The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1983

The Dedication of the Washington Times Building

Sun Myung Moon
September 24, 1983
Washington, D.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Whelan, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

Mrs. Moon and I are deeply touched and grateful for this most beautiful evening of recognition. I am moved an(inspired by the kind words spoken on my behalf by the distinguished members and supporters of The Washington Times I am especially grateful for Jim and Pamela for their kind words to myself and my wife. They have given me the most beautiful gift possible.

Honestly speaking, however, I did not come here tonight to receive praise or tribute. I came here instead to give all of you praise and tribute, because it is you, the members and supporters of The Washington Times, who have made this newspaper a great success.

A little over one year ago, the news went out that Reverend Moon was going to make a newspaper in Washington. The media was not kind to us on that occasion. At that time, no one would have believed that a little over one year later, we would be gathered here in our building for this joyful celebration.

No one would have believed that the President of the United States would read our paper the first thing in the morning. No one would have believed that in only one yea our paper would become one of the most powerful papers in the country. Instead, they believed that the Moon which was rising in Washington would set in a few months.

But then, there were a few strange people at that time who shared my dream. They believed that America needed The Washington Times. They believed that our motivation was genuine. They believed that I would not let them down.

They had to go on faith. They were Jim, Pamela, Carlyle, Smith, Ann and a handful of others. Today I thank them for their faith in me and faith in the project. You are courageous people.

You are true Americans and great Americans. I honor you as the heroes of The Washington Times. You are not only the heroes of The Washington Times, however; you are the heroes of the great nation of America and of the free world.

Many people thought that The Washington Times would be a propaganda machine of the Unification Church. They could only say that because they did not know me. I am not working for the success of the Unification Movement. The Unification Movement is only an instrument.

I am working for God and His providence. I am working for the world and mankind. I am working for the nation of America because America is vital for the entire world to survive in freedom under God.

I wanted to create an important newspaper for God, for freedom and for a truly strong America.

Why do we succeed? Not because I am a genius in business; not because we have endless money; not because we always have good luck. We succeed because we are willing to sacrifice. When we consider the well-being of the nation, the world and God first, before our personal well-being, then we can do many great things like The Washington Times. That is my secret. That is my principle.

We want The Washington Times to become a bible for free people all over the world. We preserve the best of the past, and yet move forward with courage. We uphold moral values, and yet seek the changes which will provide for a better future. The Washington Times is not just "another newspaper." It is a newspaper guided by a vision, the vision of a free, good and happy world -- the age-old dream of men.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to know that The Washington Times is very close to my heart. I pray for this paper every day. I want to have future history record that The Washington Times played a key role in defeating Communism -- the enemy of God and man -- and bringing a new world of freedom under God. Future history will underscore the fact that The Washington Times made the difference at this crucial juncture of human history.

Then, what kind of reward can I give you for your great work? At least I can do one thing. I will ask God to enter all of your names in the Hall of Fame of the Kingdom of Heaven, and I will make sure that you have a special honor guard when you arrive. But you don't need to go in a hurry, because God needs you here for a long time.

So I will give the blessing tonight for each one of you to have 100 years of life. But, without retirement!

Sorry. Now you know why I am criticized.

God bless you and God bless The Washington Times. Thank you. 

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