The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1985

Il Seung Day - The Holy Water Ceremony

Sun Myung Moon
August 20, 1985, at 1:30 A.M.
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

In the first part of his speech Father described the historical restoration process, centering upon Cain and Abel relationships. He explained that the True Parents can stand only on the basis of restored harmony between Cain and Abel.

Jesus was to be received as the Messiah on the basis of such unity yet was rejected in his lifetime, and the foundation on God's side was lost. Father inherited Jesus' mission and was able to set up all physical and spiritual conditions by 1945, but when he was likewise rejected, Father was forced to establish the HSA-UWC, which took the position of Christianity, and had to start all over again.

For the last 40 years he has toiled to rebuild that lost foundation up to the worldwide level -- and has succeeded This period of indemnity and suffering culminated in his 13-month prison term at Danbury, which, Father said, he was able to turn into a great victory.

Thank you for your support and your prayers; because of that, I have successfully and victoriously completed my entire dispensational course in prison. However, instead of sharing with you my experiences in prison, I would like to spend this time giving you a special message in regard to Il Seung Day, the Day of Total Victory. As you might have heard, I have designated August 16 as this day.

Today is the historical day when the Jacob and Esau of the 20th century are going to meet. What is Unification Church history? It is a history of Cain and Abel. In this case, I am Abel and you members are in Cain's position. What has happened in forty years' time? The members in Cain's position have united totally with Abel; by doing that, God can intervene -- direct dominion is now possible.

As you know, there was a three-day period after Jesus' crucifixion, and then a forty-day period of Jesus' resurrected mission on earth before he ascended into Heaven. Altogether, Jesus laid the foundation here on earth for 43 days before he ascended.

I was supposed to be released from Danbury to the halfway house on July 8. However, I was released on July 4, which is America's Independence Day. But the period from the original date of release, July 8, to August 20 is 43 days. That is why I declared a special 43-day period lasting until today.

These 43 days have been my universal resurrection period. Because of Jesus' resurrection, his disciples could receive the benefits. However, today, because of my universal position as the True Parents, when the True Parents are resurrected, not only the members of the Unification Church but also all other righteous people shall be resurrected. Particularly those who are in the Christian cultural sphere throughout the world shall be resurrected together with me. Even though we still have many enemies surrounding us, they are actually broken inside and are awaiting their salvation too.

A New Era In History

Dispensationally, August 20 is a very crucial day. Today we are marking a new beginning for the Unification Church, a new era in history. All we have to do from this day on is to just march forward and be bold and strong. True Parents have now been truly installed. That is because unity between Cain and Abel has been established.

What is the position of my own children? They represent sinless Adam's family. Therefore, everything should proceed according to the original pattern -- the elder son should be in the position of elder son; the second son should simply be in the position of second son. But because of the fall, all of humanity other than the True Parents' family still belongs to the satanic lineage. Therefore, the dispensation of the restoration of Cain and Abel continues for them. The True Parents' family, which follows one pattern, and the fallen world, which follows another pattern, must become connected into one. The True Parents' children are in the elder son's position, while the children of the blessed couples are in the second son's position. The second generation of the True Parents' family is headed by the eldest son, Hyo Jin. Hyo Jin has been working as the second-generation leader, particularly through the international CARP movement.

According to God's timetable, before 1985 is over all the second-generation members in our church -- from Korea, Japan, and the United States -- need to be united. The order and discipline of the second generation must be formed. As you know, those who entered the land of Canaan during the time of Moses were the second generation. The first generation pioneered but they all faltered in the wilderness. Also when we speak about Christianity, spiritually speaking, Jesus and his disciples were the first generation, and all the succeeding Christians are in the second generation. Thus Christianity is, in a way, a second-generation culture.

In order for the proper installation of the True Parents to take place, Cain and Abel must be united. It was necessary for me to bring unity between True Parents' children and the blessed children on the international level. This establishes the true order, the order which should have been established under sinless Adam and Eve. That order has now been established. It is no longer necessary for the second generation and beyond to go out and fight in the satanic world to bring the victory. We don't have to struggle anymore with Cain and Abel problems, because the right order has been established. That is, the True Children are in the elder son's position and the blessed children are in the younger son's position. Upon the solidifications of these positions, the True Parents can stand.

Father and Mother pray at the end of Father's speech, bestowing upon Hyo Jin Nim the authority to perform the Holy Water Ceremony.

Unity Of The Second Generation

This summer an extraordinary thing happened. August 15, 1985, was the forty-year anniversary of Korea's liberation day. Before that day, I sent Hyo Jin back to Korea to direct a special forty-day workshop for the elder blessed children. Not only did they unite centering upon the True Parents, but their parents also became united. Before this, they were going in their own direction and there was no discipline among them. But at this time they were brought together into a specific order. This is significant because it happened during my period of incarceration. After Jesus' crucifixion, all the disciples were divided among themselves and ran away. But this time, during my incarceration, the blessed children from the entire world came together, instead of running away.

The same thing happened when Hyo Jin went to Japan and spoke to the international CARP convention. He led an extraordinary ministry for ten days, which revived the entire Japanese movement. I instructed him to return before August 15. On August 16 I held the ceremony which signified that victory. Before this time, the True Parents' foundation had been shaky. But upon the victory of Hyo Jin, who engendered the second-generation unity, for the first time the True Parents can now be truly installed. For this reason, the Unification movement will go forward by leaps and bounds. During the next three years, not only will opposition cease but we will have to deal with avalanches of people wanting to come through our doors.

Before August 15, another important declaration needed to be made, that which declared the total end of communism. This was done through the Second International PWPA Congress in Geneva on August 13-17. Three hundred scholars got together and declared to the world that communism has reached its end.

As you know, at the time of Jesus' crucifixion, two thieves hung beside him -- one on the right and one on the left. The thief on the right has represented Christian democracy of the Western world; the thief on the left, who cursed Jesus, has represented godless communism. The Bible says that at the time of the coming of the Lord the sheep and goats will be divided. In the world today one camp is like the sheep, who understand and follow the shepherd; the other camp is like the goats, who do not follow a shepherd.

I Am Being Welcomed And Accepted

Today, the Unification Church and the True Parents are in Jesus' position on the cross. The thief on the right is now established Christianity, which is supporting me. But on the left hand side, the thief is no longer communism but the American people, who are not in a position to oppose me anymore. So together they are welcoming and accepting me. This is happening today.

This phenomenon is occurring on a worldwide scale and is also happening internally, within the Unification Church. On my right side are my own children and on my left are the members of the Unification Church. They are coming together and supporting the True Parents. This is exactly according to God's timetable. Upon my victorious liberation and return, externally American Christianity and the American people are welcoming me, and internally my children and the Unification Church members are coming together. Thus both internally and externally the True Parents are welcomed and glorified. This is the time. Now that I have overcome the crucifixion, which is the meaning of today, there shall be no more major opposition coming from anywhere.

On August 16 I conducted a ceremony at East Garden called Il Seung Il. This means "One Victory Day!' One represents totality -- so it also means Total Victory Day. So in a way the time has come for you to take charge. This day I proudly declare that my mission, for which God ordained me to accomplish in the United States, has been victoriously fulfilled. We are entering into the land of Canaan; what remains for us are just "word battles" Our war is still being waged. What is our weapon? True love, nothing else. So when you become the embodiment of true love, the entire world shall be conquered. All will fear the power of true love because nothing can prevail against it.

Because of the fall, there were 12 tribes -- some on Cain's side and some on Abel's side. There was disunity on all levels. But this is the time of unity. Upon this victorious foundation, I will unite them all -- Cain and Abel -- and all the 12 tribes shall be united. No more shall we have the Cain and Abel system. Once we have a reorganization of the tribes under the True Parents, becoming one system, the spirit world shall also be reorganized in the same way. As you know, in the spirit world everybody so far has been single. But the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven is the family. Once the family organization is made here on earth, the spirit world shall also be organized into families.

Hyo Jin Nim and some of the other True Children served the holy water to the members. Here, Mrs. Won Pok Choi and Mr. Osami Kuboki receive their holy water. Mr. Hideo Oyamada (right) is standing by.

Total Detachment From The Past

The most important thing in our attitude is this: When the Israelites left Egypt, they were excited for the first few days. The Red Sea had parted for them and everything was thrilling. But as soon as they entered the Sinai desert, they began to complain and long for their past way of life in Egypt. What happened? As long as they were still yearning for the satanic system, the satanic culture, they could never be victorious in the land of Canaan. Therefore, they all perished before they got there.

So what we need is a total detachment from the past; more no longing for the past way of life. You have got to follow the new tradition, the new system, totally. In order to make this turning point obvious and dramatic, I installed a special ceremony on August 16 at East Garden, which we call the Holy Water Ceremony. By receiving this holy water, we can spiritually cleanse our bodies from the past and become new creatures in the sight of God so that we can be totally acceptable. Through your engagement, you received the holy wine which signified the change of blood lineage -- from the satanic lineage you were transferred into the heavenly lineage. That was done, but still your body has been living and acting in the satanic world. There has always been the chance for your body to be attacked and even violated by Satan.

You have your attachments -- "Oh, I just can't live without a hamburger!" "I have to get some ice cream!" or "That leader is an Oriental and I don't like him!" All these things are traditions from Egypt -- they are not Canaan traditions. The American way of life is always to say, "Let's have fun! Let's be happy! Why not?" But seeking after fun alone cannot bring any real accomplishment. I would like to especially see the American members longing for the Canaan culture and wanting nothing to do with the Egypt traditions.

Where shall the Kingdom of Heaven begin? The Kingdom of Heaven shall begin with True Parents. But then what is next? True Children. True Parents and True Children cannot be in a position of fear and trembling, saying, "I'm so afraid of communism and the Mafia! I'm afraid of secular humanism!" They can never be victorious with such an attitude. They have to strongly declare, "Everything is under our control. Those evils will be conquered by us." The True Parents and their children have to take the initiative and not be passive. We are not going to ask somebody else to do something for us or have mercy upon us. This is different from the satanic tradition, which is always trying to exploit others or take something away from them.

Everything that the True Parents are giving is connected with true love. You are now ushering in a wonderful new era. By 1988, world communism will be more than seventy years old; it will not be able to go beyond seventy years into the number eight, which signifies a new beginning. When 1988 comes, we will be in the position to make the United States into a truly heavenly nation. That is your job, too.

While communism is declining, we are going to bring America into the right direction. I have had to suffer in the past, in many cases all by myself, including this most recent incarceration. If you feel you want to do more than I, to keep up with and even surpass my standard, then the restoration of the United States is simply no problem. For that reason I am now issuing "marching orders" to you. Those who oppose us are doing so out of ignorance, so we have to confront them and educate them, showing them the truth about ourselves.

You Are Inheriting My Victory

After I came to the United States, I laid the tradition very strongly. Now you must receive and inherit that tradition and run forward with it. This is your time to run. This is the meaning of the Il Seung Ceremony which we are going to conduct tonight. Those couples who are not eligible should not be taking this holy water. You should be in the position to repent and be cleansed. For example, if you have ever thought, even once, "My relationship with my spouse has been terrible. I've been wishing that he/she would drop dead or just never come home." you should repent very strongly. With that kind of attitude you cannot be in the position to receive this water.

By bestowing this holy water I am giving you the victorious inheritance which I earned during the last forty years, toward which Satan has no accusation. Satan's tactics are always to divide and conquer, but we always, unite in harmony. That is what this ceremony is for, as well, to bring husband and wife together, to bring families together.

Furthermore, you can now bring together your spiritual children and your physical children, who are in a Cain and Abel relationship. In order to fulfill the Cain and Abel dispensation, I was not in the position to love my Abel children before I loved my Cain children. My entire time was spent on loving Cain, so I had no time to pay attention to my own children or Mother. Now, upon the victory -f this foundation, I am able to embrace my own family. At the same time, you can also do that. You can now love both your spiritual children and your physical children. Until this time, we have all been working as individuals, leaving the family behind and letting them bear the cross while we go out and witness. But from this time on, the family will work together as a unit, going out to witness and do the work.

Where would you blessed couples like to go now? I'm sure you would all like to return to your hometown. So far, the policy of the Unification Church has been to leave your hometowns, like Abraham, and go out as sojourners. When Christmas came, I always said, "Don't go homer' But from now on, you can go home. But watch out. You've got to have a certain qualification; that is, you have to be a tribal messiah. You've got to be in that position to your family when you go.

Restoring Your Tribe

What should you do when you go home? All you have to do is set the example, showing the True Parents' way of life. The man should show the good father's way of life; the woman should show the good mother's way of life. The children should show the good children's way of life. The family is the school of love; therefore you should bring that school to your hometown, teach your family how to love each other, and show them the standard of love between husband and wife. We have the message of true love; we have the tradition of the True Parents and true family. How much easier the job of witnessing will be when there is no opposition!

The atmosphere and circumstances have been set up so that when you teach the Principle, people will be ready to accept and follow you. God has sent the Messiah, but has humanity ever before seen a Messiah who could rise to the level of True Parents and complete the heavenly four-position foundation? Humanity is subconsciously longing for the consummation of the heavenly four-position foundation. So now they can meet the Messiah who has consummated that, and you can teach the people that tradition. You yourselves have consummated the four-position foundation. If you have that foundation, you can win everything away from Satan. That is clearly the Principle view.

What is the conclusion then? Rev. Moon has sent out family-unit messiahs all over the world. I am like a messiah factory! We are creating a lot of messiahs, not on the individual level but on the family level. Why must a messiah now be a family unit? It is because Satan has no power to infiltrate such a family unit. When the family is united around one, God-centered messianic message, there is no way Satan can get in. That powerful blessing is now coming to you through this holy water. This is the first time human history has ever seen such a thing.

Today, August 20, is not just my day of liberation. This is also the day of your rebirth. You have passed through the judgment and now you must go ahead and become a new, powerful messianic unit. You are being empowered by God and the True Parents to be the judge of the world. Equipped with true love and centered upon God, there is no power under the sun that can prevail against you. In order to give you this inheritance, I have gone to prison six times during the last forty years. I have spent more than five years' time in prison. Only upon such hard work and sacrifice am I able to give you this blessing tonight. How precious that is!

This truth I have given you came only through my working myself to the bone, having made a deep foundation. It is a reality.

I have no fear to go against any nation or government; I have absolute confidence in this truth because I have lived this truth.

Spirit world is right next door; it is within reach. The size of the universe can only be measured in billions of light years. How can you control such a universe with this clumsy physical body? It is impossible -- only by the spirit can you do it. That is our stage of action. God created the spirit world for us. Are you interested? If I didn't have my wife here on earth, I would rather go upstairs and live in that vast world. I am a very dramatic and romantic person, but so far in my life I have been living totally sacrificially, under the rule of indemnity. You've never seen how amazing I could be. God is intoxicated with me and He tells me, "My dear son, do whatever you want:' Now the challenge is falling to you. It's your time. Take up this challenge and claim the land. Claim the world.

Becoming Parents To The World

Home church has been virtually forgotten by everybody. Who shall become the parents to the world? You must. Whatever your age, whether you are young physically or not, you are in the parent's role. Would you like to receive this inheritance from me tonight? Once this blessing is given, there will be an organization of the 12 tribes. Then we will move on to obtain heavenly sovereignty, that is, one nation under God.

When you have a fight between husband and wife, you should ask your children, both spiritual and physical, to come to you. You should bow down to them and repent before them. That's the only proper way to reconcile. When the children do wrong, they have to apologize to the parents. If the husband makes a mistake, he should ask the children to come with him to see the mother and before them all he should bow down and apologize to her. And vice-versa. The heavenly four-position foundation means that all four positions work together. In that way, the foundation remains intact. According to the Principle, that four- position foundation cannot be divided or separated. It has to be harmoniously united through the power of true love.

I want you to know that today is a momentous day. My physical release from prison has an incredible vertical meaning, so I would like to give you a gift. That gift is a historical one, not a simple one; it is an everlasting gift. From now on, your challenge is how much you can expand your tradition within your lifetime here on earth. That will determine the extent of your territory in spirit world. So far, nobody has any territory or ownership in the spirit world. You must go there and make your claim.

Many years from now, we will all be up in Heaven. I will have a palace there and you will be able to come and see me. I don't want you to have to be needy or lacking when you come to me. I want you to earn your spiritual assets on earth. This is the reason I have worked so hard here on earth. Unless I am physically victorious here, nothing will be victorious in spirit world.

Do you want to have the right tradition and receive the heavenly inheritance of true love from the True Parents and God? Upon the foundation of this truth, a great time of victory is coming. We shall meet this new challenge; the families shall become a messianic unit and go out to the world. Shall we win the world?

After his speech Father began the Holy Water Ceremony. Hyo Jin Nim stood in prayer before True Parents, who blessed him with the power to conduct the ceremony. Father and Mother drank from one of the small cups of holy water; then Father gave a cup to Hyo Jin Nim. The celebration cake was cut and, amid cheers, True Parents left for East Garden.

Hyo Jin Nim then distributed the cups -- first to the elder Korean blessed children, then to Dr. and Mrs. Pak and the other leaders, then to the members. Hyun Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim, Jin Whi Nim, Jin Sung Nim, and Hoon Sook Nim also helped distribute the holy water. Husbands and wives were instructed to drink from the same cup.

Before August 20, holy water had been brought from East Garden by plane to regional church centers around the world, so that all blessed members in good standing could receive the holy water on the same day as the ceremony at Belvedere. 

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