The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1985

Creation Of The Fatherland And God's Day

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1985, Morning
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

The title of this morning's message is Creation of the Fatherland and God's Day. As you know, today is God's Day and at the same time New Year's Day. This is the eighteenth anniversary of God's Day.

If there had been no fall, God's Day would have been established first and then Parent's Day. Children's Day, and then Day of All Things. However, that order was reversed and God's Day was installed last. If there had been no fall, the first family-that of Adam and Eve- would have become the center of all things. God's Day, for example, would have been centered upon that family. The entire universal center would have been based upon Adam and Eve's family.

Adam and Eve's family was supposed to be the one central family in heaven and on earth, representing the ideal of God. God's nation and world would have been centered upon them. When Adam and Eve walked, that was supposed to represent the path that all of humankind was to walk. When Adam and Eve took a walk, don't you think that God would be interested in that? Wouldn't He want to go walking with them?

Think about God in terms of air. You cannot see air but it fills everything; there is no place without air. Air is composed of certain elements which can be analyzed scientifically, but God is like "super air" or spiritual air. He is more invisible and more free than air. For that reason God is truly ubiquitous, or everywhere.

Many people think that material things are solid but when one looks at them under an electron microscope there are great spaces between the molecules of that material.

The human body is a universe of cells. When you walk, you should think that the entire universe is walking and moving. Why would the whole universe be attracted to Adam and Eve when they took a walk? If Adam and Eve were united into one, walking as one entity, then the universe would pay attention to them. Everything in creation would say, "We want to go walking with them." That is because they can feel excited and joyful to be with Adam and Eve.

God is no exception. Why do you think God wants to walk together with Adam and Eve? Have you ever read anywhere in the Bible that God says, "I love money."'? Have you read anywhere in the Bible where God said, "What I need is knowledge."? Or "I need power."'? Certainly not. Those things are not important to God because He already has all that He needs. By the same token. He could create more of them, as much as He might want.

Money, power and knowledge are valuable only as tools in the consummation of love. They were never meant to be our goals or our purpose in life. What is the one thing that God has been desperately searching after? It is true love

Where does true love come from? It can never be fulfilled by yourself alone. It must come to you through the opposite sex. Love flows from the object, through your give and take. Your duty is to give and then love comes to you from others. That is the dynamic of love. Thus we have to serve and live for the sake of others.

As you know, God is the Creator and we are His created beings. But even God needs an object with which to fulfill His love. Without the give and take action of love, God Himself cannot fulfill His love. For that reason, the position of human beings is equally important to that of God's. The object is just as important as the subject.

Think of it: God created Adam and Eve for the sake of love and they were His most lovely, charming creatures. Where would God want to take them-to hell or to heaven? Certainly God would want to take them to the highest possible heavenly throne. Do you think that God would want to sit upon His heavenly throne and look at His creatures, saying, "Adam and Eve, you are so lowly, don't come near me! Go outside and just bow down to me. ''Would God say that?

No, God would say, "Adam and Eve, my beloved ones, please come here. Sit right beside me and let me embrace you." He would want Adam to be on His right side and Eve on His left, with perfect freedom to turn around in any position. Turned in one direction, Adam would be in the front; in the other direction, Eve would be in the front. They can turn in any direction but they will always be one. There is no real value difference between Adam and Eve.

God is a being with dual essentialities. Adam represents one characteristic and Eve represents the other. By uniting together, they can represent the complete image of God. That is why God wants to bring them together into one. He knew that Adam would grow up to become a handsome man. Adam's heart would start pulsating and he would naturally want to reach out for love.

Eve was destined to grow up, too, and become a teenager with the capacity to feel love. She would look at Adam and think, "I used to think of him as just my elder brother, but somehow my heart is beating faster. Why is that'! Something is happening."

Look at God's universe as His museum: everything within it expresses an aspect of His love. How wonderful a Creator we have! Now you know about the true love of God. Does it sound like a good thing for a family to enter into that love of God and dwell forever in it? Not only families but also nations want to dwell in that love. The entire world wants to enter into and dwell forever in that kind of love. All things in the universe, from God all the way down to the smallest level of the creation, want to dwell in the state of true love.

Therefore the most important doctor of all is the doctor of true love. Who is that true love doctor.' God is that doctor, along with the True Parents. No matter where you go with true love. whether to the lowliest dirty places or among the hungry, everybody will say yes to true love. There is only one entity who will say no and that is Satan. He is the only one who doesn't want to be around true love.

Are you becoming good students of true love? Even those who are just thinking about true love are on God's side. All of those who are actively pursuing true love are on God and the creation's side-the side of the universe. In fact, even those who are fighting over the subject of true love are still on God's side. Those who don't care about true love are on Satan's side.

When you wear the same shoes all day long, they give off a strong odor when you remove them at night, don't they? That is particularly true of men. You women, when your husband comes home from a long, hard day of work and he takes off his shoes and socks, it smells like the devil, right? Will you say to him, "Get out of my sight! I can't stand it!"? Or are you able to kiss that smelly toot'? With true love, you can even do that. That's why true love is a mysterious power. God works in mysterious ways and true love creates mysterious tastes.

Now we have come to understand the law of the universe, the principle by which God operates. Life here on earth is the training ground for true love. That is what this life is all about. That's why the Unification Church is teaching people to live for the sake of others, to go out and work for the sake of the world. By giving love unconditionally to the world, you will receive the entire world to yourself.

This is why Jesus taught people to love their enemies. By doing that, people can perfect their love. By perfecting your love, you will become one with the entire universe. The earthly life is your training ground. Once you have perfected your love here, you can go to spirit world and have unlimited freedom of movement. You will live harmoniously in the eternal world of spirit forever. That is the way God designed this world; that is God's original ideal.

However, because of the fall of man, that beautiful ideal has been shattered into pieces. Instead of becoming God's children, men and women transferred their lineage to Satan. People received the satanic blessing and became satanic children. That is the most tragic thing that Could have happened. Everything has been occupied by Satan.

The pillar of love was supposed to be the central pillar of the Kingdom of Heaven; instead hatred became the pillar of the Kingdom of Hell. Somebody has to come to unwind all the wrong doings of mankind and restore them.

God is the one v ho has been searching after the fulfillment of true love, agonizing day in and day out. I want you to know how brokenhearted God has been. When He looks at this universe which He created, the universe which was supposed to be His museum of true love, He sees that it has been plundered and filled with hatred and conflict.

Perhaps some person would say to God, "Why don't You just destroy the world? You are almighty and You have all the power You need. You could just wipe out mankind and start over again." In other words, God has all the power in the universe, so what is the problem? Perhaps that person would also say, "I will be the one to fulfill where Adam and Eve failed; I will be a hundred times more powerful than they were, more powerful than the fallen angels. I will not betray You." What do you think God would answer to that?

On the other hand, suppose some person tells God, "I can cleanse this world. You don't have to wipe out mankind. I have a stronger love than anyone and I will liquidate all of Satan's power." God will certainly tell such a person, 'My son, go right ahead! My son, do your will. I will assist you with all the power at my disposal."

In such a case, that son is in an even greater position than God, in a way. Why is that? When God first created the universe and humankind, He was doing it purely out of joy. But today in the fallen world there is no lasting joy, only broken-heartedness. Under such circumstances, when someone can transform the world into heaven, that work is indeed greater than the original work of creation. The person who is thinking about that kind of thing is the Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

Therefore, that work has become the ideal and challenge of the Unification Church. We are not here to search after joy or to experience greater joy. No, this world has no lasting joy; it is full of despair and hopelessness. In a situation of despair we want to exercise our faith and loyalty and with that power transform the world into a truly joyful world. Have you committed yourself to restoring true love or are you just thinking about doing it?

When you are really pushing yourself, single-mindedly dedicated to your mission and exercising your faith, loyalty and true love, then Satan has no power to keep up with you.

You must realize that a typhoon is blowing out there. You can't just sit around and relax. There isn't time for that. The work of God has been the work of recreation. Fallen man is being recreated into perfected man, perfected families. perfected clans and tribes, perfected nations and world. God's will is to create a new breed of humanity, new men and women.

A major problem of this world is disunity among the five different colors of skin-the racial barriers of the world. But Reverend Moon is the one who is uniting all the races into one in true love. Those who have participated in the Holy Weddings, raise your hands' please. Imagine how shocked and dismayed Satan must feel to see all those hands going up. Satan has to declare an emergency. He has been working for many thousands of years to achieve division among people according to race or religion. He has created division between heaven and earth, between spirit world and physical world. He has been very successful in achieving division on every level.

But all of a sudden, a new group called Moonies came along, making holes in all of Satan's barriers like little worms. They have been going around everywhere. just eating up those barriers. The Moonies are like caterpillars- they have a strong bite, capable of chewing any walls and laying eggs everywhere. Those eggs are true love eggs.

The Moonies make a hole and create a transparent true love window. Then Satan comes along and tries to go through that window but he bumps against it. He can't get through. Moonies are not stopped by any barriers; they can go anywhere-Germany, England, Africa. South America-without any limitations.

Satan is looking at the work of the Moonies and is totally dismayed. All his work of thousands of years is breaking down around him. "What can I do?," he wails, and he is becoming more and more desperate and frantic. Finally, Reverend Moon was put into jail, which is the hell of the United States and Satan thought, "Now I can breathe for a little while!" But all of a sudden he sees that a big hole is being chewed in the prison. In fact, there are holes everywhere in the prison!

But the Moonies are not standing still or stopping there. When they have dug a hole large enough for one person, they say, "That hole is not big enough. Let's have two people going out at the same time." Then they make that true love hole bigger and bigger.

People are going through those true love holes, holding the hands of their spouses. Will they look at their partner all of a sudden and say, "Oh no, you are not like me! You are white and I am black."? Would they even have time to do such a thing? There is no such distinction as white, black, or yellow in the Unification Church because everybody is the same "Moonie color." Furthermore, when people are going through that hole of true love they have to close their eyes so they can move like bullets.

So far we have created true love holes around the world that are large enough for families to get through. But the hole digging process is not finished. We have to return to our hometowns. All our ancestors and our tribes are waiting for us to make a big enough hole so that they can all come through.

The United States is one nation: we are digging one big hole for the people of this country to pass through. Our people will grow in numbers by leaps and bounds and once we reach that point, nothing will be impossible for God. When we have that much strength and influence. even if we don't have our own nation, East Garden will be filled with lines of prominent people coming from all around the world, trying to meet with the True Parents, asking for their advice. That is because we can literally save the world-spiritually and physically.

What is the Fatherland? The Fatherland is the place where true love can dwell and make its permanent home. It is the Fatherland of true love. In Korea we have already come up to the level that they would not have survived without having had Reverend Moon's leadership and aid. The time has come to reach that level in Japan. Soon the time will come that, even though I am now in prison, the United States will be no exception.

Thus we want to see the creation of the Fatherland, centered upon true love. In order to make that happen, we celebrate God's Day. This is the meaning of this celebration. Do you Moonies love me? Does it make any difference that I am in prison? The True Parents are the holders of the Moonies' milk, the mother's milk. I want you to be proud. You are not ordinary people; you are the new breed.

Why do we need one physical Fatherland? It is because the Moonies can travel all over the world, but not Reverend Moon himself. I am too busy and there are so many negative forces out there trying to block my advancement. They certainly don't want Reverend Moon to come to their own countries. But then once we have our own territory, our Fatherland, it will be a sovereign nation and they will have to deal with it. They will have to have relations with that nation, they will have to have diplomacy and trade with it. This one land will be different, however, because it will be centered upon true love. Love will be everything in that land.

This world will not be made into one by conquest, infiltration or aggression but only by true love. The ideal world and the ideal of God will be fulfilled when the Fatherland of true love is declared. There you will find the spiritual parents and the physical parents coming together. There you will find your permanent Fatherland, regardless of your origins, race, skin color and so forth.

Are you Moonies ready to follow me all the way? Perhaps I will not live too long. what about that? For that bond, we need a Fatherland, one territory where we can all settle and feel at home.

If there had been no fall of man, the creation of the Fatherland centering upon true love would have happened automatically. But because of the fall, it has been lost and never regained. When Christianity came out of Israel, the giant Roman Empire tried to block the spread of Christianity but it couldn't do it. Of course, Christianity had to pay the price. Today the Unification Church is being blocked by many negative forces out there, but they will not succeed.

The United States is a powerful nation with influence all over the world, but there are many anti-U.S. forces shouting "Yankee, go home!" I want you to understand that nowhere will people shout "Moonie, go home." Instead they will write on the walls and shout. "Moonie, welcome!" And they will erect statues of Moonies everywhere. But when they want to welcome the Moonies, there won't be enough Moonies to go around. Thus they will have to come to where the Moonies are.

You will see. Your families-your parents, brothers and sisters who have been opposing you all this time- will turn around and follow you. They will say, "Let me go with you to your church."

When I entered Danbury prison, I entered as the leader of the Unification Church; but when I come out, I will come out as a spiritual leader of the entire world. Thus I still have an uphill battle to complete; I have not yet been set free. I have come out to see you on this day, but the battle still remains to be finished.

You don't have to go to Danbury but you have to create your own Danbury. I actually created my situation at Danbury. I didn't have to go there but I willingly took on the challenge. Danbury is like a giant ship from which I can drop the anchor of universal love.

I am in Danbury because that is the shortest cut to build the Fatherland of love. I knew the ideal world of God was coming and I wanted to hasten that day. Even though my body is here speaking to you today, my mind is still in Danbury because my mission is still there. That is the hellish place. When I make a big spiritual hole in Danbury, the whole nation will be shaken. The conscience of America and the world shall be shaken. Then we will no longer have to witness on the individual level. Instead we will bring them in nation by nation. One nation after another will be restored.

My sermon today is entitled, 'Creation of the Fatherland and God's Day." This is to remind you that our goal on God's Day is to pledge ourselves to championing the creation of the Fatherland of true love. Today my pledge to you and my command to you is this: We have two primary barriers, one of which is the spiritual and the other is the physical. You are fighting against the physical barrier of America and I am fighting against the spiritual barrier of America. Danbury hill is the ultimate showdown place.

Danbury is the place to unite; it is the place where we can break down all the existing walls and barriers between the physical battle and the spiritual one. When we tear all those barriers down and unite them at Danbury, that is the dawning day of the Fatherland of love.

I want you to understand that the barriers between mind and body at the tall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden have not been rectified during all this time. We have come to the point where we are going to break down that most fundamental barrier as well and bring them together, whole men and women, totally united under God in true love. That is the challenge ahead of us in 1985.

You are going to be the victorious troops who are going to break down all the spiritual and physical barriers. We will never bring down those barriers by power or money or knowledge, or by any other physical force. No amount of military power can do it. Our only weapon is the God-given one of true love. With the power of true love alone we can break down the barriers.

For the goal of the creation of this ideal-breaking down the barriers and the creation of the Fatherland of true love-the members of the Unification Church all over the world are marching forward to victory. Amen! Amen! Amen!

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