The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1986

The Globe Is Our Home

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 8, 1986
World Mission Center Grand Ballroom
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Nowadays, many people talk about our world as a "global village." According to the Principle, we know that Satan always presents his own imitation of God's plans first. When we speak of a village, it denotes a small, simple, cohesive area in which one clan lives together. When we describe the globe as a village, then, it takes on entirely new meaning.

Suppose that the fall of man had never taken place. In such a case, one family would have grown into a tribe, nation and a world. They would all have been under one master and a part of one simple organization. The important thing is that such a society would have only one culture, one habitual way of doing things, one tradition. There would have been only one language, of course. That is how the world would have been if the fall had not occurred.

Within that ideal of the original world, there would have been no boundaries or separation between nations or peoples. Everyone would have felt part of one village, living under one chief As much as God can travel freely all over the place, those who belong to God ­ the inhabitants of the world ­ should also be able to travel without any limitations. That would be a world of true freedom.

If God has freedom of travel, what about God's people? There's no question that they should have the same privilege. The earth belongs to God and, at the same time, it belongs to God's people. However, the fall occurred and ownership of the land fell into Satan's hands, rather than God's. The people who inhabited the land also fell under the dominion of Satan. More unity would have come about as history progressed if this earth had been populated by people totally centered on God. Everyone would have become more and more harmonious. Satan took dominion over the land, however, and there has been more and more division as history has proceeded. The fact that people fell under Satan's dominion produced tragic consequences; we have lost freedom and have been in the chains of Satan ­- total bondage rather than total freedom.

God Himself has difficulty proceeding with His dispensation of restoration in this fallen world, trying to return it to its original design. The history of God has been the history of struggle between the forces of good and evil. That is why so many struggles are recorded in the Old Testament. An example is Jacob's struggle against the angel representing the evil forces. Jacob was victorious and that is when he was given the name "Israel" meaning "the victor"

Jacob was the first victorious ancestor in the Old Testament. God's desire was to have Jacob's clan grow into the tribe, people and nation to which He could send the Messiah. The Messiah could not come, however, until there was a national foundation. As you know, the history of Israel was always one of dividing between God's side and Satan's side; there were frequent periods of purification in the nation of Israel.

Who is Cain? He is the one who represents the satanic forces, but at the same time he is the elder son. Who is Abel? Abel was also the offspring of the fallen parents, but he is in the elder sons position on God's side. There are two factions, then one headed by Cain, as the elder son of Satan's forces, and the other by Abel, in the position of God's elder son. Between these two forces, there has been constant struggle and confrontation.

History has been a process of separating Cain and Abel, beginning on the individual level. God wanted to see the forces of goodness prevail over the satanic forces and then move on to the family level, clan, tribal and national level, and so forth. Giving the name "Israel" which denotes victory, means that God successfully separated Abel from the satanic camp and carved out a realm for His total dominion. That is the meaning of the name "Israel" Satan has held power over everything in this world; he has divided people into different nations, trying to block the Heavenly forces from gaining influence. Those people who are chosen by God and who represent His side, however, always have world unity as their ultimate goal. The instrument of God for this dispensation is religion; thus He initiated the central religion. Many secondary religions prospered and moved up to certain levels, including the tribe, nation and world. God has had the strategy of combining all the religious forces into one in order to win the world.

Centering upon religion, God has been working to create an organization that could encompass the whole world. That kind of movement is essential for God. Right after World War II, a special situation arose through the victory of the Allies over the Axis powers. Christianity had a base around the world and one Christian nation was at the center of the world the United States. That was exactly the situation God had been yearning to see throughout history. If the United States had fulfilled its God given responsibility, then an entirely new dispensation would have unfolded.

Why did America fail to grasp the opportunity to fulfill God's will at that time? First of all, at that time the people of America did not have any understanding that they were representing the mainstream of the will of God. They just did not realize they were the chosen champions of God. In other words, America did not know God's expectation for this country.

America was founded for the sake of religious freedom. The first settlers left behind the religious persecution of Europe, under Catholicism, to establish a new world of freedom. They came here and created a new nation, basically under Protestantism, which recognized the ideal of religious freedom.

That is very significant. The people who came to the New World were risking their lives and had given up all their worldly goods, status, and even their families, all for the purpose of pursuing religious freedom. In a sense, they were seeking to form a one world nation. Those first Puritans saw each other as brothers and sisters; from that point of view, they envisioned the establishment of a global nation. The United States has become what is called a melting pot, where everyone from around the world can be harmonized with everyone else. All of this is under the concept of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

What happens when you melt something solid? It becomes liquid from the heat. From God's point of view, there is no limit to the number of people that should come and be melted together in this melting pot of America. All the nations of the world should be connected with the Christian nation of America, according to God's desire. But according to the satanic point of view, people want to preserve their own positions in this country and prevent others from coming here. So America has not moved truly toward God's direction; this country should be opened up.

After World War II, the victorious nations centered upon the United States granted independence to the nations they conquered, rather than occupying them. Thus, rather than a winner and loser relationship, they initiated more of a brother and sister relationship. America should have gone even further and given sacrificially for the well being of those nations, sharing with them the wealth and power which she enjoyed. In that way those nations could have become truly equal, with equal opportunity and wealth for everyone. That would have created an incredible, worldwide foundation of unity upon which the Messiah could come and usher in the Kingdom of God on earth. That was the utmost thought in the mind of God.

Christians have been expecting the Second Advent of Christ, as it is taught in the Bible. During the two thousand years of Christianity, it seemed several times that the Second Advent might be imminent, but then it didn't happen. The concept of the Second Advent was not clear in the minds of Christians in general.

The United Nations was born after World War II, granting membership to every nation. The United States was more or less the central figure of the United Nations. The concept of the United Nations was that of one world government, but the United States itself was confused and did not share that concept. God's dispensation was for the United States, as a Christian nation, to take the central position in the world as the leader of the United Nations, while moving aggressively toward the realization of one world under God. The Christian culture was supposed to be at the center of the United Nations.

At that very time, the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity came into being. The name itself signifies the tremendously difficult task we were undertaking: the unification of world Christianity. I was fully aware of the difficulties, so why did I initiate such a task? It is because that was the very concept of God, His desire for that time in history. Our movement was begun in parallel to God's thinking. However, I knew that such unification could never come through merely human endeavor; spiritual endeavor was needed as well. That is why we also included the words "Holy Spirit Association,, in the name of our group.

At that time in Korea, many spiritual phenomena were occurring. Numerous spiritual groups sprang up. Some represented the Old Testament Garden of Eden; others represented the New Testament Garden of Eden. Their goal at least was correct, but they were divided in their concepts of spirituality. Korea was still under Japanese occupation. The imperial government of Japan had tried to force Shinto worship upon the Korean people. The Korean Christians were divided into two camps, one which went along with Shinto shrine worship and the other which refused to accept it and considered it idolatry. The first group was in the forefront, while the second group was basically underground.

The new spiritual groups were a part of the underground Christian community and they were receiving special communication from spirit world. Who was supposed to be in the position to lead these groups? Those sacrificial groups had received the amazing word from spirit world that the time for the return of the Lord was imminent. Furthermore, they were told that he would come as a person in the flesh. They knew that much but they did not know who or where he was.

Those spiritual groups were supposed to be united and work together for the independence of the country. They were supposed to assume the central position in Korea and take primary responsibility after the liberation from Japan. Unfortunately, however, the Christian groups who had cooperated with the Japanese occupation and accepted Shinto shrine worship became the dominant group working with the United Nations forces. They focused primarily on political and economic independence and prosperity, but they should have worked for the benefit and resurrection of the Korean churches first.

The spiritual groups should have spoken up and asked the former Shinto shrine worshipers to join in a national time of repentance. Together they should have worked for the resurrection of the Christian churches, but they didn't. If that had happened, those resurrected Korean Christian churches would have been totally ignited with the fervor of expecting the Messiah. They would have been filled with excitement, making preparations for the Second Coming. That is how the church should have been energized.

The most fervent Christian work had been going on in North, rather than South, Korea. The North should have played the central role in the needed revival of the Christian churches. If that had been the case, there would have been harmony between North and South, centered on Christianity. But the country became divided between the Cain and Abel elements instead, and the confrontation between them became rampant. Before the revival of the Christian churches could come about, the satanic forces of communism overran the northern part of Korea. Under these circumstances, South Korea had to go along with a separate independence, which was secured in 1948; they had to be separated from the North.

The spiritual groups were the only ones who understood that the Lord of the Second Advent was coming. Before they could become the central figures of the Korean nation, however, they were blocked by three groups. First of all, the conventional Christian hierarchy opposed them because they felt threatened by them. Secondly, the Korean government opposed them, mainly because of influence from established Christianity. Thirdly, the communist government of North Korea opposed them viciously. It was virtually the same position of the Unification Church today. We are supposed to be at the central position, playing the subjective role, but we have been opposed by the same three elements established Christianity, the secular government, and the power of communism.

When the Unification Church was newly born, it was like an orphan because it had no allies and no place to turn. The established Christian churches were not allies; the Korean government was not an ally and, of course, the North Korean government was totally opposed. The Unification Church was born under such adverse conditions and we had to move forward anyway to establish the global foundation. Under such conditions, I had to move step by step, dealing with the established churches, different governments and communism. Forty years later, we have come at last to this opportune moment for fulfillment.

The Unification Church has been marching forward for 40 years under incredible persecution, but we have been moving steadily toward the goal. We have gone from the family level to the clan, tribal, national and worldwide levels. In the meantime, we have been persecuted and opposed by the established Christian churches, the democratic and the communist governments of the world. Under such difficult circumstances, we have continued to grow and have reached the worldwide level.

What about the United States of America? Forty years ago, this country was virtually at the center of the world- it had everything going for it. It was the image of dignity and glamour forty years ago, but today that dignity is virtually gone. This country is losing everything, including its Christian foundation. Because that foundation is shaken, all kinds of internal difficulties and moral corruption have sprung up.

I have received persecution from every direction and have dealt with every difficulty, overcoming each one. Finally, I established a beachhead here in America in 1973. Forty years ago, when I first proclaimed the Messianic message, if the Christian world and the United States had accepted it, God's dispensation would have been fulfilled at that time. Then there would have been no room in the world for the rise of communism. I want you to know that God had been planning and hoping that the Christian foundation would become the Messiah's foundation and that the Christian leaders would become the disciples of the Messiah.

I want you to understand very clearly what we have been toiling for during these past twelve years here in America. It is to bring the leaders, Christian as well as secular, to an understanding of the Messianic message. Right after the liberation of Korea forty years ago, a sort of vacuum was created. God wanted to see the fervor and hope for the Messiah to prevail over that country, so that before the nation was rebuilt, the Messianic spirit would become the national spirit. But that did not happen. The secular nation came first instead, without the Messianic goal. Today the United States is weakened and crumbling, in a way, so this is another opportunity for the Messianic spirit and message to prevail.

What was the result of the failure of Korean Christianity to embrace the Messianic message? The secular government became powerful and established Christianity became the enemy of our movement. Communism also became rampant. This kind of opposition will not go away until we succeed in one nation, particularly this nation of America. I have not been welcomed here in America, but rather have been persecuted by virtually every segment of society, including the Jewish community, the Christian community, and the governmental power. Even under these circumstances, I have continued to forge ahead.

My dispensation has been parallel with Jesus, dispensation 2,000 years ago. When Jesus came, he was not welcomed. Everyone in Israel opposed him and the prepared foundation did not hold up. Jesus had to begin his own foundation and move forward, struggling to win every battle. He was not able to prevail and thus he had to go to the cross. Forty years ago in Korea, I faced opposition which made it impossible to establish God's will at that time. For that reason, I had to come to America and establish a new foundation. Ultimately, I am fulfilling the dispensational will.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus was supposed to be supported by John the Baptist. Because of that failure, Judaism came against Jesus at that time, as well as the nation of Israel. Ultimately, the entire weight of the Roman Empire fell upon Jesus. Similarly, when I came to Korea and heralded the message to Korean Christianity, which was in the John the Baptist position, they failed to accept it. Because of that, established Christianity of the world came against me and the secular governments of the free world came against me. Likewise, I was opposed by the power of international communism, which is almost in the position of the Roman Empire at this time. This is the historical parallel.

I knew I had to make the showdown between life and death by taking some drastic measures. That was the imprisonment in Danbury. Through that suffering, the hearts of many Christian leaders were melted and public opinion in the United States could be turned around. Because of my struggle in Danbury, many people were able to see the severe truth: that Christianity in America today has come to exist in name only. There has been a deep invasion of humanism and materialism. Likewise, the government has been totally victimized by secular humanism. The churches have become aware that they are surrounded by hostile forces.

For the first time, American Christian leaders are realizing that the government has become truly anti­God. Many laws have been passed which have chipped away at the freedom of religion and worship here. Christianity has come to this painful and poignant realization through my own imprisonment. For that reason, even after I entered the prison, I did not allow myself to rest at all because I knew it was the time to bring an awakening in Christianity. Thus I worked hard to unite and inspire American Christianity from the prison.

During my imprisonment, I launched an incredible crusade throughout this country. First of all, we pressed forward with the CAUSA movement to educate American leaders and unite them under Godism, one God centered viewpoint, so they could clearly see who are the enemies of the Christian churches today. Furthermore, I launched a very spiritual movement, in order that the power of the Holy Spirit could move and bring the people into oneness, to go beyond superficial worship.

At the time of Jesus, crucifixion, everybody ran away; there was nothing but division among his disciples. But when Reverend Moon was crucified, put into Danbury, the Christian communities united with me for the first time. Thus Danbury brought about two extraordinary consequences. First of all, the American churches came to the point of repentance; second, for the first time, representatives came to me and apologized for the conduct of the United States of America. The day I left Danbury, representatives of American Christianity welcomed me as their own victorious champion. Furthermore, the message of repentance and change was proclaimed throughout the country. These were the two most incredible victories won through Danbury.

Danbury brought the painful awareness that Reverend Moon was the best friend of America, but that he had been treated as the worst enemy. The Unification Church is not the enemy of American Christianity at all; it is their sacrificial central figure, leading all of Christianity in a new direction. Thus they came to respect and appreciate us much more than before.

Because these phenomena occurred after Danbury, many other changes have occurred as well. At this time, I have restored the elder sons position that is, the elder sons position represented by American Christianity. Furthermore, even the United States government has begun to realize that they need a champion to stop the spread of communism, and that champion is Reverend Moon. They see that I am teaching the one, unique answer to communism.

I want you to understand that after the victory in Danbury, besides the changes which took place in this country, drastic changes also took place in Korea. Within six months time, the Korean people virtually fumed around in their opinion toward me. They came to see that Reverend Moon is not only the friend of Korea, he is also the champion who has the only answer for the ultimate peace and security of that country. In just six months, I was able to bring about a revolution in the education of the Korean people, from the grassroots level all the way up to the scholars and intellectual leaders, and finally, the political leadership, represented by national assemblymen and congressmen.

What was supposed to be done forty years ago was not accomplished. Now forty years later, after the foundation of victory in America, I achieved the victory in Korea. Now all I have to do is link together the two victories American and Korean. The final chapter would be the natural subjugation of the Christian leadership of America, as well as the political leadership, under God's ideal.

Within the two political panics of America, the Democratic party tends to be rather left leaning and liberal. On the other hand, the Republican party is very much beset by the problem of materialism. American political leaders in general are thinking very selfishly at best they think of the national interest, but they do not think about the well being of the world and all of mankind. They do not understand that America does not belong to the white majority but to God. He wants to use America for the sake of establishing the common brotherhood of the whole world. America was meant to be God's gift to the world, not a blessing for the American people.

In the history of Israel in the Old Testament, there were the kings Saul, Solomon and David. David was the eighth child of his family. Nobody expected that David, the simple shepherd boy from the wilderness, would become the king of Israel. But he was qualified to be the king because of his concern for his people; he fought with Goliath at the risk of his life for the sake of saving the country. That kind of spirit is what the United States needs today. Because of his spirit, God chose David to become the king of Israel.

Who would deny that the Unification Church today is in the position of David? Furthermore, we are also in the position of Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob, who was mistreated terribly by his brothers and finally sold into slavery in Egypt. But what happened? Later on, God placed the destiny of all the other brothers, as well as their parents, in the hands of Joseph. He was in the position to save the entire family. The Unification Church will be in exactly that position.

Those historical people unexpectedly became the heirs of God's sovereignty. Likewise the members of the Unification Church today are sacrificially following God's will, giving up everything for the sake of the salvation of the nation and the world. You are absolutely the chosen ones with the mission to save the country and the world.

I myself was in the same position as David and Joseph. For that reason, no matter what persecution I faced from my brothers in Christianity, I never felt hatred toward them or sought revenge. Rather, I was patient and persevered, knowing that they would one day come to me, the way the brothers of Joseph did, and ask for help. Joseph forgave his brothers, although forgiveness would be impossible from a purely personal point of view. He knew that they all came from the same parent, their father Jacob. He felt, "They are my brothers and regardless of their crime, I will forgive them,, Likewise, from the personal point of view, I might feel no reason for forgiveness toward the leaders of established Christianity. But knowing that God is our common Father and I must embody His will, then I can and must forgive them.

The hope for the revival of America hinges upon the awakening of Christianity, which represents the Christianity of the world. The wealth, resources and technology of the United States should be dedicated to serving the whole world. When it shares with the rest of the world, the United States can preserve its own identity and prosperity. Such an awakening needs to come.

According to the original design of God's providence, the Unification Church should not have been the ones to do the Victory Over Communism work. That mission was originally the responsibility of Christianity and the United States. But because of the failure of those two parties to oppose communism successfully, the Unification Church and I had to take on that mission. By doing so, we now have the opportunity to unite with Christianity and the American nation and government.

I want you to know clearly that the Unification Church has three primary missions: first, to liberate communism; second, to save America from crumbling; third, to revive Christianity. I have been teaching the same thing all these years. We must liberate the young people of America from moral degradation; because the younger generation is in danger, the whole country is in danger. I have continually said these things, over and over.

Reverend Moon has emerged as the one leader with the answer to communism; with the solution to American moral degradation, particularly among young people. Finally, I have the concept or ideology for the unification of Christianity. This is recognized by more and more people.

What about you? Do you have the absolute commitment to defeat communism? We are launching the ideological offensive that can totally destroy that false ideology. Are you confident that we have the message and the power of love that will totally eradicate the moral corruption of this country, especially among young people? Furthermore, we have the Principle which has enough power to unite worldwide Christianity into one cohesive body of God. Do you have confidence in that? Yes or no?

This is not something we are just talking about; it is already a reality. The Unification Church members must clearly know the reality of the United States today. You need to have that painful understanding. This assembly here today includes all the races of the world. Will you American people say, "I am special because I am a white, U.S. citizen"? Is that kind of thinking acceptable to our way of life? We are the champions of the future world, that global village to come. I want you to understand that you represent the Reverend Moon of forty years ago. At that time, I was alone, the only person proclaiming this ideal of God. Today, you are in that same position, and proclaiming that same ideal.

You must know that your mission is a messianic one. Two thousand years ago, the Messiah came with God's ideal. Today I have taught you the same ideal; each of you has to proclaim and fulfill the messianic message, moving forward with dignity and power. I want you to understand that the democratic world is going down; likewise the communist world is crumbling. There will be one new ideology which rises up, however, and will win the victory. That is Unificationism - Godism.

This is the time for the transformation and we are at the crossroads. For that reason, we have a big job ahead of us. I have a clear plan and strategy mapped out for this country. Unless the members of the Christian community receive the infusion of God's ideology, they cannot have a worldwide concept or a clear idea of where they stand. Likewise, the leadership of the United States has become too self centered and nationalistic. They desperately need new vision which will free them to see the reality of the world.

I am like a man intoxicated with this mission. It doesn't matter to me whether it is daytime or nighttime. I have commissioned you as co-workers and champions, to be like my partners. You are the only group of people I can trust in this country. You can move forward and represent this ideal, heralding it to the others. For that reason, you are in the position to indemnify the failure of the United States and the failure of the Christian community. You can pick up that failure, pay the indemnity and win the victory.

As much as I have suffered for the world, going to Danbury and paying indemnity on the world level, today is your time. You are going to face your own Danbury, pay the indemnity for the sins of this nation, and bring this nation and world into resurrection. So today, you are inheriting my mission. As much as I have toiled and shed sweat, blood and tears for this country and world, especially these past twelve or fourteen years, now is your turn. You can plant my tradition upon the global community which is our world.

I want you to understand the story about Elijah in the Old Testament. During Elijah's time, Israel was divided between north and south. There were ten tribes in the north and two tribes in the south. God was working with the two tribes in the south, striving to liberate northern Israel and bring them back to His side. Elijah won heroic battles over and over; he demolished all the evil gods and idols of Baal. After that, there were still tremendous obstacles for Elijah, so he became very disillusioned and gave up on his mission. He ran away and tried to hide, even trying to die under the shade of a tree. But God didn't allow him to rest there. An insect came and ate the leaves of the tree and made all of them wither away.

At that point, Elijah was totally disheartened. He said to God, "Everything has failed. Now, God, I am all alone,, God responded, saying, "Elijah, what are you talking about? There are still 7,000 warriors who never surrendered to Baal. You have that many men to work with. Don't give up your mission!"

There were also 7,000 hidden champions available at the time of Jesus. If Jesus had been able to mobilize them, he would not have been crucified. Today, Reverend Moon has gone to Danbury; I knew that there were 7,000 warriors prepared for this time of the Lord of the Second Advent. This was just like the time of Elijah. I was completely alone, discredited, dishonored, confined to prison, so I was in the position to be totally disheartened. But I was not. I knew there were 7,000 champions awaiting. This is the reason I gave the mission to the CAUSA movement to educate 7,000 ministers and equip them with our ideology during my imprisonment.

Furthermore, I directed the mailing to 350,000 ministers of a letter from me, as well as the Principle videotape, so that they could become connected to me when I was in Danbury. Ministers throughout the country were moved to see that, even though I was in prison, I was not giving up trying to reach them. Also I directed the Unification Church members to go and reach out to the ministers. Many ministers have come to me now and I have given them the direction, "Go and reach out to the politicians and national leaders." This is the stage we are at now.

Our job is education. Today I would like to educate Christianity first. Let them know there is a living truth and a hope. We have to educate and communicate that hope. That is what you have been doing in your work with the ministers. Some leaders might think, "Well, we have been working very hard, reaching out to quite a few ministers. Maybe when Father comes back from Korea, he will let us have some time for relaxation,, But I am telling you right now, there is no such thing as relaxation. I will give you even more pressure, added missions to go out and win the greater victory.

The United States today is losing everything. It has lost the world, the nation, the community, and is now almost down to the point of losing the family. Today, the American family system is crumbling to pieces. The father, the mother, the children ­ all these are just individual segments of society. This is a sign that the United States is crumbling in the ultimate degree. Such destructive consequences are being reaped because people have pursued self centered love.

As the American home crumbles, the homes of the world crumble, too, because America is in the position to spread its virus to the rest of the world. Therefore, we cannot let this country crumble. Your land, your home is in trouble; it is on fire. The fall of man crept into the family, so Satan's ultimate goal is destruction of the family unit. Then there will be nothing for man to hold on to. That is Satan's strategy and that is what he is doing in America today.

The fallen family that began in the Garden of Eden is being exactly re­manifested in the American family. Instead of being a loving, cohesive unit, the members have become like enemies to each other. Parents and children battle with one another; husband and wife become enemies; brothers and sisters fight and struggle.

Somebody has to become the flag bearer, to go forward and accomplish the mission. The champions will not come out of the traditional Christian churches or the United States government. They will not come from the civil service. The only hope today to bring God's will to the American home is the Unification Church.

Parents are the head of the family. The problem is that fallen families have been under the false parenthood. Therefore, let the false parenthood pack up and move out; we shall move into the American hearts with the concept and love of the True Parents. We can save America by doing that; we will have won the entire battle. Then we can win the communist world because their strategy to destroy the American home will be impossible.

This is the reason the home church providence was inaugurated. The time will come when the home church concept can be applied everywhere. The White House will do home church; the State Department will do home church; the Defense Department will, too. Everywhere the home church principles will be applied and then we can wipe out Satan, and all the communist, secular humanist elements from our society.

The concept of the True Parents must prevail everywhere -not just in the Unification Church, or in the Christian churches, but everywhere ­ every office of the senators, congressmen, in the state legislatures, in every business and shop. Everyone belongs to a family and the family must be centered on the True Parents. This ideal of the True Parents is the ultimate ideal for everyone, the one which will install the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. We are going to transform our globe into our home. Our homes must be headed by our master ­ the True Parents. That is the ultimate ideal of God.

All family roots so far have gone back to Satan and the fall, so we must change our roots to become centered upon the True Parents and God; then the family will be secured for eternity. I want you to know that all the systems which are so powerful in our world today and all those values such as nationalism, government, ownership ­ all started from the false root, the satanic root. They did not start from God's tradition, God's root. All ungodly things must be changed.

This is why the spirit world is being mobilized by God to bombard the world; every system is in trouble today, under attack. With this sort of trouble, they must be knocked down to the point where they can say, "There is no hope here. Maybe there really is some hope in the Unification Church. Let's go and listen to Reverend Moon and find out"

Who has the answers? The President of the United States? The free world? The American government, no matter how great its defense system might be ­ with many weapons, an army, navy and air force ­ it cannot give the answers. More than ten years ago when I first came to America, I bluntly stated, "America will crumble if it continues on its present course." Everybody laughed at me. But today you bright, young American people know in your hearts that America is truly moving in the direction which I described then. Have you come to that realization?

We know it, and therefore we have to get down to work. We have to reach one more minister, one more politician each day. We have to transform them with this great hope. Only Reverend Moon and the Unification Church represent true hope for this country and world, as well as hope for God. Each one of you has been commissioned with a task today. You are now inheriting this challenge and mission to save America, save Christianity, and liberate the communist world ­ those three primary missions which I set upon forty years ago. You must understand that I have been working for forty years to lay this foundation so that I could bequeath the mission to you.

The globe is our home, our base. That home was invaded and came under satanic rule. At this time, after returning to the United States, I am declaring that your mission is to teach the people of the world that their homes and families must come under God and the True Parents. The name of the True Parents must be restored into every home so that the entire globe can know them. That will be the day of true and ultimate victory. This movement must be spread throughout the globe to every continent, every village. When that happens, you know the world will truly be transformed into the Kingdom of God on earth.

After World War II, the United States was given the opportunity to restore the world and, because of that failure, this great country has been declining since then. Now we have come to the end of that decline. Because of the emergence of Reverend Moon and the Unification Church, the tide can be turned. The ultimate goal God established forty years ago shall become a reality, but only with our sweat and labor. America has been responsible for the moral degradation on the worldwide level, because it has spread its viruses of free sex and an animalistic way of life. Now we have to change that. We must indemnify it.

The beginning point is the home. God must be able to say, "This is a home in which I can dwell" From that beginning, the home can grow to influence the community, nation, and ultimately the world. This is the transformation we foresee. The blessed couples, particularly, are in the position of restored Adam and Eve and must spearhead this crusade. These next three years until 1988 are the most crucial years of human history. All of the blessed couples and every member of the Unification Church must move aggressively forward for national and world salvation, under the banner of the True Parents' ideal.

You must have the conviction, "The Christian leaders and the national leaders cannot survive without committing themselves to these ideals. The White House will not survive unless they embrace God's ideal" You must have such conviction and absolute faith within your own heart first. As you know, the first opposition came from the established Christian churches. I have worked with them and finally embraced them; now Jacob and Esau have met. The national leaders are next. They have been in the position to oppose me and Danbury was the result of that. Now we must move forward and win on that level.

When the Christian churches and the national leaders come to the awareness of the ideal of the True Parents, what will happen? The entire world and nation will respect and love you as their elder brothers and sisters. America is a Christian nation and Christianity should be in the position of Abel, to embrace with True Parents first. That is the beginning point of victory in this country. American Christianity should win over the Cain type United States government and bring this nation under the one will of God. What will happen then? The True Father will automatically emerge as the true Abel of the entire United States.

Once Cain and Abel are totally restored into God's side, there will be no such thing as Heavenly representative and satanic representative. Both the elder and the younger sons will belong to the Heavenly side. Once this sort of restoration occurs in one place such as the United States, it will automatically occur on the worldwide base. Thus communism, which is in the Cain's position, will be restored to God's side.

If the messianic message had been accepted forty years ago, there would have been no emergence of communist power. At this time, once the Cain and Abel elements within the United States accept the messianic message, what will happen? Restoration will occur here and then communism will cease to exist. To that end, in Geneva in 1985, I declared to the world the end of communism. From that point on, communism began to decline more rapidly, while we are climbing up more rapidly.

When you listen to me speaking, you come to the full understanding that the time has come to restore true brotherhood among nations and peoples. We must all dwell with the one concept of the True Parents. We are in the position to do that job at this time.

The Unification Church is not a political group. We are ultimately an educational movement. We are teaching about true love and the True Parents; others can translate these materials into every aspect of life, including political philosophies and so forth. But we ourselves are not a political group. God's message is one of natural subjugation. This is the great difference with the teaching of the communists. Their revolution is by violence. Our job is to teach the people so they can naturally change. This has always been our way.

When the homes are occupied by God and guided by the truth of the True Parents, then every facet of the society can be changed. Politicians have to get their votes from the homes. Church leadership and political leadership together should develop the network of the home churches. Once that is organized, it is final. Do you understand where we are going? We are going to educate the ministers and the political leadership. In the meantime, we will work with the home church system to create a total network.

The ultimate goal is a God centered way of life for the family, the church, the community, and the nation. Ultimately the world will become God centered. Who would oppose that? Nobody.

I have erected this foundation through forty years of constant persecution. Now the era of persecution is ended; you will work without it. How can you fail? We are creating our own planet; the earth shall be one village in which everyone can move freely. You will be able to go anywhere- Germany, Japan, and so forth at any time. The world will be like one home, one village. This is why we already initiated the International Highway project.

Without your knowledge, I have already erected an enormous foundation, working within the Christian community and political circles and many different areas. That is the inheritance you have received today: to take over my mission. Are you ready to march forward to the ultimate completion of the True Parents' ideal?

You must not forget, particularly you American people, that I have come to this country, which is actually a foreign country to me, and accepted persecution and rejection, even imprisonment. Under these circumstances, I have never given up but have concentrated completely on saving this country. You must remember the path that I have walked. During these next three years, no matter what the difficulty, we must not complain. Yes or no? This is the time of total commitment.

This is the conclusion of my sermon today. Just as I won my victory, each one of you ­ including every echelon of the leadership of the Unification Church ­ must win your own victory. No matter what, you must not complain but remain 100% committed. Those who pledge to do their absolute best to fulfill the True Parents, ideal, raise both your hands, please. Thank you. God bless you.

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