The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1985

The Day Of The Victory Of Heaven

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
October 4, 1985
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

The people gathered together here this morning are members of the worldwide Unification Church. The word "unification" in English doesn't convey the full meaning. The Chinese characters for unification, pronounced Tong Il in Korean, convey a meaning that includes education leading toward a unified goal. Kyo he means church and that is comprised of two Chinese characters. He means meeting or congregation and Kyo means teaching or education. Thus the literal meaning is a congregational meeting for education. The education of what? Teaching the religious truth.

What is religion? In Korean we call it Chung Kyo and that is again comprised of two Chinese characters. Chung means the backbone or the beam, so religion is the beam teaching, or the teaching of central truth. Therefore, when we say Tong Il Kyohoi, or Unification Church, within that name is contained all the implications of what we stand for: highest and deepest teaching for the purpose of unifying toward one goal. That is the literal meaning of the Unification Church.

Once you understand the full meaning of the Unification Church, you know that it is bringing the central truth of all religions. Furthermore, Tong Il Kyohoi truly means the meeting between God and people-the congregation. Who is at the center of the congregation-the members of the Unification Church or God? It is God. Therefore, wherever we go, the center of our activities and meetings is God.

In the traditional Christian churches, who is the center- God or Jesus? Many cannot answer that question; they are not sure about it. But we know that Jesus did not come to earth by his own will; he was sent here by God. Always there is a subject and object relationship; that is how everything is manifested.

What is the purpose of your life? Now that you have learned the meaning of the Unification Church, how do you answer that question?

Is there any individual who is perfected in the eyes of God? Are there any societies or tribes that are perfected? What about nations? The world? Since nothing is perfected, everything has to be reanalyzed. Even among all the saints in history, can we see any who were truly perfected according to the Unification Church's concept of perfection? That is a big question. Do you mean that God has been working throughout human history, but there is not even one individual, much less one family, one society or nation that is perfected according to the will of God? That is a big problem, then.

Even the pope, the head of the hundreds of millions of Roman Catholics, is not perfected according to the viewpoint of God and the Unification Church and Reverend Moon.

When God created human beings, He created not only men but also women. Did He create woman simply to give man a friend. to keep him from being lonely? Or was Eve meant to be more than just a friend to Adam? No matter who, even the celibate pope, has to answer, "God created man and woman so that they could become a pair, get married and form a family through which they could multiply and expand their love"

Why were men and women born? To be educated in the purpose of life; to marry, or to accomplish unification; and then were to go forward into a fulfilling life. This is the path of perfection.

No matter how powerful a king of some nation may be, if he is all by himself in the palace, he is a miserable man. He's got to have a queen; without a queen, he cannot even think of having a family. All people were meant to be educated about the purpose of life, to grow up centered upon God and to be unified in marriage, leading to a fulfilling life. For what ultimate purpose? The ultimate goal is joy. God will be joyful, creation will be joyful, spirit world will be joyful; everything will be joyful. But the word "joyful" will never tee fulfilled unless man and woman come together in unified and harmonious give and take.

What is God's purpose? What is Satan's goal? God is trying to create a joyful world and Satan is trying to create a sad and miserable world. What is shameful or sad, according to God's ideal? In a world in which men and women are living together in harmony, someone all by himself is a sad sight to see. Can a man say, "I'm totally self sufficient. I don't need anybody else"? Is that a joyful situation? He may figure that he can cook his own meals and eat them all by himself, but God does not pay attention to that kind of "society" God is interested in the society of give and take on the individual, family, society, national and worldwide levels.

I feel as though I have been on a journey for the past year and, now that I have come back, I see that all of you have become spotted with dirt; so now I want to clean you off.

The meaning of joyful does not include the individual by himself Joy means harmony and harmony means give and take; that requires more than one party. Among all the actions of people, the most beautiful is the action of true love.

If you were smiling and talking all by yourself in a room, other people would think you were crazy. There must be a subject and object relationship for joy to exist. God is trying to create a totally joyful world, while Satan wants to destroy joy and create the opposite kind of world. When these two opposing elements come into their most heated confrontation, that is what we call the end of the world. Satan would like to destroy the world in one final strike.

The joyful world begins with a man and woman, but it must spread outward to the surrounding people. There must be children and grandchildren, as well as an entire society, relating in joy. Some people might ask, "Why do we need children; why do we need grandchildren?" It is to create the mainstream of joy connected to the past, present and future. Only in the family can we find the past, present and future flowing together-in the grandparents, the parents, the children and grandchildren. That formula cannot be changed by the passage of time; it will never change.

When we talk about something ideal, we do not mean just one dimension, like a flat sheet of paper, but in all directions, like a globe. The ideal, wholesome joy can only be found in the system of the family. God can ask Adam and Eve, "What do you have to show me that you are very proud of?" They can answer, "Family joy" That is wholesome, total joy; it includes front and back, left and right and up and down. Joy emanates in every direction. The secret, as well as the formula, for joy is centered on the family which God is trying to install. Satan knows this truth, too; therefore, he is trying to destroy the family and create misery.

What kind of people are gathered here? You are Moonies, mostly American Moonies, while I am a Korean Moonie. Most American people want to say, "We are first-class people of the number one country in the world" But I am asking if American pride is justified. Let's look at the families of America. Do the young people love and take care of the older people, the so-called senior citizens? The American people have failed that first test. I have been rejected, in a way, by the American people because I have been speaking honestly. But the universal law remains the same, whether people listen to me or not.

You women tell me, are American families passing or failing, according to the definition of the joyful family which I have been speaking of? Satan knew God's purposes well, so he determined to destroy the true family formula all over the world. Satan has especially targeted the American family; you must know that clearly. Many American young people are saying, "I don't need a spouse; I don't need to have children" Is that a joyful society? Who guides this kind of life style? It is none other than Satan. Satan's AIDS attacks homosexuals.

American society, the so-called leader of the world, is becoming a destructive satanic weapon, from God's point of view. This society which virtually rejects old people and whose young people don't want to take responsibility for their marriages or their children is simply becoming Satan's weapon. But in order to fight this weapon, a new weapon has been created by God-the Unification Church. Satan has laid his traps throughout America, while those who are uncovering them and shattering them to pieces are the members of the Unification Church and Reverend Moon. That is what the Unification Church revolution is about.

God is watching what the Unification Church is really doing. Are the members becoming victims of Satan's traps or are they victorious over them? God is watching to see whether Unification Church members will be swallowed or will swallow those traps, digest them and create a new society.

America has been going in the wrong direction and that is why Reverend Moon came and attacked that satanic tradition. I am challenging and struggling not for my own sake but for the sake of humanity and the ultimate fulfillment of God's goal. America has become an influence of corruption to the rest of the world and I came to stop that.

In so many places throughout this country, lonely old grandparents are living all by themselves, pale and miserable, with nothing to smile about. Men and women are going their different directions, not even meeting each other. Children are on their own, running around all by themselves. This is the saddest situation, these sad families of America.

This is shameful in the sight of nature, too. The male and female birds sing to one another in love; even the insects make the music of love. All those creatures were meant to be appreciated by people; we were supposed to be inspired by the reflection of ourselves through the beauty of creation. The creatures sing with joy just as men and women are supposed to sing in joy, centering upon God's true love. Do you want the rest of the world to follow the American way of life? That will only lead to disaster and that is why we are trying to revolutionize this country.

The means by which we will do this are simple: the law of restoration by indemnity. America will be restored through indemnity. Therefore the young white people should love an elderly black couple as their own grandparents. Extremes should come together and if the different elements can really overcome and be joyful under those circumstances, America's problems will be solved. Since this is what God wants, Reverend Moon came to America to accomplish it. Many people have thought that Reverend Moon came to destroy America, but I am doing the opposite. We are working to see God's will being done in America; that is salvation.

What is your citizenship? Would you rather be a United States citizen or a Heavenly citizen? You are greedy for goodness, aren't you? I have been conducting a leadership conference at East Garden for the past several days for regional directors and European and Asian leaders. East Garden is like a special training center. Some members have complained, "Father is an Oriental and we don't like that style" Many leaders have come to the conclusion that I chastise America because I am an Oriental.

When you go to the spirit world, who will you look for first? Will you say, "Where are the True Parents?" Even though you met the True Parents on earth doesn't mean that you will be automatically connected with them in spirit world. Unless you do the will of God and the True Parents, you will be a stranger to them up there.

American people are chastised by me and you think, "Oh, Father doesn't love us" But you should think about a schoolteacher. Does the good teacher allow his students to work only 25 minutes and then the rest of the hour to play and goof off? No, a good teacher is stern and always pushes you to accomplish more, saying, "Why are you one minute late? You must do all your homework! If you don't answer correctly, you must stand up" He is stern because he is working to ensure a good future for his students.

You have no idea how stern God was in training me. God is an incredibly disciplined teacher, so if I wanted to go this way, God would push me in the opposite direction. If I wanted to slacken up a little bit, God would push me to the limit. So you can understand my viewpoint. I am always looking at things with my eyeglasses of unification, my Tong n Kyo He eyeglasses.

I have already spoken for one hour and ten minutes and I have just warmed up! The most important theme so far is why God created the world: He wanted to have a joyful, loving world with the family as the foundation. Love is at the center of past, present and future. The oldest, great, great, great, greatest grandparent is God. When you dig deeper and deeper, you come to the place of God. And the youngest offspring are within the mainstream of this joyful system. The only unit that connects the extremes of old and young is the family, not the nation. This is the formula and the yardstick of measurement. It doesn't matter what your nationality is, whether American, Korean, Japanese or whatever. Everybody is measured according to how you fulfill the family ideal. You will be elevated to the highest heaven or lowered to the lowest hell in spirit world according to this standard.

Through this formula, the harvest ripens and is put into a beautiful storage place. That storage place is called the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven. There is quality control there-first quality, second quality, inferior quality and flunked out. Everybody will eventually be put into some category.

God has been judging from this standpoint throughout history and nobody has passed so far, so no one has entered the highest Heaven. Many have been consigned to the trash cans of hell. There is a better grade called Paradise, but that is not Heaven. In the Principle we say that the Kingdom of Heaven is empty because no one ever fulfilled the requirements to enter those gates.

People commit sin with their eyes, nose, mouth, ears and body. The person who looks at his spouse with a hateful eye and not a loving one will find himself blinded in spirit world. People who listen to satanic sounds will be deaf in spirit world. Those who speak evil all the time will find that they have no mouth. Whatever you use to commit sin on the earth will be damaged and disfigured when you go to the next world. You cannot deceive anybody in spirit world; whatever you have sown, you will reap.

Americans have thought they were number one citizens of the world, but they will find in the Kingdom of Heaven it is not so. Many American ministers have not wanted to hear Reverend Moon speaking the truth and have tried to get me to leave this country, but I will continue to speak because nobody can stop the truth. Let anyone oppose me who wishes to; let us see who is victorious in the end.

When America sent me to jail it was almost like a wrestling match, in which America was trying to throw Reverend Moon and defeat him once and for all. But I was never thrown, and by the time I came out of prison there were many American people saying, "Hooray for Reverend Moon!" like a band of cheerleaders.

So far I have spoken clearly about my mission; you know that in pursuing my mission I came to America. America sent me to jail and thought it was finished with me. On the contrary, Reverend Moon resurrected stronger than ever. Now after my return from prison, on this Day of Victory of Heaven, I would like to speak clearly about the dispensation in America.

This is the 45th day after my release from prison, so a total of 44 days have elapsed since then. The number 44 represents the heavenly four-position foundation, which has been dominated by Satan until this time. I am trying to restore that number on the basis of the family. That is why I have spoken about the ideal family and also about the joyful world and the goal of God.

Your grandparents, your spouse and your children are like your three guiding angels to get you into Heaven. We learn from each of these relationships. That is the real family tradition. What is marriage? It is education in unity. The man learns about the woman's realm and the woman learns about the man's realm. Neither of you can know about these things until you get married, so marriage is like entering the school of the opposite sex. If you get a good report card of 100 points, then both the husband and wife will be absolutely happy and fulfilled.

Having children is another level of education. By loving your children, you learn how to love the world; also you connect with the future. Through your grandparents you connect with the past and also to the spirit world. You can learn from them about tradition and your family history. Every level of education, whether through your spouse, your children or your grandparents, is centered upon one thing- love. With this love you can travel into timeless space, from past, present, and future, almost like blood running in the bloodstream. Blood runs everywhere, from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. By the same token, with love you can travel through timeless space. How wonderful is the authority of love!

What is the road to happiness? It is to become the servant, even the slave, of love. A stately, dignified grandfather might find the husband and wife fighting and say, "Oh, my children, you shouldn't do that. Let me help you overcome your differences" Likewise, he might find the grandchildren quarreling and say, "My grandchildren! I love you so much! Please don't fight!" The grandfather in that case is serving everyone in the role of mediator.

Perhaps a wife has the habit of nagging all the time. The good husband doesn't fight with her. Instead, he says, "Darling, I understand" The good husband is the servant, even the slave, of love.

From this perspective, we can understand God. God is the greatest, highest possible king, with the essence of love. Therefore, God walks the road of a servant. That is why I have taught you to go forth, "With the heart of the Father, in the shoes of a servant" That is the basic philosophy of God, of Reverend Moon and of the Moonies.

That has been exactly my attitude. After the American government sentenced me to prison, did I say, "I'll beat you! I'll destroy you!"? No, I said, "America, I will continue to serve and love you" When was The Washington Times created? It was during the time when the government was prosecuting me. That is one way I have shown my love for this country. In the future, all Americans will weep when they realize this.

There were two other publications that were formed during my Danbury time. One was the national weekly newsmagazine called Insight. A new issue of this comes out every Wednesday. At the same time, I directed the creation of a seven hundred page monthly magazine called The World and 1, something unprecedented in this country.

Why did we create this new monthly magazine? The American media is a fast moving realm, with no principled direction. Everybody moves from one subject to another, one crisis, one event after another. But the world needs to be educated and guided in the right direction. There are certain principles that the society, nation and world need to follow and the media is one means of leadership. Thus we assembled highly esteemed academic people and writers to produce this magazine and to point to the proper direction. We have already formed the academic organization called PWPA in many nations around the world. All these things are the fruits of the love I have for America and the rest of the world.

What and who is God? As we said, He is the servant of love, the slave of love, coming down to accomplish the happiness of mankind. God must teach His philosophy to mankind, so the challenge is one of education. God must install a certain system by which He can educate mankind centered on this love.

Within human society there are different levels and entities, such as the family, and there is a certain system of organization. There has been no true connection between these levels, however, because satanic love always divided us. God wants to unify the whole divided social system under true love; Satan divided them under satanic love.

The Day of the Victory of Heaven has incredible meaning. When we talk about such a victory, then we are talking about one thing-the victory of God's love. Wherever satanic love is governing, that territory belongs to Satan; wherever God's love is governing, that territory belongs to God. There has been a territorial dispute in the world. Our question is: how can we claim more and more satanic territories for God? How can God install His system of love? How can we become unified? We need a textbook to learn from. We have many textbooks but no true textbook for the reconstruction of love.

We must reconstruct eight different levels, beginning with the very bottom of the social level, which is servant of servants. Next is servant, then adopted son or daughter, then stepson or stepdaughter, then Eve, then Adam, then God, then true love. Every echelon was attacked by Satan; they all became alienated from each other. Our task is to break through each barrier and to unify them with the higher levels. Ultimately we reach true love through these eight degrees. The Principle teaches us the path of restoration, which is not centered on money, knowledge or power but only upon love.

What is the central point of faith? One can have faith in many things. Some people have faith in science or culture. Many people have faith in God, but what must be at the center of that faith? It must be true love. Any religion which does not teach this point will wither away.

The religion that will survive and prosper and go on forever must teach love centered on the family. Every religion has its own scriptures, but the Christian Bible is the greatest. Why is that? The reason is simple: the Bible describes God as a Father, as in the center of a family. And Jesus is described as His only-begotten son, or the number one son. Furthermore, the Bible depicts humanity in a bride's position, with Jesus as the bridegroom. The Bible uses the language of the family and exalts it.

The Bible also predicts the most joyful day for humanity- the day of the Marriage of the Lamb. What is that? That is the wedding day between the bridegroom and the bride. As you know, this was supposed to have been accomplished in the Garden of Eden, between Adam and Eve. But since that marriage was attacked and broken, God wanted it to be restored in the time of Jesus. Christianity is truly the central religion of the world because it is centered upon love within the family. That is also why Christianity became the dominant worldwide religion.

God wanted the Christian teaching to guide the world, and He gave us one great opportunity right after World War II through the dominance of American Christianity. What is America's responsibility? It is very clear from God's viewpoint: as the representative of world Christianity, America must create a society and lead the world to become a place where true love permeates and prevails and where unity of all the social levels can be realized. The American nation has that chosen position from God to save the world.

After the end of World War II in 1945, if humanity and the world had accepted Reverend Moon, God's ideal could have been established within 40 years. Within less than seven years time, the Principle could have been propagated to the whole world. We would not see the corrupted society we see in America today. Communism would have no power or influence. It would be an entirely different world.

Unfortunately, that God-given opportunity right after World War II was lost. Therefore, I had to rebuild the foundation from scratch, following the law of restoration through indemnity. Through the next 40 years, I built the Unification Church, the new foundation upon which the dispensation of unity could be established.

After World War II, the six thousand years of fallen biblical history had to be restored; this is the mission of the Unification Church. If the Unification Church does not fulfill this mission, the future will be dismal for the world; the world would be governed entirely by Satan. We are seeing nowadays among some theologians the "God is dead" philosophy. The God denying ideology of communism is rampant, trying to take over the world. Secular humanism is strong in the Western world, where people say, "We don't need a savior. Everybody is equal. There is no God; religion and morality are useless; everybody should just do what he wants and follow his own desires"

These anti-God attitudes such as secular humanism, communism, and the "God is dead" theology are making it impossible for God to find a foothold on earth. Religion has become corrupted and impotent; families have been broken and divided; society is becoming more and more diseased; and the young people are being destroyed. God had to do something and that something was the Unification Church and Reverend Moon.

The eight levels of society have to be restored in these 40 years. Within the democratic world, we have come up step by step during my lifetime. God is actually preparing a textbook of true religion. God Himself walked the path to restore these eight levels. He gave His example and model and had it written into the textbook of religion.

Look at the Old and New Testament. In the Old Testament, man started out from the servant of servants level, coming up to servant. Then the New Testament recorded the rise to the adopted son's position, then stepson's position, then the point of the true son. The Unification Church's responsibility is to go from stepson's position up to true love.

What is a stepchild? He lives with one parent and another person who is not his real parent. As with Cain and Abel, there is one family with two kinds of children. That is what the problems of our society can be boiled down to-the Cain and Abel separation. Since you already know the Principle, I don't have to go into detail about this.

Even though the truth was contained in the Old and New Testaments, no one was able to fully interpret it. For that reason, God had to send the Messiah to earth to clarify the truth and describe it clearly, step by step, all the way to the top.

Jesus absolutely followed the God-centered tradition, as epitomized in his prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, "Not my will, but Thy will be done, Father" During Jesus' time, there was supposed to be unity between Joseph's family and Zechariah's family through the Marriage of the Lamb. But that did not take place and instead was broken into pieces, and the result was the crucifixion. At this time of the Second Advent, therefore, the two brothers are represented by the Western world and the Oriental world.

If there had been no crucifixion, Christianity would have traveled from East to West; but history was turned around and went from the Western world-the analytical, physical, scientific world-to the spirit centered Eastern world. If Jesus had not been crucified, then he would have united 12 tribes under him, and the Arab world could have become unified within his lifetime. Then the dispensation would have moved to the Indian culture and to the Chinese culture. All the religions of those areas would have come under Jesus Christ's teachings. With that formidable power, they could have confronted the Roman Empire.

However, because of the crucifixion, the Arab world and the Jewish world are still divided. Furthermore, the Christians had to go to the Roman Empire and endure terrible persecution and martyrdom. After spreading through the Western world first, now Christianity is going back to the Asian world.

At this time, the Western world is turning toward the East for inspiration. Young people are interested in all the fashions and cultural trends coming out of the Orient. Why has Japan become so powerful and respected, not only in the economic realm but also in the political, cultural and social realms? The reason is that the time has come when world attention must be given to the Orient.

Satan knows what God's will is, so he wants to prevent the West from uniting with the East. He doesn't want to see the United States becoming more friendly with Japan and the other Asian nations. It is in Satan's interests to cut off trade with Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Asian sector, to isolate the United States through protective trade barriers and so forth.

Who is running the United States government today? Who are the people most influential over American public opinion? They are left-leaning people with secular values, such as we find in the liberal media. These are the people who promote God-denying principles and policies which are ultimately favorable to Satan. I know this very clearly and I know that God had to do something to prevent this situation from continuing. God's solution was to send Reverend Moon to this country to stop these things.

Furthermore, Reverend Moon has the mission of restoring the sovereignty of love here in America, as well as to bring unity between the United States and the Asian sector. Satan has always held the sovereignty over love and thus he came to control the church and the family. The mission of Reverend Moon and the mission of the Unification Church are the same-to plant the love of God back in this country, to restore the family system and the churches. Those are our three fundamental goals.

We are in the midst of the battle right now. Satan is trying very hard to break down unity between the East and West, particularly between the United States and Korea. Japan and Korea are the only two Asian nations who have not been deeply influenced by communism. If that beachhead is lost, all the Asian territory will be lost and I cannot let this happen. I worry about communist China, a gigantic country with one billion people. I have been praying about how to turn that country around and my prayers are being answered.

The communists are also working to aggravate racial tensions between the Anglo-Saxons and Latin American people. As you know, the United States Congress at one time rejected 14 million dollars in aid for the Nicaraguan freedom fighters, wanting to close the door on Central America. But that meant Central America was destined to become another Vietnam. Thus The Washington Times made a historic announcement and pledged to raise the 14 million dollars itself, if the government refused to do it. Because of that, the White House and the Administration and Congress were ashamed and later 27 million dollars were approved for the Nicaraguan rebels.

The American media are hateful toward us and don't want to report our successes, but I don't care whether they report them or not. It's already written in the book of God's history, the Unification Church history, and United States history. That time was the turning point for the survival of this nation because if the United States is defeated in Central America, the next target will be Mexico and then this country. I knew that if this country became that vulnerable, worldwide salvation would not be possible.

I would like to see Unificationism influence the American government and public opinion, as well as bring unity among the established Christian churches. On the day of my release, August 20, 1985, great unity was made. A dispensational miracle is occurring now. Forty years ago, on August 15, 1945, unity with Christianity was supposed to have occurred, but things happened entirely differently. So within forty years I laid the foundation which included suffering in Danbury, the modern Crucifixion. Finally that moment has come again so that this nation and Christianity can embrace the True Parents for the first time. Reverend Moon, in the name of True Parents, restored at once the national and historical worldwide victory.

At the Mount of Calvary with Jesus' crucifixion, all the foundation was lost; but now it has been restored. Two thousand years of Christianity became the foundation for the new Abel-type Christianity, which is the Unification Church. Ronald Reagan is president of the United States, but he doesn't know how to lead the world. Only one person knows the direction of God and the key to the survival of America and the free world-that is Reverend Moon!

This is the time of juncture between East and West. From now on, Western civilization will continue to decline and the new culture centered upon God, the Unification civilization, will continue to rise. People may laugh at my statement today but you will see in the future that this is true.

History was begun in the wrong direction by Adam, Eve and the archangel, as well as by Cain and Abel. Now at the time of the end of the world, Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel are all enemies on the world level. The appearance of the four primary dispensational nations is inevitable: Korea is the Adam nation; Japan is the Eve nation; the United States is the Abel-type archangel nation; and Germany is the Cain-type archangel nation. Originally, centering upon the second coming of the Messiah, England was supposed to have been the Eve nation, America would have been in the Abel son's position, and the Cain nation would have been France. However, all these things were changed because of the failure of the dispensation at that time.

Everything had to be reorganized and thus Japan became the Eve nation to Korea. America and Germany became the two archangel nations. As you know, France and England have had a long history of enmity, and so have France and Germany, and Germany and England. Because of the failure of established Christianity after the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent, the four enemy nations-Japan, the United States, Germany, and Korea-came together in this historical role.

Where should this unity be accomplished? In the United States of America, because this is the central Christian nation. Therefore, I have brought together all the leaders of our worldwide church to America, and together with me they are serving this cause. Those four dispensational countries have to make a unified foundation in one country.

After the Korean and Japanese leaders came here, many of you said, "We don't need them!" Is this right or wrong? No matter how difficult it is to become citizens of God's Kingdom, we must make this foundation in America; otherwise, we can't march on and build the Kingdom of Heaven. That Kingdom will be built upon the unity of the four enemy nations.

In the world today, Korea is divided between North and South and Germany is divided between East and West. This is a symbol of the division between the first Cain and Abel. There are two different world brothers-communism and democracy. They also represent the thieves on either side of Jesus on the cross. At that time, the good thief and the bad thief argued with each other. At this time, the Abel realm of the world asserts that there is a God, while the Cain realm denies God.

I have been studying English but it is very difficult for a man of my age to retain what he learns. I study the dictionary and memorize new things, but the next day I wake up and it's all gone from my brain! You are young people, so you can learn much more quickly and better than me. After 1990, you have to know Korean. Otherwise, you won't be able to come to Korea. You think about that. Moonies are the people who are following me, following the Unification course, so Moonies who cannot speak Korean will not have any excuse. This is the viewpoint of Principle. Do you understand that clearly?

The enemy nations have gathered together under one teaching-that of true love and the True Parents. Now where are we going? We are going to find our own land, the land of Canaan. This is what the mobilization is all about at this time. The Unification Church must be able to educate and lead the world. All the world's countries are represented in America.

We have a mission ahead of us to promote the election of a President of the United States whom God approves. Also we must promote senators and congressmen who are God loving. The same is true for local officials, such as mayors. How can we do such a thing? It is very simple: Christianity and the Unification Church have to become united; that will bring the desired result.

We have an IFVOC membership in Korea of more than seven million and even more than that in Japan. Through this formidable strength, God's will can be taught throughout these countries to the politicians and governments.

Now in the United States, a truthful viewpoint can be promoted through The Washington Times. When the President is wrong, The Washington Times will say so; when the Congress is wrong, The Washington Times will say so. When the Times accused Reagan, saying, "You are not the Rambo president; you are the Gumbo president," Reagan got mad. Let him get mad; he deserved to get mad. Meanwhile, the rest of the media wonders what The Washington Times is doing.

Some people think that these are crazy acts; they say, "Reverend Moon is just throwing his money away" But I am not crazy and I am not throwing money away. You will see. Secularism in America is losing its power. Reverend Moon has been changing the direction of the United States. The government has not been able to stop the Moonies, nor could it eliminate Reverend Moon's influence. In fact, more and more American people are rallying behind me.

At Jesus' crucifixion, the two thieves were far from united and were arguing with each other. At the time of Danbury, which was my crucifixion, Christianity was divided into two poles-one is conservative, represented by Jerry Falwell, and the other is liberal, represented by Joseph Lowery. These two sides have fought like cats and dogs on virtually every issue, but on the issue of Reverend Moon, they have united. That is providentially important.

Likewise, established Christianity and the Unification Church are united centering on me, which was represented at the August 20 banquet. With the unity of the Unification Church, established Christianity, and the government of the United States, God's providence will be fulfilled and completed. We will make it happen! I have the plan; when I was in Danbury, I knew how to make that happen.

As you know, the goal of our mobilization now is to meet with 70,000 ministers. Multiplied by three, that makes 210,000. Multiply that by three and you have more than 600,000. Moses' people who left Egypt numbered 600,000; today, in the wilderness of the 20th century Canaan, I am again organizing a movement of 600,000.

After 40 years, the Israelites entered Canaan. Now we are going into Canaan on the worldwide level. This is the first time religious leaders have been taught such a thing. We are bringing new direction to them. When they understand this direction, they will follow. We are bringing order to the country and we are marching on, always moving. You must go out now and take the persecution; this is not the time to stay home. If you don't go out now, I will be the one to accuse you and say, "Why don't you work for the ideal world?" Even if you are not being persecuted by others, I will persecute you! I don't want to see mankind failing to move at this crucial time, the culmination of all providential restoration history. Those who understand God's providence clearly, please raise your hands.

The Day of the Victory of Heaven was actually installed on October 4, 1976. The fulfillment of that providence was supposed to unfold within seven years; however, because of the court battles and other opposition, the dispensational moment was delayed. This is the eighth year after the installation of the Day of the Victory of Heaven, so we are marking a new beginning today.

1945 was supposed to be the time when established Christianity and I could unite, and upon this unity, God would have unfolded His dispensation. Since that was not done, I initiated the Unification Church movement and created the new foundation which has been developing now for 40 years. Today the Unification Church and I are united and we are declaring truly the Day of the Victory of Heaven. Based on the Danbury victory, today, October 4, 1985, 1 am marking the final chapter of the dispensation and the new beginning of the Day of the Victory of Heaven.

History is repeating today the events at the time of Moses. Joshua and Caleb led the second generation of Israelites into the land of Canaan with the slogan, "Be Bold and Strong" Today our slogan is exactly the same; fortunately, the first generation today doesn't have to fall in the wilderness. The first and second generations can go together into the promised land upon the restoration of Cain and Abel. Because my own family has restored that situation, now we can all be united and enter Canaan together.

Our movement has to educate the leaders of this country. We are essentially an educational movement. If the political parties in America continue along the path they are going, this country will definitely decline. Our job is to educate them in the love of God. We have already educated thousands of ministers and, secondly, we must reach out to the lawmakers and politicians. We are doing this through the CAUSA programs. Eventually we will be able to teach the national senators and congressmen.

No matter what the politicians may say now, eventually they will have to listen to our message. Even though many Americans are boastful today, saying, "We don't need a prophet, particularly from the Orient. We don't want to be told what to do,' they will change. American people are basically big, open-minded people. They are willing to listen to black people, Hispanics and Asians, and we are bringing together all these different kinds of people under the one ideology of Godism.

According to biblical teaching, what is the role of a prophet? The prophets received the message from God and then taught the king and the rest of the country. If the king listened to the prophet, their country prospered. If they didn't, they suffered. Today is no different. The role of the prophet is the same, no matter whether the people like what he says or not. You must know this very clearly. My message today shall be called the Belvedere Declaration. It is the most significant message I have given since leaving Danbury. I want to give a historical analysis of our entire situation and give you clear direction as to what to do.

I am working to see the unity of the twin brothers-East and West. Once Reverend Moon is accepted, unity on every level will be possible. When twins are in the mother's womb, are they back-to-back or face-to-face? Are they in different positions, one upside down? They are both facing each other and in the same position. That means they are not fighting; within the womb, twins are face-to-face and united.

Between the twin brothers of East and West, who is the elder? It is the East. The origin of all the major religions is in the East, even Christianity. The East is in the subject position. What about Jesus? Was he an Italian? No, he came from Israel, which is part of Asia Minor. The Unification Church came from Asia, as did the other major world religions.

God is like a gardener who not only planted a tree but also created it. When the tree is grown, along comes a little monkey who climbs up and says, "This is my tree!" He becomes boastful. God laughs at him and says, "You monkey, what are you doing? That is my tree, not yours!" Many Western people are like that monkey, wanting to control and claim everything as theirs, disregarding God.

In the past seven years, we haven't given proper treatment to the Day of the Victory of Heaven. On this eighth observance, we are going to renew our celebration and resurrect the meaning of this day.

I could not call for all the state and city leaders to come here today because our activities would be disrupted. Therefore, I invited all the business leaders from around the world, including Japan, Korea and Europe. Also I asked all the regional directors in America to come to East Garden. I have been meeting with them since September 30.

This is the fifth day of the conference; for the first two days, they listened to me at East Garden and everybody was so happy. But by the third day, everybody had a backache. They were all thinking, "Oh, Father, haven't we listened to you enough?" So I thought, "l have educated them wrong!" I let them rest last night so they could listen to me today without falling asleep. I want them to hear this message on the Day of the Victory of Heaven so that we can make a new beginning. I am really sweating today, making a very strong speech.

Six thousand years of fallen history need to be indemnified. In order to do that, there must be a showcase or model. That model has been erected during the past 40 years by me, but actually God is the pioneer. God has been showing the example of how to overcome and break the barriers on each level. The prophets in history showed how to do it, people like Noah, Abraham, Moses and especially Jesus Christ. But people haven't been able to understand the pattern, so during these 40 years I have been summarizing a clear-cut pattern, giving you a textbook.

So far I have been fulfilling the role of Abel, but that role was supposed to have been filled by Christianity. I have been showing Christianity what the true Abel is like, on a worldwide scale. In the past, prophets came on a national or a tribal level, but I have been giving the model on the worldwide level. From the worldwide level, I am giving a model for the individual, family, tribe, society, nation, world and cosmos. The cosmic level covers everything, even hell.

The Danbury dispensation created a highway from hell into heaven, in a way. That was the purpose of Danbury and that has been fulfilled. What does that mean? It means the satanic world has to retreat.

When the harvest season arrives, everybody goes out and harvests the grain; otherwise the grain will be lost. Rain might come and ruin it, so the father and mother and even the children go out and bring in the grain. By the same token, we are in the middle of our harvest season now. This is our mobilization time. When you understand the historical dispensation, you know this is the final showdown for God.

Why do you hold on to Reverend Moon? That is the way you can go over the hill of indemnity. Holding on to me, you can go all the way to the top, through all of Satan's barriers. My mission has been to break down all those barriers and unite each level with higher levels.

In every realm there are Cain and Abel divisions. In the democratic world there are Cain and Abel; even in the satanic world there are Cain and Abel. The Unification Church has the power to penetrate all directions, not only within the democratic world but also the communist world. That is why our movement is going to Moscow and the Soviet satellite countries.

Why do you need me? I am a model, an example for you. I am the only one who can show you how to walk each level and be victorious so that you can unify at a higher level. Because the first parents were the prey of Satan and, therefore, became false parents, only the True Parents can bring God's unity.

There is no one else who knows the true dispensational meaning of the Unification Church, including all the church leaders. They are in just the same position as you in that respect. Nobody but the True Parents knows. The position of Father and Mother is like that of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. There was nobody else to listen to, except the archangel who led them astray. True Parents cannot listen to anybody at this time or discuss things. Do you understand? Many American members think that I listen to Korean or Japanese leaders at East Garden and that I am influenced by them, but that is wrong.

American leaders try to tell me, "Americans think a different way. That won't work in America" Let me ask you: Is America the Garden of Eden or anywhere near Heaven? At this time, the true man and true woman have made a couple and must forge the vertical way. Everybody else must follow that vertical way, then make the horizontal way. This is the way of Principle. Do You understand?

The Oriental world writes up and down, vertically, while the Western world writes from left to right, horizontally. Oriental people usually sleep on their backs, while Western people often like to sleep on their stomachs. When Koreans beckon for someone to come forward, they gesture with their hands pointing downward, while Americans do it with their hands pointing up. Likewise, the grammatical construction of the language is entirely different. In English, you always put the verb before the object of the sentence, such as, "I go to the park" But in Korean and Japanese, they describe everything and then put the verb last. There is more description.

I was surprised when I came to the West and saw so many left-handed people. In the Orient, if anybody writes with the left hand, he is considered a disabled person. Another difference is in the way people eat at the dinner table. In the Orient, when you drink soup at someone else's table, you are expected to make noise as a sign of enjoying it. But in the West, you are supposed to be absolutely silent. You have to be sneaky, practically hiding behind your bowl.

Who made all these contrasts between East and West? God did, in order to make the world more interesting and to harmonize it in a more interesting way.

Now let us draw our conclusion. I said initially that perfection must be attained on every level-individual, family, tribe, nation, and world. Ultimate perfection means the creation of a joyful world centered on the love of God. Satan does not want that world to happen, so he has divided the world, creating misery and corruption. In these final days, God has brought true love to counteract Satan's false love. Reverend Moon is pioneering true love on every level, both in the spirit world and the physical world. I have gone down to the lowest position and brought true love there. I have been showing the world how God Himself walked each step of the way. In the past 40 years, starting from the position of servant of servants, I have shown how each level can be conquered and I have been demonstrating to the world how to walk every step.

Beginning from Day One of these forty years, there was opposition. Korean Christianity doggedly opposed us and they will continue until the final day. God must allow Satan to do his utmost until the last moment. The opposition reached the world level in 1976, its highest point. All the tactics of that opposition, as well as the basic materials, were provided by Korean Christianity. Through the use of such materials, the United States government tried to finish off Reverend Moon, but they were unsuccessful. Even though they did their utmost and even put me into Jail, I have now been resurrected and am victorious.

The Job I still have to complete is that of dealing with the communist world, in particular the Soviet Union. When I was in prison, there were various declarations to the world that communism has lost its power. The book, The End of Communism, was such a declaration. Interestingly, Soviet citizens in Beirut were kidnapped for the first time ever; always before, only Westerners were kidnapped. Also, high ranking officials in the KGB in Britain have defected and exposed the Soviet-European spy network. Dozens of spies were caught and deported. KGB plants and spy rings have been exposed in the United States and also in West Germany. The secular media have not been reporting the truth but instead have distorted things many times. Therefore, we have founded our own truth-centered media.

The enemies of our church just don't know what to do about us. When they sent me to Danbury, they thought they could say a final "Mansei!" Just as 2000 years ago, Satan's forces thought they had their final victory when they nailed Jesus to the cross. However, when I came out of prison, I came out as a hero and a martyr, a symbol of freedom to many people. Now many American people and even the media are supporting me, so our dedicated enemies don't know how to deal with this. They are trying to make some counterattack, but they are saying, "Where are our weapons?"

I know that anything I say at Belvedere can be heard by the KGB almost simultaneously. Likewise, American intelligence can learn everything I say. That is fine. Let them listen. Our headquarters are listening, too-that is the headquarters of the Heavenly Kingdom and God.

The die is cast, the showdown is done. Our destiny has been decided, no matter what else Satan may do. We have won the victory. Period.

Now many nations will ask me to come and stay with them. People will say, "Reverend Moon, we want you to come to South America,' and I will say, "No, thank you" Others will ask me to come to Europe but I will also say no. What about America? When American people ask me to come here, what will I say? I will give you a condition, upon which I will return to America. If Americans recognize God's goal to bring unity between Korea, Japan and the United States, then I will be here.

The Moonies are working now in America, showing others how to unite East and West. When the American people welcome and follow the Moonies, they will be welcoming everybody. I'll be there, then. When America, Japan and Germany are united, the physical, external construction of the Kingdom of Heaven will be easy, since those three nations have some of the most powerful economies on earth. The foundations are there. Reverend Moon has a very good brain. If somebody doubts me, just wait and see. We have already laid the foundation to make the Kingdom of Heaven on earth in the scientific world, as well as in the realms of culture, media, and technology.

During this East Garden conference, I have given tremendous educational materials to you. This is the first time many leaders who have been following me for decades were all gathered together. Many of them were astonished to learn about all the things our movement is doing.

Who is following the vertical path at this time, after 40 years? Only the Moonies. There are two poles-the vertical and the horizontal. To connect them both, we must make a perfect circle. Centering on God's love, we make that circle on the individual level, the family level, the tribal, national, world and cosmic levels. Everything must go through that central point of God's love or it doesn't have any power. Anything which is centered on this point of God's love can have the power to continue to go on and on. That is Principle.

You can ask yourself, "Am I standing on that true love point, or somewhere opposite that point? Am I standing on true love individually, as a family?" I ask myself the same question.

What is our tribe? It is our Unification family. At East Garden, we have many different people working hard, centering on the same True Parents. I am not working now on the level of America; I am working on the world level. At this time, you don't have your own foundation on the family, tribal, national, world or cosmic level. I have indemnified all the historical situations, so I have that kind of foundation. I want to see all Unification members moving out to the world level. I don't want to see you focusing on the individual or family situations. I want to see only the world as your focus. You should say, "I want to imitate Father's level of indemnity"

I want to bring the Unification Principles to the whole world. If you don't move out to the world level, we cannot do that. This is the last chance. You must think about that.

I have spoken today about the true meaning of the Day of Victory of Heaven. It was supposed to have been fulfilled years ago. If President Nixon had listened to my advice, this country would not be in this position. Vietnam would not have ended up the way it did. Also, Carter would not have had the opportunity to get elected.

The 1980 presidential election was a crucial one, in which Reagan won a landslide victory. Only one newspaper in the country predicted that-the paper owned by Reverend Moon. The 1984 election was also a crucial one. In the recent past, no president has held office for two full terms. Nixon didn't, Ford didn't and Carter didn't. The Mondale and Ferraro team were virtually undermined by the expose printed in the New York City Tribune and The Washington Times.

The Day of the Victory of Heaven was installed upon the victory of the True Parents. Therefore, I have become the symbol of victory. Nobody can get into Heaven without following the model, the symbol.

As you know, because of the victory in Danbury, all the persecution has lost its power. If Jesus Christ had been able to enter the Roman Empire himself and speak in their government assembly, giving his message at that time, 400 years of Christian suffering would not have been necessary after his death. Knowing that, I conquered every possible potentiality for persecution through the Danbury victory.

This will affect not only the United States but the whole world. The Unification missionaries in all our mission countries will reap the same kind of victory. The spring is dawning and persecution is coming to an end.

What seeds shall we sow in the warmth of the spring? The seeds of God's love. Our field is the world and there we must sow the love of God and the True Parents. We must connect the lineage of the world with that of God. We must create the God-centered, true lineage. That is our job.

How can we make that kind of change in the world's lineage? It can only come through the Blessing given by the True Parents. Fallen mankind has been centered upon Satan's love but now we have God's lineage of true love. This is not just a concept-it is reality! Are you making the true lineage within yourself, your family, tribe and nation? You must think about that.

Are you living centered upon God's love? You have to deny all of Satan's inheritance in order to inherit God's lineage. You have to cut from Satan's realm on every level-individual, family, tribe, nation, world. You have to cut from everything connected with Satan, including your self-centered ideas and concepts.

Adam and Eve didn't know about anything in the beginning except what was connected to God. They didn't have any concept of property, power, knowledge, family or love centered upon self; but they could possess everything because they possessed God and true love. But when they entered the perfection stage, they didn't go with God's love.

You have inherited the fallen nature. You say, "I have this and that possession. I am a scholar and I have a family. I am a religious man" But that is from Satan's concept. First of all, you must deny everything. The key words are serving and sacrificing. That is the only way to get back to God's concept.

Why am I teaching you this serious way? It is the only way you can get back to God. Nobody wants to go the way of denial; nobody likes it. But it is the only way to go. God has allowed the persecution to come against us in the past so that we could automatically learn self-denial and sacrifice. Regardless of who we are, including the Korean and Japanese leaders, nobody enjoys self-denial. But that is the way to move out of Satan's comer and move into God's corner. Therefore, I have welcomed the world's opposition. In 1976, that opposition reached its peak.

Even from within the Unification Church, I faced persecution, as well as from the Christian world, the Jewish world, the secular world, the government-all of these came against me and pushed me into a comer. Reverend Moon became like a rat in a comer, pushed into a hole, and that hole opened up into the Kingdom of Heaven.

After hearing this speech today, you can know clearly the meaning of the Day of Victory of Heaven.

Now should you connect to the world or the Unification Church? What is the purpose of the Unification Church? It is to connect to the world. Now is the time when you can connect your parents, your tribe, your nation. Persecution is coming to an end so you will have an easier way. God has made this atmosphere.

Now we know clearly the direction of our march. I have spoken today for four hours and thirty five minutes; it is almost noon. Why did I pour out so much heart and energy to you today? Because the meaning of the Day of Victory of Heaven is so significant now. I am deadly serious about the situation. That is the reason.

I have not spoken just to the people at Belvedere but to the whole world. You are participating in this glorious work, going out to do the new mission. Unlike me, who received nothing but persecution, you are going to be welcomed. Your home town, your parents, your relatives- aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters-will not reject you any more. They will be ready to listen to you. The time has changed entirely; a new era has begun.

Today we shall make a new beginning, a new commitment. Let us pledge to march forward in obedience to God. Let us pledge to be victorious!

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