The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1985

Human Responsibility

Sun Myung Moon
August 29, 1985
CAUSA Seminar for Unification Church Members
Manhattan Center
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

What is the purpose of the Unification Church? To unite the world's religions, centered upon the will of God. Rev. Moon is the founder of the Unification Church, but that does not mean the Unification Church exists to do the will of Rev. Moon. No, Rev. Moon exists to do the Will of God. Then what is the will of God? The average religious person usually has no clear idea. But the Unification Church has a crystal-clear idea. Simply put, God's will is to fulfill the purpose of creation -- the completion or perfection of the universe and the perfection of human beings. When men and women are perfected, the universe will also be perfected. Thus the completion of the ideal of creation is the completion of the heavenly four position foundation.

The heavenly four position foundation begins from one individual. The mind and body of the individual must become united under the one lineage of God, so that the person becomes God's man or woman. That is the first stage. Then the man and woman of that perfection create a family -- husband, wife, and children. The entire focus of God's thought is upon the completion of this heavenly four position foundation. God does not care whether it is American, Korean, Japanese or whatever. The only thing He cares about is seeing the perfection of Adam and Eve within the Garden of Eden.

God's One Desire

God's desire is one: for man to fulfill human responsibility, so that we can climb out of the indirect dominion of God into the direct dominion, where man and God can become totally one. We are the group of people who are volunteering to fulfill the will of God; we are supposed to be the champions of the achievement of God's will. You might think, "We are free American people. We don't need Rev. Moon's sermons. How much have you Americans been thinking about human responsibility? Rev. Moon is the most serious person in the world about human responsibility and he is offering his very life for its fulfillment.

Let us think about the point at which God and Satan departed from each other. They were separated during the period of the fulfillment of human responsibility. If human responsibility and the angel's responsibility had been properly fulfilled, do you think we would have seen the emergence of Satan? No.

Satan is holding mankind in a choke hold. Satan is saying, "As long as you fail to fulfill your human responsibility, you don't belong to God. You belong to me. I have you by the neck!' Satan knows this is true and God has to agree; however, human beings have been ignorant of this fact. Only by the coming of Rev. Moon has this ignorance been conquered. Now human responsibility has been presented dearly. Once a person has fulfilled his human responsibility, do you think Satan could ever conquer him? No. By the same token, God can never abandon such a person. There is an agreement between Satan and God to this effect. Everything hinges upon human responsibility.

Even if nuclear war happened today and the entire world were totally demolished, still human responsibility would remain. It will not go away. So the most fearful thing in our lives is not necessarily the atomic bomb or nuclear warfare; it is unfulfilled human responsibility.

Why was human responsibility never fulfilled? Illicit love and the beginning of the satanic lineage prevented man from fulfilling it. If man's bloodstream and lineage had been connected with God's original source, the completion would have been automatic. But after the fall of man, when mankind failed to fulfill original human responsibility, a new will of God emerged: salvation and restoration.

Your Best Opportunity Is Now

Only after your fulfillment of human responsibility in the course of restoration will God's lineage be connected to you, to your bloodstream. Only then will you become a new person. Our ultimate goal is to link ourselves with God's own lineage, so that we can become the true children of God. It is every person's destiny to go this way, even though it might take some people billions of years in the spirit world. While you are here on earth you have the best opportunity to fulfill it. If you fail to fulfill it, you will be judged when you enter spirit world. Who shall be your accusers? Your own children. They will grab you and say, "Why didn't you do more and fulfill your responsibility?" And a wife can say to her husband, "Didn't you know the truth? You weren't serious about Father's dispensation and so we ended up in hell. Why weren't you more stern and demanding about making us fulfill our human responsibility?"

How deadly serious God has been! He has lost all His saints and martyrs, and with their blood sacrifice He wants to restore this world. This world has been running away from Him, so how much more serious He is now! God does not clearly tell us what our human responsibility is. Finding out what our human responsibility is is part of our human responsibility, according to the Principle. If God could lead people by the hand directly to the goal, the world would not have become the way it is. Satan is always laughing at God, saying, "Human responsibility has to be learned, and Your children must follow the route by which they can prove themselves worthy of being Your sons and daughters. But none of them are doing it! That shows that all men and women on earth are my children, God! Don't touch them'? God has to agree with Satan.

Once we go to the spirit world, this will become crystal clear. But then it will be too late. Even more tragic than that is the man or woman who has learned about his or her human responsibility while here on earth but failed to fulfill it. Rev. Moon knows clearly what has to be done and how to do it, and I could lead you by the hand, but sometimes I feel disgusted standing before you because it is almost impossible to lead you. When True Parents issue emergency orders you still take them lightly, saying, "Well, I'll do my best, I guess!" And some of you just waste your time, just wanting to have fun. When God declares an emergency but none of His soldiers are serious enough to tackle that emergency, it is a tragedy.

You Do Not Understand The Pricelessness Of The Blessing

I am watching everybody through special eyeglasses -- your movements, your behavior -- to see whether you fulfill your human responsibility or not. Centering upon the love of God, there is a great blessing to be given out, but there is no one there to deserve it, because your blood lineage is not pure enough to receive it. You received the Blessing, but none of you really understand the importance and value of your Blessing. Sometimes I feel deeply hurt by this and have many regrets. My feelings about the Blessing are so deep -- it is an immeasurable gift, priceless. But you treat your Blessing as if it were an old pair of shoes.

Do you think the Blessing is just a simple child's game we play? The Blessing is a life-or-death showdown. The Blessing came to you upon the lifelong sacrifice of the True Father. I paid the price to give it to you, in order to connect the heavenly lineage to you. The price for that was very high. Have you felt, "My blood is different now. I am connected to the Heavenly lineage. My whole body is God's now"? That is a poignant realization. Men and women have to fulfill their human responsibility; only then can you deserve the Blessing.

My period of incarceration at Danbury was comparable to Moses' time on Mt. Sinai; all kinds of confusion and chaos happened while I was in prison. Therefore, when I emerged as the victorious Second Advent, a new order came into being. This is the time of new opportunity for you to renew your relationship with the True Parents. The Unification Church is renewing that relationship, as are the world and established Christianity. The second generation's relationship with the True Father is also being renewed. Moses himself could not enter into Canaan; he died in the wilderness. Except for two, none of the first generation actually entered the Promised Land. But this time Moses is resurrected physically, so he is able to lead both the first and second generations himself into Canaan.

During the time of the Exodus, the Israelites had a simple direction: follow Moses. That was the way for them to survive. By the same token, during the 20th century and after my emergence as the new leader the world will say, "A new Moses has emerged -- Rev. Moon. By following his direction, we survive."

The mission of the blessed couples is absolutely crucial. All the Korean blessed couples went pioneering for three years, from 1972 to 1975. They set a new tradition for the national foundation of Korea. This time, international blessed couples are pioneering in America, which represents the world. During these next three years, we are setting up our tradition on the world level.

One More Step To Go

You have reached the growth stage and have been given the Blessing. But even though you are blessed, your indemnity conditions and our human responsibility have not been fulfilled. You have to go one more step in order to enter the direct dominion of God. Then the accusation of Satan will leave you permanently. These three years, until 1988, are going to be absolutely vital. If you blessed couples on the worldwide level unite with me and follow my instructions and fulfill your responsibility, then everybody will cross over that final completion line together. Only those men and women who follow the will of God without compromise shall be the survivors.

In order to fulfill that responsibility, you are going out to the satanic world to subjugate it. You inherit my tradition and the responsibility to teach all of America about our tradition. Is this the era for me to fulfill, or for you to fulfill? Not only you, but your families. Therefore, all the blessed couples shall be mobilized. Anyone who does not involve himself in this mobilization is damaging his or her relationship to the True Parents. This is almost like the time of crossing the Jordan River; this is the moment to decide whether you enter into Canaan or remain in the wilderness. You have to be bold and strong.

We are declaring war against three main enemies: Godless communism, Christless American liberalism, and secular humanism. They are the enemies of God, the True Parents, the Unification Church, the rest of Christianity, and all of religion. We are trying to mobilize a united front. While I was in Danbury, my efforts were focused on uniting all religious people, regardless of their faith, denomination, race, or culture.

We have gone around in a huge circle and now the time has arrived for the blessing that should have come forty years ago. If Christianity had responded properly then, that blessing would have swept the country and the whole world. Since I reindemnified everything over the past forty years, your work now will have that sweeping effect on the country. That is the kind of victory you should expect to harvest.

There Will Be No More Room For Opposition

Do you feel this to the bone? No matter what, during these three years we must remain committed. No matter what opposition, persecution, or internal difficulties we face -- we must rise above them. You blessed couples shall set the tradition on the worldwide level and you shall reap the great victory for everyone. We will eventually bring this world to the position of the pure, unpolluted Garden of Eden, in which there is no stain on the heavenly four positions. We shall work for these three years and then there will be no room for opposition.

We shall fulfill our human responsibility and create the realm in which indemnity is no longer necessary. Furthermore, we will build a society which is truly God-centered -- the Kingdom of Heaven on earth -- and make our final settlement. We have not been able to settle yet. The Moonies have been the objects of ridicule wherever we have gone. But that is going to change. In the next three years, Moonies shall become the object of honor and respect. Thus your children will be able to live in a world in which they will not receive persecution or opposition; indemnity will not even be necessary. They will be entitled to live in the Kingdom of Heaven at their birth and throughout their lives.

I would like to eventually see Korean, Japanese, German, and American people living together in the same apartment building. We are going to have condominiums in which international families forming communities will live. Your children's marriages will take place among the people of those communities. It will be like one large family growing up together. This is going to be the tradition. You will live as communities and tribes; so tribal life will be our pattern. Without such a pattern, we will not be able to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. So you can see we do not have our heavenly tradition yet.

You international blessed couples are very precious. The old-hat era of "white supremacy" is over. If anyone in the Unification Church harbors the attitude of white supremacy, they have a satanic attitude. This great dispensational opportunity is at hand. Now that you know the complete picture, the mandate is being given by God and the True Parents for all the members of the Unification Church, especially the blessed couples, to be mobilized.

You Must Be The Ones To Conquer Satan

The time will eventually come when, even if you want to volunteer for mobilization, there will be no opportunity. There are growing numbers of people who are not even members of the Unification Church, but who are spending more time, labor, and effort for the study and propagation of the Principle than you are. But what is the difference between you and them? Even though they study so much harder than you, unless they pay a certain amount of indemnity, they will not be as advanced as you in reaching the Kingdom of Heaven.

Who is going to conquer the worldwide Satan? Ultimately it is you. You have to confront Satan. The True Parents can give you guidance and direction, but ultimately the showdown must be made by you. When the world totally embraces the Unification Church and gives us no more opposition, we will have to create our own indemnity road, our own "labor camps; within our system.

We must gather together with Moses. You have been given your marching orders, so you must not complain like the ten faithless tribes. You must be like the tribes of Joshua and Caleb and go over the Jordan River to the city of Jericho with victorious faith. This is the standard and tradition for the blessed families of the United States to establish. The fruits of my forty years of indemnity shall be passed on to you during these next three years. I could inherit God's 6,000 biblical years of suffering through my forty years of indemnity. Now I am ready to give the inheritance to you upon the completion of your three years of service.

Centered on God and the True Parents, the heavenly four position foundation is already erected. The final heavenly four position foundation will be God, the True Parents' family foundation, the True Children's family foundations, and your blessed family foundations. That is the heavenly four position foundation by families. That is the ultimate one. With that, there is no room for Satan.

In the Garden of Eden there were no boundaries. Eventually we shall have no more national boundaries. Anyone in the ideal world will be able to travel anywhere within one day. All of our modern technological development is for the sake of the coming of that one day -- for God's day. We have been waiting for this time and all we have to do is give one final push, make our final march. Those who are blessed members of the Unification Church, who have been given your marching orders by the True Parents, and who say, "Now I am determined to live out the True Parents' wishes and go on to fulfill that goal and do the will of God," please stand up. Raise your hands. Now do you pledge in front of me to fulfill your human responsibility and to live up to my expectations? Thank you and God bless you. 

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