The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Unification Church World Leaders Conference Instructions

Sun Myung Moon
January 3, 1984

The 1984 motto is "creation and building of the fatherland"

I. Ideology Of The Fatherland

Unity with the Parents. This means unity with True Parents or any parents.

Oneness among brothers and sisters.

Oneness among all family members, including grandparents, in-laws, cousins, etc. The philosophy of filial piety is that the central person must demonstrate what love and responsibility are.

The supreme doer in history. This means that a person does not merely talk about things but also takes action.

In history, there are so many amicable people performing heroic deeds and serving their parents well. Such a person is known as a pious son or daughter. We must exceed that record of accomplishment. We should not be defeated by this history; rather we must set the new record as pious sons and daughters.

Acts of obedience are not considered virtue in America. However, unless you achieve filial piety, you cannot be elevated to the level of patriot. In many cases it might seem that the rebellious son was the one to become the national hero. This is not so in the Heavenly World! If at home you are not even able to serve your parents, don't even talk about doing this on the national level. That is the difference between the Heavenly World and the secular world. We are going to create and build the Fatherland, but without establishing this kind of foundation, it will be impossible.

II. Spirit Or Philosophy Of The Patriot

Oneness with the True Parents.

Oneness with the national parents

What is the nation? The nation is actually an expansion of the family -- only on a different level. The democratic world always replaces its national parent. The True Parents first become the center of the family which then expands.

The True Parents become the National Parents, the World Parents, and finally the Cosmic Parents of the universe.

How can you talk about serving the World level Parents without first passing through the level of filial piety? You may not see the reality or the importance of this in the physical world, but the spiritual world is governed by this law.

Unity with national brothers and sisters.

Unity with the national family.

Enhancing patriotism.

Becoming a doer of history, a doer of patriotism.

III. Philosophy Of The Saint

Total dedication to the world and humanity.

Total devotion of self is for the sake of the world and humanity.

Total dedication of the whole family.

We must totally dedicate our families, not just ourselves as individuals. Father's goal is to make each one of us a saint.

The ultimate goal and destination for each of us is to become a holy son or daughter.

Dedication of the whole nation.

For the sake of the world and humanity the President of the United States should be able to offer his whole nation as an offering for God and humanity.

The saint offers the world for the cosmos.

For the sake of cosmic restoration, a saint is an offering for the world. If the Lord of the Second Advent came and secured the world, he could not possibly stop there. Both hell and spirit world also need to be liberated.

The universal and cosmic offering to God.

For the sake of God, the saint will say, "God, this entire cosmos, including the spirit world is all yours; please, accept it and do your Will in the entire universe."

If the second messiah comes and offers the universe to God, he should offer himself with the attitude, "God, do your Will. I shall be whatever kind of sacrifice you need. I am offering even my love to You."

That is how the restoration of the love of God flows.

The offering of love is the supreme offering.

IV. Holy Son

Dedication of himself.

While a saint, who remains at a lower level, is the one who receives the love of God and tries to do the will of God here on earth, the holy son connects with the spirit world and also directly with the heart of God who already has both worlds within His domain. The holy son is already inside the love of God, being in total unity with Him.

There is no higher level to be achieved. The holy son and God are totally harmonized and interchangeable.

Offering of his family. The holy son is not exempted from offering his family. He gives up his family and then makes an offering of his nation, his world, and his cosmos.

Offering of his nation.

Offering of his world.

Offering of the cosmos.

Offering of himself.

He is the personification of the love of God and is always ready to be sacrificed -- not for a single time, but for thousands of years. His is a total sacrifice. When you are elevated to the spiritual world, you can even disappear and travel inside God. One thing is obvious. The idea of "self" is not there anymore. It disappeared a long time ago. The idea of "self-love" does not belong there.

With this kind of ideology, you are moving toward perfection because you want to become a patriot and a saint and a holy son as you become brothers in the realm of God. You become the personification of the love of God.

Nothing is impossible. In spirit world you can have a banquet and invite one billion or even one trillion people. You are God's brothers. In other words, there is a higher level than sons and daughters of God. We are right next to God. We say that we believe in religion because we want to become God.

To become a saint, you must work on the levels of family and the nation. God will come to those levels and connect Himself to you. In a way, we are identical to God; we have the same image.

Any ideology of self is just concerned with individual point of view. We have one common purpose. We are walking the path of love, and love is our goal. 

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