The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1985

Reflecting on the Last 40 Years

Sun Myung Moon
November 13, 1985
Leaders' Conference
World Mission Center
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

The dispensation of God is based on the restoration and salvation of the fallen world. This has been God's goal. He established a plan, and step by step the dispensational goal has been pursued throughout history. God does not want to demolish everything and start out from scratch. His plan is to restore or recreate existing things. In order to understand the meaning of the dispensation of recreation, you must first understand the ideal of creation.

God and man both have to undertake the ideal of creation. What is the central theme of that ideal? The central theme is love. Love is the center of God and the center of man.

However, love cannot be fulfilled all by itself. Love requires an object. God created mankind as His object of love. Through the laws of nature, which are God's laws, man gradually evolved and developed into the ultimate creation. Even though God is almighty, He could not take the creation of mankind lightly, because men and women were created to be the ultimate object of God. God poured every ounce of His energy, blood, and sweat, and every bit of His integrity and sincerity and know-how into creating the best, the finest, the most supreme being as His object.

When we look at our surroundings, we always find the pair system. The universal prime force always expels anything that does not create a pair. In order for something to continue to exist, it must be in the process of either making a pair or maintaining the pair. Through the subject and object relationship within the pair system comes the fulfillment of the ideal of creation. It is the ultimate relationship.

As you know, sometimes evil flourishes. How does it do that? Through the same principle of a subject and object relationship. When an evil subject and object have give and take for an evil purpose, evil will multiply. However, evil give and take always reaches a limit; a point will be reached at which an evil subject will no longer find its object.

Evil Will Eventually Subside

Therefore, evil will subside. But goodness continues all the way to the end. This is the difference between good and evil. Evil is temporary and goodness is permanent.

The Unification Church has discovered this principle; therefore, we can observe and judge society by this principle. We can see clearly whether something will continue to prosper or be destroyed. We can tell this by looking at the quality or the direction of give and take between the subject and object.

Suppose all of a sudden I appeared in a bar. As a religious leader I would not, of course, condone the activities taking place there. That does not mean that because of my religious convictions I would just start smashing everything into pieces and kicking everybody out of the bar. That's not what I would do. Instead, I would use the law of subject and object. I would create a more attractive substitute for the people in the bar and gradually divert their attention and ultimately their purpose from evil to goodness.

An evil person can change by coming in contact with either a good object or a good subject. In this way, a person's purpose can be changed from evil to good.

By using this principle, the Unification Church has prospered. By observing people in the society we can find ways to use this principle to teach others how to prosper. The Unification Church's history is a good example of how this principle can be applied for the sake of God's providence.

For example, True Parents represent God in the absolute subject position. I am engaged in looking for an object. When I find an object, I pour all my energy, all my sincerity, all my trust -- everything -- into the object. By doing so, that object has to be united with the subject. Thus prosperity will occur. This is the process of recreation. I do not try to convert anybody to my way. I am always centered upon the ideal of creation, and the heart of God. The heart of God and the ideal of creation are always the central themes. I am trying to bring the whole environment into the ideal of unity. By doing this, one harmonious world centered upon the heart of God will be created.

As much as God poured every ounce of energy into His creation, particularly into human beings, we, as subject, must pour out every ounce of energy, every drop of blood, and every bit of our sincerity in order to win our object. We use the same process, the same principle. And we get the same results. This is how God created the world; this is how we recreate the world.

Unity Has Been Created

I want you to understand that by 1977, my ordeal in the United States was virtually over. However, in order to hasten the restoration of America and the free world, I willingly went another step to suffer a trial and a jail term. Through four generations of U.S. presidents I constantly confronted the United States. If I had failed this, I would have lost the United States. By my victory at Danbury, unity has been created between the United States and Christianity, and the base for unifying the free world has been laid. On a physical, substantial basis, the restoration of Christianity on the level of the nation has been established.

During my crucifixion period in Danbury, 7000 ministers heard the CAUSA message. Those 7000 represent those who, at the time of Elijah, did not bow down and worship Baal. At the time of Jesus, there were nowhere near 7000 people supporting Jesus. If there had been, Jesus' life would not have ended in crucifixion. He would have marched toward the Roman Empire, conquered Rome, and fulfilled his mission at that time. Because of the crucifixion, I had to restore the foundation for national level restoration while serving in Danbury.

However, I am now on the worldwide level of the dispensation. Therefore I want to reach 70,000 ministers with the CAUSA message, which will symbolically represent over 120 nations of the world. Upon the resurrection of Jesus 120 disciples went out to preach the gospel to the world. Now, 2000 years later, I am physically restoring 70 nations. Now that physical restoration is possible, all the nations of the world are in a position to welcome me.

This is really the final stage of the dispensation, because the ministers represent the Abel-type people of the universe. Therefore, when they go out to win the Cain-type people of 120 different countries, the world will be completely restored.

Seventy thousand ministers multiplied by their wives, their children, their friends, and their associates will eventually number 600,000 people. This is an incredible foundation. We will transform this nation into the land of Canaan by reaching out to 600,000 people. The realm of the heart of God has to be established. That is the ultimate goal. It starts out from the individual and goes to the family, the tribe, the nation, and the world.

I have loved America more than any president in its entire history. I sacrificed more for the sake of America and shed more blood, sweat, and tears for the sake of America than any of its leaders. By doing so, I have put myself in a position of subject -- not just the contemporary subject but the historical subject. All the presidents and the leaders of this country in the past and the present should feel like bowing down in front of Rev. Moon.

Many people might say, "Well, Rev. Moon, that is your interpretation. How do we know that?"

I tell them, "By investing all my heart and soul for the betterment of America from the position of America's enemy, I demonstrated visibly how much I truly care for and love this country: I invested an incredible amount of resources, energy, and effort for the benefit of the leadership of this country. I founded organizations without which this nation could not be restored. Danbury, therefore, has become a visible manifestation that, when America tried to destroy me as its enemy, instead of taking revenge, I loved America.

Father and Mother prepare to cut their celebration cake on True Parents' Birthday, February 14, 1986.

The Power of God Intervened

The enemies of Rev. Moon and the Unification Church were absolutely determined to totally destroy me and the Unification Church. They half succeeded in a way, but then the power of God intervened. The power of God transformed that humiliation into victory, turned that crucifixion into a resurrection. That was the power of God. No one could even imagine that such a power of God would come to intervene!

America's "enemy" was put into Danbury, but I came out resurrected. In a way, my victory created the birth of a new movement, in which everything that was lost was regained and multiplied. It was also like a new birth of the nation. The base for the leadership that will transform the entire world was founded in Danbury.

Now I can say this: When the president of the United States is centered on God, and the senators and congressmen are centered on God, this country will be able to stand up straight and forge ahead into the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. That is the concept of the Divine Principle. It is a correct concept, don't you think?

This is the indemnity process for the sake of recreating the ideal. It is the restoration of the heart of God. It is the path of the dispensation I have walked during these past 40 years. Have you walked that path? Have you passed through the eight stages of restoration? Since you failed to go through the eight stages of restoration, I myself, in the elder son's position, paid all the indemnity for you, in order to restore the elder son's birthright, so that the classic struggle between Cain and Abel could be restored. Upon the victory at Danbury we can move on now.

The political parties in this country, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, are always fighting like cats and dogs, in a classic Cain and Abel struggle among themselves. I am in the position to represent the true Abel to both the Democrats and the Republicans. Abel will restore the elder sonship in front of both political parties. Do you think God is working only through the Republican Party? Or only through the Democratic Party? No. God has to work through a new entity as the elder brother to both parties.

How Can You Take Rest?

I don't even consider whether you are Korean or Japanese or American. It doesn't make any difference to me. I consider only one thing -- how we can achieve our goal of unity. The entire strength of the Unification Church around the world shall be mobilized for this goal. Do you realize how serious I am? How can you take rest? How can you take time to relax? From now you have to assume responsibility for the world providence.

We have to make an absolute commitment here and move forward. This is the final stage. From the historical point of view, the dispensational point of view, the American point of view, the international point of view, communism's point of view, morality's point of view, Christianity's point of view -- from every point of view -- we are at the final stage, the conclusive stage. All phenomena show that the world is decaying, and there's only one new life force emerging. This is the Unification movement -- the new life blood.

I came from nothing, and I have been fighting every step of the way to reach the final goal. From now on I am urging you to do exactly the same. If you cannot do it, then you have no real reason to live. You might as well be dead. Do you want to inherit my mission and do God's will?

This is our mission and our purpose. That's why we are gathered together here. How can you sleep? This is an emergency. Some might say, "Well, it might not work:' Have you tried? If you try and it does not work, then you have done your role, and you have obeyed me. If results still do not come, I will take responsibility from that point on. But if you neglect your duty, I cannot take responsibility. Do you follow? Just determine yourself to go through your own Danbury 10 times. With that kind of commitment you will succeed.

Because of the dispensational failure, I had to go to Danbury myself. That fact brings shame to America, to Japan, to the Korean leaders, and to all of those people who did not fulfill their responsibility. Knowing that, how can you sleep at night?

I went to Danbury to pay for all the providential failures. When I went to Danbury I earned a great victory, a great treasure. You must not abandon this treasure.

Know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Those who really listen to me and know my meaning shall be liberated. I am determined that American Christianity and the American government shall be guided by God's will. Our foundation is very small, but the foundation of all Christianity is much greater. This is why American Christianity is so important.

This this is the final hill we are crossing over. The destiny of the world is at stake. I have committed everything I have for this cause, every ounce of energy, including the Unification Church. How can you members of the Unification Church just try to hoard your money, saying, "What about my family? What about my apartment? What about my bank account?" There's no time for that. No matter what the sacrifice may be, we must bring out the resources that will support the next three years of the dispensational goal in the United States.

Throw Everything You Have Into It

Even if you must throw everything you have into your investment so that you become a naked body, you have to do it. In a way, we must become naked. After all, Adam and Eve didn't have clothes to wear. So if you really want to return to the Garden of Eden, you should be willing to go naked. Throw everything you have into it. Then God will restore what you need. If the Kingdom of God is built by naked bodies, do you think God will punish us? No! God will be absolutely inspired.

Try to imagine the heart of God, who created everything for the sake of joy. Ever since the creation, for all these thousands of years, God has never tasted one ounce of joy, nothing but broken heartedness. Since the beginning, the work of restoration has been stalled, stagnating. Then finally, for the first time, God found His chance and opportunity. He was overjoyed that the many thousands of years of grief and His broken heartedness could be remedied. The era of the True Parents is one chance in a million. So when God is looking down at this situation, how desperate He is for us to succeed!

After World War II God gave America a great opportunity to reach out to the world. When America and Christianity failed to respond to this opportunity, the heart of God was broken again. I started out once more from nothing, and in 40 years I had to reconstruct the foundation for the second time. Now the second chance to restore the world has arrived. We cannot miss this chance.

I had to restore many thousands of years of wrongdoing in 40 years. But that was my destiny. To accomplish this, God pushed me ruthlessly. It has been an incredible 40 years.

August 20, 1985 was the exact end of the 40 years. I have been the flag bearer all this time -- one lonely, frontline soldier. Nobody knows my heart. When those 40 years were over, when the month of August came, do you know how much I felt the overwhelming weight of those 40 years -- the grief as well as the hope?

In 1945 liberation came to Korea. But that nation was in incredible chaos and turmoil. Now, even though Korea is independent, it is still at the same historical point -- it is so fragile and chaotic and confused that the people don't know where to go. I will go very soon to Korea to bring the ideal that God intended to bring to that country 40 years ago.

Korea is the father country, and the elder brother country is Israel. The United States must restore these two nations. If America leaves Korea, or even offends Korea, then the United States will plunge down into the dungeons of hell. In the same way the United States cannot abandon Israel. President Carter tried to abandon Korea. Because of this he did not serve a second term. Any government official who tries to hurt or abandon Korea cannot be tolerated in the sight of God.

The True Family holds pledge service on the morning of True Parents' Birthday in the large hall at Han Nam Dong, Seoul, Korea.

The Unity of the Family

When we speak of unification we mean all levels of unification -- between mind and body, between parents and children, between husband and wife, and between brothers and sisters. The core of unification is the family. When family unification is not accomplished, nothing else can be accomplished.

In recreating the family, the important thing to remember is the original mind of creation, the original heart of creation. What kind of family did God intend to create? A family that could represent the ultimate center. In 1960 the True Parents emerged into the world for the first time. Then the first true family, the subject family, was born. By having give and take with that family, other families could come together surrounding the True Parents, creating tribes.

For 40 years I have been concentrating on the eight levels of the restoration of the family, based upon the heart of God. Because after all, the fall of man represents the breakdown of the family. The family has been infiltrated and destroyed by evil. Restoring the family to the heavenly standard must be accomplished through eight different stages. This is the essence of my accomplishment during these past 40 years.

If you are a church leader, how can you stand at the pulpit and lead others when there is discord and disharmony going on in your own family? When the church is not united, how can you expect the nation to become united? The same principle applies everywhere. God knows. You cannot deceive God.

When you fight with your spouse and then you look at your children, don't you feel sorry? Your children are looking forward to being children of harmonious parents, but when you suddenly discover that you are not harmonious parents, you feel ashamed in front of your children. When the husband and wife are not united, that is a very shameful position.

Those husbands and wives present -- if any one of you has ever had a fight with your spouse, raise your hands please. [Only two or three people raise their hands.] Not even one fight? I am talking about the past. If you raise your hands and confess in front of me, then you will be forgiven at this moment. Those who wish to be forgiven, those of you who have had fights with your spouse, raise your hands please. [Everybody raises his hand.] Amazing! From now on, you will have no more fights? Then you're forgiven.

So from now on, husband and wife should walk together hand in hand. Even when you go to the bathroom, you should take your spouse with you. At East Garden before I come downstairs I always wait for Mother and we come down the staircase hand in hand. You should do this too.

Between husband and wife, whoever initiates a fight is the villain. The person who is not responsible for starting a fight should be the first one to admit that he was. That makes the other person very uncomfortable; it makes his conscience hurt. Between you and your spouse, you know who is right or wrong.

A fight never starts with the fists; it always starts out with words. So as soon as you see that a fight is starting, whoever notices it first should raise his hand. That means armistice -- time to make an agreement. The other person should also raise his hand. In other words, you should make a treaty between yourselves -- a promise that, when you feel you are doing or saying something wrong, you will raise your hand. Between a husband and wife there should be some competition going. Each one promises, "Next time I'm going to raise my hand first" You should want to control your fighting with this kind of agreement, this kind of covenant.

We are living in a new age, a different time. The evil forces which have always taken the upper hand are going down, and the good forces are coming up. A turning point has been made. The person who follows one very clear channel of command will receive a blessing.

This morning as we are gathered together, we declare and pledge that this day is a historical event, a turning point of history. This is the axis of history. Because of you, history will begin to turn. You are the axis.

Even though I am living in the United States, I am not an American citizen. You should also feel that you are heavenly citizens, not just citizens of the United States. This country is committing incredible crimes in the sight of God. God does not want you to be citizens of a criminal nation. You belong to God; you are God's people.

So far, you have been complaining about everything. From now on I'm not going to accept any more complaints. As the Bible predicts, the first shall be last and the last shall be first. That era has arrived. If you complain, no matter how much you are trying to advance, you will remain behind. I have gone through very extraordinary experiences here in this country. If you are always complaining, how can I trust that you will follow me when I am in Korea? If you just keep complaining, you will not make any headway.

The International Era Is Coming

By 1990, from the standpoint of God, the national level of the providence will be over; the national level will be transcended. It will be time to use the standard international language -- Korean. Eventually, your national language will be considered a dialect.

When 1990 comes, you must not complain that you don't know Korean, because I have warned you way in advance. You have had sufficient time to prepare. The international children who are attending the Little Angels School right now may be attending our international conferences, because they will be completely fluent in Korean by then. The second generation will be able to understand me.

You don't take me seriously, but wait and see. You have the time to eat three meals a day, but you say you have no time to study Korean. Any national leader who has a language deficiency won't be allowed to come to my conferences. I will not send him any IW's in my name. I will not listen to any reports from that country. If I deal with such a country, it's almost like admitting that within the Garden of Eden there are two nations. That kind of situation cannot be tolerated,

By the time I am 80 years old, preparations for a complete international foundation will be accomplished, and those who do not understand the heavenly standard language will not have any important duties within the Unification Church. It is that serious.

How incredibly disturbing this language barrier is! There's only one book needed to teach the truth, but because of our language problem we have to translate this book into many dozens of languages. What a waste! If we had one language from the North Pole to the South Pole, we could have one Divine Principle printed up, and everybody could read it.

Never before has there been a person to unite all the languages until I came, and there will never be another one after me, because I brought in the era of the True Parents. The world's people shall become True Parents' children. So everyone is obligated to learn the mother tongue. That's the only way the language problem can be solved. There's no other way except through the True Parents.

I must accomplish this task before my life here on earth is over. This is one of the greatest tasks I must fulfill within my lifetime. From the point of view of the Principle this is the greatest accomplishment in all history.

You should feel that you are a POW right now. Satan has made a prisoner out of you. He took you to Germany and made a German out of you. Or he took you to Italy and made an Italian out of you. Or he took you to Japan and made a Japanese out of you. You are a POW of Satan. You've got to be liberated and come back to your home country, your homeland. In order to do that, you must learn the language of the homeland. Unless you learn the mother tongue, you will not be registered into heaven. Your registration will not be accepted unless it has been written by you in Korean.

One Language Centered Upon God

By the year 2000, unless we create one unified linguistic and cultural sphere, the world will not have any hope. You pledge every Sunday morning in paragraph five: "I am proud of the one language and culture centered upon God' "One language" is mentioned in that paragraph as the fourth thing to be proud of. It is mentioned even before the lineage, before the heart of God, because without language, you have no heart. Without language you are incapable of creating a new lineage. This is the Principle secret, if you are children of the True Parents, then you must inherit the True Parents' language.

If you had been really serious about understanding the contents of the pledge, then you would have asked me, "Why is one language and culture so important, Father? Why is it mentioned fourth in that paragraph, instead of last?" Nobody ever asked me. But you have pledged it.

In America I can trust you and guide you in a certain direction because I know your language. If I were totally ignorant of your language and culture, then I would not be safe here. All kinds of deceitful transactions could take place right under my nose. You could be saying in front of me, "Father is a problem-maker. He's giving us so much trouble. So let's bury him alive. That'll take care of him." But you cannot do it because my eyes are wide open, my ears are wide open. I know what you are saying. Besides, I also have spiritual antennae!

If you came to Korea, you wouldn't understand what the Korean people were saying. They might be talking about you: "I don't like those big-nosed guys. I'd like to bury them alive." You wouldn't know anything, so you would just smile and say, "Oh, thank you, thank you" You see? The same kind of situation could happen to me. So learning a language is part of the desperate struggle to survive. Do you follow?

You know very clearly what needs to be done. All the Korean leaders are responsible for teaching Korean. In all 50 states, in every country, we need to have language teachers. Utilize a Korean resident in your state and invite him or her to be a teacher. We have plenty of teachers available in this country and we have no reason not to use them.

This is a time for crossing the Jordan River and entering Canaan. True Father is in the position of Moses. Each one of us is to become a true Cain of Moses. Cain does not follow his own will. This is the time to obey my instructions literally. If you don't obey, you will suffer the consequences. Not only you but your children as well.

You must be serious about my word. After attending a meeting with me, you Americans have a tendency to gather together and interpret my words in your own way. But you must take my words at their face value and go home and practice them exactly as they were spoken. Don't try to get together and analyze my words among you. When you meet together you might say to each other, "But I think Father is saying this, don't you think so?" In that way Satan can come in.

Why is Japan flourishing? Because the Japanese leaders always videotape my speeches and record my exact words. As soon as they get back to Japan, they send the videotapes throughout the country, so that all the members in Japan hear my exact instructions. This is why spirit world is working so strongly with Japan.

I am asking you to record my actual words. You should not compromise my word. The spirit world is not helping the American churches and the American church is not flourishing because of this tendency.

No More Room for Flexibility

If you know anybody who comes to hear my words and goes back and tries to compromise my teaching, who tries to do something different from your understanding of me, or who tries to disseminate his own interpretation, don't even deal with that person. The Israelites in the Old Testament also interpreted God's words in their own way. They had many different opinions. This is how the Israelites became divided. The situation required that God give them the Ten Commandments, very carefully defined and spelled out, so there could be no confusion about the law.

The Israelites were becoming too flexible about God's word. By giving them the Ten Commandments, God put them in a position to be judged directly. After receiving them, they had no choice but to follow the Ten Commandments or perish. And many people perished. There was no more room for flexibility.

Actually, the law was to have been given after they entered into the land of Canaan. It was to have been the law of the established kingdom, God's Kingdom. But because of the disobedience of the Israelites, because they interpreted God's word in their own way, God had no choice but to confront them as soon as possible with the Ten Commandments.

So you must listen to my words and take them at face value, without adding or subtracting even one iota.

The Heavenly Kingdom's constitution will appear through whom? Through Bo Hi Pak? Through you? When you are following me on the way to the land of Canaan, in the process of reaching the land of Canaan, you must value my words as much as you would value the constitution of the Heavenly Kingdom. Without listening to me, there is no way you can help but be a prey of Satan.

Let's say ten people are listening to me. Ten people are listening to the same words. How could those ten people come out and talk about ten different things? Unless you take my word seriously, even though you may be working very hard and even though you may momentarily flourish, the seed you are sowing will not be a true seed. When you sow, the grain and the weed look the same. But when the time comes for the fruit to appear, you can see the difference. One type of seed comes out as a grain and the other comes out as a weed.

So if you plant a seed that is not my word, people may come to you, but they will disappear like the morning dew. The true seed comes from God through the True Parents. The seed does not come through Dr. Durst or the regional directors. I think that much you should understand. The Principle comes from a firm foundation, not from expedience.

The Principle is not actually my own word, my own idea. It comes from God. Therefore, I am bound by the Principle and I suffer according to the Principle. If this were my own word, I would have made it convenient so that I would not have to suffer. If I had been doing any arbitrary thing on my own will, these 40 years of the dispensation would have been wasted. They would not have brought any fruit. I would have been destroyed in Danbury.

My position is like that of an ambassador of God. If an ambassador representing a sovereign nation comes to the United States, he speaks of behalf of his own country. He does not speak his own word; he speaks for his government. He would make a big mistake if he tried to speak out or act in a way that was expedient for his own sake, for his own safety. He might very well betray his own country. Am I not correct?

Father and Mother in the Sol Ak Mountains in Korea.

I Won't Let You Settle Down

You are my messengers, my ambassadors. You are going to sow exactly the seed I have given you and then you will reap the harvest. God does not want the crops to come out of your own seed. God wants the crops to come out of the Father's seed. A prepared people does not want your seed. This is extremely important to understand.

My goal is to save America. My goal is to set the tradition in America. Otherwise, America will go in an entirely wrong direction; it will decline, crumble. I am being deliberately harsh on you today. Do you know why? The reason is so that the United States of America will survive, so that you will survive. The time has come for the Unification Church persecution to be over. When persecution ceases, you will decline unless you have some new challenge. Unless you make a new dedication, a new commitment, and new sacrifices, you will 'perish. This is why I am deliberately scolding you.

The people of the Roman Empire 2000 years ago became quite prosperous. They thought their prosperity was for their own enjoyment; they just wanted to eat and drink and have pleasure. They became very selfish and immoral. God did not bless the Roman Empire for that. The mission of the Roman Empire was to receive Jesus and save the world. Today, Americans think that their blessings are just for the American people. They eat and drink and have fun and are becoming very immoral, but the reason God blessed America was so that the people could accept Father and save the world.

The persecution period of the Unification Church is coming to an end, but not because God wants you to have an easy time and settle down now. No. God wants you to be effective to go out and save America and the world. If you don't do that, then I will push you out. Nobody will persecute you except me. I will persecute you in order to preserve your salvation. I may even push you out to Africa or South America. I won't let you settle down.

This is, in a way, a historical pattern. I know this pattern very well. The time has come for the Unification Church to be accepted. This is the time when our vitality shall be renewed. Our sacrificial spirit shall be rekindled. And with that spirit, we can gratefully go to Africa, South America, anywhere, even to the most backward countries. The United States will never perish if its people sacrificially sell their land, their jewelry, and their fortunes, and go out to save the rest of the world. When America moves in an altruistic manner, living for the sake of others, this country will never perish.

So for that reason, you should prepare yourselves to go out to a foreign country. Do my words convince you? I do not want you to perish. I would like you to be prosperous. For that reason, I am giving you a hard time. That's the way of true love. Do you feel good? In a way, this is a cleansing period. I am chopping you down to cleanse you. This is the only way you can be forgiven. I am paying indemnity on your behalf. By this small amount of dispensational scolding you are taking, I am cleansing your sins.

If you go the hard path, the world will bow down to you. If you are humble before God and True Parents, and are willing to go out sacrificially to the world, then the world will come under you, and bow down to you. 

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