The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Prayer of Blessing for 250 NCCSA Trucks

Sun Myung Moon
July 12, 1984
East Garden

Loving Father,

We thank You for remembering our movement and working on earth throughout history for the protection of Your children.

We also thank You for remembering the pitiful Korean people. How long have You been suffering in order to educate Your children in Korea to honor eternally the names of the True Parents of the cosmos? Throughout history this people has been a worthless, miserable one who did not deserve even Your sympathetic love; but You remembered the sacrificial blood of its past generations, came down to share its misery, and enabled it to become a nation with five thousand years of history behind it.

You have called, guided and pushed me since my childhood. You have suffered so much to arrive at this time, the apex of Your providence. Thank You for Your protection along my rugged path. Your suffering has always been greater than mine. Through difficulties and disappointments You have always sent people to support and even protect me.

America has been called to work as the central nation for the worldwide providence; but is failing to fulfill that mission because Christianity, which was supposed to guide this nation, did not have a strong enough foundation. I thank You again for Your concern for America's situation, and for sending me to this land more than ten years ago. Thank You for letting me come to have today such a secure foundation, after overcoming many stormy ordeals and marching incessantly forward to expand Your foothold on the earth.

The Unification movement has become something that neither America nor Christianity can continue to despise. I know that American democracy came into existence to help Christianity unite with the Unification movement, and to expand this unity into the worldwide Cain-Abel relationship. Father, now You witness Christian ministers, united with the Unification Church, leading the battle for religious liberty which can awaken all Americans! ask You to here exert Your power of re-creation, to better prepare the environment, and to enable us to transform this world into one over which You will have dominion forever.

In order to prepare for such a time we created NCCSA. Now is the moment in history when we can pour gasoline on dry firewood and set it ablaze. My court case has become the rallying point for people concerned with religious liberty. Therefore, in order that we not lose this chance, but use it for uniting the Unification movement, this American nation, and world Christianity, we have purchased 250 trucks, upon which I ask Your blessing.

Whenever any of those 250 trucks represented by this one here appears on a highway, or in a city, let it be surrounded by Your mysterious power. Let the young drivers be welcomed not only by the mountains, streams, flowers and trees, but also let all the people meeting these trucks and drivers be overwhelmed with joy and united to establish Your kingdom of heart on this continent. Then, let this country have a unified religious community. Let them wave the flag of one united world, and become champions who satisfy Your will and thereby heal the bitter suffering which You have endured throughout history. Let them march forward together toward one world under God.

Please be with each of these trucks wherever they may go. The drivers may very often have to work despite physiological or environmental difficulties. They need Your protection so that they can proudly show all that You are truly with this movement. Father, may those who operate these trucks praise You, respect You, love You, enjoy the world of heart, discuss Your heart with everyone they meet, and distribute not only foodstuffs but also Your blessing, Your heart, and Your gifts.

Father, please place Your hand in blessing upon the entire system starting now with this program. We are working also on getting 250 mobile homes. Please help those working on this project to be united into one, forming a pipeline for the distribution of foodstuffs and spiritual nutrition to people in need, and to fulfill their missions as ones sent by You.

Father, I thank You for receiving my prayer over this truck, representing the 250, on this day when we also celebrate the birthdays of both Kook Jin and Sun Jin. I offer You everything in this prayer in the names of the True Parents. Amen. 

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