The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

The Background of the Proclamation of The Day of Victory of Love

Sun Myung Moon
January 15, 1984
God's Will and the World
The Necessity for the Day of Victory of Love
Unofficial Translation

As we established the new direction of love, nationally and in the world, I proclaimed, "The Day of Victory of Love." Until now, Satan controlled love, but from now on God will control and dominate love. "The Day of Victory of Love" is such a great day. Do you understand?

Many scholars attended the recent International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences in Chicago. They all left Chicago by Nov. 29, 1983 and were returning to their countries. As I was leaving for Korea, I asked that all the chairmen of the PWPA be called to join me before the rallies started on Dec. 14. One-third of those professors had not even arrived home by then. When they heard about the invitation en route, they turned around and went to Korea. Just as I found disciples in the North Korean prison, I was able to find faithful scholars who would come to join me in Korea.

As I arrived in Korea, I declared to the world that I would hold rallies to defend Korea from communism. When those scholars arrived at the airport in Seoul, the first question they asked was, "Why did I come here?" The answer they were given was, "You came because Reverend Moon wanted you to."

That was a very busy time in the academic community; December is normally a time for taking care of many duties. Yet they came; disregarding their own feelings, because they were motivated by a special person -- Reverend Moon.

1983 was the first year of the final three years of the Forty-Year Wilderness Period from 1945 to 1985. Accordingly, Satan would give severe resistance before the year was over.

(In order to silence all objections and protests from the church leadership) Father pulled out his little notebook and said, "I have written down right here that this rally is a mandate from God, and therefore it will be a success."

The rallies in Korea were of worldwide and historical importance because they turned the battle against communism in a totally new direction.

For these Victory Over Communism (VOC) rallies in Korea, I invited distinguished scholars and leaders of the academic communities in 72 different countries. The 72 heads of the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA), representing the 72 disciples of Jesus, were asked to come to Korea, but were not given a clear explanation why. So they came on faith, knowing that when they got there, they would find out the reason. That's a very unusual way to treat scholars.

There had never been such a rally in Korea during December. With Christmas on the way and so much to do, people are not usually interested in rallies. Korean government could not believe that we were going to hold rallies. Even the leaders of the church opposed me saying, "This is a mistake. We should not hold the rallies." There was only one person -- me -- who believed it would work. Therefore, the Unification Church members failed to have faith in me. Korean leaders and members tried to tell me all the reasons why they should not be held in December.

The Christian churches in Korea have always been quick to oppose me. However, when they heard that I was sponsoring rallies for VOC they were put on the spot. If they tried to oppose me, people would ask, "Are you pro-communist?" They couldn't say anything against me at that time! The Korean government was laughing at me, too, thinking, "Reverend Moon is making a colossal mistake to hold rallies in December. He's going to rent those gymnasiums and they will be half empty. He will lose his shirt!" But what happened? The rallies were a success. The Korean government was completely taken aback.

Forty million Korean people came to believe that only I am able to defeat the Kim Il Sung's North Korean government and restore health and prosperity to their country.1

Kwangju was the eighth city for the rallies, the final opportunity for Satan to strike. Satan desperately wanted to stop me from having success in Korea, but I had already set all the conditions for our victory.

It was most important that the national foundation centered on True Parents -- the same national foundation that Jesus wanted to establish for his victory -- was established in Korea during my lifetime. Thus, as a condition, I was treated like a head of state at these rallies. There are certain requirements for Korean diplomatic protocol, among them that no man except the president is allowed to have his wife with him on the stage during a rally. But, Mother and I were always on the stage together.

Also, the preparations for the rallies were made by both Eastern and Western members, not just Koreans. The level of participation was worldwide because of the representatives from 72 nations. These Korean rallies symbolized the total victory on the national level.

From there, we could move to the worldwide level. That day 72 scholars pledged in front of Mother and me to dedicate themselves to the fight against communism under our leadership. This means that this era is the time the national foundation will be connected to 72 nations of the world, which Jesus could not do in his lifetime. In the name of 72 nations, we can march forward to the victory in the world level. December 18 was a very historical day. I asked you to pray about the significance of December 18 and to report back to me, didn't I? Do you understand why?

December 18th is the day that I will never forget. It is the unforgettable day of the betrayal of Rev. Moon by the world. After I was freed from (Hungnam) prison, and when I was walking to the second foundation for the start, I was betrayed by everyone who had believed in and pledged to follow me on this day. However, now the representatives of the world believed in me. They made their pledge in front of Mother and me to dedicate themselves to the fight against communism. They supported the rallies together with the Unification Church, VOC and the Korean people. This was as if Jesus, together with his disciples, proclaimed to the Romans, "You must follow God's will to save the world", 2000 years ago.

I told the [US] court that I was going to Korea for the rally and they said, "Oh, of course. Please go ahead." It's almost as if Jesus had been able to go to Rome, walk up the steps of their Capitol Hill and say, "I'm going to build the Kingdom of God here on earth, and all the elders had responded, "Of course, please go ahead and do it!"

Satan desperately wanted to stop me from having success in Korea, but I had already set all the conditions for our victory.

Since the satanic forces had absolutely no room to attack me or the rallies, they struck the son whom I loved most (Heung Jin). In my lifetime, always the second son or daughter was sacrificed. 2,000 years ago, Jesus was crucified on the cross. However, he opened the gate in the spirit world because of his resurrection. By the same token, Heung Jin who gave his life for God will be resurrected.

Heung Jin took on all the blame for the Unification Church2; by dying for that purpose, he has liberated everybody else. Therefore, this grace touches not only our church but also the free world and the communist world. All those people will come to love Heung Jin. He loved the world and proved it by becoming the conditional sacrifice for the world. For that reason, the rest of the Unification Church must also love the world.

Heung Jin died in my place. Therefore, your love for him must manifest itself in your love for me. Before this, the spirit world has had no way to connect to True Parents; but because Heung Jin is a direct representative, they can now connect. Also, they can connect themselves to the Unification Church because he died for you, too.

Here on earth, Heung Jin showed the example of loving his fellow man at the risk of his life. Likewise, out of love for his father, he died for the sake of the world, knowing that his father could continue to live for the sake of the world. By loving Heung Jin, those men and women in spirit world can connect with the True Parents on earth. Therefore, his entry into that world was a great and joyful day; he came as the messiah of love for the spirit world. Heung Jin set the example for martyrdom in our church. Thus, members of the Unification church will love Heung Jin more and more. The spirit world and the physical world must love him.

The question is what True Parents must do with their son's death. True Parents should feel that the offering of their beloved son, as a sacrifice to welcome God's love and manifestation of that love on earth is an honor and glory.

True Parents cannot go over this time period (from Heung Jin's death to his funeral) without gaining the victorious realm of heart that they love God with more joyous feeling than witnessing their son's wedding, even if that son passed away. Therefore, I shed no tears during Heung Jin's funeral ceremony.

Instead of thinking in terms of our departed son, I was centered upon the dispensation of God. In the hospital, I held the "Unification Ceremony". I pledged to God that the True Parents would remain really proud of the victory of love; and that the entire spirit world and physical world would recognize the True Parents and praise them for this victory of love. At that moment, True Parents gained the victory which God is proud, all the ancestors in the spirit world, the angelic world, all saints and sages as well are proud of. Now the entire people of the earthly world will bow down and proclaim to the True Parents, "without a doubt you have the authority of love that overcome even death."

On the Day of Victory of Love the True Parents have reached a new level and are marching forward upon the foundation of Heung Jin's sacrifice. Therefore, I said to Mother, "This is not the time to shed tears. This is actually a moment of glory for God and humanity. Particularly, during the funeral time, you are not in the position to shed tears." I admonished her not to shed tears in public; privately, as a loving mother, she will shed many tears. You must know True Parents went through such a time period. As we established the new direction of love, nationally and in the world, I proclaimed, "The Day of Victory of Love."

Through this event, the Unification Church will never be weakened but will leap forward. This greatest sacrifice will bring about greater victories. From now on, centering on the True Parents and upon the declaration of the Day of Victory of Love, vindication will come to us. As long as you love the True Parents more than your own life, Satan cannot invade you. The power of love will be your vindication, because Heung Jin died for all of us. Therefore, by loving True Parents more than you love anyone or anything else, you will overcome Satan. Until now, Satan controlled love, but from now on God will control and dominate love. "The Day of Victory of Love" is such a great day. Do you understand?


1. Additional Explanation:

In order to eliminate any conditions that allow Satan to invade the 40-year wilderness course, the rallies were planned. This can be achieved by bringing victory in the rallies, as a result of uniting with True Parents with absolute faith, absolute obedience and absolute love on the part of the leaders of the Unification church, the 72 chairmen of PWPA, the Korean Established churches, the Korean government, the Korean citizens and the Eastern and Western members.

During Jesus' lifetime 2,000 years ago, if the Israel nation united with him with absolute faith, absolute obedience and absolute love, Jesus would not have needed to walk the path of crucifixion.

2. Additional Explanation:

As explained in the text, the leaders of the Unification church did not unite with True Parents with absolute faith. Since they stood in the position of disbelief, the condition was created for Satan to accuse and blame the church. 

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