The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1985

The Way of the Children

Sun Myung Moon
November 12, 1985
Children's Day
World Mission Center

Are the people in the world of the same kind or different kinds? The question is simple, but there is no easy answer. It is very difficult to answer, as a matter of fact. Let's take a sparrow. Is there only one kind of sparrow or are there many different kinds? What is the language of sparrows in different countries? Do they speak the same language? There are many kinds of cows in different parts of the world; sometimes they come in different colors. Do they moo in the same language or in different languages? What about this man [Dr. Pak] standing beside me? Why he is standing there? In the original world, is it natural to have an interpreter beside you, or to speak directly? I do not bring out this man because I like to but because I have to.

So as you can see, there is a problem in our world today. If all people speak only one language, there would have been far fewer wars, far fewer problems, and much less crime, on all levels.

Do you think that in the beginning there were many pairs of human ancestors or only one pair? Why should there be one pair? Why couldn't there be 100 or 1000 pairs? Of something that is absolute, something that is the best, there can be only one--there cannot be two. God created all things, but He created one thing that was supreme, the very best. Could He have been thinking of many things that were the best? If the Supreme Being desired to have some very perfect, very absolute, very supreme creation, there could be only one. What do you think the Supreme Being desires most? God has been thinking of only one thing. God desires true love.

When you talk about true love, it always denotes two parties. You cannot impart love all by yourself. In order to engender love, God has to have an object. What kind of object has God been thinking about?

A True Man Must Resemble God

Has God been thinking about the world's tallest mountain as the object to fulfill His love? Would He consider a beautiful bird as His best object because it can sing and fly? No. He desires a true man. What is the definition of a true man? Instead of two clumsy eyes does a true man have one eye on top of his nose? Does a true man have two extra shoulders? That would be mighty powerful -- instead of two arms, he could have four arms. No. A true man must be the very object God is most fond of. God likes Himself very much; therefore, in order to be liked by God, that person must resemble God himself.

So, whether we are men or women, whom do we take after? [God] Well then, is God more like a man or more like a woman? God bears a resemblance to both. Do they have the same or different features? If they are two different kinds of beings, are they trying to get away from each other, or do they start from opposite ends and try to come together? If they are supposed to come together, when should they do that? When they are crawling babies? When they are little boys and girls? Man and woman can be truly united only when the mind and body come together.

When men and women grow to a certain age, there is an outburst of love; they come to understand, to feel, and to want love. Why do they want to be united? The reason is simple, but very important. A man or a woman individually cannot be a total entity of God. He or she is only half of God. So in order to create the total image of God, men and women have to come together. In a way, a man is trying to penetrate his spouse and come out on the other side. A woman wants to do that too. Each wants to penetrate the other, and be united.

God has two eyes but one focus. When men and women become united, they converge into one focal point. When they are focused upon total unity, then God can come and dwell within them. God will embrace them, saying, "Indeed, you are My image. You are My perfect image. I take delight and joy in your' In that way there is total unity.

God Dwells Within Men and Women Together

To whom does love belong? Love belongs to God, man, and woman. When men and women are united, a horizontal unity of love is created, which allows them both to be vertically united with God. Otherwise, if God came down to only men, the women would complain. If God came down to only women, the men would complain. God doesn't want to be unfair.

Love is eternal, permanent. Permanent love must have a storehouse. Love's storehouse is within men and women. But love does not actually exist within a man, or within a woman, but in between them and surrounding them. Both must possess it together. That is the ultimate reason why God created a difference between men and women. God created that difference so that love could bring men and women together horizontally in oneness with God, and so that the dwelling of God in humankind would become absolutely permanent. That is the ideal of creation.

Today, particularly in America, love has become a fun thing. Women go hopping around from one man to another -- another night, another person. They think that's the way their happiness can be fulfilled. Do people like that deserve to be part of humankind? There is a basic moral principle of love, but the world is dropping down from that principle to the standard of animals. The Unification Church has reestablished the moral principle of human love. Even if the Principle were merely a hypothesis, we would still accept it, because there is no other way we can rationally explain the purpose of creation. how glad we are to have such a Principle, to accept it and to live it!

Where did you come from? How were born? The important thing is whether you are the fruit of just fun love, or the fruit of I serious, true love. That is the key question. It is a tragedy if one is born as the byproduct of promiscuous, fun love.

The Department of True Love

Let's say you want to become a university student and you want to take a special major. If there were something like a department of true love, wouldn't you want to apply? You are, in a way, enrolled in the department of true love. You experience many ups and downs. Some people get tired, and some people flunk out, but those who try to succeed in the true love department are called Moonies. So you are attending True Love University, right? True Love University and the true love department offer probably the most difficult courses you can ever imagine. But they are the most worthwhile, aren't they? Even if you lose a leg or an arm, you will still want to continue. Even if you become just a stump, you will still want to graduate from the true love department. Today you are listening to the college president, coming out and preaching to you the true love theory.

What we are talking about is an absolute standard of love. There is no room for discussion or negotiation. If other scholars have special opinions, it doesn't make any difference; the true love principle has no compromise. Suppose you are a truly loving husband and wife, sitting down and loving each other. Do you want to have a third party come in and start up a discussion with you about the depths of your love? No. You want to keep the love between you as a husband-and-wife matter. You don't want to decide true love matters in a democratic forum.

[Father draws on the blackboard.] This is a true love tree, with many branches. Some branches reach all the way across the world, yet they are still part of the true love tree. There is just one root system; therefore the quality is the same. All the energy coming out of the roots goes to provide energy to every leaf and every branch in that tree, and vice versa. They can have give and take in that way. That is true love. True love has many flowers, many branches, and many leaves. All men were supposed to be born upon this true love family tree, but they were not. That is the tragedy of all tragedies.

True Love is the Common Denominator

From this true love root, as the branch goes to the west, it becomes white people; as it goes to the east, it become. yellow people; to the south, it becomes black people; to the north, it becomes Eskimos. That's how the human family was supposed to come from the same root. They were to be completely immersed and completely attached within the one most important institution God created: the family. The family is the building block. When you look at the love between husband and wife, between parents and children, and between brothers and sisters, are they supposed to be different in the white family, the black family, and the yellow family? No. Different colors are supposed to have the same love. What is the common denominator, the common bond to bring them all together? True love is that common denominator.

Whether you live well or live poorly depends on how close you are to the central principle of love. That is the measure of your happiness. Happiness or unhappiness cannot be determined by how much money you have, but by the purity of your exercise of love. Between a husband and wife, if there is another person involved, one of them must be unhappy. How inconvenient a marriage would be if the husband called a different woman every night and said: "Oh, hello. I need you tonight!' How happy would that couple be? But with purity between husband and wife, their love is preserved; that is the happy family.

In the Unification Church the marriage principle is absolute. Once you're blessed, that goes for eternity. Your couple shall be preserved as a true family coming out of one central root. I know it is not easy in many cases. But no matter how difficult it may be, would you like to pursue Father's way of life, or would you rather be like a butterfly, shopping around for your love? What do you think? Father's way or the butterfly way? We follow Father's way because that's the way we can be connected to God; that's the way we can possess God's absolute love. Once we possess God Himself, we possess the universe, we possess everything. Centering on true love we can even control God. How much happiness that will bring!

Rev. Moon is a smart man: If there were an easy way, a fun way, a convenient way, I would have gone that route a long time ago. But there is no such way. Therefore, I have been investing my entire life living and propagating this way of love. Do you think Mother is a happy woman? Is Father a happy man? Why? Because Father and Mother are united, centered upon God's love, which is absolute. From here, we can know what the concept of True Parents is all about.

Centering upon this absolute love of God, the first man and the first woman were to become absolutely united in love and become a father and mother, actualizing' the concept of True Parents. Humanity was supposed to have started from true parents. This is Children's Day; but if you do not know the concept and definition of True Parents, you have no way to know the definition of true children.

Kwon Jin Nim Moon, Sun Jin Nim Moon, and one of the blessed children offer a song on Children's Day 1985, at the evening entertainment in the Manhattan Center, New York.

The Process of Engrafting

What kind of children are you? We come to the Unification Church in order to become true children. The whole of fallen mankind was born into the fallen lineage. Therefore, in order to transfer our lineage to become true children, we have to be engrafted into the true love tree, which is the tree of the True Parents. There's no other way you can truly change your lineage, except by going through the engrafting process.

In order to engraft one tree into another what is the first action to be taken? Should we start with the branches? No. First we must cut the root area. Then we have to get a section of a true root from the "true olive tree' That's the Messiah. Unless the Messiah, the true olive tree, comes, no engrafting process is possible.

The end of the world is the age of the coming of the Messiah. That is when the engrafting process becomes possible. In the whole wild olive tree farm, there will be a cutting process -- all the roots will be cut and cut and cut. As you know, God has everything operating on a timetable. Until the true olive tree is ready, God will not start cutting the wild olive trees. But at the end of the world, both phenomena will occur at the same time: the preparation of the true olive tree and the cutting of the wild olive trees.

What is the Unification Church, then? The Unification Church is a branch of the true olive tree; it represents the true olive tree. Therefore, when the Unification Church is ready, under the husbandry of God, it will bloom and spread around the world. Then the grafting process will take place on every level: society, nation, and world. Accordingly, God is coming down on all levels today, shaking society up. Now, at the end of the world, all the pessimistic outcries of the dying democratic world, the dying communist world, and the dying religious world, give way to cries for life, the battle-cry of those who are ready to live. The engrafting process has been prepared. The wild olive trees have been cut. The Unification Church, shouting out with life, is the true olive tree. It is our responsibility and mission to go out now into the world so that we can engraft ourselves onto the roots of the wild olive trees.

If at least two thirds of a tree remains after being cut, the tree can still live; it can still get nourishment from its roots. But if 50 percent is cut, the tree will die. So before the trees die, the true branches must be engrafted into them. This is will I am busy sending out branches to South America, Central America, Africa, Europe, Asia, all over the place. The missionaries may complain: "Oh Father, we are helpless, and you send us out into this remote country all alone?" But the branch has to be, in a sense, autonomous. You must go out and find the root and engraft the branch yourself. Throughout the entire world, there is a craving for true olive tree branches. We are the only ones who have the branches they need. Before they die, we have to engraft ourselves into their root firmly, to give them life.

This is the time. Therefore, I have declared an emergency in the Unification movement. This is the time for the wife to go out to the world with more love than she has for her own husband, and to love other children, embracing them and giving them life. And the husband will do the same. We must become the most loving parents, the very best. Instead of embracing our own children, our arms should reach out to many generations in many nations. Unification families must reach out to families of five different colors of skin, and let them have life through you, connected to the same root of True Parents.

The nourishment of the tree will be distributed fairly. The place where there are more roots, more leaves, and more activity will pull more nourishment to it. But no nourishment will be drawn by the inactive place where nothing is happening. The love of God always flows toward the place where there is more activity, more result. This is a law of nature.

East and West Must Flourish Together

The branch goes up toward the clear, blue sky, toward the beautiful sunshine. The root, on the other hand, goes down deeper and deeper to a much dirtier place, to get more nourishment. In that way they coexist. When you move the root from one place to another, the branch will also be moved; they flourish together. So there is a certain affinity between the branches and the root; the root can communicate with the branches, and the branches can communicate with the root.

The people who shall eventually govern the world are the people who, like the branches reaching out into the blue sky, have the highest ideals, but who at the same time, like the roots, strive to dig down deeper into the dirty, dark places. If both characteristics are found in one race, that particular race will flourish. Western civilization is something like the branches, growing higher and higher towards the sky and sunshine. Oriental culture is like the root, digging down deeper and deeper, trying to gain deeper meaning and more nourishment. These opposites characterize Western and Eastern civilizations.

So far, Western civilization has been rather boastful and arrogant, looking down on the Orientals: "Look how dirty they are, how clumsy and backward!' But then you must realize that Oriental culture has depth and energizing quality, and is therefore long-lasting; it will survive, it will flourish. A branch cannot create its own root, but in Oriental civilization there is always the opportunity to make new branches, and to grow; the root has that power.

Today, the West has a tremendous interest in Japan, which is a symbol of Asia. The West is studying what Japan does, hoping to discover the secret of its success, trying to learn precision from Japan. This is, in a way, a survival action by Western civilization.

My order to the Japanese members is this: You must not become Americanized Japanese. The American people must themselves become Orientalized. I am not speaking from prejudice. I am speaking out of a certain destiny, out of a providential thrust. East and West are supposed to work together in harmony, like branches and roots, and when they come together both must survive.

Develop a New Unity With True Parents

Today I am speaking with exceptional and extraordinary purpose and meaning, because this celebration of Children's Day is the first Unification Church celebration after my victory in Danbury. Therefore, beginning from the president of the church, and extending to all the members of the Unification Church, we must renew ourselves today, making a new commitment, grasping a new understanding of Father, and developing a new unity with the True Parents.

We are indeed privileged that we all belong to True Parents. True Parents are our root, the roots of love. With this privilege there is no limit to what we can do; we can move forward and truly fulfill our task of engrafting the whole world onto the true root and creating a new, moral, God-centered world.

In this respect, in our movement the Korean language and culture has become very important. Its significance will soon be recognized all over the world. Why should we learn Korean? God contacted true love through one certain point on earth, and that is the land of Korea. God planted true love upon the earth in that land through the True Parents, who were the first people to speak the true love language. It is only natural, then, that their language should become our mother tongue.

The Korean language is the language of the motherland of love. So when everybody is pursuing true love, that language must become everybody's mother tongue. And since you have to speak that language, you have to know how to write it as well. With this language, we can get down to our deepest roots, to the very end of the taproot. We can ultimately reach the deepest place in the heart of God. Our original minds know that.

A Treasure Hunt of Love

We are on a treasure hunt through a labyrinth, looking for the passage to true love. How romantic life is in the Unification Church! The most serious undertaking is to go through the labyrinth and find true love. Each step is so precious, so important, so vital. Even if it takes one thousand years to take one step, still you cannot avoid this path. You must go ahead and keep searching for true love until you find it.

Can you go your own way, the way of your own liking, to find that treasure? I am the pioneer, the forerunner; everyone else must follow.

Do you think you have to make a lot of noise on this treasure hunt and put on a great show? No, you don't need cheerleaders. You have to go all by yourselves. It's a very internal path, very lonely at times. But no matter what you have to go through, if you can find your treasure, going this road will give you ultimate fulfillment. We are not talking about any material gain; we are talking about reaching the personification of true love. You will be living monuments of true love. That is the goal. Nothing else matters.

My mission is to create a true love highway, so that anybody can take this highway to reach the goal of true love. Eventually this will create the Kingdom of God on earth. The highway resembles the true love tree: There are the main highway, branch highways, and little roads, each ending up in some cul-de-sac which is like the leaf. That's the way the true love highway develops and a network is created. If you start on the top, at the cul-de-sac, the leaf, you can join the bigger roads, the bigger branches, and ultimately join the king of highways, the universal highway of true love, and go all the way to the heart of God.

One Ultimate Point of Unity

Dr. Durst represents U.S. Route 1, so he must bring a lot of true love into that highway. Then there are the regional director highways, and the fifty smaller state leader highways, which also bring a lot of true love.

But then Dr. Durst, who is in charge of U.S. Route 1, might say, "Well, I want to make a totally different highway, an American highway. I don't want to worry about the king highway" That is a crazy idea. It will not work. The ideal is for U.S. Route 1 to be firmly connected into the king highway of true love. Any country that wants to follow its own way is trying to bend the trunk into its own direction. But that cannot happen, because the trunk begins from the True Parents, and moves straight up, all the way to heaven's throne, in one straight line.

There is a taproot, way down in the deepest corner, which is always connected to the highest part of heaven. As this root develops, it harmonizes with all the other roots, in Japan, England, Germany, South America, Africa. True love alone can melt them all together. Then all the roots will be joined together into the major highway, and be connected to the heavenly throne, so that every national characteristic can touch the trunk. There must be one ultimate point of unity.

Although Adam and Eve were created out of God's root, ever since the fall all kinds of diverse and perverted cultures have come into being. My mission is to bring all these perverted individuals, families, and cultures into one straight line centering on the True Parents. There's no way the rest of the world can go its own direction, because the straight line is the absolute standard.

I Didn't Avoid the Barrier of Prison

When the entire world is united around this one central line, Satan is automatically separated out. I went to Danbury in order to expedite this providence, so that the line which started from the original root, the Garden of Eden, would go straight up, unbending, all the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. Through the suffering of a modern-day crucifixion, this process has been expedited.

If there is a prison blocking you, you cannot shy away from it. You've got to penetrate the barrier of prison, and go over it, breaking down Satan's barrier. If I had tried to avoid prison by running away to Korea or Japan or South America, this would not have been accomplished. So if God has a plan for you to dramatically break through a certain barrier, you must not avoid it. You must stick with it you must break through and go to the other side.

Satan doesn't like the place of sacrificial suffering. Satan is very boastful, and likes to live luxuriously. Satan loves to complain. He loves jealousy, greed, and vanity. You've got to know which way to attract Satan, and which way to repel Satan.

The prison is a place where people constantly complain, and blame other people. Everybody has somebody to blame for their being in prison. Somebody else did something wrong. But when I entered the prison, I was silent. I decided, "I'm not going with this crowd. I'm grateful to God to be here. And I'm not going to utter one word of complaint" I knew why I was in prison. Where I go doesn't make a difference. The prison was the most important barrier God wanted me to break through.

Only Your Responsibility Remains

Throughout history, so many saints died in the name of their religion, for the sake of true love. True love is greater than life's value itself. Therefore, even though you might lose your life, for the sake of the tradition of true love you've got to go the path of sacrifice. That is my uncompromising principle!

Ultimately, the world is destined to come under true love. And I am the only one in history living this way of life. True love and the universal power have protected me. For that reason I have come this far. Now I am ready to command the world to join with me in true love.

I was born for this mission. I persevered through this mission, I suffered for the sake of this mission, and I created a couple, Father and Mother. This is a couple unique in all history, who won a victory in the name of true love. For that reason, this couple is called the True Parents. True Parents are those who are victorious over true love. You are in a position to protect the True Parents; to not only know them, not only serve and love them, but protect them. And you have a mission to create heaven on earth.

The Bible says, Know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Now you know the truth and you are becoming free. In a way, you are achieving total, inner, spiritual freedom. Now only your responsibility remains. This is not mere Principle theory. It is workable. Particularly after my victory in Danbury, it can be physically accomplished right here on earth.

You cannot bypass this. You cannot adjust it to your liking. You cannot negotiate, you cannot compromise. However, once you reach the goal of achieving this absolute standard of love, then everywhere you go you are free, and you can enjoy everything in the entire universe. That's the way life should be.

Today, Children's Day, you should pledge to absolutely follow the True Parents. You should feel, "I'm honored to be your child, and I want to follow your path. I'm not going to fail you, but bring a victory to you. I'm not going to complain if I get tired. I'm going to be always vibrant, and be victorious over Satan. The most important thing is that God gave me True Parents, and I am going to fulfill my responsibility to them" If you can say this, stand up now and make your pledge. 

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