The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1985

Parents' Day 1985 Part II

Sun Myung Moon
April 7, 1985
World Mission Center, NY
Translator, Dr. Bo Hi Pak

The ultimate destination of every human being is God. Also, every person is destined to one day become a personification of true love. But how do you really experience true love? The woman will find it through a true man, her husband; but first she has to help her husband become a true man. Then husband and wife can share true love and together become true parents. But which level of true parents do you want to reach: the individual level, the family, tribal, national, worldwide, or cosmic level? Cosmic true parents, that is best. Have you loved humanity and the universe with the cosmic level of true love? The smaller levels of love are absorbed by the larger levels: the individual love will be integrated into the family level; the family into the tribe; the tribe into the nation. True love for the country can be fumed into true love for the world; true love for the world will be absorbed by true love for the universe.

You might declare to Satan, "You cannot compete with the quality of true love that we practice." Satan will laugh and say, "Are you really proud of your true love?" People in the secular or fallen world celebrate their birthdays; they hold parties for that purpose. What about you? You regard yourselves as godly people. What is the day of your birth? If you say, "My birthday is on such and such a day," Satan can say, "On that day, your parents gave you birth, didn't they? Those parents are fallen. So actually you come out of my own lineage."

Also, Satan will ask you, "Do you have a day on which you can celebrate your dominion over all things of creation? Is there a day on which you were given stewardship over all things?" Even though you may consider yourself godly, Satan still can say, "Look: All this is mine. I can claim and use everything. It is all my domain."

Where Are God's People?

Godly people can be confronted by Satan, who will say, "What have you accomplished? Show me what you have done in this society. I receive great loyalty from people. There are many people who are dying for their loyalty to my power. Where are the people who are giving their lives in loyalty to God?"

America is supposed to be one nation under God; that is the noble concept under which it was begun. But in contemporary America nearly everything is centered on the material aspect, which is Satan's domain. Virtually all of society is suffering moral degradation; drug abuse is rampant; free sex is considered normal; homosexuality is common. This is the reason why one Christian nation after another has fallen into the hands of communism. Where is the power of Christianity? Satan laughs at God and says, "Show me Your country; where are Your people? I know You created this world for the realization of the Kingdom of God on earth; and You said You were going to restore it and bring it to that ideal. But where is it being restored?"

What is the day of judgment? It is the final showdown between Satan and God. Satan will show all his cards and God will do the same. God must prepare His own cards; when Satan shows his joker or his ace, God will pull out His cards true men and women. Then Satan will be stunned and will begin to retreat at that point. Satan can show all kinds of examples of his power within today's families. He can show how he has destroyed family after family through his power. Then he will challenge God: "Where are the families under Your sovereignty?" Satan has completely divided the world -- all the races, nations, everyone into chaos and confusion. He is triumphantly saying, "God, where is Your world?" Don't you think God needs a winning card to challenge Satan's trump? Don't you think God wants to have that kind of super-trump?

Watching Father during his speech on Parents' Day 1985. Left to right: Hoon Sook Nim, Jin Whi Nim, Jin Sung Nim, and In Jin Nim.

No Match For God's Trump Card

As soon as he sees God's super-trump cards, Satan will say, "Oh, no, those aren't the right kinds of cards. You are trying to play a different gamer But God will say, "Yes, they are two different cards. My cards are the cards that will save the world. But your cards are selfish cards; you worry only about your own well-being at the sacrifice of others." And for the first time, Satan will come to realize that there is no match between him and God, because their cards are entirely different. However, Satan has to admit that he is one of the beings created by God, and he is the one who has fallen. God will say, "Who are you, after all?"

Therefore, those who are working only for their own wellbeing, those individuals, families, and nations who are pursuing only selfish interests, will become Satan's trump cards. They will never become God's super-trump cards. God will display His unselfish trump cards and Satan's cards will be blown away, scattered. In the beginning of this card game between God and Satan, Satan had ownership of all the chips -the whole of creation and humanity was in Satan's camp. Satan will show his cards first and then demand to see God's. God will say, "Let me see your cards. Well, that card is self-centered and only worried about himself. I see now very clearly that your cards are evil and fallen. In fact, they are not real cards; they are imitations. My cards are true cards. Isn't that correct?" Even Satan will have to admit it and say, "Yes, you are right, God."

What about the United States? Is it God's nation or Satan's nation? Answer me clearly, you American people. Is this nation under God's or Satan's control? It is under Satan's domination. The entire world is under Satan's dominion. Thus people are born under Satan's yoke; that is a fact. God lost everything to Satan. For that reason, there is no God's Day in the satanic world; there is no True Parents' Day; there have never been any True Children walking on the earth and therefore there is no Children's Day honoring the true children of God. There has been nothing that God can claim as His own. This is the great tragedy, that God lost everything He created. Where is God's nation today in the Christian domain? Can God celebrate the day on which His beloved son was killed on the cross?

True Love Coating

Blind faith will not work. You cannot demand of people that they just simply believe without any evidence or verification. Today everybody tries to be scientific, except when it comes to the truth about God. How can you abandon science when you speak about God? How can you do that if you are twentieth- century men and women? I have met many theologians who lack a fundamental understanding about God. Many people respect me simply because of the logic of my teachings. Even philosophers want to meet with me; they change their concepts after only one meeting. Many times I have asked scholars questions and they could not answer.

What is the Unification movement? It is a new entity. It is the new trump card that God can play against Satan. Whatever cards Satan presents, this new card of God can wipe them out. What kind of card are you? Do you have a number? Are you an ace, a king, a jack, or what? You may have a special number, let's say an MFT card. In order to move to another department, you can receive another Unification card. But I don't want you to turn your card in for a satanic card.

Our cards have a different backing; they are coated with true love. Satan doesn't worry about the number so much; the most important thing is the true love coating, for that is what will completely defeat Satan. What is the card of the Unification Church? For the first time, we can celebrate God and His day. God's Day alone would not be powerful because God needs to have True Parents here on earth. Therefore, we must also have Parents' Day because that represents the victory of God here on earth. Without True Parents, there is no true love. Satan will say to you, "Do you have that kind of day? Show me your cards, then." When you show your cards, at first they will not appear to be different from Satan's cards–there are diamonds, hearts, and so forth. But when you turn them over, you will be able to show that they are coated with true love. Perhaps they aren't completely covered, but if even one corner is painted, that will be good. Satan cannot cope with that true love coating. He will draw back and retreat.

Therefore, in the Unification Church we have many unique celebrations -- besides God's Day and Parents' Day, we have Children's Day, the Day of All Things, Foundation Day, and others. Basically, however, the Unification movement is founded upon two things: God and His true love. God and His true love were never fulfilled here on earth until the True Parents were established. For that reason, the Parents' Day celebration is special. Based upon the true love of God, Parents' Day has been installed. Upon the victory of Parents' Day, True Children came into being and therefore Children's Day came into being. Now the ownership of all things can be transferred to God and therefore the Day of All Things came into King. Upon that foundation, the Day of Family, the Day of the True Nation, and the Day of the True World will come, even the Day of the True Cosmos.

Don't Misuse God's Holy Place

Do you have true love? Show me. What is the content of that love? You may say it is God-centered, and so forth, but in plain language, what is true love? I will give you the answer: True love has no end. It never gets boring; you always want more -- you want it to continue forever. After a hundred years, you will still want to be with your beloved: that is true love.

In the love of God, there are no dirty or ugly places in the beloved. The love of God doesn't change, not even in the bathroom. Today's Christianity does not really understand true love. Every individual has his or her own most holy place. The man has his most holy place and the woman has her most holy place within their own temples, their physical bodies. That holy place is the sexual organs. That is why it is so important not to misuse that area. The punishment is so incredibly severe when you misuse it. Individuals have to worship in that holy place. This is why Satan is attacking sexual morality so strongly, encouraging illicit love. Satan is trying to destroy humanity in this way. Therefore, God must restore that holy place and make it truly holy. The blessing of God blossoms through these holy places.

The key to that holy place belongs to your spouse. The holy relationship between husband and wife is very sacred and beautiful. It must be pure and it must be disciplined.

My own life has been nothing but suffering, particularly since I learned the overwhelming truth. I have been trying to live that truth. To do that I have gone to the lowest, most miserable places in human society. Sometimes I felt as if I were a prisoner of God, but then God comforted me. While I was giving all my effort to set the tradition of true love, my youth passed away. Now I am in my sixties.

The Final Journey Back To The Fatherland

Who has really known the heart of Jesus, whose physical body was taken away by Satan? Nobody has known the real purpose of Jesus the Messiah, who came to earth after long preparation. The followers of Jesus inherited the tradition of sacrifice from him, and they have been expanding around the world for two thousand years. Directly after World War II, Christianity became the dominant influence in the world. However, at that particular time, the established Christian leaders of Korea and the Korean government failed to listen to Rev. Moon. For that reason, I embarked on a sojourn in the wilderness, starting in 1945. This year, 1985, is my fortieth year of life in the wilderness.

I knew I could not go back to my homeland without having a superior foundation. When I was crossing the 38th parallel to go south, I pledged that I would return on the worldwide level. Therefore, no matter what race you belong to, keep in mind that we have to concentrate on creating our fatherland during these final three years, giving our best. Now is the time of the final showdown.

This period is comparable to the time when the Israelite spies went into Canaan to analyze the situation there. When the spies came back, Joshua and Caleb were the victors of faith and led the people into Canaan. Today I find myself in a land that has treated me like an enemy, and I am working to restore my position here; at the same time I am reconnoitering. When Jesus was crucified, the goal of worldwide physical and spiritual salvation was no longer possible, so only spiritual salvation could be ushered in through his sacrifice. The chosen nation of America and the free world will eventually turn to Danbury as the mount of both physical and spiritual resurrection.

Danbury Is A Tool For Greater Victory

Since I have gone to Danbury prison, so many significant historical events have taken place. On the fortieth day after I entered prison, an open house day was held there for the first time. This meant that visitors could come in and mingle with the prisoners and see what it was like inside. At that time crowds came to see. They were not interested in the prison itself, but they were trying to get a glimpse of Rev. Moon. After seventy days of my prison term had elapsed, unprecedented dialogue was begun between the nations of North Korea and South Korea.* Later, Red China publicly criticized Marxism and began to adopt free market economic policies. Furthermore, many hundreds of ministers have attended seminars sponsored by our movement and have praised Rev. Moon as the "twentieth-century prophet of America."

Of course, officials of the United States government have taken the position of enemy to me, but I have no animosity toward them. I made a clear statement of forgiveness to the U.S. government. I have been loving America more than ever, knowing that God loves and needs this country. At the same time, the one great power that fears me the most is the Soviet Union. Soviet authorities thought that since Rev. Moon went to jail, it would be the end of him and his church. But on the contrary, Rev. Moon is becoming much stronger. When I entered prison, the American government considered me to be an enemy of America, or a controversial leader at best. But the Soviet leaders can clearly see that on the day I come out of prison, I will emerge as a hero and a champion against communism. Then, who is the most threatened by me? The Soviet Union and international communism. Everyone else is joining with me more and more every day.

It was Satan's plan to send me to jail, but it was God's plan to use that jail as a tool to win the greater victory. Prison is the worst possible internal hell on earth and I am winning the internal victory there. You are in the external hell, which is the fallen world. Therefore, you must win the external victory in order to be parallel with me and make oneness with me. I want you to understand the clear goal, as expressed in our motto for this year, "Creation and Building of the Fatherland" -- God's homeland here on earth. That is my goal, and I am achieving the necessary victory even in the worst possible hell on earth, the prison. You must win the same victory.

Be Willing To Die For God's Sake

Furthermore, while I was in prison, I sent a special emissary to Red China to negotiate behind the scenes on an issue that is most important to the future peace of the world. No matte' what, I cannot feel any personal hostility toward America or the United States government. We cannot be defeated by Satan or by communism. For that reason, I must forgive the United States government and work with them, striving to embrace them. There are brothers and sisters who are now fighting and even dying in the Soviet Union and other satellite countries. They are becoming martyrs for the Unification movement. Therefore, we must be serious; and we must have no complaint. The one who decides to give up his life for God's sake and for the True Parents' sake will find it.

God's people should be willing to die for God's sake. If they are willing to do that, God will find His Kingdom here on earth -- that is the absolute truth. When people are giving their lives and transcending culture and skin color for the sake of God's Kingdom on earth, they shall find that Kingdom. Today, at the culmination of our celebration on Parents' Day, we must pledge to march forward toward the ultimate battleground for the final victory. That is the true meaning of this celebration. This is not just a day to be happy and merry. We have to commit ourselves to that final goal.

In one hand we must grasp the United States of America and in the other hand the Soviet Union and international communism. Remember, God is playing His extraordinary and final "card game" with Satan. And God is holding onto one trump card: that is Rev. Moon and you. Rev. Moon is like God's ace card; all of you represent the rest of the cards. Together, we will create God's trump and win for Him.

Therefore, there is no viable choice but to become united and totally committed. There are 52 cards in a deck; we have all the cards we need for every eventuality, for every different direction. Can you say that you are a card in God's hands? I want you to be the best cards; if not an ace then at least a seven, eight, nine, or ten.

Thus you have to be different from other people. Your eyes should have a different shine. Your focus should be different. not concentrating on earthly, material things, but on spiritual things. Your every behavior should be different when you are a child of God. Tell yourself, "I am different because I am a child of God and I have True Parents." Do you know how old I am? Am I 25? I feel like it. That is because of my purpose. I am constantly busy. I always yell at my own legs, "How can you be relaxed? There is no time!" If my body tries to lie down and rest, I yell at it, "What are you doing? This is an emergency! How can you rest now?" I always battle with my own body, my eyes, legs, and so forth.

I Am Restoring True Patriotism

Do you think Satan likes to see people trying to imitate Rev. Moon? Satan hates to see that. I voluntarily went to prison although I could have avoided it. There were many different places I could have gone, rather than returning to the United States. But I chose to go to prison for one purpose: to save America; to shake up this country and turn it toward goodness. Patriotism and the love of God have not been strong in America. I want to revive those attitudes here. By entering prison, I am restoring true patriotism in America. I am not a citizen of this country, but I love this country so much that Americans will become ashamed and will begin to love their own country, and love God.

What about you? Are you a true American or a false American? Are there more of God's Americans or Satan's Americans in this country today? There has been little patriotism in this country; and love of family, clan, and society is severely lacking. Look at the statistics of drug abuse: virtually ninety percent of the young people are affected by the drug situation, even students in elementary school. Thousands of them lose their minds due to drugs. Is that the effect of patriotism or love of God? Therefore we have to shock this country; we have to give a special injection into the American body that will dissolve the poisonous effects of these drugs. We are the physicians with our own spiritual medicine. We have to inject this nation with love of country and love of God.

When I went to jail some people thought, "Rev. Moon, you cannot influence those prisoners." But what happened? Rev. Moon went to the hellish society of the prison, and the inmates there began to be transformed. Even though I cannot openly preach the Principle, the inmates are being transformed by their direct experiences with Rev. Moon and his way of life. There is a special destiny that I have to fulfill at this time in Danbury. People have said it is impossible to restore America, but I will bring a great awakening to this country. We will bring great patriotism back to America, great love of God, so that this nation will truly become the instrument of God and will save the world.

Everybody stand up. On this Parents' Day celebration, those who pledge your commitment to win your external battle, as I have won my internal battle, and become extraordinary men and women; those who pledge to bring this nation to patriotism and the love of God and by so doing bring salvation to the world; those who pledge to me on this Parents' Day, raise both your hands and declare that you will become Joshuas and Calebs. Say out loud, "I will bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and march towards great victory!" Amen! Amen! Amen! God bless you!


* On September 29, 1984, North Korea delivered over 700 truckloads of food and humanitarian relief to South Korean flood victims. This exchange marked the first non-hostile interaction between the two sides since the Korean War. In November the two nations began for the first time to discuss the possibilities for economic cooperation, bilateral trade, and family reunification. 

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