The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1984

The Day Of The Love Of God

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 20, 1984
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

The meaning of the title is that Heavenly love controls everything.

All of us know that the fall of man occurred because of the misuse of love. The love of God is the center of the universe and all the creation came about as a manifestation of this love. If no fall had occurred, the world would have been centered upon God's love and God would have had total domain over all things.

Since God created the world out of His love, once God's love is consummated, the purpose of the creation is consummated. As you know according to the Principle of Creation, all of creation occurred through gradual phases, beginning with the mineral kingdom and progressing through the plants, animals, and culminating in human beings. What is the essence of nature? Nature is like the museum of the love of God; it is the place in which God has manifested His love.

Nature is the realm of generation and regeneration. A little insect, for example, may exist for less than a year but its eggs will hatch and the new insects will carry on; thus the cycle continues. Even within the world of the insects there is a language and music. They have their own Performing Arts groups! You don't appreciate them, but they do.

In the human world, men have deep voices and women have higher ones; this creates harmony. Likewise, men tend to see things in a broader way while women tend to focus on particulars. Physically, men are usually larger; this reflects the responsibility of men to take dominion in a broader way. Their broad shoulders reflect dignity and responsibility. Women have broader hips because they represent the earth. You need a good cushion because you are located on the earth.

By their features alone we can recognize that men are created to take the subjective, initiating role, while women are in the objective, responsive position. Men have muscular, hard and hairy hands while the hands of a woman are smooth, almost like silk. Can you imagine how it would be if a woman had hands that were rough like a bear's? That doesn't fit the character of a woman. No matter how much a man may try to make his face soft it is impossible, because every morning he has a new growth of beard.

All existence are related to each other. Through their relationship, harmony comes about and then the very essence of the creation-love-is fulfilled. Everything that exists is the result of the interaction of energy. Where does energy come from? Does energy or motion come first? This is like the question of which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The most basic question that reflects the fundamental differences between the free world and the communist world is, Does consciousness come before existence or does existence come first? The answer to that question reflects one's basic philosophy of life.

We cannot even speak of a primary consciousness without speaking of relationship. Everybody has his own worldview or philosophy but it cannot arise independently; it must exist in relationship with the person's life experience. Therefore we say that energy could never arise suddenly as an independent entity; it is derived from some action, and action only occurs through some sort of relationship. Electrical power is a good example of this. It can only exist through a subject and object relationship.

Let us determine whether energy or action come first. We will never see an electric light come on all by itself; there must first be some action between plus and minus in a circuit. Likewise, without circuitry, life itself cannot just appear. We can observe the violence of a thunderstorm. Do the thunder and lightning happen on their own or doesn't some sort of action cause them? The power and energy of that thunderstorm arise out of the action between the plus and minus electrical charges. Therefore we can say that action comes before energy. Is that clear to you?

Let's discuss action. Right now I am moving and writing on the blackboard. Is that action just a random, whimsical thing? We must recognize that when there is action, there must be two parts to it. We call them subject and object. Without that, action itself could never occur. This is what the communists hate to hear from Reverend Moon. They say, "Action just happens!" They don't want to see that the relationship of subject and object causes action. Why don't they like it? Based on this knowledge, the existence of God can be clearly understood and they don't want to believe in God. The basic theory of communism is that matter is the essence of the universe and progress can come about only through the dialectic, meaning confrontation and struggle.

Communists say that the dialectic is the law of nature, but they have misunderstood nature. Nature does not work according to the dialectic. Progress and improvement over the present can only come about through give and take between subject and object elements. The universe is always striving to move forward into greater and greater productivity and sophistication so there has to be continual give and take between subject and object elements.

The universe's movement toward increase of its present situation must be connected to the essence of the universe as well. In other words, there is a common element connecting the smallest, simplest existence to the largest existence. The motion of that common element, therefore, will shake up every existence, from the smallest to the largest. When that common element is one of goodness, then goodness will permeate every existence from the smallest to the largest.

Let's say that in one small corner of the universe, something very joyful happened. That joy would reverberate throughout the rest of the universe, like a joyful clapping of hands in an echo chamber. Why is that? There is a common ability of the entire universe to share in experiences. If this is true, it is a most joyful thing. It means that there is a common bond throughout the universe and all of existence is related in a common feeling.

If we draw a circle on the blackboard to represent the entire universe, we would include the presence of many different small particles, having either the plus or minus charge. Ultimately there would be a central plus charge and a central minus charge. Although there is the primary plus, there are also many intermediate pluses; likewise with the minuses. All these intermediate pluses and minuses relate with each other and are a part of the larger whole. The aim of every one of these smaller beings is to unite with the central plus of the universe.

There is a universal power which unites all existence. What is it-is it the power of knowledge, money, or authority? No, there is some mysterious power that can shake everything within the universe to its soul and that power is love.

What is the motion of love? Does it move in an absolutely straight line or does it have rhythm and curve? Yes, love moves like a wave. It has the power to excite because of its up and down motion and rhythm. Therefore the common factor which is appreciated and sought after by the whole universe is love. All forms of existence seek to reverberate joyfully as a part of that love.

When we study the human face, we might ask why it should be so complicated and full of different planes and holes and so forth. Why shouldn't it be just simple and flat, like this blackboard? It certainly would be easier for the men to shave every morning! Also it would be a lot easier to keep clean. But we know that the human face is not meant to be flat. We need all the complications of our faces to enjoy the give and take of love, to appreciate and express all the different emotions of life.

Within the original frame of things, nothing within the universe would have thought of itself as alone or isolated. The concept of "self as a separate entity is the result of the fall of man. The healthy, unfallen universe would be one in which every entity recognized its relationship with the whole and the subject/object relationship would be totally obvious.

Between men and women, there would be no concept of aloneness. NO matter how great a man is, he would know that he is nothing without a woman. Likewise, no matter how beautiful a woman is, she would realize that she is nothing without a man. Ultimately, every existence that continues to dwell in isolation can only expect to be eliminated by the universe.

How does that make you feel to hear such a thing? The very purpose and meaning of our existence is for the sake of others. Subject exists for object and object exists for subject-men for women and women for men. Yesterday at the leaders' conference I spoke about the nature of men and women. How do you really know that you are one or the other?

In many respects, men and women have the same characteristics. We all have one head, two eyes, a mouth, two hands and two legs. In fact, when women are wearing men's clothing, it is hard to tell the difference! Of course, there is one absolute difference in the external features of men and women and that is the sexual organs. The man's organ gives him his manhood; the woman's gives her womanhood. That is truly the most precious part of a person because it determines our identity as a man or a woman.

What is the function of the sexual organs of the woman? We could say that it is the main pipeline of love. In other words, its function is to connect you to love. If you have four billion cells, every one of them will be activated and focused upon the activity of that pipeline when it is activated. That is the position of your love powerhouse, the generation point of love for your whole body.

From the point of view of creation and of God as well, the most holy place within the human body is that area of love. God is the master of love and He wants to see His love manifested through man. When God observes the history of the expression of love of human beings, what does He look at? Where does He see His most holy place? Does God see your eyes or your hands? No, He sees your areas of love. Therefore, men and women cannot be permanently separated. They need each other and they look forward to their union in that most holy place. That is the essence of life.

If God is the master of love, when will He come to visit us? Is it when a woman or a man is alone? Or isn't it when the man and woman are together in love? According to the principle we are discussing, the entire universe is continually in the process of plus and minus seeking each other, uniting with a larger and larger plus. Unity occurs on each level in this way. What form of creation occupies the highest position of that plus and minus relationship? Is it the monkey, the tiger, the grasshopper, the bird, or what?

When your television antenna is very high, you receive more signals than a lower one. What is the highest love antenna in the creation? Is it the tall trees? No, the highest and most sensitive antenna in God's creation is given to men and women. Do you agree with this? The love antennae of human beings are invisible; they reach all the way up to God through the realm of thought and feeling.

God is the plus love energy of the universe. He cannot dwell with an individual man or woman; He is looking for a pair of individuals-a plus and a minus united together form a perfect minus to Him. Once a man and woman are one in love, they cannot just stand still or be static. They have to reach out to something greater. It is as if a love wind comes and blows you. You are anchored to the center plus, so the love wind blows you but you stay anchored while you undulate in the wind.

Every man and woman possesses his or her own holy, holy place. Can someone purchase that holy place with money? Even in the secular world, love has a value greater than life itself; people recognize that love cannot be bought with money. How much more valuable is love in the Heavenly world? A fundamental question is whether life or love is the most precious. You say love, but why? No matter how long you live, your biological existence has no value unless you are experiencing love through your most holy place. Life does not automatically connect us with the most holy place, but love does.

Love is the supreme value. Therefore, your love is not yours alone but it exists for the sake of others. All must bow down before love. It is only through love that you can connect yourself to the central plus of the universe. Therefore love has power and dominion over all things.

Do you men live for the purpose of eating three meals a day? Or perhaps you only care about sleeping eight hours a night? No, it is for the sake of love that we live. That is how God created us. Do you have any objection to that purpose?

We are answering many fundamental questions this morning. Men and women are willing to sacrifice their own lives for the sake of their loved ones. The word "holy" must be connected to love; it is only in the context of love that the word "holy" has meaning. For example, any husband who is able to sacrifice himself for his wife's sake is a holy husband; the reverse is true as well. The person who is willing to die for the sake of his parents is called a child of filial piety; he is a holy son or daughter. The person who gives his life for his nation is considered a holy patriot. Likewise, the person who gives his life for the sake of all of humanity is a holy saint. Anyone who gives his entire life for the sake of God is truly a holy son or daughter of God.

You can read the story of love by observing nature. The phenomenon of love is seen everywhere-in the trees, the birds, the insects and animals. God's love created everything and that is why everything in nature exists for the sake of love. Likewise it is for the purpose of feeling and expressing love that the arts and literature and theater and so forth exist.

Human beings are the primary pipeline of love to God, but what happened to men and women? They degenerated and turned their most holy places into the filthiest and most degraded places. Sometimes a couple will receive the marriage blessing and then either the wife or the husband will say, "I don't like my spouse." At that point, that person is in the position to destroy the most fundamental aspect of the universe: that pipeline to God. Can you divorce?

American society has degenerated to such an extent that it is making Sodom and Gomorrah look trivial. The "gay liberation" movement is gaining tremendous momentum, but that is virtually a tool of Satan by which he seeks to destroy the most precious, fundamental values of God. The gay movement seeks to justify itself through gaining legal, political and ultimately moral power, but this is disgusting in the sight of God.

The love of every person is connected, like an electrical outlet, to the source or the central powerhouse. That central powerhouse is God and that love flows down, not only to human beings but also to the animals, the plants and the mineral world. Human beings are the mediators of that love to the rest of the universe, but since man became a defective mediator, God's love became disconnected to the entire universe.

God's love is rhythmical. For that reason, the birds of the north fly to the south to have their babies while those from the south fly north. The fish that normally dwell in warm water go to the cold water streams to hatch their eggs; cold water fish hatch their eggs in warm water. This is the way our universe moves in rhythm; it is the manifestation of the dramatic nature of love.

Therefore there must be rhythm to the love relationships in human life. That rhythm is manifested in our church in the relationships between white and black, between yellow and white, and so forth. This mixing and exchanging creates the most dramatic wave of love in the sight of God. Just like the fish swap from warm to cold water to hatch their eggs, it would be good to see Oriental people come to the West to give birth to their babies and vice-versa.

This kind of worldview arises out of a true understanding of nature as the manifestation of the love of God. From God's point of view, it is more beautiful and dramatic to see people with dark eyes loving those with blue eyes, rather than just loving those of the same color. One way people accuse me is, "Reverend Moon is trying to wipe out the white race. That's why he came to America!" They think that it is a definite sign of being brainwashed that white Moonies marry Japanese and Koreans, as well as white and black Moonies marrying. But is that brainwashing or is it true beauty in the eyes of God?

The most fundamental revolution in this fallen world is the one of love, and that is what I am bringing. Your most holy place is not a shameful place; it is a place of dignity. You should walk with great dignity and move through this world, conscious that your most holy place is part of you. All the filth and disease of this world will be repelled by that attitude. The time will come when the whole world, including youngsters and single people, will bow down to the beautiful couple who walks arm in arm, united in holy love.

The Kingdom of Heaven is nothing other than this -the world in which men and women protect their love, maintain themselves in a God-centered way, and stroll together down the street in perfect harmony. It was because of the fall of man that this kind of marching of holy men and women became impossible. The most holy places of men and women became the most shameful places; people have hidden those parts and have been ashamed to talk about them.

Those holy places were supposed to be tightly bound in perfect unity, like a nut and bolt. In such a case, God could dwell with men and women. With such unity, God could hit you like a Heavenly thunderstorm, with great electricity. Lovemaking is symbolized by the clash of thunder and lightning. However, because of the fall, the beauty of God-centered love has been incinerated. Ideally, when you are in love you can be absolutely tree in the expression of it. You may want to shout or throw your hands up. No action is adequate to fully express the power of love.

When two dogs come together to mate, they make their own unique sounds. Likewise, cats make a tremendously loud screeching and squalling sound. All the things of nature make their own sounds of love. Loving humans should make a superior sound to every other being. In Korea people feel that talking about such topics is very vulgar; it is certainly not considered lofty. But it is because of the fall of man that such things have become earthy and vulgar. Actually, talking about love should have been the most holy form of conversation.

You are nuts and bolts-each man is like a bolt and each woman is like a nut. Once you are joined, you can never be separated; you are a perfect set. When that nut and bolt are perfectly fitted together, that is the moment when you can draw the love of God into you. At that point, everything in your life is fulfilled.

Today is an important day for me to see all of you. Likewise, I am speaking about an important subject. People have been asking a fundamental question throughout history: Why did God create human beings and the universe? Many great philosophers have offered their thoughts on the subject and usually their thoughts were rather intricate and complicated. But God has never fully agreed with those opinions. Finally Reverend Moon has come and said, "God created for this very simple reason." And God smiled and said, "My son, you have hit the jackpot!"

Did you hear the singing of the birds this morning on the lawn? Everyone keep absolutely quiet for a few moments so we can listen to them.... What are they doing out there? They are singing love songs to one another. Nature is our textbook. When I hear those birds, I feel inspired to sing a love song to Mother. Everything in creation exists in pairs-the cats, the birds, the insects and so forth. This is true even for the black raven, which is often a symbol for Satan. The sound of ravens calling to each other is quite harsh and unpleasant, still I think, "Well, they are speaking of love and they can teach people how to love each other."

Even when they fly, the birds are looking at one another; yet they do not lose their sense of direction. Therefore I came to the conclusion that nature is our classroom of love-it is the holy place which God created in order to teach people how to love. Everything you eat-vegetables, rice, bread, etc.-wants to become a part of your body when you have a loving attitude. They want to gain a higher place of love. But when you eat them with a selfish and hateful mind, they revolt against going into your stomach. They don't want to be a part of anything other than love.

Just as the things of creation gladly give themselves up to become part of a loving human body, we humans also willingly die for love. The popular theories of random selection and evolution are completely off-base. The truth is that the lower forms of creation willingly sacrifice themselves to the higher beings for the purpose of fulfilling higher love. I want you to know that love is the most holy and supreme impulse. If you can lay down your life for the sake of your spouse, you are the greatest lover. Likewise, those parents who give their lives for their children have the highest love.

We must learn the lessons of love from nature. The holiest people have always been on intimate terms with nature. You should naturally want to go out every day and look at the sky and the birds and the animals in order to perceive new lessons in love. Your home must be one of love, not only for your family but also for the things of nature. All the creatures, including the insects, will want to become a part of your "love orchestra." You will have plants, animals, flowers and insects dwelling together in love.

Sadly, the values of American society have become very materialistic. Even when people look for potential marriage partners they often think first of how much money that person makes. In some cases an ambitious young woman will marry an old, rich man because she knows he will die within a few years and she will inherit his wealth! Or perhaps a woman will marry solely in order to claim half of a man's property when she divorces him! If a woman has that kind of thinking, she is filthy inside even though she may look gorgeous on the outside. I feel such a strong urge to reach out and clean up the kinds of things that happen in places like Hollywood. So many degraded and ugly things need cleaning up there.

The universe welcomes those men and women who consider love the supreme value. Does anyone here think I am wrong in saying this? Love is almighty; it is greater than life itself. There are no adjectives large enough to describe love. It is absolute, it is unchanging, it is beautiful, it is sweet; yet none of these words encompass love. Throughout the history of literature and poetry, what is more praised-love or life? Or maybe power and money are the focus of poetry? No, love is most praised. The reason is very simple, yet perhaps most poets don't fully understand.

God put the most holy places of men and women in the location on the body that was safest and most protected. This is particularly true of women. Therefore, when you women sit down in a careless way it is very ugly to behold. You must sit in a way that maintains the protection and dignity of your holy place. From this fundamental point of view, the true standards of courtesy, etiquette and protocol can be derived and can endure. This permanent standard of protocol is derived from the permanent value of love. In order to change that ethic or protocol' love itself would have to be changed and no one can do that.

In the fallen world, many women are abused by men who seek for nothing but to gratify themselves sexually. That is far worse than the animals. Love relationships should be done in a beautiful, even artistic way. Engaging in love should be like giving and receiving the most precious gift. Imagine if you were receiving a gift of diamond jewelry. You would relish so sweetly the unwrapping of that gift, carefully pulling off the ribbons one by one. The scotch tape and the paper would be taken off, deliberately and reverently. Ultimately, after the process of unwrapping, you would see that diamond.

I know you are thinking, "How lucky Mother is to have Father!" Don't laugh-learn from me! Does anyone here dislike what I am saying this morning? Not one' so I must have your unanimous approval.

You Unification Church members should know how to relate to the beauty of nature and how to enjoy being in creation. Even though you are all alone, you can feel the thrill of seeing a lovely flower. You can watch the fish in a pond as they vigorously chase after each other and you can say, "They are running after love and they never get tired." Tell yourself, "I will never get tired either because I am running after love." The salmon can teach a beautiful love lesson to humanity because they experience only one love and then they die. They give their lives to love, to hatch their eggs, and then they die. Their lives are consummated by the fulfillment of their love, so they have nothing more to live for.

Now you can understand the concept of love that I am speaking about. When you get up in the morning, why not time your walking with the rhythm of the birds singing? A certain kind of bird jumps around and sings and then they kiss each other. They are great teachers of love. God assigned them the mission of teaching clumsy men how to love!

When a husband and wife are truly in love, having a disagreement will not hurt anything; in fact it will increase your loving feelings later. After you clash with each other, you can embrace that much more strongly. Do you couples experience these kinds of things?

So now you understand that your most holy place belongs to your spouse, not yourself. You were not born for your own sake but for the sake of others. As long as your terminology is "we" and "us" the universe supports you, but as soon as you think in terms of "I" and "me" the universe will turn against you. Eventually you will be expelled from this universe. Can you complain against this rule?

This is the beauty of marriage - it pushes people to think always of themselves in terms of another. Likewise living in a family requires us to think in terms of "we"- the children think of their parents, the parents think of the children, each child thinks of the other brothers and sisters. But often this is not the case in American homes; for this reason many American families are heading toward destruction. But what about the Unification Church? Are we heading upward or downward? We are rising.

A day such as this-the Day of the Love of God- has never before been declared. People have simply not imagined that the love of God was supposed to have dominion over all creation. If you could choose between reading a difficult and complicated philosophy book or a poem about love, which would you prefer? Quite simply, people enjoy the sweetness of love over everything else.

The message I am giving to you today is not only for this particular Sunday but is of universal importance. It is the foundation for all understanding and that is why I have spoken so clearly about it today.

I want you to understand that the fall of man wrought total destruction upon God's dream of love and degraded the most holy experiences into the most shameful. The original love was supposed to be man's ticket into Heaven; but on the contrary man Purchased his ticket to Hell through illicit love. We must cleanse the love of the world and stop the multiplication of the consequences of the fall of man.

Due to the fall of man, human beings must stand in shame before the lowest forms of creation. The supreme creation of God was degraded to a point far below that of the animals, plants and minerals. However, Americans today think that they can continue to pursue a degraded form of love and enjoy greater and greater prosperity, but that is not the case. From God's point of view, the way of life in secular America today deserves a worse judgment than fire and brimstone.

Furthermore, the consequences of America's actions pervade the rest of the world. Thus the degradation of morality has spread worldwide. America must kneel down before the rest of the world and repent in shame for fostering immoral values. Everywhere men and women have been exploited by the promotion of this immorality.

Reverend Moon came to America to ignite a moral revolution and to stop this nation from falling into destruction. People proudly point to all kinds of laws and there are many different levels of courts, but what are these courts accomplishing when the nation is pervaded with corruption? Reverend Moon came here as an emissary from God, to turn this nation around in the right direction, but instead of receiving God's messenger, the power of this nation was turned toward prosecuting him. For this, I am sorry to say it, but I know this country will be punished. Even now I am praying to God to withhold His judgment and give us a little more time to turn this nation around to repentance.

In today's New York Times there is an article stating that America has made a big mistake in prosecuting Reverend Moon. This is a most important statement and it will be read by over a million people.

I am not, and never have been, the enemy of the American people and I do not believe that the American people of conscience will be judged by this court decision. It was the U.S. government that took the enemy position to me. I have great hope that the people will rally and oppose the government's actions against me. The particular government which persecuted Reverend Moon will not remain forever but the ideal and the teaching which Reverend Moon has brought to America will stay and will prosper, eventually to create a righteous government here.

As we know, the fallen action of Adam and Eve crushed God's ideal of love and He became brokenhearted. Think of the parental heart. Imagine that a wealthy father built an elaborate and beautiful home for his children but all of a sudden, the children died. Every time that parent looked at that home, it would make him more brokenhearted. By the same token, every time God looks at this beautiful universe He created for His children, He is reminded that they are spiritually dead. He must wish that no such a beautiful home even existed to hurt His heart.

Not only that, the beautiful home was plundered and exploited by evil forces. All the precious items inside have been perverted and abused by Satan and this pierces God's heart over and over again. Worst of all, Satan has abused and perverted God's own children. It is as if a man's loving wife had been seduced by another man. Certainly God is always on the verge of anger, feeling that He would like to smash everything He created in order to be tree of the pain. But God's very own purpose of existence is at stake, and therefore God must endure. No matter how terribly difficult it is, He must slowly but surely restore this shattered world into one healthy whole.

As you know by the Divine Principle, the fall of Adam and Eve occurred when they were in the growth stage, reaching the perfection level. Since the final part of the growth stage was plundered by Satan, the rest of the growth stage fell into Satan's hands. What has happened to the creation? It became the property of Satan. Man naturally seeks the direct dominion of God but instead we tell far away from God. It is like mankind was raped by an invader.

In order to be free from slavery to Satan, we have to get a certificate of liberation. How can we get it? On our own power, we cannot possibly break out of Satan's bondage. Satan is holding man so tightly; we could say that, on a scale of I to 10, Satan's power is a 9. The source of Satan's power is satanic love which is illicit but still very powerful over man. The only power greater than satanic love is that of God's love. That love is 100% powerful; it is a 10 on the scale. This 100% love cannot be found any other place except with God. Salvation can only come from the original, 100% love.

Original love is the only hope for man because no other power can break man's bondage to Satan. Even though he is the fallen archangel, Satan cannot oppose the original love. That is the chain of command and law of the original world. Therefore the religions of history have had the basic purpose of pursuing that original love. Directly or indirectly all men and women have sought to regain the original love; that has been the dream of mankind. Idealistic people have always dreamed of societies, nation and a world centered upon original love.

Some people have a nebulous concept of what the ideal world is, but it is the world centered upon original love. It must be realized in a substantial society on the earth, which we call the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. We are certainly not living in the original world at this time so we have to pursue it. It is the destiny of all people to seek original love through the path that religion has trod.

When you approach Satan with original love. he has two options: either to surrender to you, or go away and never bother you again. This is the covenant between God and Satan, based upon the original principles of the universe. It is the law which binds Satan as well as God Himself. Because of this original law. God cannot demolish the fallen world but has to restore it.

God knew that the power of religion would be the force to eliminate Satan at the last days. However, religion always has the tendency to become diluted by secular powers. For that reason, God promised that He would send the Messiah. The Messiah comes to bring the fulfillment of God's ancient covenant and law-he brings original love. Centered upon that original love, he will organize original families, societies, and nations; he will establish a new earthly order. This is the very purpose of the Messiah.

The foundation for the Messiah has to be Christianity because Christianity is the only religion to understand that the true nature of God is that of Father. Jesus was the only holy man who called himself the only-begotten son of God. No other religion is founded upon such a teaching.

Jesus was indeed the Messiah because God was his Father and he was His only-begotten son. Thus the religion that he founded must become the foundation for the second coming of the Messiah, when God's original love will be fulfilled. Centering upon original love, Christianity creates the Godly family of Father, Son, brothers and sisters in Christ-this family concept had to be the mainstream of God's dispensation up to the time of the ultimate fulfillment.

Christianity had to become the most widespread religion in the world because God has a big stake in it; He has a plan for fulfilling His dispensation through it. Unfortunately, traditional Christianity was misled by incorrect theology and St. Paul has a great responsibility for this. There are many mistaken ideas, such as Jesus came only to die. Likewise many Christians are content to worry only about their individual salvation, disregarding the matters of this world for one's own little cubbyhole "upstairs." The concept of being saved by faith alone is not right either; one must fulfill love in order to go to Heaven. Without the power of love, one can never be separated from satanic bondage.

For this reason, God promised mankind that the second Messiah would come as the representative of His original love, bringing liberation from satanic bondage. How can you recognize the second Messiah? The Messiah will teach this principle exactly, point by point, spelling it out.

Is there anyone in the world other than Reverend Moon who is teaching precise points about the original ideal of creation and the original concept of salvation centered upon original love? Even Jesus could not teach these points precisely. But the Bible promises that when the end of the world comes, we will no longer have to be taught by symbols and parables but we will learn plainly of the Father. That is what the Divine Principle is all about; that is what you are receiving.

What is Reverend Moon teaching? He is teaching the original concept of the love of God and the love of parents; the original concept of Adam and Eve's relationship; and the original concept of children and family. If you learn all the points of this original blueprint from God, then you have the Messiah; you have salvation. If you do not, then you will have to search for somebody else. What do you think? Have you found the Messiah?

The Messiah must be elevated to the position of True Parent. Such a concept was never introduced two thousand years ago. Only with the advent of the second Messiah could that concept be fulfilled. He came to organize the family centered upon God's original love. With this weapon of the original love of God, Satan has the choice to either surrender or retreat. This is the power of the second Messiah.

This is the ideal which I came to fulfill. If Korean Christianity in 1945 had accepted this concept and united with me, I would not have had to go through all these legal battles. The end of World War 11 was a unique time in human history. Korea was closely allied with the United States and the leadership of Korea was Christian. If Christianity had united with me then, the entire nation could have been united. It was the opportunity for Christianity to govern the world.

The Messiah should have appeared once Christianity was ready to take dominion over the world; that was the ideal time for the second advent. Do you understand clearly? That special time was the point toward which God had been working throughout the two thousand years of Christian history; such an opportunity never arose before or since. God knew the value of this opportunity; thus He wanted the United States, centered upon Christianity, to take the worldwide position of the twentieth-century Roman Empire. Through this nation. the world could become Christian and that is why the U.S. had the position it did.

At that dispensational time, Reverend Moon was in Jesus' position; established Christianity was in Judaism's position; and the United States was in the position of the Roman Empire. The Korean nation was in the position of Israel. All these elements comprised God's side. That was the historical parallel

After World War 11, South Korea was liberated and came under the military rule of the U.S. government. President Syngman Rhee was a Christian, having been educated in the United States and having strong Christian support. The law of indemnity requires that a certain course be followed, starting with the individual, family, tribe, nation and world. Once the Christians of South Korea recognized the Messiah and united with him, all these steps could have been fulfilled within seven years. Before I reached the age of 40, the entire worldwide dispensation would have been fulfilled.

The True Mother would have come out of the Christian realm. Perhaps she would have been a British woman. It could be-why not? Once the worldwide foundation had been accomplished, I would have picked the True Mother on the world level. Imagine if the royal princess of England had become the True Mother. I am only interested in one thing-how to restore the world.

It is because our movement was rejected by Korean Christianity that our boundaries became so limited. If we had been supported, the Korean movement would have immediately become insignificant because the movement would have become worldwide and universal, with no boundaries. Let's say that the True Mother had come from Great Britain, the source of the English-speaking culture. The U.S. is in the position of son to Great Britain. It would have been very rapid and easy for America to humble itself to Britain.

With such circumstances, God's providence would have progressed very rapidly. The Messiah would have had dominion over the world. Even in the face of total opposition, I was able to create a worldwide foundation, so imagine how much I could have accomplished in seven years if I had been given the proper welcome. Do you think I am capable of that? Communism could have been stopped at that time; it certainly would not have come as far as it has.

However, all these possibilities were destroyed when established Christianity opposed me. That is why communism was able to grow rampantly and conquer over two-thirds of the world. If I had been supported and accepted by Christianity, what leading powers of the world would have opposed me? This Christian nation of America would not have opposed me; Judaism would not have opposed me; neither would Christianity or the free world.

The UN was created in ignorance of its proper guiding principles. The U.S. should have taken the governing position of righteousness over the United Nations, but instead they gave up their world leadership.

I am sure that some agencies of the U.S. government must be interested in knowing what Reverend Moon's first message is, after the Supreme Court's rejection of our suit. I am happy to let the CIA. or the FBI or anyone else get their recordings of the things I am saying about the United States. This nation and world can never be ruled properly by Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, or any party. Only through the guidance and inspiration of God's principles can anyone give proper leadership to this world. Reverend Moon, inspired by God, has a plan by which he could inspire the leadership of this nation. If they would follow these directions for seven years, I know this nation could be completely cleaned up.

Even under continuing opposition and persecution, I have continued to love this nation. We held a special day long organizational meeting yesterday at East Garden to fulfill God's wishes at this time. I want to create an organization in this country that truly represents God's forces, greater than the Republican, Democratic, or any party. We need an organization that God can rely on.

This sort of organization was supposed to have been inaugurated 42 years ago, at the time of Christianity's great opportunity. But I had to begin from the very bottom to erect a new foundation through the Unification movement around the world. Now, during this forty year period, we are announcing the installation of this organization. It is time for the unity of Christianity. At last the unification of Christianity is happening.

I was in Korea at the time of my indictment. The U.S. government was hoping that I would not return; they were shocked to see me walk into the courtroom and proclaim, "I am not guilty." Why did I return to America? I cannot abandon my mission to unite Christianity with the Unification movement.

Jesus Christ was not supported by his own disciples; he was rejected by Judaism and the chosen nation; and he was crucified by the Roman Empire. Thus I am in the position to restore these failures of 2,000 years ago. I wanted to go through the court battle, which is the modern day crucifixion launched by the U.S. government. None of my disciples have fled; Christianity has united in support of me, rather than cursing me; and eventually the public opinion of this twentieth century Roman Empire will come to support me. By going through this, I am restoring all those historical failures.

After all this time, The New York Times has finally spoken the truth about me! As they put it, the U.S. government has won the battle but has lost the war. Public opinion is coming to the side of Reverend Moon. More importantly, Christianity of the United States is rallying to my side. By doing so, Korea is completely united with me. All these things have happened through the court battle.

When Jesus was crucified, he received no support from his disciples, or Judaism, or the chosen nation, or the Roman Empire. But when the United States government crucified Reverend Moon, it was different. The Unification Church became united and solid as a rock. Christianity turned around and supported me. Korea, in the position of the chosen nation, has been swept with indignation and the people have united with me. For this reason, at the end of April we achieved our goal of 7 million people in IFVOC Japan is reaching 7.5 million membership in IFVOC. Ultimately the United States, which links Korea and Japan will have 40 million members of IFVOC and CAUSA. Worldwide we will have 70 million people. American public opinion will see Reverend Moon as a hero. The purpose of this organization is not political; its purpose is for the salvation of the United States and the free world. Those 70 million people will be united, not for any political purpose, but as God's force to stop the spread of worldwide communism and bring about a new, moral world.

You state leaders made your pledge to me yesterday and we created our organization. How about you members who came here today-would you like to fulfill this pledge to the utmost, as well? If you can make this pledge, raise your hands. Thank you. God bless you.

According to the law of indemnity, I have indemnified the persecution of Jesus which occurred on the national level; I came to restore on the worldwide level what Jesus was not able to do 2,000 years ago. Because of this achievement, this is an historical moment upon which God and True Parents have declared the Day of the Love of Heaven.

The final stage was supposed to have taken only seven years, but because of the rejection of Christianity it took 21 years. During that time, I moved onto the worldwide level. Today it doesn't matter what any U. S. court, including the Supreme Court, declares. What matters is what history and public opinion say. This is the ultimate court in which I shall be vindicated. Thus the fact that people around the world have rallied to my support is the real victory.

Most saints and religious leaders have never been able to walk the path I am walking while they were alive: only after their deaths did they make their greatest achievements. But now I am going over this ultimate hill, still alive and strong. This is a tremendous victory in itself. I want you to understand that the True Parents could not install themselves on the perfection level. Because the fall of man occurred during the perfection level of the growth stage, the True Parents appeared there as well. From there we have waged the worldwide battle.

Due to the rejection by Christianity, the seven years had to be prolonged to twenty-one years. But if the Christians had accepted me right after World War 11, my mission would have been accomplished in seven years. During the 21-year period, I indemnified 2,000 years of Christian history, as well as the 200 years of American history. This is why I held an important rally during the bicentennial year in America; that was the highest point of confrontation with satanic forces. That was our showdown on the worldwide level.

God and True Parents won great victory in that confrontation in 1976. Because of that. the administration of President Carter began to fear our movement and they launched their investigations.

When the United States retreated from Vietnam, they made a shameful point for themselves in human history. Nixon did not listen to my advice and America finally kicked him out in disgrace. If he had had the courage to take my advice at that time, the situation today would have been totally different.

Then Mr. Ford came to office but did not have much time. when Mr. Carter was elected, I knew he was not the man for the job, thus I declared my opposition to him. I knew I would be persecuted by his administration because of that. But I want you to understand that it was because of God-centered opposition that Carter lost his political power. The fight against Congressman Fraser was a fight against the Carter administration, and we stopped Fraser.

In the face of the most rampant liberalism in this country, we won the battle against Congressman Fraser. Because of this' liberalism began to decline. Unless Mr. Reagan is awakened and truly tries to do the will of God and understands True Father's will, I know his re-election will not be so easy. If I made up my mind to oppose him, I know he would decline and even lose. But that is not my desire. I love America and my heart is not for revenge. I am still looking forward to this nation's salvation. My duty is always to love Cain.

I am saying to God, "Please postpone your wrath and punishment upon the United States and let me take responsibility for their wrong-doing. Even if I go to jail, I want to be responsible once I am free." At the moment I learned of the Supreme Court's decision, I prayed to God to hold hack His judgment. I immediately declared to Him that I would have no sorrow for myself but for the nation and the world. I asked Mother and the children to be totally united and to have a special prayer and pledge. Furthermore the older blessed couples and leaders of the movement pledged themselves to be totally united with the True Parents and True Children.

Yesterday I held a meeting of the worldwide leadership, lasting all day and night. We created a special organization as well as a chain prayer session, called 11 Jeung. 11 means one and Jeung means heart-the one heart prayer session. It started all night last night at the East Garden holy ground. The focus of the 11 Jeung is this: that we shall take responsibility and repent for the wrong doing of America and the free world, ultimately to bring salvation to them.

If we do not do this, there is no way God's goal for right after World War 11 would be fulfilled, even at this late hour. The era of just paying indemnity is over; everything we accomplish from now on becomes a plus and we can build our tower of victory. Whatever we do will give God more power and dominion over the world. Centering upon the spirit of the love of God, not upon a spirit of vengeance, all these things will come about. We can post this sign: "The Love of God Will Govern," because we are entering into the direct dominion of God.

We can do this only because the True Parents are at the center. By the fall of Adam and Eve, everything was lost to the satanic world and thus the wrong and bad parent took over the world. But now the True Parents have brought the original love of God, with which they are wiping up and cleaning out all illicit and filthy things of the fallen world. This new era is beginning with the court battle, which is my time of crucifixion.

Immediately after his crucifixion, Jesus descended into Hell and stayed there for three days. He restored his power of dominion through the love of God. By the same token, I must descend into the hell of this earthly world in order to establish the dominion of the love of God here. Then I will resurrect.

I am making this declaration that Jesus was in the parental role in spirit world; now True Parents are on earth, centering on the original love and claiming God's dominion over all humanity and all things by overcoming all the power of Hell, both on earth and in spirit world. This is the declaration ceremony.

On May 16, 1984, at 12:54 a.m., I declared the Day of the Love of God. This is the turning point upon which original love will begin to govern the world which has always been governed by satanic love. I have already set the condition, so there is no possibility for Satan to invade or accuse this victory; he has no power to infiltrate in any way over my conditions. Before this turning point, all the hard work you did was to pay off historical debts. But from today forward, every drop of sweat and blood and all your hard work will add to our tower of victory.

Until now, God's side did not have such a position in the world and Satan could always take everything away from God. But now God will take everything from the satanic position into the Heavenly position, with no strings attached. I will never return to Korea or anywhere until we have achieved unification-first of all, internal unity of the Unification Church movement; and the external unity of the Unification Church and the Christian world.

Until I accomplished this foundation, I did not feel I had accomplished my mission. But now I see that the Unification movement has become solidly united around the True Parents. Furthermore the Christian community has united solidly with me. For this reason I now feel free to go anywhere and work any place else. I do not look at the American people as my enemies; I see them as they will be when they are restored as original people. When I look at them in that way, the more opposition they give us, the greater victory it becomes for Heaven.

The government is the servant of the U.S. people and American public opinion is supporting me at this time. Therefore America is not lost and I look at this as God's territory; it is not satanic territory. I look at America with eyes of true and original love. It is only a matter of time in which America, as well as the free world, will surrender to Reverend Moon's ideal. Even those who have been my arch-enemies will turn around and say, "We misunderstood you. You are a living and loving saint, special throughout human history." Once that condition has been established, the entire world can be educated within forty days-this is the satellite age, after all.

For this reason, we must not delay even one more minute. If you delay, you will create the opportunity for Satan to invade and weaken you so you must march forward right now! Remember what the Christians of the first centuries had to endure. They were forced to hide within the Roman Empire in the catacombs. If they were captured they were fed to the lions in the coliseum. When we think of those glorious martyrs, we know that no matter how hard our work becomes, it never approaches their level of sacrifice. There is no way we can excuse ourselves.

In order to prevent satanic infiltration within our movement from now on, I will ask you several questions that I want you to answer from your heart. Are you ready?

The first question I direct to True Mother: Are you ready, unto your life, to give your total love, loyalty and dedication to the ideal of God and True Parents, so that we shall achieve this goal at any cost and at any sacrifice?

[Mother said, " Yes, Father. "]

Now, because of Mother's clear and loyal answer, Satan has no way to infiltrate this holy family, even if Mother makes some mistakes.

The next question I am asking to the four blessed children here, led by Hyo Jin, the eldest son: From now on, are you totally united with the concept and ideal of the True Parents? Are you willing to faithfully execute your duties as True Children and to accomplish, unto your lives, the goals of Heavenly Father and True Parents?

[Hyo Jin Nim answered clearly, "Yes, Sir."]

From now on, even if you make a mistake and do the wrong thing it will not affect the destiny or mission of the Unification Church. This pledge was made upon love.

Now I ask all the blessed couples, headed by the 36 couples, this question: Do you pledge to unite totally with the True Parents and the True Children? Will you fulfill the goals of the True Parents, even unto your lives, fighting as gallant soldiers of Heaven? Will you bring the victory, on the foundation of the original love of God?

[They answered, "Yes, Father."]

So far all your mistakes and wrong doing have been paid for by the True Parents, but after your pledge this is no longer the case. From this time on. you will be taking responsibility for your own mistakes. In other words, no matter what mistakes you make, they will not become a hindrance to the True Parents' dispensation in the world. Your pledge was that you would not be a burden to the True Parents or the Unification Church, but that you will become their champion.

The Day of the Love of God was never an established fact before, so all your misdemeanors were suffered by the True Parents. All the things that the Unification Church members did wrong in the past always came back to me and people accused me, but that will not be happening any more. The time has come for you to be the responsible ones. This is a day of liberation for the True Parents.

Today we have gathered together the Unification Church leaders from all around the world, including more than 120 countries. Upon this occasion, will you pledge your life for the fulfillment of the dispensation of God? If so, please raise your hands and say, "Yes, Father." Thank you. By making that pledge, you gave liberation to me and Mother.

At this hour I declare what I have already declared in prayer: that there shall be no more fear of death. That fear shall be overcome by the power of God's love. When Heung Jin passed away, I overcame the sorrow that people normally feel when a beloved son dies. By the power of God's love I proclaimed January 3 the Day of the Victory of Love. On that day, I declared our total liberation from the fear of death. Likewise I am saying today that the love of God has overcome any fear of imprisonment. That is why I proclaimed today as the Day of the Love of God- only the love of God prevails and shall have domain over the world.

The turning point has been reached. We shall see the rejuvenation of joy in the Unification Church and within Christianity. God is providing us with this great momentum.

I have already said this at East Garden so I would like to say it officially today. Let this declaration go out to the world from the True Parents: From now on. from 100 battles we will win 100 victories and nothing less. Every move we make will bring us the victory because the indemnity era is over. We are beginning to build our tower of victory. Today is the day of declaration of this significant message, along with the Day of the Love of God.

This declaration is not only a horizontal one; it has been made in the eyes of God and the spirit world as well. The entire universe-Heaven and earth-are listening to this declaration. We have our slogan for the year-Creation of the Fatherland-and this is our goal here on the physical earth, centered upon the original love of God.

Everyone please stand up. Make pairs by holding onto one person's hand. Raise your free hand above your head. We are going to pray and you will receive a blessing from God and True Parents. You are standing in pairs because you can only be blessed in the sight of God when you have created a pair. You must create a circuit by which to receive the blessing from God through True Parents, so that is what you are doing symbolically now. Let us pray.

[Father prays]

Col. Pak: We have been doing three cheers of Mansei for a long time, but this is a most special day. Let us really comfort Father and Mother by doing three most extraordinary cheers.

A good day will come because you have made a good turning point. In the meantime, let us really work hard and sweat to hasten that good day. Everything will be harvested into Heaven. So far, all that good work went to pay indemnity but from now on, everything will be incorporated into our tower. Now you know the term II Jeung. This is the Day of the Love of God. January 3, 1984, was the Day of Victory of Love. Today I was finally able to declare the Day of the Love of God-itself.

By the Seung Hwa of Heung Jin-his elevation and ascension-a new gate was opened in spirit world. Now they can be united to work actively with the earthly realm. By today's declaration' the Heavenly gates are all opened up by the power of True Parents. This power will penetrate all the way to Hell in spirit world; by the same token, it will go all the way into the most hellish places here on earth, including prisons.

When Jesus was crucified, he went into Hell for three days and opened the gates there. By the same token, by today's declaration I am opening up the door of the earthly hell for three days. Do you follow? Everything shall be indemnified and this will bring the new turning point.

Let us pray for gratitude.

[Col. Pak prays]

There is just one thing I would like you to know. Through the crucifixion of Jesus, everything was lost. But by this declaration of the Love of God and the victory of the True Parents' everything is restored.

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