The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1985

True Parents' Birthday

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 25, 1985
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Everybody was hoping that we would have nice weather today but it was chilly and damp this morning. However, as the day progressed it became warm and bright for our celebration, so this is the first blessing from Heavenly Father today. Since the weather is so beautiful and everybody feels wonderful, I have to talk about something wonderful.

I'm sure that everyone of you has heard news about Danbury from Mr. Kamiyama, as well as hearing his testimony. Those who have not yet heard his testimony should get copies of it.

As you know, I am a totally free man but because of the circumstances of my environment there are many limitations upon me. Someone might ask me, "Looking back upon your life, have you lived according to your own will?" What do you think? Do you think that I have lived my life entirely according to my own will?

When we speak of God's will, we speak of two different aspects of it. First of all, there was the original will of God before the human fall. The other aspect of God's will is what we call the restorational will, which arose only after the fall of man. Which one do you think God has been living by-the first or the second? Certainly, He has been living according to the second. When God must live according to His restorational or dispensational will, can there be any room for His followers to do things according to their own wisdom or whim?

What kind of a life is it when you are living without true freedom, for the purpose of restoration by indemnity? What about a beautiful woman? Do you think that such a person would be able to live her entire life according to her own whim, doing everything she might want to do? The answer is clearly no, but there is a serious issue involved in that question. Suppose you were the husband of a beautiful, loving wife. How much do you think you would be able to freely express the depth of your love, doing everything you want to do with your wife?

Let's say that each spouse is calling out to the other- "Husband, please come here" or "Wife, please come here." Do you think that they could always drop everything and go, especially considering the circumstances of society today? These are rather serious questions.

Let us ask another serious question. How many people in the world have understood that God's will has had to be divided into two parts, before and after the fall of man? There have not been any people before who understood this fact about God. Therefore it is obvious that without a person who is capable of explaining these different aspects of God's will here on earth, there is no way we can even expect that the will of God can be done on earth. If no one even understands God's will, how can that will be done? That is a logical conclusion.

Let us look at Adam, the first man in history. Do you think Adam knew completely what he had done wrong after his fallen action and what damage had been done to the will of God? How about Cain and Abel? Do you think Abel knew God's will precisely? Noah was a faithful and obedient man, but did he know precisely what God was doing? What about Abraham? Abraham didn't know God's will fully and precisely; neither did Jacob, Moses, or John the Baptist.

Therefore, until history welcomes the person who really understands the will of God, the fulfillment of religion is virtually impossible. Jesus as the Messiah must have known God's will. Although he was rejected by the people of his own time, why didn't he give the whole message for the sake of the people of the future? Some true Christian today could be in the position to say, "Jesus, why didn't you tell us the full will of God, so that we could know our direction and we could have avoided this confusion and chaos?" This is the question: "Jesus, what exactly were you? Why didn't you tell us everything?"

There must be some reason why Jesus couldn't tell the whole truth, the naked truth. The important point is this- the will of God must be fulfilled first by God, then by the direct children of God. The direct son and daughter of God must be in the position to not only know the will of God but also to fulfill it.

God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden in order to fulfill His purpose of creation. When did God want that purpose to be fulfilled? What was His timetable? Did He expect them to fulfill that purpose immediately after their birth, while they were crawling around as babies?

What do we mean by fulfilling the will of God? The fulfillment of God's will would produce great joy and ecstasy in God. Furthermore, husband and wife were involved in that, but what kind of husband and wife are we talking about? This is the very problem. We are talking about true men and women with perfected love.

That means the man and woman are completely one, harmonized in every direction-vertically, horizontally, front and back. How can we make true oneness, true unification? It is only through true love. True love is the method by which we can bring about total oneness, total harmony, total unification.

The kind of oneness we are talking about has a certain orderliness or logic to it. All the components have their own positions. That is, the head is in the head's position; the arm stays in the arm's position and doesn't try to take the leg's position, or vice-versa. There must be a certain order and according to that order, proper harmony and unification occur.

God had a certain concept of order, so when He created Adam and Eve. He didn't tell them that anything they wanted to do was just fine. There was a certain discipline, a certain order they had to follow to do His will. This is why God gave them the commandment not to eat the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

When Adam and Eve were created they were given the opportunity to learn how to become the Lords of the earth, to take dominion over the earth. Thus they had to know all about the creation. Without going through this educational process, they could not take their position of dominion.

Were there birds in the Garden of Eden? Yes, there were. How about butterflies, ants, and so forth? Of course they were all in the Garden of Eden. What is your goal in life? Do you want to become an ant, or a bird, or a butterfly? No? You say you want to become a true child of God? What is that? Well, in the first place you have to be a human being. Your desire therefore is to become a true human being, a true man or woman, correct?

What is the definition of a true man or a true woman? The true man is, first of all, centered upon God; furthermore, he is centered upon love and in that way becomes united forever, for eternity. That is true man and true woman. Do you follow? The first component of a true man is God. The next is love and then, absolute unity. That kind of man or woman is a true man or woman.

As you might expect, the next question is, are you true men and women? Is this a gathering of true men and women, or of false men and women, or what? You are in training and you want the training, but you always flunk- that's the problem! Since you are under training and you don't want to flunk, do you want me to really push you hard and teach you today? "No matter how much hardship I may have to bear, I want to become a true man or woman. Father, please do anything you must do with me," those who say that, raise your hands please. You are so greedy!

The definition of true man and woman is rather simple; the truth is always simple. The problem is how to live and fulfill it. In the morning you get up and go out to your work, thinking, "I want to live as a true human being." But that effort is an enormous challenge, isn't it? And it is always very serious. Who should become a true man? Each person must say "I shall become a true human being."

The most crucial question of people in history has been how to become true human beings. Once this question is solved, all the other questions can be solved. What about your own ancestors? Did they want to become true men and women? What about your children and posterity? will they want to become true men and women? Of course, they will want that. Thus this is a serious issue.

Will we become true men and women only after we die and go to heaven? Or will we do it on earth? What about Jesus-was he a true man? How do you know he was? The true man must be filled with true love: with that love he is inspired to unify with others, with all of humanity. We know that Jesus came in the position of the second Adam. Thus there must be someone in the position of second Eve. Did he find his Eve in his time?

Did God create true man for his sake alone, or to serve true woman? The "commodity" called man was created for the purpose of service to woman. A woman should have a husband who is eternally united with her, centered upon God and true love. The woman will say, "This is the man who is going to love me forever; I know he will not leave me but will always be with me, centered upon God." In that way, that man becomes a true man, from the viewpoint of the woman. She can say, "You are my ideal man. You will never change. You will maintain your purity, your unselfishness."

When the man looks at that woman he sees beyond the externals of face and so forth and recognizes that she possesses purity of love, an unchanging quality and desire to serve him with joy. He can see that she is going to remain with him forever and that they will be one forever, centered upon God.

Therefore, the man is the one who gives the diploma to the woman as a true woman and the woman gives the man his diploma as a true man. And when they are united, only then does God become a reality. It is that simple.

Let us return to a very important question: Why didn't Jesus tell us the whole, unvarnished truth? He knew the whole truth and he was in the position to tell the world, but he couldn't tell the world. Why? It is because there was no model for him to present, no material. He was not able to give the formula. That is why. Jesus knew the truth but he could not fulfill it, so he could not speak it. He could not leave behind him the tradition of true men and women. He had to fulfill certain stages, certain steps of that truth.

That is why the only alternative for Jesus was to come again. By the fact that he said, "I must return," it shows that he knew the truth but he could not fulfill it in his own time. It is realistic that when he comes again, he will seek his own bride for the fulfillment of the Marriage of the Lamb. Jesus was indeed the Messiah, the son of God, without question. His qualifications were absolute.

When Jesus comes again, first he must become a true man himself; furthermore, he must find and raise up a true woman. And they must unite together as husband and wife, receiving the eternal blessing from God and dwelling in the unbreakable bond of true love. At that point, God will say, "I have fulfilled my will."

Thus Jesus must have a wife and that woman must be in the position to say, "Jesus is my husband; he is an ideal man and he is a true man." That particular statement must be uttered by a woman. Jesus must be in that position. Then God will say, "That is indeed my son and my daughter, united together."

How would they become one in love? First of all, the man and woman must each become the embodiment of the love of God so that God's love is burning within them. When you are burning with that love, you cannot sit idly. The man and woman are so completely united that when God is in between them, He will be totally embraced. That will be His fulfillment. There is nothing more. Men and women have the natural urge to embrace each other and become one, but the problem has always been that they did not have God within them. Suppose two beauty queens are hugging each other and expressing intimate love. Is that natural? If other people see such a thing, they are repulsed and they look away. The skin of a beauty queen is soft and spongy. When such skin rubs against another soft, spongy woman's skin, that is unimaginable. It is almost as if God had created people with soft bones, just like the flesh. Think of it! That would be very strange.

Is there any woman who desires a husband who is boneless? Naturally you women are opposed to a soft, boneless man. What kind of man do you want? You like a man with a lot of muscle, strong bones, lots of hair on the skin. When his strong hand grabs yours, your hand just melts inside of it. That is the way nature is; that is the blueprint of God. Men and women are supposed to be different.

Some American women are saying, "We want to be in the bone position. Let the men become the soft, spongy flesh." Today America is suffering from terrible confusion; people have no understanding of right order, who is subject or object, who takes initiative, who is responsive. What about you American Unification women, are you different? Who are the subjects, men or women?

In America, many women pull the men around behind them, shaking their hips and the men just follow timidly. I have never seen so many boneless men as in America- "Yes, darling, whatever you say." Do you women like that kind of man? If you women don't change that trend, there can be nothing but darkness for the future of this country. There must be God's order and sequence. We must maintain that discipline.

There is no one else saying this kind of thing except Reverend Moon, so no one can educate American women except me. Do you accept that? You do, and then you listen to me. You feel compelled to listen to me, recognizing the logic of what I say. Those who have been blessed, raise your hands please. Who gave you the blessing? How expensive was that blessing? It is beyond price and you cannot exchange it for the entire world.

Sometimes I feel regret for having given the blessing, rather than fulfillment. I want you to know why I have given you the blessing. It was so that you could become true men and women, uniting as model husband and wife, and model family in the sight of God.

Thus no one has the right to say, "I do not like that type of person for my spouse. Even though Father gave the blessing to us, I don't really see its value." Who made that decision, God or you? There is no room for that self centered, horizontal kind of thinking. In order to make one heavenly matching possible, there was martyrdom and suffering for the 2,000 years of Christian history.

I want you to understand that although human history is represented in the Bible as 6,000 years, scientifically it is closer to many millions of years. All of this time, God has been seeking after His one day of fulfillment, that day of true marriage between men and women. That is the historical, critical importance of the blessing.

Don't you think Jesus Christ wanted to be able to give the blessing to his own disciples? I want you to understand that in religious history, marriage was frowned upon in a way. Celibacy was always elevated as the most noble way of life. But only within the Unification Church, in the name of the True Parents, are we making marriage the culmination of human history.

What is the meaning of the word "unification"? It means the unification of the love of God with the love of husband and wife and the love of humanity. This is why the word unification was adopted for our church. When you join the Unification Church and accept the teachings, how do you look at Reverend and Mrs. Moon? They are the True Parents to you. No religion before has ever spoken about the True Parents; we are the first. What are the True Parents? The True Parents are the fulfillment of the will of God, the fulfillment of the unification of His love. That is why the advent of the True Parents is so historically important.

But you do not know the real implication of the words "True Parents." You do not know the long, hard path necessary to come to the point where those words could be spoken. Behind the words 'True Parents" and 'Unification" is a hidden history of suffering which you have not known about. Only upon the victory in the incredible showdown with the satanic world could the word 'Unification" become a reality.

You also do not know how much heaven and earth have already changed in the last seven months since I have been staying at Danbury. I want you to know that I am not wasting time at Danbury. That is the place of the showdown between heaven and earth and I have been working harder than ever there. The power of evil has been steadily declining during this time while the power of goodness has been going up. Eastern civilization has been going upwards and Western civilization has been harmonizing and unifying with the East:

The day of my release will come and after that people will realize that Reverend Moon was innocent, that there was no justification for him to have been put into jail by America. On the day that I went into Danbury, people thought they were getting rid of the trouble making leader of the Unification Church. But on the day that I come out of Danbury, the world will see not just the leader of the Unification Church but a man making history. Furthermore, America will find new hope. America will have no more excuses before me.

There are so many people who are changing their attitudes toward the Unification Church. People who were formerly ardent enemies as well as leaders of the academic and religious communities have come to visit me in Danbury. In many cases, the first words they spoke were, "Reverend Moon, on behalf of my government, I apologize. I am ready to listen to you. You are a great man. You are serving our country, preserving our religious freedom, protecting us from the dangers of communism." One leader after another has spoken like that before me and Mother.

The prison is the place for plain talk. There is no need for adjectives. I simply spoke the naked truth to them and said, "Will you do it, or not? Do you agree with this or not?" Everybody, even some important men, pledged in front of me. They used the word "pledge," and said, "I pledge this before you, Reverend Moon."

God certainly works in mysterious ways. If I had never gone to Danbury, those kinds of men would never have come to see me in the first place; in the second place, they would not have humbled themselves; and in the third place, they would not have pledged. This is the incredible miracle that is happening every day.

The first thing I did after going to Danbury was to ask Reverend Kwak to send out video tapes to 300,000 ministers: "God's Warning to the World." I feel very good because that is all done now. That was an incredible operation. If you study Biblical history, you will see that some of the greatest things happened to people in prison. Much of the New Testament was written by people in prison, such as St. Paul. The videotapes were my message sent from the prison.

Today I am feeling fulfilled. Earlier this morning, I prayed for a long time with Mother at the Pledge Service. In that prayer, I asked God to give me the opportunity to create a broad highway here on the earth so that anybody who got on that highway could go to heaven. This is a hellish world and Danbury is one of the worst places on earth. The prison represents hell on earth and from that place I am creating a highway all the way to heaven so that anybody can go to the goal.

When the Israelites had been wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, they selected twelve representatives to infiltrate Canaan and reconnoiter. Ten of them came back and said, "It is impossible to win." Only Joshua and Caleb said, "If God is with us, what should we fear? We can win!" God blessed their faith and they were the only ones of the second generation to enter Canaan. All the rest perished in the wilderness. You know about that history. You are in the same position today. This is the end of our forty years wandering in the wilderness. The final three year crusade has begun. Who are going to be the Joshuas and Calebs? This is the question.

The second of the final three years, which was 1984, was the most crucial. At the beginning of that year, Heung Jin was taken. Also I entered prison in July of that year. However, I knew that we would turn each situation into great victory through that indemnity. Heung Jin's Seung Hwa became much more than just a simple death. I offered it as a most crucial sacrifice to heaven, for the sake of unification. That is why the Unification Ceremony was conducted. The same is true of my own difficulties at the present time.

At the time of Heung Jin's death, I wanted to make the sacrifice a most victorious one. For that reason, until Heung Jin passed on I never shed one tear. Everything I prayed for in the Unification Ceremony has become a reality, one point after another. The members of the Unification Church around the world know exactly the meaning of Heung Jin's sacrifice and the role he is playing in spirit world today. 120 nations are coming into unity.

Like the accumulation of small streams flowing into one large river and culminating into a giant waterfall, this power cannot be stopped. What has happened since my incarceration? American public opinion has been changing, day by day. Many people were happy when they first heard that Reverend Moon was going into prison, but now more and more newspaper articles are coming out expressing a totally different attitude.

Furthermore, great numbers of ancestors are coming down from spirit world, helping people to see the truth. Reverend Moon has become a fearful character. Even the U.S. government approached my recent parole hearing like it was a "hot potato." Those people who were responsible for my being prosecuted and put into jail are now in a state of fear and insecurity, due to this change in public opinion. If they weren't that way on their own, spirit world would torment them until they felt that way.

The members of the Unification Church today, every one of you, are the modern day Joshuas and Calebs. You are in the position to tell the people, "Be bold and strong." That is going to be our slogan: Be Bold and Strong. This is wartime so You Unification Church members cannot be

shaken or become fearful and restless. You must not say, "Let's forget the mission. I want to go back home and take care of my father's business." Or, "My uncle has just died; I'll go and bury him." There is no time for that.

An amazing thing will happen. Now that 300,000 ministers have received the Divine Principle videotape and book, every day they will be more and more motivated to look at it. They may not want anybody else to know, so they may read it secretly.

This kind of a project would normally cost $20 million or more but because we are doing it ourselves, day and night, we are spending much less money and we are making a great impact around the country. The ministers now are in a very good position. When you shout out, "Let's go to the land of Canaan! ' all they have to say is "Amen." They can follow and we can all enter that land of Canaan together.

Now you know why Jesus, even though he was the Messiah and he knew the will of God, could not give the truth completely and precisely. What about the message that Reverend Sun Myung Moon has been speaking during these past decades? Is that a complete revelation, more complete than what the Bible has revealed? Jesus was capable of doing that, but he did not have the momentum or the time. How could Reverend Moon do it? It is because Reverend Moon is capable of creating his own environment. Furthermore, this time in history is a more universal time. We are working on the worldwide stage; at the time of Jesus, it was a national stage.

God's hope is always universal so He is always trying to create the momentum for His worldwide dispensation. There was only one time in human history when that particular environment was ripe and that was right after World War 11. At that time, the churches in Korea were divided between Cain and Abel. One part of the church was underground-those who worshipped the true God secretly because of the Japanese domination. But there was also a church which cooperated with the Japanese in order to survive. I was a member of the underground church.

At that time, I tried to educate several key political leaders. If they had listened to me then, the world situation today would be entirely different. The dispensation has always required unity between Cain and Abel. At that time, the Cain was the established Christian churches and Abel was the Unification Church. Both were supposed to unite.

Division between the original Cain and Abel began because of the failure of their parents, Adam and Eve. The Cain and Abel conflict started from Adam and Eve on the family level. But that conflict has grown to the clan, tribe, national, and worldwide levels. World War II was the worldwide struggle between Cain and Abel. Actually, that was the biblical Armageddon described in the Book of Revelation, in the sight of God.

According to the dispensational scheme, this work of uniting with the worldwide Abel should have begun when I was between the ages of 20 and 30. Within the Abel camp, there is always another level of Cain-Abel. Thus I had to win the Cain camp, one by one, and unite them into a larger Abel camp. If that had been successful, that is if the established Christian churches had united with and accepted the ideal of the True Parents at that time, everything would have been done. That means there would have been no room for communism to rise up in the world.

But what happened? Within the Abel camp, established Christianity never responded to the Unification Church. That is why that time was a total failure. Since that foundation was shattered, I had to go out into the wilderness for forty years where I had to gather up any remnants of people who could follow. Originally God had expected that circumstances and environment would welcome me everywhere, but on the contrary, after that time of failure I was rejected everywhere I went. Thus I had no choice but to go into the wilderness where I had to build up my own foundation, starting from the family, tribe, nation and world. That was done by pulling Abel-type remnants into our camp in the wilderness.

Our world today is divided into three main components: the free world, the communist world, and the Unification world. Until today, nobody has welcomed the Unification world, neither the free world or the communist world. Amazingly enough, the free world put Reverend Moon into jail and said, "Reverend Moon is our enemy." Of course, the communists declared me their enemy a long time ago.

What is our weapon? It is an ideology, a worldview which centers upon God. It is an ideology of love which we call Godism. With this ideological strength, we are pushing hard at both the free world and the communist world. You are in the position to push the world away, pulling God into our camp. Are you doing that? We have two possible destinies: we are in between the two other camps so they will either crush us between them. or we will push them away. Which will it be?

The most important thing is that since we are at the center, we must remain like a rock, not moving one iota to the left or to the right. We cannot cry, "The enemy is coming so let's take cover!" We must remain steadfast at the center. Satan thought, "Since the center of this ideology of Godism is Reverend Moon, let's pull him away from the center and put him into jail. Then the Unification movement will collapse and perish. We will melt them!" But are we being melted?

When the enemies are pushing us from both sides, should we try to make a little elbow room and push them away, or should we continue to be squashed in the center? Would you like to use every ounce of your energy to push the enemy away, or just do it in a halfhearted way? Shall we work with sweat, or shall we tremble with fear? Shall we say, "My legs are tired so I think I'll take a vacation"? Or shall we continue to push ourselves forward harder than ever? Shall we go forward or backward?

Who is your model for this fight? So far, I have been fighting this giant America all by myself. I have been called every bad name and have received every form of persecution but I have never faltered at all. Finally I went to prison but I began a new fight with renewed vitality once I went there. I did not relax one iota in prison.

I have been fighting for forty years. Since the liberation of Korea in 1945, I have spent the past forty years in the wilderness, pursuing this battle, and now the time has come for the consummation. Moses, after his forty years' struggle in the wilderness, was not able to enter into Canaan. He could only look upon it and then he died in the wilderness. However, Reverend Moon will not falter outside of Canaan. He will move forward like Joshua and Caleb and finish the task of building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

A few weeks ago, a prominent young man came to visit me in Danbury. He represented the young people of America. He said to me, "Reverend Moon, I have witnessed the most amazing phenomenon during these past five years-many young people between the ages of 16 and 25 have become very conservative and anticommunist. Young people are turning against the hippie attitudes and are embracing patriotism and traditional values. I couldn't have imagined such an incredible thing happening five years ago." I told him, "I predicted such a thing."

Here in America the conservative movement is growing. Reverend Moon appeals to those people. Christianity is the Abel group within the American conservative movement; therefore I am working to reach the ministers. You have heard about the Common Suffering Fellowship? They are the ministers who pledged themselves to suffer on behalf of Reverend Moon for one week apiece. I have a plan to educate 7,000 Christian ministers with Godism. Each of those 7,000 leading clergymen will unite with 10 peers apiece, meaning that 70,000 ministers will be mobilized. They can do it. The last time I spoke to you, I explained that each of you was responsible to educate 120 ministers

Another incredible chapter in the history of restoration has occurred during the past week. We invited 130 retired generals and admirals from the six continents to come to Paris to attend a conference called international Security Council. Those 130 generals and admirals came together under the sponsorship of Reverend Moon and talked about a worldwide strategy to stop the spread of communism and the Soviet Union. It was very successful. Americans are worrying about American security, but I am organizing a global security council. Actually, the U.S. government should be doing more but they are not; that is why I am doing it.

In order to strengthen this kind of posture for God, I am uniting with the Christian ministers. That is because they are the Abels of the Abel camp. At the same time, we must unite with such people as those retired soldiers, the police forces, the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and other such organizations. The people most capable of understanding communism are the veterans who fought against it, defending their country. Christianity is often quite ignorant about communism so they need to be educated.

This is how we must unite the Abel people around the country. We need to tie them together with a "cable". We are going to unite with the Christian world as well as these retired soldiers and veterans and others.

I came to America with the commitment of my life and my sacred honor. I walked into my court trial willingly, knowing that jail was most likely my destination. I walked out through the jail doors this morning and I will go back through those doors this evening, but I feel no shame. I am proud to be in that jail, proud to be doing good for the sake of God and humanity. If going to jail is the way to do that, I would go to jail a hundred times. How about you? Would you do the same? Will you follow my example?

Yes, I was totally abused in America, although I came here to save this country. They put me in the clothes of a criminal and put me in jail. But that is all right. They can do that, but they must pay the price. Danbury is no jail for me; those doors do not shut me in. From Danbury Hill, the rays of salvation will shine out to the world; the new gospel will be heard by all of humanity. God works in mysterious ways. He has a new strategy; God will make gains under any circumstances. God is the victor, even of Danbury.

Are you committing your lives? This is the year of our declaration and thus I asked the CAUSA members to prepare the CAUSA Manifesto on Godism.

Dr. Pak: Father has asked me to read this paragraph from the CA USA Manifesto in conclusion: "CA USA does not hide its goals or aims. We seek the end of communism. We also seek to end, by a moral revolution, corruption and exploitation in the free world. We proudly proclaim our goal to liberate Moscow. Let the communists tremble before the march of Godism. They have nothing to lose but their chains. With God, we have a world to win." Communism has always said, "Workers of the world, unite." Now Father has declared to the world, "Believers of the world, unite." And there is a separate page upon which everybody in the conference signed the proclamation. Father asked me to put these words in the final sentence of that proclamation, "In the name of God, we commit our lives and our sacred honor to the accomplishment of this noble imperative." Those retired generals and admirals had already committed their lives to fight against communism, so Father was saying to them, "flow can you not do it?" How about you?

Father: Each of you must decide. I do not want to decide your life for you. It is your life, after all. I made my own decision for my life so you must do the same. Have you committed your life? Raise your hands if you have.

From the center, we must push out completely on both sides. I want you to know that I will not remain in the United States all the time. I may go away somewhere. I came to America for the sake of the world; now I can go back to Korea to save my own country. Of course, I will leave behind millions of people in America who will commit their lives, as I have. But I cannot abandon Korea much longer; I will go back.

The time will come for you to lose your Moses, but Moses has to go Moses' destiny. Moses has a mission for Moses to fulfill. I will not leave this country until such people as those generals and admirals, those new heavenly soldiers, are dedicated to guiding America and saving the world That is the foundation I am making now; I will fulfill that mission before I leave here.

Do you feel that without our work, this world will perish? We must be responsible for this world-do you feel that to the bone? You haven't known my strategy. I have initiated 250 IOWC's around the country, moving around from state to state, and now they are settling down. They are becoming the fortresses of our movement, linking us to the established Christian churches. Everything has been worked out.

While I was fighting my legal battle, I also created the NCCSA, the mobile IOWC, and so forth. You didn't know why. Even now you don't know many of the things I am doing. Therefore don't try to say, "I should know everything before I move," because you would never move in that case. You must move, then find out.

We are also going to unite people on a worldwide basis. The PWPA, a fine intellectual organization, is in every country. Also the World Media Organization will link together media people around the world. Furthermore, a new magazine project affiliated with the Washington Times will be published for the purpose of education of the world. I want to create a magazine that professors would be proud of; at the same time, it should be something which students would want to keep, like an encyclopedia.

This is, in a way, our heavenly cultural revolution on the worldwide basis. You didn't realize this. You must listen to what I say, follow the directions I give you and pray hard, crying out to God. In the meantime, everything will be accomplished step by step. When you go out to meet the ministers, sometimes they will treat you with scorn. But then you must cry more and go out again. Continue to do that. It is much more exciting to turn around those ministers who were opposed to you. You feel a great sense of triumph.

America is a tremendous challenge; therefore, I feel great excitement at the prospect of taming this country and turning it around. That is manly work, truly masculine work. All you men should harbor that kind of ambition. You women have the job of supporting and applauding the men as they go out to fight. When the men are defeated, you have to cry.

Today is my birthday but you are keeping me here for such a long time-you cruel people! You said you have committed your lives, didn't you? For what mission? For the sake of God and humanity. My mission is the same- for God and humanity. That is because Satan is holding humanity.

Noah made that kind of decision himself. Abraham made that decision; he was willing to sacrifice his own son for the sake of God's will. The beauty of that sacrifice was the obedience of Isaac, who never rebelled but accepted his fate at the hands of his father. That was true father/son unity in faith and through that Abraham was given the honor of becoming the father of faith.

Suppose Isaac had said, "Dad, what are you trying to do to me? Go get that lamb and kill it. How can you be so cruel? I will run away." If Isaac had run away, Abraham's family would never have come into being. Thus they truly committed their lives. Think about Jacob's life. He spent 21 long, hard years working in the land of Haran. Do you think he risked his life or not? He was deceived by his uncle 10 times. Moses stuck his neck out every day, from the time he left Egypt through the forty years in the wilderness. He was risking his life every day. God always works with people who commit their lives.

John the Baptist also stuck his neck out, initially. What about Jesus? Did he risk his life? He gave his life. Today Reverend Moon is risking his life and that is why God cannot leave me. God is always working with me. I have experienced six different jails. All together I have spent five years in jails. Now every time I move on, I go to greater challenges, the worldwide jail.

In 19761 proclaimed our march toward Moscow and the world laughed. But I was determined that even if I lose my life in Moscow, I shall march there. That was my decision. I want you to know that today, right now, your brothers and sisters are working underground in Moscow. Some of them arc in prison right now. How can I reject the road to the jail when my young people are suffering in jail themselves?

At one time I received a message from a member that he was sentenced to execution, at a certain time and date. When that hour came, I solemnly prayed and remembered that person in tears. I pledged to God, "With my hands, I shall liberate Moscow." I prayed for that brother and I told him spiritually, "Be bold and strong. Fear not for your death. I shall recover your body and bring it to Korea. In my will, I declare that you shall be buried in the same ground as the True Parents."

The Unification Church is not a fun place. If anybody has been mistreated, it is I; so l could be very cruel in return. But in the name of God, I decided to forgive and love in return. We sent a missionary to Red China eight years ago. We are opening those doors steadily through Japanese professors and so forth. Many people never even thought about such things, as they have been eating well and sleeping and doing what they wanted. But meanwhile, I have been doing all these things. The very rocks at Belvedere know more than you. I have shed so many tears at that Holy Rock.

American youth may not realize now, but I will awaken them. I want to give clear direction to American youth, even though I have to suffer in prison. I have no regrets to stay in this country in order to map the proper direction for America. You cannot give me any greater birthday gift than if even one hundred of you will make up your minds and say, "I shall follow precisely Father's path. I will walk this way unto my life for the sake of the other countries of this world. As Father has worked for America, I will work for the world."

If you American young people will come to that commitment, America will truly save the world. The world will survive and prosper. That is God's way, not only Reverend Moon's way and therefore you will never perish by going that way. You will prosper.

When Mr. Kamiyama was staying with me in prison, I gave him certain information that even the 36 couples never heard, because I could not know what sorts of dangers might be near. I told the whole truth to Mr. Kamiyama.

A very serious ceremony was held at Pledge Service this morning. I prayed for the unity between heaven and earth. I prayed for a highway between heaven and hell so that we could achieve total unification of humanity in the name of God and His true love. In January I gave you the goal of meeting with 120 ministers. Now you have to do it. Run after it and accomplish that goal. Will you do it?

The title of this sermon was "True Parents' Birthday." We do not have much more time today since I have many things to do before I leave. We don't know when we will see each other again but it doesn't really matter. You have received the message; you know your responsibility. I trust that each one of you will do it.

God is alive. That God wants to live with each one of you. You must think, "The living God is with me." Say it aloud, "God is alive. He is dwelling with me." Say it again. Therefore, be willing to do anything. Raise your hands and say, "Yes, Father!" God bless you.

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