The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1984

The Necessity For The Day Of Victory Of Love

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 15, 1984
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

The Unification movement has not only a connection with the horizontal world but also a vertical connection. The term "fall of man" denotes a falling down from the original state; therefore, the work of God has been the work of trying to bring man back up to his formerly high level of existence.

It was because of an illicit relationship of love that the fall occurred. We can say that the last days predicted by the Bible will be the time when selfish, individualistic love reaches its perfection. When we see that most people are living solely for themselves, that must be the last days, because that is the perfection stage of the fallen act. In such a world, anything other than individualistic love is scorned. There is no room for the love of country, love of humanity, and certainly no room for the love of God.

Such a trend began in the adult world but it has now come down to the realm of teenagers. That is why we have the so-called "me generation." You can see that this is happening in today's society; thus you know that we have come to the end of this world. There is virtually no way of controlling the promiscuous immorality of many of today's young people. Parents cannot control them, teachers are powerless, and society cannot do anything, either. Certainly the nation and the world have no power to control them.

From Satan's point of view, why does the world have to come to such an extreme? It is because God, in His will for restoration, has been moving in the opposite direction. He has been promoting altruistic, unselfish love starting from the individual, family, nation, and moving toward the worldwide level. Thus Satan has become desperate. He knows that he is being defeated, so he is going to the farthest position away from God, trying to keep mankind on his side.

Satan's ultimate goal is to destroy any ideal form of love while God is working to lead mankind toward the ideal, wholesome form of love. Those who are the most susceptible to Satan's temptations are Americans. The U. S. A. is the central nation for the Christian culture, yet at the same time this nation has become morally degraded, particularly in love. There is a certain Biblical reason why this is so. In the Bible, we read that those closest to us can be our worst enemies. Thus within a Christian culture, supposedly the central nation for accomplishing God's will, the worst enemy can creep in. In other words, Satan has the room to work the worst possible evils in this Christian nation.

The forty years after World War II are the period of the wilderness, from God's dispensational point of view. America was supposed to have adopted an attitude of responsibility to lead the world toward the land of Canaan. But no such idealism dominated; instead most Americans simply sought to have fun and forget the war, plunging into self-indulgence. The victory of the Allied side in World War II was not a simple victory. From the providential point of view, it had the purpose of preparing for the second coming of the Messiah.

After World War II, the United States was supposed to be centered upon God and have an awareness that the world was moving toward the "great and terrible day of the Lord." There should have been a prevalent attitude within this country that the greatest thing was to love the world, to serve God, and to go beyond loving oneself or even one's own nation. People should have felt the inspiration to be pioneers for the great era that was soon to come. That was the kind of vision the United States was supposed to propagate in the world. If that had been the case, it would have been the sign of the last days in a good sense and people could have started preparing for that time. If such an awakening had happened after World War II, the current tragic situation in America would never have occurred.

What has happened? The U.S. did not see such a vision. For forty years, this country has been moving down the path of self-indulgence and fun. Drugs have infiltrated the whole country; young people have been corrupted and turned more and more toward delinquency; free sex has become a way of life. But this has not been contained only within the United States. This country is the leader of the free world, so it has affected the world in a bad way. As Americans try to make light of everything, wanting only to have fun in life, such an attitude has spread around the world.

Unless we have some way to stop this trend, this nation and the whole world is destined to collapse. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God's judgment. They were rampant with immorality and the pursuit of luxury. Rome was in the same situation. It did not collapse from some sort of military invasion from outside, but under the weight of its own internal corruption.

The most important element is not life itself; it is love. When love is pure and strong and altruistic within a society, that society will prosper no matter what. But when people do not practice love for humanity, for country and one's fellow man, that society will eventually fall. Unfortunately, the United States is following that historical pattern. Red danger lights are blinking all over America today. This is the reality.

What is God doing about this? God must be working for restoration, trying to create a turning point to pull this nation from its current situation and move it toward His ideal. The fundamental problem is man's relationship with Satan, so unless we can solve this, there can be no permanent solution to any of the other problems of society. The basic relationship between people and Satan resides within the illicit love relationship-self-centered love. Such immoral love always divides people and separates them from any ideal.

The love of God is exactly the opposite; it is pure, it creates unity, and it uplifts people and allows them to go beyond selfishness. Love is the key element over which Satan and God have been battling. So far, it has appeared that God has been losing the battle. Satan has become very arrogant, saying, "Even you, God, haven't got the power to stop my love. It will take over the whole world so why don't you surrender?"

When people live with satanic, self-centered love here on earth, can they possibly go to spirit world with the capacity to love God? Self-centered individuals have created a spirit world which is full of division and disintegration. The original spirit world is one of genuine, altruistic love; thus the elements of selfish love which we see here on earth are foreign elements in spirit world. This world has produced such an unmanageable product and has sent it up to spirit world. The result is that the spirit world is a mess, divided into multitudes of little compartments which try to repel anything different from it.

This is the phenomenon we see in the physical world as well. It is full of divisions. People have their own little compartments, striving to preserve their own self-indulgent ways of living. Satan is very proudly calling out to God, "Can you handle this world? I have divided them thoroughly. You have guided all the major religions to bring the world into your ideal, but look at them. They are infiltrated by my ultimate satanic power, communism. Your Christian churches have become houses for bingo and disco; they are like supper clubs now. Can you make yourself at home, God, in those churches?"

Satan is also saying to God, "Where can you find any champion, someone whom you can claim and who can take care of the world? God, you promised the world that you would send your messiah. Where is he? The messiah is supposed to bring unity to the whole world, including all the races, all cultures. But even you, God, have not been able to promote such unity. How could any human being do such a thing, even if he is the Messiah?"

There is only one answer to this problem. A new religion must emerge which deals with love and nothing else; it must bring a revolution by totally rearranging man's love to become altruistic and centered upon God. Only by bringing a strong, unifying love, starting with the individual, family, society and up to the world level, can God do something about this world today. Satan has known that God needed to do this and that He would send His Messiah to accomplish it. Satan himself correctly understands what the work of the Messiah is.

Why are you members of the Unification Church here? What is your mission? You are none other than the group of people who are going to bring the new tradition of love, centered upon God rather than on the self. You are going to bring purity of love to the world. The Unification Church is the group of people who are going to sacrifice anything and everything in order to build that new tradition of love, the new way of life of love.

When a person trains to become a boxer, he has to spend many hours practicing his punching against a big sandbag. Our way of life is similar. It is as if we had a big sandbag from God. So far that sandbag is saying, "Go ahead and hit me. Everybody is hitting on me but so far nobody has been able to really knock me to the ceiling." The sandbag is looking for a true champion who will throw it around into a 360 degree circle, up to the ceiling. The sandbag will be most inspired if someone comes along who can hit it hard enough to break its chain and knock it loose. It will say, "I surrender to my master!"

That sandbag from Heaven has been waiting for the ultimate Heavenly boxer, whom we call the Messiah. God has been expecting that at least one person could accomplish victory with the sandbag, knocking it loose from its chain. Because of Satan's dominion, no man has even attempted to hit it before now. No one has ever even seen God's love sandbag; the only love sandbag ever seen has been Satan's.

How can you hit that sandbag of God's love? You can only hit it with the love club. That is the only way the sandbag will feel any sensation. Those who love their families, nation, world and humanity, can come with the club of love and hit that sandbag. You might be thinking that God's sandbag of love will come after you, so you are waiting for it to find you. Will some angel bring this love sandbag to you? The Divine Principle teaches that such a thing will never just come to you. You have to go to it' reaching out to that sandbag.

There are many strings behind you that Satan can pull. Old strings, new strings, strings from your past, from dating-all kinds of junk that Satan can pull on. If you think you have absolutely no satanic strings attached to you, please raise your hands. Not even one person can raise his hand? Then how can anyone speak with true pride in himself? Perhaps you are a Ph.D. but that wouldn't entitle you to any greater value in this sense. You must make enormous effort to cut off those strings from Satan and cross over the boundary to enter into the new area.

The true Unification members are those who have declared war against satanic love, from the individual to the family, tribal, racial, national, and worldwide level. Satan knows that this is the worst thing to fear. We shall be the ones who conquer satanic love and win Heavenly love. That is what the Unification Church is all about.

Perhaps if I hit this person here, she would think to herself, "Why did Father hit me?" Without even knowing the reason, she might get angry. That is the way society is. You should search for the reason or motivation of something; if you have a justification after learning the reason, then you can get angry about it. Satan is always trying to inspire you to reject God's true love out of rashness and thoughtlessness.

All of mankind needs to be completely shaken up. All the love which has come from Satan must be totally denied by the individual on all the different levels of living- family, nation, etc. This is why God has allowed such persecution to come to you. That is your shock treatment by which God is allowing you to be shaken up. Many people have retreated in the face of persecution and they are hanging from a cliff. At that point there are two kinds of cries. Some say, "Mom and Dad, please come and get me. Save me from this!" On the other hand, some are saying, "God and my Messiah, I'm trying to remain on your side so please help me and pull me into your domain!" Which cry have you made? What kind of cry are you making through the deeds of your own life?

There is only one crazy man who is trying to shake up the entire world and clear it of satanic love. That one man is Reverend Sun Myung Moon. All the powers of Satan, from every level-family, society, tribe, world-are mobilized to push Reverend Moon off the cliff and finish him. However, Reverend Moon has one big secret. While everyone is trying to push him over that cliff, Reverend Moon is holding onto that sandbag of God's love. Therefore, when everybody is pushing me they are also pushing against that sandbag.

What is happening? The sandbag is not ordinary; it is also an incredible magnet with tremendous pulling power. Thus any decent, conscientious young people who touch it and feel its goodness are automatically stuck, holding on for dear life. Young people are like little pieces of metal floating around freely. They are subjected to the pulling power of their families, their society and all the enticements therein. But the sandbag of God has an enormous power to pull them and young people are following. The power from that sandbag can pull people anywhere.

Reverend Moon has always been fighting through that sandbag on every level and winning victory step by step. He has come to the final level now. The North Pole and the South Pole are two extremes, yet they are like lovers; they are constantly pulling each other. There is a magnetic field connecting the two poles, which is like a love field. Magnetism creates an electric wave which moves from one pole to the other, covering and affecting everybody who comes within it. Just like magnetism, love can penetrate anywhere. Let's say the love of God is like the North Pole and the love of man is like the South Pole. The two are connected by the magnetic field of love. Once they achieve vertical unity, horizontal unity automatically comes into being, just as there are lines of both latitude and longitude on the globe.

Satanic love is like the winter while God's love is like the spring. When springtime comes, people can feel comfortable and take off their heavy clothing. They feel like opening up their whole bodies to spring. But in winter, we have to protect ourselves and cover up completely, wearing heavy coats with zippers. In the same kind of spiritual situation, the love of God cannot be received.

The situation of the world today is like the severest winter. The Unification Church is trying to bring spring weather to the universe-warmth and thawing of the ground. The battle between your parents and your allegiance to the church is something like this. Your society is telling you, "Stay home!" but you are saying, "No, it's like winter here-too cold! I want to go where I can take off my jacket and coat, to the Unification Church." When they hear you saying such things, however, they can only label it "brainwashing." From the viewpoint of God, we are righteous, healthy and happy people but from Satan's point of view, we seem to be crazy.

Although you are standing on God's side now, you are not quite godly men and women yet. Perhaps you are standing with only one foot on the borderline, yet you want to say, "I am on the side of God!" Where are you standing? Are both of your feet securely planted within God's side? If you still feel nostalgia for your past loves before the church, then you automatically have one foot still on the side of Satan.

There are many different types of members. Some people are always complaining, "Why is the church always pushing me out to do things?" Others think, "I can't stand that central figure! It's impossible to think of him as my Abel!" At such a point, you are really straddling the line between God and Satan. How about you? Are you really firmly on God's side?

Those of you who keep a diary should record your positions each day. Be completely honest with yourself and record how you do. For example, "Today I was only 70% on God's side." Or on Sunday you might record, "Today I was 90% because I went to Belvedere." Some of you might feel like just turning your back completely on the boundary line and marching directly toward the center point of the Unification Church ideal. You will claim 100% on God's side.

Each person knows where he is standing in relationship to God's side and Satan's side. That ability to know is a most important aspect of human beings. Even though you are immersed in the fallen world, each person has that element of God's influence within him. Because of that element within, each person can travel back to God, guided by his own internal compass.

Where do you want to be, on the side of God or Satan? How fast would you want to travel to God's side? You must gain victory over the satanic world. Only after you have scored some points over the satanic world can you move completely to the side of God, regardless of how much you may desire to be with God. Have you won those points yet?

The Washington Redskins are playing in the Super Bowl again this year. How do you think they got to where they are-just by declaring that they wanted to be there? Suppose they had refused to fight any lesser contests but had claimed the right to fight in the Super Bowl. Would anybody accept such a thing? No, people would say, "You have to win the victory, step by step, in order to qualify for the Super Bowl!" That means they have to win one game after another, defeating one team after another. Is that an easy way? No, it is most difficult, even miserable.

Many people say, "We only live once, so why shouldn't we enjoy life, eating and sleeping at will? Why shouldn't we just cheat when it's expedient and make life easy?" Is the Unification Church wrong in living a sacrificial life? Reverend Moon has declared war against Satan on every level, moving up step by step. Now he is declaring, "Let the worldwide Satan come forward and meet me in the Spiritual Super Bowl!"

I have confronted the champions of satanic power on every level, from the individual to the national and now we are at the worldwide level. I am at the level where the democratic world as well as the communist world is confronting me. Likewise, the world of Christianity and religion is confronting me. But I am absolutely sure that nobody can ever take away my sandbag of God's love. Anybody who wants to challenge me for that sandbag. please come forward.

I will hit that sandbag and it will fly around, 360 degrees. There is no resistance to the motion of true love, just as in a vacuum. Therefore, once the motion of God's love has been initiated, that motion will continue. That sandbag will hit Moscow and continue to circle.

Reverend Moon engaged and married people of all five different colors of skin. You don't realize how great you are. Marriage is the most supreme and important event in a person's life. Nowhere else in this society will men and women let somebody else take care of their marriage. They won't give that right to their parents, their country, or anybody. Everyone feels, "I must be the one to decide." Yet you people are giving that right to Reverend Moon. Why is that? You trust that you can connect yourself to the love of God in that way. You have that uncompromising faith because you are smart enough to understand the importance of God's love.

The means and speed of travel in spirit world are very different from here. Each individual enters the spirit world with a different level of accomplishment in love, a different love record. Thus they each have a different quality of power for their movements. Do you want to be able to travel with me in spirit world? How will you be able to do that? You must inherit the same love vibration as mine; your love vibration must be the same height and depth in order to travel with me.

Although the distances between the stars and planets in the universe are vast, you can still traverse them within one second, if you are moving at God's speed. It is the power of God's love that enables Him to move so rapidly. Beyond this world and beyond all human limits, people pursue the world of love. That is the greatest gift which God has devised for people; there is nothing better.

When Reverend Moon travels, he is constantly confronted by opposition from earthly powers. In North Korea, I was confronted by the communist regime. The government of South Korea confronted me as well. The same has been true here in America. Internationally, the leader of the Soviet Union is confronting me in the ultimate battle. The communist world knows Reverend Moon better than the free world. They know me as their greatest threat, a menace they never expected.

Changes have come to the free world. The media as well as the religious world are seeing that Reverend Moon's fight is also one in which they are involved. They are announcing that they want to help us because they recognize a threat to their own freedom.

Who are the Moonies? You are smart people because you have a sensitivity to original love; you recognize true love when you see it. You have gained an understanding of the world situation that enables you to make sense out of the chaotic things going on every day.

Renowned scholars and theologians are lamenting the loss of vision in the United States. Although America is materially well-off, spiritually it is poverty stricken. People here are seeking any kind of spiritual nourishment they can find. This nation is like a parched desert, without even a blade of grass. But there is an oasis in the middle of that desert where people are finding shade, water, and green grass. That is the Unification Church and the oasis of the Moonies.

Some might say, "That's only the opinion of Reverend Moon. Since he's the leader of the Unification Church, he has to say good things about it." But now, you can tell me. Do you agree with my opinion? When spiritually hungry people come to you, do you have water and nourishment to give to them? Or are you a spiritually hungry person yourself, unable to give anything to anybody else?

Spring water has to have great strength to gush out of the ground. Sometimes it has to push its way through a big rock. Do you have that kind of power? Spring water is never blocked or stopped. It can always find a way to come out of the ground. That kind of water truly gives life to people.

Why do you like to come to Belvedere? What if I were not here to speak to you? As long as you have your own spring, it shouldn't matter. Individually you must become a person who has plenty of spring water-enough to nourish yourself and enough left over to give away to others. No matter where I go, people are following after me as if they wanted to connect a hose to the spring water within me.

We must be victorious over the world's challenges in order to cross the boundary line to God's side. Compared to World War II, is the restoration of the world any easier? In size and seriousness, bringing the world back to God is a larger war. Millions of people died on the Allied side in order to win World War II. Today we are engaged in the largest and most serious war in all of history-against the entire satanic realm. In this final war, our commander-in-chief is God Himself.

God has been preparing an army to fight this war, namely the forces of Christianity. When the Messiah appeared, he was to mobilize those forces and win God's war. However, organized world Christianity opposed the will of God. Even at this time, many people are opposing the Unification Church. Thus Reverend Moon erected his own foundation, without any help from Christianity. Starting from the individual and family level he has been waging war against Satan and gaining the victory.

At the same time, God has been manipulating the situation of the world. The United States has no confidence or solution for its problems. Likewise, the communist world is virtually at a stalemate. There is no group within the United States that has the confidence to say, "Let's save the country," nor any such group within the communist bloc. Although there is a proliferation of religious organizations, none has the confidence to take a true leadership role in the world.

However, there is one group of people who are saying, "We can lead this nation and world toward salvation." Ironically, they are the accused and persecuted Moonies. What do you think are Reverend Moon's capabilities? Is he a marathon runner or a boxing champion? He has two capabilities. Reverend Moon's first special capability is that he has come to the world representing God and loving the world. His second capability is that he can even love Satan and liberate him. Within the satanic realm, no such terminology as "love everyone" exists. It is only within God's love realm that such an achievement is possible.

My own native land of Korea has opposed me. Japan, too, has declared me an enemy. Therefore, I might consider them my enemies as well. However, I have reciprocated with an attitude of love toward them. In America, our movement produced the movie Inchon, with a tremendous investment of money. We did that for the sake of this country. Therefore, America is indebted to the world because our movement used money raised from other countries for the purpose of educating young people toward greater patriotism and love of God.

We created The Washington Times for the purpose of serving this nation's capital. We certainly did not have a lot of money to throw away on a gamble. Even though this is such a difficult time financially, we will use more money for the purpose of projects dedicated to this nation. We must commit ourselves wherever necessary.

Because average people are always striving to gain something for themselves, they look at Reverend Moon and accuse him of trying to exploit others or taking money away from this nation. On the contrary, Reverend Moon has been bringing in millions of dollars for the sake of this country. Although this is supposedly the richest country on earth, our movement in America has been supported by millions of dollars from other countries. The idea that Reverend Moon would try to cheat this country out of $50,000 in taxes is mind-boggling to those who understand the truth.

When the truth is learned by young people, they will explode in righteousness. Are you that kind of young people? Therefore, you must go out into the world and save the human trash, bringing them back to life. You can't let them remain in misery.

Many people believe that the election of even one misguided President would bring an end to this country. My goal is to secure God's world; therefore, no one worries more about this country than Reverend Moon. Can you Moonies just sit back and expect something good to happen? No, you must get down to your work. You must not be weak skeletons but people of flesh and bone who get out and fight God's fight. Don't just talk but show God what you can do.

No one is capable of leaving the realm of Satan on his own power. Therefore, mankind needs a champion to lead the way across the boundary. As that champion crosses, the rest of the people can support him and follow him. How about you blessed couples, what realm are you in-the fallen realm or God's realm? You are not completely out of the fallen realm because you don't have your own sovereign nation. We have a church and church law, but no national law. This is why I declared the Creation and Building of the fatherland as our motto for this year.

The sole purpose of the world foundation of Judaism and Christianity was to accept the Messiah. The victory of World War II was to prepare the foundation for the work of the Messiah on the earth. After that time, the U. S. was in the position to lead the world. Korea was completely united with America. Under such circumstances, if Christianity had accepted the Messiah, great victory would have happened. The sovereign government of Korea at that time was Christian. Don't you think the creation and building of the Fatherland could have occurred then? We were very close to such a spectacular victory but the Christian establishment in several Korean universities rejected God's will.

At that time, God wanted to see the world of Christianity grafted totally into the Messiah. But because of their rejection, the Messianic world was thrown out of the Christian world and had to begin anew in a far distant position, rebuilding the necessary foundation. At that time, I went voluntarily to North Korea and prison. There is nothing lower or more miserable. Everyone thought I would die because it was truly impossible to survive such conditions. Thus it was a crucifixion for me, one which I wanted to go through without dying. Instead of losing my disciples during that time, I gained them. Jesus' public life lasted two years and eight months. I spent the same time period in prison, gaining and not losing disciples.

Upon the victory of my prison experience, I can claim the foundation for the Fatherland. Today's World magazine recently printed a testimony by Mr. Chun Hwa Pak. I carried him 600 miles from North to South Korea. Most people aren't even able to go beyond their own needs, but I showed the example of serving others by carrying Mr. Pak for that distance.

From the earliest days, people were accusing me and even trying to kill me. At the same time, I was helping many people. I was always hungry because I was always giving my food and money to others - for their school expenses, for hospital bills, and so forth. That is how I started, from the tribal and national level.

Because they rejected the Messiah, the Christian world was surpassed and even encompassed by satanic forces; thus their decline had to happen. Now the Unification Church is replacing the Christian foundation as we are moving to the worldwide level. If what I am saying is true, Satan would never give up his domain easily. I knew that every level of victory over Satan would have to be paid for with incredible sacrifice. The Unification Church is in the Abel position to Christianity. The younger brother is always a source of torment to the Cain brother. Although we started on the smallest level, no one can deny that the Unification Church is now operating on the worldwide level.

Now the time has come that Unificationism or Godism is gaining a more prominent ideological position than any other understanding. It is taking the ideological offensive, not only against communism but also against every other way of thought within the democratic world. Last year I knew that this international foundation, which was linked with 130 countries, had to be linked with Korea. Korea must be connected with the world since that is the initiation point of the movement. The Korean people are in the Cain position to Reverend Moon. Korean Christianity opposed me and the Korean government did the same, but once the Korean nation welcomes me, those who formerly rejected me will join in.

The court battle will be over this year so this is a crucial year. The relationships between Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany will crystallize and be clarified in this year. Once the U.S. has vindicated the name of Reverend Moon, there will be an avalanche of positivity on the international level which nobody will be able to stop. The young people will be the ones most awakened to the goodness of Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. First, they will see that you Moonies are very patriotic. Secondly, you are adamantly opposing communism. And third, you have a confidence that the ideal world is going to happen; you are optimistic about the future.

The IOWC is going everywhere to sprinkle this optimism and patriotism. That is your purpose in meeting mayors and governors. Instead of being influenced by them, those leaders will be influenced by us in such a positive way. People in academics will be affected by the Moonies as well. Americans will wonder how Reverend Moon and his movement could have possibly survived these past ten years of constant attacks from the media and others. But they will see that not only has Reverend Moon survived, he looks stronger than ever. All the blows we have been receiving only served to make us more resolved.

I knew that thinking American people would eventually come to our movement, asking for guidance and seeking to be a part of us. As people look everywhere throughout this country, they cannot find true guidance in any other quarter. They are telling me that our movement is the only hope for America. People are flabbergasted to see that Reverend Moon will lend his support to their projects which are designed to help this nation and world.

Even Jim Whelan, the editor-in-chief of The Washington Times, was hired without my ever seeing him. I supported the choice because I could tell that he was the right man for the job. We only met after he had been working for eight months.

Some of you may be thinking, "Father is really a great performer," and you don't really take me seriously. But I want you to understand that you have the opportunity to hear me speak every Sunday not because you are worthy, but because it is my providential duty to come here. Whether or not you understand and appreciate my value, I come here every week for the sake of posterity, history and mankind. Do you follow?

We have come this far and now we can cross over. The nation of Korea is in the most crucial position in the worldwide fight against communism. Panmunjom is the small village in which the representatives forces of North and South Korea, including the United Nations forces, meet every day to trade verbal abuses. Panmunjom, written in Chinese characters, signifies a place where enemies meet and try to hurt each other. With a change in one character, Bun munjom, you signify a place where people meet and reconcile, respecting each other.

There is no other place such as Panmunjom in the rest of the world, where the communists and the free world speak to each other every day. Kim Il Sung's name signifies the following: Kim means gold, Il means sun, and Sung means success. The people of North Korea call him Father. On this side of the world, the name Sun Myung Moon written in Chinese characters represents Truth, or the word; Sun means beauty or clarity; Myung means light. My name is prophetic.

There is no other nation which is divided between north and south, each part having one central figure they call Father. Do you think mankind can have two fathers? No, only one father is the true one; the other must be a false father. Am I afraid of Kim II Sung? On the contrary, he is afraid of me because he knows deep inside himself that his rule is based on lies and he knows that the truth will expose him. This is the real reason why communism hates and fears Reverend Moon. I have been exposing the lies and deceptions which they have been spreading under the cover of darkness. But once the light comes and exposes them, they have no more power over men.

So far, America has been misunderstanding and mistrusting Reverend Moon but once that changes, they will come to truly respect and love him. When that turning point comes, it will be the final stage. The time will come when American people will feel, "I cannot trust politicians or other people in power; but I know I can trust that man, Reverend Moon." The sovereignty of any president can last eight years at the most, but when people align themselves with Reverend Moon they can enjoy the sovereignty of Heaven for eternity.

People are beginning to change their perspectives, looking for higher values than before. Don't you think Reverend Moon's teaching can inspire people to become better lawmakers and leaders for this country? Ultimately, there is no reason why someone with the understanding of the Divine Principle couldn't become President. For the same reason, I have been working with the academic community for many years, seeking to inspire scholars in this country toward righteousness.

After listening to me, you feel like running out to do your work. The wise American sitting here today might think, "I want to figure out what Father will do in the future. Since he will be going to Moscow soon, I want to go there now to prepare and lay a foundation for him." However, be careful. Don't call me "Father" in Moscow; you'd better just say "Mr. Moon!"

If the free world and Christianity opposed Reverend Moon, what kind of indemnity would they pay? From where would that indemnity be paid-from America or from Christianity or where? Who shall be responsible for the debt they incurred by rejecting the Messiah? The Unification Church must take responsibility because you are in the Abel position. Abel must pay the indemnity.

This is the reason why those in the second position within the Unification Church are always in the sacrificial position. Mr. Eu, the late president of the Korean Unification Church, was the second of the first three couples in the 36 blessed couples. He died in a hospital, not in his own home, about 13 years ago. At that time, our church was facing tremendous opposition from the other Korean Christian churches, as well as from the government.

Also, from my previous marriage there were two sons. The second son was martyred in 1970. He was going out on a summer evangelical mission, like the IOWC, and was killed in a train accident. From the True Parents' family, there was another daughter, named Hye Jin, who died in 1964. She was the second daughter. Our second son was Heung Jin Nim, who was born right after Hye Jin.

I want you to understand that this is the Divine Principle way of the dispensation. This has been true throughout history and for our movement as well. Likewise, it is true for the True Parents' family. You can see for yourself that the Divine Principle is not just something I made up, but it is the true principle which has guided history.

For our recent Victory Over Communism rallies in Korea, I invited distinguished scholars and leaders of the academic communities in 72 different countries. The 72 heads of the PWPA represented the 72 disciples of Jesus. They were asked to come to Korea but were not given a clear explanation why. So they came on faith, knowing that when they got there, they would find out the reason. That's a very unusual way to treat scholars.

As you know, all those scholars had attended the recent Science Conference in Chicago. They had all left Chicago by November 29 and were going home to their countries. As I was leaving for Korea, I asked that all the chairmen of the PWPA be called to join me before the rallies started on December 14. One-third of those professors had not even arrived home by then, so when they heard about the invitation en route, they turned around and went to Korea. Just as I found disciples in the North Korean prison, I was able to find faithful scholars who would come to join me in Korea.

When those scholars arrived at the airport in Seoul, the first question they asked was, "Why did I come here?" The answer they were given was, "You came because Reverend Moon wanted you to."! That was a very busy time in the academic community; the month of December is normally a time for them to take care of many duties. Yet they came, disregarding their own feelings, because they were motivated by somebody else.

There has never been such a rally in Korea during the month of December. With Christmas on the way, people are not usually interested in rallies because they have too much to do. Thus, even the leaders of the church told me, "This is a mistake. Let's hold the rallies in 1984." There was only one person-me-who believed it would work. Therefore, the Unification Church members failed to have faith in me. Korean leaders and members tried to tell me all the reasons why the rallies shouldn't be held in December, but I silenced them all. I pulled out my little notebook and said, "I have written down right here that this rally is a mandate from God and therefore it will be a success."

The rallies in Korea were of worldwide importance because they turned the battle against communism in a totally new direction. The Christian churches in Korea have always been quick to oppose Reverend Moon. However, when they heard that I was sponsoring rallies for Victory Over Communism, they were put on the spot. If they tried to oppose me, people would ask, "Are you pro-Communist?" They couldn't say anything against Reverend Moon at that time! The Korean government was laughing at me, too, thinking, "Reverend Moon is making a colossal mistake. He's going to rent those gymnasiums and they will be half-empty. He will lose his shirt!"

But what happened? The rallies were a success. The Korean government was completely taken aback. They felt that instead of the Chun Do Hwan government being in authority, many people were listening to Reverend Moon. Forty million Korean people came to believe that only Reverend Moon is able to defeat the North Korean communists and restore health and prosperity to their country.

Our goal is for 7 million VOC members, both in Korea and Japan. This is a heavy blow to Satan, like a Pearl Harbor attack, which he never expected. The Korean government knows that they cannot do anything to Reverend Moon himself, since he has become an international figure. They have planned to harass the junior leaders, if they can find any basis for accusation. They had been using underhanded tactics to undermine our work.

Kwangju was the eighth city for the rallies, the final opportunity for Satan to strike. Satan desperately wanted to stop Reverend Moon from success in Korea, but I had already set all the conditions for our victory. While I was in Korea, the attention of Japan as well as the U.S. was focused there. Since the satanic forces had absolutely no room to attack me or the rallies, they attacked the True Parents' family. Our children are on the level with the Unification Church, a different level from the True Parents. One child was the target-Heung Jin Nim-for the satanic attack. At exactly the same hour as our rally, 11:10 a.m. Kwangju time, Satan hit Heung Jin Nim.

Kwangju has been a very liberal city, with a lot of communist infiltrators. I had been warned by many people that my life would be in danger there. However the gymnasium was completely filled up one hour before the rally. Five thousand people had to stand outside. Often when terrorists want to attack someone, they will hide in crowds. Therefore, they will never come too early to a gathering because they might stand out. So when they came to Kwangju, there wasn't even one seat available.

Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice was at the most crucial moment of human history. Even though he had to sacrifice his life, God could resurrect him. You should know what will be the result of the passing of Heung Jin Nim.

My level of accomplishment is far greater than the tribal level which Jesus achieved. These Korean rallies symbolized the total victory on the national level. From here, we can move to the worldwide level. December 18 has been a very historical day. December 18, 1983, was the day when those 72 scholars pledged in front of Mother and me to dedicate themselves to the fight against communism under our leadership. This is precisely as if Jesus had been able to enter the Roman empire with his disciples and had stood up and declared war against that empire. In the name of 72 nations, I declared war against international communism.

It was most important that Reverend Moon was treated like a head of state at these rallies. There are certain requirements of Korean protocol, among them no man except the president is allowed to have his wife with him on the stage during a rally. Mother and I were always on the stage together. Also, the preparations for the rallies were made by members from East and West, not just Koreans. The level of participation was worldwide because of the representatives from 72 nations.

Reverend Moon has built this foundation under incredibly adverse circumstances. I have gained a reputation among the American people for accomplishing whatever I say I will. I was able to accomplish many valuable things, even while going to the courtroom every day. I told the court that I was going to Korea for the rally and they said, "Oh, of course. Please go ahead." It's almost as if Jesus had been able to go to Rome, walk up the steps of their Capitol Hill and say, "I'm going to build the Kingdom of God here on earth," and all the elders had responded, "Of course, please go ahead and do it!"

In ten days, I traveled to eight Korean cities and completely awoke the population. Even though the Korean government was reluctant to see my success, the lower level bureaucrats realized that Reverend Moon was a winner. Many of them came to me in private and said, "Please remember me." The Interior Minister in charge of the national police issued a private memorandum to his forces saying, "Don't help Reverend Moon or send him escorts." However, every lower-echelon police commander was competing with the others to send the best quality escorts to Reverend Moon. They told me, "You deserve it."

Imagine how Satan felt to see such success by Reverend Moon. Don't you think he felt more than a little jealous? He saw clearly that the era of God is dawning and his own six-thousand year reign is collapsing. Reverend Moon has gained the respect and trust of people all over Korea. They were worked up over the Korean Airline massacre as well as the bombing in Rangoon, Burma, which killed their leaders. In the face of such terrible things, however, the Korean people became demoralized. They felt they couldn't do anything, since they were just a small, helpless nation. But then Reverend Moon showed up and gave them a reason to hope and a promise for the future.

The Soviet Union is the subject to North Korea, the object. The incident of the Korean Airlines was done by the subject nation, while the Rangoon bombing was done by North Korea. Together they were hitting South Korea, hoping for a total demoralization. But what happened? Reverend Moon showed up and within ten days the national morale was restored to its highest level.

The communist bloc suffered a humiliating setback in the Western hemisphere through the Grenada invasion. They had hoped to be able to demoralize South Korea. But Reverend Moon came bursting on the scene with new energy. No month was more hot, hectic and important than December 1983.

1983 was the first year of the final three years' wilderness period. That is why I went to Korea during that year. Our slogan for 1983 was Home Church Is Our Land of Settlement. That land of settlement is Korea. This year, we have gone one step further with our slogan, The Creation and Building of the Fatherland. This is an historical turning point.

At the time of Jesus' crucifixion, there were two thieves hanging on crosses, one on Jesus' left and one on the right. By Divine Principle, we know that the one on the right represented the free world to come and the one on the left represented the communist world. The one on the left was scornful and said, "If you are really the son of God, why don't you get down from there and save all of us?"

At the time of Heung Jin Nim's accident, two other blessed children were with him. They survived and are now in good condition. They were driving on Route 9 and a big truck was traveling in the opposite lane. The driver of the truck threw on his brakes to avoid a patch of ice but his trailer jack-knifed into their lane. Normally such a situation would have caused the greatest damage to the person in the front passenger's seat. But Heung Jin Nim had just enough time to turn the car so that the fullest brunt of the impact was on his side.

When those two boys, Jin Bok and Jin Gil, got out of the hospital, they gave testimony in tears that Heung Jin Nim had died on their behalf. He could have easily turned the other way to protect himself, but they reported that he deliberately took the impact to save them.

Heung Jin Nim was truly born to save others, which he did even at the moment of his death. Thus the fact that he sacrificed himself for the other two boys is symbolic of the fact that he sacrificed himself for the sake of the world. Abel is always in the position to be a sacrifice and Heung Jin Nim never feared that possibility; in fact he virtually volunteered for it.

Jesus and the two thieves were all crucified; but in the case of Heung Jin Nim, he died and the two representatives of the world survived, healthy and strong. Jin Bok and Jin Gil had often testified that Heung Jin was always saying, "I love my father and he is in danger. I am in a position to protect him and I am ready to die to do that." These two boys lost their own father many years ago; because of that, Heung Jin Nim always loved them very much and felt a fatherly heart toward them.

Because Heung Jin Nim paved the way, we now have a wide open door to save the communist and the free worlds. He sacrificed himself on the national foundation level for the sake of the forthcoming unity between the democratic and communist worlds. The accident occurred in the Western world but he was buried in Korea; thus his body is linked to both worlds. His body returned to his homeland, which was the national foundation, and he died for the sake of the world. Since he was living on the victorious national foundation and he died on that foundation, he will be able to travel back and forth from spirit world. He will be able to work here on the national level and move on to the worldwide level.

There is a far greater foundation made for the land of settlement than in the time of Jesus. Now the door towards the salvation of humanity has been opened far wider because of Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice. Even Jesus could not establish the national level because he could not establish the True Parents. But Heung Jin Nim had True Parents, who laid the national foundation for him to inherit.

That is why Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice brought back the situation of the two thieves being crucified next to Jesus-it was their resurrection. Even though many sacrifices have been made by our church elders in the past, such as Mr. Eu and Mr. Lee and also my other children who died, they were sacrificed only on the church level. For the first time, a sacrifice was made on the national level by Heung Jin Nim. This is the reason why he can become a commander-in-chief in spirit world and the physical world, moving freely back and forth.

Since Heung Jin Nim was unmarried, his death has another significance. At this time, the spirit world is an unmarried realm and will remain so until the True Parents go there. He has become the commander-in-chief of all those unmarried men and women in spirit world. For that reason, I told Heung Jin Nim not to worry about being unmarried. I will provide him with an adopted son here on earth. That means he shall receive the blessing as well.

Heung Jin Nim took on all the blame for the Unification Church; by dying for that purpose, he has freed everybody else. Therefore, his contribution touches not only our church but also the free world and the communist world. All those people will come to love Heung Jin Nim. He loved the world and proved it by becoming the conditional sacrifice for the world. For that reason, the rest of the Unification Church must also love the world.

He died in my place. Therefore, your love for him must manifest itself in your love for me. Before this, spirit world has had no way to connect to True Parents; but because Heung Jin Nim is a direct representative, they can now connect. Also, they can connect themselves to the Unification Church because he died for you, too.

Here on earth, Heung Jin Nim showed the example of loving his fellow man unto his life. Likewise, for the love of his father, he died for the sake of the world, knowing that his father could continue to live for the sake of the world. By loving Heung Jin Nim in spirit world, those men and women can connect with the True Parents on earth. Therefore, his entry into that world was a great and joyful day; he came as the messiah of love for the spirit world.

Heung Jin Nim set the example for martyrdom for our church. The spirit world and the physical world will be loving him. The True Parents' position has been that of willingness and joyfulness to contribute their beloved son for the great benefit of the spirit world and physical world.

God never had the chance to love Adam and Eve, who fell as teenagers. Now this pure, unmarried teenage son has been lifted up into spirit world. This is the first time such a gift could be given to God-that He might love such an unstained child. Therefore, I told God that I would not feel sadness for myself but rather repentance that when I was a teenager I could not love Korea enough and that there wasn't enough foundation at that time. But now, with the sacrifice of my son for the world, I have fulfilled my responsibility for the nation of Korea and for the world. Those things which I myself could not do in the past can now be received by God through Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice.

The spirit world, the physical world, and the True Parents are loving Heung Jin Nim. Upon the total sacrifice of Heung Jin Nim for the sake of those two passengers in his car, which symbolize the free and communist worlds, I am proclaiming that he obtained the victory of love. I will now physically save the free world and the communist world. Furthermore, I am declaring the resurrection of love. In this way, the realm of death has no more power.

That is why I declared that the funeral of Heung Jin Nim should be entirely different from any others. It was to be a joyful celebration, even like a wedding day. Furthermore, I declared the Day of the Victory of Love. I never had the time to think in terms of my own son dying but rather how this victory would benefit God and hurt Satan's realm. Thus I concentrated upon making many conditions to lead into making the declaration of that Day of Victory of Love.

Instead of thinking in terms of our departed son, Mother and I were centered upon the dispensation of God. In the hospital, I held the Unification Ceremony for the overall benefit. I pledged to God that the True Parents would remain regally proud and that the entire spirit world and physical world would recognize the True Parents and praise them, due to this victory of love. The entire world will proclaim to the True Parents, "You are the true center of God's love."

The Day of Victory of Love is that day in which the True Parents have reached a new level and are marching forward upon the foundation of Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice. Therefore I said to Mother, "This is not the time to shed tears. This is actually a moment of glory for God and humanity. Particularly during the funeral time, you are not in the position to shed tears." I admonished her not to shed tears in public; privately, as a loving mother, she will shed many tears.

At 4:00 a.m. on January 3, 1984, I declared the Day of Victory of Love. The number represented by that time is significant - 4 plus 1 (the 1st month) plus 3 equals 8, the number for renewal. Heung Jin Nim has been given a new mission. He is a truly free man now, able to travel between spirit world and physical world. So his mission is to lead young people in both realms, cleansing them by the power of love.

We have maintained Heung Jin Nim's room in East Garden just as it was. His brothers and sisters have all wanted to go in there to sleep and study since he has passed on; there is a powerful attraction for them in that room. Thus the power and attractiveness that Heung Jin Nim has for young people is already being manifested.

I have begun a special dispensation in Korea. Members of our church will be given an identification card with my picture on it. Those who are loyal and carry this card with them all the time will be inevitably affected by good spirit world. But there are conditions by which that card must be held. You cannot be focused on selfish interests or your own family's needs. You must be completely dedicated to God's work for a certain time before you qualify. After that spiritual condition is met, you will gain the blessing of True Parents and good things will truly happen to you.

The Day of Victory of Love is the most significant day in our movement. You too must manifest the true love of God in your deeds. Without a truly loving spirit, you cannot be worthy of this special day. I did not shed any tears over the loss of Heung Jin Nim throughout the whole time of the funeral. It was only when Col. Pak came back from Korea and reported about the victorious proceedings there, that I finally shed tears for my son. I am a public man and therefore must be stern with myself.

I always preached to Mother, "You are like a tree with its new leaves at the top. When a storm comes, those leaves will blow and the branches will sway. But never forget that the leaves are attached to the branches, the branches are attached to the trunk, which is attached to the root. You will never be separated from your root, no matter how turbulent are the emotional storms that shake you. You must not be broken."

Through this event, the Unification Church will never be weakened but will leap forward. This greatest sacrifice will bring about greater victories. From now on, centering on the True Parents and upon the declaration of the Day of Victory of Love, vindication will come to us. As long as you love the True Parents more than you love anything else, you will overcome Satan. The power of love will be your vindication because Heung Jin Nim died for all of us and he opened the door so that everyone can be entitled to the privilege of love.

Now your duty is to love the True Parents even more than Heung Jin Nim did. If you have that as your criterion, the power of death will be no more and Satan will retreat. Up till now, Satan was able to conquer and control love but from now on, love shall be governed by God. This is a great, great day. Do you follow?

If you listen again to these points, you will understand these profound truths which I am telling you. Basically I am telling you that the power of love is now able to conquer the power of death. Upon this foundation, I declared the Day of Victory of Love. The satanic world will crumble faster now, but the speed will be determined by you-the faster you move, the faster they will crumble. That is your responsibility. This is the time for you to be running day and night doing God's work. Even though you may feel you are about to die during these three years, don't worry. If you die to yourself, you will not die physically but will see that in three years the resurrection will come to this nation and even the world.

After three years of Jesus' mission, he gained his individual resurrection. We are bringing the national resurrection and we shall move forward to that goal and achieve the great victory. Amen! Of course, everyone will die physically some day, but you won't have to die in the satanic realm; you will die in the Heavenly realm. Our new tradition for funeral and burial is different from the secular world and even from the Christian world.

Now you know the importance of the Day of Victory of Love. Your determination must be to gain inspiration from Heung Jin Nim and even go beyond his accomplishment. He will be with you, helping you. If you tell him, "Heung Jin Nim, I am going to surpass even your standard," he will be pleased. He will say, "Go right ahead." That is a very difficult standard to surpass but that must be your goal.

If you are dedicated to that goal, please raise your hands. Heung Jin Nim will thank you for that. Spirit world is right here with us, so Heung Jin Nim is here, as well. By the declaration of the Day of Victory of Love, even Jesus Christ has gained greater freedom to come down to this world on the national level. The entire Christian world has been liberated as well.

There are many theologians, professors, and other people who have come to know me and they have a good feeling about me. You will see that as the IOWC moves around the country, their situations will be changing. Right now, they are doing everything out of their vans. But soon they will be invited to live in church buildings.

Due to the Day of Victory of Love, Esau is freed to love Jacob; Cain can love Abel. Previously, great indemnity had to be paid by Abel in order to love Cain. Cain was never in a position to love Abel even though he might have wanted to because satanic forces were always dictating to Cain whom he could love. But now the love of God has come down and Cain can freely love Abel. In other words. Satan's power over love has been greatly diminished.

The world is changing. You can feel it and you can see it, even in the media. Great changes are coming; the springtime of love is upon us. When spring comes, most people think about having a picnic but a conscientious farmer will use his time to sprinkle his seeds. That is what we are going to do. Because we are different from the secular world, we are going to work in the springtime to plant the seeds of God's love in the hearts of men.

These next three years will be our time for planting God's love. Everywhere we go, we will have that consciousness. Shall we do it?

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