The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1985

In Commemoration of Heung Jin Nim's Seunghwa Ceremony

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1985

Posing for a family picture from left to right are (front row) Hyung Jin Nim, Mother with Jeung Jin Nim, Young Jut Nim, Hyo Jin Nim, Nan Sook Nim, (second row) Sun Jin Nim and Kwon Jon Nim, (back row) In Jut Nim, Kook Jin Nim, Hyun Jon Nim, Jin Sung Nim, Hoon Sook Nim, Un Jin Nim

The Messianic Concept

… Even though the Messiah comes, he cannot fulfill his mission all by himself. He needs support from both the physical and spirit worlds. Christ comes as the true olive tree, and as a bridegroom -- so he will take a bride. What is the bride's relationship to the bridegroom? It is one of engraftment: a wild olive tree is grafted into the true olive tree. That is the whole concept of Christianity. So, in order to graft onto the new olive tree, where do we have to be cut and reconnected? At the neck or the feet, or where? We should be cut at the neck, where our head or mind connects to our body, because it is actually our spiritual root which has been wrong. So then this wild olive branch should be planted into the new spiritual root of the messiah, the true olive tree. That is what we call the engrafting process.

Originally, we were supposed to be born as the true olive tree. But because of the fall we all became wild olive trees, growing from a faulty root. Therefore we have to go through a process of transferring to the root of the true olive tree. We need to cut ourselves, and at the very stem of our being, engraft into the new root. God is trying to cut all of the wild olive trees in order to carry out the engrafting process. But the land of wild olive trees is controlled by Satan, and Satan won't let God near. So in order to approach the wild olive trees, God's side has to lay certain indemnity conditions and has to have a strategy so that Satan will permit God to enter. The best thing would be for God to own the wild olive farmland; then even though the trees were wild he could control them.

This is where the concept of a chosen people comes from. To transfer from the nonreligious sphere to the religious sphere is always a bloody battle, so we need to make a particular conditional offering. In the Old Testament era man set the condition through material offering. In the New Testament era the son of God made the condition of offering his life. Our era is the new era or Completed Testament era of True Parents. They bear the cross and offer the condition for humankind. There must be a certain formula through which all people can be grafted together into the family of the True Parents. That is found in the Principle.

Through the fall Satan planted the seed of satanic love in the first generation and all succeeding generations and families. The only way that this can be restored is for God to plant the seed of God's love and help us to engraft to the heavenly root as part of a true family. Therefore the Unification Church has mass weddings and holy weddings. What is their meaning? It is the moment when you separate yourself from the satanic world and graft yourself into the True Parents' family. Then you become an extension of the True Parents.

At the time of the crucifixion there were two thieves beside Jesus -- one on the left and the other on the right. On the worldwide level too, there are those who are false and those who are true. I have announced that we have become a new race -- the "love race," or "Adam race." This means that we have already cut ourselves off from the sin-infested root.

The New One World Culture

What does it mean to inherit the tradition of God and of the true Adam? We are going to create a new cultural sphere and a new era which is centered upon the love of God and the tradition of the True Parents. Our culture was supposed to be that way from the very beginning, but this ideal was lost. Therefore, we must restore it.

This culture is the one-world culture centered upon the love of God and True Parents. In the love of God there are no races -- no black, white or yellow; there is no such thing as black love, white love or yellow love: they are all one. Furthermore, there is no past, present or future; in that culture, we can communicate with the spirit world limitlessly.

You must decide where you belong, what kind of olive tree you are. Are you still a wild olive tree, hesitating to be cut, or did you already change your root and your citizenship? The American culture is not God's true olive tree culture. You may be disturbed to hear that, but you must, because it is the truth. You do not want to inherit the seed of that culture.

The culture of America today is trying to push everything that is physical and sensational -- for example, drugs and immorality. It is pushing itself along the road to self-extinction -- even trying to legitimize perverted forms of sexual behavior such as homosexuality. The root of such a culture is of satanic origin, and the American people are absorbing it. It is becoming more and more destructive. Satan is promoting it, and the American people are buying it! Do you follow me? The American culture is standing upon Satan's love; Unification culture is standing upon God's love. In our God-centered culture there will be no room for free sex or incest or any other perversions such as those described by the Bible in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. God just will not permit it.

The Mission Of Spirit World

What is the mission of the spirit world? The spirit world should provide support and assistance in God's program to make this world right, coordinating the cooperative efforts of the spirit and physical world.

The spirit world has a good and an evil sphere. The good spirit world is taking initiative to move the evil spirit world to the side of goodness. There is dialogue and communication going on. As the individual, family, tribe and nation transfer to the side of goodness in the spirit world, this shift will be reflected on the earth. When this exodus occurs in the spirit world, the same phenomenon will happen on the earth plane.

We have witnessed shocking evil phenomena manifesting here on earth. For example, when Father first came to the United States, men and women were "streaking" -- running naked all over the place. After a while that subsided, but then the older generations became more frivolous and promiscuous. Now today, a shift is taking place where young people have become quite conservative and idealistic, and reject the sins or the older generation.

The fallen world calls Unification Church members "heretical." But what are we really? The Unification Church is the special task force of God, working on the very spearhead of God's frontline. We should be able to revolutionize this world, cut all the wild olive trees and engraft them into the true olive tree.

Heavenly Love And Satanic Love

There is a difference between satanic love and heavenly love. Satanic love tastes very sweet, but you get bored of it very quickly. A couple may call each other "darling" and "sweetheart," but a few weeks later they are repulsed by each other. Satanic love always grows narrower and narrower.

Yet our mysterious world of love always grows wider and wider. Moonies do not want to marry by themselves, but wait for me to match them. Heavenly love is tiring and difficult, but once you get into it, it becomes very tasty and you begin to perceive something permanent and eternal.

You might think that the most beautiful white women would expect to marry the most handsome white men. On the contrary, a curious phenomenon is taking place. These beautiful white women are saying, "Father, can you match me with an African black, a yellow Asian, or an Arabic Muslim?" The north pole is reaching out to the south pole; the east is reaching out to the west. Once you plug into this mysterious power, such phenomena occur.

Satanic love starts out with great fanfare, but then grows smaller and smaller Heavenly love starts out very tough, salted, and dry, but then gets tastier and tastier all the time.

Where in the United States do you find a church where people gather without chairs? The answer is, only here; this is the love church. Here when you sit you touch everyone on all four sides of you. The person in front of you is black; the person behind you is red; the person on your left is yellow; and the person on your right is brown. Five colors are assembled together in the form of a cross. Instead of moving out of there, you want to move closer and be touching even more. Touching is important. So what do you think: Is Rev. Moon's method of education good or bad?

A Universal Patent

In this world, when you make a new discovery or invent something, you obtain a patent which gives you special authority to make money from your idea and become rich. The spirit world is the same. When Father discovers some special law, there is a patent for it; but that patent is not good just for white people. It is a universal patent. That law can apply anywhere. Founders of religions have been trying to obtain just such a secret, spiritual formula and patent, but they couldn't. Then I came along and somehow I got it.

With this law or formula, the spirit world can come under Father's direction and Father can set the condition for liberation and unification. Father is controlling the traffic in the spirit world, tearing down walls and barriers. As the family, tribe and nation all move to God's side, the earth will inevitably follow this pattern.

Also, the secrets and mysteries of the Bible have been solved; Father has revealed how much of God's promise has been fulfilled, and what remains to be done. The spirit world is under Father's direction, but the earthly plane is the problem. Until this world becomes one, then indeed certain sacrifices will have to be made. Jesus was such a sacrifice 2,000 years ago; he died on the cross at the age of 33, completely abandoned all alone. People living after Jesus can receive certain benefits, but no barriers were really broken down. Jesus entered into the spirit world, but cannot come back to the physical world to free it.

Un Jin Nim blowing the candles on her birthday cake on December 29, 1984, holding Mother's and Hyo Jin Nim's hand.

Breaking Down Barriers

I prayed 30 minutes for Heung Jin Nim in the memorial service upstairs today. That prayer should be translated. The whole picture concerning why such sacrifice is necessary is explained in that prayer. In short, even though Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross, he could not break down all barriers. Somehow these partitions must be broken so that all traffic can flow freely. No one but the direct son of the True Parents can fulfill that kind of role.

Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice is the most extraordinary sacrifice the world could ever offer. It will tear down all these walls. The boundaries between nations are being eradicated. The barriers between religions and between the Unification Church and Christianity are being erased. The blockades between the spirit world and physical world are also tumbling down. The members are receiving spiritual messages. Sometimes Jesus Christ appears; and then Heung Jin Nim appears as the new messiah in the spirit world. Members are flabbergasted.

Christianity in America has been either very hostile or apathetic toward the Unification Church. It didn't want to pay any attention to me. Within just a few months that has changed; new top leaders of Christianity are petitioning the government on my behalf, speaking out and trying to liberate me from Danbury. When you used to tell these Christian leaders that you were a Moonie, they wanted to spit in your face. Not anymore. Now they ask, "What is the secret of Rev. Moon?" They want to know about the Unification Church and about me.

While I am in Danbury, there is a special dispensation going on. Three hundred thousand ministers are receiving Principle videotapes, the Divine Principle book, and a special book containing Rev. Moon's message from prison. We could never have imagined that that would happen, but the curiosity about Rev. Moon has grown so much. I am a strange man, that's for sure! Ordinarily, if a person went to prison he would feel despair; but I went to prison saying, "What's the next chapter?" Since my going to prison must inevitably bring some benefit to God and to humanity, I will not prevent myself from going there. That is the rule I live by.

It doesn't matter where I go; the goal is always the same. I am always opening doors, and now I am opening the prison door to the truth. I am a universal man. Here, you have been waiting for my furlough for a long time. Now that I am with you, the time is going by so quickly! Back in the prison, however, the inmates miss me already, and for them each day is like a million years! These are good and heavenly phenomena.

Extraordinary Events Have Taken Place

Many people just don't understand why good, smart Americans are so drawn to me, a Korean evangelist. Yet they don't know that an even greater phenomenon is happening -- that the whole spirit world is tumbling upside down. What is happening in this world is just part of the whole picture. While I have been in prison, several extraordinary events have taken place. First of all, North Korea began a peaceful dialogue with South Korea. Secondly, Red China denounced Marxism, saying that Marxism is antique and doesn't work anymore. The entire world was shocked. Also, all of a sudden Pope John Paul II cut liberation theology out of the body of the Catholic Church. Liberation theology has become rampant in South and Central America, but the Pope made it clear that anyone involved with liberation theology is no longer a Catholic. Christians, including the Catholics, have regarded Rev. Moon as a heretic, but recently representatives of the Catholic University of La Plata in Argentina came all the way to New York to give me an honorary doctorate. Finally, Christians here in America are no longer persecuting me but trying to rescue me from prison.

All of this means that the time has come for you to go on the offensive. You have a lot to talk about with ministers and friends. We have been defensive too long.

Recently I even proposed the gigantic concept of uniting all the states of Latin America. Many influential people in the region are enthusiastic about this dream for 300 million Hispanic people. I also proposed that leaders of all the major religions of the world come together and create an ecumenical bible for all six major religions. It's a fantastic idea, and they all agreed! Consider the media. The agencies of mass communication have been brainwashing the American public and the world, giving me a bad reputation, but now media people are coming out and saying that the future of the media lies in the hands of Rev. Moon.

Last year, 1984, was an extraordinary year for both God and Satan. It brought about an incredible showdown. I offered Heung Jin Nim's most pure and beautiful sacrifice on January 2, and on July 20, I myself entered prison. There has been so much debt to pay, but now all is being cleared. Nobody else can pay this debt. We have to give enough so that Satan himself will declare that he is satisfied. After Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice and my sacrifice, Satan will confess that he has no more accusations. The book will be closed. For Rev. Moon, who knows the truth, the prison is not a prison: it is a way of achieving God's will.

Heretofore we were desperate to find anyone who would listen to our teachings -- oftentimes all we could find were drifters, drug addicts, or people with spiritual problems. But now we can freely witness to top-level people: heads of state, congressmen, clergymen, lawyers, lawmakers, professors and university presidents. The Christian ministers are in the Cain position, and you are in the Abel position; you are behind me, and they are behind you. So, please, grab them and pull them; move them forward. You must take the initiative and provide the leadership.

How can you connect yourselves with 120 ministers this year? Jesus Christ needed 120 disciples; but his disciples were not united centering upon him so the crucifixion became inevitable. Now, however, if you link together with 120 ministers, nothing will be impossible.

After the end of World War II in 1945, I set upon a 40-year course. That course is culminating in 1985; this year that course will be consummated. Israel gained independence in 1948, and Korea, as the new Israel, also gained independence in 1948. In 1988 it will be 40 years since these two nations gained their independence. The United States is the foremost representative of Christian culture, and Israel and Korea must unite with America, lining up in a single, dispensational line, moving together into the new Canaan -- the sphere of the new source of culture.

Korea has a unique opportunity now to advance to a position of worldwide influence, but President Chung does not have the necessary wisdom. He needs to talk to me. The leader of the free world, the president of the United States, is now coming to a very important moment when he must decide how to deal with Red China and the Soviet Union. That will require extraordinary wisdom; so again, a dialogue would be most desirable. If this fails to come about, however, I have prepared certain measures which will prevent catastrophe. By 1988, if we each have 120 ministers linked, trained and organized, we will have the kind of leadership that can make an impact on the entire world.

All You Need To Do Is Harvest

Even if those ministers know the Bible by heart, they do not know the heart of the Bible if they do not know Principle. That's why I am sending them videotapes. When I leave Danbury prison for good, then I will travel around the country meeting ministers. I will go to all the universities and share the answers I have found to life's questions. You may have trouble now to understand why my instructions are absolutely imperative, but at that time you will know why. By then, people will know the truth about Rev. Moon, and they will open their eyes.

You are committing yourselves to go beyond 1985, beyond all difficulties on the family level, and win 120 ministers. By doing so, all that I have described this morning will become a reality. From now on, you don't have to pay any indemnity; I paid it. All you have to do is harvest. Then, by the year 1988, I won't even need to remain in this country. I want to go back to North Korea, to my hometown, and do home church. It will not be easy, but nothing I do is easy.

Everyone who pledges to follow my instructions and harvest 120 ministers in 1985, raise your hands! Thank you. 

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