The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Prayers On May 20, 1984

Sun Myung Moon
Translated by Jin Soo Kyung

Father and Mother passing on their blessing to all brothers and sisters in Belvedere, toward the end of the Sunday service, on May 20, 1984.

Sunday Speech

Loving Father,

Today is May 20, 1984, but actually it is to be considered one with May 16, when, at 12:54 a.m., I declared the Day of the Love of God. Through the unity on the family level expressed then at East Garden, today can be connected with that day of historical declaration.

Heavenly Father, please come and dwell amongst us now.

Because of the unity between True Parents on earth and Heavenly Father, Heung Jin, and Jesus in the spirit world, all 120 nations in the spirit world and all 120 nations on earth now have the right to resurrection.

Due to satanic love, we lost the sovereignty of God. But now, at this historical peak of Tang Gam, centering on the love of True Parents and the love of God, we restore this lost historical heritage and are able to declare the Day of the Love of God.

Oh God! Oh earth! I proclaim that we stand united in the Shim Jung territory, with one mind and one ideal. May God, True Parents, True Children, and all Blessed Families be united centered on the sovereignty of God's love. Let us form one heritage and march forward together.

May this day be one of great dignity. Please accept this declaration, in which I proclaim the Day of the Love of God in the name of God and True Parents.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Candle Ceremony

Loving Heavenly Father,

I declare that today is the Day of God's Love. This is a sign of victory, that this candle will never be extinguished. May this light reflect everywhere the love of True Parents and the love of God.

Wherever this candle burns may the family be united, and may that family have peace, connecting with the sovereignty of Your love through this light.

This candle will be able to prevent the power of darkness, to prevent all that is improper, and to protect from the shadow of discord whoever holds this light; please, allow this candle to become a candle of the victory of holiness.

Also whoever loves this candle, wherever the special prayer is given, may they be united with True Parents, with the world of spirit and the world of body, under the governance of Your love.

I initiate the Ae Chun Candle in order to connect the everlasting future history with Your glory. Therefore until the Kingdom of Heaven is established I bless them (all those who hold these candles] in order that they may succeed. I declare all this in the name of the True Parents.

Amen. Amen. Amen. 

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