The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1984

Generation Record Of The True Parents' Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 22, 1984
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

People today want to know how the True Parent was born, how he was raised, and how he is fulfilling his responsibility for the dispensation. These are fundamental things.

Words such as "I," "we," and "you," are the most common words in any language. These are the words that specifically center upon people. When we say people, we include both men and women. Likewise, when we speak of an individual, we could mean either a man or a woman.

As men and women, we always want to know how we came into this world. That is a most fundamental question. Some women might say, "I was born for myself and for my own purpose." But could that be possible, a world that exists only for women? No matter how great you may be as an individual woman, just a woman alone in the world could not go anywhere. Thus even if you achieved a certain success, with wealth and the ability to live quite well, if the world were composed of only single women, everything would end up in failure.

You may want to do well and make a tremendous accomplishment, but if your life is only for "l" or "myself' alone, that would not be possible. Even if a woman has beauty that shines out to the world, that shine will fade away in just a matter of years. No matter how much glory you might receive, with people treating you like a queen and virtually worshipping you, still a woman alone is incomplete, incapable of progressing in the world.

Suppose there is a woman who owns an automobile studded with diamonds; or flies in a diamond-studded airplane. That woman might say, "I don't need anything else; I have accomplished everything in this world that matters." But is that true? Suppose she says, "I am the most powerful woman in the world; therefore, I don't need anything else. I am perfectly fulfilled." Can that be possible? Why not?

If that single woman thinks she can be fulfilled by those things alone, no matter how much she may proclaim her success, she is still a failure. In order to fulfill life, there must be something else. What is that particular thing which you would want, even at the expense of your whole self? It is not some big chunk of diamond, or a golden nugget, is it? What a woman needs more than anything else is the true love of a man.

Imagine if all the four billion people on the earth were women! What would you do? Wouldn't you want to trade 3.99 billion women for just one crazy man? This is a very logical conclusion: without men, the world cannot go on. The same thing can be said about women.

What do you think, between "we" and "1 ' which is the better word? But you changed your mind, didn't you? Up till now, you have always thought, "I am the most important." But we must chop down that "1" tree. This is the simplest kind of example but it shows a great deal of truth.

Everything is reciprocal and complementary. How about the way you walk? It must be with both legs in order to be complementary. You have to move with a certain amount of rhythm when you walk. What about God, then? Can God say only "1" or does He say "we"? Is there only one God or are there many Gods? You say there is just one, so He just says "I" all the time? Can it be that human beings like to say "we," while God just likes to say "1"? What does God like? He also likes "we."

Even though God is almighty, omnipresent and so forth, if He must remain alone, a solitary "1," then He will be terribly unhappy. Thus God would even give up Himself in order to obtain the status of "we." He really wants to be in the position to say "we." If God could sell Himself, what would He buy in return? He would buy love. Thus the true meaning of the word "we" includes love. That is why "we" is so important.

"We" always means more than one person; thus it connotes the relationship of love. When you say "I live for the relationship of 'we'," you automatically mean you live for the sake of love. Even God is looking forward to love, which is the supreme value in the universe. That means He is looking forward to that "we" relationship, not merely the position of "1." When God says "we,' who can be entitled to participate in that relationship?

The simplest way to say it is that human beings are the only ones capable of participating in God's "we." People alone have the capacity to be included in such a relationship with God, certainly not monkeys, cows, lions and tigers. Those are beasts who crawl the earth on four legs, but human beings have the special privilege to stand straight up on two legs. When you really think about it, it is amazing that among all the creatures of the earth, human beings alone have the capacity to walk on two legs. Thus man is clearly different from the rest of the animals.

When God says "we," what kind of value are we talking about? Is it a relative value or an absolute one? There is only one thing that can satisfy everybody to the fullest degree-that is true love. It satisfies "me," "you," and "we." Are you looking forward to that true love? What about you men? You say "yes." Who decided that "yes' other than you?

When we men say "we," we are speaking from the position of resultant beings, but our absolute cause is beyond ourselves. For example, you were not born into this world because of your own will. You did not cause yourself to be born; another cause, the absolute cause, brought you into this world. You are not the cause; therefore, you are the result.

Only after you are born can you become conscious and aware of yourself. Then you become aware that you need the "we" relationship. Therefore you are certainly not in the position of cause. You exist in a kind of trinity-there is God, you, and your object-a triangular relationship.

What was God's purpose in creating this world? We come to the conclusion that God created this world in order to fulfill His ideal of true love. That is the only way we can explain it. Why did God create human beings? For the same reason-for true love. But true love for whom? Did man initiate the relationship of "we"? God did everything first, then we responded to it. For instance, God made the first laugh, then we responded to it. The first person to laugh was God, the first person to be joyful was God, and so on, to everything you can think of. The first word was God's.

When you dance, you follow a certain rhythm. God was the first to initiate that rhythm. All things of beauty, joy and glory started out from God and human beings are the respondents to His initial action. Why were we born and why do we live? Can you answer that? We were born simply for the fulfillment of the love of God-that is the purpose of our life. If you have that, you don't need anything else. Even if you have nothing to wear but a wet blanket, you can be happy if you have the love of God.

This is entirely logical. We humans were born to fulfill the love of God, period. Why do we live? We are living for the sake of the love of God. Thus love is part of the "we" relationship and God dwells within that relationship. People are born and live for the sake of that "we" relationship. From this statement, American individualism is broken into pieces.

Satan knew how to destroy the world of the love of God; therefore, he initiated the most effective means- individualism, or selfishness. You Americans like individualism, don't you? If you say no, you are resembling God

Equality is born from the concept of "we." Unfortunately, the attitude of most feminists is the "1" concept; likewise, many men think in the same terms. That is not the concept of equality. When you say "we," it includes love. When you women talk about equality, you are automatically talking about the concept of "we." But when you only want to talk about women and putting women first, then that is not the concept of "we."

Therefore, we come to the conclusion that men are meant to live for the sake of women and women for the sake of men. That is the basic human relationship. People do not live for their own sakes but for the sake of others.

What do you suppose a woman thinks when she puts on earrings? She can't see those earrings herself, so she must be thinking of appealing to somebody else's eyes.

Do you suppose she wants to attract some larger woman, since she is a small woman? Is that the idea? Of course not. The answer is simple: she wants to put on earrings for the sake of some man. A man doesn't wear such things, but he will be attracted to look more closely at a woman when she is wearing earrings.

You men were born for women, thus the parts of your body are not for your own sake but for the sake of women. Are they for the sake of other men? No. Women have their own special bodily areas. Why is that? Is that for the sake of other women? No. This is the fundamental point in discussions about men and women.

Even if a woman feels that she doesn't want anything to do with men, her very body has something different to say. Once a month you have your period. Why does your body react that way? Your body behaves that way not for your own sake but for the sake of men. The body of a woman is constantly in expectation or readiness. Universal truth is telling women that you live for the sake of men and for the creation of children. Your body automatically strives to fulfill the purpose for which you were born.

Actually many women resent their biological cycles and reactions. They don't understand why men don't have to suffer the way they do. But it is the destiny of women to live through that monthly cycle and you have to accept it. A woman is likewise destined to welcome a man and have relationship with him.

Once man and woman are united completely, like a nut and bolt, even God Himself cannot pull you apart. God will join with you at that point. That is total, absolute unity when God joins in. In a thunderstorm, the low pressure and the high pressure areas in the atmosphere come together and mix. Then there is the flash of lightning and thunder and everything is shaken.

A man and woman come together like the two different poles of electricity. When they are united with true love, they create thunder and lightning and it shakes the entire universe. You blessed couples should experience this unity that is like a storm, with lightning and thunder. God comes to you to share in your ecstatic joy.

The thunderstorm is a symbolic expression of universal love. When a man and woman come together and resemble universal love, there is nothing wrong with your expression of that love. Even if you shout out to the world in your joy, it is all right. Furthermore, you give off a shining light to the world. Love has to be total. Once you are together in lawful love, such as the blessed couples, that action is totally justified and dignified. Therefore, the entire expression is acceptable.

When two animals come together in love, they make loving sounds together. For instance, the dogs make a certain sound of love. The sounds of loving sound good to others, including people. It is a harbinger of springtime. That is one expression by which the universe is teaching us how to love each other.

Even the most artistic, romantic, literary mind can only be ignited upon the understanding of this basic truth. Therefore, it is most important that your relationship be lawful and your object in love be eternal. Only upon that foundation can eternal love be conceived and imparted. Illicit or carnal love can never come to this level. Do you understand?

God is absolute and therefore you must be absolute as well; likewise your object must be God-given and absolute. For this reason, God created Adam and Eve. He knew that it was only through the relationship of men and women that the ideal of His love could be fulfilled. That is the reason it was absolutely necessary for God to create Adam and Eve on earth.

Moonies are the people who are clear on this point; and more than just understanding it, we practice it. When we consider the "we" relationship, we see that it exists on different levels. The family is in the realm of "we;" likewise, the society, nation, and world, as well as God and mankind.

However, the basic and most fundamental unit of "we" is husband and wife. This is the building block to create the family, society, nation and world. Husband and wife as the basic unit creates the family formula. The family formula creates the basic unit of the society formula. Then on to the national formula and the worldwide formula. 1 There must be a certain, basic model. The husband and wife are the bottom line of the universal formula for society.

We talk about three fundamental forms of love: parental love, filial love, and conjugal love. They all come together to fulfill the total love of God. The Unification Church is the place where all these kinds of love are being taught. All these basic types are initiated from within God. When these three loves come together, that is the dwelling place of God. When unchanging parental love, unchanging filial love, and unchanging conjugal love come together, you know that the love of God exists right there, forever.

The Unification Church Principle is centered upon the heavenly four-position foundation, a fundamental truth. What is the family? The components of the family are the parents, husband and wife, and the children. Our society has basically three groups: the parental grouping, the husband and wife grouping, and the children grouping. For instance the elderly, the senior citizens, are the segment of society on the parental level. Others treat them with parental respect. Then there is the level of husband and wife, the middle-aged or central group of people.

The love of God comes through the elders and is transmitted down to the husband and wife level, then it comes down to the children's level. A nation is nothing more than the extension of the family. The world is an assemblage of nations and that, again, boils down to an extension of the family.

Reaching God is our ultimate goal but the starting point is the family. The society, nation and world are the steps along the way. We have to go through these steps in order to reach God. You cannot just leap over all these steps. Therefore, you must live for the sake of greater things. Live for the sake of the society more than the family; for the sake of the nation more than the society; for the world more than the nation.

The society and the nation are nothing more than the assemblage of many, many different families. They are bigger than your own family. Therefore, even though you have to sacrifice your own family in order to serve them, you are achieving a greater cause. By dispensing unselfish love to other families, you are pushed toward God as quickly as possible. The nation pushes you toward God; the society pushes you toward God. When you are living for the sake of the world, the world pushes you toward God because that is the way the world will benefit the most. The sooner you reach God, the sooner the love of God will flow through you and return to the nation and society.

For this reason, the Unification Church has the credo and the way of life that the couple always sacrifices themselves for the sake of the family; the family sacrifices itself for the sake of society; society sacrifices itself for the sake of the nation; the nation for the sake of the world; and the world for the sake of God. Even God sacrifices Himself for the sake of true love. Thus no one can complain. God is not just reaping benefits from this process. God Himself is sacrificing for the sake of love.

In the Unification Church you say you sacrifice yourselves for the sake of America. I am sacrificing myself for the sake of the world. Always I must be one step ahead of you. You should never think that I am finished with my mission and now I am relaxing and just living in a nice home, driving in a nice car. That is not the case.

There are certain levels of responsibility in any organization. Equality does not mean that everybody wears the same clothing or rides in the same vehicles or eats the same food. Equality comes with the level of the mission. Certain people have to travel fast and go all the time by airplane. That is necessary because of their mission but that doesn't mean everybody has to travel by airplane. However, everybody is going the same route and is constantly elevating himself through his mission.

I ask some of you to go out onto the streets and raise funds. Perhaps I will even ask some elderly scholar to go out and do that. Everybody has to start out in the same place. Those people in the leadership caliber will elevate themselves fast because the mission demands that person to come to a certain level as quickly as possible. I started out from the bottom, myself.

Actually I am doing everything for your sake. Although I may be ahead of you and giving you the directions, that is not for my sake but yours. I am the pioneer. You don't know which direction to take by yourself, but because I have laid down the path, you can be unmistakably clear about which direction to go. Do you have some complaint? Do you think that I just enjoy life and take it easy at East Garden? Every moment of the day, I am working for the purpose of the world.

There is a certain order in everything, for instance in the educational process. Until you complete elementary school you cannot go on to high school. Without finishing high school, you cannot go to college. Without going to college, you cannot gain a Ph.D. By the same token, we also have an order to our missions.

Look at the tree: it has many parts and components. Can all the parts claim the trunk's position? If it were nothing but a trunk, it wouldn't be a tree anymore. There must be a root, trunk, branches, leaves, and so forth.

When I look at you blessed couples, I look at you with a certain type of "eyeglasses." Those eyeglasses can see whether you are living for your own sake or for the sake of the world. That is the only question I ask of you. Those who are living only for the sake of themselves and are thinking only of their own benefit are actually heading downward into hell. There is no question about that.

The couple who is living for the sake of the world and for humanity finds that every moment of the day I am pushing them toward that goal. Why is that? Do I want them to suffer? No. It is because that is the only way I can assure that they will end up in heaven or will make a heavenly accomplishment. For that reason, I push everybody in East Garden, including Mother. Sometimes I push Mother to do certain things, even when I can see that she is exhausted and worn out. Is that good or bad? The Kingdom of Heaven is the world in which you are constantly pushed toward the greater public goal and mission.

Think of this: if everybody in a particular community is striving for the betterment of the society, nation and world, will they prosper or decline? That particular community will not have a problem with crime. There will be no room for robbers. Those who are in need will be taken care of by their neighbors; thus no one will have the urge to steal. Everyone in the community is there, ready and willing to assist them.

Without this particular principle, there is no way you can achieve the ideal of the unification of humanity. This is the only way possible to achieve that unification. Thus I am like your commander-in chief because I know exactly where we are all going. Therefore I will pull this man from here to there; I will take one person from one place to another and there is no complaint because that is a family matter. I am like the head of the house. Because I know what is best for the well-being of the family and what is the best for whom, I can organize and give you direction.

I often give the leaders a hard time, and the leaders may be giving you a hard time, but it is not for myself that I do that. I am doing that for the sake of the public mission, in order to obtain the good of everybody. To bring greater and greater good. That is why I push you harder and harder. Thus you have to obey and understand and you must not have complaint.

There are many levels of goodness in this world, such as the family or the society goodness, as well as the national, world and God-level of goodness. We are always elevating ourselves to the higher levels of goodness by sacrificing the lower levels of goodness. Can you just sit back and say, "I'm ready for the higher goodness to come to me."? It won't ever happen that way.

That is almost like a student in the elementary school shouting out, "I'm ready to receive my Ph.D. I'm going to do that today." That is absolutely impossible. You have to work sacrificially to achieve such a thing. You have to study very late many nights and reach your Ph.D. step by step.

Compare two different kinds of teachers. One will say, "Hello, my students. Since this is such a beautiful day, I will take you all out on a pleasant picnic. Let's have some fun." There is another kind of teacher who, when the students ask to take a break and go outside and enjoy the springtime, says, "You rascals! Sit down right here and I'm going to give you a tough exam!"

Suppose that all the students were daydreaming and looking out the window, enjoying the beauty of the springtime. The second kind of teacher would tell them, "Don't even look out the window! Look at me!" Which of those two kinds of teachers will benefit the students the most? Yes, it is the second one. But how many American students appreciate the second type of professor? American students will complain and say, "Oh, what a horrible teacher! He's not human! How can any human mind work like that?"

It so happens that I am the second type of teacher. No matter what you say to me, I don't care. I just push you out and give you the rough way at every opportunity. Thus I am called all kinds of names, but I don't worry about that. Furthermore people say, "We will get rid of Reverend Moon by putting him into jail." I say, let them do it; still I will not change my principles.

You Americans are molded into individualism, thus how very difficult it is to re-mold yourselves into a public minded person who lives altruistically. Can that be an easy job? No, that is a tremendously difficult job. The work of re-molding American young people into unselfish people is an endeavor that hurts everyone. Everyone says "Ouch!" including the parents of those young people. They say, "Reverend Moon is a mind-controller. I have to kidnap my own children!"

I am telling you that if you don't like being here, then you should pack up and go. You do have that freedom within the Unification Church, the freedom to stay or to go.

This is springtime and I wanted to blow away all the winter attitudes from your brain, giving you refreshing new thoughts. When some people look at a cloudy day, they feel it is very gloomy. But that isn't necessary. When there are a lot of clouds, nature is telling us that the universe is trying to love. Soon there will be a thunderstorm and that is a lesson in loving. Look at things from a positive perspective. When you interpret things, including the worst kind of weather, from this perspective you can see everything in the universe as the expression of God's love.

After lightning and thunder, the rains come down. This is also like the act of love. The rain is the moisture that gives life and allows the grass and the flowers to bloom and grow. The universe is the ultimate teacher for mankind to learn how to love each other.

Scientists are saying that the universe is composed of energy in motion. Which is first, energy or motion? This is a fundamental beginning point of a great argument- people are divided into two great philosophical camps over the question of whether energy or motion come first. Which do you think?

Do you think that energy can exist independently, or must it maintain itself through motion? Yes, it needs motion. That means in the absence of motion there is no energy. Therefore, before there is energy there must be motion. The universe is full of energy and energy comes only through motion, so through motion the universe is maintained. Motion creates energy, which brings about more motion and then more energy is created, and so on.

How about motion? Does motion just spontaneously occur all by itself? Energy is the result of motion but what created the motion? There has to be a circuit, a subject and object relationship. This principle shatters the theory of evolution. Everything begins through a subject and object relationship, in which there is a certain purpose or common goal. Then action or motion is initiated which in turn creates energy. By this deductive method of reasoning, we have to come to a knowledge of God. We know that God is the source or the cause and that God must exist within a subject/object duality.

as I said at the outset of this sermon, God initiates everything. In order to initiate everything, God must have subject/object within Himself, and there must be a purpose which preceded His creation. In order for one individual to move and do things, he must have some sort of purpose in his mind. Then his mind and body must work together in a circuit of subject and object, together creating motion which brings energy. Furthermore, a man becomes a man in his give and take action between his mind and body. As a man, he is a subject to his wife, who is the object, and together they have give and take.

There are two types of energy-internal and external. External energy is the energy of the natural world; internal energy is the energy of the spiritual world. Whenever you have give and take in the natural world, energy is used up and it decreases in the process of attrition. Matter in motion will always wear out.

When a man and woman love each other and conceive a baby, the microscopic sperm and egg come together and create that new being. Within that tiny organism is an incredibly complex "computer program" which contains all the instructions for the body and mind of the future person. Thus when that child is born into this world, there is no other way for him to go. His particular shape of face, color of skin, eyes and so forth were already determined. There is an invisible will that always directs your biological life.

There is one crucial word in the Divine Principle and that is prime energy. This is still a mystery to many people. Since natural energy always decreases through action, there must be some source that keeps giving energy to the universe and that is prime energy. Without that, the universe would eventually decline into nothingness.

The universe itself is a resultant existence; it has been created. Once give and take occurs, within the universe, attrition also occurs. But there is one way in which attrition can be avoided and that is when there is a connection with the Creator, God, who has prime energy. His prime energy is always re-generating, not declining to attrition.

God must have thought, "How can I create this physical universe without having it wear out? What will constantly re-generate it?" He came up with the answer- there had to be two kinds of energy. The first would be the external, natural energy, which causes attrition through its give and take. The second would be the internal energy which would not be affected by attrition but would always increase.

Spiritual, internal energy never suffers from attrition but rather is always re-creating and regenerating. When you apply 100 volts of electricity to a certain action, it gives out only 80 or 90 volts. The output is always smaller than what you put in. But there is one form of energy that has the opposite effect: the output is greater than what you put in. That is the power of love. When love is applied, the result is greater than what was put in, thus if you put in 10 volts of love, you can receive 100 volts.

Many people might wonder how that could possibly work. I will give you one example. I have twelve children at this time, so each child is receiving one twelfth of my love, according to one perspective. But the truth is that I give 100 per cent of my love to each child. In one sense I am giving out 1200 per cent of my love. Thus none of the children feels that he or she is receiving only one twelfth, or one small portion of my parental love. Not at all. This is an amazing aspect of love. The more you give, the more you have to give. You never run out of it.

The only power that can increase is the power of love. The universe would decline without that power of the love of God. But because of the power of the love of God, the universe will always increase. The more love you give, the more love you receive. Thus as you limitlessly give out your love, you receive a limitless supply of love in return and you will never run out of energy. God implanted this incredible creative power within the universe.

Therefore, energy increases according to this principle. Only when you are linked to the power of the love of God can you create and increase and expand. This is very important, isn't it? I don't think you will learn these things in any philosophy course in the university.

What is prime energy? It is the creative, initiative energy and it is the power of love. This is all very logical. Because of prime energy, creation was possible; because of prime energy, the maintenance of the universe is possible.

Therefore the theory of random evolution is not true. The single-celled amoebae can never become a higher, more sophisticated animal by just sitting around, waiting for some random process to happen to it. The amoebae had to first attract some new creative energy, otherwise it could not be recreated into a higher being. That creative energy is always supplied by the prime energy, which is love energy. The plus attracts the minus; the plus and the minus become one; then together they become a minus to a larger plus. That is prime energy.

Bo Hi Pak is a good example. Each cell comes together in give and take relationship, always asking for a new plus. Then as each plus comes, Bo Hi Pak becomes one individual. Then again when he becomes a plus, there is a minus supplied, which is his wife, Kee Sook Pak, and they become one together and create energy and produce children, and they become a family. You have to take either the subjective role or the objective role; you have to be involved in action. If you try to isolate yourself, nothing will happen to you.

Can the Oriental world and the Occidental world stay apart and separate? No, the east and the west must have give and take and there must be initiation of action. For example, I have come here from the Orient as a large plus, asking each of you to become a minus and empty yourselves. Then a bigger creation always occurs. That is the way we increase ourselves. In that way the entire universe becomes one and the largest plus, which is God, can unite together with the universe.

When the United States behaves in such a way that they don't care at all about the rest of the world, you hear, "Yankee, go home!" everywhere. But if Americans were to empty themselves out in love, trying to help and care for the rest of the world, incredible new energy would be supplied and this nation would never be destroyed. This is because of the principle we are discussing.

Think about my situation. For my entire life I have been involved in struggles and all kinds of persecution and court battles. This has happened in every country I have lived in. I have been brought to court and to jail in North Korea, South Korea, Japan, and now the United States. Yet I still don't look tired, do I? Why is that? I know clearly how to tap into the prime energy, the love power. Therefore, I will never decrease but I will always increase. No matter how much persecution I may receive, I am bound to increase.

Reverend Moon has a certain taste, the taste of true love. The American people have not yet been able to get any of that taste. Once they do that, they will be delighted. Even though I may push you out and speak harshly to you, I am like a mother scolding her little child. That little child will still run after his mother, never wanting to go away from her. The child only wants the love of his mother. This is a very important message.

Reverend Moon has some mysterious energy so he never gets tired. Furthermore, he is never alone; everywhere he goes, things happen and people come to him. That is because they want to experience that "Reverend Moon taste." Love always comes back to you, plus interest. Therefore when you invest one hundred parts of love, you always receive more than one hundred in return. Do you know that clearly? Do you know that going out and giving love for the sake of others is not a waste or a loss?

It is very common to see men and women walking together along the streets of New York, clinging and being very passionate with each other. But one kind of couple is concerned about something greater than just themselves; they are united for something such as the society, nation or the world or for God. If so, they will be a prosperous couple. But on the other hand, if a couple is interested only in pursuing their own carnal desires and their own selfish interests, they are walking together right down the road to hell.

Men and women are mysterious beings. An amazing thing is that the entire universe is like the cheering section for any couple that is pursuing a greater cause and purpose. Therefore those people will prosper. God created the universe in the rhythm of love. Anybody who sings the same song and moves according to the same rhythm of love will be supported and applauded by the universe. But anybody who moves against the universal rhythm will be pushed away by the rest of the universe. That kind of couple will be digging their own grave. That is the rule of the universe and the universe has that kind of power. It nurtures people when they are engaged in the action of love; it gives more and more energy and inspiration.

As you teach Divine Principle workshops, this one principle must be taught very clearly. The wisest way of life is to live altruistically, giving oneself for the sake of others. The essence of human wisdom is to know the truth and practice it. Does anybody here have a different opinion from this?

The whole universe exists in the system of pairs; there are no bachelors in the natural universe. The animal kingdom exists in pairs, so does the vegetable world, and so does the mineral world. Do you know why human language came into being? It is because language is necessary to communicate. If human beings didn't need one another, why should they need to communicate? The very reason why language exists indicates how human beings should live: in communication. What is the greatest message to communicate? It is love.

What are the sweetest and finest words under the sun? They are the words that convey love. Many people criticize Reverend Moon, calling him a "dictator" and so forth, but every word that I speak is about love. Love is the only message I am bringing. Therefore, no matter who opposes me or what people say about me, the universal power will support me.

Love is everywhere, even within the mineral kingdom. When you look from the spiritual point of view, even the rocks sing. The trees talk and the flowers dance. The universe is craving for love, therefore our way of life must be nothing other than that-singing and craving for love. The universe is like a museum of God's love. Every facet of the universe teaches us how love should be expressed. Mankind completes that museum; man is the crowning piece within that museum.

The entire universe is waiting for the consummation of love. The minerals, the plants, and the animal kingdom are waiting for the consummation of love. The master who consummates the love of the universe is man. Human beings must bind together into oneness with God. That is the role of people in this universe. At the moment of the consummation of the love of human beings, God consummates His love as well.

The insects exist in pairs and they make noises of love. Those noises are made for the sake of their mate. The birds sing love songs to their mates every morning; and likewise all the animals make sounds of love. How about human beings? If there are no partners in love, there is no art, music, or dancing. You have nothing to dance about.

All things are craving a mediator to convey their love to a higher level of accomplishment. This is even true of fish. Therefore, people can relate to all the different aspects of creation, including the fish, the birds, plants, animals and minerals. This is because man is their ultimate mediator or bridge to God.

However, the channel of love for the universe has been shattered; man has never become the bridge for their love. For that reason it is very logical to say that the Creation is groaning in travail and grief-no true love has been conveyed between them and their Creator. Look at the tiny insects; even between them, there is the communication of love. Lower animals are sacrificed and eaten by the higher animals-for example, cows are eaten by human beings. But cows are glad of this because in that way they become part of the human body and the human body relates in love with God, which is the ultimate purpose of the universe.

Love goes beyond physical death and thus all the creatures of nature are willing to sacrifice themselves to become part of a higher love. The only reason why humans have the right to eat all the different forms of nature is that we are the higher beings who are capable of relating the love of God to the rest of the universe. For that reason, human beings should also be able to sacrifice themselves for the sake of love. Furthermore a person without love has no real right to eat the creation. Such a person is not a true mediator. The universe knows what entitles someone to eat. It is not because someone can pay for the groceries, but only because a person is sensing the love of God.

The universe is "auditing" your love. They can see whether you are a person of love or not. They know when someone is a thief, having consumed the universe without ever relaying God's love back to them. What is the difference between animals, for example the birds, and human beings? Birds only know how to love one another, but human beings know how to harmonize with and love all the forms of creation. Therefore, humans are the ultimate mediators between God and creation. That is the difference. That is the special dignity and privilege of human beings.

What is the love of the True Parents? It is the love that links together all the generations of love of the entire creation. The whole creation is harmonized through the True Parents. True Parents' love here on earth is like a formula or tradition; anybody who follows that formula or tradition is bound to succeed. Not only will you succeed here on earth but you will also succeed in spirit world, which is the eternal and most important world. This kind of love will be welcomed anywhere, anytime, because this is the love of God. No one wants to repel it.

This is the generation record, the one central theme. Everything is linked to that center. For that reason, True Parents' love represents all the love in the universe. This universe is the museum of love and there has to be a center, or nucleus, of that love. That nucleus is the True Parents' love, through which the generations are organized. Therefore, you are trying to link your own lives to that nucleus. For that reason, following and obeying the True Parents is the highest virtue.

You cannot learn in any way except by following the True Parents' tradition of love. There are so many different kinds of perverted love, such as lesbianism, homosexuality, promiscuity and so forth. All of these are absolutely opposite from the True Parents' tradition of love.

Those of you who say, "Yes, Father, I am going to follow the True Parents' tradition of love and I will fulfill that love within my own family," raise your hands, please. Thank you and God bless you.

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