The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1985

Prepare For a Moon Landing

Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 1985
The World Leaders Conference
World Mission Center
Translator, Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Who is going to be responsible for our world? That is the crucial question facing us today. So far communism has been growing, based on materialism coupled with humanism. Under this ideology, man has put himself in the supreme position and considers matter to be the essence of the universe. A conflicting theocratic ideology exists however, and the time has come when we have to reexamine the very existence of God. History is coming to its final chapter, the point of showdown.

When you recognize the existence of God, God must not be merely a conceptual God, but the living God, related to every facet of human life and all the happenings of the universe. God must be related to the material world, to people, and to history. We can then discover a God that will lead us into the future.

Such a God must play an integral part of our way of life here on earth. Religion has been isolated from reality; it has not produced useful knowledge or practical solutions; it has not brought forth an understanding of God as an integral part of His creation. Religion has failed to expound on this relationship. If there is a movement that will survive and prosper at the end of the world, it must define God as a contemporary God as well as a historical God, related to all of His creation, past, present, and future. This kind of God- centered ideology will help us master the future. If God is the one who is responsible for the creation as well as the beginning of history, then God must be working today. He must have a plan for the future, a certain purpose and culminating goal. We have had a history of division, but in the end there must be a history of unification.

Forces Going Against God

There is an entity that has always been fighting against God, defiling His creation. The reality of the fall of man becomes very apparent when we witness forces going against God, trying to divide the godly world and take it over. Therefore history has harbored spiritual problems that cannot be overcome without spiritual solutions. This battle is not going to be waged between a good God and an evil god, or Satan. This battle will be waged by their chosen champions on the earth plane, in the midst of our human civilization. Earth is the battleground.

The basic question remains: Is mankind ruled by spirit or matter? Which will play the subjective role? All the battles and conflicts occurring in human society are nothing but the reflection of the struggle between good and evil, or on the fundamental level between God and Satan. They both need material, territory, and human beings as their champions; and they are each pushing their champions, bringing them to clash with each other. This manifests as the struggle of civilization.

So the crucial question can be understood as one of ownership. Who, ultimately, owns the planet earth? It belongs to itself and to the Creator. At the end of the world an ideology must come and proclaim that the world belongs to humanity under God.

Satan would like to take over the earth and all humanity. Satan's strategy is to take over material resources and human populations as much as possible. Governments, master politicians, and rulers throughout history have always contemplated how to conquer the world. All of their wisdom and knowledge has been mobilized to gain influence and power.

How do we define communism as a satanic power? Satan is spirit. He is following along the path of God, trying to put obstacles in the way and block His dispensation. Religion is the focal point of the battle. It is God's tool to restore Hi, original ownership. So from the satanic point of view, religion is the worst enemy; Satan fears and abhors religion most of all. Therefore he must come up with a strategy that will deny religion itself.

In these modern days, humanity is in confusion. There are so many people who do not even know whether there truly is a God or not. Intellectuals reject God; unbelievers say that only weak people go after God. Some theologies have even declared that God is dead.

Amidst this confusion Satan is trying to prove scientifically that there is no God. That is the fundamental claim of communism. Accordingly, matter is the center of truth and the essence of the universe, and the notion of spirit is an illusion which has poisoned humanity. This God-denying ideology has been running rampant, claiming to be scientific. If this ideology were to be accepted by humanity, then Satan would govern and God would be thrown out. To the people it may not matter if there is a Satan or not; nevertheless the planet would become his. This is the most alarming strategy. However, God is real and He must devise a strategy to reaffirm His existence in the minds of the people.

Once you come to realize the existence of God, the next thing you must logically realize is that people and the earth must also belong to God. The forces of communism are beginning to see that the cosmic plan, the dispensation, is unfolding, and their ideology is no longer making as much progress.

It is now going downhill; it cannot survive. Then who is going to inherit this planet earth and this humanity? God Himself cannot reclaim His ownership: the representative of God must expose and subjugate Satan, and receive the inheritance. The only hope of the world lies with the people who come to the realization that they are God's chosen champions. They must subjugate Satan on the individual, family, tribal, national, and worldwide levels, and ultimately try to restore God's sovereignty from the hands of Satan.

On December 7, 1984, Red China declared to the world that Marxism is antiquated. The entire world, and especially the third world, has been shaken, because one of the greatest communist powers on the face of the earth stated that communism cannot solve the problems of the modern day. Who will step in, then, to take dominion? The democratic world has no ambition to govern; it does not have any concept of saving this godless world. Democracy is prospering here in America, but its goals are narrow and limited to a national scope; America has no sense of global purpose or mission.

A Burning Ambition for Conquest

In a short 67 years communists have overtaken the largest portion of the world because they have a burning ambition for global conquest. They have a determined goal and a plan of action: they want to cover the world with their ideology. If that goal is achieved, you cannot imagine the magnitude of the tragedy that will cause for mankind -- truly the end of the world.

Thank God the Unification Church emerged at this crucial time. It is not a coincidence. The religious world is fragmented; it has no unified purpose or global solution; and therefore it has no power to counter communism. God organized the Unification Church, which has a plan for God-centered unification and a purpose to insure the well-being of all humanity. Its most important goal is to satisfy the will of God.

The worst problem of the democratic world today is its bankruptcy of ideology, while the very strength of the communist world lies in its ideology. Its ideological leaders are also its political planners, who define their global goals and purposes and mobilize its offensive strategies. But the free world is on the defensive and destined to crumble. Even if the third world is shaken ideologically by China, it will not necessarily turn from its rebellion to side with America or with capitalism. What is most needed is a fundamental declaration of the existence of God. But America is now morally wounded and spiritually corrupt. So our most urgent and immediate task is to declare to the world, in the shortest possible time, the very existence of God -- logically, scientifically, with commitment and integrity -- even to the communist world.

We must come up with a new worldview that can defeat Marxism from the point of view of the existence of God, and harmonize Christianity. With such a worldview we can teach the Christian community a new conviction that can have a revolutionary impact and change the world.

American Christians have been opposing me and the Unification Church; they condemn us as heretics. How long can they afford to do that? They have come to the limit and cannot go any further. Satan's strategy has been to mobilize the Christian as well as the communist powers to try to destroy me. In a way, Christianity has been getting the cooperation of communism to defeat me. But I knew that the time would come when they would have to make a choice: either communism or Unificationism.

We have been fighting communism consistently with ideology; we have been trying to harmonize with Christianity. Under adverse conditions of persecution and attack the Unification Church has been growing steadily in all directions. How then can God bring the Unification movement into full blossom on the worldwide level? What is God's strategy?

We Are Necessary To Their Survival

One strategy would be for the whole Unification movement to retreat completely. The Christian churches would be left exposed and, all of a sudden, communism would confront them. Christianity would come to realize that the Unification Church has been sheltering and defending them; they would realize that we are necessary for their survival. As the leader of a God-centered movement, I am thinking about how to avoid such acute danger and reverse it for God's advantage.

Ever since I entered Danbury, I have been working and praying for the unification of all minorities. Christianity has begun to turn around, centering on the religious liberties issue and the fight against communism. Through CAUSA and PWPA, third world countries, particularly in South America, are coming to the realization that our new ideology is their only hope and that Rev. Moon can be trusted. So many religious, national, and world leaders, who come to seek out solutions from me, miss me and realize my value. Once I disappeared from the frontline of American life, they immediately saw the danger coming to them from communism. This was the golden opportunity.

Our goal for CAUSA/IFVOC in America is 45 million. This goal is going to be easy, because unity with all the minorities has been accomplished already. Now, with the Christian churches, we will attain far more than 45 million.

We have been mobilizing resources for a super-structural type of organization with the newspapers, PWPA, CAUSA, Tongil, the science and media conferences, and so forth. Few of the members or leaders have supported me in this; they keep wondering why I don't put more effort into church activities. You just worry about going on day by day, and some of you become disillusioned and lose hope.

There are so many people in the Christian churches, but so far with their foundation they could not deter the power of communism. Do you think we will win by just building up step by step? I expect to go forward in a miraculous way, by leaps and bounds, like a moon landing. That kind of thinking alone can succeed in establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Now everybody will come to realize how all of this is coming together for the common goal. All the skeptics and agnostics in the Unification Church will come to the poignant realization that I will really win, that I mean what I say.

Now top leaders -- from the media, the academic world, business, everywhere -- are coming to me, asking if they can help. They see that I have succeeded in recruiting young people, a task which no one has even dared to think about. About one third of the 240 million in this country are young people. These leaders are looking for the kind of committed, motivated young people that are in the Unification Church, but they cannot find them. We have thousands all over the world. I feel confident that I could take a ten-year nap, and that when I awoke everything would be accomplished. I am that confident for two reasons. One: You have inherited my tradition and my spirit; you are second Sun Myung Moons and you will move on no matter what. Two: I built this foundation under opposition; you will not have that opposition, so you have got to succeed.

I Have Finished the Task in Danbury

I am still in prison. Jesus' final words on the cross were: "It is finished." When I come out of Danbury I will declare to the world: "I finished the task in Danbury. My responsibility is done." We must read God's timetable: Now is the time when all things must be finished. This is indeed the end of the world. It is time to digest communism; it is time to digest the free world. We need courage and determination, and we have the guts to do it.

We have been involved in the religious liberties movement. But we are not going to rest there. I know that as soon as I come out of Danbury that issue will die away, because its power comes from my imprisonment. The president of the United States is going to declare: America is a land of religious freedom; we will amend the rules. There will be no more excitement. Therefore, before that time comes, we shifted the gears. I founded the CAUSA movement, the "God or no God" movement, mobilizing the entire Unification movement around that focus.

All kinds of situations have arisen since I went to prison. John Paul II finally declared that all priests who are united with the Nicaraguan government or who are propagating liberation theology no longer belong to the Catholic Church: they must make a choice. The Catholic University of La Plata in Argentina gave me a doctoral degree "honoris causa," the highest honorary degree that can ever be given to anyone. The Vatican tried to stop it, because it was almost as if John Paul II were endorsing Reverend Moon. But the school president said that he would confer this degree while I was in prison at any cost.

Nothing will stop me -- no misery, no hardship -- until the American people come to the realization of the truth and bow down with respect. God prepared everything. God prepared them all. God is ready for you as soon as you are ready. He is depending upon your determination. The mission and will of God is the priority.

The Nature of the Media

I have been experimenting with the VOC concept, Godism, and last year CAUSA became a worldwide movement. In particular I tested it out with the media people. None of them believe in God; their nature is very skeptical. However, we witnessed that in three days they were turned around with our truth. If the most skeptical of all people, the media, can be turned around, then professors, school teachers, scientists, politicians, housewives -- everybody can be turned around. That is my conviction.

The conclusion is that God is the Creator: He has an ideal and purpose. However, the fall of man came. Evil tried to propagate the "no God" concept, trying to divide the world. The world has become so confused. Now the time has come for God and Rev. Moon and the Unification Church to bring forth the ultimate ideology that will insure the declaration of God's existence. From then the turning point will be made; history will be consummated; and the original concept of creation will prevail.

Satan has been working tirelessly, trying to block my advance for 40 years. Like the phoenix I have risen from the ashes to build anew. Finally Satan exercised his power to put me in jail. But I am not defeated. Do you think that from the moment I was put in prison the ideology of heart has been changed? The future world is determined by the Principle ideology and worldview. Ours is the ideology of the love of God, true love. And the solution will be in winning the people.

The people at this meeting here today represent the Unification Church of the whole world. If the people here say, "Yes, Father," then they are going to march forward and win the battle. When this is done, there will be no more battles. I gave you the essence of the message. You are serving me here on earth. That is a privilege not too many people can claim. This opportunity never existed in the past, and it will never exist again in the future.

Whom Shall I Trust?

I have a special mandate from God, and I know that danger is everywhere. Therefore I am always saying to God: "God, You have to protect me, for if I go, there is no one to take over for me. Until my job is done You have to keep me." Whom shall I trust? I have to trust each one of you. That is my duty. You must not betray me; you must not let me down. Are you my branches? Are you part of the same tree? I am the root and trunk, and you are the branches.

Our movement is shaped in the image of mind and body. From the brain stems the nervous system. The ministerial work will function like the nervous system. Each member should approach 120 ministers. The 45 million for the CAUSA/IFVOC network will function like the body. The regional directors know about the detailed plans. We will apply a chain-reaction principle. The mind and body must work together and harmonize to accomplish the goal.

Jesus said: "It is finished." From Danbury I am in a position to say: "It is finished." Let's get down to work. We have made our pledge to Father and Heavenly Father, and we will move on with determination. 

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