these things, I am telling you about them. You must understand this.

Even if all of you were to leave today because the lifestyle is too difficult, it would not substantially affect my work for God's dispensation. If I started a speaking tour of the United States, how many ministers do you think would come to hear me? You said many. As a result of that, do you think many new Unification Church members would emerge? Those who are better educated, more eager, and enthusiastic would become the new members. Then would you, the older, senior members, say, "I was once enthusiastic like that, but forget it! Don't do it?" You are living now as if that were the case!

I don't feel that the Unification Church members in the United States today are sufficiently capable of bringing America back to life. You must know that I am thinking that. I don't feel that members such as those sitting here are adequate. How much have you loved America, God's will, and the world? At best, you are faithful on the individual level, but you aren't even trying to be faithful to the country. You think that you are already burdened, but it is only with individual matters. How can you take on the load of the country and the world? If someone adds to your load, will you run away from it? Be candid: would you, or wouldn't you?

Actually, I haven't really started training the members in this country yet, including Dr. Durst and the top leadership. The future of America is something which really worries me. I am very concerned about it.

Do you suppose that this physical life will last forever? Sooner or later you will shed this body; that is definite. If there were no such thing as the spirit world, none of our efforts would matter. But do you really know that the spirit world exists? Do you think that life in the spirit world is short or long? How much longer than life here? The center of the spirit world is God. Since you have never seen God, do you feel this is all too ambiguous?

Should you put yourself or God first? Do you think first of God or yourself? Should God be someone who pleases you, or should you become the kind of person who pleases God? Do you say, "God must become the God whom I can like?

Do you think that people in the spirit world can lead a chaotic and individualistic life? Or, even though you have never gone there, do you assume that it is far better organized and more lawful than anything here on earth? Yes, it is very naturally and neatly organized. You must have some idea about the spirit world.

Take the Unification Church as an example. Before it emerged here on earth, do you think it existed in the spirit world? Now that it has appeared here on earth, do you think it will also be in the spirit world in the future? Chronologically, of course, the Unification Church is the youngest; so should it be relegated to the last place in the spirit world? Or do you think that even though the Unification Church is the last to emerge, it will rise to the top of the system in the spirit world? As Unification Church members, you may make that claim, but do you think the spirit world will agree with you? Will the spirit world welcome or reject Unification Church members?

Let's say that here on earth there is a town in which a lot of people live. Suddenly one day a new person appears shabbily dressed and looking like a beggar. Will the town officials say, "That stranger looks like a beggar, but since we believe he is really a great man, let's put him in a position of authority in the town"? Would the townspeople go along with such a decision, or would they resist it? Naturally, they would oppose it.

When you go to the spirit world, do you want to go to the dark, dreary place called Hell, or are you going to go to the very bright, nice place called Heaven? This is reality we are talking about, not a metaphor. You have to have some qualification in order to go to the bright place.

There are some great, good people who have lived for the sake of others or for the sake of their country. One example is George Washington. You can also think of famous founders of religions or other great presidents of the United States. All these well known people will be in the spirit world. There have been quite a few people who have led a public life, shedding their blood and sweat for others. Now you are proposing to stand above them. How do you plan to do it? How can you be entitled to the highest Heaven? What certificate will you produce when you go to the spirit world?

There are many people in the spirit world-not only famous people but also billions of lesser known people Everybody can observe the same place at the same time, so they will all be looking at you, wondering how high up you will go. You Moonies should be able to describe your plan and say what it is you have that justifies your going to a high place. You absolutely need a certificate. Without it, you can, go to the place you desire.

What about a Ph.D. degree? Will that qualify you for a high position in the spirit world? We know that such a diploma is nothing more than a piece of paper there. You need something more to qualify you. This is not a simple matter.

Since I know this clearly, I have worked without ceasing but still I feel I have not accomplished enough. I have literally fought my way through the layers of opposition which must be penetrated and surpassed; you also must do that. The layer of opposition is in the fallen realm. You must rise above it to get your qualification. You may think this is a worldly matter, but it is an eternal matter.

If I had chosen the secular way of life, I could have made a good living. In fact, I could probably have risen to the top in any area of activity.

You have to enter the spirit world alone. Even though you have a spouse and children, you cannot go there with them. Everyone goes by himself to the spirit world; no one is accompanied. You can imagine what a challenging adventure it is! This is the spirit world we are headed for and all of us are bound to go there. People who know nothing about it and haven't made preparations don't have a chance. This is why God sent me as a teacher during these last days: to show people on earth what the spirit world is like.

Do you think that all the people in the spirit world' including the leaders and top people, know and understand' me? Yes, they do. How do you know that? It is rather simple: because never before in history has anybody gone through such terrible persecution to attain God's goal. In the history of religion, I have been the most persecuted person of all, in the past or present. So I am the champion in that area. The people in the spirit world know that. Is it true?

East and West, all races and colors of skin have opposed me. Likewise, all religions, including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, have come against me. The spirit world can compare these circumstances with what Jesus faced. He also was persecuted on earth before going to the spirit world, but the boundaries of Jesus, persecution were more limited and it was on the local level, not the world level.

It is clear that Reverend Moon is by far the most persecuted religious person in history. Even your physical parents realize this, although they might oppose you. Everyone in the world knows that the most controversial religious figure on earth is Reverend Moon. So in that respect, am I number one, or number two? By a large margin, I am number one.

People in the spirit world had never truly respected anyone on earth. But when they see me and the standard I am living, they feel respect and they bow down.

What else do I have to be proud of? What element within Reverend Moon makes people say, "Please rise above us"? It is the fact that I know God better than anyone else; I know God thoroughly. What matters most in the spirit world is what God thinks about a person-and God likes me very much. If you were God, do you think you would admire me a lot?

You can check within the realms of Islam and Buddhism, but you won't find anyone there who knows more about God than I do. Other people may not recognize what is good about me, but God always wants to accompany me; He doesn't want to be separated even one moment from me. Because of me, God can be excited and hopeful about life! The quality of mine that God loves so much is my heart; my desire is the same as His. I am always thinking about how to digest the communist and democratic worlds.

Even if God felt that there were some things in me He didn't like so much, and He looked around elsewhere, there would be absolutely no one else who could meet His expectations. So God kept coming back to me! Later He decided, once and for all, "No matter what faults you may have, I am with you."

You can only imagine this, but you have a good capacity for imagination. Have you met anybody like me? Do you know anybody else who has done anywhere near what I have accomplished to turn this world around? I have a lot of very large mental pockets in which I keep the various problems of the world. The United States has tested me and tried to fight me, as have Germany, Japan, and Korea- every country has tried to fight me. Now we are on the verge of crossing the summit; they are all about to decide to give up fighting Reverend Moon.

American leaders in the spirit world might wonder who should be given a higher place-Reverend Moon or George Washington. Should it be George Washington? He was certainly a great leader in his time, but what I am doing is applicable to all of history, not just the problems of one century or one generation.

At this time, many people in the fields of politics, academics, and other areas want to meet with me. I have received literally hundreds of requests from people asking to visit me at East Garden. Did you know that I have not granted any of those requests? But do you think Dr. Durst calls in advance and gets permission to come? No, he just walks in-as if it were his own home. Apparently he has privileges! What privilege is it? It is love.

Where do you think I will sit in the spirit world: at the top or at the bottom? Actually, I don't want to sit up at the top; I would be content to remain at the bottom of Heaven. But somebody would come and pull me by the feet, and I would be drawn upward, upside down, all the way to the top! However, nobody in the spirit world would protest and say, "Why are you raising him up like that?,, They would applaud. Do you think this is true? Or perhaps you think this is just a "red lie,, as we say in Korean-the worst kind of lie?

Those of you who are seated here listening to me, do you think your presence here is a coincidence, or is it a historical event? When you came here today, did you expect me to speak in this manner?

Compare your situation to that of a good Catholic nun, or a pure Buddhist monk-people who have lived their whole lives in celibacy. They pray all their lives, never marrying, never working just to make money. Perhaps they wept so much in their prayers that they created ponds of tears. How many of those people were privileged enough to have met the Messiah on earth? None of them. But look at you sitting here. What have you done to deserve this place and this privilege? Have you ever stopped to think about it?

What do you expect to achieve by joining the Unification Church? Earthly attainments are not the most important goal; we are most concerned about where we will reside for eternity.

You don't fully understand the things I have done here on earth. For one thing, I have brought together in marriage people from totally different races and nationalities - even from enemy countries. That is truly the greatest achievement here on earth. I have also married people from different religious backgrounds. This has the greatest significance ~n the spirit world, as well. Just naming a few of the things I have done astounds the spirit world. These are accomplishments which the spirit world has been craving for literally thousands of years.

Now you are in a better position to decide. Because of the merit of my accomplishments, do you think the people in the spirit world can relegate me to a seat at the bottom of their realm, or do I have to sit up at the top, whether I like it or not? Is it because I can speak so convincingly that I somehow manage to persuade people to agree with me.

How to rise in the spirit world, once we get there, is an important issue for all people, whether they are members of the Unification Church or not. Somebody may say, "Well, I have qualifications: first, I graduated from Harvard; next, I am a citizen of the greatest nation on each. Therefore, I should stand at the top of the spirit world,, Do you think the spirit world would approve? No, such considerations are far from their way of thinking.

What, then, would they approve of ? You say a clean, pure mind, but that by itself is not enough for the spirit world to send you up to the very top. Having a pure mind doesn't automatically guarantee your entrance to Heaven; you must go through the proper process. Are you aware of that process? You need a document certifying that you have fulfilled certain criteria and are eligible for Heaven in order to satisfy the spirit world.

This point is easy to understand. Even coming to the United States, which is a far from heavenly place, you have to show a visa and a passport. If they question your qualifications just to enter this country, how can there be a free pass in spirit world? More processing is required there than when entering the United States.

Have you ever set out for Belvedere with an attitude of self-examination, asking what qualifications you have for coming so freely? Have you thought, "I am going to Belvedere today, but later I must satisfy all the conditions on the form and live up to the standard which Belvedere deserves"?

Dr. Durst may acknowledge you and say, "He deserves Heaven" and sign your form. But who else must sign the form? Satan, of course. He has to sign it even before Dr. Durst does. If Dr. Durst alone signs it, you cannot be admitted to Heaven. True Parents also must sign it. Those who are already in the spirit world did not have the chance to know True Parents.

Those of you who have a mustache or beard, do you think they will become your certificate? I have never approved of anybody wearing such things. If I don't wear a mustache, can you sit proudly and confidently in front of me? This law has not been spelled out yet, but you should know it by now.

This is the University of Heaven, not just a church. Every university charges tuition. What is your tuition? Everything I am talking about here at Belvedere must be fulfilled; every point, every clause must be satisfied. Otherwise, you cannot go to Heaven. Do I tell you to do something without having done it myself' No, everything I ask you to do I have already accomplished. I never speak about something until I have done it myself.

True Parents have nobody to counsel with. No matter how great an individual may be, I cannot seek advice from him, simply because it is contrary to Principle. I cannot consult with Dr. Durst, for example. Why? Because no one within the lineage of the fall is qualified to be a consultant to the lineage of God. The fallen archangel was the very villain who brought about the fall. Do you understand?

As I already said, we are on the verge of going over the hill of opposition. At this point, people can no longer harshly criticize me. We went beyond that long ago.

Now you have many responsibilities. Should you focus on working hard just to take care of your family, or on obtaining the certificate to go to Heaven? Which area should you pay the most attention to? We never know when we might be called to the spirit world, so we have to fulfill the criteria before we arrive there. Some of you might be involved in a traffic accident on your way home today; you never know.

Can anyone say, "Since I got blessed and started my family, I can automatically go to Heaven,,? That is an oversimplification. The Blessing did not take place above the satanic realm, but beneath it. We have to go beyond that, or we cannot reach Heaven. Therefore, we must not place first priority on ourselves; the will of God must come first. From now on, if you don't work by that standard, your children cannot attend the Little Angels School the way everybody has been doing so far. That cannot happen. The parents, the blessed couples, are very important.

By the same token, if I had simply stated all these ideas without ever implementing them, how miserable you would have been! Now I can rest. Almost everything I must do here has been accomplished. If I got drunk somewhere and slept all day long, still you could not complain. Maybe I will do just that-to find out what the satanic world is like! Then perhaps I will go to ten different movies in one day, but nobody could complain. You might reason, "Since Father goes to ten movies a day, maybe I can go to a couple, But that assumption doesn't follow. I have passed all the criteria, but you haven't" Do you understand?

From now on, perhaps I should take frequent naps during the day. Do I say that because I am so sinful? I have never taken daytime naps in my life because I knew I had to pave the road for all mankind. Now I have grown older and I am approaching the age of 70. Like everyone else, I had a time of youth, my golden youth. But I never enjoyed that time in any normal sense. Instead, I was persecuted, torture, and imprisoned throughout those youthful years. If I had forgotten about the sins of the world, I would not have had to endure such things, but I never did that. Therefore, I passed through all my persecution. You can understand that, can't you?

Do you think I am a person with no capabilities? I have many talents, but I chose the path of persecution and suffering. Even though my temper is fiery and I really hate to lose when I play a game, I have lost in life hundreds of times. People have stomped on me over and over. All this happened simply so I could pave the road.

You who have come to the Unification Church know clearly what you must do, don't you? You know what I have done, and you know what kind of lifestyle I expect you to maintain. As members of this church, you must transcend the national and world standards. To do that, we must unite and work very hard.

You may be old already, but which must come first: marriage, getting ahead in the world, or preparing for the spirit world? Which of these three pursuits should you f consider first? Getting ready for spirit world should have priority. Your reason tells you this is true, but do you really feel that way?

Why are we here on earth? How should we live? We should learn to live by the same rhythm or tempo as the spirit world. If we don't, we will be unable to live properly when we go there.

When you Unification Church members go to the spirit world, you will definitely be challenged by people there. The things that I have said are recorded in the spirit world. People will challenge you: "Have you done such and such? What if you haven't done most of it? You will be ushered to an in between region, an interim area-not Heaven.

Then you might say, "I wish Father would come to the spirit world soon, so we can be together." But that is not necessarily what will happen. Simply because l go to the spirit world doesn't mean you will be able to follow me. You must satisfy all the requirements I have given you.

Where will the Unification Church ultimately go? What is its final goal? Here on earth, we must live in a heavenly manner before we can connect to the heavenly life in spirit world. But is there any Heaven on earth at this time? No. All the outside world is controlled by Satan. We cannot find Heaven anywhere in this world.

We must set the record of having lived in Heaven on earth as a condition for dwelling in Heaven in the spirit world. What do we call that Heaven? You have answered correctly: home church. In home church, we are making Heaven on earth, centering on God and True Parents. Everyone without exception must get the certificate from home church.

Do you realize that in a short time we won't have to witness so hard? Why? Because very soon the time will arrive when people will come to the Unification Church on their own. Then why do we go to people's homes and witness? Those who have been working on home church raise your hands. We must continue doing home church. During the five years from 1978 until 1982, I gave you the concept and in many different talks explained why you must do home church. When you have done home church you will receive your passport through that work. That is your privilege.

At this time the United States has approximately 70 million families. Divided by 360, that makes only about 200,000 home church areas. That is all. It's not really so much. In other words, soon all the home church areas will be taken by others, and you will find no home church to work in.

I spoke about this to you first; you have heard it first. But if I spoke about this concept to ministers, what do you think would happen? Can you challenge them? There are some 300,000 ministers here in the United States. They are professionals and you are laymen; do you think you can compete with them? Unification Church members have to get this idea straight.

Since I already explained it, I expected it to be carried out. I haven't talked with you about it and checked up on you. I haven't been saying, "You have to witness and do this and that." You should judge yourselves.

You need your signed certificate, don't you? How badly do you need it? More desperately than everything else. It is more important than if you go to some good school. Do you know that? The final criterion you need to pass is home church. If you do it, your children will accompany you; but if you don't, they cannot. Do you understand?

These are not just my words and I am not trying to threaten you. When you go to the spirit world, nobody will have to explain this to you; everything will be apparent. Those of you who understand clearly that you need this certificate, please raise your hands. I assure you that it is absolutely necessary.

I have been working, as you have all seen, to get the certificate as True Parents. Likewise, you have to get your own certificate. If you do home church correctly, you will be able to follow me through all the barriers and various stages of restoration which I have established.

As I already told you and you well know, the Blessing takes place at a better position than what Jesus had when he was crucified. That means you should be literally in a better position than Jesus himself before you are allowed and granted the Blessing.

Did Jesus receive or give the Blessing? No, he didn't. I received the Blessing, and I can give it; that is how Heung Jin could be blessed spiritually. Do you understand? Without his Blessing, traditional Christianity and the Unification Church could not be linked. If you remember, it was after Heung Jin went to the spirit world that Christianity came to be connected with the Unification Church.

What did Jesus need to be qualified to receive or give the Blessing? Zachariah's family should have united with Joseph's family, and together they should have served Jesus. On that tribal foundation, Jesus would have been able to get married, but that didn't happen. The Cain tribe, John the Baptist's family, and the Abel tribe, Joseph's family, should have come together. Their unity could support the parents. But since Cain and Abel could not unite, the parents could not be established. That is the Principle. Both tribes came against Jesus, and thus he was crucified. He never received the marriage Blessing.

We have to indemnify this very situation, so the Blessing must come on the foundation of those two tribes. Do you follow me? Jesus didn't have that kind of foundation, so it was lost. We have to remake it during these last days. With such a foundation, you can build a marriage. That means you must have the highest standard.

Do you know why we are in a better position than Jesus? Not because we are greater than he, but because our foundation is far more established than his. Therefore, you received the Blessing.

You must go to home church. In the same position as Jesus, or Joseph's family, you have to make unity with John the Baptist's or Zachariah's family. Husband and wife together will have 720 homes-360 each. The number 72 refers to all tribes. When they become one with you, the next step is to return to your own tribe, your relatives, and do a similar thing. Then you will really be tribal messiahs. What will happen next? You will be freed from all satanic accusation; you will be truly heavenly persons. This is clear, isn't it? Do home church and win the Cain position; then you can go to your relatives, who are in the Abel position. Once you have accomplished home church, it is likely that your family will welcome you.

Actually, I also followed this formula. The communist world is like the Cain family, and the democratic world is like the Abel family. I must do this "home church" work, so to speak. This is the formula for restoration. An individual cannot be restored by himself; he needs a family. We get blessed and have a family, but we don't have a foundation to sit on, do we? That is what we are making, in a reverse way.

This is easier for you to do now, because you can take advantage of my foundation. I have become known throughout the world and have received much support. Therefore, your task has become that much easier.

The spirit world is not a vague place. We have to make our own very tangible earthly Heaven; then we join Heaven in heaven. Do you understand? Home church is very important, so I am planning to renew your home church assignments as of August 20. Then that will be the last time I will ever say anything about home church here in America. After that, it is up to you. This year things will be a lot easier. Many people will ask us to come and talk to them-more so than before.

Up to this point, I have taken parental responsibility. Once the parent fulfills his responsibility and assigns you an area, it is very possible to do it. I wouldn't have told you to do it otherwise.

When you go to the spirit world, whom will you seek? When you reply, "Father" you should have at least a minimum of conscience. If you call yourselves children, you cannot criticize your father or run away when he tells you to do something. You must not complain to other people. I never want you to suffer without purpose; I am telling you to suffer because it is the short cut. Even if you are not totally capable, as long as you endure hardships, you can achieve your goal. But from now on, you won't even have to suffer as much. Who will persecute you now? Everybody will be able to see that you are doing something that is good.

By 1988, the President and the people in general will understand enough about our Church to say, "Follow their teaching." The President himself and righteous senators and congressmen will speak out and testify about how good Reverend Moon and the Unification Church are. Who will have the power to oppose us then? How much easier the task will be! When that time comes, we can accomplish all our home church work in about six months.

Since you understand every idea I speak about, don't you think that if I were able to speak on national television, all the American people would also understand? Once they understand, do you think you will be able to keep up with them? If you don't lay the foundation now, the opportunity will not return.

What is home church? It is the passport to the Kingdom of Heaven. Without it you cannot enter Heaven; the people in spirit world won't let you! How can you do home church in the spirit world? You cannot. There is a famous statement in Scripture that the last shall be first and the first shall be last. There may be cases in which people who join the Unification Church late will do better work than those who joined earlier.

In a sense, we are destined to pioneer the way; we cannot be just followers. We have no choice: it is pioneer or else. Only after home church is done will the real registration of Heaven begin. According to Principle, we first have to live in Heaven on earth. There is no other way.

You have to be prepared to take up the cross of all the problems in your home church area. This is the heart that both Jesus and I have had. In order to become the king of a tribe, you must start by carrying the cross. A tribal messiah is the same as the king of his tribe. All my life, I have been going the way of the cross. If you don't accomplish home church, you cannot follow me. You need that certification for Heaven. I know this situation clearly; I am not dumb. I have been doing this for 40 years.

This tenth day of August is a memorable day, a special day, on which I talked once more about home church. If you do the job right, not only your immediate family but also all your relatives will be liberated. Isn't that exciting? Not only your visible relatives, but all your ancestors in the spirit world-the Smith family, the McDonald family, the McDevitt family-all will be liberated. If you do home church right, the spirit world will come and help you. You will see it happening.

From 1988 on, there will be a vigorous, bustling home church. I won't have to be here. I have already taught you everything you need in order to carry on. I have given you a patent, so to speak. You have to pay royalties for the rights to use a patent. How much would you have to pay for the right to do home church? If you had all the diamonds on earth, do you think you could buy it? That is why the spirit world really cannot comprehend why you are wasting all these golden opportunities.

Now you know, because you see the whole picture. This is not just a concept. You have the physical champion of indemnity with you-Father. I have accomplished everything. All you need to do is to learn and follow. When you follow me, you will get the certificate. Let us pray.

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