The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1983

Children's Day 1983

Sun Myung Moon
November 5, 1983
Grand Ballroom, World Mission Center

Do you understand the significance of Children's Day in the providence of God? You know that restoration has been a history of paying indemnity. Children's Day is one of the milestones which True Parents recovered in their providential course. Through the history of restoration, the True Parents had to come in order for true children to come into existence. There had to be sufficient indemnity conditions for the True Parents to appear. You know through the Divine Principle that religion itself came into being because of the fall of man; without the fall, religion would never have been necessary. In a broad sense, the purpose of religion was to bring back the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth, because that was what was lost at the fall of man.

God's Love and Satan's Love

When you throw a stone into a pond, it creates an expanding ring of waves. The original world was to have been something like that -- God wanted to make His original impact and to have it expand throughout the entire universe. That would have been the ideal love wave, which would have spread outward. That love wave would have been something in which God and man could take delight. All of creation was to take part in that joyful love wave. We can label that original impact God's Love, for God's love.

Because of the fall of man, the impact of God's Love was pushed out of the center point and even outside of human reality. Thus the impact was Satan's love. Although God's love wave was excluded by Satan's love, the original pattern of love designed by God still remained. We read in Romans that all of creation is groaning in travail -- in other words, all of the physical world and spirit world, the entire realm of God's creation, is in the realm of grief. Instead of the waves of God's love occupying the whole world, Satan's love waves centered upon disunity, disharmony and jealousy took over. All of these elements have caused tragedy in human life.

Therefore, the waves of God's love must be renewed in order to make an impact upon this world. Although God's love was there, He had no way to convey His love waves to the world until the time of the installation of True Parents. They were the central point of those waves. The first True Parents, representing the love of God to others, also had to be True Children on another level. Without both parents and children, God's love could not be fulfilled on the earth. We know through the Divine Principle that the work of restoration has been done through the re-creation process.

God first created the angelic world and then all things; finally He created human beings. The entire world of creation has been governed by satanic love, yet the original system still remains; that system has been working for Satan instead of God. For all these years, Christianity has spoken of the power and greatness of God but the people have not understood that God's heart is one of sorrow.

Back To the Origin

Everyone here is destined to return to the original form; in order to do that, we must he restored to the original form of love. Who will determine whether you have achieved the original love, the love of God? It must be Satan who gives his approval to you. You must be able to stand before him and say, "I have true love, don't you agree?" and he must give his nod. Would Satan say that life or love came first? If Satan asked God that question, how would He answer? Certainly God would say that love is primary, before life. That means in order to obtain true love which is more valuable than life itself, you must go beyond your own life in the secular world.

Anyone who says, "I want the love of God, but I cannot go beyond my life," will never reach the love of God. This is a very important, cardinal rule for the Unification Church way of life. That is the point of the showdown between God and Satan within oneself.

Jesus said, "He who seeks to gain his life will lose it but he who seeks to lose his life for my sake will gain it." Why did Jesus teach such a paradox? It is because the true love of God is beyond or outside of the life realm of the satanic world, so unless you are willing to give up that life you cannot reach it. Therefore, self-denial must be complete in order to return to the love of God. This is not my sermon; this is what the principled point of view states.

Belonging to the True Family and gaining the position of true children is an incredible honor and a privilege. This power alone can break through the satanic realm and lift mankind up to restoration. How much do you Moonies understand the value of the True Parents?

Within the Unification Church there are people who are destined to drop out; they are those who think they know True Parents but actually take their value very lightly. Even though such people say they belong to True Parents, they want to bring True Parents' ideal down to the level of satanic love, trying to justify such love in front of True Parents. That is impossible; there is no relationship. There can never be compromise on the part of True Parents with satanic standards. Not even one percent or even a fraction of a percent. Today we must come to the realization that the truth is absolute.

When a man marries a woman with children by a previous man, he would have some difficulty accepting the stepchildren. That is universal human nature which must come from God. In the true, original world of His ideal there would never have been such a thing as step-children or adopted children. The reality is, however, that the world is full of stained children and God must deal with them. It is only when they want to deny their satanic lives and become a new person that they can become God's true children.

Therefore you must separate yourself from Satan. He will be holding on to you tightly, so the only way you can separate yourself from him is to die to that old self and resurrect yourself within the Heavenly world.

When men and women are in serious danger and they are competing with each other to sacrifice their own life for the others, they create a beautiful protective spirit around them. Satan will retreat from them and God will come to take care of them.

Emotional Links

Today is Children's Day, but what kind of children are we talking about? We are talking about true children. Are you true children? True children must be born in the God's Love realm, grow up there and marry there, becoming perfected children of God. You have already been born and you are a reality on this earth; since you cannot ever go back and be physically born again, we must create a way to achieve the same goal.

The Unification Church follows the process of indemnity. The True Father and Mother have given physical birth to thirteen children. While those children were growing within their mother's womb, the members of the Unification Church took the position of spiritual twin. Although they could not actually be inside the mother's womb, they could feel that they were a twin to those True Children. To the Western world such a concept is difficult to accept, but it is feasible to Orientals.

For example, in Korea whenever a mother gives birth she drinks a certain kind of soup; then she shares that soup with the rest of the family. Also, when the baby drinks from a bottle, it is to be passed around for everyone else to drink from it. This kind of training is being given so that you will understand that the joy of the True Children is also your joy; their sorrow is your sorrow. This is so you can link your emotions with them. These kinds of intimate family activities are hardly known to the Western members.

This is why I brought the Korean elders here; I wanted you to achieve that emotional link between the Korean and Western tradition. You will inherit such a heartistic connection, not from me directly but from the Korean elders.

You are now in the position of Adam and Eve and the Korean elders are like the archangels; they will bring together all the children of the True Parents into one family -- whether Oriental or Western. Then True Parents can accept them. Only when you are true brothers and sisters can the True Parents truly accept you. From the Divine Principle point of view, the Korean elders are in the position of unfallen archangel in the Garden of Eden and you are in the position of Adam and Eve. Their primary purpose is to teach God's tradition to you. Internally, you must dig the ground of the Koreans; externally you must dig Japanese ground. Digging into those two grounds, you can take the very best out of them and be immeasurably enriched.

Korea and Korean

Korea is the Adam nation; Japan is the Eve nation. The two nations are working together now. Why do you think that Korea has become such a focal point in the world at this time, especially with such recent events as the KAL tragedy and the bombing in Burma? Why must Korean people continue to suffer in such a way? The Koreans must be careful because now, after the disasters in the air and on the ground, another disaster might occur in the ocean. This is because the law of indemnity must be fulfilled on the national level.

There were people from 16 nationalities killed in the Korean Airlines massacre. As you know, during the Korean War, 16 nations fought together for the sake of freedom. In Burma, national ministers shed their blood and died. Due to the Korean Airlines disaster, the three primary dispensational countries became more closely united -- Korea, Japan, and the United States -- because they suffered the most.

Do you want to learn Korean? I will tell you why you have to learn Korean. In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world, you must be able to converse in the mother tongue; without that, you will become second-class citizens of the spirit world.

The world of the new culture, the Unification culture, shall become a reality very soon; in fact, the major foundation for this new culture shall be laid before the 1990s. By the year 2000, we shall have a tremendous achievement in uniting culture and language. After the first day of 1990, I will hold an international conference and I will not use an interpreter! Because of the barrier of language, the heartistic connection cannot be established through an interpreter; we must communicate directly.

You must realize that, since learning Korean is so important, being able to learn from the elder Korean Messed couples is a joyful opportunity. Not only are you learning the Korean language from Korean elders, but your textbook is the Divine Principle book. That is extraordinary good fortune for you. They will not only teach you the Divine Principle, they can also teach the spirit behind the Divine Principle -- you can know about my life.

Cain and Abel Relationship

In the Unification Church, the Cain and Abel relationship is one of the major problems of our way of life. Why is that? According to the Divine Principle, in order to fulfill our goal we must physically bring unity between Cain and Abel; somehow that struggle must be harmonized. God wanted to work through Abel, not so much for Abel's sake, but for the sake of saving Cain. Abel's responsibility is to subjugate Cain, and Satan who surrounds Cain. Abel also must separate Satan from himself. Therefore, those who are in the central figure position within the Unification Church have the job of first saving Cain and then separating Satan from themselves. How can this be done? Only by loving and winning the heart of Cain.

God's Love love starts with the individual, embracing Cain with God's Love love. The only way of reaching the love of God is by sacrificing oneself for the sake of Cain. This is why Cain has always tried to kill Abel throughout history; Satan knew Abel's mission was to subjugate Cain and he did not want that to happen -- Satan did not want to lose Cain. This is why the original Cain killed Abel and throughout history, whenever an Abel-type tried to lead a Cain-type, the Cain would again reject him or try to kill him. Thus, Cain automatically opposes Abel.

God has not given Abel any weapon to fight against the Cain forces except love; God's way of defeating them is by natural subjugation, never by force. Satan knows Heavenly law and he admits that he is a bad guy. He says, "OK, I know and you know, God, that I am fallen. But I am still in the archangel's position so you and Abel must love me." This is Satan's claim. This is the answer to the mystery of why God appears to be helpless or even "dead."

Therefore God's men and women have no choice but to love their enemies. Before you love your own sons, you must love Satan's sons -- Cain. They are your enemies, but they are your elder brothers. Unless you demonstrate your love for your two enemies -- the archangel and Cain -- you will not be permitted to enter Heaven. Today's Christianity has no idea of this.

The restoration has to be done in steps; it cannot be accomplished in one stroke. The beginning point is the individual level, then the family, tribal level and so forth. On the first level, there is Satan in the father's position and Cain in the son's position. When are they subjugated? Only when they see Abel approaching, with the willingness to give up his life for their sake; that will be the point when they are subjugated.

This is why you go out, even after receiving the blessing, and suffer on the front line for three years. I directed you to do that because, as blessed couples dwelling on the family level, you could endure great persecution from Satan's realm and still remain one as husband and wife. The blessing itself is never the end of the road in the Unification Church; on the contrary, it is the beginning. I have always pushed the blessed couples out to higher levels of challenge.

Gaining Elder Brother's Position

Abel must go into the satanic realm, make his showdown with God's love, and when he is victorious he can return to God with Cain following him. In that way, the younger gains the elder brother's position; Cain will happily take the position of younger brother and follow Abel to receive the love of God.

You cannot go to a higher level as Abel all by yourself; you must bring your Cain with you. It is not so easy to bring Cain along with you; in fact, he tries to destroy you. So it requires tremendous God's Love power to consume that satanic force. Cain and Satan are very arrogant, cruel, and barbaric; but you must be able to melt them with the God's Love power. In order to live this principle our church has been spending ten times more money on our interfaith movement in Korea, Japan and the U.S. than on our own needs. This is because we want to demonstrate unconditional love for our elder brothers. For the sake of the country as well, we have spent tremendous sums.

In order to fulfill, you must travel to another land -- the sojourners' land. For example, Jacob had to leave the land of Canaan and go to the enemy territory of Egypt in order to move the dispensation forward. Within that enemy territory, the nation of Israel took its root for 400 years; later on, they traveled back to the land of Canaan. Since there was no unity between Egypt and the Jewish people, a gigantic division has persisted between the two peoples ever since.

The leaders of the Unification Church must understand that they cannot be leaders until they are first servants -- until you subjugate Cain naturally by your loving actions. If the Christian realm in the free world today practiced that principle, the entire world could be restored within seven years.

Creating a Harmonized Base

In many cases, you have been weak and unable to declare to the world, "I am a Moonie and proud of it!" Can you do it now? God's battle is a lonely battle. Likewise, I came to this country with a lonely mission. I abandoned my home country of Korea and came to America to confront persecution. I did it because of this principle: I knew that if the Oriental people united with the Occidental people and all the five colors of skin came together to create a harmonized base, that would be the foundation upon which the True Parents could be welcomed. This is the ultimate line-up to create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth -- God, True Parents and the harmonized children of mankind.

No philosopher has ever come to this understanding: The foundation for the ideal society can only be laid when people from enemy nations come together and harmonize. I have not only proclaimed this truth, I am also doing it. Korea and Japan were bitter enemies for 36 years; the U.S. and Japan were World War II enemies, as were the U.S. and Germany. These four countries have been brought together under Rev. Moon to create a foundation of faith and brotherhood.

You must know that these final three years of the dispensation are no longer on the individual level: they are on the worldwide level. Those within the Unification movement who are self-centered are not thinking about God's and Father's goal and dispensation, just thinking about their own small situation or some petty grievance such as "somebody didn't recognize me," or "so-and-so has a better situation," absolutely must repent and change -- they must cleanse themselves and become new men and women.

Walking Father's Path

I knew that incredible sacrifice would be required and my own life and family were the first thing. In that way, I have loved the world. Your mission is to walk the same path I have; you cannot escape that. This means that you must deny yourself, receive your mission and be willing to fulfill it with your very life. You must willingly and eagerly go forward, sacrificing your own self, grateful for God's love -- that is the secret. You must consummate your mission and repent -- while I am here. After I leave this country, America will not be able to repent and change. When I go, I will have to leave you here as my representatives; you will have to lead the crusade then. Therefore, this is the time when you should repent and change.

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is significant. Abraham prayed to God, "Please forgive these cities if I can only find five righteous men." But he could not even come up with five righteous men, and therefore Sodom and Gomorrah were given up to their judgment. Today, Unification Church members are in the position to be like the five righteous men in each city; because of your righteousness this nation will be able to survive.

At this time, I am leading the battle on the ultimate level, the eighth one, and you are participating in this battle. From the victory in this battle the line-up of God, True Parents, and true children will be established. You are representatives of all the races of mankind; as you come together and live in harmony, you create the foundation upon which True Parents can be installed. Then the Satan's Love community instead of opposing you will want to buy you out! They will welcome you and want to join you. At that point, I am sure that the Kingdom of God on Earth will be a reality. That day is not too far away.

The Divine Principle is not only traditional, it is also logical and scientific. There can never be perfection when ignorance exists; ignorance breeds more ignorance, mistakes, and darkness. The Unification Church is not bringing more ignorance to the world; it is bringing the truth, with a 20th century scientific viewpoint to back it up.

There must be unity between Cain and Abel, as well as separation of Satan from oneself; when you fulfill these two goals on the universal level, we will instantly move into the final objective. Within the ideal realm of the love of God, there can be no taint of the satanic power. You must completely eliminate Satan's power from within you and then you can walk freely forward into God's realm.

The true celebration of Children's Day is to rededicate ourselves to this common purpose and age-old goal. Beyond race and creed, we want to bring together as many children as possible who can accept True Parents. We are proud to be here to celebrate on Children's Day and proud to pledge ourselves to this common goal. 

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