The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Cain and Abel

Sun Myung Moon
November 6, 1983
Leaders' Conference
Grand Ballroom, World Mission Center

What is your mission as Abel? One mission is to separate yourself from Satan. Another mission is to save Cain. Just sitting idle, do you think you can separate yourself from Satan? Furthermore, can you save Cain? You must go out to the enemy territory, win Cain and come back with him. Cain must say that he is happy to be in the position of your younger brother. You go out alone, but when you come back, Cain, as your brother, must follow you. If he is willing to be the younger brother, then you are qualified to occupy the elder brother's position. You have to repeat this principle on eight levels.

Go the Enemy Territory

Jacob came out of his territory and went to Haran where he spent 21 years; he came back victorious. Later his people (the chosen people) fled to Egypt and came back again. People at the time of Jesus had to go to Rome which was their enemy territory. Right after World War II, the United States should have been in the position to save the world.

It should have saved Europe, for example, and then come back victorious. In the old world, represented by Europe, there was a division in religion. The Catholic Church was split and the new Protestant church came to America to obtain religious freedom. After coming to America, the Protestant church should have gone back to Europe to save the old church. That was the mission of the United States.

I had to do the same. I had to leave Korea and come back to America. After winning victory here, I brought back the fruit of victory to Korea.

The American members must do the same. Whether you are an individual or have a family, you should leave your place and go to the enemy territory, do these two things as I have taught you and then go back to your home. Why do we have to do this? Because we want to secure a higher position than Abel. You suffer when go out to do these two things; we call this paying indemnity.

Indemnity is necessary because of the original responsibility assigned to human beings. No one has accomplished this responsibility. When we pay indemnity, we fulfill man's portion of responsibility and reach the level of God's Love Direct Control (GLDC) and, therefore, come under God's direct control. No one has yet entered the realm of GLDC because no one has accomplished the human responsibility. Because no one has accomplished it, we can simply say that no one has entered the Kingdom of Heaven yet. No one is entitled to.

Being Loyal To True Parents

From my point of view, you are far from living the course of indemnity. You heard about this principle and you talk about it, but when did you yourself deeply think about it? When did you subjugate your Cain, your Satan, naturally? You have not yet separated yourself from Satan. Satan is still with you. That means you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the Unification Church's most important and at the same time most difficult teaching. Restoration without payment of indemnity is simply not possible.

In our Unification Church, there are those who glorify their own capabilities and say they can do certain things better than the Unification Church way. They feel the Unification Church way is wrong. So many clever men claimed this kind of thing in the past. Yet not one of them has proven their way is better. Look at me. I am still paying indemnity. Even though I am over 60 years old, I still continue to gladly pay indemnity.

When you are absolutely loyal to True Parents and have demonstrated to the world that you will never betray them, the world, including Satan, must recognize you. That is actually the only way you will be recognized and blessing will come to you and your family. Then you will be able to inherit the blessing of the Parents.

Some people think that my message is fine but it has to be interpreted; therefore, they go to their central figure to discuss the possibilities. But everything else is Satan's not God's, teaching. You must know this very clearly.

The Position of Leaders

At this time, the IOWC commanders are in the position of Abel and state leaders are in the position of Cain.

I am pushing older state leaders into the position of IOWC commanders because that is a higher, more crucial level of leadership. State leaders should support them. State leaders are in the Cain position and should unite with the IOWC commanders in the Abel position, support and love them. They should sacrifice together and by doing so, blessing will come to both.

When the IOWC commanders and state leaders become one centered upon the Korean regional leaders, the love and work of God will flow.

Regional leaders are in the parental position and come to you not as a dictator or commander but as a parent representing me. They should be more sacrificial than others. They cannot simply sit still and give orders. They cannot just ask the IOWC to go and fundraise for their benefit. Korean commanders are not to take money from either the state leaders or the IOWC commanders.

I don't give any special privileges to the Koreans. Everyone is under one mission, one purpose, one principle. Unless you go along the formula road of the Divine Principle, you will not be restored.

State leaders, your Cains are your state members and the people in your state. You have to naturally subjugate them. Uniting with the Korean leaders, your position should he to bring your Cain -- your church members and the people of your state -- all of whom are in the Cain position. In a way they are your target to exercise this principle.

You are going through this period of seven years; your ultimate goal is to restore the elder brother's birthright. This is a very serious statement. Everyone must first separate himself from Satan. Then you must subjugate your Cain naturally. Lastly, you must obtain the birthright as the elder brother so that Satan has no more accusation against you. I myself confront Satan. Even though you know me or are close to me, unless you practice this principle, you shall not be entitled to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the time and opportunity to cross the bridge. If you lose this opportunity, there may not be too much of a chance left.

Be Ready Day And Night

To return to the Land of Canaan should have taken 21 days; however, those people spent 40 years in the wilderness before reaching it because they did not cling to Moses and follow him. Instead they fell into faithlessness. They complained; they were lazy; they were neglectful. For this reason I am asking you to mobilize every ounce of energy. You should always be in a state of readiness so that when I blow the whistle, you can report for duty.

I will not give you too much warning or announce the schedule ahead of time. Therefore, you have to be ready day or night. Your bags should be packed and ready to go. As soon as you hear the whistle, you should be ready to jump out of bed. Your job is to let the entire America know what is happening. You are the ones to give America her warning. Just before he came out of Egypt, Moses had to confront Pharaoh. Ten times Pharaoh betrayed him, but Moses still made him aware of what was going on. By the same token, your mission is to make America aware of what is happening in this country. The reality and truth of what is going on must be spread. If people do not know anything, everything will perish and be destroyed. America is like a car going off a cliff; there is no way to stop it. But Reverend Moon alone is applying the brakes to stop the rolling car before it goes off the edge.

If the United States were really living this kind of principle, she would not live in affluence or riches. Instead, Americans should sacrificially live for the sake of the rest of the world; that is the way America will get blessed. Americans should pay more indemnity and suffering than any other country in the free world. Otherwise, America will have no way to pay the indemnity. You should be accused and endure persecution from other people who don't understand you and give you a hard time. This is one way you can show God proof that you are living this principle.

Never Command Cain

There are many Japanese members working in the United States. Not even giving consideration to which is the Eve and which is the archangel country, those who are the foreigners are Abel, because they are in a more difficult and suffering position. In that case, the Japanese are automatically in the Abel position.

I am already teaching Japanese people that just because they are Abel, it does not mean they are to command Cain. Rather, they must love Cain and subjugate him in a natural manner. If you think of yourself as an Abel, fine, do the mission of Abel. Abel's role is not one of commanding or directing people to do this or that. Abel is the one who should sacrifice the most.

I don't know where this kind of strange thought that Abel is the central figure and in the position to command came from. I don't know how that idea crept into our movement here in America. Many young members have left the church because of their leaders. Abel does not kick someone out of the church. Abel is the one who will bring people in and embrace them. Abel is the one who cries together with his Cains.

The most blessed position is really Cain's position; it is the easier one. Cain must simply follow Abel and not complain. When Cain does this, Abel can take care of everything for him.

You have to repeat this seven more times. I have walked this path, fulfilling it entirely. I am trying to give you the inheritance all at once so that you can go ahead more quickly. My way, then, is to let you suffer so that Satan cannot follow you. That is the best way. If you suffer and do many incredible things for God, Satan will not be interested in you. When you are comfortable, sleeping and eating as much as you want and doing very little, you are following Satan's way and Satan will stay with you.

IOWC commanders bring their forces to a new place every 21 days. They have no time to eat, sleep, rest or do anything else. Satan stands face-to-face with them and says, "Forget it. These guys are moving too fast. I cannot keep up with them." If you follow this pattern, no matter how difficult, Satan will go away. This is, therefore, the way to separate Satan from you and your environment.

The Meaning of Father's Critique

The late Mr. Eu, former president of the Korean Unification Church, was a dynamic and faithful follower. He did so much sacrificial work. Yet in public I always criticized him. Why? Everybody thought I did this a bit too much. They thought that Mr. Eu did so much good work and were puzzled as to why I accused him. They themselves felt they had no chance. But I had a specific purpose in doing this to Mr. Eu. Since Mr. Eu was in the position of president of the Unification Church of Korea, many people were in the position to chastise and criticize him themselves.

If your son was involved in some kind of squabble with a neighbor boy, you would feel that your son needs help. If the parents of the neighbor boy come they would want to accuse your son and seek revenge. If at that point, instead of retaliating by accusing and attacking the neighbors, the parent hits his own son and tells him to apologize to the other boy, what would the neighbor do? The neighbors would be amazed that the boy was spanked by his own father and decide not to accuse him themselves but just go home.

Therefore, this is God's highest possible strategy in protecting his own son and separating Satan from him. To receive criticism from Father is truly a blessing. At least with the Korean leaders, one thing is sure. Father can rebuke, accuse, persecute, or criticize them, yet he can be assured that they will still be with him no matter what. As a parent you feel some kind of sympathy for your son when you criticize him. You are always sorry that you did that to him, even though you won't say it.

I am doing the same thing. When I push you, I sometimes sound very cruel. Why is that? You win my internal sympathy when you obey. After you have been criticized you must go back and teach the members this principle of indemnity. You have to teach your people the law of indemnity very, very clearly.

Indemnity accomplishes three things: One, you can separate Satan from yourself; two, you can save Cain; and three, you can restore the birthright as elder brother. By doing these things, you fulfill your human responsibility. Human responsibility is the ultimate problem or question for each of us. We all have to fulfill the level of human responsibility.

Blessing Comes First On Earth

Do you think those in the spirit world know all these things? None of them knew this truth until I declared it here on earth. Now they cry in despair because their opportunity is over. Their misunderstanding of the dispensation was so gross that now they are trying to mobilize the entire spirit world to come down to earth and even in the smallest way to help God's dispensation. That is why the spirit world is totally obedient to me.

Living the Unification Church way of life is the way to mobilize the spirit world. What is the blessing? No matter how much you have to suffer, you are now on earth and have our physical body. Therefore, compared to the spiritual world, your blessing is incredibly great because the blessing comes first here on earth and fulfillment can be made only with one's physical body. People in the spirit world already lost their opportunity.

The wife of the late Mr. Eu, former president of the Korean Unification Church, told me some time ago that her husband appeared to her and repented deeply. He said his heart was grieved because he had committed such a terrible crime by not being so obedient to Father while he lived on earth. When he went to the spirit world, he saw the incredible value of obeying Father but saw, too, how he had failed to do that. Mr. Eu told his wife never to speak even one word back to Father or even evaluate him.

You must know that the reality of our life in the physical world is indemnity. There must be no complaint. I have suffered my entire life, but not even once did I sit down and complain against God. If you want me to say something in protest to God, I would have a thousand things to say. "What kind of God are you? Why did you let me suffer? I am your son, am I not? Now I even have to endure this court battle in the United States." I cannot say to God that my patience has run out. I never, never complained. I suffered a thousand years' worth of suffering in only ten years, but by doing so, tens of thousands of years of posterity benefit. I ask God to give me more suffering and I will suffer gladly. How can you speak even one word of complaint?

My dilemma is that in a way, I am coming as the highest possible person yet live through the lowest possible suffering. The paradox is that I must bring the two levels into harmony.

Becoming a True Son

When a person is in the servant of servant position fulfilling such a role, Satan will be watching him. If that person could have tens of thousands of reasons to complain but never utters one, then Satan's only alternative is to give him or her up. Only God can directly control such a person because he is totally separated from Satan. Then that person can come up to the position of adopted son. The adopted son, knowing he is adopted, should love his brother, father and grandfather and be willing to give up his life for any of them. When the time comes for them to discuss his inheritance, that father could then remark to the grandfather that though the son is adopted he is so faithful, and he is entitled to share the inheritance. The true son would also say to the grandfather that his adopted brother is like a true brother to him and ask that they be treated equally. That is the kind of reputation a person in the adopted son's position should have.

Step-son is the next highest position. The step-son is in the position to love his step-father more than he loves himself. If he loves his step-father as much as he loves his own father, he is qualified to inherit his step-father's blessing and inheritance.

The next level is true son. Technically, a person has to be of the same blood lineage to claim the title of true son. Yet in this course of restoration, since you cannot be physically born again of another parent, you have to be grafted into the true lineage, becoming a true branch to the true tree. Only then will you belong to the tree of life and become a branch of it. You sacrifice your family, parents, fortune, assets, and whatever you have to totally make yourself free of stains and graft into the true tree.

To become a true son, you must return through a true mother. When you unite with a true mother and become completely one, you can go to your father. To do so, there must be absolute obedience.

Thus, I absolutely united father, mother and son, and together they could enter the true heaven. This must be accomplished before you enter into heaven. Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel must be completely united into one, and then all can enter heaven together. This kind of foundation is not here on earth. When the Messiah came there was no foundation. No churches, no religion would provide this kind of foundation. In fact they are all trying to prevent such a foundation from being established. All satanic powers tried to block this.

There is an amazing pattern throughout my life. Whenever I moved into a new village, something always happened, someone died, a fire broke out, and so forth.

Capable People Are Needed

Ezekiel in the Old Testament prophesied that skeletons would rise from their tombs and come alive again. In order to have that situation occur now, we need to change the direction of the wind; the atmosphere has to change. This is what must happen in this three-year course.

In the United States, Japanese, Koreans, Americans and Germans work together side by side. When these four nations are totally united, the world has hope. There will be nothing more to say. Japan, the United States, and Germany should be economically and financially united because they have resources, technology, and management. These three countries have everything. These resources they possess are not the property of Satan. The goodness of the United States was prepared for God to use. He prepared all these things for His purpose. In order to win this unity, I am trying to create an incredible training program and bring them into unity.

This is a unique opportunity for God. He has prepared key people in strategic places so that through them, all these assets will be brought to His side. At this time we are going to create the highest possible leadership and dispatch them in special places.

We have to inherit from Satan's highest level. We have to prepare our manpower. I need capable men in different fields, trained and nurtured so that I have the confidence to harvest all their talents. Therefore, I need men and women to be like Sun Myung Moon. Reverend Moon is the model.

Through IOWC, state leaders, Ocean Church, CAUSA, CARP, even fishing sales, I am creating a trained force of leadership. I have been working with the professors and academics, including theologians, just to be able to create top, confident leadership in the highest places. All these leaders of different areas should intermingle and sometimes should change positions. Do you think this is necessary? God is ready to give us the inheritance, but we must have our capacity ready to receive and digest it. 

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