The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Day of Victory of Love

Sun Myung Moon
January 3, 1984
Unification World Leaders' Conference

Here at Belvedere, on October 4, 1976, I declared the Day of Victory of Heaven. Today we are establishing the Day of Victory of Love. God has been victorious, but He has never yet declared the Victory of Love, which is when man can come under His direct dominion.

Previously, the realm of death controlled the realm of love. The power of death was stronger and reigned over the realm of love, so that actually death was more powerful than love. From now on, love will control the realm of death. That means we will bring the people back to heaven with love. This is an incredible turning point.

This is truly an historical day. The death of the most beloved son of True Parents might be tragic for Mother and me if death reigned our hearts. However, we are not defeated by death. Instead, we are reaching out with the much greater power of the love of God, and love now governs death. This morning, January 3, 1984, at 4:00 a.m., Mother and I had a special pledge ceremony, dedicating this day as the Day of Victory of Love.

All tragic events of the satanic world shall be conquered by love and enter into its realm. No power under the sun can infiltrate the power of love. Heung Jin Nim's death is not an ordinary one; he transformed himself into the victory of love. His death cannot be treated as an ordinary secular death.

At the time of Jesus' death, there was some struggle over his body. Some people came to take away the body of Jesus because they were afraid it would resurrect. No such thing happened to Heung Jin Nim's body because love governs him. He is opening the door to conquer death. I see that enough indemnity has been paid and upon that foundation I can declare the Day of Victory of Love.

On God's Day of 1984 we raised our hands and pledged to God and True Parents but at that time we did not know the true meaning of our mission. Now we do. We must pledge before God and Heaven and before the True Parents that we will fulfill this mission.

You know you have the sacred responsibility to uphold his value, and become a spokesman for Heung Jin Nim and True Parents. When we understand and pledge this way, we really make Heung Jin Nim happy. He is in his new home and has his mission.

Even though Jesus entered the spirit world after the crucifixion, there was no concept of True Parents, True Children or Blessed Couples. Even though Jesus had the desire to return and participate on earth, there was no foundation for his return. Heung Jin Nim's spirit is totally free to come back here any time he wants to. This foundation is for the entire world.

It is our job to unite with Heung Jin Nim's spirit. Doing that will mean the archangel unites completely with Adam and Abel and there shall be no room for satanic infiltration. That is the only way we can save God, our movement and the worldwide dispensation. Uniting yourself with Heung Jin Nim will bring the result of Adam uniting with the archangel. Heung Jin Nim's soul and spirit are working and the entire spirit world has opened up now.

Of course, we prayed for the physical salvation of Heung Jin Nim's life here on earth, but God had a plan. The most important thing in God's mind is the world. The ideals of all humanity and True Parents must survive and prosper. You must not just believe it. You must know it.

Since we are physical people, we miss Heung Jin Nim. However, now that we know the meaning of his sacrifice, we must think, "Heung Jin, please bear with us. Give us a little time and we shall bear the great victory in order that you shall be totally satisfied and your life shall be vindicated. This is our pledge."

Each nation represented by the seventy-two professors who came to Korea will send up to three persons (one couple and one member or two brothers and one sister) to be representative of Adam, Eve and the Archangel. They should arrive in Korea before the Seunghwa ceremony; and if all three cannot get their papers together to travel by that time, they must unite with prayers, even if only one can attend the actual Seunghwa service.

This is a turning point in history. Three days after the Seunghwa service, those people from the seventy-two nations will become crusaders under the leadership of the IFVOC in Korea. They will stay there to bring a VOC membership of seven million people.

The total number of people in Korea who claim affiliation with some Christian denomination is 6.5 million. Our membership drive, therefore, will exceed 6.5 million. Particularly during the last rally, I declared that I will bring an international alliance. I announced it and now I am fulfilling it.

Father comments on how the victory in Korea is related with Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice.

The purpose of the rallies in Korea was to give both the people and the government hope.

The Korean government was not happy about my coming to Korea. Their response was very interesting: they could not say outright that they were against my coming or it would mean they were going against VOC; however, if they supported Reverend Moon all the way, they knew he would win the entire country -- so the government remained neutral.

Yet our hope is not just for Korea but for the entire world. The Unification Church exists throughout the wild. Therefore, upon that foundation, victory in Korea can be shared by the rest of the world.

From 1983 to 1985 we are engaged in the final three year battle. I wanted to do this IFVOC rally in 1983 because I knew that the second year is always claimed by Satan. The second year, one person is always the target of Satan. I felt that I wanted to do the rally the first year, because if you have an incredible first year, you will automatically have great results in the second and third years.

My power was my absolute faith in God. However, nobody takes my faith seriously. When I announced this rally, the media, and even our members, felt it would be difficult to succeed. For that reason, everybody was rather relaxed.

The government wanted me to suffer embarrassment. They offered me a large gymnasium, intending to laugh at me because they felt I would never be able to fill it with 1,000 or 2,000 people. Yet, I said for that particular rally that if even ONE person had adamant faith, it would be an extraordinary landslide victory.

Letter from Sun Myung Moon to Heung Jin Moon which was placed in Heung Jin Nim's coffin.

I already knew it would be a great victory; it was my goal. But we had to pay for that victory through the great sacrifice of Heung Jin Nim. Everyone had some doubts. I was the only one who knew there would be victory but I was standing alone on the wilderness.

Therefore, because of the faithlessness of the people, Satan had a condition to attack. At the last rally in the city of Kwangju at least 36 terrorists were prepared. Yet so many people had come one hour early, the auditorium was already completely packed by the time they arrived. Another 5,000 people stood outside and the enemy had absolutely no way to enter! Therefore Satan lost his condition to attack me and then turned his attention to the next best, my second son. The second son is in a vulnerable position.

After Mother and I received the news of Heung Jin Nim's accident, Mother's heart was so full of sympathy and she yearned to return to the States to be with him. Yet I said, "No. Our life is public. We cannot leave Korea without fulfilling the entire schedule."

Within the space of two days following the last rally 4,000 people, including the general conference of the entire IFVOC leadership of Korea, assembled at the Little Angels Auditorium and listened to me. I could never have canceled such an important meeting. However, when everything was finished, Mother and I immediately returned to New York to see Heung Jin Nim.

In order to give that rally international flavor, I had invited seventy-two PWPA chairmen. Some of them had not even returned to their homes following the ICUS meeting in Chicago. They did not know why they were called to Korea, but only received a message that I wanted to see them in Korea at once.

Their response represents the power and prestige of the international Christian culture so that the true independence of Korea can now be contemplated. The seventy-two representatives came to bear testimony about me. On December 18, each of the chairmen signed the Resolution and Pledge, similar to the fifth point of the Children's Pledge.

For the past forty years, Christian unity has been lost; this has now been restored by the Unification Church.

Therefore, this year's motto is "Creation and Building of the Fatherland." It means that God's nation shall be built. In these forty years, I not only regained that lost foundation; I built an even greater one.

Condition for Satan's Attack

I alone had faith. I alone went out, won the victory and restored faith in the Christian church, the national government and the Unification Church. Therefore there was no room for Satan to attack me personally, but he could attack Heung Jin Nim, who occupied the position of the living Jesus in the Unification Church.

What kind of a victory are we going to win through the sacrifice of Heung Jin Nim? An unprecedented unity will emerge -- between Father and Mother, between True Parents and True Children, among the True Children, between Unification Church members and 'True Parents, between Christianity and all other religions, and between the spirit world and the physical world.

Heung Jin Nim was in a Catholic hospital so even the priests came to pray for him and offered comforting words to Father and Mother. They often came and asked about Heung Jin Nim's well-being. At the very same time, the New ERA theologians gathered in Puerto Rico for the God Conference, and mourned Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice.

Do you think this particular offering was necessary at this juncture? It was inevitable!

The Inevitable Sacrifice

We have to pay the debt. Without the precious sacrifice, unity would not be made. Because of the incredible victory being won, I did not want to shed any tears. Throughout the services you have attended in the last couple of days, you can sense what a critical time we are passing through. We finished 1983 with such a sacrifice and paid such an incredible debt that we can begin 1984 united, and with new hope. Jesus died on the cross through inevitable persecution; Heung Jin Nim died to bring unification which will build the victory.

The Unification Church has gone through thirty years of history from 1954 to 1984. The next two years and eight months is the time we have left to make a showdown.

If I had followed Mother's advice and not gone to Korea in 1983, what would have happened? Maybe the life of Heung Jin Nim would have been saved, but the world would have no hope. It is not just Heung Jin Nim's life that is on the line. Everybody is in danger. Therefore, I always fight this battle unto my life. My life is always on the front line.

We are going to pledge to God and True Parents that Heung Jin Nim's spirit is now ours and that his battle is our battle, his mission is our mission! By doing so, we will vindicate him. 

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