The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Thirtieth Anniversary Of The Unification Church

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1984
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

My prayer on this historic day the thirtieth anniversary of the foundation of the Unification Church, was centered upon unity. Through this prayer. I sent Heung Jin to spirit world to achieve unification; all the barriers between people there have been broken down. Through the cooperation of the work of Heung Jin in spirit world and the work of the True Parents on the earth, an unprecedented unification between those worlds will be achieved. We are moving into a new era in which we shall! realize the creation of the Fatherland here on earth. Likewise, we shall realize the unification of spiritual and physical worlds and we shall see the unification of different parts of this world, including all the races and religions of man.

The subjective role must be fulfilled on the earth; thus you are in the subjective position for the entire dispensation. It is not just Adam and Eve who were in the position to be subjects to the archangel; today the True Parents' work here on earth, supported by all the members of the church, shall take the central, subjective role. Spirit world, centered upon Heung Jin, will respond to the earth to the degree that we accomplish. That was the central theme of my prayer today.

We are here today to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the foundation of the Unification Church. Here on earth there are powerful nations playing major roles, whether on the side of good or evil. Examples are the Soviet Union and the United States-these two powerful nations are confronting each other. For the sake of the consummation of human history, we must somehow achieve unity rather than conflict. The original ideal when the earth was first begun was for one nation under God as well as one ideal world under God. Therefore, it is the ultimate and final goal for mankind as well.

Who shall play the major role in accomplishing this one world under God? Of course, it is human beings who must do it. There are multitudes of people in the world and we could classify them into two basic categories- those who are good and those who are evil. They are all intermingled in this world. What is the definition of good or evil people? We need to understand the difference.

Today we must come to realize a very fundamental reality. Whether people have believed in it or not, the spirit world has always been interacting with the physical world. Human beings have lived in both worlds since the beginning of history, so spiritual phenomena have been with us continuously in the past and the present. Therefore, all people living on the earth are being affected by either good spirits or evil spirits. Thus we can classify people according to what kind of spirits are affecting them. Good people are being assisted by good spirits and bad people 'are being affected by bad spirits.

One simple definition of good people are those who are following a constant, unchanging goal in life. Evil people are continually changing, depending upon their own interests. All human beings are born with their original nature which is basically good; therefore all people are born with the tendency to be good. This good, inborn mind of people is represented by what we call the conscience. We can measure the actions of anyone according to the standards of conscience and determine whether he is a good or an evil person.

We could say that the person who follows his conscience aligns himself with the vertical straight line. His body moves in a horizontally straight line, which creates harmony with that vertical line and that makes the perfect man. Man is the unique creation of God that walks upright, on only two legs. Man is supposed to follow the vertical line of his conscience so his body is a symbol of his conscience. People walk upright, not stooped or bent because there is only one straight way, not two or more. Therefore, all human beings-whether black, white or yellow-are supposed to follow the one straight way, represented by the vertical and horizontal lines.

The harmony of a 90 degree relationship between the vertical and horizontal lines will create harmony within a person. When you intersect two lines at exactly 90 degree angles, you create four angles of 90 degrees each; altogether you have 360 degrees. If someone is building a tall building such as the New Yorker, it is most important that the foundation be built upon an absolutely straight horizontal line. As the building is built upward, it must maintain an absolutely vertical, 90 degree angle with the foundation. Building the kingdom of Heaven requires the same thing. The building material is men and women, who must grow in an absolutely vertical and absolutely horizontal direction. That kind of blueprint will produce the "skyscrapers" the perfect people-of the ideal human world.

We could symbolize the United States as a building. If we went down and inspected its basement and found that it was not built straight we would know that the building would not stand much longer. It would have to be rebuilt from the beginning, according to the absolute horizontal standard.

Before we can build the ideal world or the Kingdom of Heaven, we have to be able to produce a seed or a prototype which can be used as the standard for the men and women of that world. Where can such a perfect prototype be found? That has been the question of people throughout history. Where can perfect men and women be found?

Perhaps someone would say that the United States is the place where such perfect people can be found. After all, there are a lot of beautiful women and handsome men here, aren't there? Does America have those perfect people the world is searching for? How about the communist world? Unfortunately, the perfect people for the seeds of the ideal world cannot be found either in the U.S. or the communist world. This is the problem.

Because of the fall of man. all the original seeds have been destroyed; therefore, mankind has not been able to find its original seeds. Therefore, God has told man through His revelations that He will send to this earth the original seed, the prototype for all people. Good spirit men have wanted that original seed to come to the earth as quickly as possible. But there are a lot of evil spirit men too, who have said, "No, no! We don't want to see that kind of seed! What we have is good enough!"

Goodness must always be founded upon an unchanging quality. Even from the materialistic viewpoint, those things which are considered treasures are gems like diamonds, which represent unchanging hardness. Likewise, people value gold for its unchanging color which will never tarnish. Pearls, too, have the unchanging ability to harmonize. These jewels represent qualities of goodness.

Looking back on human history, we can see how many different philosophies have arisen and then failed. So many different nations and political powers have come and gone. But one thing has stood the test of time and that is the basic principle of the religious way of life; that basic principle has remained and has not changed. All the people of the greatest goodness throughout history came out of the religious world. Why is that? What they were teaching was one, unchanging principle and they truly represented goodness and God.

Evil has come and gone throughout history. Evil nations have sprung up and prospered for a time but then they eventually crumbled. Those evil nations have always been destroyed by their own evil: the principles of goodness work against their corruption. Always the chastisement of those evil nations and people comes from those within the religious realm. It is those people who have told the evil world, "You are going to perish if you don't change." Relentlessly, those predictions have come true; one evil nation after another has come and gone. When an evil nation is in the midst of prosperity, it thinks it can survive forever, but it is always destroyed eventually.

Do you think that once the ideal world arrives it will change constantly or will it be guided by an unchanging, eternal principle? Is that eternity applicable only to white people? Do you think that only the developed, wealthy countries will be happy and the underdeveloped nations will be their slaves in the eternal ideal world? No, the ideal world must be a world in which everybody is happy and everybody is treated fairly and justly. Goodness in the ideal world belongs to everybody.

People in this world try to judge others by material standards and external appearances. They think that if someone has nice clothing, a good car, and lives well, he must be a respectable person. But do you think that the Utopian world can be evaluated by material means? No, that world will be one in which there is unity between people's minds and bodies, where God and man are perfectly united.

Why should God need a Utopian world? After all, doesn't He have everything He needs? A Utopia is a world in which people appreciate its treasures and at the same time God feels and appreciates its treasures. There can be no Utopia that God doesn't appreciate. Throughout history, good and evil forces in spirit world have been battling to pull the world to their opposing sides. The good spirit world has been trying to inspire the creation of the ideal world, centered upon God and at the same time, evil spirit world centered upon Satan has been trying to maintain their power over this world. Each side wanted to take all of mankind toward their side; they have been in this spiritual tug-of-war.

The world of goodness will not be one of conflict and competition. the only competition between people will be to outdo each other in giving and serving for the sake of others. But evil has the manner of always trying to challenge, confront and control the other. Evil has always tried to destroy goodness, saying, "I'm going to knock you out." Goodness has always responded, "I have the power to destroy you, but I'm going to be patient. You can continue to do your evil work and you will eventually run out of power."

Let's compare two people in a relationship. One person always behaves in a belligerent, aggressive way, trying to hurt the other, while the other is able to take that hatefulness with patience and not return it. We can say that a good husband is one who can take sharp treatment from his wife and still be patient. She might act like a sharp-clawed cat who scratches him from head to toe. Or perhaps she is like a mean bulldog who bites him all the time. The good husband is one who never reacts to her.

Likewise. we can look at history from this point of view. There is always one power which is aggressive, seeking to crush others. Another power is always being hit and taking it. surviving. This has been the role of religious people and nations throughout history. The amazing thing is that the religious world has never been destroyed; in fact, it has always survived and even prospered in the face of persecution. That is another important principle in history.

The history of the world is nothing more than the extension of the history of individuals. Have we seen that good people have been in the position of the greatest power and influence in the world? Have we seen that good spirit world has been working with those in the wealthy and comfortable positions or those who are religious and suffering?

How can we classify the authenticity of a religion'' We can determine the depth and strength of any religion by its ability to withstand persecution. Does that make sense to you? Do you agree that the religion with the most goodness is the one which receives and survives the most persecution?

How can we tell the difference among Christians? The person who is persecuted more and still endures, preserving the goodness within, is the one who is the better Christian. Likewise among the Moonies there are those who are better and those who are inferior in their faith. Which are you?

Among the trainees of the 120-day Workshop there are those who have better faith and lesser faith. For example, Dr. Kim is a famous professor from a famous university; for his whole life of sixty years, he has lived in a distinguished manner. Then there is another trainee who is a humble person from Africa. Is it automatically the case that Dr. Kim is the better Moonie, just because he is well educated and distinguished? No, that is not my criterion. I evaluate the Moonies according to how much they are willing to go out and serve others, do fundraising, witnessing, and endure hardships. The ones who do those things the most are the best Moonies. Therefore I told Dr. Kim, "If you want to be the best Moonie, then get out of here and go fundraising." And he did it. Do you think that this criterion is a good one?

This same criterion applies to Reverend Moon as well. How can God determine whether I am living up to my position of teacher? He can judge me according to whether I am working harder than any other Moonies. If I am doing that, I am the best teacher. If I am not doing that but am just speaking empty words, living differently from what I am teaching, then I am the master of evil! That is how God can judge me. Since the church is led by me, as long as I maintain the spirit and way of life of serving others and taking on more suffering than others, this church will be safe from the invasion of evil.

I want you to understand that I have always endured hardships because my goal is the erection of the ideal world. My ultimate goal is to be able to give that world to humanity. That goal is the most precious and unchangeable. For that reason, I will not let up or relax one bit until I get there. I have endured hardships because I knew that I could speed up the establishment of the Utopian world in that very way. That is why I have eagerly taken upon myself the worst punishment and persecution.

Yesterday was the eleventh anniversary of my receiving permanent resident status in the United States. I could have been living comfortably throughout these past eleven years but I have not done that. I have not stopped for a moment from waging my battle and challenging this country. That is why I have received so much persecution from not only the public and the media but also the government, which is trying to put me in jail through this court battle. I have been telling the United States, "All your blessings do not belong to you! They belong to God and the rest of humanity. If you continue to misuse your blessings, you will face the worst sort of destruction." I have been warning this nation, trying to save it from decline and disaster. I have been speaking only the truth and the truth is painful: therefore. America has reacted negatively to me.

When United States citizens hear the plain truth that I am speaking, they say. "Who do you think you are, Reverend Moon? You are just a yellow man from the Orient. We are first-class white people!" I have not been warning this nation for my own sake; it is only for the sake of this nation that I do it. Without changing, this nation will crumble and I want to save it from that. Furthermore, if this nation refuses to listen to me and crumbles instead, the principle will transfer its blessings to me.

In a way, we could say that God is observing a boxing match between one small yellow man and the giant, white nation of America. This heavyweight championship has been going on for the past eleven years. There are spectators from everywhere-not just from this earth but also from all over the spirit world, as well as God Himself. All those Heavenly observers have been cheering Reverend Moon on. Some people are clinging to their feelings of white supremacy, claiming that Reverend Moon will have to fail. Meanwhile. all the power of America is declining and Reverend Moon is rising up.

A normal boxing match is for fifteen rounds but I have now fought for thirty rounds. Once I have won this battle. there will be no more challengers. God is looking forward to having his loving son become the unchanging, eternal champion. Throughout history, God has been looking forward to that victory and now that contest is being fought.

So far, I have been opposed by virtually every facet of society. Every denomination of religions, including Judaism. Catholicism. Protestantism and so forth, all the races of humanity and all the nations have come against me. Every one of the missionaries that I sent out has suffered persecution. Therefore, once I become the winner after this sort of universal persecution. there can be no one who can challenge me further. The only one who is powerful enough to challenge me would be God Himself. But do you think God will want to challenge Reverend Moon.

All the opposition of Reverend Moon was supported by Satan and his forces in spirit world. Thus once I have won the victory, not only mankind but also Satan himself will have to surrender to God. That means Satan's spiritual power as well as his physical power will have to surrender before me. Who else is left to challenge me after that'' this is the unique time in human history in which we are living.

So far this morning, I have been trying to convey to you a clear definition of good and evil. We are always talking about the struggle between good and evil and so forth, but that definition is not clear and many people have been confused. I want to make it absolutely clear what is good and what is evil.

Although I started my mission as a solitary. unknown individual? I had the goal of achieving the salvation of the entire world and humanity. Thus even when I was alone, I always looked at the Korean nation within the context of the larger world. I always looked at my own family within the context of the Korean nation and myself within the context of that family, that nation, that world. This vision of the world has never been dim for me; it has always been clear. Therefore, even when I was working on the individual level of the dispensation, my battle was always universal and had historical and universal significance. Satan knew that my goal and my power was for the sake of the world; therefore he mobilized his forces throughout the world to stop me.

From the very beginning, I was battling as God's champion and I was consistently being challenged by the worldwide Satan-not just the Korean satanic forces, not just the family satanic forces-the world and universal forces of Satan. Thus when I won the victory on the individual level, the significance had worldwide impact and I was able to move forward to the family level. I won as an individual, for the sake of the world. Then Satan mobilized his worldwide forces to destroy me at the family level and that is the way it has gone, all the way up to the present.

As I mentioned earlier, mankind has been awaiting the arrival of the original seed and prototype, which is the Messiah. The Messiah means True Parents; True Parents means perfect man and perfect woman. That means the vertical line and horizontal line have achieved the perfect ninety degree intersection for the first time in history. Satan knew that the perfect man and woman becoming the True Parents would be his most formidable enemies, so he mobilized his universal forces in a desperate effort to stop that from happening.

Within the Unification Church we have the tradition of the Blessing. Do you know what that Blessing is all about? Young men and women come out of the world, from the wild olive trees of the world. True Parents are stripping the branches from all the wild olive trees and transplanting them to the true olive trees. You are those branches and that is the Blessing.

While you are being cut away from the wild trees, you will naturally feel the pain of that severance. Everybody will complain and say, "Oh no! I don't want to go through this!" Your parents will oppose you; you will not like what you are going through. However, without going through that process. there can be no new grafting and new growth.

Even after you are grafted into the new tree. you may not feel much joy. You still feel pain from the process of the grafting. Many think, ''Boy, that's my husband wife? Is that the ideal?" and your wounds have not been healed yet. But then after three years of married life. you will see all the new growth that is resulting from your union and you will find a great amount of satisfaction and joy. It takes at least three years together for your wounds to heal and for you to become new men and women.

The job of the Messiah is to do the grafting of all the men and women of the world. That is the most important job of the Messiah, changing the roots and lineage of mankind.

What is the hometown of the Moonies? The simple answer is that wherever the Parents are, that is your hometown. Because you belong to the Parents, your home is wherever they are. It is only natural that the children who come from a certain home will eat the same things as their parents, wear the same kinds of clothes and speak the same language as their parents. That is the reason I have asked you over and over to study Korean. You cannot claim to be the True Parents' children unless you can speak their language.

People who do not understand what we are doing are scandalized by Reverend Moon. They say, "Look at what Reverend Moon has done! He is erasing the boundaries between nations and races, and he doesn't recognize any sort of established power! Now he is trying to create something entirely new. He is dangerous and we've got to stop him!" Suppose your parents were to come and observe you sitting here on the floor on this Foundation Day. They would be shocked that you are not sitting on chairs. After all. that is not the American way! This is a weird church to them.

We are able to unite with both the Oriental and Western cultures. We can sit on the floor or we can sit on chairs. without any problem. Is that all right with you? Do you like this way? Well, then, why must I still rely on my interpreter? You think you know the True Parents' love. but you are still very far away from it. You don't really know it. All you have known is distorted, secular love, even perverted love in many cases. But that has nothing to do with True Parents' love.

Do you have a home country? What is it? What is your home world? You can say, "The planet Earth is my home world, the place where True Parents came to dwell." Your hometown is the same as the True Parents; your home country is the same as the True Parents: and your home world is the True Parents'-that is your destiny.

Thus for all the Moonies around the world, East Garden is their first home base. You should not look at East Garden through your eyeglasses tinted with nationalism. Don't look at East Garden with your American glasses, German glasses, or Japanese glasses. If everybody is wearing eyeglasses, they challenge and accuse those who are not wearing them, saying there is something wrong with them!

As I have said, the original seed of mankind should appear here on earth. The original man and woman who have the perfect ninety degree intersection between the vertical and horizontal lines are what we call the True Parents. Of course, God knows when the True Parents appear, but so does Satan. Satan mobilized every power at his command to stop the True Parents so God had to have some sort of protection on the earth for them. That protection was the "fence" of religion.

God had an original plan for human history to proceed but because of the fall of man, that plan was thwarted. Improper dominion came about and the forces of evil took the upper hand in history, while the forces of goodness were on the bottom. The history of restoration is one of goodness moving up from the bottom position and evil moving down from the upper position. They are like two parallel lines which are moving toward the center. eventually to clash and cross to the opposite positions.

Evil spirit world has been occupying the upper position in the world, dominating the good spirit world. Thus evil has always tried to stop goodness from exerting influence and rising to the upper position.

In history, there was the individual crossing juncture- in which the individual victory was won by the forefather of Israel, whose original name was Jacob. For the first time, the foundation was made and goodness won over evil. He had twelve children and together they created the first tribe. In trying to guide these children into a tribe, the teaching was always "Do not."

The Old Testament way of teaching was to say, "Do not worship idols," ''Do not kill," "Do not covet." This is the most elementary form of teaching. When a parent is guiding his children. the simplest way is to say, "Do not go there," or "Do not smoke," ''Do not drink.'' and so forth. That is because the parent tries to protect the child from evil influences.

As you know, Jacob worked for 21 hard years under his uncle, Laban. He endured terrible hardship and persecution but managed to save his money and even amass a fortune. When he was leaving that land, he met with Esau. The victory of Jacob was not complete until he and Esau embraced in unity.

According to the Divine Principle, the elder son is the one who must receive the blessing or inheritance. Thus Jacob, in the position of second son, could not receive the blessing without restoring his birthright and taking the position of elder son. So one day, as you know, Jacob gave some pottage to Esau in exchange for the birthright. Since Esau took his birthright lightly. he was willing to sell it in that way. Thus the condition was already there to give the birthright to Jacob. For that reason, Jacob was entitled to receive the elder son's blessing from Isaac. Isaac was a very old man and Jacob went before him, with the assistance of his mother, and received the elder son's blessing.

I do not want to go into all the Divine Principle because you already understand these things. But the main point is that the elder son's position must be restored in order to get the blessing from God.

Jacob's foundation, which was on the family level, had to be enlarged to the victorious tribe foundation. For that reason. the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt occurred. As you know, Joseph, the son of Jacob, went first to Egypt and then the entire family of Jacob followed. There they multiplied under the dominion of Egypt, which was the satanic country. Finally 600,000 people left Egypt led by Moses and wandered through the Sinai desert, eventually entering into Canaan.

I want you to understand one thing that even the Principle doesn't tell. and that is that Moses was supposed to have become the pharaoh of Egypt. Once that happened, it would have been much easier for the Jews to make their exodus or for the nation of Egypt to be transformed. But that didn't happen. due to Moses' hot temper. He had no endurance and he killed the Egyptian. Thus he had to take on extra hardships. He had to lead the people out of Egypt as their tribal leader toward Canaan. If Moses had the authority of a king. he would have been able to bring his twelve tribes of Israelites into Canaan and they would have had no problem destroying the seven satanic tribes there. However, Moses could not enter Canaan in that capacity at all.

If Moses could have entered Canaan as a king, it would have accelerated God's dispensation tremendously. He could have established an empire and upon that foundation, the Messiah could have come. It would not have been difficult to bring the Roman Empire under that kingship. But because Moses failed to achieve the kingship. his people received incredible persecution from all sides. He had to enlarge the scope of success in the struggle against opposition-from family to clan. clan to tribe, and tribe to nation. However. there was a great hope that by laying down the foundation of the chosen people' the nation of Israel would completely repel all opposition and then the Messiah could come and become the True Parent at that time.

At the time of Jesus, goodness should have already been restoring its original position on the upper line and evil should have been descending to the lower position. The time of Jesus was, in God's plan. the fulfillment of history. Why was the chosen nation necessary? To bring the gentiles into harmony with God's dispensation would have taken too much time and effort. Thus God created a special kind of orchard of wild, yet cultivated, olive trees so that He could restore them first. That was the Israel nation, together with the Jewish faith.

The principle always applies, so when brothers are fighting, Satan will come in, not the True Parents or the spirit of God. This is the absolute principle-True Parents can come only upon the unity between the brothers Cain and Abel. This is why the unity between Cain and Abel is so important. Cain is the elder brother, but he must go down to the lower position and the younger brother, Abel, is supposed to take the elder brother's position. This dispensation is essential to receive the Messiah.

This is true simply because God cannot give the blessing to the younger brother. He has to go through the elder brother, but the elder brother has become the prey to Satan. For that reason, the younger brother must restore the elder brother's birthright. If there had been no fall, God and Adam were supposed to be in the position to love the archangel. Thus Satan always has one very powerful claim to make. He says, "I may be fallen but you are not, God. Since you are perfect, you and your son are in the position to love me. Without that love. I will not be restored." That is the claim Satan is always making.

For this reason, Jesus taught us to love our enemies, not just on the individual level. but we must love the enemy families, enemy tribes, the enemy world. Without loving them. there is no way we can restore the fallen archangel. Therefore, you must know very clearly that the subjugation of Satan. the archangel, and Cain will not come about through power, authority, or violence but only by love. Let them surrender voluntarily, that has always been God's goal throughout history.

As you know. the 4,000 years of preparation in Biblical history were for only one thing, the coming of the Messiah. The Israel nation was staked out by God and Judaism was built. Upon that foundation. God's goal was to send the Messiah end have him be received. The ideal situation would have been that Judaism and the Israel nation had embraced Jesus and centered upon him completely, accepting his direction absolutely. They should have said, "We are your children and you are our parent. You are our central figure and we will follow you completely." That should have been the cry of the Israel people then.

But what actually happened? Did such obedience occur? No, the Israel people said, "Who are you? We follow Moses. We don't know you. You are a man with demons." and then they rejected Jesus completely. That was the equivalent of the children going against the parents. How could Jesus possibly install the True Parents in the midst of such a situation? Thus because of the total rebellion of the chosen people and the chosen faith, the inevitable consequence came-the crucifixion of Jesus.

As you know, God's original plan was to install the authority of True Parents. In the name of True Parents, the Kingdom of Heaven will be installed here on earth. Likewise, in spirit world the Kingdom of Heaven will be installed in the name of True Parents. But in the name of just the single Messiah, the son of God, there is no way we can complete the Kingdom of God on earth and in Heaven. Today's Christianity is confused. They do not understand why Jesus, although he taught about the Kingdom of Heaven, still said he was going to go to Paradise. Christianity today does not know why Jesus went to Paradise, which is like the waiting room for the Kingdom of Heaven.

The realization of the Kingdom of God on earth as well as in Heaven can only come about in the name of the True Parents and by their love; there is no other way. The fallen world has never before seen or heard of the True Parents. If this has been the reality of human history, how could anyone in spirit world ever experience the True Parents' love?

The Kingdom of Heaven will never come unless the proper formula is followed. That formula requires the intersection of both the vertical line and the horizontal line, at a 90 degree angle. There is only one way to go. Ninety degree men and ninety degree women together create 180 degrees. Then, together with the children, they create 360 degrees. In this nucleus. every kind of love is contained-love between men and women, between parents and children, between brothers and sisters, and then there is the vertical love at the center. This is the nucleus of life, like the atom of the human family.

When men and women are united within the nucleus. centered upon God and True Parents' love, and their children grow up in that kind of environment, there is no need for a special form of education such as churches and special prayers. Automatically. people are brought up into the citizenship of the Kingdom of Heaven and elevated to the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven. That was God's original design. There may be a squabble now and then and different disputes may arise within that nucleus of the family' but that is all right. The most important thing is that the nucleus never breaks up.

Many families today are falling apart because they don't have the standard of the True Parents. The clearest example of this is the American family. There is no real cohesiveness between husband and wife, between parents and children, or between brothers and sisters. Men and women actually get married with the attitude that they will separate any time they wish. But what kind of love is that? It is nothing like a permanent love when people change partners according to their whims.

In the Utopian ideal, do you think the love within the family would be always changing? No, it would be an unchanging love. What is the purpose for God's working so hard trying to build the Utopian world? What kind of treasure can God gain from that Utopia? He wants unchanging, true love. True love requires the love of God and the love of the True Parents coming together to create one central love, which will continue unchanged for eternity. God is the center and the True Parents are the representatives of that love.

Thus without God there can be no true love. Furthermore, without True Parents there can be no true love. Even though some people believe in God, if they don't know True Parents, they can't find true love. True love requires the recognition of both God and the True Parents because true love flows through them.

The realm of true love can come in a realistic way when there are three generations united-the grandparents united with the parents and the children. This is the formula for the Heavenly four-position foundation. Each unit of this formula must combine-men must combine with women as the units of true love, creating the ideal couple. Do you want true love? Where can you get it? Only by going through the True Parents and God. True love has a good taste, doesn't it? That same sweetness is enjoyed by God' too. When a true man and a true women are in love, that is the very sweetness God has wanted to taste all this time.

You are heading toward the ideal of Heaven or Utopia, and that goal can only be reached through the path of a true family. Through the Divine Principle, you learned that God originally created mankind into two parts. How can they be combined into one? The only way that God's original ideal of unity can be achieved is through true love, once Adam and Eve are matured. With that unity. God's true love, the original plus love, could combine with man's love, the minus love. God's plus love would be coming down and man's minus love would be going up.

With the coming together of God's true plus love with man's true minus love, everything would be accomplished-the Utopia would be achieved. Do you understand clearly how true love can come to you?

The coming of the True Parents is the greatest news for the fallen world because only through True Parents can the world taste, for the first time, true love. Human history has been heading toward that point of juncture in which evil is going down and good is going up; then goodness will climb all the way up to the top and evil will go all the way to the bottom.

How can you push evil out of the world)? It is only by enlarging the Abel realm that you can push evil completely away. When we speak of the last days, we are speaking of the coming of the Messiah, who will bring the showdown-that point of crossing between good and evil. The Messiah will come with the national foundation and the transfer will be made so that the new nation will begin.

The True Parenthood would have been installed at the time of Jesus if God's dispensation had been fulfilled and the chosen people had followed Jesus as his children. Then their power would have grown and the nation of Israel would have become a mighty empire. The messianic empire would have spread throughout the Middle East and Asia, encompassing all the Cain-type religions. If such a great thing had happened, the Roman Empire would have been very small in comparison.

The Confucianist culture of China and the Buddhist culture of India would have joined with the messianic empire and automatically all of Asia would have been united. After that, the Roman Empire would have become isolated and powerless. Jesus as the True Parent should have gone east, which signifies the starting point. However, the crucifixion occurred and history went in the opposite direction. Christianity spread toward the west, through the Roman Empire. That was the indemnity course.

On the foundation of the crucifixion, the Christian culture moved westward to the island of England, then across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States, and then it moved on across the Pacific Ocean to the Far East. But the time for the worldwide showdown between Christ's power and Satan's power occurred during World War 11. That war was the showdown for the survival of Christianity against satanic power. The entire Christian culture was confronted on the worldwide basis. By their victory, centering upon the Christian nation of the United States, a unique momentum was created for the unity of all the Christian empire.

This was the first time throughout history that Christian dominion over the world was possible, because the nations of Christian cultures united together and defeated the non-Christian nations. Upon the foundation of victory in World War II, the United Nations came into being. As a format, that was the right direction but the application was wrong.

There should have been another UN on the internal level, the religious UN In 1965, I came to the U.S. and met with former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. I stressed the importance of mobilizing the religious forces of the world to create the religious UN Otherwise the United Nations in New York would only become a propaganda tool for the communists. I stressed the importance of preventing the communists from running the UN and the importance of seizing that God-given opportunity at that time.

I came to gather the virgin men and women of the world. That is why the Unification Church today is composed of the most pure men and women of the world. We are a young people's church because this is in accordance with God's dispensation. The Messiah comes to work with the purest people, those who are unstained-the teenagers. That is because Adam and Eve fell during their teen years. Do you understand? This is the concept of restoration.

Just before the Exodus of the Jews. the power of God killed all the elder sons in Egypt, which is the occasion commemorated today by the feast of Passover. After the four hundred years of suffering by the Jews, God judged the satanic power, represented by the elder sons. However Satan was able to attack the Israelites later because of their faithlessness, on the foundation of God's having killed all the Egyptians' elder sons; so in a way that backfired against God. What happened to the Israelites? Every person who fled from Egypt was killed in the wilderness and only those of the second-generation. the teenagers, were able to actually enter Canaan.

As you can see, history is run by certain principles. Reverend Moon has exposed every secret of biblical history. This is a wonderful thing-no one else in the world has the power that you have, because of this understanding of the truth.

The two thousand years of Christian history have been an effort to create Christian territories throughout the world, particularly concentrating in the Far East. This is because God has been planning His special dispensation to come out of the Far East. When you see the blending between eastern and western cultures. you know that is the time of the Lord of the Second Advent. The Lord is coming again to bring the world together, west and east: that is happening today. Furthermore, God raised up a new Roman Empire in the United States of America.

I want you to understand why the Unification Church cannot be separated from Christianity. Many people have asked why we can't just make a new religion, but it is impossible. We are speaking about the Second Advent, the second coming of the True Parenthood. The first True Parents were supposed to be Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. and they failed. Jesus came as the First Advent. to become the True Parent, and it did not happen. Now. the Second Advent is happening; therefore, we follow upon one continuum. Unificationism comes after Christianity and cannot be separated from it.

Christianity started from Jesus who came on the national base. while the Second Coming is on the worldwide base. The ultimate showdown will bring the entire world into restoration and that is the difference. The most ideal situation would have been the acceptance of the Messiah by the United States. together with the Christians of Korea. If that unity had been formed between the two nations and the two Christianitys, and upon that base the Messiah had arrived, it would have been ideal.

Independence came to Korea in 1948 under President Syngman Rhee. But he was almost like an American-he was educated in the United States, he spoke Korean like an American and his wife was a Western woman. The Korean government in 1945 was basically an extension of the United States.

After World War II, the U.S. installed a military government in Korea headed by General Hodge. President Syngman Rhee was in the position to maintain his own cultural pride, not just listen to General Hodge. Actually, President Rhee was doing well for a while. For instance, the United States wanted to send all North Korean prisoners of war back to North Korea, but those who had surrendered in South Korea didn't want to go back to the communists. The United States government was trying to push them back because they didn't want any problems with North Korea. Then one night President Rhee, unbeknownst to the U.S. Army, opened the doors to the jails where those tens of thousands of North Korean soldiers were being held and they fled to freedom. That was a courageous act and it was according to the messianic ideal.

There were two outstanding Christian universities at that time in Korea, one of which was all-male; the other was the all-female Ewha University, which Dr. Kim came from. My desire was for those two universities to be restored. A great spiritual wave swept those two campuses and young men and women started coming to the Unification Church like an avalanche. But then what happened? Korean Christianity was supposed to welcome that situation because it was the messianic ideal, but instead missionaries from the United States, coupled with the power of the Korean government, tried to stop the positive trend. That was the beginning point of the persecution of the Unification Church.

Unity between Korean Christianity and the Messiah was the hoped-for ideal, but it did not occur. The Korean government and Korean Christianity, particularly that university, opposed me and thus the unity between the Messiah and Korean Christianity was shattered. It was because of that failure that I went to communist North Korea, the satanic land, and suffered so much in order to lay a new foundation. Then I returned to South Korea in 1954 and formally initiated the Unification Church. For the past 30 years, I have been rebuilding the Christian foundation through the Unification Church. In other words, the Unification Church was replacing the foundation of worldwide Christianity.

Thirty years ago this foundation began in Korea. then it expanded to Japan and then it came to the United States. At this time the United States is the major arena for the worldwide showdown. American Christianity has been opposing me all along but I have never been defeated here. The United States has failed in the past to unite with Asia, so I am creating a bridge between them.

Even though Jesus was crucified, his followers penetrated the Roman Empire and eventually subjugated it. By the same token at this time of the Second Advent, I came across the Pacific to the United States with my major disciples for the purpose of teaching American Christianity and bringing them up to the level of the messianic ideal so that they can unite with the East. Ultimately my goal was to go back to the East. I came to this Rome of the twentieth century with my twelve major disciples and my major dispensational work has been done here. Millions of people will be exposed to the True Parents' tradition here in America-that is the special blessing for the United States.

At this time the only ideal you should have in your mind is that of the True Parents. Only the love of the True Parents should be your desire. That should be clear. Do you want to complain? Perhaps you say, "I need my own privacy." But we are dwelling today in the modern-day wilderness. Can you imagine that when the original 60O,000 people were traveling through the wilderness, they had a lot of individual privacy? No, it was only after the restoration of the 400 years of suffering in Egypt.

After the end of World War 11 in 1945, we began the period of wandering in the wilderness and it will continue through 1985. At this time, we are making restitution for the entire 2,O00 years of Christian history. Our ultimate goal is the creation of the Fatherland; thus that is our slogan for this year. These past 40 years have seen the greatest amount of turbulence in human history. There have been so many wars, tragedies and problems simply because God has been trying to condense 2000 years of restitution for Christian history into 40 years.

I want you to understand that Judaism has persisted throughout these thousands of years and likewise Christianity has prevailed for 2,000 years. But all of a sudden, during these past several decades we have witnessed the crumbling of those religions as well as others. Why have all these things happened? It is simply because the ultimate solution for the world has arrived and the other world religions are crumbling.

Young people all over the world will begin experiencing a new movement of spirit, particularly due to the ascension of Heung Jin. Forty years ago, a kind of Pentecost began at the two Korean universities I mentioned and it was abruptly thwarted. The same power of the spirit has been in abeyance for the past 40 years, but now that Heung Jin has ascended, we are witnessing the Unification Pentecost at last. Why did Heung Jin go to spirit world? Because he had to take upon his shoulders the entire burden for the Unification movement. He has entered the spirit world and has brought the Holy Spirit down here.

Since the True Parents are the center of the world, God cannot allow them to be sacrificed. For that reason, their precious, second son was offered instead. The entire family of the True Parents is living according to this principle. The eldest son, Hyo Jin, is in Cain's position and Heung Jin was in Abel's position. God took Abel as the sacrifice.

I knew that Heung Jin was destined to go to spirit world so I offered a special ceremony in the hospital, called the Unification Ceremony. Through that ceremony I offered Heung Jin as a sacrifice to God for the sake of unity. There has been a lack of unity between the three dispensational religions-Judaism, Christianity and the Unification Church. Also there has been a lack of unity between the primary nations-Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany. The unity of all these elements shall come about upon the sacrifice of Heung Jin.

Whatever elements of disunity have existed in the True Parents' family shall be dispelled. I commissioned Heung Jin as the ambassador for the True Parents' love to the spirit world, which had never tasted that love before. Even when Heung Jin's life was hovering on the brink, I did not take the time to worry but only focused on the dispensation of God and the fulfillment of His will. Upon that foundation. I was in the position to declare for God The Day of Victory of True Love, January 3. Furthermore, I could declare the slogan for the year of Creation of the Fatherland.

upon the foundation of the sacrifice of Heung Jin, a worldwide Pentecost is happening. At the time of the first Pentecost in Mark's Upper Room, 120 people gathered together and received the Holy Spirit. Today people of 120 nations are coming together and receiving the Holy Spirit because of Heung Jin's crusade in spirit world When Jesus was crucified. everyone thought his power was destroyed. but then the resurrection occurred and finally the Pentecost. From that point forward' Christianity was spread to the entire world. This is the beginning of the same phenomenon for our movement.

Knowing clearly that communism was encroaching upon South Korea, I went there last December and called the PWPA professors to join me. As you know, they had just completed a meeting in Chicago for the Science Conference and had barely gotten home when I called them to Korea. Seventy-two professors supported me and also they signed a pledge to commit their lives for the sake of God's dispensation. Satan was very upset by all of that.

Two thousand years ago, Satan claimed the physical life of Jesus and thought he would be victorious; but he was wrong. Two thousand years later, Satan took away the life of Heung Jin and thought he would be victorious. However, he was wrong again. I transformed the sacrifice of Heung Jin into a tremendous victory for God. Why was I able to do that? Heung Jin was an extraordinary person; as a direct descendant of the True Parents. he knew their love intimately. He is the only person ever to go to spirit world in that capacity.

As you know, Jesus himself was unable to consummate the love of True Parents; therefore he did not know that love. Thus when Heung Jin went to spirit world, he was in the Abel position to Jesus in the Cain position. A new order was established in spirit world. Only after 2,000 years was Jesus able to form his Heavenly four position foundation, but after 40 days. Heung Jin's four position foundation was accomplished. That is because of his foundation of the True Parents' love.

Two thousand years ago. the Holy Spirit came to the 120 disciples gathered in Mark's Upper Room and the dispensation for the worldwide spread of Christianity began. Today the world is on a new level because True Parents' love has been established for the first time in spirit world through the ascension of Heung Jin. Therefore, a new unity can be achieved through all of spirit world, the physical world, all the heads of state and kings and queens of the world, as well as all the young people of both the free world and the communist world. All these elements can come together and a great new unity can occur.

In spirit world there are more than 120 heads of state who have been united and have recognized Heung Jin as their king. Those spirit people are coming down to the heads of state here on earth as well as to their own descendants and the people of their countries. pushing them toward the True Parents. Therefore, since Heung Jin's ascension there have been tremendous phenomena. particularly in the Third World, of acceptance of' the True Parents.

The advanced nations such as the United States arc in the position to work with the nations of' the Third World and thus they will learn from those nations and discover who Reverend Moon truly is. During these three years, I am bringing together the four dispensational nations-Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany. They represent Adam, Eve. the Archangel. and Cain and Abel. This is the harvest season and we are bringing in the fruits. The harvest is coming first in the unity among those enemy nations.

Only I can do this type of thing-enemy countries are becoming brothers and sisters, creating a formidable foundation. That is what we call the IOWC movement. From the time of the initiation of IOWC, public opinion began to change.

Historians will record that Reverend Moon truly exemplified the command of Jesus: Love your enemies. Reverend Moon has been loving his enemies through every circumstance, including this recent court indictment and trial. I inspired the creation of the Inchon film for the purpose of awakening of the American public. Likewise I inaugurated the creation of The Washington Times to inspire righteous public opinion for the sake of America. These deeds will be recorded by future historians as manifestations of loving one's enemies.

The court battle is still going on. The final showdown is coming during this month of May. We will see who will be the victor-who will capitulate to whom? What about you? Will you be on the side of the U.S. government or of Reverend Moon? Reverend Moon has done nothing wrong and has nothing to be ashamed of. Cain and Abel restoration will definitely occur. The power of Cain, the governmental power, will eventually be humble to the younger brother, Reverend Moon.

I want you to understand that I was supposed to have united the Christians of Korea by the time I was thirty years old. Thus the national level of unity would have occurred by then. However, because of the opposition and resistance of Korean Christianity, that was not possible. Today we are celebrating the day the Unification Church reaches the age of' thirty. After reaching this age, we shall establish the worldwide foundation.

When Jesus was crucified, disunity was everywhere. His disciples deserted him and the nation of Israel was against him. Reverend Moon is now being crucified through this legal process. This crucifixion had to come because I was in the position to restore the events of 2,000 years ago. At this time. Christianity has stood with me: American public opinion is for me not against me; and ultimately the leaders of this nation will be in the position to support me. Over 120 million religious people are represented in the support of our case at this time.

Two thousand years ago. two thieves were crucified on either side of Jesus. The one on the left mocked him while the one on the right supported him. The modern terminology of left and right-wing has its roots in that occasion. Now, during the twentieth century and with the coming of the True Parents. the left and right sides of the world-that is the communist and free world-must come together to support the Messiah.

The thief on Jesus' right said, "You are the son of God." while the thief on the left said. If you are the son of God, why don't you save yourself and us. too?" He laughed at Jesus; he was the representative of the godless power. Since that time. the right and left sides of the world have been disunited; however, now that the True Parents have come, these sides will unite.

Jesus was unable to speak much at all while he was hanging on the cross; ultimately he died. But at this time, even though Reverend Moon was legally crucified through the U.S. Court, I am still alive and have the ability to speak. If Jesus had had the strength, he could have spoken to the thief on the left and convinced him to support him; but he was silent. Today Reverend Moon does not have to be silent but can speak and convince those on the left to support him. Thus I am teaching the communists, "You are wrong. Please change and save yourselves." I have never been silent and the worldview I have brought is being proclaimed.

The Christian religion, representing the thief on the right, is supporting me in this court battle. I knew that Christian unity would come and five years ago I created our Interfaith movement. Today many Christian churches are wide open in acceptance of us.

The power of the Pentecost is coming closer and closer to the United States. Once you people-the Abel people representing 120 nations of the world-are totally united centering upon the True Parents, the rest of the world will become one. The ideal of one world shall become a reality; the struggle of Cain and Abel will be finally finished. Cain will be naturally subjugated and Abel will take the position of elder son. Their true brotherhood will be manifested and they will attend the True Parents together. That will be accomplished during the next three years; at the most, it will be prolonged to the next seven years.

This is why I have said that you will regret it if you don't learn the Korean language by 1990. I am giving you 7 years to be able to listen to me without an interpreter. Do you think that is Reverend Moon's personal thinking or is it the Providential will? It is the desire of God and the True Parents that all of you be able to spear; the mother tongue by 1990. Do you understand''

Today I did something unusual-I prayed at the beginning of this talk. The reason I did that was to make a declaration to Heaven and earth. I said that I sent my son. Heung Jin. to spirit world as the Messiah to unite them. My prayer was a declaration of unity between the spirit world, centered upon Heung Jin, and the physical world. centered upon True Parents. The True Parents are the subject of the entire universe.

You must pray for Heung Jin. The ascension of Heung Jin and the Holy Wedding eliminated all possibility of accusation from Satan for any sort of personal thinking for comfort or advantage. Thus when you pray in unity with Heung Jin's spirit, there is no way for Satan to touch you. The elimination of Satan's accusation against you automatically means you are restoring Satan's property to the True Parents.

This is a key point. It means that the universal turning point has occurred. You should be saying to Heung Jin, "Don't worry about me. I'm going to do my share and completely repel all satanic accusation." That is the kind of strength I want you to have because you are in the subjective role in physical world to the spirit world. Don't lose the dignity of your subjective role. Everything depends upon your attitude; once you have the correct mind-set, incredible power will come down.

These three years are the most blessed ones. You will be able to make incredible, even miraculous things happen. It is not as important to have your own sons and daughters at this time: it is more important to restore the world now. You can devote these three years to going out and liquidating the satanic world; that is more important than anything else and that is Heung Jin's spirit.

The True Parents' family has always suffered first and has taken on indemnity. At this time, Hyo Jin's wife, Nan Sook, is in the hospital and that has a dispensational meaning as well. You must love God and love True Parents, period.

No one before has ever dreamed of the dispensational things I am doing. Where else could you hear the things I am speaking to you? Imagine what the world would be without the knowledge of the Divine Principle and God and True Parents. There would be no possibility for a solution to the confusion of the world.

Perhaps someone has thought, "What is so important about the tragic death of one of Reverend Moon's sons?" But they do not understand the position of Reverend Moon. People might well say, "What was so important about the death of Jesus Christ? He was just one person."

Last night the European leaders, Reverend Kim and Reverend Abe, reported the tremendous things happening. I expected these things to happen, but you certainly did not. St. Francis appeared to one of our members and said that he had never been able to return to Italy even once since his death even though his whole life was spent there. But now Heung Jin assigned St. Francis to Home Church in Italy and he is jubilant to assist the True Parents' dispensation there. Another person, a bishop. had been in charge of the southern part of Germany and had not been able to return there; now Heung Jin has given him that area for his Home Church work.

Many of the people in spirit world were ignorant of Heung Jin's position when he first arrived. They thought, "Here comes a Chinese boy." But then, behind that "Chinese boy" was Jesus Christ. The people knew then that Heung Jin was an important person. Jesus spoke to them, "Don't you understand? I am the elder Christ and this is the younger one, but he is my elder brother."

Who else can understand these things I am saying? Everybody else in the world would just say, "Crazy!" But when you understand me correctly, you can understand what is going on in the spirit world. This is the age of the flood-the time to work like a flood or an avalanche. Have that kind of an impact upon the world-overwhelm them like a flood. Have no fear. You have nothing to fear. Heung Jin has already posted the victory sign. All you have to do is walk toward that sign.

Today on this thirtieth anniversary of the Unification Church, we are entering into the true unification era. So far, we have been in the era of persecution but from this time on, we will experience what it would have been like if Jesus had been totally welcomed and accepted by the Israelites. The acceptance of the Unification Church by the world will begin from this day forward. This is the turning point and beginning of the new era of unification.

Therefore we must have strong faith. We have only one purpose, not two or more-we must build God's nation. You should be able to say, "Today I have become a new person with new determination. I will follow you every step of the way. Trust us once more and we will bring victory in this new unification era. I don't care about anything else, even my own family and posterity-I will worry about that later. Today I am concerned only about the victory of God and True Parents."

If you will say that, please raise your hands and say Amen. Now, stand up. reach down to the floor and then raise your arms and shout, "Amen!" with me three times. Amen!

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