The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1985

Corporeal God and Incorporeal God, or Invisible God and God incarnate

Sun Myung Moon
August 20, 1985
Upon his release from Danbury Federal Correctional Institute
God and Freedom Banquet

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, Hyung Jin Moon, and Ye Jin Moon May 5, 2011

"For all humankind, God is the incorporeal and internal parent, and the perfected Adam and Eve are the corporeal and external parents.

It was God's will that Adam and Eve, who are the most precious object partners in front of God, realize the harmoniously unified ideal of eternal love and life by establishing their relationship with God centering on God's love as parent and children, subject and object partners, and the Corporeal Creator and incorporeal embodiment.

It has been said that the Creator and the creatures cannot be in the same league. If such is the case, it is impossible for God to realize His ideal of love. God's ideal of love is to establish His children, Adam and Eve, as the corporeal and substantial object partner and to eternally become one with them. As I Corinthians Chapter 3, verses 16 says, God wants to live in humans. Establishing the Incorporeal God's ideal of love arises from the moment when substantial humans become perfect as God's substantial object partner.

God's ideal was not to merely establish vertical love between God and humans as subject and object partners. On the base of the perfection of the vertical love, God wanted to bring the fruits of the horizontal love between Adam and Eve. It would have been at that very moment that God's ideal of love is accomplished in which God, internal parent, dwells in external parents, Adam and Eve in order to become thoroughly one with them. Then God, who is the Incorporeal Parent, using the external bodies of Adam and Eve, would have become the parents who appear eternally in the corporeal world. From that moment, Adam and Eve would have become the True Parents and True ancestors of humankind."

Those days, Father often said "love and life," or "love, life and ideal," instead of saying "love, life and blood lineage." Also in describing the first perfected couple, he said the "substantial object partner" or the "corporeal substance / embodiment" instead of "Corporeal God / God incarnate." I think due to True Parents' victorious foundation the time has come when Father can and also must explain these concepts clearly to us. 

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