The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1986

Highest Ownership

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 22, 1986
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Whether from the East or the West, whether in the past or the present, all people want to possess or own things. Has anyone ever acquired ownership of the highest, ultimate things? The first man and woman-the original ancestors of mankind-must have had a very strong desire to gain that highest ownership, but they could not. We must understand why they did not achieve that goal.

Had the first ancestors achieved ownership of the highest things, their descendants would have inherited it and enjoyed it throughout history. The question is, why could they not achieve such ownership and through what process did they lose it? It was because of the fall of man.

Few people nowadays have a clear concept of the fall of man. If there had been no fall, and no such concept had come into being, then there would have been no evil, so we would have no need for a standard to distinguish between good and evil. If history had progressed according to the theory of evolution, as many people today believe, then there actually should be no such thing as the difference between good and evil. Whatever is a reality in our present time would have to be justified because it is the result of the evolutionary process.

It is only when we establish the existence of a purposeful Creator that we can establish a standard for good and evil. The minds of all men and women are always aspiring to achieve something higher. That is basic human nature. When you achieve a higher plateau you are elevated into a higher position, and your sphere of influence becomes larger and greater. The ultimate human aspiration throughout history has been to achieve one united world community. Is this present world the one for which all forty-four billion people who have ever lived have aspired, or is there something else we have to think about?

Religious teachings have indicated that there are both a physical world and a spiritual world which together comprise the cosmos. It is universally true that whatever is sown will be reaped. Division and discord have come into the world because of the fall; likewise, each person suffers from division between mind and body. When we say that we are destined to return to ultimate fruitfulness, what does it mean? It means that we are destined to be restored to the state where the fall had not taken place, or the position in which original man and woman would have dwelled.

God created the cosmos first, and then Adam, and then Eve. The fourth and fifth entities were the children- Cain and Abel-but they were engendered after the fall. The fallen Cain and Abel were never a part of the original scheme of creation.

The cosmos, Adam, and Eve-numbers one, two and three-were the initial, Principled creations of God. He created them centered upon the fulfillment of love, but then what happened? That love was infiltrated by evil and division came about. Cain and Abel became a symbol of division, because of the fall. That is the way history was sown and that is the way history is being reaped. The restoration had to begin, therefore, from the fallen Adam and Eve.

Division occurred in the first family; from the beginning, the mind and body were divided. Since then, the family became divided; the community became divided; the tribe and clan were divided; the nation was divided; ultimately what we see today is a world divided. Instead of one world we have, basically, two worlds. This is the worldwide manifestation of that original seed of division which was sown. Now we are reaping those seeds on the worldwide scale.

Each person has a mind and a body which are divided. The world of the mind could be called the theistic world, while the world of the body is the materialistic world. There is division and struggle between these two worlds, instead of harmony and unity. That struggle began from day one, from the day of the fall of Adam and Eve-the first ancestors of mankind.

When do we expect to see all these divisions healed and unity to occur? If Satan's invasion was the cause of the division, when do we have unity? It is when we chase out Satan and invite God in. Satan's weapon was satanic love, or self centered love. We have to invite God in, therefore, and use God's love as our weapon to chase out Satan.

The love of God, which involves concern for the whole, is entirely opposite to satanic love. Although we observe the problems of mankind on a large, worldwide scale, the root of the problem lies within individual men and women. The United States of America is a gigantic nation with a Christian heritage. Thus the love of God, which is selfless love, should be the binding center of this nation. But what we have now is the opposite: self centered love is prevailing in this country. Instead of God's love binding people together into one, selfish love is dividing people. That is why all kinds of perversions of love have occurred.

Do you think that most people in the United States today feel a relationship between themselves and the world? Do they have a poignant feeling of patriotism toward America? What about children-do they have strong feelings of filial piety toward their parents? Is there a commitment between husbands and wives to permanent, eternal and sacred love? All of these levels of relationship have become divided and secularized, almost like matters of business, or contracts.

Although the desire of each individual is to enjoy the highest ownership, the power of selfish love is always bringing division, rather than unity and harmony. Under those circumstances, can we ever obtain the highest ownership? The whole problem of the world can be boiled down to each individual-the self. That one self is the battleground where each of us must obtain the victory.

The Unification Church is looking forward today to achieving a worldwide victory. We have to transform and change the fallen world from the bottom up. Satan is the master of the fallen world. He got hold of each individual; not only every individual is divided, but so is the entire world. Therefore, the solution has to start with the individual. The individual was originally conceived in the love of God, according to His original concept of creation, which was total goodness.

There are two types of individuals: man and woman. That means one is a representative of Adam and the other is a representative of Eve. Unless we transform the satanic world and all the satanic elements within it into something entirely new, we certainly cannot hope to become the original, Heavenly Adam and Eve. No matter how much you may struggle to rid yourself of the shackles of Satan, you cannot do it; you are always swimming in the same pool of water. Thus nothing short of an ejection is needed; we have to eject ourselves from this old world, but we need incredible momentum to do that.

Although the self wants to eject from the fallen world, it does not exist in isolation; it is connected to the family, clan, tribe, nation and world. The most important credo by which to eject is to achieve victory over yourself; then you have to prevail over the family and then the clan, the nation and the world. This is the way to restoration.

When we look at human history, we see that there have been all kinds of philosophies and ways of thinking, but the most important of all these has been religious thought. Philosophy has changed and evolved at different times in history, striving toward modernity in each era. Religious thought, however, has always stayed with certain fundamental, unchanging principles and concepts. Philosophy changes because it is a product of human thinking and it exists on the horizontal level; it always changes along with the changes of human society. But religious thought is based on God, who is eternal and unchanging; for that reason, it has a fundamentally unchanging quality.

There is one common principle which has guided religious thought throughout history and that is self denial. Humanist philosophy has not had this thread running through it. Through religion, people are taught to set themselves apart from this world. That is why religious teaching has always engendered struggle and even bloodshed. The power of the nation, or the government, in every age has been the major obstacle in this self denial process. Therefore, we have to go beyond the nation in order to achieve the level of the world.

The ultimate religion must recognize no national boundaries; it must go beyond nations, skin colors, and cultural idiosyncrasies and work on a global basis. A religion such as that must ultimately arise. Many national governments and sovereignties throughout history have persecuted religion, but behind all these was Satan. Satan has used whatever tool he could, particularly government power Satan is always opposing your improvement, your self denial process, but God's force is propelling you forward, giving you strength to do it.

We call this time the end of the world. What is the meaning of the end of the world? What is going to happen? When the autumn comes, the harvest begins. The farmer goes out and harvests the fruits. What kind of fruits-good or rotten? World history has come to its own autumn harvest. What is the good fruit of the world today and what is the bad fruit? This world has produced predominantly bad fruit, but individuals within that world are looking for something good; they don't want to accept the world's evil.

The owner of evil is Satan and the owner of goodness is God. The forces of Satan have to be shrunk, so they must go from the world level to the nation, then to the clan, family, individual and finally disappear. How about goodness? It must start from the original, tiny seed and go up; the process is exactly the opposite. Good must go up and evil must go down. God has been looking for the good fruit which can prevail in history-in other words, the individual who can gain victory over the evil history.

What kind of individual are you? Do you first think, "I am an American,,? Or do you say, "I am a white woman"? Or "I am a black man"? Do you define yourself in such a way? Your skin color, your nationality and so forth are all part of your satanic baggage-they don't matter. The important thing is the contents, what is inside the bags.

Every seed contains two pieces, covered by a thin skin. Nestled between those two pieces is the tiny embryo, the beginning point of new life. The world itself is divided into two pieces, like a seed. But no matter how big the pieces are, this world has no embryo. Who shall be in the position to bring that embryo to the world, to provide the source of new life? God is the first cause of life, the one who provides the embryo. No matter how big and powerful the world which was initiated by Satan may become, it doesn't have the source of true life; it has no embryo.

Today in the fallen world the two pieces are the communists and the democratic blocs. Searching both of these worlds, can we find an embryo there? The true embryo is a genuinely good one; it will ultimately transform the whole world. The two Darts of the seed provide the nourishment for the embryo, enabling it to grow. By the same token, the world will provide the nourishment for the embryo and enable it to spread through the entire world.

For a seed to grow, it must be planted in soil and given a certain amount of moisture and heat; it needs a favorable environment. The environment must provide warmth. The embryo cannot germinate unless the heat of its surroundings is greater than its own temperature. The heat we are talking about is love. Human life germinates in love; without its warmth there can be no growth.

We could say that one side of the seed represents the father and the other represents the mother; between the two, the new individual is formed. Can we just rip out one of the sides and replace it with another part at whim? But that is what is happening in American homes today; the father and mother do not remain intact.

What about the democratic world and the communist world-are they achieving harmony and unity and giving nourishment to the embryo on the world level? Centering on humanity, are they one? No, absolutely not. For that reason, we cannot put any hope in that world.

Therefore, we have to eject ourselves from that world and land within a new world. That new world has to begin from a new germination, which springs from a new embryo. We must become that new embryo. That is what our job is-to eject from the old world and its shackles and become a new embryo.

The embryo is in the plus position, while the rest of the seed is in the minus position. The minus part must sacrifice itself for the growth of the embryo and nourish it. Adam and Eve, for example, were created as the embryo of the world and the universe itself provided their nourishment. The embryo doesn't grow only to the size of the seed; it is meant to burst out and become much greater and larger than the seed. Self perfection of the whole seed comes when the embryo grows; even though part of the seed must sacrifice itself for the embryo, it will become something far greater than the seed itself. Thus every component of the seed feels its own fulfillment when that happens.

We are living in the time of harvest, and we have gone beyond the level of the nations. The entire world has opposed the Unification Church, including the United States, Korea, Japan, and Europe. Every power has tried to stop us. Satan does not want to see us move to the world level, so he has tried to hold us down to the national level. That is because the highest authority of Satan is the nation, or national power.

Once the world becomes united, the significance of the nation will be diminished. God's original plan was for men and women to possess the world, not just the nation. Each individual's ownership goes from one level to an other higher one-from individual all the way to the world-in his struggle for goodness. Suppose there had been no religion throughout history. Without religion, there is no power by which people can break their shackles on the levels of clan, society, and nation. Without the religious concept, which is based on love, there is no way the barriers between White and Black can be broken down. East and West cannot come together; neither can North and South-nor can those differences between wealth and social standard find common ground. These barriers can only be broken down through religious principles and the power of love.

Satan does not like any attempt to bring the world together; he truly hates to see such a thing. That is because a united world is God's original ideal. It is the satanic desire to have many sovereignties, many divided nations-Satan loves that because he loves division. The divided situation is always on Satan's side.

Our goal is to see ultimate unity, but today we see two worlds-one of democracy and one of communism. They will never become one on their own. Satan would never allow that because he knows it would mean his end. Thus we have to be powerful and apply pressure and energy in order to unify these two worlds.

Reverend Moon is Satan's worst enemy because I am the one who can break through all his barriers. Satan has become defensive toward me. He says, "Reverend Moon, you can be nice and comfortable. Why should you always try to struggle between mind and body? That's baloney. Enjoy the world. I will give you power." What do you think-should Reverend Moon have division within his own mind and fight within himself?

A struggle within an individual signifies the worldwide struggle because once the battle is won on the individual level, it will ultimately be won on the worldwide level. Once unity is achieved, it will penetrate like a bullet, going through all the walls, all the way to the worldwide level, and Satan knows it.

Anyone who tries to follow Reverend Moon will meet all the forces Satan can mobilize to stop him. Some of Satan's best allies in that effort are the parents who say, "Hey, you are my child! Don't go near that Reverend Moon." This is the front line of struggle. The battle begins with the individual. When Reverend Moon won the individual victory, he moved right on to the family level. If Reverend Moon's mind and body are divided, that would reflect in the division of the family as well. In order to engender the battle on the worldwide level, Reverend Moon came to America because this is the center of the world.

How far has Reverend Moon come, really? Today I have the reputation of being the one man in the world who has the solution to communism. As we have said, the two opposing camps in the world are the democratic world, the basically theistic camp which accepts the existence of God, and the communist world, the atheistic camp. In the theistic world, however, there is a prevailing trend toward secularism and humanism, which is basically atheistic. So the two worlds together have put up a barricade to Reverend Moon's forces, saying, "You cannot go any further." Reverend Moon has penetrated, however, making a spiritual beachhead.

Reverend Moon has not only brought a solution to communism; he has also solved the problems of secular democratic society. Within Reverend Moon there is something you cannot find in the communist or the democratic world-there is an embryo, a new beginning. Neither America nor the communist world knows what Reverend Moon knows. There is something completely new, and special; something brand new and priceless.

We are about to break through with that brand new force, that embryo. It's almost like a rocket launching. You've got to have great power for the initial thrust. That initial thrust of the rocket engine will blow the two worlds away! The rocket will take off and the two worlds will be left behind. The Unification Church has the solution to the divisions between East and West and North and South. Can the United States solve these divisions? What about communism? Can it digest this theistic, democratic world? No, it cannot. But then, once they accept Reverend Moon, they will find the power, the solution, the embryo that can truly liberate the agony of communism and the free world.

North and South, East and West-it's a gigantic world, but here in the center is the core, the nucleus of genuine pure love. That is what will grow into the family, and then into the clan, tribe, and nation. We have already encompassed the national level. We have grown into, and must go beyond, the national level.

Do you have a simple concept of the United States? Why not? We do not have a simple teaching but a providential one. When we even speak of America, we also mean there are other nations. Thus since there is more than one nation, they are under the satanic domain. God never wanted to see more than one nation. Two nations always come under Satan because it means division occurred. When the division occurred between North and South, that was a manifestation of the satanic nature. East and West divided and that was the same.

Any movement that does not bring East and West and North and South into one is satanic because that division must be conquered. There are people who claim the supremacy of their group over other peoples. For instance, some claim the supremacy of the Anglo Saxons; others claim Jewish supremacy. But they are automatically put tiny themselves in the satanic camp because they are promoting division. The Unification Church is one, promoting one nation under God. That is the overriding principle and teaching of the Unification Church. Only one nation-is that clear?

Do you Americans think, "Reverend Moon comes from the Oriental culture? If so, you are allying yourself with the satanic camp because you are thinking in divided terms. I am not Oriental, not at all. How can I prove it? Because Korea, an Oriental nation, gave me the most persecution of all. After forty years of struggle, the Korean people are finally coming to the realization that Revere end Moon is a most important man for them. They have asked me to stay there. But today in America, people are still looking askance at me. So far, only the American Moonies have given a true welcome to Reverend Moon. The rest of the nation hasn't. But will that embryo grow, or stay the same?

Are you growing? What about you blessed couples? Now that you have your spouse and children and so many more responsibilities, have you forgotten about everything else? If so, you are bringing yourself down to the satanic side. That is because you are saying, "The church is one thing and I am different." Thus there are already two entities and such division is satanic. No matter how difficult it may be, you should say, "I will go this way, crossing into Canaan, even if I must carry my family and tribe on my back. The church and I are united into one." God gave Moses that one mandate: one nation under one God. But the Israeli people thought differently and therefore Satan invaded.

We must give everything we have for the sake of others. How can we prove that within our way of life? Well, our marriages prove that. We recognize no boundaries between nations, cultures or languages. "Fallen" means fallen love, which is Satan's love. On the other hand is God's side and God's love.

The love of God brings total give and take and exchange between people. Those who have international marriages have sometimes complained, "Oh, Father, we have found this so very difficult!" But I wanted them to be difficult! If they were easy, what would be accomplished? Nothing. What would be your credit? Nothing. With the international family, you can kick the international Satan-with one kick. I want to give you that kind of weapon, so you will have that capacity. In a way, those international marriages have been a greater burden and more responsibility, but also greater credit and prestige. With no common language, different cultures, food and customs, how can you expect such a marriage to be easy?

As I have said, there is only one subject and that is true love. Any other element can be absorbed under that love, no matter how difficult or huge it might be. Unless you are united, you remain as two separate entities and you are inviting satanic separation. If you take your Blessing lightly, it means it is a fake-the fake International Wedding. If you come to the Unification Church and try to exploit God, taking advantage of Him for your selfish benefit, it is just no good! Is that clear?

America will change its attitude toward Reverend Moon and will come to welcome me. Most recently, the special documentary film called "Nicaragua Was Our Home" was shown across the country on the public television stations. The program says, "This program was sponsored by Reverend Moon and CAUSA International. CAUSA is bringing a critique and counter proposal to the ideology of Marxism­Leninism.," This is the most authentic proclamation of what Reverend Moon is doing for the sake of this country and particularly for the sake of Nicaragua. Therefore, who is taking the truly subjective role in solving the problem of Nicaragua? Is it the United States government, or Reverend Moon?

What do the American people say about this activity by Reverend Moon? Do they welcome it? What about the U.S. Congress-are they ashamed or not? The American people will say, "We cannot let Reverend Moon take responsibility for Nicaragua like that. We cannot be shamed in such a way." The U.S. Congress is opposing the Nicaraguan aid bill, while the President is trying to get it passed. That means the President and Reverend Moon are both working for the same goal-to get the Congress to capitulate to this bill.

I know that when I announce certain things in conferences the American members say, "That's just Father's Oriental thinking. We Americans will get together and digest Father's words in our own way." You have your own separate meetings, but that is satanic because it means you are separated from me. There is one big difference between the Japanese and American people. When I give a mandate to the Japanese, they don't think about it. They just plunge in, like diving into the water. Then they come back and say, "Father, it worked." Sometimes they say, "Father, it didn't work," but they always jump into the water first. When the mandate is given to the American people, they say, "Hmm. ... well, let me consider it." Some Americans think, "The Japanese way is savage and uncultivated. We are more cultured and sophisticated and we don't do things like that." Which one is satanic in that case-the American side or the Japanese side?

When I first came to America and New York and walked down Fifth Avenue, do you think I was overwhelmed and awed by the American culture? No, I was thinking, "I am ready to launch the struggle." Looking at Fifth Avenue, the Empire State Building and so forth, I was standing there and thinking, "All by myself, I am fighting against this power." That was eventually manifested in the court battle. Who actually won that battle in the sight of God? American people have come to realize, "Reverend Moon is needed here." That was the victory. New, fresh air is blowing over this country and people are thinking, "We made a mistake. We need Reverend Moon here."

Suppose there is a couple in which the husband is following my directions absolutely, and the wife is following him. Or vice versa: the wife is following me and the husband follows her. Whoever follows me in that situation is the subject. Anything else is satanic. So ask yourself which side you are standing on, God's side or the satanic side. You can evaluate yourself. Unless I had this clear, absolute concept, with not one iota of haziness, I would not have survived this far. There have always been temptations coming toward me-temptations of money, love, knowledge, prestige-all kinds.

Because of this attitude, I could even visit the house of a prostitute and, instead of that place prevailing over me, I could help to clean it up. That is the way I work. Wherever I go, I try to think how I can cleanse the surroundings, leaving more goodness there than I found.

Even if I became drunk on alcohol, I would only do it if that could be victorious in some way for the sake of God. Suppose I collapsed at some point; I would not want to fall backward but instead my dead body would fall forward, in order to advance. That principle applies to my children as well. Do you understand?

In a sense, you are entering the home of Adam and Eve in this restoration process, but you are in Cain and Abel's position. It is there that you come under True Parents. The Cain people say, "Oh, I don't need True Parents. I can manage on my own." That attitude of separation is satanic. It is even more hellish if Cain says, "I don't need my brother.,, We must become one horizontally and then vertically. Abel is the subject and Cain is the object. East and West, North and South-all become one within this horizontal concept of unity. Then the vertical unity is established with the Parents, centered upon the love of God. When this horizontal unity is consummated, vertical unity is possible and can be consummated. Then you become a true Adam and Eve; you consummate the ideal of Adam and Eve within yourself.

You can inherit from the True Parents the virtue of the true Adam and Eve and you become one. Thus you become like the second generation of True Parents. Who shall prevail over the world? You? Who did it for you? Only the True Parents have the power to prevail over the world, simply because they alone are in the position of original, restored Adam and Eve. The false parenthood brought the evil society and the fallen world; goodness can never come through that. Only when the world finds the True Parents can there be victory over the satanic forces. Is this concept very clear to you?

Are you primarily a U.S. citizen or a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth? That Heavenly citizenship is your pride. No amount of money can buy it for you. Heavenly Kingdom citizens must go first through the gate of the Blessing. That is why the Blessing is so precious- it gives you that qualification. Without your spouse, you cannot become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven because pairs together must be given citizenship. This is absolutely, logically correct.

What is our title today? "The Highest Ownership.,, What is the highest ownership? We own the entire cosmos because it belongs to our Father. What belongs to the Father belongs to the children. Thus we own the True Parents; ultimately, we possess God centered upon true love. Your own individual problems can never be solved without true love. The same is true for your family problems, as well as the problems of the nation and the world.

The highest ownership can be put into three categories. First of all, you own the God created cosmos, which is spirit world and physical world together. Then you possess the original Adam and Eve's position, which is the True Parents, position. Then ultimately, you own God Himself. The dwelling of God is with you. That is the highest ownership.

True love never changes; that original heart of the love of God remains for eternity. The True Parents inherited that true love of God. The heart of the True Parents, no matter what happens in the world, will not change, not even one iota. For the past forty years, I have encountered one incredible situation after another, but I have always overcome them, one by one, and prevailed over them all. I went to communist labor camp, where death was everywhere, but that never stopped me from pursuing my goal. My mind was not changed even one little bit.

When you are sitting thinking, "I am so tired today. I just don't feel like doing anything," that is Satan whispering in your ear. That is when you must jump up and say, "What am I saying? God is with me; True Parents are with me." God is waiting for you, one step ahead of you. Therefore, when you reach out to take just one step forward, you meet God. Immediately, energy will come; bubbling enthusiasm will return. That most crucial moment is when you have the choice to turn around or go forward. If you think, "I want to lie down," and you just do that, you are not moving forward to the place of God, but backward to the place of Satan.

Your marriage does not belong just to you or exist for your own self indulgence. You must marry because you want to advance the one, united world. You have your spouse because together you can get there first; you have children because you want that one world to flourish. That is the reason. Marriage is ultimately for the sake of God. We evangelize the world in order to accomplish that one world quicker. There are four billion people on the earth. How many people die every year without meeting the True Parents, without knowing God?

When you engage in business, you need some capital. In this great and glorious undertaking of the providential will, you also have to have some capital. What is your capital? What do you have that you can invest? One life-that is what you have. Since the love of God is at the center of your life, that capital can be accepted. As long as that love is there, you will be unchanging; that means you can join the club, in a way. It is an absolute necessity.

This pioneering task is not just for here on earth. If you don't do it here, you shall continue in the spirit world. But there the road is completely arduous because there is no place where you can be taught like this-no Belvedere. Once I am elevated to spirit world, I won't have to do anything further here on earth. True Parent's ideal is to see God's ideal realized. Once the True Parents, ideal becomes true and returns to the bosom of God, then God's work is done. For that reason, the satanic population growth does not bring joy to God.

Do you think the blessed couples should be using birth control or abortion? How many children can you multiply without birth control? Until they fill the earth. That is the way God wants the earth to be filled. The fallen population is meant to decrease while the Heavenly population should grow. That is what God wants and what I want to see. Mother is an excellent example of this. You know how many children she has given birth to.

You know now where we are going and where we are. No matter how difficult it may be, you must single mindedly set out for the providential goal, striving toward the highest ownership of cosmic True Parents and God Himself. No matter how much suffering you endure, how much poverty you may go through, I know one thing: you will end up in the highest place in the Kingdom of Heaven. That is because you have the highest ownership. You will be the richest people in Heaven. Actually you don't have to suffer that much, because God did not design that all of you would have to go through the way that I went. I was able to prevail over the world and I set the pattern for you. Now you know where to go, how to go and what the goal is, right? One united concept, one victory, one world.

When you walk down the street, think, "I am walking toward that providential goal." Sometimes you may go into a bar, but you absolutely must not go there in order to assist the satanic world; you must do that only if in some way you are able to increase the Kingdom of God, such as by fund raising.

One concept, one mind-no matter what you do or where you go, there should be no deviation in your mind. You must be one person, with one mind dwelling with true love. When you have one mind, it needs to dwell only on true love.

The world is quickly changing in favor of God. Very soon the climate of society will become more favorable toward the Unification Church and Reverend Moon. In Korea, even the congressmen come to my talks about Unificationism; likewise in Japan. Among the primary providential nations, Korea has about 270 members of its legislative body; Japan has 511; the United States has 535. Suppose all the lawmakers of those three countries moved toward the Heavenly side. In any nation, the existence of two or more parties has been used by Satan as a means of keeping the country divided, but imagine if those two parties worked to unite the country. At the fall of man, two "parties" came into existence, and we can see that sort of system existing now within our society. That could not change until the True Parents came. Nobody else could change it.

What we need is both vertical and horizontal harmony. In the United States, the leader of the Democrats and the leader of the Republicans engage in all sorts of fighting; they practically curse each other. That is not harmony; it is more like the dialectical. When there is constant confrontation, there is no way the one world can be realized. Only when there is vertical and horizontal harmony between all parties can one world come to be.

How can this be applied to your life? Firstly there must be unity between husband and wife-that is horizontal unity. Then you must be vertically united with the True Parents. Should there be division and fighting between the vertical and horizontal planes? No, there should be one love uniting the husband and wife and uniting the True Parents and the children. Do you follow?

Anything that tries to contradict this way of true love will be pushed out by the environment and the spirit world. In other words, in time they will be regarded as foreign elements by the environment. In secular America today, there is division between parents and children; they are in contradiction. Also, men and women- husbands and wives-are in contradiction, struggle, and confrontation. God cannot dwell in such a situation. The family system is breaking down. It is a very unhappy situation-the family feeling is ice cold. There is a cold, chilly feeling between the parents and children, husband and wife.

In the Unification Church we are trying to come to the center, both vertically and horizontally. In one point, unity is formed. That is because true love is at the center. Everybody comes and unites in that center. You can go out from that center but you don't feel alienated; you can always come back and recoup, like returning to the "filling station" of love again and again. True love alone can make this possible. It's not only the little child who is lovable and cute. In this concept, the elderly grandmother is also beautiful. A grandpa may have very rugged skin with a long beard, but the little child will go up to him and kiss and hug him. That is a beautiful sight. Can we see such a thing frequently in the average American home? Not very often.

Does anybody like a contradictory system? Raise your hands if you do. Within the Unification Church, we have learned how to come together. We have many meeting and gatherings. In that way our intensity grows. When you feel lonely, then meet together. When you feel a lack of energy, meet. The more meetings in the fallen realm, the more destruction occurs, whereas on the heavenly side the more energy and harmony is created.

I was told that you were very lonely when I was in Korea for the past six months. You wanted to go to Belvedere, but because the True Parents weren't there, you weren't so inspired. Why is that? Reverend Moon is an Oriental man so why should you miss me so much? You can't explain it precisely in words, but your mind is pulled toward me. Even x­Moonies say to me, "Reverend Moon, I love you very much, but it's those guys around you that I hate." But that is an evil viewpoint; it is having two minds. You cannot survive like that. That is why they became x­Moonies; they had two minds, so they dropped out. Basically, however, they still feel pulled by the magnet of the True Parents.

The ultimate ambition for the human heart is that of true love. Therefore, women definitely need men; men definitely need women. All human beings together are born for the sake of reaching out and acquiring the love of God. That is the very reason for our existence.

No matter how great a religion you might proclaim, unless you reach out to gain the true love of God, you can never acquire true happiness. It doesn't matter if you are a renowned philosopher or a religious thinker, unless you reach that particular destination, you cannot be happy. A loving husband and wife gain possession of the entire world. We shall transform the world so that it welcomes and embraces that concept. That is the mission of the Unification Church.

If you can say, "The mandate given this morning is going to be my life's goal," raise your hands and pledge. God bless you. Let us pray.

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