The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1985

Victory Celebration

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
August 21, 1985,
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

I feel sorry for those of you who have been waiting here since morning! I knew all along that you were here, expecting me to come. But as you know, last night's banquet and program in Washington DC finished around 10:00. Then we drove back to East Garden, arriving after 2:00 this morning. After only a short rest, I began to receive the many reports from the major leaders. Before I give directions and a vision for the future, I wanted to hear each of the reports. I didn't waste even one second to get to you today. You understand, don't you?

If I began to give a sermon, it would probably continue throughout the night! We have many things on our agenda today, so I will give you only a short talk, and then you can listen to other reports, in order to get an overall view of what has been happening, particularly the events of yesterday.

The essence of my course to fulfill God's providential will has been restoration through indemnity. As you know, when I came to the United States, I came as a lone individual, unnoticed, unassuming and unrecognized. But what happened? I built our movement up to the worldwide level, reaching a peak in 1976. Step by step, I have been winning victories for the restoration. But there should be some moment of ultimate victory, a grand finale for God's whole dispensation for the United States.

The U.S. government's intention in indicting me was not so much to wage a court battle, but to scare me out of this country. The indictment was issued while I was out of the country, and the Department of Justice hoped that I would not return. But their expectations were totally wrong. To avoid that battle would have meant acknowledging defeat without putting up a fight. They didn't know that I have always taken the path of restoration through indemnity. I will never shy away from indemnity. Therefore, I willingly returned to face the battle. Furthermore, many outstanding people in history have been wrongly condemned through a court decision. I didn't try to escape because I knew that I could not avoid any battle, small or large, if I expected to turn around the destiny of history.

Jesus Christ was condemned and crucified by the government of his time. Many saints were persecuted and condemned by evil governments. History has been stained as evil continually tries to stop righteous people. Thus, some champion must finally come forward and win the victory, not only for himself but to vindicate providential history and all the saints who were victimized by the evil political systems of their time.

In this modern day, I have set the record for defying the established order of this evil world, struggling not just for my own sake, but on behalf of all good people of the past. When I came to the United States, I presented a challenge to this gigantic country, to its three branches of government, and to its people. I acted out of a historical principle, to ensure the future survival of this country.

Two thousand years ago, Satan and his forces celebrated at Jesus' crucifixion. "By George, we finally got him!" they rejoiced. "That man Jesus has disappeared from the face of the earth and from history as well." The day that I entered prison, Satan and all those who look upon me as their adversary thought, "By George, we got him! Finally, we have locked him up in Danbury. He is finished. Now we can relax!" But what happened? God had the power to resurrect Jesus from the tomb. Because I know God's tremendous power, I, too, was anticipating a great historical victory. "Danbury is the modern-day crucifixion," I told myself, "but I will turn the hill of Danbury into the hill of victory and resurrection."

I was released from Danbury on July 4, 1985, America's Independence Day. Thus it became my independence day as well. So in a way, I took over American history! The following 43 days were the resurrection period. I declared to the American members and leaders that those 43 days were the time to restore and resurrect all the wrong doings of the past. We started an educational program, including newspaper advertisements, to present the truth about the case against Reverend Moon to all America and the entire world. This time period was exactly comparable to the 400 years during which the Roman Empire defied Jesus' followers before finally accepting Christianity. So this time period indemnified the first four centuries of Christian history.

Furthermore, even though Jesus Christ was resurrected, his foundation was only a spiritual one, because he was physically crucified; he founded the spiritual movement of Christianity. But my resurrection is not only spiritual but also physical; therefore, the new victorious path we are beginning shall be not only spiritual but also physical.

Jesus' crucifixion of 2,000 years ago began a period of incredible persecution for his followers, because their power was only spiritual; the physical world remained in the hands of Satan. But we are different. Because my resurrection was both spiritual and physical, I will conquer all persecution and truly bring in a new era of welcome by the United States and the world for our movement.

I thoroughly understand the law of indemnity. Therefore, I knew precisely what I had to do. No one else could take my place in the Danbury dispensation. Step by step I fulfilled all the requirements. In the meantime, I found a way to make a link with those established Christian leaders who had formerly opposed us. These things happened not because you worked very hard-although I know you did-but because God's timetable called for them. The trend of history has reached this level. Therefore, when you push that trend forward with boldness, strength and determination, you shall win a great victory. You can push over the wall now, and no one will persecute you.

For example, the Washington Post, that Satan of Satans, that servant of servant's newspaper, has tormented our movement and criticized us continually. But when they reported on yesterday's banquet, they were like angels. They became completely obedient to the Holy Spirit, even printing an attractive picture of Mother and me!

Everything has its own time. I came to America as a prophet, vehemently predicting her decline unless she underwent a spiritual revolution. This was my first warning. The second warning was given through the academic circles. Three hundred prominent scholars announced the imminent end of communism at the Second International Congress of the Professors World Peace Academy held in Geneva August 13 through 15.

Everybody today is desperately searching for some ray of hope. They are looking for leaders who can bring salvation to America, and they haven't found any. But once they come into contact with me, they take heart and sense that only Reverend Moon and his teaching can bring hope to the United States. Many young people are confused and directionless. But the youth who belong to the Unification Church, under my guidance, are bright and confident, going forward with determination. It is amazing how others see hope for America through you. Many ministers from traditional churches have become burned out spiritually, but upon hearing our message they come alive. Finally they see a ray of hope.

I know clearly that many people in this country have come to the private belief that the only future hope for politics, business, finance, schools, and other aspects of this society will come through Reverend Moon. They may not say it, but they have concluded that Revered Moon will ignite the spiritual revolution that will save this country. Many young people have been rebellious, even violent at times, in their quest for new excitement and direction. They have organized demonstrations against various forms of the establishment. They have experimented with drugs. But none of these things has brought them satisfaction. Finally they are concluding that they need to examine Reverend Moon, since he is the one avenue left.

People observe a different quality in the young men and women who follow me; they see purity and goodness, as well as determination, and they wonder what causes it. They are also coming to realize clearly that members of the Unification Church are not robots; they are bright and intelligent people. When they saw you fundraising and working so hard, they used to think that you were just foolish or brainwashed. But they have found that Unification Church people are some of the brightest people under the sun, and they want to know why you do what you do.

People are also trying to understand me through CAUSA activities. Thousands of ministers have learned about my worldview, and many have concluded it is the answer. In the academic world, prominent scholars who had become discouraged found new hope when they studied my teaching. Many political and business leaders have come to the conclusion that I am their hope. So not only religious leaders, but people from all facets of our society have begun to realize that the free world can survive only by following Reverend Moon's way.

Am I just dreaming all this, or is it happening? Who made it happen? Suppose a rich family is giving a wedding reception for one of its members. For whom is that banquet being held? No matter how noble and great that family may be, the principal figures are the bride and bridegroom. Even an ugly bride or a crippled groom is the central figure on his or her wedding day.

Likewise, a gigantic banquet is being prepared in the Western world, and everybody is invited. God is hosting this banquet. I have been the object of controversy and persecution wherever I go, but for God, who is most important at that banquet? What kind of affair would last night's God and Freedom banquet have been without Reverend and Mrs. Moon? You and God have been putting forth all your efforts to bring it about, but still, there must be a central figure. The True Parents occupied that position, so True Parents made it a success.

The entire communist world today fears me most because they know that I alone have the strategy and ideology that can defeat them. Within the communist world there is one group which really hates communism: the children of the communist bosses. They know the failure of communism, to which their parents have been devoted. They know that their parents have been trying to discredit and destroy me, so they automatically consider me their ally. That second generation of the communist world will eventually have no recourse but the True Parents. Here they will see a new age dawning.

So the end of communism has been declared. Secular humanism cannot solve the world's problems, and the United States cannot survive as it is. Therefore, Godism- which is neither democracy, nor communism, nor secular humanism-is the wave of the future.

I have a problem! The United States has been coming after me, trying to grab me; likewise, the communists are trying to grab me. Should I run away now? What do you mean by "NO"? I see a lot of work ahead. People are grabbing at me, always asking me for something. They are like the two thieves with Jesus on the cross, one on his left and one on his right. Now on a worldwide scale thieves are coming after me and trying to grab me! I am overburdened; a lot of energy is needed to pull both sides of the world. Do you still want me to suffer? I am already struggling with the burden of trying to save the United States, and now the communist world wants me to save them. What shall I do? Central and South Americans, Africans and Asians are pleading with me to save their country. What can I do? Suppose there is only one rice cake and hundreds of people are asking for a piece of it? I cannot mistreat everybody, so maybe I should go away and hide!

But God's thinking is different. He is beaming from ear to ear and rejoicing, "Finally, my day has come. I know that my son can take care of them, so now I can go and take a nap!"

Under such circumstances I cannot say, "God, I'm running away! You give me too much, I cannot bear it." If I did that, the whole world would suffer. Unable to turn aside, I will say to God, "All right, then, but I have one request to make. You know, Heavenly Father, I have been working tirelessly for 40 years. These crops I have produced took 40 years to nurture. You know it takes time to transform people and to raise them up to be true soldiers of heaven. So how much time will You give me?"

I know God so well. His temper is quite short-far shorter than mine. He longs for this whole fallen world to be transformed into heaven in a flash, but I don't have a large enough foundation yet to do that. On the other hand, I cannot ask Him for another 40 years. This whole first generation would be gone by then, and I would have to start out with new babies to raise and train as soldiers over the next 40 years. I couldn't do that. So I have to find some prepared people, arm them with the truth, and send them out to proclaim it. God needs such soldiers. Imagine what it would take to feed the four billion people in this world. To give each one three spoonfuls would require 12 billion movements!

I must push the so-called elders of the Unification Church down to the ground. When they are pushed like that, what kind of position do you have? You may be thinking, "Boy, Father told us that good times are ahead, and we've been waiting for them. But Father, what are you saying now? More indemnity?"

I told you that a good time was coming, and what I meant was the end of persecution. That does not mean you are going to be idle; I never promised that. The time has come for Moonies to have pride in themselves. That is the true good time. It is good to be proud of being a Moonie, but when you see the size of the task before you, you may feel like running from the avalanche! As I said, I feel like hiding somewhere. Are you thinking that way too?

I truly feel that my worldwide indemnity path is over. God knows it, and I am sure that He is ready to give me a vacation. Not only that, but also a bonus ticket to go anywhere and buy anything I want! But I would have to say to God, "I have a problem. I can't take a vacation. Look at my children, the Moonies. They all want to accompany me wherever I go!" Is that true?

An infant needs frequent bottles and diaper changes, so I can understand when a baby cries out to be with his mommy or daddy wherever they go. But you are all grown up now; you no longer need bottles or diapers. So if you try to follow me, I will push you away and protest, "Why are you trying to follow me and make me suffer more? Don't you know I already suffered enough?" That is how I feel today.

This is a critical moment for the Unification Church because we are on the threshold of a gigantic liftoff. If we misjudge things, we will crash. Mount McKinley is the highest peak in the United States. But such an imposing mountain must have extensive roots. A high mountain needs a corresponding foundation underground. So, too, you must have a spiraling effect and encompass larger and larger areas, embracing whole countries, such as the United States, in your circle. To save people means to embrace them.

Have you lost your courage? Those who attended the banquet last night, how did you feel? It was an incredible scene. Mother and I had not time to eat! The ministers were supposed to be eating, but they weren't either. They were continually coming to have their pictures taken with us, to shake hands with us. I observed a contrast between the Unification Church members and the ministers last night. The ministers were trying to reach out and touch my hand. One told me, "Reverend Moon, I must embrace you." But when the Unification Church members came up, they just stood humbly with lowered heads, as if asking, "Father, what is the indemnity today?"

You say I always send you out to do fundraising and witnessing, but it is precisely because of those activities that today's phenomena are occurring. Aren't you proud of what you are? Those ministers wonder how in the world I can train such bright and capable young people to do such a drastic thing as fundraising! They are amazed, and they feel that the same order will soon come to them. They are trying to get ready! Soon they will seek out people to teach them fundraising techniques. Who are those teachers? You are. Will you be ready when they ask you to teach them?

You have to be able to exercise authority. You need to be able to educate ministers. Can you? You want to be trusted, don't you? So I must test you. The next several months will be your test. Can you pass it, or will you make excuses and try to escape things like fundraising? You know, you have lied to me many times. So often, you have answered yes. You have said, "Trust me, Father," and I trusted you, over and over again. But your promises always ended up empty.

Even after all my persecution, I feel no bitterness. Now I want you, too, to be vindicated and to be in a position to forgive others. I want to be able to present you proudly to the world as my fruit. I knew that while you were resting, if I didn't do certain things, this nation would go down the drain. I could not expect somebody else to do it. I had to do it myself. So I poured out my energy, and tens of thousands of our members elsewhere made incredible sacrifices as well.

It is so amazing that even the communist countries have now become helpless and unable to unravel their own problems. They see me as their only help. Red China is one example. Even leaders in the free world are thinking that way. They have tried every possible solution and nothing worked; so now they see me as their hope.

I knew this would happen, so I did not want to be dependent on any nation or government. Many nations in the free world have a lot of power. But I always felt that I would build up still greater strength. Even in the fields of scientific research and technology, I am becoming very influential. There is a lot you don't know about in this area. You don't realize what I am really doing.

At the head table last night, there were about 40 people, most of whom I had just met for the first time. But they felt they had known me for ten years. There were scholars, politicians, ministers and other types of people. They were aware of what I had been doing in different fields.

Do you want me to run away and hide somewhere? There is one simple solution. When only one person bears a burden, it is huge. But if we chop it into pieces and each one of you picks up one piece, we can carry it, right? Will you ask for the smallest or the largest piece'? The Japanese people are very logical and clever, so they may think that since their bodies are smaller, they naturally deserve a smaller piece. Are you Americans saying, "We are big people, so give us a big piece"? The clever Japanese know that the more results they bring, the more their storehouses will be filled. So they will work like ants, trying to bring in the largest pieces of responsibility into their granaries. Will you Americans stand back and say, "We Americans are very noble and dignified; you Japanese go ahead and take it"? What kind of dignity is that? If your wife is taken away, your children are starving, your country is in flames, and all the people are being destroyed, what dignity will you have? What will you do then?

All this time, the Japanese people have been ahead of everybody else, always going to the front line. Don't you want to change that now? You Americans should take the front line now, don't you agree? Those Americans who want to be on the front line, please stand up. I want to see you. All right, sit down. Those who did not stand up, stand up now.

Should I stay here or go away? It is a pleasure to stand back and watch you do the front-line work; then I am in a sort of retired position! I am in vacation attire today. I took off my sock. If that were the way to save the world, how easy it would be! I could take off both socks. If I could deliver a sermon wearing only swimming trunks and save the world that way, I would do that. If disco-dancing would bring salvation, I would do that.

I told the Japanese members they may disco-dance, as long as men and women do not touch each other. They are holding an international dance contest. Healthy and beautiful men and women are dancing, but without touching. There shall be no disco conference for the United States movement yet. I have allowed it in Japan because the Japanese people have been working just like ants!

So you Americans please listen to me. Would you like to be defeated in a contest between the American and the Japanese movement'? Do you want to challenge them? The contest will be one of achievement. When you answer yes, what you are actually saying is, "Father, we will take over your job. If you go away, there will be no problem. If you stay here, we are happy." Is that right? In a way, you are inheriting my mission. I have earned this inheritance over the past 40 years, and I would like to turn it over to you in three and a half years. Of course, there are less than three and a half years remaining, but in this short time left, I would like to be able to bestow this inheritance upon you.

This is Canaan time. On the universal scale, we are entering the land of Canaan. Therefore, this is the crucial time. Yesterday I spoke about this. Please don't look back to Egypt. We must look forward to the new tradition of Canaan which we need to establish. That shall be done by 1988.

The heavenly four-position foundation must be firmly grounded in the land of Canaan. Two threads alone cannot form a strong rope; at least three are needed. Then multitudes can be added to it. Each time we twist the rope, it will become stronger. The heavenly four positions are the core of that rope. When the four-position rope is turning, you can add anything to it and it will be absorbed. Societies, races, nations and the world can all be entwined and digested.

Upon my return from Danbury, a new era of family mobilization has begun. The past was the era of individual mobilization. But now we will mobilize families. I know that many people have said negative things about mobilizing entire families, but you will see the incredible results in a few years. Once we win the victory of Canaan as family units, the international settlement will take place. We will be able to transform this world into a heavenly one.

The time has come. This is a wonderful time for witnessing. Witnessing used to be your daily cross; you suffered constant rejection. But not any more. People are hungry and waiting for your message. You will be welcomed and the name of Reverend Moon will be respected. The name Sun Myung Moon has been resurrected. This is the final stage of the dispensation. Therefore, if you can fulfill it successfully, the era of paying indemnity will end and restoration will be consummated.

I always take the initiative. I determine to work with my own hands to save any situation-any community, society, nation or world. You should feel that way too and make the same determination. Do you want me to stay here and see what great things you are doing? Must I watch over you, or can I leave without any problem? Our international church leaders always come to me and beg for my help. But that era is over. You are now on your own two feet. You leaders must feel you can do it. Do you follow? Do you want to help me? How much? It is easy to say yes, but the deeds are difficult.

Please pledge to be responsible for 360 homes, for your community. Please make a resolution with your hearts to mobilize totally for this final march toward the land of Canaan.

Those who say, "Yes, Father, we want, to mobilize for this march into Canaan," stand up, please. Now we have stood up.

Those who say, "Father, we are absolutely sure that we can do it," raise your hands. Thank you.

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