The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Original Eden Centering On True Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 27, 1984
Translator - San Kil Han

When we hear of the Garden of Eden, we think about the ideal place we read about in the Bible, where God, Adam and Eve and the angels were dwelling. However, we have a different understanding than that of most traditional Christians about the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Rather than being a literal fruit, we know that it represents love.

We know that the will of God is to fulfill His ideal of creation. That ideal requires the accomplishment of the Heavenly four-position foundation. What is that four-position foundation? It is the relationship of God, Adam, Eve and their children. What is the center of that four-position foundation? That center is neither God, Adam, Eve nor the children. Love is the center and it connects everyone.

Who is the first one to experience love? We know that God should be the starting point of that love-love does not start with Adam and Eve nor with their children. Any action always takes a specific direction. If God is situated at a certain point, in which direction would He give His love? He would direct His love right at the center.

Love needs someone with whom to interact. Consider your eyes: both eyes move around to focus on something. There are three points involved-each eye and the point upon which they focus. The eyes must focus precisely in order to see clearly; otherwise, we would see things in a blurry way. God, like the eyes, must have a focal point toward which to direct His love. His attitude is not, "I am the Center; you must come to me." He always seeks to find the right focus; He is the one acting and moving.

There is nothing that God cannot do. Yet, can we say that God has no need for anything? If God had no need for anything more than what He already has, then He would be in a static position; there would be no action necessary. Nothing in the universe exists in a static position; everything is in a state of motion.

Almighty God has everything within the universe- certainly all wealth, power and knowledge is within His domain. Yet, He does not exist in a static situation. Thus He must be moving, just as is everything else in the universe; He must be moving toward something, seeking for something. That something must be love.

God could use His wealth to propagate this love; certainly He could use power to make this love more exciting; certainly He could use knowledge to make this love more bright. Let us put this question to God: "God, do you need power? Do you need knowledge? Do you need money?" He would answer, "Well, not so much." But if we asked Him, "Do you need love?" He would say, "Yes!" in a very emphatic way. Love is really the only thing that God wants.

God could instantaneously gather to Himself plenty of power, knowledge, and money; but He has to work for and develop the satisfaction of His love. Love that we expect to experience in the future brings us hope. We can always look forward to more love in the future. We can never use up all of our love in the present. When we experience love in the present, we always want to improve, advance and increase it.

We can see that love is something for which God has been seeking eternally and will continue to move toward for eternity. Love is never a static thing; it must always be pursued. Which do you like better-something which starts out small and gets larger and larger for eternity, or something which starts out big and then gets smaller and smaller for eternity? Naturally, you would prefer the first. That is the way God feels, too, about love.

We want everything else in our environment and the universe to follow the motion of love, moving in the same direction and rhythm. We don't want things to go against that love. Centering on true love, everything should breathe in and out together in harmony.

All things are meant to act and react according to the rhythm of true love. In the relationship between man and woman, the man is in the subject position and the woman is in the object position. Even though some women think they are not in that position, nature knows better; nature doesn't follow anyone's opinions. For a woman to say, "I don't need a man as my subject," is the same as her saying, "I don't need to breathe air or eat food."

What is the deepest motivation behind human activity? Is it the desire for lots of money, status or knowledge? No, it is the desire for true love. Men and women will open up everything within themselves for the sake of true love. When two people are in love, the woman doesn't protest if the man embraces her from any position-he can come up and hug her from behind, or jump on her and knock her down-she is never offended by the affectionate expression of his love. Can you imagine a woman saying, "If you want to show me affection, you can only do it when we are sitting down, facing each other. It's not fair if you come up behind me."? No, a woman wouldn't set those kinds of conditions on her lover.

Only love can motivate a stately, dignified person to move around in a vigorous, lively way. God Himself would never trade true love for anything else in the universe. However, there are people who marry for the sake of money, social status or some other superficial reason. The person who would do such a thing is not a genuine person.

Why should a person put love above all other values? It is because the ancestor of human beings-God-does that and we naturally take after Him. The instinct to cherish love above everything else is given to us by our Father, our Creator, who is our Cause and our original Ancestor. Every child resembles his Parents; thus we resemble God.

Women are created to exist for the purpose of love; therefore women exist for men. The opposite is true-men exist for women and for love, not for any other reason such as money, power or knowledge. Isn't this true? Do you agree, or do you have a better idea?

All things that exist move according to a certain rhythm. This is not only true for human beings, but also for animals, insects, and even down into the mineral kingdom. The mineral realm moves, too. Although a stone may be stationary, its molecules and atoms maintain a certain motion. The action and reaction of a subject and object relationship exists within all forms of life.

The result of the constant give and take between subject and object is growth and expansion on every level of existence. Everything develops according to stages. When we look at the development of the creation from a certain perspective, it appears that Darwin's theory of evolution is correct. However, the evolutionary theory doesn't explain that the smaller levels of existence always strive to have give and take with larger levels. In this way, the smaller beings elevate their value. Within the relationship of love, smaller beings want to take the object position to a larger being; with their give and take, the object can be elevated to the same level of value as the larger subject being. This occurs on all levels of existence; this is the nature of love.

Thus smaller beings can have hope for their growth and development in the future, because of their give and take with larger and larger subjects. This is the only way for a smaller being to become greater in value-within the relationship of love.

Thus a woman feels that she is the greatest, most valuable being and possesses everything of value when she has love. When her beloved wants her to do something very humble, she will not protest. Thus love can make us larger and smaller. Love has that omnipotence.

If love could only make us larger, then God, who possesses more love than anyone, could never go down into the small and humble places of the world. But because of His love, God can make Himself very small and can go anywhere He wants. You wouldn't mind what your beloved did to you, even if he put his fingers into your nose, isn't that right? Or you women might climb up onto your husband's shoulders and ride around-he wouldn't mind it at all, would he?

Have you ever observed a child poke a finger into his nose and then the next moment put that finger into his mouth? In love, people can do even that sort of thing to each other. You like everything about your beloved. Thus love has a mysterious, wondrous power. Do you think I am exaggerating, or is this the truth?

Which is the case-does God go into love or does love go into God? Which would God prefer-would He like to be included within love, or would He like for love to be included within Him? Which is contained within the other? God wants to be contained within love. Why is this? Every being wants to look forward to becoming larger and larger. Even God wants to look toward the future in order to become larger. Thus God should be able to be contained within love. Do you understand? Since God also wants to have hope for the future, He wants to be able to go in and out of love and not the other way around.

All the beautiful things of the universe manifest themselves for the sake of love. The insects chirp in the nighttime and the birds sing during the day for the sake of love. These sounds are all a part of the universal orchestra of love. Human beings are in the position to be the kings and queens of all other beings and thus they are supposed to move in harmony and rhythm with love. Observing all this motion and sound centering on true love, God is drawn to contribute His rhythms of love, too.

Why do we think the way we do? It is because God created us to think in a certain way. Adam and Eve were created to stroll together hand in hand through all the things of nature, sharing in the harmony and beauty. God would have been so happy and excited to see such a scene.

Now you have some idea of what the universe is all about. You can feel within yourself that this must have been the original ideal for human beings; you know that this is not just a fantasy. This is simply the way God originally planned the world to be. The things I have been telling you clearly connect with all the experiences you have had in life; the things you have already observed tell you that what I am saying is true. Now you can see the universe in a clear and cohesive manner.

Love will never diminish or fade; it is the one thing that will expand and grow forever. Nothing else in the world has that power. Look at the activities of the animals and insects-what they are doing today is the very same thing that their forebears were doing thousands, even millions, of years ago. Unlike human culture, these creatures maintain the same "traditions" without change. In some ways perhaps they improve, but they do not change in the way that human societies do. The law of the universe is very rigid. Rules for the subject and object relationship are not open to change. Those beings which are not suited for each other will simply not be able to form a subject/object relationship. There is no room for interference in this law. Thus the theory of evolution, which claims that accidents caused the development of the universe, is completely off-base.

When we can see the universe in light of the original purpose, Darwin's theory doesn't make sense. How could the rigid laws of existence be abruptly broken here and there, allowing some smaller being to jump to a higher level? Pushing Darwin's theory to its logical conclusions would mean that even an insect could become a direct object to man-in other words, become the spouse of a human being. But the universal law dictates that a human being must marry another human being. Can a man marry a monkey? What sort of a child would be produced? The rigid laws of existence have not changed for billions of years.

According to these laws, we can look at the way men and women relate and determine whether they are behaving in the original way or not. In American society there is a dreadful misunderstanding of the meaning of freedom. A man might take one woman as a lover one night and then the next night, he might take another. The woman might do the very same thing. Is this the original way for which they were created? How can you say "no" so confidently?

We can look at the original arrangement-there was only one man and one woman, Adam and Eve. They didn't have a choice; there was absolutely only one of each. The American way is definitely not the original way. The Unification Church is unique in that we are trying to conform with the absolute standard of love. Each man and woman is blessed in marriage to one spouse and for eternity that cannot change.

God continually moves toward His focal point of love; likewise, man and woman move in the same direction. That line between man and woman is a straight, horizontal line; it is not a crooked one. As a person grows up, he becomes taller and larger but the direction of his growth is always the same. His nose continues to grow in one direction; every part of him does the same. There are not two directions of growth.

You might ask why you can't go in many directions, why you must just go in one direction. If you don't follow one direction strictly, you can never meet with a true woman or a true man. That means you will not meet with true love. True love exists only at the point where God, man, and woman come together. If you are wobbling you will not get to that point.

God contains the duality of masculine and feminine, which we could represent as an oval coming down in a vertical direction. Men and women are the representatives of the same duality and could be represented as an oval stretching in the horizontal direction. When these two ovals connect, they create a tremendous spark. That point of connection can only be at the point of true love.

When there is a perfect minus, it will always attract a perfect plus. This is the law of nature. Regardless of whether the minus wants it, it will happen. Therefore, whenever a perfected woman and man are moving toward each other, they will form a perfect minus to God when they unite. They don't have to worry about how God will come to them; it will just happen. When this takes place, the whole universe will reverberate with thunder. Everything is accomplished.

Every cell of a man comes to a common focal point when he is engaging in love. The same is true for a woman. In their moment of physical union, the man and woman can form a new organism, a new life. The essence of their love is given to that new life, the embryo. Every cell in the bodies of the father and mother are alert and focused on giving that new life. No part of their bodies is asleep or distracted. The experience of love, with its intensity, can overcome everything, including sleepiness, hunger, even death. 100% of the cells are going in one direction toward their one focal point, which is love and new life.

Why do men and women want to come together, above all other desires? It is because only in that way can we bring God down with us. What more could we want after that? Why do people cherish wedding ceremonies so much? That is the time when God is supposed to come down to join with the man and woman, according to the original ideal.

In the ideal situation, a man and woman will feel that nothing in the universe is as valuable as each other. They feel that they want to stay with each other for the rest of eternity. Why is that? It is because one's spouse represents God Himself. Through this kind of original love, new life is meant to begin. The baby born of such love is like the original baby meant to be born in the Garden of Eden. This is the standard. The baby is the child of Adam and Eve and at the same time, it is God's child too. This is the original ideal of children.

However, what is the reality of human society? The way in which children are born is entirely different. Fallen man and woman are actually moving in a different direction, not on the perfect horizontal line toward one another. They come together and create new life anyway, but they are more in the presence of Satan than God when they unite physically. Thus the child that they produce is contrary to the original standard.

There is no external sign to distinguish the original child from the fallen child, but inside of them is the difference between Heaven and earth. They cannot be the same. Billions of human beings have been born, but mankind has not yet achieved this original ideal.

It is important to understand what the original ideal for love is, because only if we can see where we are supposed to be can we hope to get there. If you never knew what the ideal is, you could never begin to achieve it. But once that ignorance is dispelled, you can move toward the ideal.

This ideal is so important because it is the only way we can connect ourselves to God. This is not an abstract thing. It is real. If you don't take this point seriously, you will never find the true, deep meaning of religion. You will never understand why the Messiah is so essential. You will think, "The Messiah is a great teacher. He is like one of us." But you will fail to realize your need to reconnect to God through the Messiah; you must realize that this is a life and death situation.

Unless you know about the ideal and where you are in relation to it, you cannot truly appreciate the value of the True Parents for your own life. If you do not feel the depth of your separation from the ideal, then you will not feel deeply enough your need to become one with the True Parents. Once you fell that, then you can appreciate the value of religion for your life and the necessity of True Parents for your life.

Only one religion has taught the idea of the Messiah as the bridegroom and his followers as the bride-that is Christianity. This is because Jesus wanted to restore that point of true love. By becoming the true bridegroom and teaching others the position of true bride, Jesus could teach about true love. Only when true love is consummated can the direction of the fallen world be reversed. With the advent of the true bridegroom and the true bride, there is a connection between the fallen world and God's world.

What was the responsibility of those in the bride's position, the Israelites and all those who were supposed to follow Jesus? Whenever the perfect bride is prepared, the perfect bridegroom will inevitably come. Thus if the Israelites had been prepared properly in the position of bride, then the Messiah would come on that national level of preparedness. We can see clearly that the Jewish faith was the preparation for that. They were following the Ten Commandments in order to become the perfect bride for their bridegroom, the Messiah, on the national level.

In the Old Testament days, their direction was very clear and simple. Their were told: simply forget about everything else, don't pay attention to how you will be living in the future, just stay within the commandments. Prepare yourselves for that special moment when the groom will come to rescue you.

Thus, the Israelites had a rigid, single direction in their religion. They had one simple goal to prepare for, nothing else to concentrate on. That was how they were being educated by God. That bridegroom is the only person who brings true love to the fallen world. No matter how prepared the people were, they would not have been connected to true love without the true bridegroom.

If the people had realized these things, they would have wanted to obey their true bridegroom in every way. If the bride knows how impossible it is to meet with God on her own, she will welcome the bridegroom and will never bicker or make any demands upon him. Instead, the bride will be completely obedient and happy to be coming back to God. The only thought the people would have had would have been how to unite themselves completely with their groom. Then the bridegroom would have educated the people through various means and then would have told them, "Now you are worthy to take the position of true bride."

When the true bridegroom first arrived, the people, in the position of bride, could not possibly understand him and follow his ways without substantial teaching and training from him. He would have educated them with a deep heart and brought them up to the level where they could be worthy to take the bride's position. This would have to be done on the national level so that God could eventually reach out to the rest of the world.

The people should have listened to Jesus and followed his teachings with a completely humble and open mind. They should have been desperate to listen to him. But whenever people say to God, "I will go only so far. I insist on protecting this much of myself," then their education stops. God cannot continue to fill you when your self centered thinking is predominant. Satan will move in to such a mind and will claim that person. God cannot stop that from happening because the responsibility rests with the individual. Many Americans think, "God, you are not fair. I must maintain my own ways and you have no right to tell me what to do." But that cannot be.

Every country, large or small, has its border line. Some bordering nations are very different from each other. Within any country there are certain laws and in some countries a person will even be put to death if he breaks those laws. Whenever a person goes into a different country, he must learn about the laws there first. Within the country of the true bridegroom-the Heavenly world-the law is very rigid.

When the bridegroom comes into the bride's country, can the bride say, "Now I want to do just what I feel like doing. Let's forget about this rigid standard."? No, the rigid law must still be observed. The bridegroom has the authority to guide the people, even though he comes into their territory and they have been following their own ways for a long time. For example, if the bridegroom comes into Washington, DC, the people who have been living in Washington for many years must still concede to the one who comes to connect them with God.

Satan will constantly want you to say, "This is too much. We have complied with Heavenly law pretty well so far, so why doesn't the Messiah yield a little bit now?" But God will say, "No, you must continue to persevere. You cannot compromise with the standard of true law." These are the different tendencies of Satan and God. The people in the position of bride to the true bridegroom cannot stop following the laws of the bridegroom's country. The bride must remain completely obedient to those laws. Once the bride herself becomes one with those laws, she can then go out and teach them to the rest of her fallen nation, finally to return to the bridegroom.

Why is this so? God's true love is transmitted from only one person-the Messiah. In order to connect that true love to a bride, this process must take place: the bride must move in the proper direction in order to connect with the bridegroom, just as the bridegroom is coming from a certain direction to connect with her. Once their unity is achieved, the bride must then go out into her fallen country to bring about unity among the churches and within the nation and to bring them all back to the bridegroom.

Every child originates from the seed of his father; the mother is like the earth in which the seed must be planted. Likewise, the restoration involves a completely reversed path. Therefore, people seeking restoration must follow the directions of the Messiah completely.

There is another way to say this. When you were living in the realm of the fallen world, you loved many people, such as your parents, your brothers and sisters, friends and so forth. Now that you are seeking union with God's true love, you must give a greater love to the Messiah than any love you ever gave to anyone in your secular life. If your love is any less, then it will not be enough to connect you to God. Jesus taught this, saying, "Whoever loves his wife, parents, or brethren more than me is not worthy of me."

Jesus said forthrightly that one's own family is one's enemy. How in the world could such an attitude be justified according to secular values? Jesus knew that unless people could go beyond that secular love they could not become one with God. We can imagine how much the worldly powers were upset by words like this from Jesus. By the same token, many people have been upset by the teachings of the Unification Church, particularly the parents of people who have joined. But they do not understand the nature of the historical transition that is taking place. In Jesus' time, people did not recognize him as the Messiah; in fact, he was just a humble carpenter from Joseph's house in the eyes of most people. How could they imagine that Jesus was the Messiah, especially without knowing what he was saying and teaching?

What would the people of that time have said about what went on in Jesus' church? We can imagine such talk as, "That young woman was once a perfect wife, faithful to her husband, but once that young carpenter from Nazareth came here, she started following him and became like a crazy person. She goes to visit his church early each morning and doesn't even come home some nights. What is she doing there?" That is how the secular world must have viewed Jesus' church. But Jesus didn't have any other choice in order to teach the fallen people; he had to instruct them in such an intense manner in order to save them.

There is only one way for the fallen world, whether an individual, a church or a nation, to reconnect with God, and that is through the Messiah. He is like the origin; he is like the seed. Even though people are already born and grown, they all have to trace back to the same father and be born again.

The only way to do that is to love the Messiah intensely. This is precisely the law that was in effect when Jesus came as the Messiah. The Divine Principle and the restoration do not compromise. Two thousands years have passed and now is the time of the Second Advent. Through the Unification Church, the same pattern and situation has reappeared. Many women have visited the church and have become members. In the past, people observed that some woman was a very faithful, chaste wife and mother, a good daughter to her husband's parents. But then she joined the church of this bachelor preacher in the neighborhood and she hardly ever came home! That woman felt that she never wanted to leave the church, even when it got late at night, because she wanted to listen to what the teacher was saying. Day in and day out, year in and year out, she continued to stay and listen.

This applies not only to women. Women were more religious in general, that's true, but there were men as well. Men gave up their families and went to the church, just like Jesus predicted and told them to do-drop everything. "If you love your own family more than me, you are not worthy of me." These men and women precisely carried that out, in spite of their difficulties. They were going through the reversal of their birth. Father first and then Mother, and then being born again.

In the Unification Church I held a rebirth ceremony after the birth of our first child. I established a condition and held a ceremony in which all the grown-up church members shared the same meal that Mother took after she gave birth to her true child. And the second, third, fourth and fifth children came, and so on, and I elevated the standard even higher-from the individual to the nation, expanding the realm of indemnity. Also, I gave blessings to couples at various times, connecting each level to this true love. Do you understand?

After accomplishing all that and on that foundation, I came to America. I accomplished all the necessary spiritual conditions in Korea and then came over here to reconnect with the established Christian churches.

The unity of Christianity around the world was only possible when I had established enough conditions of embracing the established churches. That is why I spent so much effort and money for the established Christian churches before I paid attention to Unification Church members.

By Heung Jin's ascension into the spiritual world, the borderlines between people there could be abolished. T here is a big movement of unity, doing away with even Hell's borderline, so that all of Hell, as well as Heaven, will become one big sphere of God's direct dominion. This huge task was accomplished and we see so much development. I have been doing the same things here on earth as Heung Jin has done in spirit world. By establishing the Day of the Love of God, I declared to the world that there is no longer a division between Hell and Heaven on earth. No matter where I am, even in prison, still it is part of the planet earth and the whole earth has been declared to be under the direct dominion of God.

On the Day of the Love of God we started a new, one heart and love movement. On this day, members pledged to be desperate to become one in heart and love with the Parents. We are doing that day in and day out by intense prayer. This is the II Jeung movement, which means we are all moving in the direction of the bridegroom. Now the bride is ready. The bride and bridegroom are on the verge of becoming one with each other. For that ultimate accomplishment we established the II Jeung Movement. Pray for this to be victorious.

Only love can make this possible. Now is the most crucial time of transition, which can be compared only with the time when Jesus went to his crucifixion. After he was crucified, he spent three days in Hell, and after that the resurrection took place. But I am doing all of this, while I am alive. You must realize now that the very day you are living in is the result of long, long years of preparation, of condition after condition. That includes the blessing of the 36 couples, the 72 couples, and so on down to the 8,000 couples; now we are on the verge of reconnecting everything through this one-heart love movement.

We have come through this step-by-step process, according to the law of restoration, moving toward the ideal that God intended for this world. By going the reverse way I established the necessary conditions, through the 36, the 72, the 120, the 430 couples, then the 777, the 1800, and finally the 8,000 couples. Step-by-step I have moved forward with these conditions, and we are now being born again on the world foundation. We are now on the verge of this great transition.

You haven't worked this out; I have worked it out. But you are inheriting this most solemn position. You must know that I did not just set up this Day of the Love of God by whim, but that there was a long, painstaking, agonizing history behind it. You don't know everything about that, but you know that an unswerving foundation exists. You are standing on that foundation. So all you have to do is just be absolutely confident.

We are creating this whole new tree of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Your families are the branches of this tree, rising out of the one central trunk. The branches are not individuals but families. It is the family that is at the center of the Kingdom of Heaven. The family branches out from the trunk.

It would have been ideal if the 36 couples and the 72 couples had done everything perfectly. Of course, later blessed couples' mission would have been easier. We can see that the recently blessed couples do not understand the meaning of their own families so deeply. One reason for this is that the earlier couples did not show them a perfect example. They have not been educated properly. But what we have to understand, nevertheless, is that we are on the verge of becoming perfect. We are going to be like that, so we have to realize where we belong.

No matter which blessing you belong to-whether you are one of the 8,000 couples or one of the 1800, 430 or 36 couples, whatever-you must maintain your position and regard everybody else as constituents of the whole tree. II we love God and the Unification Church, we have to achieve this unity. Before now, there have been all sorts of misdeeds and failures in earring out missions, no matter which blessing someone was in. How did they fail? They failed by not attaining unity. In this trying time, I am urging all of you to come into unity. When things are comfortable and slack, your minds tend to be lax; you feel no urge to become one. But now is a good time for you to unite, honoring the tradition of the Unification Church.

All of you have the determination that you would go to jail and serve a sentence three times longer than mine-I know that. You must mobilize that kind of determination to the fullest extent and direct it into the complete unity of the Unification Church, knowing where you belong an. adhering to that position. Everyone has his avenue, hi road clear. We must achieve complete unity above every thing else. Certainly, self-centered thinking has absolute!: no place in us now. Through this one-heart love movement you will all connect eventually to the True Parents, a families within the Unification Church. When we do that what happens? God, without condition, can come and live with us. And God can make Hell null and void-there will be no such a thing as Hell. Therefore, there will be n' place where Satan can reign.

This is precisely why I established last Sunday as the Day of the Love of Heaven. Center on the True Parent completely and there will be no condition or place left for Satan to claim as his. The point where Adam and Eve fell was at the top of the growth stage. To go from that point to the third stage of perfection has taken me forty years. I. these forty years, all the conditions necessary have take place. Now I am standing on the top of the stage of perfection. Although all the Unification Church members and families are scattered around the world, their focal point is the same. They are very much connected with true love, through the True Parents. All is connected. We are making sure that this is so, each and every one of our families, so that God can reside with us and accept that as a good enough condition for the abolition of the demarcation line between Hell and Heaven.

In other words, the borderline between the Unification Church and the secular world-all the rest of the world-is abolished now. Centering on who? Centering on the Parents. We must realize this is where we are now. The blessed couples failed to attain unity by themselves. They were supposed to attain it and do their missions, but they didn't. I am bearing my cross now for the failure of all the blessed couples of the different levels. When that is accomplished, from then on the world will be connected. Through this one heart-movement, we will all make up what was failed in the past.

It is clear what all the Unification Church members and their families must do. They must, through this one-heart love movement, pray that the entire Unification Church become intact, in one piece and completely united. When that happens, then God will make sure that there is no borderline between Hell and Heaven. Therefore, the whole world will come into the direct dominion of God. Once this happens, the attitude of the people of the United States will become favorable towards our movement. We won't even have to try so hard. When spring comes, everyone automatically revives. In the same way, when this is done, all the minds of the churchgoers and the minds of the U.S. citizens will move towards God's point of view and away from secular powers or political parties or things like that. Their minds will follow God's mind, more than anything else. This will surely take place. Do you understand?

We must have the utmost confidence. There is no reason why any other power can overcome us-none! The greatest power of all is the power of God. All of the fallen world as well as all the religions of the world are destined to return to the original condition-the original Eden centered on God. That is what is being accomplished now. Satan knows very well that he must observe and comply with the original law, once this original state is restored. It is up to us. You cannot have confidence unless you understand, but now you understand and you can have absolute confidence and no power can overcome you. Everything will be accomplished, provided we become united.

No matter what, you must be united for the biggest goal and be obedient to the True Parents. No matter how incredible it may seem, if you have the utmost confidence, we will have victory. This is why I always urge you to become strong and brave. Nothing should intimidate you. Everything follows certain numbers in the spirit world-you may have heard that. The number 6 represents the satanic number, and three times 6 is the number of perfection, or 18. In other words, that is the apex of what Satan can achieve; he cannot go any higher than that. That's when he stops and that's when God starts going up. This is that day. We have been the underdogs until today. Knowing this principle and knowing that this principle will work, I know that if I go to prison it will not really be a prison. It is just another backyard on the planet Earth. So if I go to prison, I will bring the gospel and love to that prison. I do not feel that from that time on, I will be behind bars and in Hell. Not at all.

You will see that the tide has shifted. Until now, the Abel side had to pay all the indemnity to restore the world. That has come to its culminating point. In other words, the cup is full; you cannot pour in any more. The indemnity is done. You may not understand everything, but you can have absolute confidence. You must realize that this is a very unique time, in which all the failures of man's responsibility to receive the Messiah, starting with established Christianity, the 36 couples, and all the rest of the blessed couples within the Unification Church and the nation, everybody that ever failed to receive the Messiah is indemnified. Already that indemnity is complete. We are now in a new territory. Wherever you walk this morning and from now on, there is no such thing as Hell, except in your mind. Before today, this was not so. Therefore, we must have absolute confidence.

If we really march forward in complete unity during the next three and a half years, centering on the True Parents, the world will absolutely change, both spiritually and physically. That's roughly 1988. That is forty-three years since 1945, the end of World War 11, and the year that Korea was liberated from Japanese domain. This is a new exodus to the world level. The Israelites' exodus was on the national level, but this is on the world level. At that time, they spent 430 years as slaves in Egypt. Likewise, there have been 43 years since the liberation of Korea and the end of World War 11. This is the significance of the remaining three and a half years. And this is a totally unique time. This is the moment we have been waiting for. Until now, it was more or less the preparation for this one time.

We have experienced that there is no distinction between nations and races, no German, no American, no white, no black, no yellow. We have gone over these differences. We are completely one-we are one family sharing flesh and blood. In other words, this is the first time in the history of mankind anywhere that people have gotten together in complete unity, centering on this amazing true love.

Spiritually, we are much farther ahead than you even realize. Physically, too, by 1988 the situation of society will be completely different from what we can imagine now. It will be much more toward God's direction. At that time, not only America but also many countries around the world will recognize the meaning and value of our work and they will offer support for our activities in their countries. By 1988, we will have our own fatherland.

Have confidence and remain centered on true love. There is no enemy within true love, not even Satan. I have never regarded anyone as my enemy. I grasp hold of my so-called enemy in my left hand and I never let go until that enemy loves me. Do you understand? Satan is not in the position to dominate mankind. You must understand what you are. You are the entity which was reborn through the True Parents. By the rebirth of the 36 couples, you were reborn again. By this process, including the 72 couples, the 120, the 430, 777, 1800, and so on, as each new family was born again, each of you were a step nearer to your own rebirth. Now you have been born again, but where? You are born on the top of all this foundation; it is not the same as if you were born ten or twenty years ago, when this foundation wasn't there. There is nothing which can dominate you anymore. Satan has no condition, no power and no right to claim anything. That is where we are standing now.

Please raise your hands if you have your one-heart love candle that was passed out on the Day of the Love of Heaven. This candle is not given to everyone, but only to those who are blessed. Not everyone who is blessed has it, either, but only those who have made the determination to become one with their spouses and want to keep their family intact. That is the four position foundation-God, True Parents and the couple, looking forward to the birth of your true child. The ones who are ready to do that and could pledge that received those candles. Those who are not so confident, not so determined that this family you have is the absolutely intact family which you are going to cherish for the rest of eternity, you are not worthy of these candles and should not receive them. The moment you receive the candle and understand the meaning of it, and pray under the light of that candle, you have only one direction, one heartistic love that goes in that direction.

You must have only one heart and one direction. Your direction is towards the parents, who are directed towards God. There is no room for deviation or compromise, because the restoration of the world is much too important. In the past, you may have had different ideas. You may have been confused in a little or a big way, but not after this moment. What can cause you to be confused or discouraged? Everything is clear now and you must start living now, only looking back to repent for what you have done wrong. This is a new position now.

Like Jesus said to the weeping, sorrowful disciples, do not feel sorry for me but feel sorry for your own offspring. That was a strong statement of judgment. God has done so much for mankind, so much for each individual, each family; it's up to you to make full use of that and bring yourselves completely out of Satan's domain. I am not worried about myself. I have done what I can for you; there is not really much more that I can do for you. Once you make your strong determination, everything will be solved. Why? True love, God and True Parents will control everything. Satan is not a part of that world. If Satan is not there, then nothing is there to come against God's will. Everything will bow down to the true love center, including Satan. The only thing left for him will be to bow down to the original ruler of the world.

Centering on the Day of the Love of Heaven-which was last Sunday-have absolute confidence and nothing will stand in your way. I asked all the members that day if they were determined to go forward with absolute obedience and confidence and they said yes. If I asked you again this morning, I know you would pledge again with a clear mind, nothing ambiguous or bothering you. I would like to add something to what you have already pledged. It is to ask God to please come and share in this pledge and watch over all of us in this assembly here. Also I want to ask God fervently to confirm that this is His word being spoken now. Do you join in that pledge? Those who pledge, please raise your hands, and God will share in and become one with us here while we pledge. I will pray about these things. Please join in my prayer.

(Father prays.)

Have the utmost confidence and everything will be solved rather easily. Have pride that you now belong to the original state of the God-created world, not the fallen world. Everything will come within God's original four position foundation, nothing will remain outside of it. You must see the world in exactly the same way as unfallen Adam and Eve would have. This is why I have been teaching you about the original world. From this time on, you should not complain. When Heung Jin went to spirit world, I did not cry. Was that because I was lacking in heart? In that time of despair, I quickly moved to the Unification Ceremony, which Satan did not expect. No matter what difficult times came, so much the better, and the more I stepped forward and did not retreat. Nothing set me back.

When a secular family or individual is confronted with these kinds of things, it is like a death blow for them. But not for me. I know the Principle of the dispensation. No matter how difficult or impossible something is, it all depends on which direction you give it. The ascension of Heung Jin was directed toward the achievement of God's goal. Thus it was indeed a leap forward.

I know that this coming time will be similar to when I went into Hung Nam prison. I found disciples within the prison, a church within the prison. Likewise, if I find myself in prison in the United States, there will be many people there who will support me. Thus in a literal way Hell on earth is gradually transforming into Heaven on earth. There is no need for me to suffer anymore or to go to prison, even. Satan no longer has any right or reason to demand the condition, not at this stage. We are clearly beyond that boundary and on another level.

World events will move in such a way that neither the free world nor the communist world will have the ability to solve the problems they raise. Only Reverend Moon, and his vision and ideal, can solve those problems.

I know that will be true. I know that you all feel like going with me into prison, isn't that true? Therefore, what can you do when you are determined to go to prison? You can do anything and everything. You should have such determination on this Sunday morning. With that pledge we will march forward from this time on. We will defend our dignity as the true sons and daughters of the Heavenly lineage. God be with all of you. Amen.

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