The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Parents Day 1984

Sun Myung Moon
April 1, 1984

Father spoke to representative couples and church leaders. not to the general membership.

Col. Pak: Father asked me to read this letter of revelation which was received from Korea. Recently, a series of revelations have been coming; this is number 14. The letter was written to Mother.

Dear Mother: This revelation was given by God through the angels on March 25, 1984, from 9:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. The representative angel spoke in the name of True Parents and his name is M.K.L. God is sending His spiritual waves. He is saying, please receive and record this:

"My dear, beloved Unification children, for so many thousands of years I did not have a foundation on earth. But no because of True Parents, I can communicate and have a foundation. Oh, joy! With every 365 days, the dispensation is being consummated. I would truly like to be with you; I miss you and love you very much."

God declared, "My joy is the True Parents on earth, who came to restore the relationship between true children and Heavenly Father. Without their contribution, there could be no joy and no foundation. Now the time has come for everyone to become true children of the True Parents. For this reason and upon this foundation, Parents Day has been installed. On this joyful day, we are gathered together in celebration. There were so many tears, so much agony, in order to restore this day of joy. However, even after this restoration, why is there so much chaos and confusion in our world? And why, even within the Unification Church, is there so much disunity and commotion?"

God is showing His displeasure and saying, "There are many seeds of complaint which will bear fruit in an evil way, and many of the members will be hurt."

For a while God was silent. Then He said, "Because of lack of faith, the realm of indirect dominion will become more invaded by Satan. It is not easy to come to earth; earth is like a desert and the time which passes here is a most bitter period. Only because of the Blessing of Heung Jin, is direct dominion now being attempted. In spirit world there is now law and order; certain discipline is now established. True Parents have become the forefathers to mankind on earth and they have liberated me from agony caused by Satan. The accomplishment of restoration of history is so tremendous; I want to shout out three cheers. Upon the eternal foundation of the dispensation, those who are blessed by the True Parents are my children. In your life, you should not be in the position only to pay indemnity. You should not live that way anymore, with indemnity always coming upon you."

The medium asked, "What do you mean, God, when you say that?"

The angel said to me, "I still have no clear understanding about that. It is to facilitate the way of the restoration."

God said, "Although you children of mine think you are following the way of filial piety and loyalty, I can divide you into two primary groups. The first group is composed of those who are falling apart, due to faithlessness; you are becoming the victims of faithlessness. The other group is those who are standing upon absolute faith, going strong and bold with faith. When faithlessness prevailed during the time of Moses, Moses struck the rock twice -- and because of that, he could not see the completion of the return to Canaan. By the same token, Unification children could be in that position. Without understanding True Parents' enormous responsibility, you should not be in the position to strike the rock twice -- that is, to fault the True Parents. Do you know how difficult it is to be the Lord of the Second Advent, to come and fulfill that responsibility? You have no idea how difficult that mission is. The eternal truth is such that parents always try to suffer for the sake of their children; and children want to suffer themselves in order to help their parents to become happy and comfortable."

Then I saw a certain group of people among those who are following the True Parents and who are blessed by them. These people are leveling certain accusations and criticisms about the things the True Parents are doing, the method they are using to lead. How can you say that is the true way of life for the true children on earth? I am deeply agonized over such a situation. In order to unite the entire world, you must have a complete philosophy or world view, which is Unificationism.

Then God said through the angel, "True Parents' mission is so extraordinary and there is so much ground to cover, that they are absolutely busy accomplishing their task. Even if none of you follow them, I and the True Parents together will consummate that task. However, as long as humanity needs salvation, how can you not follow the path of True Parents? Now True Parents have been installed here on earth and four of the True Children have been blessed. All of them have been elevated to the True Parents' level. There are many Blessed children who have also been elevated to the parents' level. Now, from the individual level, to the family level, to the society level, national and worldwide level, we have such a tremendous foundation of love. We are now ready to move forward to the ultimate goal of fulfillment. True Father's mission is very lonely and difficult. Not only can he not look after you, but he doesn't even have the time to take care of Mother or the True Children. Some of you may criticize the True Children -- some of them do not speak Korean or do not seem to have achieved spiritual maturity. But these things do not mean that True Parents' family deserves accusation; not at all. The solutions for any problems in the True Family, if any are needed, will be achieved by me, in consultation with the True Parents. As Blessed members of the Unification Church, you should be united and support such solutions. Use wisdom, as well.

Mother has always fulfilled her dispensational role of following Father's path absolutely. However, after the ascension of Heung Jin, Mother was in deep agony due to the human pain of losing her son so prematurely. Father was concerned, in a way, about Mother; but he was able to embrace her with his deep love.

The United States must liberate True Parents through this court battle. By doing so, they will show that the fallen angelic world is restored to the side of God. America will become a nation that will show the rest of the world the path of restoration, in the name of God and the True Parents. This is America's opportunity at this time -- to give the True Father total vindication.

True Parents have united the three ages -- the Old Testament era, the New Testament era, and the Completed Testament era. Therefore, you must now offer yourself to True Parents and be ready to be a total offering for the fulfillment of this unity. There is one point of which we must be careful. As long as Hoon Sook, the wife of Heung Jin, lives here on the earth, she must maintain her absolute purity and live up to the standards of purity of the Completed Testament era. There must be no departures in this realm from absolute, God-centered history. This is the most important condition for Hoon Sook.

Some of the personalities from the Old Testament era will want to be saved by making a relationship with Hoon Sook. Certain mediums or spiritualists may be in the position to mislead Hoon Sook. However, True Father has indemnified all need for any sort of hidden dispensations; everything can be clearly understood. And Hoon Sook must maintain absolute purity here on earth."

Col Pak: Father is now giving us some further explanation of the spirit world. Those people who lived in the Old Testament era know that a new dispensation is unfolding on the earth now; they want to take advantage of it, so they will always try to use people on earth to elevate themselves. In this particular case, Heung Jin Nim is in the spirit world, with only his spiritual body. Hoon Sook Nim is here on earth, so she still has her physical body. Somebody could possibly approach Hoon Sook Nim and say, "You must fulfill the condition here on the earth of the heavenly four positions. I am in the position of representing Heung Jin Nim so you should unite with me, physically." Such an effort could be made by someone to entice Hoon Sook Nim.

In the Old Testament era, there was a certain Jewish custom which allowed a man to take the wife of his brother, if the brother died. In fact, that living brother had an obligation to unite physically with his dead brother's wife so that she could bear a child and that family's lineage could continue. In the special case of Tamar, she took it upon herself to unite physically with her father-in-law, in order to bear a child. This kind of irregularity was permitted in the Old Testament era. However, now that we are in the Completed Testament era, the live Parents have totally indemnified history, so none of these irregularities is necessary. If anybody were to approach Hoon Sook Nim with an enticement of this sort, his motivations would be absolutely evil and totally removed from God's way. Those who are following the True Parents must have no confusion along these lines; that is why this advice is being given at this time.

The revelation continues:

"The True Parents must be working with the three periods -- Adam's era, Jesus' era, and the Lord of the Second Advent's era; they must unite these eras, both internally and externally. That will become the backbone of world restoration. That has been fulfilled by the True Parents; so now you, my children, must bring faith and life to the world. Where there is conflict, forgive with love. Where there is division, you must unite upon the dispensation and the will of God. Where there is despair, give hope.

Parents Day is now celebrated. Those four couples of the True Parents' family who have received the Blessing must be totally centered upon the True Parents. Also, all the members of the Unification Church must be centered upon these four Blessed couples in order to go over this dispensational hill. The Messiah came to the earth and achieved the victory of installing the True Parents. The entire world has come against this foundation, trying to deter the forward march of the True Parents. However, by the year of 1985 the opposition will subside. That will be a time for decisive victory. Centered upon the True Parents, you will become the heavenly race of true children, united into one. You will have one final hill to go over on the worldwide level. The victory will be achieved and the greatest difficulties will have subsided by 1985."

Then God raised His arms and said further, "Today is Parents Day, created upon the goodness of the True Parents and the True Children. For eternity and evermore, you shall be blessed within me. You shall serve and attend the True Parents in absolute loyalty."

Then God went into His throne. This is the end of the revelation.

This was given on March 25, 1984, through the representative angel, M.K.L.

Father Begins To Speak:

When you hear such a report through this letter, you can understand that spirit world works in such a precise and specific way. In many cases, those of you living here on earth may have a distant relationship with the things I tell you. But those in spirit world are actually living the principles I speak about in their everyday existence. If there had been no fall, the earth would have been the first place of fulfillment; however, things were reversed because of the fall. I want you to understand that you are in a sacred and awesome place at this time.

When people join the Unification Church, you come with your own worldly interests and understanding. There has been a huge gap between God's will and dispensation and man's response for many thousands of years; man's thoughts and actions have been far from God's will. Put yourself in the position of the people of spirit world. They cannot find their completion in the realm of spirit; they must go through actions on the earth. Imagine the difficult process those people must go through. Also, they know that only through attendance of the True Parents on earth can perfection in spirit world be achieved. Imagine what those people in spirit world would do if they could come back to earth physically. How totally dedicated they would be to serve the True Parents, because they really know the dispensation!

If such a person had his own physical body once again, how much would he use it -- his hands, his legs, his whole body -- in order to unite with and win the heart of the True Parents. That is the great motivation and desire of the people in spirit world. How much more should you feel that desire, those of you in the position to serve the True Parents on the earth? You must feel that, no matter what, you will not compromise on the standard the True Parents are teaching. You must not think, "I will do things my way." You must be absolutely united, under the will and direction of the True Parents. You should think, "There is no such thing as my own will."

From left: Jin Whi Nim with Shin Goon Nim, Jin Sung Nim, Hyo Jin Nim, Hyun Jin Nim, and Kook Jin Nim.

The Realm Of Parents

You know the amount of sacrifice that was paid by the thousands of years of Christian history, in order to make this era possible. There are two types of people within the Unification Church. There are those who are self-centered, thinking about primarily themselves; and those whose thinking is God- centered. The angel from God is warning us of this fact. You must realize the extraordinary and sacred nature of your position.

This is the 25th celebration of Parents Day. On May 1, we are going to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the Unification Church. In the Asian tradition, each month is divided into two seasons; therefore, each year is composed of 24 seasons. The numbers 12 and 24 are quite important in the spiritual realm. Each of the 12 months has its two faces, or seasons, which are included within the 365 days of the year. Also, the number 36 is significant. The three families of Adam, Noah, and Jesus multiplied by 12 produces the number 36.

The number six came to be a satanic number because that number was stolen by the fall of man. What Satan actually stole was the heavenly four position foundation. So six times four equals 24, the number of the seasons of the year. We mix together the heavenly and the satanic numbers and in the process we are restoring them.

There are three primary worlds -- the free world, the communist world and the heavenly world. The free world is primarily centered upon Christianity; communism is centered upon atheism; and the Unification Church is the center of the heavenly world. The free world represents Abel or the unfallen archangel; the communist world represents the fallen archangel; and the Unification Church represents the realm of parents. Therefore, the mission of the Unification Church is to bring unity between Cain and Abel -- the communist world and the free world. That is the mission of the parents and only the parents can direct that unity.

The history of religion has been the history of the consummation of the Abel-type world. The Abel world is equivalent to the archangelic world without the fall. The communist world represents the Cain world, or the fallen archangelic world. This world is the final fruit of the fallen realm.

Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, and Absolute Responsibility

How can we accomplish this goal of unity? There must be a certain process by which we can do it. That process involves the Abel world, from the individual, family, and other levels, subjugating the Cain world on every level and thus restoring the birthright of the elder son. Otherwise we cannot restore the heavenly individual, family, tribe, nation and world. These must be restored from the existing world. (In other words, the existing world must be restored into the heavenly world.) In order to restore this fallen world, we must apply the same principles by which God created Adam and Eve and expected them to achieve their perfection. Those principles are ones of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute responsibility.

The fall resulted in the loss of that absolute faith and love and the failure to fulfill that absolute responsibility. Therefore, the absolute restoration cannot be assisted by God until man reaches a certain level. We cannot even pray to God before fulfilling a certain amount of responsibility. We must fight and struggle to win certain goals in order to be accepted by God. Since we pray without attaining that position, our prayers are actually going to the angelic world; we are really asking for angelic help.

Jesus came and then ascended into Heaven; since then he has been fulfilling the role of the archangel. For that reason, when Christians pray to Jesus they are actually receiving angelic help. Jesus was unquestionably the Son of God; but because a certain process was not completed, he had to take that archangelic role in spirit world. Thus all the prayers of Christians so far have not been able to go directly to God; they have had to go through the angelic realm.

God Is No Longer Helpless

The time we are living in today is different; God is no longer helpless because enough foundation has been laid by the True Parents, from the archangel's level, to the adopted son's, to the true son's level. Now God is in the position to intervene in this world. When the Cain, communist world moves to slay Abel, the free world, God will not have to stand back and watch. Why is this age so different? It is because we are living in the age when enough indemnity has been paid by the True Parents for the archangel, adopted son, and true children's realm through the family level dispensation. In other words, the heavenly family has laid a strong enough foundation for God to claim it and use it as a "handle" to work in the world; God is no longer helpless.

So far, the opposition against me has been complete; the free world, including Christianity, and the communist world have all come against me. Even under those circumstances, I moved forward step by step to win the victory. I have paid enough indemnity that we can now exercise a certain sanction against the Cain world. Realistically speaking, the Abel world represented by the United States is in the position to fear being slain by the Cain world, represented by the communist world. Only through unity with the True Parents can this nation have hope.

My court battle can be compared with the crucifixion of Jesus. But at the time of Jesus' crucifixion, everything fell into division -- his own disciples and supporters, Rome and Israel. At the time of this crucifixion, however, the Abel world, particularly Christianity, is uniting centered upon the True Parents. This is different from Jesus' time. Forty different organizations and individuals, representing many millions of Americans, as well as American Christianity, have given their support to my court battle. Furthermore, the U.S. government has come to the point where it cannot overcome its spiritual deadlock without the guidance and blessing of the messiah. The Unification Church is in the position to make things happen within this country.

What is our mission then? First of all, we must realize that Satan still has his roots within two main areas -- the individual and the nation. Satan will always use the power of the individual or the power of the state; whenever he tries to oppose me, he uses the interests of the individual or the national interests. Those are the motivations behind the persecution directed against me.

The individual can always be used by Satan because people are self-centered. Satan's way to work is to manipulate an individual or a nation to become an enemy of God's champion. How can the Unification Church conquer this evil? That is the most crucial question we must answer today. God must be the center of any ideology which will become subject over all others. Centered upon God, we will have one nation. The God-centered individual should be a part of that God-centered nation. Therefore the individual will be in the position to represent God as well as the God-centered nation. Thus the very concept of "I" or the individual already would include the presence of God and God's nation and world. The individual's very existence would be based upon those realities.

From left: Neon Jin Nim, Un Jin Nim, Sun Jin Nim, In Jin Nim, Jeung Jin Nim, and Ye Jin Nim.

Unity Between The Four Dispensational Nations

In this special period of three years, we must bring unity between the four dispensational nations -- Korea, the Adam nation; Japan, the Eve nation; the United States, the archangel nation; and Germany, the Cain nation. These four must unite beyond any national boundaries; but these four nations have enemy relationships among themselves. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve became enemies; Cain and Abel were enemies; the archangel and mankind were enemies. Thus, as you can see, from the Divine Principle point of view, we are trying to restore and unite those four positions on the national and worldwide levels. Satan has said, "As long as there are enemy countries, sharing animosities among each other, I will claim those nations. They are obviously my children." As soon as Satan sees a self-centered person, he recognizes his own characteristics and he claims that person. The only power strong enough to unite these four nations is that of the love of God and the love of True Parents. Therefore, your position is to be more proud of the love of God and the love of True Parents than of anything else in the world.

Actually, the love of God and the love of True Parents are one love. This has been installed upon the family foundation; God's direct dominion has been brought to that level. Therefore, the Unification Church movement is the realization of the Kingdom of God on earth. Why was that possible? It is because there is total unity between God and True Parents -- their love is one. They laid the foundation within the True Family and they are expanding it to the worldwide level. Thus no power, including Satan's strongest power, can stop or control this victory.

Today we see that the four dispensational nations are being mixed together on the family level; the national and cultural barriers are being eliminated. Therefore, I am declaring that all the leaders of Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany must be united, centered not upon yourselves but upon the ideal I have described. Upon this internal foundation, I am reaching out to the entire world under the banner of Godism.

The communist world is very proud of their accomplishment; they have subjugated the individual as well as the state, totally without God. On the other hand, the True Parents, centered upon God and a universal ideal, have established that highest ideal. That is our pride. Thus the Unification Church today is in a position to proudly proclaim our accomplishment to the world. Unification Church individuals have been changed from being self-centered to being God-centered. From Satan's point of view, Moonies are superior, different people; he has to give us that credit. On the family level, Unificationists are superior again; this is obvious in comparison to secular families. The same is true of the Unification tribe; we maintain no boundaries, either racial or national. We are a tribe united under our common ideal. On the national level we are united as well, specifically between the four dispensational countries. This is obvious to the satanic forces. Therefore, Satan himself will have to admit that this movement will be the one to bring God's kingdom on the earth, based upon our tangible accomplishments.

A Time For Transition And Change

Working under so much opposition, Reverend Moon and the Unification Church have accomplished this much; how much more will we be able to do with popular support! This is the month of April, a time for transition and change. Do you think I am speaking the truth to you?

The Cain world is trying to slay the Abel world. The only entity capable of preventing that is the True Parents and God. Once people learn clearly about the True Parents and, through them, about God, there is hope for the salvation of the world. Liberation comes to our world only when you members truly represent God and the True Parents to the rest of the world. When people in the secular world come into contact with you, they are actually contacting the True Parents and God; thus salvation can come to them. Their original minds, like antennae, are pulled toward you.

I am speaking about this today, on Parents Day, April 1, 1984, because today is the day of the transfer from one level to another. Because of the ascension of Heung Jin, the spirit world and the physical world have become like twins. When the spirit world and physical world are united into one, the True Parents can emerge; True Parents can only be recognized when Cain and Abel are united. Heung Jin has brought the unity of spirit world and physical world. That is why we could declare the Creation and Building of the Fatherland as our slogan for 1984.

The spirit world was full of divisions and disharmony; however, after the Blessing of Heung Jin the barriers have been broken down so that people in spirit world cannot only communicate with each other, they can also communicate through channels to the physical world much more. Also as you know, the physical world is within the victorious realm of our True Parents; therefore, they can gain incredible blessing through Heung Jin. The heavenly principle is that whatever the parents achieve can be inherited by the children.

The spirit world and the physical world are internal and external twins now. Cain and Abel are united in the physical world under the True Parents; in the spirit world, Cain and Abel are united under Heung Jin. Because of the True Parents being on earth and Heung Jin being in spirit world, total harmony and unity between those two worlds can now become a reality.

Unity With the True Children's Families

The channel of command in spirit world is this: God, Heung Jin's family, and all the saints. Here on earth it is: True Parents, True Family, and Blessed couples. The four Blessed couples of the True Parents' children represent north, south, east and west. Thus the four directions of the world have been covered. In spirit world the families of Jesus and Heung Jin must be united; likewise, here on earth, you must be united with the True Children's families. The family of Jesus has been consummated. That Blessing came when the national level dispensation was accomplished. Heung Jin's Blessing came upon the foundation of the worldwide dispensational victory. Total unity has been accomplished in spirit world between Heung Jin's family and Jesus' family. By the same token, the True Parents' family and the Blessed couples must be totally united here on earth. Once that happens on earth, worldwide, unity with the True Parents is imminent.

Perhaps you have always been thinking, "I come from Germany," or Japan or Korea, but you must rid yourself of this thinking; it has no place within your mind. From now on, have only three points of reference in your mind: God, True Parents and their family, and yourself. We are creating one nation, composed of those elements. We all live under one principle and one tradition. That tradition is such that the individual lives for the sake of the family; the family lives for the sake of the clan; the clan lives for the sake of the society; the society lives for the sake of the nation; and the nation lives for the sake of the world. Unless you live this principle here on earth, you cannot be accepted into the citizenship of Heaven in spirit world; that world is organized under that system.

If there had been no fall, every person would have lived this way on earth and then would have entered perfected into spirit world. But for the first time since the fall, the True Parents have come and restored that situation so that people can live again, as if there had been no fall.

True Parents and Jeung Jin Nim.

The True Strength Of Our Movement

You must become a historical, worldwide individual. For example, our brother, David S.C. Kim, is in the position either to be recorded in history as just a good school president, or to make an impact upon the worldwide dispensation. The seminary will have a museum, full of those things which contributed to the progress of the seminary; but the museum of the world will contain those things which contributed to the worldwide dispensation. Even a school museum should contain certain items that contributed to the worldwide dispensation.

When you think about creating your own family museum, think about being able to include things which contributed to the worldwide dispensation; those will be the most precious items in your museum. When you say "treasure" it does not mean something which is valuable only to you, but it is something which benefits the entire world, all of humanity.

Many Unification Church members and leaders came to America from other countries and, as you know, I pushed you into suffering courses; sometimes your suffering was great. Today you must realize that I want to make you the museum pieces for the world's museum. Some people have minds of complaint about suffering. But today you must change your thinking. Don't even think that you are doing what you do because I directed you; you are doing it on your own. This is your restoration, your mission, your world, and your God -- that is the way you must think.

This is the time when we must do everything possible to show the true strength of the Unification Church. We want to show to the world the tree of love -- based upon the ideal of creation and the heavenly four positions. That tree of love will be an organism in which all the members are serving each other, from the leaves way up on top to the deepest roots. We must show to the world the phenomenon of the natural way of life.

Today, Parents Day, is the day for you to declare that you will accept God's orders to march toward the future. I want you to understand that the forces of heaven, from spirit world, are ready and eager to support you and protect you upon the fulfillment of one condition: that you are united with the True Parents, with the True Family, and with the true ideal of the True Parents. Upon that condition, the spirit world will surround and protect you, as much as the angelic world was to protect the people in the original Garden of Eden.

Regardless of your nationality -- Korean, Japanese, American, German or whatever; regardless of your leadership position -- whether you are a national leader or whomever -- the only criterion for anyone is that you be totally united with the True Parents and True Family. By doing that, you deserve protection and great support from spirit world. You must come to the realization that you are the independent army for the creation of the Fatherland here on earth. For that reason, you must be able to speak the mother tongue, the language of the Parents. If someone cannot speak the language of True Parents, Satan can say, "You are not the children of True Parents; therefore, you are my children." That is the reason why learning the mother tongue is so important; especially by 1990 you must learn it.

One Nation Under God

In 1983 I gave the direction for everyone to learn the mother tongue by 1990; seven years is long enough for anyone to learn it. In order to restore seven thousand years of dispensational history, I am allowing these seven years' condition to learn the Korean language. As long as you are continuing to learn Korean, Satan will not accuse. You should first focus upon learning key words, such as Father, Mother, brother, wife, husband, Divine Principle, etc. If you are studying the mother tongue, you will have added protection from satanic forces and additional support.

You must be able to say, "I have one set of True Parents, one True Family, one group of brothers and sisters, one spouse." Anybody who has received the Blessing should never look at another person as more desirable than his own spouse. No man should think, "I wish I could marry that woman instead." You must understand the true value of the Blessing. The True Parents assigned your wife or husband to you; that is a treasure greater than a chunk of gold the size of the planet Earth. Unless you have a true family and Blessed children, you can have no connection with the True Parents when you enter spirit world. Certainly your Blessed spouse is far more precious than that chunk of gold because gold cannot give you eternal life.

Today I have given more than a message; it is a declaration that the Heavenly Kingdom and the earthly kingdom are being realized. That was the content of my prayer this morning for Parents Day -- I declared that we are forming one nation under God. The time is not far away at all. You should feel that your family, clan, nation and the world will absolutely unite under the True Parents. One nation under God, realistically, is possible very soon. You must realize that the second generation within the communist world will be on God's side. On this Parents Day, the most important thing you must realize is how hard the mission of the True Parents has been up to this point. I have worked for a forty year period, twenty-one years, and now finally this three year period, which is my final assault. These times in which we live are most crucial; my declaration today will have a crucial effect upon the life of the nation and the world.

False parents came into being because of the fall of man; since then mankind has been suffering under the false parenthood. But out of this situation, I have installed the Mile Parents. They must take responsibility for all the mistakes and evils that ever occurred. I want you to understand that this is the most cosmically difficult task for anyone, ever. The power of communism has been rampant in the world but the time of its doom is near. In order to stop communism, the Abel world must come into unity with the True Parents and be embraced by them. This is what I am increasingly focusing on.

The dispensation is moving fast. If in the future I call upon everyone to gather together on short notice and some people have too many things holding them back, they will be very sorry. Perhaps I will have a ceremony in which all the Blessed couples will be called to re-register. Even those 36 couples who do not attend the re-registration will lose their position; likewise with the 72 couples and so on.

Today in only two hours' time, I have given you precious knowledge of spirit world and physical world. On this Parents Day, I want you to understand what a great accomplishment the True Parents have made; also you must know what great agony True Parents have endured to do that. The most important realization you must have today is that you have no right to complain about anything you endure. Do not worry about your own children and family. You must worry about only one thing: how to inherit the True Parents' tradition and learn how to live it. By your doing that, everything else will be taken care of; you will pave the way toward your eternal and glorious Heaven. That is for the sake of your own tribe, your own descendants.

True Family's Suffering

There will be twelve tribes. The True Children must suffer in a different way from you. Wherever they go, to school or for recreation, they are always whispered about: "That is Reverend Moon's child." They are always hearing criticism about their own father. Even though you feel pain when you hear someone criticizing me, that is nothing like the pain felt by the True Children. Many times they are reduced to tears in their' own schools for this reason. How many tears have you shed because of criticism of the True Parents? How much agony and heartbreak have you felt for that? Therefore, no matter what, the True Children are spiritually higher than you because they are heartistically closer to the True Parents.

Being the son or daughter of Reverend and Mrs. Moon is such an agonizing burden that sometimes the True Children wish they were not in that position. It is that difficult for them. What should be the attitude of the Unification Church members? Instead of standing back and pointing fingers of accusation at the True Children, you should say, "God, give me their pain so that they can be liberated. Let them grow up experiencing joy and happiness. Let us be the ones to suffer instead. That is the righteous way to feel. There have been so many words of criticism against Hyo Jin, but how many tears have you shed for him? How often have you considered his agony? If you cannot go beyond their heartistic suffering, you had better just be silent and try to do whatever you can to help them.

The suffering and agony of the True Parents in the course of the dispensation is beyond comparison with that of the True Children, including Hyo Jin. True Parents have had to endure much more persecution and heartbreak than anyone. True Parents have lived an entirely public life, bearing the responsibility of the universe. Some people have come before us and have tried to take advantage of us, even telling us lies. Such a thing is incredible. Mother and I have suffered, not because we are foolish or weak and helpless. We are very intelligent and wise and we are stronger and tougher than anyone can imagine. Our suffering is simply because of our public mission. For your sake, in order to bestow upon you the proper tradition, we have suffered. I want to give everything to you and for the sake of the dispensation. Even now I am taking on more suffering, so how can anyone among you feel you have the right to open your mouths in complaint or self-service?

Meaningful Day

I am talking in such plain language today so that you will understand the plain truth; this should give you the motivation for repentance, as well as obedience. You should have absolute faith in the True Parents. This is the day of a new beginning; everybody must begin a new life. That new life must begin with repentance and in that way we can have new hope, new direction. As we march forward from today, this day will shine as a most meaningful one in history.

During the Exodus, Moses' mission was succeeded by Joshua and Caleb; they led the second generation of Israelites into Canaan. When God spoke to those two champions, he gave them two words of guidance: Be bold and be strong. You are the heirs and the successors of the True Parents; I am giving you the same two words: be bold and strong. Then God shall be with you forevermore and victory will be with you always. By this victory, you will create the Heavenly Kingdom, our Fatherland, on earth and in spirit world. Amen! That will be the glorious completion of your mission. Those who want to pledge that victory to me and Mother, raise your hands, please. Thank you. 

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