The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1985

The Day of Victory of Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
October 4, 1985
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

Father and Mother cut the celebration cake after Father's speech at Belvedere on the Day of Victory of Heaven, October 4, 1985.

Note: Father spoke almost a third of his speech in English. Our attempts to decipher the English from the audiotapes is a poor substitute for the actual experience of being there in person.

The people who are gathered together this morning are called Unification Church members. The word unification in English doesn't describe the meaning fully, but the Korean word, tong il, means education leading into a unified goal. The word church, kyo hoe, is comprised of two Chinese characters. Hoe means a meeting or congregation, and kyo means teaching or education. Therefore church literally means a congregational meeting for education. Education in what? Education in the religious truth. What is religion? In Korean we call it chung kyo. Chung is the word for backbone or beam. So religion means the beam teaching, in other words, the teaching of the central truth, the fundamental truth.

Therefore, when we say Tong Il Kyo Hoe, Unification Church, the name contains all the explanation that is needed. Unification Church stands for the highest teaching, the deepest teaching, and the ultimate teaching, which will unify people and lead them into one goal. Why do you live? What is the purpose of your life? To fulfill the responsibility of the Unification Church centered upon God. That includes everything.

When you know the full meaning of the words Unification Church, you know that the Unification Church teaches the central truth of all religions. The important thing is this: It is not based on human teaching alone. The Unification Church is a congregational meeting between God and men. Who is the center of the congregation -- the members of the Unification Church or God? God. Therefore, wherever we go, the center of our activities and meetings is always God. In the existing Christian churches, who is the center -- God or Jesus? Many are not sure. Sometimes they feel God is the center, sometimes Jesus. But even Jesus did not come upon his own will. He was sent by God. Everything is manifested in a subject-object relationship.

Is there any individual out there who is perfected? Are there any societies or tribes that are perfected in the eyes of God? Is there any nation perfected? Any world? The pope, the head of the Catholic Church, has hundreds of millions of people under him. He would say, "Well, I'm perfected in the sight of God!' But from the point of view of God and Rev. Moon, he is not.

Our Ultimate Purpose

When God created the universe, did He create only men? Or did He create something else other than male? What do you think? Did God create the female simply because the male is lonely, simply to give him a friend? Or did He want to give Adam something more than just a friend? Anyone must answer, "Well, God created men and women to get married and become united so that they can love and multiply in a family."

The purpose of the Unification Church is the same as the purpose of the first couple in the Garden of Eden. First of all, men and women need to be educated in the purpose of life. Then when men and women marry, that's unification. And then they go on into a fulfilling life, leading others. That's the meaning of the Unification Church: educating, unifying, leading. This is the path toward perfection.

For what ultimate purpose are we educated, united in marriage, and called to lead others? For the joy of God. So that all people will be joyful, the spirit world will be joyful, and all of nature will be joyful. Is it joyful to be all alone, jumping around and saying to yourself, "I am joyful, I am joyful"? Does that make you happy? The word joyful will never be born unless male and female come together in unified harmony, stimulation, and give and take. Otherwise there is no such thing as joy.

If there were a world in which men and women were living together in loving harmony, and a bachelor lived there all by himself, would his be a joyful life? The bachelor thinks, "Well, I'm a man. I don't need anybody. I can do everything myself." But would he experience joy in going out and buying his own steak for dinner and eating it all by himself? God does not want anyone to have that kind of life. God is stimulated by the society of fellowship, the society of give and take on individual, family, society, national, and world level.

Joy Is Round

When you are talking about an ideal being or an ideal world of joy, you must include front and rear, left and right, and up and down. All the directions must be there. Otherwise there's no such thing as an ideal. When you are talking about an ideal, you are not talking about a flat sheet of paper but something global and round -- that's the idea. The Unification Church is looking for joy, wholesome joy, total joy.

Joyful does not mean individual joy. Joy means harmony. Harmony means give and take. Give and take means with more than one. Where does the joyful world begin? With men and women. But the love between men and women alone would not be perfect joy. Their joy should spread to their children, their parents, their neighbors, and then into the society.

Some people say, "Why do we need children?" But in order to create the mainstream of joy, the past, present, and future need to be connected. Where can we find that? In the family. In the family you can find grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren, representing past, present, and future. That formula cannot be changed by the ages. This unchanging formula or tradition is passed down within the family system. Your parents, your husband or wife, and your children are like your guiding angels -- three sets of angels for your heaven. Those three elements will lead you into heaven. We learn from our parents, we learn from our husband or wife, we learn from our children. This is the real family tradition.

Based on the definition of the joyful family, are American families passing or failing? America is a corrupting nation. I did not want to allow America to be a seed to corrupt the rest of the world. When you go into many American homes, you will see an aged grandparent, so old, so lonely, so miserable, so pale, sitting there. That grandparent has nothing to smile about all day. And husbands and wives are going about their lives in different directions. They don't even meet each other. The children are left to go off by themselves. This is the saddest thing. You find the saddest families in America.

There is a heavenly law in the Unification Church and that is restoration by indemnity. America will be restored by indemnity. To do that a white family should take in an older black couple, for instance. The white young people should love the old black couple as if they were their own grandparents. If people can go to the extremes to practice love, and if they can really overcome and be joyful under those circumstances, then America's problems will be cured.

We Have To Unify Extremes

Loving your grandparents is important. From your grandparents you learn about tradition, about history, and about your background, so you can root yourself to the spirit world. And your great-, great-, great-, great-, great-grandparent is God. We have to unify the extremes of the extreme. When you dig down, the deepest place is the heart of God. And your newest offspring represents the future, your posterity. By loving children you are learning how to love the world. So all of these extremes need to be connected in one joyful, wholesome system.

What is going to connect the extremes? Not the nation, but the family. This is the formula and this is the yardstick. Everybody is measured by this family yardstick. With this kind of formula, the family harvest is ripened and put into a beautiful package and stored. That storage is called heaven. You are judged and measured by how you fulfill the family ideal, and from that judgment you are either elevated or lowered. You will come to deserve either the lowest hell or the highest heaven. You have to pass through quality control and be graded as either first quality, second quality, inferior quality, or flunked quality.

People commit sin with their eyes, their nose, their mouth, and their ears. A husband who looks at his wife not with a loving eye but with a hateful eye will find himself in spirit world with one eye. People who go after satanic sounds will find themselves deaf in spirit world. Those who speak evil all the time will find that they have no mouths. If you commit a crime with a certain part of your body, you will find yourself without that part in spirit world. Exactly the way you acted upon the earth, you will find retribution in the next life. In other words, you cannot deceive anybody in spirit world. What you have sown, you will reap.

What is marriage? Marriage is education in unity. The man learns about the world of women and the woman learns about the world of men. Marriage is like entering into a new school -- the school of the opposite sex. You will get a report card. If you can make your husband or wife absolutely happy you will get a grade of 100. Everybody is working toward getting 100 points.

Become A Slave Of Love

When the wife is continually nagging, nagging, nagging, the good husband doesn't say, "Don't do that!" The good husband will say, "Darling, darling, I understand!" The good husband is the servant of love. A slave of love. From this we can explain God. God is the highest possible king, the most powerful king, but his essence is love. Therefore, God walks down the road of the servant. That is the philosophy of God, of Rev. Moon, and of Moonies.

With this family love you can travel into timeless space, to the past, present, and future. Blood can run everywhere, from the bottom of your feet up to the top of your brain. By the same token, with love you can travel through timeless space, anywhere. How wonderful is the authority of love!

How about you? Become the servant of love, become even the slave of love -- that is the road to happiness. A dignified grandfather with a long beard may find his children fighting. He will say, "No, my children, you shouldn't do that. I will serve you. Let me be your servant." When his grandchildren are fighting, he will say, "Oh, my grandchildren, please don't fight. I am your grandfather. I love you very much. I am ready to serve you." In other words, this grandfather is taking the role of the mediator. That is the role of the servant.

That is exactly what I did after my prison sentence. America put me in jail. Did I say, "I hate you. I'm going to knock you down and bite you and send you to the bottom of hell!" No. I said, "America, I will still come out serving you. I love America"

This is the 45th day after I was released from prison, so a total of 44 days have elapsed since then. The number 44 is a heavenly four position number which has been taken by Satan up until now. So I am trying to clear up that number on the basis of the family. That's why I have spoken about the ideal family and about the joyful world and God's goal.

The Role Of God

What is God and who is God? God is the servant of love, the slave of love, coming down to serve humanity for the happiness of mankind. This is God's challenge: to educate humanity centered upon His love. In our human society there are different levels, such as slave, servant, and son, and there is a certain social system. But there is no connection between them because satanic love divided us. The role of God is to connect the entire divided social system on all levels and unify them under true love.

This is the Day of Victory of Heaven -- an incredible meaning has gone into this day. When we are talking about the victory of spirit world, or the victory of God, we have to talk about the victory of love, because God's victory means only one thing -- the victory of the love of God. When satanic love is governing a territory, it belongs to Satan; when the love of God is governing, that territory belongs to God. So there is a territorial dispute. How can we take more and more satanic territories over to the territory of the love of God? That is the question.

There are eight levels. First, at the very bottom of the social level is servant of servant. Then servant, then adopted son or daughter, then stepson or stepdaughter, then Eve, then Adam, then God, then true love. Every echelon was invaded by satanic love. They all became enemies of each other. Our task is to break through each barrier, and to unify with a higher level centering on love. Ultimately we reach true love through eight degrees. The Principle teaches us this path of restoration. True Parents are restoring this, and God is restoring this, centering upon love.

The sovereignty of love has been lost here in America. Satan's love has always been in control; he controls all of the churches and all of the families. I came to America to restore the sovereignty of love. My mission and the Unification movement's mission is the same thing: to plant the love of God, to resurrect the American churches, and to restore the family system in this country.

Unity Of Enemy Nations

The two cultures, Eastern and Western, have come to the crossroads. This is God's will. Western civilization is going down, and a new culture, a unified civilization, is dawning in the East, centered upon God. People might laugh at this statement today. But later they will see that this is the juncture of human history.

[Here Father explains in length that since Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel all became enemies in the beginning, the appearance of four dispensational enemy nations at the end of the world is inevitable: Korea representing Adam, Japan representing Eve, America representing the Abel-type archangel and Germany representing the Cain-type archangel These former enemy nations must unite centering upon America, the central Christian nation today. That is why Father is bringing Korean, Japanese, and European leaders to America. From here, the Kingdom of Heaven will start. If we don't make the foundation of unity in America, we cannot make the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the mission of the Unification Church.]

The enemy nations are gathered together under one teaching -- true love and True Parents. Therefore we are going to find our own land, the land of Canaan. This is what the entire mobilization is all about at this time. Unification Church means educating people and creating the worldwide foundation in America, where all the world's countries are represented.

We are teaching a new direction. When the people understand this direction they will ultimately follow. This is not the time to stay home. If you do, you won't survive. If you do not work for the ideal world, I will accuse you! If no one else persecutes you, I will persecute you. This is God's providential requirement.

A New Beginning

The Day of Victory of Heaven was originally installed on Oct. 4, 1976. The providence was supposed to have unfolded according to God's plan during the last seven years. However, because of the court battles and all kinds of opposition, the dispensational moment of victory has been delayed for seven years. This is the eighth year after I installed the Day of Victory of Heaven. We are marking today a new beginning.

In the year 1945 Christianity was supposed to have accepted me and united with me. Upon such unity, God's dispensation would have unfolded at that time. But because that was not done, I created a new foundation and initiated the Unification movement. Now today, forty years later, on the victory of Danbury, the Unification Church and the True Parents have become united and I am declaring truly the Day of Victory of Heaven. Today, Oct. 4, 1985, is the new beginning of the Day of Victory of Heaven, signifying the final chapter of the dispensation.

When the harvest season comes, everybody goes out and harvests; otherwise the rain might come and all the grain will be lost. Everybody goes out into the field -- father, mother, children, it doesn't make a difference. This is the harvest season mobilization. When we understand the historical impact and meaning of it, you know this is the final battle, the final showdown, the grand finale of the dispensation of God.

Have you made an individual foundation? No, you don't have that kind of foundation. You don't even have a family foundation. You don't have a tribe. You don't have a nation. You don't have the world, or the cosmos. Only the True Parents have indemnified all historical situations. I ask all Unification members to move out into the world situation, not merely remaining in an individual or family situation. You should feel, "I want to imitate all of Father's indemnification!'

I Conquered Every Possible Barrier

Now you have heard the message. The Day of Victory of Heaven has been newly installed upon the foundation of Father's victory in Danbury. I have become the symbol of victory. Nobody can get into heaven without first going through the model, the symbol. For that reason we are gathered here upon this foundation, rejoicing and knowing that no one can receive salvation without going through the True Parents.

As you know, because of my victory in Danbury, Unification Church persecution has dwindled. If Jesus Christ 2000 years ago had been allowed to enter the senate chambers of the Roman Empire, which is comparable to the United States Congress, and had declared his message, Christianity would not have suffered 400 years of persecution. Knowing that historical situation, in my own lifetime I conquered every possible barrier in order to eliminate persecution. That was done in Danbury. Furthermore, this victory will affect not only this country, but in all of the 130 mission countries, the Unification missionaries will inherit the same kind of victory. There will be no more persecution.

So the spring is coming, the Unification spring, a confident spring. When spring comes, what kind of seed would you sow? The love of God. And the field is the world. Not only are we sowing the love of God and True Parents' love, but we are also connecting the world's people to God's lineage and True Parents' lineage. That is our job.

How can we be connected or transferred to that lineage? It can only come through the blessing given by the True Parents. Fallen man has centered on Satan's love. God and the True Parents' lineage centers on true love. This is not merely a concept, it is reality. Are you creating a true lineage on the individual, family, tribe, nation and world levels? Are you living centering on God's love? You are not connected with God's lineage yet. Who will testify to that? Satan. Not God, not True Parents. Satan will testify against you.

The Way Of Denial

All mankind has to inherit God's lineage. Now you have the inheritance of Satan. You must cut your connection to that lineage. How? By denying yourself. You have to deny everything that connects you to Satan. Deny individual, deny family, deny tribe, deny nation, deny world, deny ideas, deny concepts, deny knowledge, deny everything!

In the beginning Adam and Eve didn't have any concepts. They knew only God. They didn't have a concept of family, or a concept of sexual love. They didn't have knowledge, they didn't have power, they didn't have property, they didn't have anything. But they actually possessed everything, because they possessed God and God's love. When they approached the perfection stage, they didn't want God's love and so they ended up in a completely different position. You have inherited their fallen nature. You feel proud of yourselves and say, "I have this. I have that. I am a church member. I am religious. I am a scholar. I have a family!' God doesn't say that. That is Satan's concept. First of all, deny everything. Our way is the way of denying, serving, and sacrificing. Who likes to do that -- serving and sacrificing? Nobody likes to do that, including myself.

Why am I teaching you in such a serious way? If you don't follow, you cannot reach God's position. We have to always go the opposite way, the way of denial.

When you joined this church, everyone came against you, your children came against you, your nation came against you, the world came against you. Every kind of bad word came against you. God created such a situation in which you must deny yourself. That was His gift. Fallen man needs that, because it is hard to choose to deny oneself. God's persecution is not bad. All Unification members must deny everything. You must also deny your position. I know the Korean, Japanese, and American leaders don't like to hear that.

I Welcome Persecution

We must go the opposite way of Satan. So I welcome persecution. In 1976 everyone came against me, including people inside the Unification Church, Jewish people, the Christian world, secular humanists, the KGB, the FBI, and the CIA. Everyone came against me, pushing me into a space smaller than a rat hole. Rev. Moon went into that hole. But that hole opened up into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Persecution is not bad. It is wonderful to be persecuted. Why? What do Moonies gain after persecution? The whole Principle. How wonderful a gift that is!

We have to create a heavenly environment all over the world centering on God's love. That is our destiny. That is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Does the Unification Church have that kind of power, or not?

What is the Unification Church's purpose? To connect the truth to the world. Moonies are being welcomed all over the world now. Why? God has been making the foundation. Until now your parents were against you. Now you can connect your family, your tribe, and your nation to God's Principle. No more persecution. God created this atmosphere.

I have not been speaking to Belvedere, but to the whole world. You are going to participate in the glorious path. Unlike me, who received nothing but persecution, the path you trod will be easier, because this period of persecution is over. Your parents, your aunts and uncles, and your brothers and sisters will not reject you anymore. They will be ready to listen to you. The times have changed. The new era has arrived! 

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