The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Instructions For 1984

Sun Myung Moon
January 1984

I. Moonism is Godism.

II. The IFVOC (International Federation for Victory Over Communism) is an international movement. As long as Satan and Communism-exist we need this movement. Therefore, we must transcend nationalism. When we go beyond the national boundary, we go beyond race. The term "international" includes everything inter-racial and inter-cultural as well.

III. Godism (Unificationism). By Godism we are going to achieve the creation of the Fatherland. The goal is a unified world.

IV. By the alliance of the spiritual and physical worlds, the Kingdom of God on Earth will be erected. We are going to work together with the spirit world to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

V. The resolution and pledge declared in Korea on December 18, 1983 shall be our worldwide pledge and it will connect Korea to the rest of the world.

In the Children's Pledge we say we are proud of the one sovereignty, proud of the one people, land, language, and culture centered upon God. We pledge and swear unto our lives that we will accomplish our duty and mission.

For the purpose of this new resolution and pledge we are making, the end shall be altered to state: "We pledge this resolution and declaration upon the spirit of the noble sacrifices of Jesus and Heung Jin Nim." By doing it, we are connecting with history. They both sacrificed their lives in the same spirit and for the same purpose of achieving the will of God here on earth, to eliminate all satanic infiltrations so that the unified world can be made possible.

Amazing revelations are coming from Korea. The spirit world is truly united. I wrote the contents of this pledge and resolution at 4:00 a.m. Mother also spoke about these things this morning.

This declaration of December 18 in Korea shall be fulfilled upon the noble sacrifices of Jesus and Heung Jin Nim. All of this is the fuel and the plan to achieve the creation of the Fatherland.

In memory of the sacrifice of Heung Jin Nim, we declare on January 2, 1984, that we shall reach out to the world and conduct an international VOC membership drive for the purpose of defeating communism and erecting our new ideal world on Earth). Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice is given for the purpose of winning over international communism. We shall declare the movement which will bring all mankind as VOC members for the purpose of the actual victory over communism and building the peaceful world for humanity.

VOC members do not have to be Unification Church members.

The pledge reads:

We declare international communism to be the worst enemy of God and humanity.

We shall build a utopian world through the VOC ideology or world view. (In this context "utopia" means the Kingdom of God on earth)

We declare that we are the volunteers for the independent army of Heaven for the erection of the God-centered Fatherland of mankind.

I pledge before God and the founder of IFVOC to be a proud and exemplary member of IFVOC.

Father has already designed the ID card. One side has Father's picture on it and the other side will have the above pledge. To become a member of VOC, a person simply must fill out his name and address and sign the pledge. Later on he/she will be given a more detailed form to fill in.

The total resolution of this world conference is that we join together and agree to bring a total of 70 million VOC members worldwide. That is the goal of 1984. (The resolution was unanimously approved.)

In America, this VOC work will be done by the CAUSA international movement. 

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